thanksgiving marijuana turkey joint

Happy Thanksgiving From The Weed Blog!

thanksgiving marijuana turkey joint

Happy Thanksgiving from us here at The Weed Blog! We are very, very thankful for all of our readers because with out you guys, we would just be posting articles into the digital abyss. I hope that all of you are safe, and with people that you care about, and that you get to eat as much as you can with a happy heart.

This is the fifth Thanksgiving since the Weed Blog was created in 2010, and there is a lot to be thankful for, but I am most thankful for your support! As long as you guys keep reading this blog, and I have a computer that works, I’ll keep doing my best to post content that I think is of interest from the marijuana world.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving, be safe, and thank you for your support!

  • kycountry

    Back at ya….to ALL involved :)

  • schwank

    Thank you johnny for all the information you provide us!! happy thanksgiving

  • bm
    get people do a good step for federal legal marijuana

  • shelly

    OMG! That little weed turkey is absolutely adorable!

  • Nathaniel

    And Happy turkey day to you as well =D

  • jontomas

    Thanks for the great window on marijuana events! The need for the clarity you provide will just grow. – Freedom or bust!

  • karenf

    That’s the funniest lookin’ turkey I’ve ever seen. hahaha….Happy Holidays to you.