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Happy Memorial Day From The Weed Blog!


In Memory Of The Men And Women In Uniform Who Served Our Country

We talk about a lot of serious, and not so serious, things on The Weed Blog. But nothing is more serious than honoring the men and women that have served this country proudly, especially those that died fighting for all of our freedoms. If it were not for these brave souls, there would be no freedom of speech or freedom of assembly in America. The fact that I can write from the safety of my own home, about an issue that is illegal in most parts of the country, is due entirely to the sacrifices made by these men and women.



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  1. One of the untold stories of this generation is how medical cannabis can greatly benefit veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan — yet stoner stigma and ignorance create tremendous roadblocks to safe access. Here’s one Iraq vet who was brave enough to speak out and, yeah, he ended up making a personal sacrifice for doing so: http://youtu.be/7QICULolIns

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