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 September 27, 2013

eating marijuanaI know a lot of people these days that have only smoked marijuana but are curious to see how eating marijuana would help them. I always advise people to be careful eating marijuana, because you can get way too high if you eat too much. Eating marijuana takes longer to feel the effects than it does when you smoke marijuana, and when you combine that with the fact that people like tasty treats already, it can be a recipe for an interesting day to say the least.

It always reminds me of a wedding I was DJ’ing during which people were eating some of my extra strength brownies. Most of the people that ate them had eaten them before, and knew to limit their consumption. But one of my friends gave them to a mutual friend who hadn’t consumed marijuana since 2000, but figured it would be fun to try it for some reason 12 years later. He loved the brownies his wife made, and figured having a couple of brownies during the wedding would be the right amount.

Wrong. After 45 minutes he was talking to me about how he wasn’t feeling anything and that he should have eaten more, then WHAM. You could see it in his eyes. He went from feeling completely sober to so high he could barely talk. The last time I saw him he was walking down the road and talking gibberish. I guess some people can’t handle those brownies lol. Compare that to my uncle who can eat an entire tray of brownies and feel ‘ok’. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Eating marijuana affects you differently than smoking it, so walk before you run is the moral of this story. When you eat marijuana, it goes into your blood stream, compared to when you smoke marijuana and it goes into your nervous system. When you eat it, the high lasts longer, and takes longer to take effect. When you smoke marijuana, the high is almost instant, but doesn’t last as long as when you eat marijuana.

Do you eat marijuana often? Do you prefer it to smoking cannabis? How does it affect you differently? Any tips you would offer people? Help others benefit from you knowledge. Below is a video made by Americans for Safe Access talking about the differences between eating marijuana and smoking marijuana:

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  • amandaeliese

    Well, all I can give you is of course, my personal experience and opinion. I am an avid pm smoker. Qwells anxiety, It makes me feel great, and it helps me sleep. That being said, once I ate marijuana. Totalllly different high. It’s a brain high when you eat it, versus the body high/relaxed mind when you smoke it.
    I ate the marijuana brownie before I went to a big circus. HORRIBLE IDEA. It made me antisocial, claustrophobic and there were too many people, too close to me for my liking at the time. It made me paranoid. I felt out of control One of the main reasons I am a soker versus being a drinker is that no matter how high I get when I smoke, I never feel out of control. Needless to say, I was totally taken aback by the difference of smoking it versus eating it it took a LONG TIME for it to affect me… I almost ate more myself. I am 5’2” and 98lbs. I am just naturally tiny. not sure if it makes a difference, but there you are.

    I wish I had read this before eating that brownie. kudos to you for putting the word out for those inexoerienced with this method.

    • David Orbon

      same on smoking v. drinking
      s. control
      d. really drunk

    • Solo_poke

      Do you bong?

  • David Orbon

    1. eat a whole brownie at 10am.
    1a HAVE A BLAST!
    2. wake up high at 10am.
    2a. STIIILL HIGH!?
    4. reflect upon high
    4a. MENTAL NOTE!
    5.cut brownie into 4ths
    5a. EAT 1/4!
    6. do something productive
    6a. LOW KEY!
    7. wake up at 8am
    8. reflect upon differences of the two different dosages
    9. determine capable dosage

  • Always smiling

    Edibles changed my life. I bought a Magical Butter machine and I have never been happier. I feel good when I wake up and I sleep like a baby at night. Q

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    • lavisha

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  • Bunky

    Well you could eat it raw and get massive benefits with no high. That’s what this article should be about.

  • Hydroponixs

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  • Lisa

    I dont think it is.

  • Jamie Guest

    People like me can smoke all day long and never be “too high” as i have a very nervous nervous system but i figured out very early on that i should never eat it as i don’t have the blood pressure for it. It makes me pass out if i eat the tiniest amount. So definitely different strokes…

  • blaine

    I have noticed that in all discussion involving the medical aspects of the at least 85 THC compounds in
    cannabis, everyone continues to ignore the topical use by people like myself when it comes to treatments.

    I suffer from acute attacks of gout, and certain strains of cannabis are just not conducive to the improvement
    of my condition both psychologically (amplification of pain), but more importantly, physiologically due to the dehydration factor.

    I have naturally controlled my attacks through, hydration, diet, stress avoidance, and topical treatment of my
    lower legs and feet.

    The topical that I make has completely removed the Tofi (calcium deposits) which develop as “brown
    freckles” under the skin of my feet and ankles.

    It is my opinion that a person has not experienced the apex of pain until they have experienced a acute gout

    Although I do enjoy the ingestion of cannabis in all forms from time to time, I find it to be overwhelming for
    some situations.

    This is of course my own personal reaction, and I believe that each of us needs to be allowed to find those treatments, which work best for our individual physiologies.

    If you know of a person that suffers from the extremely painful gout attacks, please let them know of the results that I have had with the topical application.

    By the way, I have found that good sativa, and strains that are high in cannabidiols (CBDs) work really well
    in conjunction with the topical when ingested through a vaporizer.

    • Solo_poke

      For gout the best treatment is cherries. You can get tart cherry juice and you should be able to get relies in a couple of weeks.
      I had a friend with severe gout and 3oz’s of sour cherry juice cleared it up for him in 2 weeks.
      Good luck…

  • coleman

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  • Florida_girl

    I have heard a little about this can any one tell me how to make the butter ?? I was just recently diagnosed with cancer!!! And one of the Nurses said he knew it was illegal and he said it’s a shame but I should consider getting some smoke he swears by it …Only thing I tried when I was a teenager 3 0r 4 different times I hated the smell of it and the way it made me feel made me sick every time I tried it also being paranoid about everything little thing .He Said that there is a way to make it into butter and use it like any butter that you would cook with he said to try and make some brownies my first time out ,said to just take small Bite’s and see if i get any relief from it …I don’t want to brake the law either he said that your allowed so many grams per person ?? can any one help me with this I don’t want any legal troubles just some relief from this God awful disease

    • painkills2

      Nowhere in your post do you mention pain, and I find that suspect… And I’m not exactly sure what your question is. If you’re a real person looking for real help (not just how to break the law), then I suspect we will hear back from you with, perhaps, a line of questioning that is easier to follow.

      • Florida_girl

        if you cant figure out my straight out question then your an !diot !!!! I am a real person with a real problem I am not looking to break the law I did say that I just am looking for relief from this god awful disease !!!! Maybe people like you should have to endure some god awful disease and then you might know a small bit question and my reasons where clear as a bell cant tell you how many people sent me private messages telling me what a #ss you are !!!! Suspect me for nothing except a dying person looking for help without being pumped filled with pills was looking for a more natural way to ease pain …I owe you none of my time for its to short to waste on a whatever you are ….

        • Rob

          do a search on youtube for “Cannabutter” or “marijuana butter” . You will find quite a few detailed instructional videos there.

    • George

      I would direct you to Bill Schnoebelen, he’s an authority on using herbs for natural cures. And I would direct you Curry Blake, a man who can command healing into the lives of many. I have a compassion for you. I love you and I ask that you be healed from cancer in the name of Jesus Christ.

    • Char Lauder

      Try something high in CBD , it won’t make you as high, if it’s low enough in THC it won’t even make you high at all. But there have been some good results of people using cbd for cancer. Please go online and do your own research before you take anything.

  • Bo66095

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    • naz

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  • HashCakeSuperstar

    I rarely smoke it. I am not a social stoner.. Although I used to be when i was younger. Now days I start twitchin and get weird. But I luv eating space cakes. I usually allow about a gram of crap hash per slice or per cup cake.. and sometimes some left over leaves etc. Make the butter by grinding all hash in a pesel n mortar.. add a hole block of unsalted butter and about a cup of water. Bring butter and water to boil let it melt. Turn it back down to lowish heat so it bubbles a bit.. then add hash. Cook it for 4 hours check it from time to time. Let it set in fridge overnight. Then buy some ready made cake mix. Follow the normal recipie but instead of oil or butter use the HOLLLE butter. I usually eat half a slice and I’m stupidly stoned for 3 hours then it slowly wear off after about 5 hours. I usually find it kicks in quicker if I eat a meal directly after eating a cake..on am empty stomach. Not sure if it’s to do with my metabolism or what but being stoned for ages is fukin great. Only do it once or twice a month vecause I turned into a stoned retard and don’t end up doing anything. Alot of people can function as normal..not me. I turn into a sloth. Hope this helps :)

  • Tommy

    I ate some chocolate chews of some mmj last year…too much..and I was tripping big time about an hour later.I will nibble next time.

  • xTrucho3

    I prefer eating weed instead of smoking. I calculate how long until I get high and the main reason I prefer eating it, it’s because it doesn’t leave the smell so I can walk around high without having that smell that people usually complain about.

  • painkills2

    Cough Syrup aka Life’s too short to even care at all…

  • George

    I took 2 weed brownies on Monday and I’m still high from the effectsand now its Friday and I can’t sober. There was hydro weed in the brownies. I need tips on how to completely sober up.

    • painkills2

      Sorry, but that’s not possible. You can’t stay high for 5 days. Anyway, have you tried drinking a lot of water? Eating a few meals? Sleeping?

      • George

        What happens if you haven’t done none of those things what so ever is it permanent?

  • George

    Is hydro weed effects after eating it in a brownie permanent?

    • painkills2

      Please, George, explain your symptoms. Why do you think you are still high?

      • George

        I still have the symptoms because I have that tingly feeling when I touch my skin or something else and also I have to focus a bit more on my vision. But do you think these symptoms might be permanent?

        • painkills2

          So, are you saying that you only get the “tingly” feeling when you touch your skin? If you don’t, does it go away?

          Your symptoms do not appear to be cannabis-related. However, if they are, then no, it’s not permanent. Cannabis usually works its way completely out of your system within a short time.

          • George

            Im going to be honest Im not that that high, Im in that lazy high stage but some how its in my system by both the feeling and the eye vision

          • George

            Also to be honest I havent done anything about it but what can I do to be completely well such as better focus in eyesight and to remove that tingly feeling.

  • George

    I still have the symptoms because I have that tingly feeling when I touch my skin or something else and also I have to focus a bit more on my vision. But do you think these symptoms might be permanent?

  • George

    I still have the symptoms because I have that tingly feeling when I touch my skin or something else and also I have to focus a bit more on my vision.But do you think these symptoms are permanent?

  • John

    That explains alot

  • painkills2

    Meme Comedy, from the Public Entertainment Channel

  • mnyama

    I added mine to a green smoothie. Had almond milk, spirulina, chia seeds, flaxseeds, ginger, Raw meal powder… Delayed but VERY long VERY intense high. Need to work on recipe/dosage.

    • mac12sam12

      How long did it take to get high, and how much should you use, a small joints worth?

      • mnyama

        Took about 30 minutes. . . Lasted about 12 hrs. Needless to say, I WAY overdid it. Kept thinking it would be over in maybe two hrs. Took it at about 11:30 AM and was still feeling it at midnight. Now use a lot less and have a more pleasant effect.

        • mac12sam12

          Thanks for the info.

  • TerraM

    Eating weed is more of a body high for me then smoking weed is a head high.. It makes u get the munchies and u in turn want to eat more.. I found that grinding the weed very fine and putting it in the cookie/brownie mix instead of extracting it by cooking it in butter and straining it is a way more potent high that tastes like Ur chewing on a bud but after the second cookie they taste good.. I did an experiment where I added 5 grams of home grown weed to one batch of cookies and did not extract but ground it fine and added it to the butter cooking it tell the butter was melted and then put the entire mix in the cookies then I made a different batch of same amount of weed and this time extracted the thc by cooking it in butter for 1 hour on med to low heat stirring it often like every 5-8 mins and then I strained it and threw the buds away… I found that the bud taste is not as strong in the extracted thc cookies and the finely ground bud cookies taste like straight weed but tastes better after the second cookie.. I had 3 cookies from one batch one day and waited for the results of the high.. The thc extracted cookies were weaker and I didn’t feel the high as much as the straight bud cookies.. The only thing is u would have to use alot more weed to feel as high as the straight bud cookies but the extracted cookies taste better just u have to eat more of them to feel as high as u would with the ground bud cookies.. The high is relaxing and U don’t realize they do anything to U until about 45 mins to an hour.. To be able to get the real high results I suggest no smoking any weed to get a real feeling of the high..

    • Amanda

      If you’re an athlete do you suggest eating or smoking ?

      • TerraM

        I’m no athlete, but eating it is way healthier in my book because smoking it damages the lungs like smoking cigarettes because of all the tar Ur breathing in and plus we tend to hold it in longer and the tar is able to attach itself to the tiny hairs inside our lungs that could cause chronic bronchitis, COPD, lung cancer, and emphysema.. For a 30 min high no thanks.. Plus the high lasts way longer eating it about 3-5 hours.. I had gotten chronic bronchitis and it turned into COPD which sucks really bad and I don’t even smoke cigarettes so I didn’t understand how the heck I got that until the Dr told me that one joint is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes because of how long we hold it in so we aren’t waisting it.. I had switched for that reason..

        • Snowball1743

          You are so stupid, smoking weed doesnt put tar in the lungs, your forgetting smoking weed isn’t anything like cigarettes, in cigarettes they put all kinds of crap and weed is natural, get your facts right before you talk about something!

          • TerraM

            Wow thats low to judge my intelligence when I’m just repeating what the doctor told me, because I have copd and the only thing I did was smoke weed.. It scared me to find out that something so natural and something that helped me with depression could cause my lungs to develop this life threatening disease that I will have for the rest of my life.. No one could tell me that 3yrs ago when I was a heavy weed smoker until now that I developed this..

          • t.w.

            Terra is right. One blunt is the equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes due to the tar-like build up. My suggestion is that you bake your pot for half an hour or until it’s a golden brown color and then grind it into a powder. Once that happens, sift it into actual flower 3 or 4 times and make some cookie dough out of it. The high will last until the next morning because of the THC that is released prior to baking it. Enjoy!!! ☺️

          • Grarsehole

            Smoking anything puts tar in the lungs. Tobacco is natural too, e.g. loose from a tabacconist or Natural American Spirit (tar content is listed in similar amounts to other brands).

    • Grarsehole

      funny post, you repeat the same thing in a few different ways, i.e. cooking with whole plant material is more potent than cannabutter, but it tastes worse.

      • TerraM

        Lol I know right I just realized that since you said something.. Probably because I was plowed when I wrote that.. You know testing out my theory and all.. LMFAO

  • Amanda

    If you’re an athlete is it better to eat it or smoke?

    • Grarsehole

      I thought it would be obvious that eating is healthier than smoking, although Michael Phelps smoked a bong.

  • Sierra1024

    How long does it take to leave your blood system

    • Rich C

      If you are talking drug test, then it depends on the volume and frequency of intake. From days to over a month.

  • Charles215

    I’ve eaten weed brownies and cookies for the past 3 weeks and it’s the best high ever to me because it really last long af and when u smoke on top of it it’s amazing.

  • Blake Ballard

    marijuana is a cancer.

    • PythonGuy

      As I understand it, marijuana helps with cancer.

    • Dr. Iron Mon

      No it’s an Aries.

    • Grarsehole

      Blake Ballard is a bellend.

      • Blake Ballard

        I knew I’d piss off the potheads.