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ounce of marijuana costAn ounce of marijuana is the preferred amount to purchase for some people, and is too large an amount for others. I vividly remember when I was able to gather up enough money to purchase a full ounce for the first time. I had just received my paycheck at a new job, and didn’t have any bills to pay since I was in high school living at home. I knew right away what I wanted to do the second the paycheck hit my hands – buy an ounce.

This was back in the mid-90′s when an ounce of top shelf marijuana in Oregon ran me $300. It was some top notch hash plant, and I made that ounce last an extremely long time. Fast forward to today and an ounce of the same quality of marijuana in Oregon runs $125. There are just so many people growing marijuana in Oregon now and the marketplace is so different that the price has plummeted, much to the benefit of the average Oregon marijuana smoker. I can get ounces for less than that, but an ounce of the best Cindy 99 and Girl Scout Cookies strains are $125 in my circles.

Most dispensaries that I have visited sell their ounces for considerably higher than that (up to $350), but some have specials that ring in at about $125-200. I’ve never really seen someone buying an ounce of concentrates in a dispensary, but I’ve seen it outside of dispensaries in Oregon. I’d imagine it will become a more regular occurrence at dispensaries as time goes by and dabs continue to rise in their popularity. An ounce of the finest concentrates in Oregon goes for $350 an ounce and up.

What does an ounce of marijuana cost where you live? Does it have seeds in it or not? Are there enough growers in your area that you have seen the price drop over the years? I look forward to reading your comments. Knowing what qualities and prices there are out there in different states has always been a curiosity of mine!

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • BlowinGrow

    100 -120 for good reg

    • Guest

      In Ky it’s $120 an oz.

      • Guest

        unless u got the hook up

  • Travis

    180 caregiver price usually 240 non member. In durango co

  • Pyrotechnix

    300 for the best they got at the time.

  • Nightmoves Cee

    15 a gram for chemdog around here..when you can find it…heard some strains are going for as much as 600 per oz..

  • Bigsmoke

    400for chem and gsc
    350 for others


    280-350 Minnesota top shelf bud, i’ve lived in both North and south Minnesota. The price goes up the farther north you get is what it seems

  • Louisiana420

    Here in louisiana shwag is about 60-70 an ounce, some good mids are about 120-140, and top shelf brings 225-400 max. but this is a small city, im sure the close you get to shreveport or new orleans it goes down.

  • Kyle

    Min. $300 in Indiana, top notch stuff $350 no seeds and beautiful stuff. Unless you buy a lil weight at a time of course. But good luck finding solid hook that won’t try to rip you off.

  • true smoker

    350 in illinois. Just got cherry pie today. Very good quality strain

    • JRoc

      That cherry Pie is off the wall.. One of my favorites as of late. I get it for 275 an O.. Got the Purple dream now.. Like it almost as much

      • quake

        Try the fruit salad blueberry x mango kush x purple link. 16% thc highest iv found but my family are mad scientists

      • quake

        Try the fruit salad blueberry x mango kush x purple link. 16% thc highest iv found but my family are mad scientists

    • Carlos Stay’High Garcia

      where you at boy i got you on that shit

  • darin

    the medical here in Indiana is going for 100.00 a quarter which is extremely high! when I started in 1976 an once was 20.00 but now its from 125. ta 400.

    • bo66095

      yea that true , i sell a quater for $120 instead of $125

  • the_rose711

    Colorado – top shelf in dispensaries – $40 an eighth or $275 an ounce

    • bo66095

      here in michigan i offer an 8th at $35 and an ounce for $260

  • Painkills2

    It’s $400 an oz. in Albuquerque NM for medical marijuana, which is too damn expensive. Since the State controls it all, I’m guessing that’s going to be the price for awhile (until legalization). May have to move to Denver or Seattle to afford my medicine. And that would be a shame, since I really love it here. Attending my first Balloon Fiesta in October – see ya’ll there!

  • brian

    Here in Florida we pay about 260 to 280 per ounce.

  • brian

    here in Florida we pay between 260 and 280 per ounce. medical grade on the high end

    • bo66095

      really ? i got quality garde for sale here in michigan . i can offer u $260 per ounce and 50grams at $360

  • Blue Girl

    In Toronto(Canada), an ounce goes for around $240. Higher if your looking for a higher quality.

    • bo66095

      here in michigan we offer high quanlity at $260 per ounce

      • Darryl FukThat Boyd

        im from michigan and i can get it for about 160

        • bo66095

          bro are u sure thet are good stuff ?? i offer good and quality stuff for $260 an OZ

          • hunter

            I can get an ounce in mid Michigan for 150 and its done nice chronic and very potent

          • mmj review

            go meet up with each other then

  • Scott Sherwood

    At the one Co-op here in S.L.T. outdoor $200, indoor top shelf $300. black mkt. 30% cheeper. Top shelf indoor Lb. $2400-$2600. In CA, extracts are very popular and good wax or shatter is 30-40 gm. many, many,. kinds of edibles too. That is just my observation, wink

  • Dr. B

    240-260 A+++ on the Olympic Peninsula, WA

  • Lorna

    I sort of need to shop at the dispensaries to get the right kinds to address all my medical issues

    • painkills2

      How do you make your choice? Do you go by the Indica or Sativa label or by the smell? Do you bring a magnifying glass to view the number of trichomes? Is the name of the strain enough information? What kind of rating system do you use? (and please don’t say Leafly) :)

      • mmj review

        he doesn’t realize he can shop elsewhere… around people, I go to the clubs too, but only for certain things that are no available or are more expensive on the streets.

        that doesn’t mean I buy all my supplies there.

        check my reviews, only half my strains are from the clubs

        • painkills2

          Sorry dude, not lookin’ to shop on the street. Moved to Albuquerque from Houston just to get my medical card so I could be legal. California would be the place to go, but they pissed off the feds. Gonna see how Seattle and Colorado do next year. And, online reviews for strains don’t help me – if I get Lemon Kush from two different clubs, they are different. I cannot go by name only or by other measures I’ve mentioned here. The only way to tell strength is to smoke it. But I have to spend a lot of money before I get to the medicating part and the clubs hate returns (plus they have minimums). But thanks anyway. (p.s. Was lucky to get some really good Grand Platinum recently. But now they’re out and I’ll probably never see it again. It’s a freakin’ tragedy.)

  • pkr8ch

    Its a hard question to answer here in Fresno, Ca. There’s about 10 delivery services here that usually come by within an hour. Prices range from $80-320/oz depending on quality/strain. Also in California are dispenceries by mail to anywhere in the state, but I like sticking with the local farmers. :-)

  • hanspy

    Living in Holland and weed cost here between 4Euro a gr to 12 a 15Euro a gr for the top of the tops. Oz=28gr so do your math:) We are only alowed to buy 5 gr a day, so when you need more, you need some friends or must walk a few shops.

  • Dav Leeder

    also in oregon but I find the average to be more like 200 an oz. but like all things the market will vary from time to time

  • john

    200. Colorado no seeds

  • BCBud

    200-210 Cdn here in my part of BC Canada

  • Draconus_Wraith

    in Maine it goes for $300 an Oz -n- up, will B glad when the prices go down, its on the ballet to legalize it completely for 21 & over

    • Draconus_Wraith

      non medical goes for $150 to $200 but the quality isn’t there to make it worth it …..

  • Reza Nator

    top notch in Northern Virginia goes for 650/700 plus USD an oz !!!

    • quake

      Fuck that lol. Thats a crack habbit lol

      • mmj review

        hahahahhahahhahaha I used to live in Fairfax dude, zips go for 450 there….shop around, you are getting ripped

        but that’s why I moved to cali and write herb reviews

        • Reza Nator

          Yah sour diesel for 450 not Top Shelf…

          • Reza Nator

            name labeled Like OG KUSH /Purple Kush I got for 580 But again u cant find that here everyday

          • mmj review

            I paid 350 for sour d….og kush, gdp, pk, trainwreck, white widow, blue dream….all of em were 450 when I lived there, and that was 09….4 years later, and my friends still there are tellin me prices are 375….I don’t care cause im in cali, but you are getting ripped… around, because its available, for less than you pay, way more often than you think…..its called fed ex and ups, how you think it gets there

          • Reza Nator

            I sure will look round but you know how shady is down here law wise.. So I rather sometimes pay lil more and not be all paranoid lol I just waiting for my school finish so I can gtfo va as well
            thx 4 tips

      • Reza Nator

        see like reg dro no seed! sticky but no name on it lol its like 300 to 350 but if u want labeled cost some money here :)

  • ha5hman

    in Kathmandu, Nepal….max is USD 2 and min is free….to get it for free, u gatta go to one of those shiva temples….and yes they do have seeds

  • Alex G

    200 pounds… no more, no less. newcastle upon tyne. UK

  • Ralf

    Western New York State 320 an up.

  • Jordan Boar

    From Devon, UK. We’re looking about £200-230 an ounce, quality depending. But it tends to e on the dirty side, thanks to prohibition. 60% of the time it needs more drying. I’ve had 3 grams before, it needed a bit more drying until it got to a smokable consistency, and I lost a third!! Yes!! 1/3x £10, 1g of my smoke disappeared in the air! But we push, from the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs to GROW YOUR OWN and ignore prohibition! We will win!

  • Youngblood

    Western Massachusetts 350 – 550

  • Marcus

    In Norway for green (often imported) no matter what quality or w seed, usually around 500-600$ 25$ a gram for pot.

  • Smith-meyer April

    In Ky it’s $120 an oz.From what i was told.Wink.

    • quake

      Regs or dro

  • s clare

    £250 an oz in London uk ($375)

  • justme_420

    400 eu in cyprus yo rip off!

  • N8

    I run a dispensary in Michigan, for top shelf kine buds we pay growers $200 and sell for $300 — street price is about $250 but typically the quality is higher in the stores, only people who can’t make the grade and get the one stop bulk sale beat the streets. 3 or 4 years ago before there were stores the street price was $400/oz so we have definitely seen a drop over the last few years.

    • painkills2

      The medical cannabis program started here in New Mexico like 5 years ago, so the price should have come down by now. What is the difference between Michigan and New Mexico?

  • mmm420

    Here in Wisconsin you definitely pay $480 a ounce…pot has been harder to find but its been seedless and good…with no seeds it becomes more of a challenge to get the seeds to grow any…we’re thinking about moving anywhere else….

    • quake

      Go on vacation to fl get some regs like 500 a pound take all seeds and plant them 3 inches apart dont worry about croping just wait right before it gets cold then crop in this cycle ur crossbreeding ur rednecks down here grow shit out the dirt ud swear was hydro crystals redhairs and the undifined smell of two scunksfuckin

      • mmj review

        you, sir, are an idiot….regs will never grow you dank buds….also, your in Wisconsin dude, Canada is right above you…find a new connect cause I know people can get zips for 250 up there

  • Gustav Gans

    341 Swiss Francs = 375 $ / 277 EUR in Switzerland – Cheers!

  • mike

    right around 10 dollars a gram upstate newyork

  • james

    from $ 10 to $25 a gram at the dispensary. Canna clubs you can buy a oz for $200

  • james

    in arizona

  • seth

    in France 6/g hash 8€/g weed i do the ounce for €220 homegrown

  • Bob

    28 Grams does about 250-350 Euro in a Dutch coffeeshop …

  • quake

    Its like 425 an oz bout 125 a quater in Tallahassee fl for the kush and loud

  • Eddiemunser

    An OZ cost 300-400 depending on THC content

    • Eddiemunster

      In Texas

  • Acebass1

    Louisville 250-350 I’m told…but then I haven’t
    had to buy any in some time now… :)

  • GravyFriesandcheese

    Quebec: Near 100$ for Hydro, sometime more, sometime less.

  • Alexandru Moldovan

    how much in dublin

  • Jack Draak

    $168-$336 Canadian from the Toronto dispensaries.

  • Gradyhighroller

    $250 Platinum Rhino Chicago. You could throw these buds off the wall and nothing, rock hard density!

  • Tim Bambam

    Not even sure how much an oz of good smoke would cost you in NYC. Most dealers won’t even sell on oz. I pay $100.00 for 5 grams of high quality pot. Sure wish I could find a person who sells to people who are using for medical purposes. The prices might be better.

    • Jetdoc

      Tim, Tim, Tim…. Buddy, you GOTTA get the HELL OUTTA THAT PLACE! For $100… in AZ…. and IF I WERE TO EVER PURCHASE ANY!!!! ;-) … would get you 7+ grams. However when the STREET price is cheaper than the dispensaries, where would YOU go? Until we DE-stigmatize, DE-criminalize, RE-legalize Cannabis we’re going to pay through the NOSE for it.