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Hemp Fuel Revolution


Legalize Hemp To Help Save The World

By Anthony Johnson

As many Americans embark on road trips of varying lengths this Memorial Day weekend, or avoid such trips because of the rising cost of gasoline, we should all be reminded that hemp biofuel could provide a fuel alternative that can be grown by our very own farmers. One day, our nation’s great folly of hemp prohibition will end, and we will one day utilize a sustainable crop for food, fuel and fiber that can create jobs, generate revenue and help improve our environment.

Source: National Cannabis Coalition


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  • Mfrreman

    Wake up. Humanity over profit! Enough!

  • Jetdoc

    Does anyone REALLY believe that our Congress will EVER admit they were WRONG to begin with

  • Wonder why the pharma/petrol/chem companies hate this? $$$$!!! It’s PAST TIME to do what is right.

  • Hemp knowledge never gets old I love it!!!  Jack Herer my Hero!