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 September 25, 2014

united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaFlorida voters will see medical marijuana on the ballot a little over a month. Amendment 2 would legalize medical marijuana in Florida, which is long overdue. The for and against campaigns have spent more money than any other marijuana campaign in the nation this election cycle. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington D.C. are voting on full legalization this November. I have seen polls all over the place for Amendment 2, as high as 88% in support, all the way down to the low 50’s. Two polls were released within two days of each other that were very different. Per the Miami Herald:

A recently commissioned poll by United for Care shows strong and stable support for Florida Amendment 2, a measure that would allow for the medical use of marijuana in the state. According to the survey conducted on behalf of United for Care, the main organization advocating for passage of the amendment, 69% of likely voters in Florida support this measure with only 28% opposed. 60% voter approval is needed to pass a Constitutional Amendment in the State of Florida. The findings are significant because they show voter backing of the amendment has remained virtually unchanged since the beginning of 2013.

United for Care has conducted four internal polls since January 2013, employing 3 different pollsters. The first survey by Hamilton Campaigns showed 70% support in January 2013. The second, carried out in March of 2013 by the Kitchens Group, revealed 71% intended to vote “Yes.” A June 2014 poll by Anzalone Liszt Research and Public Opinion Strategies reported 70% voter support for the amendment.

But then, just two days later, Survey USA released poll results which were much different:

The most recent SurveyUSA poll found 53 percent of likely voters in the state are planning on voting yes, 32 percent plan on voting no and 15 percent are still undecided. This is a small drop since their poll earlier this month which put the measure at 56 percent yes to 31 percent no.

Support is strongest among young people and weakest among older voters, but at least a plurality in every age group supports medical marijuana.

In most elections, anything above 50% would be enough. But in Florida, constitutional amendments require at least 60% of the vote. What people need to realize about polls is that they are just polls, they are not actual votes. No one will know exactly how much support there is for Amendment 2 until Election Day is over. Until then, keep fighting, keep spreading the truth, and keep debunking the false propaganda that medical marijuana opponents are spreading in Florida.



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    People who would vote no on ammendment 2 should think very hard about it. After all, we have legal alcohol, responsible for the second most deaths in our great country. We have legalized narcotics being prescribed for pain. Both alcohol and narcotics are highly addictive and a person can overdose on them easily. Medical Marijuana is not addictive, nor is it deadly with very few deaths believed to have been indirectly caused by it. It has been medically proven to work for seizures and pain relief. It is also believed to help people who suffer from anxiety disorder and could cause a dramatic decrease in the use of drugs heavily prescribed and abused such as Xanax. States that have MM are not having problems and none are trying to appeal it. Reports are almost all positive, from tax revenue for the state, less money spent on arresting people for possession, less money waisted housing Marijuana smokers in our over crowded and unreasonably expensive jails and prisons, less police enforcement expenses, less people using narcotics and most likely less alcohol use, which leads to less unnecessary deaths. Think about it.


    If Republicans are the party for freedom and against government telling people what they can do, why is Sheldon Adelson spending millions in Florida to defeat the medical marijuana initiative? The War on Drugs is the epitome of bloated government spending in order to restrict personal freedom. The War on Drugs is actually a war on poor people and minorities. More people are currently in prison for drugs then for all other crimes combined. Morphine and oxycodone are legal with a prescription. Why should a person dying of cancer be denied marijuana that can relieve the nausea associated with chemo therapy?

    Law Office of Steve Bartlett
    Board Certified Florida Criminal Defense Attorney
    New Port Richey, Florida


      It’s actually a war for money. Like WW2, like Iraq, like the Drug War :) They fight EVERYONE and anyone for money. Now i just hope in lifetime my I can have the ‘blemishes’ removed from my ”criminal” record on account of it’s unconstitutionality…


        But that’s my only personal goal. As a whole I know Society needs to change from destructive to constructive methods. No more fossil fuels for a start. I hope to be of great service, if i can get there quickly and safely.


    Watch Fight Back with attorney Steve Bartlett!

    Controversial attorney Steve Bartlett analyses the Florida Marijuana Constitutional Amendment with special guest, Captain Cannabis! What does the amendment REALLY do?

    Law Office of Steve Bartlett
    Board Certified Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

    New Port Richey, Florida


    I don’t know how familiar you are with statistical methods, but there is a potential bias in the polls’ sampling methods. Most polls collect data through telephone surveys. However, what percentage of these data come from cell phone users, and what percentage come from landline users? With a growing segment of the population completely abandoning their landlines, especially younger generations, I wonder how representative these polls are of the Florida population. In general, it’s best to ignore the use of statistics in popular press. Statistics is meant to test scientific hypotheses.


    I’m 62 and can’t see how 40% of people in my age group could vote against this. I predict at least 70% yes. It’s time to remove drugs from the black market-if your income comes from that market I hope you have to find another job.

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