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How Much Does An Ounce Of Marijuana Cost Where You Live?


An ounce of marijuana is the preferred amount to purchase for some people, and is too large an amount for others. I vividly remember when I was able to gather up enough money to purchase a full ounce for the first time. I had just received my paycheck at a new job, and didn’t have any bills to pay since I was in high school living at home. I knew right away what I wanted to do the second the paycheck hit my hands – buy an ounce.


This was back in the mid-90’s when an ounce of top shelf marijuana in Oregon ran me $300. It was some top notch hash plant, and I made that ounce last an extremely long time. Fast forward to today and an ounce of the same quality of marijuana in Oregon runs $125. There are just so many people growing marijuana in Oregon now and the marketplace is so different that the price has plummeted, much to the benefit of the average Oregon marijuana smoker. I can get ounces for less than that, but an ounce of the best Cindy 99 and Girl Scout Cookies strains are $125 in my circles.

Most dispensaries that I have visited sell their ounces for considerably higher than that (up to $350), but some have specials that ring in at about $125-200. I’ve never really seen someone buying an ounce of concentrates in a dispensary, but I’ve seen it outside of dispensaries in Oregon. I’d imagine it will become a more regular occurrence at dispensaries as time goes by and dabs continue to rise in their popularity. An ounce of the finest concentrates in Oregon goes for $350 an ounce and up.

What does an ounce of marijuana cost where you live? Does it have seeds in it or not? Are there enough growers in your area that you have seen the price drop over the years? I look forward to reading your comments. Knowing what qualities and prices there are out there in different states has always been a curiosity of mine!


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  • Matt

    ACraver, you re fucking retarded.

    Weed prices per gram go DOWN as you buy higher quantities. That’s the advantage of buying in bulk. You pay more overall, but you spend less on a per gram basis.

    You state that you buy an 1/8 at $35-40, and a quarter at $100. That means that it’s better to buy two 1/8s from your dealer at $70-80, than 1/4 at $100.

    Do yourself a favor. STFU if you’re going to spread disinformation.