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How Much Does An Ounce Of Marijuana Cost Where You Live?


An ounce of marijuana is the preferred amount to purchase for some people, and is too large an amount for others. I vividly remember when I was able to gather up enough money to purchase a full ounce for the first time. I had just received my paycheck at a new job, and didn’t have any bills to pay since I was in high school living at home. I knew right away what I wanted to do the second the paycheck hit my hands – buy an ounce.


This was back in the mid-90’s when an ounce of top shelf marijuana in Oregon ran me $300. It was some top notch hash plant, and I made that ounce last an extremely long time. Fast forward to today and an ounce of the same quality of marijuana in Oregon runs $125. There are just so many people growing marijuana in Oregon now and the marketplace is so different that the price has plummeted, much to the benefit of the average Oregon marijuana smoker. I can get ounces for less than that, but an ounce of the best Cindy 99 and Girl Scout Cookies strains are $125 in my circles.

Most dispensaries that I have visited sell their ounces for considerably higher than that (up to $350), but some have specials that ring in at about $125-200. I’ve never really seen someone buying an ounce of concentrates in a dispensary, but I’ve seen it outside of dispensaries in Oregon. I’d imagine it will become a more regular occurrence at dispensaries as time goes by and dabs continue to rise in their popularity. An ounce of the finest concentrates in Oregon goes for $350 an ounce and up.

What does an ounce of marijuana cost where you live? Does it have seeds in it or not? Are there enough growers in your area that you have seen the price drop over the years? I look forward to reading your comments. Knowing what qualities and prices there are out there in different states has always been a curiosity of mine!


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  1. 15 a gram for chemdog around here..when you can find it…heard some strains are going for as much as 600 per oz..

  2. 280-350 Minnesota top shelf bud, i’ve lived in both North and south Minnesota. The price goes up the farther north you get is what it seems

  3. Here in louisiana shwag is about 60-70 an ounce, some good mids are about 120-140, and top shelf brings 225-400 max. but this is a small city, im sure the close you get to shreveport or new orleans it goes down.

  4. Min. $300 in Indiana, top notch stuff $350 no seeds and beautiful stuff. Unless you buy a lil weight at a time of course. But good luck finding solid hook that won’t try to rip you off.

  5. the medical here in Indiana is going for 100.00 a quarter which is extremely high! when I started in 1976 an once was 20.00 but now its from 125. ta 400.

  6. It’s $400 an oz. in Albuquerque NM for medical marijuana, which is too damn expensive. Since the State controls it all, I’m guessing that’s going to be the price for awhile (until legalization). May have to move to Denver or Seattle to afford my medicine. And that would be a shame, since I really love it here. Attending my first Balloon Fiesta in October – see ya’ll there!

  7. really ? i got quality garde for sale here in michigan . i can offer u $260 per ounce and 50grams at $360

  8. At the one Co-op here in S.L.T. outdoor $200, indoor top shelf $300. black mkt. 30% cheeper. Top shelf indoor Lb. $2400-$2600. In CA, extracts are very popular and good wax or shatter is 30-40 gm. many, many,. kinds of edibles too. That is just my observation, wink

  9. Its a hard question to answer here in Fresno, Ca. There’s about 10 delivery services here that usually come by within an hour. Prices range from $80-320/oz depending on quality/strain. Also in California are dispenceries by mail to anywhere in the state, but I like sticking with the local farmers. :-)

  10. Living in Holland and weed cost here between 4Euro a gr to 12 a 15Euro a gr for the top of the tops. Oz=28gr so do your math:) We are only alowed to buy 5 gr a day, so when you need more, you need some friends or must walk a few shops.

  11. also in oregon but I find the average to be more like 200 an oz. but like all things the market will vary from time to time

  12. How do you make your choice? Do you go by the Indica or Sativa label or by the smell? Do you bring a magnifying glass to view the number of trichomes? Is the name of the strain enough information? What kind of rating system do you use? (and please don’t say Leafly) :)

  13. in Maine it goes for $300 an Oz -n- up, will B glad when the prices go down, its on the ballet to legalize it completely for 21 & over

  14. in Kathmandu, Nepal….max is USD 2 and min is free….to get it for free, u gatta go to one of those shiva temples….and yes they do have seeds

  15. From Devon, UK. We’re looking about £200-230 an ounce, quality depending. But it tends to e on the dirty side, thanks to prohibition. 60% of the time it needs more drying. I’ve had 3 grams before, it needed a bit more drying until it got to a smokable consistency, and I lost a third!! Yes!! 1/3x £10, 1g of my smoke disappeared in the air! But we push, from the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs to GROW YOUR OWN and ignore prohibition! We will win!

  16. In Norway for green (often imported) no matter what quality or w seed, usually around 500-600$ 25$ a gram for pot.

  17. That cherry Pie is off the wall.. One of my favorites as of late. I get it for 275 an O.. Got the Purple dream now.. Like it almost as much

  18. I run a dispensary in Michigan, for top shelf kine buds we pay growers $200 and sell for $300 — street price is about $250 but typically the quality is higher in the stores, only people who can’t make the grade and get the one stop bulk sale beat the streets. 3 or 4 years ago before there were stores the street price was $400/oz so we have definitely seen a drop over the last few years.

  19. Here in Wisconsin you definitely pay $480 a ounce…pot has been harder to find but its been seedless and good…with no seeds it becomes more of a challenge to get the seeds to grow any…we’re thinking about moving anywhere else….

  20. Go on vacation to fl get some regs like 500 a pound take all seeds and plant them 3 inches apart dont worry about croping just wait right before it gets cold then crop in this cycle ur crossbreeding ur strains.us rednecks down here grow shit out the dirt ud swear was hydro crystals redhairs and the undifined smell of two scunksfuckin

  21. Try the fruit salad blueberry x mango kush x purple link. 16% thc highest iv found but my family are mad scientists

  22. Try the fruit salad blueberry x mango kush x purple link. 16% thc highest iv found but my family are mad scientists

  23. Gradyhighroller on

    $250 Platinum Rhino Chicago. You could throw these buds off the wall and nothing, rock hard density!

  24. Not even sure how much an oz of good smoke would cost you in NYC. Most dealers won’t even sell on oz. I pay $100.00 for 5 grams of high quality pot. Sure wish I could find a person who sells to people who are using for medical purposes. The prices might be better.

  25. you, sir, are an idiot….regs will never grow you dank buds….also, your in Wisconsin dude, Canada is right above you…find a new connect cause I know people can get zips for 250 up there

  26. Tim, Tim, Tim…. Buddy, you GOTTA get the HELL OUTTA THAT PLACE! For $100… in AZ…. and IF I WERE TO EVER PURCHASE ANY!!!! ;-) … would get you 7+ grams. However when the STREET price is cheaper than the dispensaries, where would YOU go? Until we DE-stigmatize, DE-criminalize, RE-legalize Cannabis we’re going to pay through the NOSE for it.

  27. he doesn’t realize he can shop elsewhere…..shop around people, I go to the clubs too, but only for certain things that are no available or are more expensive on the streets.

    that doesn’t mean I buy all my supplies there.

    check my reviews, only half my strains are from the clubs


  28. In Colombia you can buy an ounce in… about 30.000 colombian pesos that is like 60 dollars . or less

  29. Duane Sith Lord Perry on

    I need a new conect im tired of paying out over priced oz for high quality if anybody have a better price than 350 in the nj area please hit my Fb.

  30. see like reg dro no seed! sticky but no name on it lol its like 300 to 350 but if u want labeled cost some money here :)

  31. Northern Cali its cheap about 135 or so for high quality weed. Considering its so abundant here most of the time if ya know the people its free lol…

  32. In Daly City ounces run from 200 to 300, no seeds and top quality stuff, a .5 bowl will get you nice and medicated.

  33. An ounce goes from $150-$200 for B.C kush up here in Hamilton, Canada. High Quality is in abundance here.

  34. I paid 350 for sour d….og kush, gdp, pk, trainwreck, white widow, blue dream….all of em were 450 when I lived there, and that was 09….4 years later, and my friends still there are tellin me prices are 375….I don’t care cause im in cali, but you are getting ripped…..shop around, because its available, for less than you pay, way more often than you think…..its called fed ex and ups, how you think it gets there

  35. If anybody knows of someone who is trying to deal with people who need pot for medicinal.purposes or just a better price than $100.00. for 5 grams in the greater New York City area please get in touch with me. I can be reached at timbambrough@aol.com. Thanks

  36. Sorry dude, not lookin’ to shop on the street. Moved to Albuquerque from Houston just to get my medical card so I could be legal. California would be the place to go, but they pissed off the feds. Gonna see how Seattle and Colorado do next year. And, online reviews for strains don’t help me – if I get Lemon Kush from two different clubs, they are different. I cannot go by name only or by other measures I’ve mentioned here. The only way to tell strength is to smoke it. But I have to spend a lot of money before I get to the medicating part and the clubs hate returns (plus they have minimums). But thanks anyway. (p.s. Was lucky to get some really good Grand Platinum recently. But now they’re out and I’ll probably never see it again. It’s a freakin’ tragedy.)

  37. The medical cannabis program started here in New Mexico like 5 years ago, so the price should have come down by now. What is the difference between Michigan and New Mexico?

  38. Now you’re just bragging… Plus, I know what hydro is… anyone wanna tell me what “regs” is? And if cannabis is grown hydroponically, is it usually stronger? No seeds here in Albuquerque. But wish we had more stickiness all around.

  39. Medical bud and the top quality stuff that comes from California is very expensive here in Texas. Usually @ $20.00 to $30.00 a gram that make ounces run in the $400.00 and $500.00 price range. Most poor souls have to buy poor grade stuff from Mexico that’s called “Reggie” or the seedy stuff called “Popcorn” that’s a little better, but full of seeds and very little smoke. I like the best Quality bud so I buy by the 1/4 oz. that cost me $100.00 – $ 125.00 since that’s all I can afford to spend on it at a time. Texas is a bad place to get bud and a lot of the market is controled by black people who cut the weed which is of poor quality to began with. I’m just fortunate enough to have my California connection so I have the best to smoke. If the legalization goes nation wide, I figure Texas will be the last state to legalize it, these hick criminals who run this state make lots of money busting people and prosecuting from marijuana. I’m thinking of moving to California where my daughter lives and injoy my bud without hiding like a school kid in a bathroom.

  40. in new Zealand we pay between $250-$350 for top quality indoors and $180 – $300 for bush.the prices have been static for some years now.

  41. Michigan medical grade $250 a zip all day! That’s mostly a grower to grower price, $250-$400 for a non grower looking to purchase meds.

  42. Depends here in the burgh. But 350 is street. 300-340 homie price. Bomb afghan,haze,kush,or skunk 1.

    Las Vegas 250 an oz at the shops
    Cali- 150-300 an oz at the shops.

    Still paying 275 or more on the streets.

    Oregon is a friendly pothead state. Greasy hustlers didnt move to Oregon. Friendly stoners did. So in the medical states. Pot is gonna be a lot cheaper. Colorado has master kush ozs at a 100.

    Here in the burgh it’s still a major crime. It’s not about growers here. Cuz I grow and I still charge 275 an oz to the homies. But if it’s a street deal I’ll bump it up to 350.

    Medical and dispensing shops have really helped the prices go down I. Certain areas.

  43. In Massachusetts its about $275-$300 but I buy online on Silk Road and get it for about $190-$220 of high quality

  44. I live in mass and the weed is very high quality $40 an 1/8, $80 a 1/4, $140 a half, and $ 240 a zip and yes as time passed prices drop years ago I used to pay 360 a zip

  45. The most expensive I’ve ver gotten was 250 at a dispensary. I can get one for 100 around the block and ran upon one for 25 once.

  46. A full ounce runs at least $190, sometimes up to $250+. One dispensary NEVER EVER has seeds EVER in what they give you, while one does occasionally. Prices are pretty stable around here, I’ve never seen a strain go for lower than $9 a gram, and that’s for outdoor organic, and never higher than $20 a gram (from a dispensary that gives ridiculously good quantity discounts, so you’re getting 3.5g for the price of 2g, etc.). Drive about an hour north, and you can find dispensaries where you can get a full oz. for $100 flat.

    This is in Central Cali, Bay Area.

  47. Hey bro sup, just saw ur post looking for legit connect . i’m presently in Michigan and i sell high quality weed and i sell an OZ for $260 if that cool with u hit me at 970 279 1721 thanks

  48. Also I don’t ever mind a few seeds, all the ones I’ve found have been viable and from either mid or top strains.

  49. 200 an oz for good quality in summit county, co. You can get special deals sometimes for 50 to 150, but normally something is wrong with it (seeds, improper flush, larf) Four years ago ounces were going for 350. An oz of GSC for 125 sounds amazing, might have to check out Portland sometime.

  50. Hey buddy here in Michigan i sell between $220 -$340 for top indoor and $140-$290 for bush and offer discount to my regular connect . so if u are interested in some good stuff hit me at 970 279 1721

  51. Brazil is like shit u buy one gram of top shelf purple haz3 or sour diesel for like 90 bucks.. Regular sknk for like 45$ a gram..

    They sell alot of “prensed” marijuana that are like 5$ for like 2 or 3 grams, but it comes with seeds and has ammoniac to “preserve” the thc.. No one likes it,, but I prefer not to smoke it, instead, and buy some hash at 12$/gramm

  52. after 30+ years in California I had to come home to Jersey to help my family after my dad passed. For the last 19 months i have been frustrated with greedy ppl and so so so called dank. I miss my West Coast peeps.

  53. Denver, CO $99.00 to $300.00 depending on the dispensary, the quality, etc. The one I’ve been using lately has Connoisseur (top six inches of the plant, hand trimmed very well) and regular (machine trimmed bud).
    Connoisseur starts at $250, regular at $190.00 for members, higher for non-members.

  54. Juan Nightstand on

    I think people have a different idea of what is “top shelf”. I’ve lived, bought, sold, grown and transported in different regions and there are definitely different markets, and they change drastically over time. As a general rule the most expensive and usually the best cannabis is grown indoors; middle-grade is domestic greenhouse or outdoor; and low grade is imported outdoor. But there are exceptions, I have seen greenhouse/outdoor that I’d consider top shelf but was still priced lower than indoor.

  55. LegalizeArkansas.com on

    Around 350-400 in Arkansas. Still black market so prices are about 20/gr with very few price breaks for quantity.

  56. for an ounce it costs like $200-$290 regularly in San Francisco, I wish all my ounces cost $125, I would buy it every time I get weed then.

  57. South Florida areas Palm Beach, Broward, Dade County we get an ounce of Sour Diesel for $300 and sell a gram for $15

  58. Austin TX : $40 / oz – compressed cartel schwag.
    Up to $480 / oz ($60 per eighth) for medicinal grade cannabis.

  59. 3 years ago it was $100 here in NW Arkansas. Not sure how much it is currently cause I’m out of the loop.

  60. SweetTinyLittleInfantBabyJesus on

    Zona can get cheap from time to time, but regularly around $250-$300/oz. Various strains

  61. NM Santa Fe hook ups will run you 125-140$ a half oz and 240-250$ an oz with a pound running up to 900$. The uninformed here will get a half oz for 200$ and a oz for 350$. People also do some strange dealing here.

    1g (a dub) is 20$
    2g is 40$
    3.5g is 50$
    4g 80$

    Makes no sense but that is how the norm is here in New Mexico.

    My WA experience would be similar but with everything running .5g to .8g higher on average and oz going for 150.


  62. Christina Yousef on

    We even got a drought going on I heard. They be hitting it even HARDER on the prices. I think it’s all B.S. though so they can make more bank … :(

  63. Joshua Patrick Winters on

    Shit I live in texas, local growth is known as skunkweed, the way it and the people who smoke it smell makes me want to hurl. However the crap is cheep yet not worth the weed ignorant laws of the state.

  64. I live in Louisville, and an ounce of high end bud, like the Durban Poison i just got is around the 400 range…..i wish it was cheaper.

  65. In Canada they sell medical marijuana from so called “Compassion Clubs” Good weed is sold for $10 a gram and up. Where is the compassion selling an OZ to sick people on fixed incomes for $280 when It can be bought on the street for $200.00 ? The clubs acquire a “Not For Profit” charity licence. A pound, 448 gms. x $10 = $4,480. The clubs rarely pay more than $2,400 a lb. That’s $2080 profit per pound. 2 or more pounds a day. Great gig if you can pull it off.

  66. Mark Ketchledge on

    Jersey here too, Johnny.I have a very reliable connect who even fronts me and delivers to my door,only at $140/qtr oz.Just lookin’ for a better price thru a trustable venue.Sallymae,I’m a 62 yr old disabled Vietnam vet who quit playin’ kiddie games b-4 you were born.You send me 1/4 oz to try and to establish a trusting business opportunity.Mabbe send out samples like they did in “Half Baked”.I don’t fk around and guarantee that you’ll get your money after I get the weed.You sound good Sallymae,but……….I ‘WAS’ a junkie for 25 yrs{clean 12} and it didn’t make me stupid!Your ball,your court,your dime.~~~I won’t put my real email here for every nitwit and lame-o to clog up my inbox,you can reach me thru fb if you really want to.

  67. Anyone in New Mexico who can tell me if price has increased or decreased over the past 5 years for MMJ? And how do the dispensaries decide on the price, initially and on a daily basis?

  68. Mark Ketchledge on

    Already left message above.It’s hard to type with one hand,but I can roll a joint better than anyone. I’ve won contests!

  69. I used to get oz.(s) for $10 in the 70s…(lol)…for Thai stick, ACUPULCO GOLD. HONEY OIL ETC. I once bought a kilo in Mexicali for $10 too. :-D During a span in the 70s I also grew on Kauai and in the Illinois Valley in Oregon. High times great memories….

  70. In Brooklyn, an oz of top grade–or “exotic” strand–goes for anywhere between $450-$600 depending how rare (or how new & popular the strand). But ppl who know ppl can get it for about $300-$400 an oz. …yeah. It’s crazy.

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  72. I’d like to browse a comment section without being hit on by some internet stranger trying to sell me stuff (or offering an alleged high-paying job). It’s not like we can’t find that info elsewhere. And I think it is helpful to know the price ranges for all bud, not just street price. Hard to find a website with people talking about this stuff. Thanks TWB.

  73. North carolina, prices have been same past few years,
    1 oz…$320_400…for top notch
    1 gram…$20

    Cost of a misdemeanor possession charge…about a grand after court cost, lawyers fees, and pointless “drug rehab” classes…

  74. Just thinkin’ the same thing. Shouldn’t medicine be affordable for the sick? And don’t we all know that a non-profit status doesn’t mean diddley? MMJ patients don’t want to go to the street; that is one of the purposes of this law. But since the clubs know that, they don’t see any competition in pricing from the street. Should I be willing to break the law, go to the street, to be able to afford my medicine? Seems safer (if not more expensive in the short-term) to move to Colorado or Washington state…

  75. When I see posts like this, I wonder at my own intelligence level for posting to the comments section of this website :)

  76. Excuse me for being ignorant of such things, but isn’t “indoors” and a “domestic greenhouse” the same thing? Or does “indoors” mean only hydroponic?

  77. how old r u? Was there a drought of marijuana in the late 80s/early 90s with dealers switching to cocaine?

  78. i have this best supplier who shit get me high all day long chick it out bro he sale and oz for @@@347%%353@@0898
    1 oz White Widow : $260
    1 oz Hawaii-Skunk: $245
    1 oz Hindu Kush : $245
    1 oz Super Silver Haze: $260
    1 oz Real OG : $240
    1 oz Super Skunk : $235
    1 oz AK 47 : $230
    1 oz Blueberry : $220
    1 oz purple Kush : $255
    1 oz danks kush :$245

  79. i have this best supplier who shit get me high all day long chick it out bro he sale and oz for @@@347%%353@@0898
    1 oz White Widow : $260
    1 oz Hawaii-Skunk: $245
    1 oz Hindu Kush : $245
    1 oz Super Silver Haze: $260
    1 oz Real OG : $240
    1 oz Super Skunk : $235
    1 oz AK 47 : $230
    1 oz Blueberry : $220
    1 oz purple Kush : $255
    1 oz danks kush :$245

  80. Used to get two oz for $240 in CO, now I’m stuck in AZ where its sketch to even park and smoke. Oh how I miss those days!

  81. Denmark – 100dkk/gram (+- 13€), Slovakia – 10€/gram… considering its a plant that you can grow on your own without any problems are those prices high as fuck imo…. sorry im not gonna count it on ounces and dollars..

  82. AU$300 for fairly low-grade, unknown variety here in Melbourne, Australia. Guy couldn’t even tell me whether it was indica or sativa. Turned out it was around 80% indica. I’ve resorted to growing my own since I can’t seem to find anyone who knows what they’re selling, let alone selling decent bud.

  83. Street price has been the same for over 10 years. Maybe 15 years. Disp. Priced based on quality, (flavor, aroma, content), and price is determined on newly introduced strains weekly.

  84. quebec has a great supply. Being that it is on the St. Lawrence it receives cargo from all over the world, so needless to say there is always something good coming out of the port.

  85. where will you be going? Maybe I can direct you to a great place to go in our beautiful country.

  86. Juan Nightstand on

    Well, for the most part, greenhouse grown cannabis is similar to outdoor grown and tends to be produce larger, more leafy buds with a lower quality than indoor grown. Just in general, not always.

  87. I sure will look round but you know how shady is down here law wise.. So I rather sometimes pay lil more and not be all paranoid lol I just waiting for my school finish so I can gtfo va as well
    thx 4 tips

  88. In the U.P. of Michigan most people can get an oz. for $250. My caregiver provides me medicine at about $200 per oz. The prices are slowly dropping as more and more people are simply growing their own or know two or three other people that do. For those that are complaining about their state’s laws, remember you can get those changed. Otherwise, you live where you can smoke or take a risk to smoke where you live!

  89. 300 Dollars for an oz of low quality hydro. 50-60 Dollars for an oz of shwag in Texas.
    High quality hydro in the city areas can range from 350-400 dollars depending on who you know and how many crystals are on the buds.
    Most of the times the bud is tossed to make hash before making it this far south. The bud is in a decayed state indicating that it is being moved across state lines or simply tossed very hard to remove crystals and hair for hash production I am not sure which.
    (The shwag is terrible by the way and many of the times it is riddled in seeds & brown leaves)
    Sometimes we do get exceptional shwag which is referred to as Pine or is possibly super skunky but it is very rare. Often the quality swag is simply sent further north to states such as New York where the price is much higher then in my region unfortunately.

  90. On a side note I am quitting smoking pot due to the inability to find anything in my area after my Mexican hookup just got busted. Dumbass was selling crack as well as weed & in a school district too. This is what makes Marijuana look bad right here.

  91. Liam Peak Margary on

    you can pick up an oz in the uk for about £170-£200 depending on who you know and how good it is. if there are more middle men involved it generally rises due to greed

  92. I have the same problem in Oregon. If you are on a fixed income and have no grower there is no point to having a medical card. I can’t afford to buy. :(

  93. Oregon lost our vote in November and we are going for it again in July. I think the prices have been set here for legalization because it used to cost $20 a gram and now it’s $10 whether it be off the streets or dispensary.

  94. 140 an that ain’t top nothing its mids at best an thats the best around here in Shit hole Tennessee if you want top notch your payin at least 20 a g

  95. No 1 send any money to Jonathan Domingo Garcia in California or Garret Lemner straight scam will do buisness for something small at 1st to make it look legit then get you for more money this guy a scam

  96. Just moved from Ohio to Indiana an in search of some good quailty Weed. Does anyone know the prices for an oz here in Indianapolis, Indiana?

  97. una onza depende de que calidad, pero calidad de hydro esta en 2000 , la oz d eunaa chronic unos 1000 y la oz de normal unos 350 pesos

  98. Hey bro aquí en Michigan vendo una OZ a $230 y suppler en todo Estados Unidos, puedo enviar em a usted en México si quieres y ofrecemos envío gratuito y u número para que usted compruebe el estado de su paquete en tránsito también para hacerle saber cuando usted recibirá su paquete de seguimiento. Si te interesa volver a mí por correo electrónico a:sallymae156@gmail.com

  99. Si usted piensa que poniendo su comentario en español mantendrá alguien de ponerla a través de “Google Translate” y que la carga de los delitos de narcotráfico internacional, entonces usted está engañando a sí mismo. Usted está rogando la agencia de control de drogas para derribar la puerta y puso una pistola en la cabeza.

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  101. North Louisiana
    For Reggie an oz is around $60. For the best quality bud.. Fire, Kush, Popcorn: run u $400+ for an oz.

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  103. The Welsh Cheech on

    13 euro’s aint to badm, Uk its £10 a gram, wheither its good or bad weed, Oz’s vary from £160 – £200

  104. Great question. I live in Seattle/ Tacoma. Top shelf flower at a dispensary in Tacoma is 10 per gram. I’ve seen meds all the way down to 3 bucks a gram. 240 a lid for the top shelf. Though you can find it all over craigslist for alot less. Some of its just as good. Our edibles have sure gone up. Ate a 10 dollar chocolate bar the other day and couldnt feel it. I’ve seen 4x strength brownies go for 40 bucks. Insane. Not sure about other products. Cant afford them. I will say the price in Seattle (20 mins north) is 15 bucks a gram for premium flower. I know enough people to know that the 15 dollar stuff in seattle is mostly grown by alot of the same growers as the 10 dollar stuff in tacoma. So… of course… I buy in tacoma. Have some stuff now thats unusually good. It tested at just over 24 percent thc. I saw the print out . The norm up here is 20 percent. Not bad for some 10 dollar tacoma dope. With weed like that Its pretty hard to buy bho or shatter. However I almost bought some rick simpson oil last week. It was 30 for a 1cc syringe full. Probably get some this week.
    As a medical patient in Wa. you can have up to 15 plants, 24 oz of dried flower and other amounts of concentrates, edibles, tinctures, liquids etc…. Tired of dropping cash on that. Going to start a small grow soon. Theyll be selling it in the stores next spring. Ill be damned if I’m going to pay what theyre asking.

  105. In my corner of this Oakland suburb, eighths are going for 25 of really good top-shelf strain outdoor. Pretty good, usually pretty fresh, lots of good seeds in the last Girl Scout Cookies I got, Unfeminized, even. Lots of patients out here are crossing good unfeminized medicinal and boutique strains with the clones they get at the clubs to make their own good outdoor that is as good as most indoor I’ve seen. When you taste how clean and sweet the God’s Gift and Blue Dream comes out outdoors out here, you begin to understand why lots of people are quarantining males instead of killing them outright. Awesome herb, around 150/oz, but 25/eighth out here, anyway.

  106. Medical Sour Diesel, Silver Haze , and Hash Oil for sale Text/Email : (508) 418-4113.We have available White widow, Og kush, purple kush, blueberry kush, Ak 47, blue dream, sour diesel, green crack, sky walker, LA confidential, jack herrer, green hash and many more. Grade AA bud, With strong smell. Minimum order quantity is an Oz. If interested in placing an order
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  107. here in the hill country of central texas the grade A-medical grade buds run from 225-300 a oz. and from time to time there is what I call grade B smoke [usually good strains grown outdoors without a lot of attention or love] 135-175oz…then there is the mex brick garbage 35-55oz [FYI smoke the good stuff, all the other is a waste of time and cash] also if yer a visitor or recently relocated to texas and don’t know anyone native it is extremely difficult to find a steady supplier…is it 420 yet :-}

  108. we supply medical marijuana Strains like … OG Kush, white widow, blueberry,northern lights,hash plant,ak47,Purple Kush,Granddaddy Purple,Master Kush,Bluedream,..Haiwan Buds.Hindu Kush .Bubble Gum Kush.Sour Diesel and (magic mushrooms) etc .if u got interest let know.hit me on my email califirebud@live.com or text 619-371-4654 .Fast Delivery.Discreet Packaging. Express Delivery Available withUPS,FedEx,EMS.Tracking numbers available

  109. Hello, I am a 62 yr old female who unfortunately for me lives in NC. I suffer from chronic pain and go to a pain clinic. They want to give me narcotics which swell me up and make me terribly sick.
    To make matters worse for me I also have gastroparesis and vomit everyday. I have had most of my stomach removed and can only eat liquid running food (and only certain ones at that). I am looking for some medical marijuana but cannot get it here. I know nothing about it and would be at your mercy to advise me of the right choice for me. Can you help me or do you know or anyone that would be willing to? I found you on the weed blog.


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  111. hey sis just saw ur post and wanna let u know i got good and quality Medical Marijuana for sale at afforable price , i got all strain available for sale and suppler all over US . get back to me if u need some good stuffs

  112. Colorado Connect with Top shelf Buds. Medication for regular smokers and patients alike. you can feel free to call the number below for all inquiries, orders, pickup and delivery. call/text 5144167248

  113. IAORANA, in Tahiti where i live it’s very expencif but good quality, one little match box for 50 $ or 5000 xfp.

  114. yea bro got quality and good kush for sale at affordable price , if u interested get back to me via 970 279 1721

  115. Im 16 and have lived in Oregon all my life and the 3 years of me smoking the estimate seem a little high I have a friends uncle grows Girl Scout cookies and he sells an oz $140

  116. Ive been Growing trees for Dispensaries all over California, if you want Topshelf LOUD! for Cheap/reasonable prices email me @ LionsDenDispensary@yahoo.com

    Send me an email and ill prove im legit.
    I’ll even send a sample of whatever strain you want.

  117. Here in Maine, Price varies with quality. Harvest season is right now and prices $200 – $400 oz for good stuff

  118. Same dude from kingmeboyz and firecalibud just using a different email he will send sumthin small to lure ppl in the once u send some dollars it’s a wrap he’s been scamming everyone

  119. I lived in iowa for 21 years and for top shelf you pay 3 to 400 an o but i live in arizona now and top shelf never more then 280 and ive been to california several times and only paid 200 for an o i was in colorado last week and paid 160 for an o but 4 years ago i was in colorado and paid 300 so times and places def very the price as well as leagalizingt

  120. Yes, please send a sample of your best Trainwreck strain to B.H.O., care of The White House, Washington, DC. John Boehner’s looking for some Orange Kush and Putin’s visit is coming up, so we’re also gonna need some Kush White Russian. If the samples are good, you can be assured that we will put in a government-sized order. And, listen, don’t tell anybody…

  121. Wtf? First off ive never posted on this site before, I googled “Shipping weed”.
    SOO for you to judge someone because you got fucked in the ass makes you a fucking faggot.
    I’ve never talked to you before in my life n just because your dumb af and got ripped off dosent mean other people are dumb enough. so please find a new hobby.

  122. My name is Ben, i live in Talent OR. It took 2 days to get my package from LionsDenDispensary… He sent me a small sample of HeadBand OG, and it was one of the best smokes i’ve hade in a while..

  123. At first i was skeptical but that changed quick.
    After the sample, i didnt wana fall for any tricks, So i picked up an OZ today, he sent me the tracking #, Pics, and all the information!
    It should arrive by tommorow ill let you know :)

  124. Hey brp su? just saw ur comment on theweedblog looking for a new connect , just wanted to let u know i got good and quality greens for sale at affordable price , i’m presently located in California where i suppler all over the US . get back to me via text at 970 279 1721

  125. pot here n kentucky has stayed about the same, i been a smoker for yrs. i’m 43 now and i grow weed and sell it for 125 to 200 an oz. weed is plentiful here with a large amount going north.

  126. £160 to 300 in southern england. Cheaper than that deals can get you brown thai or botched weed / seedy. Mainly just alot of sinsemilla chronic for £10 on the g OR for me mainly higher end good qual cheese or skunk, with occasional appearance of kush or haze £200 on the ounce, just depends how you’re connections are. Can go 4 months with £160-£220 high qual cheese or similar, and then two months of none to occasional supply at racked up prices, which is normally when you see more of the brown thai or seedy weed, the imports!
    However, consistency of quality is exceptional, havent brought or had any bad or even average weed in 5 years, its all been bludy lovely!

  127. £160 to 300 in southern england. Cheaper than that deals can get you
    brown thai or botched weed / seedy. Mainly just alot of sinsemilla
    chronic for £10 on the g OR for me mainly higher end good qual cheese or
    skunk, with occasional appearance of kush or haze £200 on the ounce,
    just depends how you’re connections are. Can go 4 months with £160-£220
    high qual cheese or similar, and then two months of none to occasional
    supply at racked up prices, which is normally when you see more of the
    brown thai or seedy weed, the imports!
    However, consistency of
    quality is exceptional, havent brought or had any bad or even average
    weed in 5 years, its all been bludy good pot!

  128. FUNNY because I dont know who u r?, but i gusse any1 can call me a scammer… I just found this website yesterday, and already mailed out 3 Samples and an Order So you aint stopping this business at all (-:
    if your interested but skeptical b/c of all these faggots, & Weedblog Police just hit my email, im not rushing anyone into anything. LionsDenDispensary@yahoo.com

  129. Anyone on here in florida by chance? if so hit me up! I’m looking. send email to matt.ward1982@yahoo

  130. In Iowa it depends on what kind you want and where you get it. The lowest price I have come across was $80/oz. for low-grade bud (schwagg/reggie). The cheapest I have ever seen for high quality buds was $350/oz. But the norm in the Eastern Iowa area can be anywhere between $400-$500/oz.
    $20/g for high quality
    $10/g for “mids” (which is really just schwagg with false advertisement)
    $5/g for schwagg/reggie (really shitty weed)
    The prices are jacked, but the demand is there and the risk is high. It’s not even decriminalized here.

  131. Too bloody much where I live!!! £240-260 an ounce!!!!! I just bought a 1/2 of Cheese for £130 :( I’m growing my own soon to save £££££££’s!!! got some free seeds from http://www.cannabliss.nl so gonna try those for my first grow and see how it goes because I can’t afford to keep buying it xx

  132. I am in Plymouth, I could maybe sort you out. Got tired of the shit weed that cost too much money and started growing my own. Moving to Oregon soon.

    Moving to Portland Oregon mid December. Be cool if could find a place to rent or get to know some ppl before I get there!!

  133. Grow your own so easy!! Stick to soil and buy a grow tent off ebay. Seeds from Attitude Seed Bank

  134. text order to (925)2337185 for OG kush, white widow, GDP ,indoor kush,blueberry,black widow, sour diesel and more. Our shipping and delivery is 100% guaranteed and discrete. Express delivery available with USPS.tracking numbers.

    Thank You

  135. South Carolina pot sales for 200. for the good stuff and mid is up to 160. Somewhat hard to find cause it took me a good year and then I started to grow. That took a while to get good even with a large investment BCNL bloombox two years ago and just now flushing a crop that look’s very good. carmel ice and a white widow

  136. Brian, I am a 62 yr old disabled female who sadly for my sake, lives in NC. I am in desperate need to try some medical. I go to a pain clinic and the drugs they give me make me so sick and swell me up. I do not know anyone who sell weed and I found this blog. I see where there is room to get ripped off, but I am willing to take that chance. I cannot eat, and what I do eat will not stay down. Can you or someone please help me? Please?

  137. I am a 62 yr old disabled female who sadly for my sake, lives in NC. I am in desperate need to try some medical weed. I go to a pain clinic and the drugs they give me make me so sick and swell me up. I do not know anyone who sell weed here, so I looked and found this blog. I see where there is room to get ripped off, but I am willing to take that chance. I cannot eat, and what I do eat will not stay down. Can someone please help me? Please?

  138. God Bless you, yes I want to try some. I do not know anything about medical weed. Old time user from the hippy era, but have not smoked in many years. Now my health demands I at least try it. Otherwise I am going to die in a couple of years from wasting away. What do I need to do……you can email me either of these emails…..grooviebaby51@gmail.com, irishmistymorn@yahoo.com

  139. I am still stunned at all the GENIUSES posting email addresses on this thread, either asking for a cannabis connection or offering one…
    It’s like an “all you can prosecute” buffet for the DEA.
    Seriously, do you people simply *never* watch the news? Have you never considered how *easily* federal authorities can track you down to a PHYSICAL LOCATION with just an email address???
    Don’t be stupid. Don’t traffic on these comment threads.

  140. wowFAD I do not profess to be a genius as you must be but I am new to this stuff and have never had to worry about getting busted by the DEA! Sorry I will not add any information that is deemed “risky”. I am just a very ill woman trying to find some quality of life in a state NC where there is no relief in sight.

  141. Okay. Look, irishmiss, I cannot advise you to do anything illegal (are you listening DEA?). I used to live in Texas, which is very similar to NC. Both states run by big oil, right? I had to move. If you cannot move, I suggest you find a relative or make a friend with someone who is in their 20s. It appears you have internet access, so do your research and keep up with the latest news on medical cannabis. I know that is probably not much help, but I did my best.

  142. You don’t seem to understand. First of all, no, I’m not a genius. And even IF you leave out any/all personal information from the content of the email, that *DOES NOT MATTER*
    So, for any/all of you out there who want to know, step by step, how the Feds can track YOU down in the really real world, here’s how they do it. It only takes two administrative subpeonas, and thanks to telecomm companies keeping their employees on-site for the DEA, especially, they don’t even need to leave the desk to find you.

    1. The DEA sees an email address posted on the internet that’s trying to buy/sell a controlled substance.
    2. The DEA subpeonas yahoo, google, hotmail, etc for emails as well as the technical logs pertaining to that email account from the server on which it physically exists. Those logs show when you log into your email account as well as the *IP ADDRESS* of the computer on which you check your email. The IP address is what identifies that computer as a location to the rest of the internet.
    3. Once the DEA establishes that account is being used to traffic illegally, they subpeona your ISP, the people who give you internet access, be it your cable company, phone company, cell provider, etc — and they find out what account of theirs was assigned that particular IP address when those emails were checked.
    4. With probable cause established, they can kick down your door and put a gun to your head. And if you google for some of their more notable raids, they’ll shoot anything that moves when they do so.

    DO NOT RISK THIS HAPPENING TO YOU. I strongly suggest you never use that email address again. The best thing you can do now, quite literally, is NOTHING. Do not leave any more bread crumbs for them to pick up.

  143. “$10/g for “mids” (which is really just schwagg with false advertisement)” — Kinda like bottled water, right?

  144. White widow, Og kush, purple kush, blueberry kush, blue dream, GDP, girl scout cookie, sour diesel, for sale at good prices. text your order to (925)2337185

  145. Ian Mackenzie on

    200 to 350 depends on whether it;’s locally grown or imported

    Kentucky farmer grow the best

  146. Hey guys meet with me and say ohh my i feel high men

    can contact me through; harrydaniel05@gmail.com

    When you get to smoke the weed i have for you i am sure this words are going to came out from your mouth ^^ you are the man^^

  147. There is no way that I can move….my daughter is here and my health is very bad. I have to live with my daughter. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I do know some young people and yes they can get me “some” but I am sure it is not medical and I do not want weed with a bunch of stuff added in. I got a text from someone offering to help me with any of the following: Super Skunk; Blueberry; Real OG; Super Silver Haze, AK 47. Could you advise me what to choose? Plus, do I risk it and trust this person to be honest? You see if I do not find some relief soon, I won’t live much longer.

  148. Thank you for your advise and I will take every precaution. I hope I did not anger or upset any other bloggers….I am just so sick and trying to get better. Not well, just good enough to have some quality of life. I have none at present. I cannot eat, I am in horrible pain and I take it until I cannot stand it any longer and then I take my morphine (which I hate….it makes me swell up and also makes me very sick..At this rate I cannot expect to live much longer. I wish I could move or grow my own but I certainly cannot move and I have no idea how to grow weed. Blessed Be

  149. You appear to be heavily dependent on your daughter, so I don’t understand why she doesn’t help you. Certainly two heads are better than one. And if you “won’t live much longer,” I don’t understand why you are worried about “weed with a bunch of stuff added in.” It seems like keeping your freedom would be more important. If you know young people who can help you, then you are luckier than a whole hell of a lot of other pain patients… It’s funny how pain takes away the importance of just about everything in life, except the most basic of needs. Your concerns and questions seem to be beyond the most basic of needs. So my advice to you is: Buy Local.

  150. I’m deeply sorry (not kidding) for your pain. I firmly believe in the medicinal qualities of cannabis, and I’m familiar with what’s been happening in the NC state legislature. Honestly, I’m not sure what’s worse. In both cases, you have my sympathy.

    I’m trying to keep people (like yourself) from becoming true victims of the drug war. The DEA does not care if you’re old, female, or sick. I recently read about a 2011 raid in which masked DEA agents threw a woman in her 60s to the floor and put a boot on her back, despite the fact that the woman had JUST been through surgery on her spine. They found nothing in her home, so they just left — didn’t identify themselves, kept their masks on and badges hidden so the woman could not sue. They’re sociopathic thugs you want *nothing* to do with.

    And on the internet front — “painkills2” is absolutely correct. Odds are, one of these people might be a legit connection. But odds are much better that they are not. They’re scammers: they’ll convince you to put cash up front, and then disappear into the internet from whence they came. They’ll pop back up with a new email, new username, and the same old posts about how many different fancy strains they DON’T actually have. They’re scammers, playing on your need, betting that your hopes outweigh your better judgement.

    Consider the hypothetical situation in which you give them cash and they don’t get back to you — ever. They take the money, and they ghost. Who do you report them to? Nobody. There’s no such thing as a Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, or Consumer Protection Agency for illicit transactions. In terms of getting caught, it’s a very safe scam to pull on people because you can’t report them to anyone without facing charges, yourself.

    Again, I’m very sorry for your illness and suffering. If I could help, I would.

  151. When you are terminal and homebound, where do you go? What are they going to do, confine me? Taxpayers should be concerned about the Hugh cost of housing us in prison medical facilities instead of interfering with our hope to improve our lives.

  152. You’re assuming you’d survive the arrest. DEA agents have been known to pull walkers out of the hands of elderly individuals before throwing them to the floor and zip-tying them into submission holds. 30 years ago, it was called “hog-tying” but I think there’s a new phrase for it these days to dodge the obvious 8th amendment concerns.

    And you’re also assuming you’d be the only victim of your arrest. DEA agents are also known for getting the wrong address — and shooting the person who lived there.

  153. The DEA: Also known for selling off everything you own, whether you are innocent or guilty (of stupid laws).

  154. lostinthewaves on

    Irish I am in eastern NC and buy nothing but medical. I will help u but will not buy more than a half ounce at a time anything more is a felony, less than a half ounce is a misdemeanor here. Text me at 9104709387. I too am a disabled female with MS and vascular disease so I understand pain . A quarter of an ounce is 120.00 in NC a half 240.00 and an ounce of medical is 350.00.

  155. lostinthewaves on

    Tried emailing lionsdendispensary was rejected by server would like a sample please

  156. Scott Sherwood on

    $100 for outdoor, $200 for indoor. Prices will vary by strain and availability of that strain. As well as quality. Generally prices are a little higher in the store front collectives because they have to pay the rent and employees. So add an additional $50 if you shop at the collective.

  157. As far as marketing strategies go, you have a lot of work to do. Is English your second language? :)

  158. $320/ounce. Homer, Alaska and most other parts too, except out in the Bush – it can go for LOTS more there.

  159. I’m nt stupid, I’m LEGAL in my state — -licensed and with the exact amt of plants allowed by our laws. So, you must be paranoid, man. The DEA has openly said it was leaving Mom and Pops alone, and only going after big weed biz. So far, haven’t seen that they’ve broken their word. Except for some lies and propaganda. We’ve ALL known since we could get online that anyone can find you if they wanted to – you DO have an IP address, it IS physical — unless you are wireless, then you can be anywhere. So WHY ARE YOU HERE?

  160. I’m not stupid, I’m LEGAL in my state — -licensed and with the exact amt of plants allowed by our laws. So, you must be paranoid, man. The DEA has openly said it was leaving medically registered Mom and Pops alone, but that they would go after the big growers (who do not go online and flap their jaws – ever). So far, haven’t seen tht the DEA has broken their word, nor as any cop in any state with registered med users, and this extends out to the general population. The cops don’t WANT to bust people over pot! Do you know the paperwork involved? They would much rather go after what even they call “real” criminals! Look, we’ve ALL known since we could get online that anyone can find you if they wanted to: good guys or batshit crazy guys! You DO have an IP address, it IS physical — unless you are wireless, then you can be anywhere. So ….. WHY ARE YOU HERE, Doom and Gloom Preacher? A whole new day is coming, pot economics might just raise us up out of the Great Depression we are in but everyone is too chicken to say so.

  161. Yeah yeah yeah …. well, maybe some of us, MILLIONS of us ONLINE, no longer care. We are sick of being pushed round and if you think YOUR scare tactics are working, think again. Who do YOU work for, the DEA?

  162. You know of a case about a 2011 raid? WHICH raid, where, what was her name? LINK IT or no o one will buy it. I sure do not. I think you are just one of those people hired to push out all the neg you can. Good luck. Americans are not THAT stupid. Maybe some are, but the bulk of us are not.


  164. get to know each other first. discuss your mutual medical problems. Only us sickies know how THAT chat goes! :-) Good luck!

  165. Terry — encouraging people to traffic a Schedule 1 substance online is like encouraging people to put a gun in their mouth, promising them it isn’t loaded. You can save your accusations. If I were law enforcement, wouldn’t I be trying to ENTRAP them, not warn them? Wouldn’t I simply use the resources at my disposal to survey, pursue, and ultimately ARREST them?
    Probably because I’m not with or tangentially attached to ANY law enforcement agency. Probably because I don’t want anyone else becoming a victim of either online SCAMMERS or the DEA.

  166. Ya know, Terry — the minute the DEA thinks that pursuing anyone in a town with less than 6,000 people (my high school had more people than that) you might get a little concerned. You think the DEA has no interest in the “mom and pops” in states with legal medical cannabis? Tell that to Geraldine Burley. She was 70 when the DEA kicked in her door in Michigan and threw her to the floor. Before you get down from your soap box about how HARMLESS the DEA is, why not google for what happened to her?
    So while I’m sure you feel very high and mighty encouraging people to break the law, as you feel as if you’re untouchable in the backwater of Alaska — the rest of the nation is at risk from masked thugs with government pensions.

  167. Terry, your “wireless” theory is cute, but whatever device your computer/phone is connecting to has an IP address, too. IP addresses is how ALL devices connected to the internet manage to properly route information to and from servers and the folks requesting/sending the information.
    Why don’t you take a moment to read some of the foolish assumptions people have about the internet. For example, look at “irishmiss” who had no idea that she could be tracked EVEN IF she left all personal information out of the body of her emails.
    Fact is, everything you do online can be tracked. Haughtily pretending you ALREADY KNEW THAT and couldn’t care less is really cute — actually, no it isn’t. Because your bluster and presumption is being applied in such a way that someone could ACTUALLY go to jail because they were stupid enough to believe you.
    So why not put your own neck on the line? Go ahead — go buy weed over the internet. I mean, if you have the courage of your convictions.

  168. wowFAD yes all those horrible terrible things COULD happen .. IF the DEA had not already agreed to leave medical marijuana users alone. And they have. So what ‘s your point? We can never leave he old ways behind? If you tink that, I feel sorry fo ryou. They have bigger fish to fry. And as far as mailing anyting goes — how else do you think it gets all over the nation so quickly? USPS, FED-EX, UPS and many other courier services and messenger services. NO ONE can check EVERY parcel, and there ARE ways to send without worry. Maybe YOU don’t know them, but PLENTY of other Americans do! It’s legal whre I live, and we have reciprocity with many other states so we can actually deliver state to state. Do better homework and quit scaring people. Alarmists ruin everything. And the post title was HOW MUCH DOES AN OUNCE COST WHERE YOU LIVE? Why not answer that, if you can. Instead of trying to play lawyer, wiht a very loose and old idea of what the Justice Dept can or will do. YOU DO NOT KNOW.

  169. I read what happened to her, her daughter and son – it was wrong. They had the wrong house, then the SWAT team all denied even BEING there! I know how it goes but five to fifty people abused by cops WE let get that powerful by not taking them down a few notches, WHATEVER WAY WE CAN, then .. I guess we deserve what we get. ALL of us.

  170. I do not buy weed on the internet, nor do I sell it. I grow my own legally, and do not even sell that. But I make some mean medical edibles! When the time comes and it will — it’ll all be wide open. Do you understand that its NOT as easy as you seem to think to get a geolocation on ANY IP Address but especially wireless? May I suggest a great read: http://compnetworking.about.com/od/traceipaddresses/f/ip_location.htm or do you think you know it all?

  171. oh whoooo the Huffington Post … why not the POLICE RECORDS? I CAN GET THOSE ONLINE, CAN YOU?

  172. It definitely depends on your own circle of friends, but I have been in Oregon long enough to see the price drop from $300+(custy), to as low s $150. From 2003-now. I sure miss some strains like Trinity and Bubba Kush, to pineapple dog shit.

  173. ive bought drugs online interstate&internationally, shipped via USPS, never had any problem

  174. Florida… Florida… why does that name ring a bell? Oh yeah, isn’t that the state that broke off into the ocean and sunk? Another one-post wonder here… How old are you and does your mother know what you’re doing? Cuz now the DEA knows too.

  175. LOL — you still think you won’t be caught, digitally? You’d like to discuss the in’s and out’s of FedEx and UPS. Probably because you realize there’s nothing stopping the DEA from doing precisely what I said they do. Because you can’t argue/refute that point, you’d like to change topics to how cannabis is delivered? That’s just….special.

    And while we’re on the subject, state to state traffic is still against the law. Tell ya what, Terry — why don’t you try it? Go to WA, buy cannabis, and drive to OR with it. Stop telling other people to break the law until you have the courage of your OWN convictions.

  176. Uh huh. My favorite line from your link: ” It is still theoretically possible, however, to determine the physical location of IP addresses in many cases. ” MANY CASES. Pretty-much all of them. So while you are content encouraging OTHER PEOPLE to risk it, let me clue you into another fun-fact about computer networking. Every network device in existence, even your phone, has what’s called a MAC address that is specific to that device, like a fingerprint. Wireless networks that are “open” to the public have routers configured to log the MAC addresses of devices that connect so that business can supply them upon request to any federal authorities who request them. All the Feds need to do is whisper the word “liability” and sys-admins cough up those logs in a heartbeat. Funny thing about MAC addresses… …every last one is unique, like a fingerprint. And each MAC address can be linked to ONE particular device in the whole wide world. OH, did I mention MAC addresses can be used to track a device to POINT OF SALE? In that case, a DEA agent can get all the information pertaining to that sale. Can you name all the ways you can be tracked to the purchase of your phone, your computer, your PS3…? Do you pay cash, anonymously for ALL of your internet-accessible devices? If you check your email with your phone, you’re cooked like Thanksgiving dinner.

    Honestly, Terry — it’s not about being negative. It’s about being PRACTICAL. And ya, you’re right…. WHEN THE LAW CHANGES, it will be a free-for-all and I’ll be a very happy man when that day comes. UNTIL THEN ———– stop encouraging people to break the law.

  177. STOP SCARING PEOPLE AND GIVING OUT INCORRECT INFORMATION! You’re just scared yourself. I am not. Big deal. And yes, I HAVE shipped, without any problems at any time. Nothing huge, but enough to help out a few MS patients. And btw, Rhode Island and Wyoming have reciprocity with Alaska about MMJ. Get your facts together. WA and CO don’t even CARE. In fact, you seem to b the only one who does and you do it to frighten! That itself is wrong. I’m done with this conversation and will not respond further, so blab away or not, no matter to me.

  178. I can usually find an ounce of top shelf bud for around $350 in Texas. It’s a pretty fair price for the Houston shit coming up from Mexico!

  179. What a nice comment… should I be worried that it made me feel validated in some way? :)

  180. GravityChanges on

    Absolutely not, I am kind a big deal (in my own view of the world). Seriously though, I surf through here and catch up on each article every few days– I always completely agree with, commiserate, or laugh with your comments, so I wanted to let you know others agree and I appreciate you!

  181. This is my first time posting (just about anywhere). I’m still figuring out how this software works. And I’m trying to train myself to put one space after a period instead of two.
    It feels risky to me to become a, what do you call it… a “poster.” No, that’s not right. I’m not a blogger and I hope I’m not a comment troll. But I am getting pretty fed up with people who make comment sections unreadable. On the other hand, I sure enjoy a good comment. Anyway, I’m learning, but it sure helps to know I’m not breaking no rules or nothing… :)

  182. Call me Please. I live in Raleigh and have a good idea. I know someone who cab help. I related to your story it is almost identical to mine some time back. 919-417-7377 Randy

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    I buy all my weed in a place in northern Germany, which is also where I live (If you are curious, find the city of Flensburg in Google Maps or something). Here, a gram (1 ounce is 28 grams FYI.) costs from 7 to 9 euro, that is from 9,5 to 12 dollars. As I only recently started smoking I cannot tell much about the quality, but I know for sure that it is Purple Haze.

    Sometimes, if you are willing to buy a lot at once, like starting at 50 grams, the price sinks accordingly to around 5 euro for 1 gram (7 dollars). Actually, once, a friend of mine together with his friends rented a house somewhere in the woods, then bought 120 grams (around 4 ounces) and ended up only paying 4 euros for 1 gram, that is, less than 7 dollars.

    My best to you all

  185. Hi I’m from south Africa,here you don’t have much choice what you smoke,weed is decent enough just want more variety!.
    over here its grams and kilograms,a kilo will run you about 500 rand thats about 50$

  186. Wow cool, someone who actually says what I do and sounds just like me! Unreal, you go with that Honorable Men, Corrupt Government, out of control Corporate Business, lying, betrayal, mistrust, and the list goes on and on. You are so very right, we can do better for America all we have to do is take the right steps with the American Health Care System, it needs to come on board to make Americans Healthy and Aware once again.

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  188. £250/£280 British pounds an oz were i am just outside Glasgow in Scotland,there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of dealers but the price only ever goes one way UP! :( 99% of the time it’s seed free and good quality though there is a much lesser product that comes almost with no smell still with no seeds and is known as (chinky weed?) that will go for £120 aprox,my guess is it’s mostly bought by the younger smokers as it’s a product i avoid. Going down the scale a small “score” bag as it’s known will cost you £20 and weigh between 1.5g and 2g. Take care folks and be happy :P

  189. Frans Selhorst on

    living in holland i just buy per gram every day and get a cup of coffee for free gram’s cost between € 8 and € 13.
    Variaties whitewidow,willy’s choice,amnesia,harlem diesel,etc.

  190. I’ve been using cannabis since 1974. Im 51 now. I fall under the jurisdiction of the California prop 215/ SB 420 laws.
    Everyday, all day, any day, is the right day to use cannabis.
    Using the US Mail is not a good idea, the US post office is regulated by the federal government. Sending it across state lines could also involves some interesting legal ramifications.. Now thats just FYI. I’ve done it.. I remember shipping some larger amounts in the last century to my friend in Hawaii when they went dry in the summer..
    These days I grow my own , I make my own cannabutter and hashish.
    I use dispensaries to get the varied strains that I need, I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime it’s f****** great.
    And just something I’d like to tell you about ear wax and butane made oils.
    as the process takes place a butane molecule combines with the THC molecule forming butyl-tetrahydrocannabinol. The butane process technically is illegal. Aside from smoking products made with butane I don’t know exactly what kind of negative health effects are going to the befall long-term smokers of butane products but I can tell you I have tasted blood after taking a big f****** hit off that stuff. So I recommend the water and ice message for making hash and if you’re lucky enough to have a centrifuge you probably can put together a cold process oil. Times they’ve been changing real fast peace to ya’ll

  191. $400 an ounce in MA,, It’s sad because I remember get a “Lid” for $20.00,, 4 fingers high and 2 fingers wide.

  192. I don’t smoke at the moment due to my state’s ridiculous marijuana laws, but here in Lawton, Oklahoma an ounce of reggie runs $50-100, while an ounce of medical grade can cost anywhere from $450-650 (sometimes $700!) And to think that this money goes to profit the criminal scumbags here in the pitiful Shady 5-80? Blasphemous! Get a grip oklahoma! Legalize marijuana and use the profits to build the storm shelters for schools!

  193. Yes, you can still get Durban poison,but the dealers mix it with that crap you shoot up to get the kids hooked,its called nyope,as a green lover I don’t want to take a chance and get any of that mixed shit,so I stick to rooibaard(red beard), swazi, chronic

  194. Yes, you can still get Durban poison,but the dealers mix it with that crap you shoot up to get the kids hooked,its called nyope,as a green lover I don’t want to take a chance and get any of that mixed shit,so I stick to rooibaard(red beard), swazi, chronic

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  197. Who made the laws? YOUR elected officials. You put them in office, take’em out. The DEA has much bigger fish to fry. LOL They can HAVE my beater. I doubt they want it, or my rented apartment or old furniture – if you have something worth enough for the DEA to go after, and you cannot prove where you got all that cash, they probably have just cause.

  198. Hey Spencer! I’ve learned how to make great cannabutter but I gotta admit, I cheat! LOL I use the Magical Butter Machine (dot com) … and it was worth the bucks! In fact, I’ve had to cut back how much cannabis I actually put in the thing cause it does not overcook so nothing is lost. The first few batches were SO potent, we had to halve them. I ate two because the first one gave me the total munchies so eating another sounded good. Uh, NO! Not TWO of those kinda cupcakes! LOL … I slept 18 hours! Even my younger friends, in their mid-20’s, had to halve them. Now, instead of 2 cups of green flour, I use just one with the coconut oil and unsalted butter. Safer for us all. Nothing like missing work cause ya cannot wake up! It does wake you up to the ‘dark side’ of pot! But I have to admit, I felt FAB-U-LOUS when I finally did wake up fully. No muscle pain, no spasms, nada. My feet still hurt but that’s nerve damage. Nothing will bring those babies back to life. My days of jitterbugging in high heels is long over, dammit!

  199. Will the “discreet” delivery person be wearing a DEA uniform? You know, just so I can be prepared, fix my hair, pick up my living room…

  200. It is hard for me to ever subscribe the term “just cause” to anything the DEA does. For instance, I have nothing that the DEA actually WANTS, but they will take what little I have just the same, and I’m rather attached to my car (a sign of independence).
    As for people hoarding cash, well, I’m not surprised people do it in this economy — but that doesn’t mean they deserve to attract the attention of the DEA. Just sayin’.

  201. I suppose that was too general of a statement – but I really do think they’ve got bigger fish to fry. “Just cause” — hmmmmm … yeah, nowadays I am not even sure WHAT that means, to whom! But I was not referring to hoarding… I meant untraceable funds.

  202. I agree with FAD, people should be more careful while posting stuff like this, it might show up in your record if someone powerful demands it. This forum is completely open to everybody and I bet it is seen by the authorities.

    Maryj hasn’t been completely accepted by the society nor the authorities, so if I were you, Terry, I would remove my name and picture from this forum.

  203. In North Mexico 8-10 grams go around 100 pesos ($8 USD). You may find low or high quality weed for the same price pretty much everywhere.

  204. CaliforniaTopShelf on

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  205. While I would not post my business here on this thread, I am inclined to agree with Terry and others here… Once upon a time, we had the ‘war on drugs’. This was, of course, only an excuse to erode civil liberties of american citizens. Then, in Sept, 2001, the ‘war on terrorism’ was born. Patriot act legislation, it turns out, its a much more effective tool for taking away rights than the war on drugs ever could be. Nowadays? The drug war is just an expense. It’s original purpose has been usurped, and anybody who is seriously in this business will tell you they have felt the shift in the last ten years. I know a guy, in Seattle, his father is a VP for UPS. According to him, and this was over a smoking joint, they estimate that 9% of their cargo is classified as ‘contraband’. This includes everything from fireworks to biohazard materials without a permit, and everything in between… but they will openly admit that 99% of that 9% figure is illegal drugs. If you assume that each delivery vehicle carries fifty packages, then there are about four boxes filled with drugs… on each and every single truck. It’s a torrent, is what it is, and stopping it is not technologically possible unless you want to wreck the shipping industry.
    I get absolutely top shelf dank- on the order of 20% THC by weight, measured by gas chromatography- for around $150-$180 an ounce…. but, my connections are far from typical for the city where I live. Most people in Seattle pay around $250.

  206. Heh. Good luck tracing my location… https/tor/java disabled. The FBI has openly admitted they cannot track you through onion routing, my brother. It was originally a US Navy program, and the entire point was to DEFEAT location tracking. In fact… it was so good, that the child pornography industry managed to stay ahead of authorities by using tor. Why do you think the feds tagged freedom host? It was because they were unable to track the people using it, thats why. Please note, I do not advocate child porn in any form, Im just pointing out a technology here.

  207. She is correct about washington. Wrong place, wrong time in a public park in downtown Seattle, got hemmed up in something happening right beside me… popped with SEVEN OUNCES OF POT. Which they confiscated. I spent the night in jail, and those folks kicked me out the very next morning once they discovered the police had not even bothered to file paperwork on me. Until I told them, they werent even sure why I was there in the jail at all. Seattle truly, absolutely, and without a doubt does NOT care.

  208. Its not the butane that bothered your lungs. It’s a grower using butane that was not attained through a scientific grade supplier. All commonly available butane- regardless of the market at which it is pointed- tends to contain a lubricant to prevent the plastic valve through which the butane is dispensed from freezing. This can be a petrocarbon, or a sillicone based lubricant. Which one is a matter of whatever was cheapest this week from suppliers in China- and it not even something a manufacturer is required to disclose, as butane is not for human consumption, and thus not subject to FDA regulation.
    Where I live, all concentrates are tested via gas chromatography prior to purchase by dispensaries… to protect patients from this like bathtub butane hash.
    What might be a better choice for you is a process called supercritical CO2. Supercritical CO2 is a process of putting carbon dioxide under large amounts of pressure- typically 1500 to 5000 lbs/inch squared, to make it into a liquid- and then it is heated to temperatures up to two hundred degrees. This has the effect of producing one of the most selective solvents known to science, by changing pressure and temperature, you can lift almost anything out of organic material.
    It’s so pure it doesnt even taste right, as most of the terpenes were left behind. With regard to coughing and lungs tho, it’s the smoothest way to imbibe THC as an inhalant. Stupidly expensive though, as it requires 20k worth of kit (minimum) to be able to produce it.

  209. No “once upon a time,” here. The Drug War is still very-much in full swing. The number of cannabis arrests has remained largely unchanged at about 750k per year. The only thing that’s changed is that the DEA has jumped onto the technology bandwagon — they keep ATT employees on site, in their office to approve administrative subpeonas. The story was posted on this very website, among numerous other news outlets. The DEA isn’t going to stop doing what they love doing simply because the war on terror is also up and running.

    In fact, all indications have been that the DEA has only been emboldened by the leeway the public has given the war on terror. Google “parallel investigations” and read up on how the DEA has been using information gathered without a warrant to initiate local investigations, only to advise local law enforcement to fabricate probable cause for the investigation and omit any mention of the DEA’s involvement from evidence given to judges and prosecutors (because otherwise, the case would be thrown out for violating the 4th Amendment).

    The DEA hasn’t been put on the back-burner. Not remotely. And to think they’re not actively scouring websites JUST LIKE THIS ONE for potential doors to kick down is reckless and stupid — and to encourage people to post email addresses and phone numbers? That goes beyond reckless and stupid. That’s flatout cruel and VICIOUS.

    This is a *website* which means it is visible and trafficked by people who DO NOT LIVE WHERE YOU LIVE, where cannabis is still very VERY illegal. Life-ruined-forever, illegal. Throwing your hands up in the air and saying “eh, whatever, terrorists” is going to get someone into a lot of trouble. You should *try* to care about that person.

  210. Terry- try this:
    Find someone with a volcano vaporizer, that has bothered to order the eight foot bags. Fill one entirely with vapor. Now, the hard part-
    You kind of open valves in your nose and throat at the same time… and put the bag on your mouth, sealed. Let a copilot slowly roll the bag closed, forcing vapors through your throat, into your lungs, and back out of your sinuses.
    I have been to a lot of parties with a certain group of people in Seattle that love this trick, and Ive never seen ANYONE do more than one, nor have I seen anyone get any further than half a bag without collapsing into a coughing fit.
    Also… the far and away most stoned I have ever been occurs every single year at hempfest Seattle. We do it on the waterfront in a park that is over a mile long. Start at the north gate… walk to the south gate. This will take a couple of hours. Every time you see someone smoking pot, which is constantly, run up and beg a single hit. Most of the time, they will offer to finish it with you, politely decline. Move on to the next circle.
    By the time I get to south gate, typically, I am weaving while walking despite my best efforts, and Im having trouble focusing my eyes. Good times.

  211. Irish: You want anything indica, anything kush. Indicas tend to be high in cannabidiol, and cannabidiol interacting with THC is where most of the medical effects come from. Avoid pure sativas, as they tend to have no CBD. On that list, avoid the super silver haze. Everything else- super skunk, blueberry, Real OG, ak-47- are all indica leaning hybrids. I believe for pain I would choose the super skunk… nasty tasting, harsh as hell… effective in the extreme for pain, tho. Good luck to you dear.

  212. Actually, I found NC weed to be either shwag mexibrick garbage (most of it) or stupidly expensive and rare, in the case of good dank.

  213. Scott, the majority of the people who live in this country and frequent this website do not live in Seattle or any part of Washington, or Colorado. Where we live, cannabis is still incredibly ruin-you-life-forever ILLEGAL. And Terry should not be encouraging people to violate a law that could put them in the DEA’s crosshairs. BTW — the drug war didn’t end simply because you started paying more attention to the war on terror. Read up on parallel investigations from the DEA, and get back to me on whether you think the drug war is being fought without warrants in the vast universe of telecommunications.

  214. email me, miss irish… and please do it soon. This isnt actually a box I normally check, it’s where I send spam… but, Im not willing to post my actual box here. Let me know it’s you, and I will help with as much advice as I can.

  215. I suppose this all depends on your point of view. I am a cannabis activist. I have dedicated hundreds of hours of my life volunteering time to change public opinion in washington and influence our own legislature to back off. We won… and it was very, very hard earned. Suffice to say, those laws did not change themselves.
    With regard to incarceration? Wont be the first time, and undoubtedly, it wont be the last, either. I agreed to accept those consequences when I chose this path for my life… and my arrest record is, to me, a badge of honor… won by standing up to tyranny, to greed, to an unreasonable government bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, who does not want to (cant) compete with out natural medicines.
    In the places in this world that matter to me, an arrest record with nothing but cannabis charges is something nobody cares about. Im actually kind of proud of it, its proof I give more than mere lip service to my belief system.

  216. What have you done to change the laws in your community, wowFAD? It occurs to me that cowering in the shadow of your government isnt much helping… but that’s ok, wow, I got this one. Myself and thousands upon thousands of other people that really work very hard to change the laws so that you dont have to worry about these things, anymore.

  217. ‘But what can I do? The *insert locality here* police department is so hard on us!’

    Key, wow, is to come out of the shadows and into the light. Let people know that cannabis patients arent anything to fear, and neither are the markets we bring with us. Assemble like minded people, in large numbers… and local politicians will begin to cater to you. This is called ‘creating a voting constituency’ and it worked quite well for us in Seattle.

    Nobody ever overcame anything by hiding, wow.

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  221. I am not sure that it makes sense to add a 25% tax on recreational marijuan. Isn’t the whole point of legalizing pot to bring it out in the open and take the criminality out of it. When you place a sin tax that is far more than alcohol or tobacco products it is unfair and I believe many people will continue to go through illegal means to buy thier pot because it will be cheaper.

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    Haiti———–$7.6 per gram
    Dominican REP—$9.5 per gram
    Colombia——–$10.4 per gram
    Brazil———-$10.3 per gram
    Kenya———–$10.2 per gram
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  223. It’s a plant. You can plant it and with proper care it will grow pretty much anywhere which means you have an unlimited amount of weed to grow. If you can grow unlimited amounts of weed then why the fuck are they taxing it like there’s only one plant left? Tax it at like 4 or 5% and people will jump all over it and you’ll make more $. The only reason we pay dealers whatever they ask is because we can’t get it anywhere else at the moment. Wake up government and sell it cheap to bring in the customers and keep away the black market.


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  226. son of a bitch, do i even know? some damn dog could you proof that shiit you saying son of a bitch you just some damn broke ass dirty pig who goes arround tanishing others images you wont get me broke ass what you think you could get $45 out there a few grams broke ass you better watchout and be carefull of what you post on my comment son of a bitch why you think you just the only one saying this shiit mother fucker you better not get me on my nerfs and go play somewhere else broke ass pig

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  228. $220 to $240 But about $150 if you buy by the QP. I have paid up to $300 when it’s hard to find. Up to 3 hours of travel. I am in central Canada.

  229. Man jus grow it won’t cost u anything if u use simple tactics jus keep watering it but not too much and take care of it and in like 3 months ul have more den a ounce mayb even a pound if grown correctly

  230. I’m n cali so we got da best medicine and we ain’t over pricing I remember I bought a zip of cookies for a 100 but da was a homie hook up so if u got ppl in ur circle growing do biz MONEY TALKS $$$$$

  231. I’m in Australia and where I am they range from $350-$450 but it’s extremely hard to get ahold of any quarters and eights, let alone ounces. I don’t recommend Australia for weed smokerss and we have the harshest penalties. I’m moving to Amsterdam when I can, I don’t want to do 10years in prison for having a bag of weed.

  232. GreenLadyOfDankDowns on

    It costs $240 and up for an ounce of good bud here in WV, depending on the season, but decent mids can be had for $160. Brick with a ton of seeds is available for about $120 if you are desperate. If you want really top shelf herb you have to know someone out of state and be willing to make a road trip. Sad thing is, it’s easier to find meth than it is to find bud when it’s dry. People I used to call up when I was hunting some green are now slinging poison instead. It’s disheartening, to say the very least. Thank the weed gods I’m getting out of this hell hole come Spring.

  233. In Texas you can get 150 bricks for 45,000 quality varies dro goes for about 125 a half zone but silk has really changed things

  234. 60 to 80 per quarter, 120.00 to 160.00 per half and around 300.00 per ounce… in the GTA Canada

  235. An ounce in Colombia, top of the shelf weed is 28 dollars. I got an awesome Jack Herer, Beutifull big buds. Must admit it did have some stems here and there but im not complaining when its a dollar a gram. No seeds. In Urugay where they just legalized it is also a dollar a gram. –> http://postimg.org/image/6ibkv58mf/ Picture of my bud if anyone wants to see it.

  236. 100 $ to as much as 220 $ in nb canada dependingon quality and supplier. I usually spend 150 $ bi weekly to monthly depending on the month .

  237. An ounce in uk ranges on average now at between £170 – £250 ounce for the top quality amnesia haze although u can find cheaper it just ain’t as good

  238. the ideal of the 25% tax is not all from the consumers pocket… the dispensary pays 15% tax when they buy it then the consumer pays 10% tax. that being said its 25% total in revenue. ..

  239. Be Thankful you’re not in Bali, the punishment for marijuana is death. Ever heard of the Ganja Queen? Awesome documentary if you’ve never seen it.

  240. $180-230 Australian dollars in Adelaide SA, other states are generally more expensive though. Some parts are as high as $500. (plus SA has the best weed in the country, hands down)

  241. I live in Sweden and an ounce weed here cost’s around 900 Dollars hands down :P but i guess it’s alot more in the us and alot more ppl live there so it makes sence, and i bet the quality is better there too

  242. Hi, I’m in Melbourne and I paid $350 AUD, I’m not from Australia, so do you know if its too expensive or not?

  243. i pay around 300 for an ounce, 170 for halfs and 100 for quarters of some good quality indoor/outdoor bud in Queensland, use to be able to get topshelf hyd but that cost around 120 for quarters or 200 for halfs. Depends on your dealer or type of bud they have available.

  244. i can get get ounces for 300 of some good shit. Its not that hard to get quarters and below but anything over only a couple people will sell them

  245. In the North maybe… I bet London tops £400 and I’ve heard places like Aberdeen sell it for £350 minimum. No pne wants to risk growing it anymore because bablyon dem theif my ‘erb

  246. here in the holy land we can only get grams at a time and they work out to be 43 dollars a piece…….great quality but really high price……

  247. Since we use a metric system in Kosovo I figured that an ounce or 28.3 gr costs 40 euros of high quality marijuana.

  248. Here in the uk you can get an oz of quality cheese or haze from £180 to £220. But if you try to bug some from a street sealed you get less than a gram for £10 so needless to say I steer clear of them as they only do it for pure profit

  249. In Portugal, or more accurately, in Porto, you buy a good green gram for 10€, but you also might medium ones for this price. Resin starts with 5€.

  250. here in greece if you know where to get it you are going to get it with 2.5 euro/gramm, if not and you’re out of it and need, you must be ready to pay max 10e per gram. it’s got seeds but not to many. for hazes the cheapest you can find is arround 10e/gramm.

  251. Can get some fire Space queen in birmingham uk around 200 the asians try come of with dumb prices for haze like 220 240 but mainly 200 for regs

  252. New Jersey,USA depending on what you want and who has it and if there is a drought.The bullshit can cost about $75 oz but the good shit like kush.@ $160 up.

  253. An ounce is 28 grams,friend . I don’t think it’s that cheap in Serbia . From Bulgaria with love ;)

  254. Almighty Toker on

    used to get quarter pounds of high end skunk for $650 , this $300-$400 a OZ is a joke

  255. in Minnesota it is about $125 an OZ
    in Oklahoma its about $250
    in PA its about $300
    all with no seeds or steams.

  256. Minnesota 275-340$ for stuff shipped in from Colorado.. Ex. Kush, diesels, chem dog.. But I also work in Iowa where it goes up to 450$.

  257. if you guys want to hear something disgusting it costs me 400 euro’s ($541) i live in ireland you guys dont know how lucky you are .. its 50 euro for between 2-3.5 grams or 1 for 25 euro during the drought last year it was 500 euros for an ounce

  258. In the Carolina’s you can get an O for 280 to 400, and who you know matters as to how good your price is. That is high quality, loud, medical grade what ever you want to call it. I’m sure its not the cream of the crop because you guys keep that shit on the west coast. You mentioned Girl scout cookies which I’ve seen here but that was running 30 to 40 dollars a g. that’s outrageous even here. But I’m very satisfy for what quality I get for the price now days, It has definitely went down in price because of a flooded market


  260. I hear you bro been in the game 30 yrs personally i dont pay more than £140-160 these days and i find that expensive super lemon haze ,somango ,cheese,at the moment,make my own concentrates .

  261. Lima, Perú – 1 ounze for $20-100 depending on quality (usually strains that go for $60+ are good)

  262. I live in MN, but have no idea what an ounce goes for in this party of the state. I usually pay 60 for an 8th.

  263. Oregon here, anywhere from $6-10/gram at the dispensaries. $110-$150 for an O (or free if my buddy is in a good mood.) I’ve been here for almost 10 years now and don’t think I’ve paid more than $400-500 total for marijuana. There’s just so much and so many people growing.

  264. 40-100 for outdoor (depends on time of the year and on your dealer)
    You can get indoor starting from 80 an ounce but usually pay arround 160 buck then again depends on the quality/seller, but I also seen it goes up to 250-300$ an ounce in cities like Montréal, here in Québec.

  265. if your in quebec is that the prices there 80-160 or r you talking bout oregon ,i live here in oregon in a small town called redmond ,its true what the author is saying 125 per ounce average here ,but 40 -100 good luck ,might be lucky to get for 100 but not really less unless you work for a grower

  266. In the ghetto just outside of Albany NY U can get mids for $140-$180 an oz. (28 grams). In the suburbs for mids averages $200-$300 an oz. They both come with seeds & stems. Highest quality bud double the above prices.

  267. …if you want something of true quality $400 per oz, if you want “border” bunk $60-70 with seeds. It’s still a crime here in missouri and in kansas, and the pricing is controled by the same-ole-same system of money grabbing wanna-b’s that wish they new what they were doing.

  268. sassyredhead39 on

    Well, I have an extremely hard time getting it in VA but the couple times I was able it was $150 and terribly low grade. Lots of stems and seeds. I’m still looking…

  269. Congrats mr miller and all in Washington. damn right that’s cool. you want some company for the holidays. I’ll bring venison (fresh)

  270. You can find good quality skunk (1g) for around 2 euros. So for 10 euros i could buy around 5-6grams here in macedonia.

  271. “someone I know” in VA gets some amazing stuff for $500 an ounce-delivered to his door. it smells like mj and mint and will knock you on your butt if you take too much. ♥

  272. I live in a secluded part of NW Ontario, Canada and its going for anywhere between $250-300 an oz

  273. the woodstock strangler on

    350 for an ounce of some mid grade exotics. (In philly)
    Parts of new jersey hit for about 4-500 an ounce of the same stuff.

  274. 120-150 for middle of the road and 200-220 for top shelf in Vancouver, BC. I imagine those prices are gonna see a decline though with more competition south of the border. 3 years ago, anything that was awesome got shipped out or we paid through the nose for it but with the legalization in Washington and Colorado it stays put. Unfortunately we’ve also seen a decline in production so it may take a while for prices to dip.

  275. Luna Ros Alberto on

    Mira chavo disqfríoue”colombiano”soy de MÉXICO el cartel. De Juárez y la mota q compro es muy buena es la morada de Sinaloa México y aunque no te guste en mi país es barata 28 grs por $18 dlls!!!!!!! JajajajajaJajajajaja

  276. Medical Marijuana for sale.
    We are large scale producers of marijuana, and we sell in bulk and in retail quantity. Contact us for more details on price and availability. Imported straight from California. Hydroponically grown, top shelf buds. Tons of crystals, great prices. Delivery is 2-3 days depending on the day of the week and when payment is received. Please contact by email at jason.lench@yahoo.com or text (646) 583-4483. Thanks for viewing.

    Send an email or text and we will prove legit.

  277. That is so true in pa and I’m from California and now here in pa and the shit is to much have for good stuff the prices are way too much so you have to grow your own here

  278. it is about 350 TO 400 for top shelf but junk is only 90 to 100 a ounce and that’s to much people here call it midys but it’s just brick WEED lol people in Pa just don’t no what mids is

  279. lo “morado” no lo hace mejor ni peor, y para serte honesto eso también se ve de muy mala calidad. La verdad no veo la necesidad para que te ofendas con estos comentarios, son simplemente opiniones.

  280. te presento lo que para mi, y muchos es buena calidad. http://postimg.org/image/6ibkv58mf/full/ . En Colombia la compro a un dollar el gramo. La que cuesta por hay 50 centavos el gramo es la que tienes en la foto hay. una buena “mota” se caracteriza por los cristales su frescura y su abundancia de los pelos rojos.

  281. aaah y mitad de eso son palos y semillas. Te recomiendo sacarle todas esas semillas y palos antes de fumártelo porque te pueden hacer daño.

  282. Hey guye we just establish our dispensary here , we got both sativa and indica for sale indoor grow . we offer discreet shipping to any destination , call 970 788 6066

  283. damientorres69 on

    In texas an ounce is about 60-80 bucks for good bud or shitty dro but then again ive never bought weed anywere elese

  284. Hey guys be very cafefull , they are a lot of scam in here buddy’s . if u are looking for regular and legit dealers contact 970 279 1721 for more info .

  285. Totally, i live in texas and when i did weed a few years ago that is the exact price we paid. New England prices make me laugh.

  286. Dominique Jenkins on

    these prices seem made up a lot of u are sayin u get it for under 125 a zip if your lying to sound cool plz stop bcuz it makes me super excited about the future of weed an I would be genuinely depressed if u were lying

  287. hello fellas get original MDMA kush sour d purple haze and a lot others contact

    (661) 412-2109 for details text

  288. ****ATTENTION****

  289. That’s it I’m moving to Texas. VA is $400 an O for any kind of quality stuff. I hate the South.

  290. I live in Australia, so I’m not saying I have tried to buy an ounce because it’s illegal, but I have heard from some one very, VERY close to me that it’s about $400/ounce; It’s bullshit… he says

  291. 320 or so an oz in RI steady price since the 90’s unless you want mids or something then you are looking at roughly 180

  292. funkyhomegrowns on

    Depends what u get…I’ll get an ounce of hydro for 200 but if I want all this crazy bud with these stupid new names they run for 320 to 400 its ridiculous… I sell pot so I’m looking for a good price on good bud so I could buy a few pounds a weekz

  293. $300, Eastern Mass. for the good stuff. There is no low grade in the local market that I have found in the past 2 years.

  294. I really like blue moon and sour diesel if anyone knows where i can get quantity of either at good price contact me

  295. In chicago some kush goes for 350 and some reggie goes for 100 a oz now I get rid of oz in two days all 28grams baged up grams go for 20$
    Who can send me samples n prices

  296. I pay $100 a quarter in South Jersey. Nobody even bags up onions round here cuz the job market is such trash.

  297. Huckleberry Finn on

    In Pakistan, in the city of Peshawar near the Afghan border, an ounce of marijuana costs $4. And it’s the purest you’ll ever smoke. Without seeds though. I’m surprised it costs so much in the US.

  298. $200 an oz here in southern ontario and thats for some hydro…no seeds!!…i feel bad for u guys in the US..i would croak if i had to pay those price$$$

  299. Flint, Mi wholesale is about 125-150 depends on who ya know. The average Doe is paying somewhere between 175-200 a zip. Ususlly Ten bucks a gram if u gram it all out. Yadda yadda… but dispensaries are higher.

  300. I live in czech republic in the middle europe, one gram is ten dollars ten grams 65 dolars, more you buy, less you pay, dont have these og kush and sour diesel, but others top classes like amnesia haze, sugar haze, white widow, northern lights, super silver haze, some of us prices make me laugh

  301. I would really love to smoke some cali buds, all the kush and diesel stuff, I would also like to move to cali, shity life here in czech republic

  302. Way to call people “faggots” dude. You sound like a real piece of work. Good luck selling weed via posts like this…sound business plan.

    Oh and btw, it’s you’re, not the possessive your.

  303. All these joke ass niggas out here talkin about “OH IT HAS NO SEEDS IT’S HIGH GRADE”. Yall a bunch of clowns. Just cuz it has no seeds and a cute name doesn’t mean it has a high THC count.

  304. I live in sw washington and everyone is growing grass. Top shelf is goin for 100 an oz. All day long. I remember in high school i ws paying 1000 a qp. Man times have changed.

  305. Shaggy Strength Moshpit on

    200-240 where I live, usually the street shit is 200, your local dealer’s shit is 220 and the top-notch is 240+ depending on how hard it is to get into the area. (amount of growers, popularity of strain etc.)

  306. Well I feel bad for you then cause I pay 150 for the ounce 28Gs, for my high grade no reggie miller straight flame. So I guess Its not everyone in the US suffering

  307. Did you just hear what you said? Of course its cheap over there. Hello its Pakistan the US dollar is worth way more then Pakistans money. Hash is cheap too. I did a lot of drug bust in Afghanistan. You are retarded for being surprised it cost more in the US. Its illegal here and its only now that its starting to become legal.

  308. Ummm yeah, do you really need to consume over the counter meds or prescribed meds? No, cause it has more side affects and can kill you so quick before I roll this blunt right now !!!! Stay green my friends…

  309. Living in the UK, I remember when I first started an ounce would cost around £100 – £120 ($163 – $196) since then the price has gone up and up in part due to the reclassification of pot as a “class B” drug and also due to the present economic “crisis”. Especially if you’re looking for good weed it can be very expensive and you’ll often end up paying between £180 ($294) and sometimes up to £240 ($392).

  310. In s.c. it cost around 150 or more we don’t have growers here it is not legal yet some times it has seeds sometimes it doesn’t even have a name we are still I’m the stone ages here and of other has a name it is upwards of 300

  311. Geoff Kapyinanio on

    and now the NSA/Obama know who all the dopers are…put down the bong and think before you type!

  312. 180$ here in Grand Rapids, Mi. There are medical marijuana dispensaries and people here get medical cards and get their hands on some pretty top notch strains grow them themselves. Since there are a lot of medical users now, the street price has dropped now that no one is really willing to spend a lot for an ounce when you can get real top notch bud for way cheaper from someone you know here that has a medical a medical card. My buddy is getting half an ounce for 90$ like next week.

  313. Rosemary Clark on

    Holy shit….!! I thought it was exspensive in Rhode Island! 250. To 260.depending how many hands it goes threw, everybody got to make a buck..!

  314. 60-80 depending on what you want ik someone with the best weed I’ve ever tasted or seen and an oz. is 125-150 Rockinham NC

  315. Rosemary Clark on

    Wow..! Thats really cheap, in Rhode Island its 240.to 260. Depending how many hands it goes threw!

  316. 335 an oz kansas city mo. The actual quality varies a lot. I stick to hash oil now and that’s 60 a gram

  317. As you mentioned the top quality flowers such as Northern Lights., God’s Gift, girl scout etc. They all run about 450 here in Newport California. Could be that this is the city almost 75 percent of everyday people want to retire at. But average price for a quality ounce. 350 +

  318. Rosemary Clark on

    Thats a good business man, most people are so greedy, ive sold weed for 30yrs, I was a firm believer if you get greedy you get caught.
    I dont sell no more due to heatlh issues and just not wanting to be bothered.
    im looking for a long term contact, im going to email you.

  319. Yes because they are unaware u r on a site called the WEED blog. Must b about gardening right?

  320. then you havent smoked much good stuff. i live in NC as well and its pushing between 350-400 for the best stuff

  321. Hey Alexa, hey I’m frm Medford, nj and I’m in AC at least twice a week. Play a lot of poker. Anywaysss, I do 260-300 on Os…indoor top shelf. U should hmu…

  322. Sure they do, I live in south jersey. For about 20 years. Went to Cherokee hs. Indoor top shelf 260-300 depending on strain. Always fire though, hmu on here if u can.

  323. On the Navajo Nation Reservation or in Northern Arizona the price of an ounce of reggies or swag is $120+, if you know the right people to buy from…

  324. In tampa top shelf is 350 but can get good for 180 concentrates are considerably more 75 a g for oil

  325. Americans always get screwed…. Wisconsin your lucky to get some stupid crap some wana be named. … seeds and all for 50 .. #FreeTheWeed

  326. I wrote something similar you were describing. Don’t think I prefer weed because of name and look, I lived for feww months in centre of Amsterdam so I can recognize very well what I am smokin and what not, don’t be so negative, I thought it is weed blog, not meth blog

  327. I live in NYC. I don’t know anyone who sells by the ounce. It is sold in bags that weigh 7grams with the bag. So you are getting 5.5grams for $100.00 delivered to your door. I can’t wait until they legalise.

  328. Colorado up in this bitch 140-200, 200 for top shelf, but shit i can go down town D town and get a zip for under a hundred

  329. Hey mman scott here in west virginia i just wanna say that i would like to move to oregon lol here i pay 125 for some regular mid grade in the circle i mess with for top notch stuff its like 450 for and oz its crazy the price difference

  330. 600 an oz? you are buying from the wrong people… I lived in Arkansas for 13 years and the most I ever spent for top shelf was 400 and that was too much. get new friends buddy someone is taking you for a ride. that’s more than twenty a gram which is the average retail price in most non-medical states. holy shit you got to be joking… please tell me you aren’t stupid enough to pay that much for pot. also top shelf is about 125-200 depending on the seller in northeastern Oregon.

  331. An ounce of mids(weed with seed) was about $120 in 2002 here in FL. Now, I can get the same ounce for $90. Uneducated people mostly run the black market in my area and if there’s no seeds they call it dro. Not even knowing if it was hydroponically grown or not. An ounce of that stuff in 2002 was $350 and because I have a connect I get it for $10 per gram. So $280 for the ounce… Mostly green crack and afghan kush.

  332. does anybody back in the day a nickol back was $5.00 a dime bag was $10.00 and a quarterbag was $15.00

  333. nice il hack it and send it back with a smoke for him, but that’s only if they knew were i was!!! even the nsa have problems if you no how to hide yourself(ask the jester)

  334. gottagetstonegary on

    i can get lbs. for 1500.00 here in sweet home oregon pretty good out door stuff tasty yum yum blue berry skunk ak47 gran daddy desiel you name it they got it

  335. I’d really love a sample I live in mid west Illinois and we get robbed out here unless you know a hook up from cali if you could help a fellow disabled guy out it would be wonderful

  336. back in my day, late 70’s, early 80’s…20 for 1/2 & 40 for an oz. that was in Michigan :)

  337. Man dont come to norway 100 g = about 1700$ for the top shelf stuf if its greens, hash goes for 1100 $… i wanna live somwere else im 2 poor for this

  338. that was also commercial. We used to get Lids (Glad Sandwich bag filled to the LID and you could barely get the lids to close the bag for 40.00 late 70s early 80s. . The GOOD SHIT was still pretty pricey.

    After Raygun and Bush in the 80s, prices trippled by the Time the Rapist was Elected (Clinton) the cost had quadrupled ad by 95, it was getting up to 150 to 200 for an oz of regular lumboz.

    Right now its around 130/oz for rego commercials, 200ish, up to 300ish for Quality Dank depending on who, what and where…

  339. come India guys … top quality hash $15 – $20 … pretty cool Himalayan shit … V guys here are always loaded with hash ( only himalayan region )

  340. Tom Christensen on

    Well, this ounce stuff is unfamiliar for a Norwegian but I thought 1 once is about 28 grams.
    And when I split 950$ in 28 I got 33$ a gram. Arrest my if I’m wrong.

  341. Smoky the Bandit on

    I could use a good hook up in east tennessee. Around knox? I’m paying 120/quarter of chronic

  342. Hey listen been ripped three times finally got a serious connect out west anybody need some help from me email me at pjb613@yahoo.com better yet IM me on there. I do not deal with anyone outside U.S. at all so don’t bother. MY prices are decent as compared to dispensary prices hey we all gotta make money. Hit me up you will be happy

  343. I live in Oman, the best deal u can find here to get 1 kg of hashish for about $1500. I love Oman

  344. saint christopher on

    MEDICINAL: High quality indoor (climate controlled) 100% organic lab grade hydro varieties, choice of high thc/low cbd strains or high thc/high cbd strains, my personal favorites have 18% thc AND 18% cbd, choice of energetic varieties or heavier mellower varieties, choice of flavors banana/coconut/strawberry/grape/cherry and more, purple hairs/red hairs/orange hairs/black hairs, dabs, waxes, hashes, tinctures, edibles, accepts requests, saintchristopers@hotmail.com

  345. niggas on crack on

    Does anybody know how much it would be in utah…..yes some mormons need bud 2. Cuz I’ve been buying 4 grams and smokeing it in a day or 2 and its just not enough.

  346. why cant growers in cali help out the shortage in Denver? rite now there is a lot of really good outdoor .Bumper crops in fresh state !!

  347. It is illegal by federal law to transport across state lines. State law also says it just be grown in Colorado. (To comply with federal law)

  348. An ounce in south africa costs about R250 equal to $25-00 it has seeds and here are a lot of growers



  350. We get a deal where we go because we have been regulars for a while…$200…Oregon coast.

  351. We get a deal where we go because we have been regulars for a while…$200…Oregon coast.

  352. Ok if denver destoys, and humiliates the seahawks in superbowl, wd in cali will help you out.

  353. Lol, live in the Netherlands man, here it costs about €150 per ounce for top-grade weed

  354. Damn…I’m paying $110 for a quarter of mid-range weed here in NE Ohio. Where’s the GOOOD shit at? ;)

  355. in Minnesota medical is usaully 300-350 for medical super good stuff but i can get pretty dank stuff for about 250

  356. I live in sac but im the town Oakland. Ive never sold a ounce of cookies less than 200 and Purple less than 150. And i got top grade

  357. 220-280 an ounce, have only found one or two seeds in ounces, in about 5 years of buying ounces. Australia

  358. In Southern Texas dirt weed is $60 an Oz and in the High Rockies of Colorado its $200 for top shelf.

  359. Detroit has a large range in price, $100 oz low shelf,, $250-$300 for something mid/highish shelf, can be up to $600 oz for over the top shelf

  360. In Oporto , Portugal we get 2g for 20 euros … the price is pretty much the same for every dealer , you just got to find someone that sells good one … i can find easily good weed , with seeds for that price…

  361. Milwaukee, WI 300-400 for top shelf goods (loud, nuggets, dro) whatever you call it. 150-250 for mids. And last and damn I can never find it anymore very least Reggie goes for any where from 40-120 some people attempt to tax very high on it!

  362. Adam Hunsucker on

    commercial/mids is 120 a oz. or 25 a 8th. dank is 250-300 an oz or 50 an 8th. bho is 50-60 a gram… here in ohio

  363. James Rainieri on

    250 for some fire, if it’s incredibly good like a knock you on your ass bud, it’s like 350-4 sometimes, what’s your email Johnny Green

  364. kurtiusinterupttus on

    Here in NC, its 250 to 325…all medical grade, straight from CO…Thanks Colorado. Overall quality is off the chain…i am spoiled fucking rotten. #Lifestooshortforshwag

  365. Exactly. I think these bay area folks puttin it on a lil thick with the low price quotes….smh.
    Zip of purp for 75? Gtfoh

  366. my mid grade is 100 an O but you just have to know the right people. The you really get deals. I ain’t smoking shawg and i still got cheap ass shit. xD

  367. Wow plenty of mids around Cape cod….
    High grade mids $150 oz…… 350 a z for topshelf
    I would rather grow my own much more cost effective

  368. I pay 90 bucks for an ounce of mersh when I’m looking to make a few extra bucks, for some top shelf though, much more, about 250-300. That’s in Western New York (Jamestown.)

  369. Really depends on who you know here in Austin, TX. Can find topshelf for $200 an oz sometimes $400 an oz depending on the douchebag you know… Hard to find mids. Mostly $100-$200 an oz.

  370. Anywhere from 200-240 an oz for award winning strains in Michigan. There is a lot of growers in Michigan now so The prices are very competitive

  371. I have not seen commercial pot in years. I have not seen anything with seeds in it for like 5 or 6 yrs now… But I also live in a Medical Marijuana state and I am a licensed caregiver and patient as well…

  372. I’m in Lodi California I pay 50$ midgrade and 75 for top shelf but the average oz out here is 100$ I just have a good connect

  373. ifuckedyourmominherasshole on

    Bullshit faggot you’re just trying to look cool to a bunch of other faggots

  374. LuckyLuciano210 on

    Here in San Antonio Texas, girl scout cookies run for 285 a oz, I got a good connect so I get a oz of that for $200, square bizz

  375. Ranges here in Denver, CO from about 100 to 250. I remember days when it was more like 350 before dispensary and amendment 64&20.

  376. I get most of mine for free I smoke northern lights and berry bomb. But for reggie it’s $110 ,but for what I get it’s $300. I’m from ohio

  377. Glaze Ya'dead Doughnut on

    I can’t even find out here in no man’s land of Hartford, people are greedy overcharging pricks out here, Hoping Appleton will be better.

  378. mids here in northeast ohio go for around 115 to 120 and any kind of dro like afgani or g 13 lemon kush will run ya around 300-400 an ounce

  379. Donald Matteson on

    upstate ny, roughly 200-300 dependong on quality, always looking for good hook ups lol

  380. Oh yeah well come out to Lodi California ill get you a oz for 50$ your stupid as fuck in northern California we grow outdoor and our plants grow up to 25 ft tall and produce up to 15 pounds so stfu dumbass do some homework before you go talking shit

  381. Hi im live in Norther Virgina. Around here the price for ounces varies from $300 to $350 depending on the product. I let them go for $320 & its great shit, people seem to be happy about it. But right across the bridge in DC the go for $350 and its no prize.

  382. central illinois – ounce of good (told it’s medicinal from somewhere but I have my doubts) 480-560. I feel so ripped off right now!

  383. I wanna ask opinions on prices and weights for what we call “loud”, or “dro” ? I can get zips or “ounces” of good weed not crazy exotic but not fifty either for around 275 to 350 just wondering how big I can make the sacks while still making a profit ? opinions welcomed, thanks .

  384. Live in Northern Michigan and here a ounce of good high CBD and THC medical will run anywhere from 2-350 feeling pretty f#*king good about my caregivers prices after reading this… thanks! :)

  385. Here in Colorado it is 220 for the best… 120 if you know people… 80 if you know growers and i personally figured 24 to grow it yourself

  386. Damn b I was reading this while stoned and jw if its just me or is the whole terms and conditions crack you up

  387. I am going to be traveling to Honduras in a couple of months, do you happen to know if it is a good idea to get it there? I have heard they are extremely strict and if an you get caught you can go to prison. Thats probably not worth the risk but damn no weed on a vaca that will be a drag…

  388. Bro your hella dumb I get my weed tested at labs every harvest just cuz you can’t see how frostiest it is cuz I have a low quality cam dosnt make it bunk

  389. Here in England the price varies hash is £20 (roughly $40) for a 3.5 8th of Good quality e.g. squidgy black or other equaly potent strains and £20-£30 depending on quality for bud, an ounce can cost between £100-250 depending on quality of strain for example Northen lights blueberry will cost around £220-240 depending on seller wheras homie or English will cost between £100-£140. The upside to this is that most of the time the weed is bone dry so the ounces are huge like the other day I got an eigth for £25 and it was more like 6 grams the weed was better than homie but wasn’t as potent as my usual stuff but sometimes we make the desicon quantity or quality lol.

  390. Hmm… I think I’m in the mood to believe you…

    “Yeah I wish I had a better cam we get all of our weed tested at harborside clinic my low grade last year was 15% thc and high grade was 28% all organic outdoor weed”

    Love to talk to you about this post of yours. Got so MANY questions… up for it?

  391. Dude, I remember you, did I get one of your posts deleted by mistake? Now I feel like a, well, you know. Sorry.

    Email you? Hmmm…

    See, the last time a gentleman and I exchanged email addresses, it did not end well. A little weird, is all.

    But, I think the size of my current headache has outweighed my usual inhibitions.

    Okay, here goes nuthin… (first, I gotta go get my cookie, warming in the oven)

  392. Hello Johnny where did you buy , it is really cheep can you help me buy from the same guy ? Please

  393. I live in central illinois too. (danville). and i can get homegrown dank for 480-550. so your accurate on being ripped off its not justified.

  394. here in sydney, australia theres a group of prices everyone uses, 20$ for 1g (called a stick), 30$ for 1.5g-2g (known as a 2 for or a 2 for 30 which not alot of suppliers do unless you are a really close friend or a really loyal customer) 50$ for 3g (called a 50), 90$-110$ for 7g (called a quart or a q), 160$-200$ for 14g (called a half bag) and finally an ounce which is 28g as you all should know haha but it could run you anything from 200$ up to 350$ depending on afew things like the quality, where its from, if you are buying from a friend or a random and how stingy people are. and because here in aus people dont have as much hype about strands as they do in places like america its kinda hard to tell what you are going to be getting unless you know the person. personally i only buy off of friends and friends of friends(if a normal friend is out of stock) and ill almost always get a good amount at a good price and its good stuff haha last night i split a quart with a friend from work so that was 100$ and when i went to pick up someone else picked up just after and he charged that person 110$ because im a closer friend than the other guy, so you know its never really 100% how much its gonna cost, but more often than not itll be 20$(1g),50$(3g),100$(7g),170$(14g) or 300$(28g).

  395. Artem Tarasov on

    Here in the bahamas an ounce of weed can cost a variety of prices such as on grand bahama you cant get an oz for 150$ now before like 2 months ago it used to be 100$ but now a big farm was shut down by police and thats the price and you can get AMAZIN herbs that range in the 300$ for an oz on bimini lots of herbs get trafficked and that is a point of trade and you can get american weed for 230$ oz and those are cool strains like sour diesel and that is how it is on every island its just sometimes its harder to find the quality herbs

  396. Reggie is what we call it out here in jersey,,for a 0z 80,,we got sour out here tho 275 thats what i smoke prices are changing and getting lower and lower and I’m loving it

  397. Were I’m at in Canada not sure about an ounce but a quarter goes for $80.00.

  398. £260-290 for an ounce here in England, although our fabulous system is yet to legalise it. And not nearly enough dealers around here!

  399. In brick nj, (ill give the whole run down) a dim bag ($10) is normally a .4 or .5. A dub ($20) is either a .9 or 1 gram. Then from there is goes to an 1/8th which is about $55-$75. U could end up spending up to $500 for an ounce. But i prefer to sell in dubs ($20) for a gram because do the math, thats $560 an ounce. Where i go i spend $130 an ounce.

  400. In my area here are my prices:
    joint for 5.
    2 grams for 10
    eighth for 20
    quarter for 40
    half ounce 60
    Ounce: 120.
    That’s for mids.
    For high quality, double prices.

  401. In ohio oz go for $150(28 grams) at the cheapest. $50(7.5 grams) for a quarter. $25(3.5 grams) for a half quarter $10(1.2-1.4 grams) for a dime and a joint(.7 or .8 of a gram) for $5.

  402. In philly it ussualy lik a half g we call it even its like .7 for 10 a gram which i ussually 1.3 is 20 a eigth wich is ussually 5 grams is 40-45 a quarter which is like 9 grams is 95-105 a half is ussually 150-175 and a ounce can go anywhere from 270-315 and this is talking about our best bud like top noch stuff

  403. im 17 and i get an 8th of medical grade for 25, and an oz for 120-140. consistently. and for all you tards an 8th is 3.5 grams, and an oz is 28 grams. a dime sack is 1 g and a dub is 2 gs. i sell point for point and ive been dealing that way for 3 years. welcome to oregon bitch