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 September 15, 2013

dub sack twenty marijuana 20My friends and I consider how much marijuana you get for $20 in a given area to be the true test of the marijuana market for that given area. For instance, when I was in Las Vegas last time, it was almost impossible to find marijuana (of any quality) for $20. After four days of shoulder tapping I was finally able to find what I would estimate to be .8 grams of marijuana for $20. It was very good, and I was extremely thankful to have obtained it, but it definitely left me feeling homesick.

In my home state of Oregon, I can get 3.5 grams of top shelf marijuana for $20 any time and any day of the week. Based on my experience during all my travels to marijuana events over the years, I have found that this is an amazing deal. It always blows my friend’s minds that are from Oregon, because they are so far inside of the fish bowl.

But things weren’t always that way in Oregon. Up until a few years ago, the market standard in Oregon was 1.5 grams for $20. If you were buying it from a good friend who was an established seller, you might be able to bump that up to 1.7-2.0 grams for $20, but that usually meant that you were buying ‘mids’ or ‘beasters’ as we called it in Oregon.

One of the first things that I do when I meet new marijuana consuming friends from different areas is to ask them how much marijuana they can get for $20 in their area, and what kind of quality it is. How much marijuana can you get for $20 in your area? And how good is it? Also, what do you call it in your area? In Oregon we usually call it a ‘dub’. I look forward to reading the comments, and satisfying my weed nerd curiosity!



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    here in Durango Colorado from a friend i can get an 1/8 oz for 20 and from the store i get 2 grams or a gram of hash


    here in Durango Colorado from a friend i can get an 1/8 oz for 20 and from the store i get 2 grams or a gram of hash


    In Macedonia (Eastern europe) for $20 you get 5 grams of i would say ‘good weed’ Its not chronic shitt but its decent stuff


    In Macedonia (Eastern europe) for $20 you get 5 grams of i would say ‘good weed’ Its not chronic shitt but its decent stuff


    In Switzerland 1g – 2g


    In Switzerland 1g – 2g


    Arkansas it is 20 dollars for a gram. When I stayed in Colorado for a month I paid 10 dollars for a gram. Found my guy on CL. :D


    In Louisville Ky you get a gram of chronic for 20. Or 4 grams of reg for 20.


    to Napoli -Italy- 4 grams for 20 euro


    In the uk you get 2 grams for £20 it sucks


    Depends on who you get it from. I can get a quad for 60, or I can get an 1/8 for the same price, but that’s just as of right now.


    dude you all suck, i pay $20 for a gram in northwest pa. :( :(


    in italy 3 grams 20 euro
    in alto adige^^


    I pay $20 for 3.5g here as well in Northern California. However, I grew up in Maryland, and over there, it is $20 a gram and isn’t that good.


    $60 for an eight/$20 for a gram in Dallas, TX.


    $20 a gram. $50 an 8th. Pennsylvania


    15 g for 20 $


    20 dollars can buy around 25 grms. of a very good weed with the local dealer, but if you go an ugly place in a bad neighborhood for 4-5 dollars you can get 40 grms more less… VIVA MEXICO CABRONES! i´m from mexico DF :)


    From Ohio we call regular grade Reggie= 5 a gram, 60 for a half, 100 for an ounce and and top grade Dro/Loud =20 a gram, 50 an eighth, 100 a quarter


    I so need to move. I would love to live free to grow and smoke my own and buy from those who have talent to make great things like suckers,candies, and edible foods since I don’t have the greatest cooking skills. However around here meds as we call the cheapest means comes with some seeds and amount of stems varies goes for 3.5 g for $30 and the stuff that taste good, smells good, & feels good goes for $50 or $60 if your lucky enough to find someone who has it and is willing to come off of it a lot of people like to keep for themselves not so much out of fear of getting caught but out of fear of not finding more. I am too poor to pay and to scared to grow so I toke up with whoever passes it to me but I love the taste of so many I have tried and only found one strand that was so bad I had to pass because no matter how great it works for panic attacks, stress, anger, etc it wasn’t worth the taste.


    In Wesel,Germany near Hollands Border,you Get 3Gramm for 20euro!


    kansas city i can get a 1/4 oz for $20


    In Wisconsin, the normal price for me is $20 for 1.5 to 2.0 grams. But that’s from a friend that I know well.


    Vancouver island B.C. Canada, I can get 4 grams for $25 which is a wicked deal for new stoners, but it’s not a heavy hitter. Then you can buy 4 grams of heavy hitting, pretty much insta high all day weed for $30 so it depends on you


    In Chicago, IL suburbs you can get a gram for $20


    Columbia Mo, 1 gram top shelf $20


    norcal.. 3.2 dubs, for good tree.




    Idk who you guys get your weed from, But it detroit you can get 2 grams for 20…..
    death star, Granddaddy purps……

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