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How Do You Know If Someone Smokes Marijuana?


arnold smoking marijuana jointHow Do You Know If Someone Smokes Weed?

We have all been there – you are starting a new job, moving to a new area, or just meeting someone new, and you wonder if they consume marijuana or not. I just experienced this situation over Super Bowl weekend. My step-family was in town, and from what I assumed, none of them smoke marijuana.

I had asked my step-dad several times, and he kept telling me that none of them were down with marijuana. My step-uncle is gay, and he had told me previously what it was like for him to ‘come out of the closet.’ I told my step-dad on several occasions that I was going to ‘come out of the marijuana closet’ to his family sooner than later, and would start with his gay brother to see if he was receptive.

Fortunately, I didn’t need to take that risk, because I found out that one of my step-cousins consumes marijuana. We were all at a house party, my uncle and I stepped out to my car so we could burn down, and the second we came back in we were confronted by the previously mentioned step-cousin. I guess the way he identifies a marijuana consumer is by looking for the ‘quick duck out, come back smelling like burnt popcorn’ move lol. Once I knew that my step-cousin was down with marijuana, I just went straight to him and got the scoop on the rest of the family.

What do TWB readers look for to identify if someone is a marijuana consumer or not? When I’m around my hometown, it’s a very easy process. When I meet someone new, I try to determine which friends we have in common, then text those mutual friends to get the scoop. However, this is obviously not always possible because I’m not always in my hometown. Also, I don’t know every person in my hometown, nor do I have a mutual friend with every person. The demographics of marijuana are constantly evolving, and it blows my mind more frequently than before what types of people consume marijuana.

Below is a list that I made a couple of years ago that describes ‘10 ways to identify a stoner.’ To clarify things ahead of time, this is not an all inclusive list, and in no way am I saying that every person that consumes marijuana displays every characteristic on this list. This is merely ten things that I find useful when I’m trying to determine if someone is a marijuana consumer or not. Like I said, marijuana demographics are constantly evolving, so there’s a good chance that there are marijuana consumers out there that don’t meet any of the indicators that I listed below (my step-cousin being one of them!) If you have other tips and tricks that you use, please post them in the comments below so that others can benefit from your expertise:

How Do You Identify A Stoner?

This might come in handy when you start a new job, move to a new area, or just like to people watch. There are many ways to identify a stoner; below are ten things that I look for:

10. Wears lots of tie dyed clothing; plays hacky sack and disc golf

Any one of these items by themselves is not enough evidence to conclude that a person is a stoner. But when you find someone doing two or three of them, chances are good that the person is a stoner. Tie dyed clothing, hacky sack, and disc golf are three of my favorite things!

9. 80% of diet is cereal and corner market burritos

Cereal is the staple of any stoner’s diet. It’s fast, tasty, and kills the cottonmouth. But every once in awhile stoners need protein, which is why God invented the corner market ‘deli’ section.

8. Asks everyone if they’re ‘cool’ or ‘down’

We have all been there before; starting a new job, or going to a new school, or just meeting someone new. After a little bit of posturing, the question eventually comes out, “So…are you ‘cool/down?’ These words equivalent to a Freemason handshake; they are the unofficial stoner membership words. If you hear these words, especially in a ‘conspiracy theory tone,’ it can only mean one thing.

7. Always has a lighter, but doesn’t smoke cigarettes or use candles

If the person always has a lighter in their pocket or vehicle, yet they don’t smoke cigarettes or own candles, chances are good the person is a stoner. Of course, they could just REALLY be into fireworks, so look for additional identifiers.

6. They think a trip to Amsterdam would be ‘killer’

Have you ever met someone that wanted to go to Amsterdam that WASN’T a stoner?? Is there any other reason to go there, other than to sample the best chronic in the world? If someone is talking positively about Amsterdam, they are almost certainly a stoner.

5. Seems to be fascinated by the number ‘420’

Anytime the clock strikes 4:20 p.m., or the number 420 pops up in anyway, it really gets stoners excited. I worked at a country club once, and we had 420 guests for the Easter Brunch. Within ten seconds of the number 420 being announced, I knew that 75% of the staff was stoners, which was awesome because we had a group puff session immediately after we got off work.

4. Owns a large collection of stoner music

If you look through the person’s music collection, and there is lots of Phish, Grateful Dead, Sublime, 311, etc, then you may have identified a stoner. But be careful; posers can listen to stoner music too. My sister and her friends listen to stoner music, yet they are total rookie-posers, so this method is not 100% guaranteed. However there is a method that is 100%; if any of the previously mentioned music is on homemade cassette tapes, especially live recordings, you have identified a full blown pothead! I was in my high school English teacher’s office once, and found a huge cache of homemade Grateful Dead tapes….

3. Horrible at math but is a wiz at fractions dealing with 1/8ths, 1/4ths, 1/2s….

Do you know a person like this? They can’t add 2 + 2, or calculate the tip on a dinner bill, but if you ask them what 1/4 plus 1/8 is they all of a sudden become a mathematician? You ask them how many grams are in an ounce and they give you the answer ‘Well most people say 28 grams, but a real ounce weighs 28.375…’ If calculus were based on measuring parts of ounces, maybe more college students would major in math!

2. Lots of empty ‘Visine’ bottles around

When I was a little kid my stepdad had a cemetery of empty ‘Visine’ bottles in the glove box of his vehicle. And YES, he was one of the biggest stoners of all time…not coincidence.

1. Resin on the lighter

This is a sure fire giveaway. If there is some black ‘gunk’ on the bottom-front of the lighter, the owner of that lighter has been packing down bong/pipe bowls in true stoner fashion.


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  1. How do you know if someone smokes? They’ll tell you. The only way most stoners will smoke is if someone knows about it.

  2. GlitterGlitterandmoreGlitter on

    Lol sublime, tie dye, hackey sack? I think this is a list for old school stoners. As for nowadays pretty much the people you’ll least expect smoke weed.

  3. Lol these are more stereotypical stoners perpetuated by Hollywood, they are pretty accurate however now days there are tons of different demographics who smoke now as for me I have a huge collection of stoner movies and music, among tons of others, just because I’m a stoner at heart but I’m your everyday guy with a decent job, dress normally with my own style yadda yadda I just love weed and weed culture.

  4. #7 is me! I got 2 lighters on hand at all times. One in the car and one on me. Plus I’ll come right out and say it!

  5. With a nickname of BCBud I don’t look for them… They find me. I am welcome almost every where civilized like minded people gather and the family all like me…:) Plus I am kept out of parts of Society I have no interest in.

  6. Hell ya lol an he never said you need to know an he ain’t stereotyping everybody to me sounds like he’s saying what he thinks

  7. lol – fwiw, smoking herb does not necessarily exclude you as a suspect. ;)

    Love that pic of Arnold, too. It’s a brilliant illustration of how sometimes just the bliss lets people know…

  8. Pádráig O'Gáirmléadháigh on

    Why do you need to know in the first place. Do I need to know you are a drunk? Thought not!

  9. Those are terrible suggestions. A stoner who truly has to hide it (like a preschool teacher) wouldn’t let any of those things show. When I was teaching I used to mention “this article I read” about a child with autism who benefitted from some form of medical marijuana. Gauge their reactions from there, and there you go.

  10. Interesting 7, 4 and 3 apply to me but not so much on the exact music I listen to Wiz Kalifha Kid Kudi and the Weeknd all stoner music I was always able to find the smokers by the loud they had on them lol if I couldn’t smell it on you i want no parts

  11. Okay this is mostly just humorous bunk, except for #1. That one is Dead On! My lighter had “black gunk” on the bottom for Years. Just old school it is.

  12. this is so stereotypical european stoners are nothing like this and i mean quantity wise i think there’s a whole lot of of us :)

  13. No they ought not to stop. I found a lot of that funny, and thats what it is. Funny.

    You do know how to have a laugh right ?

  14. Bunch of B.S. I smoke and i would say #7 is the only one that fits me. Everyone is different….stop stereotyping people

  15. Tie dye Sucks. So does hackey sack and Frisbee…. Grateful dead and phish are some of the worst music invented. This list is Fucking stupid. Nice job you bum just listing cliche and stereotypical qualities. What an idiotic list.

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