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 January 8, 2013

henry rollins marijuana majorityBy Morgan Fox, Marijuana Policy Project

Singer, poet, public speaker, and talk show host Henry Rollins has joined the growing ranks of public figures who support ending marijuana prohibition.

Rollins is not a marijuana user, either. As more and more people realize that marijuana prohibition is a harmful failure, the myth that only potheads want to make it legal is continuing to fade into the hazy realm of reefer madness.

From a column he penned for last week’s LA Weekly:

Like millions of Americans, I have no interest in smoking marijuana but can’t see any reason to keep someone of age from lighting up.

I don’t think it is a “gateway” drug any more than alcohol. The behavior one has to engage in when utilizing a controlled substance — the sneaking around, the hiding of the stash, etc. — that could be a gateway to more devious activity, fueled by the resentment of authority that is potentially engendered. ….

The president and the attorney general could turn over a new leaf in America and leave all matters mary jane to the states as they see fit.

Source: Marijuana Policy Project

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  • Johnny Bloomington

    I was waiting to see if he was going to scream “I’m a liar!” ;)

  • Stephen Matrese

    As someone dying from an inoperable glioma, a type of brain cancer with no effective treatments except for cannabis, and it sickens me that I am dying because Pennsylvania and the federal refuse to acknowledge the medical benefits of cannabis and I find it very comforting that even non-pot smokers are speaking out against the failed war on pot.

  • Jamie Guest

    Anybody who starred in the movie “Homegrown” and is supportive of True Personal Freedoms in America is alright with me. Prohibition IS the gateway to making anything sound fun…drinking or having sex before you are of legal age, the false glamour of cigarettes to teens, and even affairs because it is “more fun” when it’s taboo somehow. It took me 20 years to figure out everything i wanted to do was somehow prohibited and it all was wrecking me. So Kudos to honesty Henry about sneaking around making things seem more exciting