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dub sack twenty marijuana 20My friends and I consider how much marijuana you get for $20 in a given area to be the true test of the marijuana market for that given area. For instance, when I was in Las Vegas last time, it was almost impossible to find marijuana (of any quality) for $20. After four days of shoulder tapping I was finally able to find what I would estimate to be .8 grams of marijuana for $20. It was very good, and I was extremely thankful to have obtained it, but it definitely left me feeling homesick.

In my home state of Oregon, I can get 3.5 grams of top shelf marijuana for $20 any time and any day of the week. Based on my experience during all my travels to marijuana events over the years, I have found that this is an amazing deal. It always blows my friend’s minds that are from Oregon, because they are so far inside of the fish bowl.

But things weren’t always that way in Oregon. Up until a few years ago, the market standard in Oregon was 1.5 grams for $20. If you were buying it from a good friend who was an established seller, you might be able to bump that up to 1.7-2.0 grams for $20, but that usually meant that you were buying ‘mids’ or ‘beasters’ as we called it in Oregon.

One of the first things that I do when I meet new marijuana consuming friends from different areas is to ask them how much marijuana they can get for $20 in their area, and what kind of quality it is. How much marijuana can you get for $20 in your area? And how good is it? Also, what do you call it in your area? In Oregon we usually call it a ‘dub’. I look forward to reading the comments, and satisfying my weed nerd curiosity!

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • Bryan Burnett

    I miss living in Cali, everything is cheaper on the west coast but back in Nashville, 20 would only get you 1g but that wasn’t even beasters but reg. Like you said you needed a close friend that is well established to obtain the upper mids/premo. I just moved to Texas yesterday so I will do some market research for ya. Big ups to the west coast family.

    • Immortal Illumined

      everything is the MOST expensive on the west coast, you got it way wrong, except for new york city nothing compares

      only the weed and wine are cheapest, and the waves are free

      • Jr

        20$ 10grm super weed in sri lanka

  • Ken Olson

    In the Prescott area, $20 gets you a gram…no more. Prices at dispensaries are out-of-control in this area.

    The dispensaries here are MAKING money on their ventures…not exactly helping the community by providing medication to people who need it at a fair price.

  • IS

    jajaj $20 dollars? i can get about 300-500 gr. Mex.

  • sweetheartstonerchick80ma

    In Lowell MA 20$ will get u 1 gram no more

  • Cosmo

    Here in West Palm Beach Florida, $20.00 will get you 1.3 grams of good quality herb.

  • Melissa Oglesby

    3.5g goes for $45-70 depending on who you get it from around San Diego – whether a friend or in a dispensary. Luckily, the current dispensary I go through gives top shelf for $45 to loyal customers and friends :)

    $20 for 1/8 of top shelf sounds glorious… I am jealous. I can’t wait until the market opens up and relaxes a bit more down here. I heard Colorado has some pretty good prices now as well!

    @bryan_burnett:disqus Texas may be tough! It’s a harsh state all around. Good luck in your searches!

  • Patrick Melli

    NJ here.$20 will by you a gram of quality herb. If the supplier isn’t your friend .. you may end up with .8 after he pinched it .. :P

  • richard smith

    for the best weed here in michigan i can get for 20$ its called pure michigan i get about 1.5g

  • Dmtree Grif

    In Brooklyn, it really depends on your supplier. The ghetto-type dealers will usually give a 0.8 or something, but if it’s a smart dealer who wants to keep his customers, then you get a 1.0-1.2. It also depends on the strain.

    • Dmtree Grif

      Oh and it’s good quality.

  • Harro007

    In Tampico, Mexico, you can get 4 or 5gr of skunk for almost 6usd, or half oz of purple haze or orange for $30

    • Enochius

      Harry007 I am living in Tampico now and need to find some weed. Any tips on how to get it safely?

    • Enochius

      Harry007 I am living in Tampico now and need to find some weed. Any tips on how to get it safely?

  • Kelvin

    Here in The Netherlands, Meppel you pay 9 a gram in shops, and the quality isn’t even that good for what i’m used 2 at least.
    But when you go to people other then the shop, you can get better stuff for only like half the money.

    • Adele Dale

      When in Amsterdam I went to a specific Coffee Shop “Green House”. They grow what they produce. Very good..Cheese, Super Lemon Haze and Hawwian Snow….Sativa. I am sure that the Indicas are just as great! Great!

      • Adele Dale

        *Green House Seed Coffeeshop”

  • mrwoogie

    In texas you get 5 grams of regular low quality but can get higher grade 1 gram for 20 unless u buy in quanity off the street we havent been lucky like cali. Colorada ect.

  • kolst3r

    Im from Houston, And you can get a 20 sack which is typically 7-10 grams of shwigidy shwag and the a Gram of dro for 20 sometimes 15.

  • dinko

    2.5 grams slovenia ljubljana

  • chris gange

    In philly its $20 a gram of mid grade and for high grade you get .6-.8

  • chaser sun

    You can find 2 grams of highgrade for 20 up here in ontario. I spent two weeks in brazil where the bud and stem and all is condensed into bricks and basically splashed with cognac to maintain its brick shape. There for 40 rheals (the equivelent of 20 canadian) you could buy a one ounce brick condensed down to the size of something smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

  • Honey420xo

    in Worcester county Mass, 20$ (a dub) gets you between .8-1 G in the hood or from asshole bud dealers.. but the good people give the hook up of 1.2 all day! And some people still pay 60-55$ for 3.5 Gs, but all the smart people pay 50 or 45 ( as a customer). obviously you pay less if you sell. if you’re a consumer then you usually pay 300-320$ / ounce, but if you move stuff usually like a G / quap….or less if you got the hook up lol Idk what prices are in the dispensaries out here yet it’s new, I’ll have my card soon!!! one love <3

  • ukpuffbunny

    in england 20 gets you 3.5 grams of high grade shit straight from europe

  • Zack White

    Lol how much for a dub?, How bout pounds from Colorado of Stank for 2,200 lb. Light weights!

  • Scott

    I think a lot of this has to do with how close you are to the main source you are getting it from. As we all know the prices get bumped with every pair of hands it goes through so you end paying a lot more if you’re way down the totem pole. Here in PA 20 bucks gets about a gram but the quality varies and usually doesn’t affect the price which is a good indication that I’m way down the pole. I need to move to the Northwest since legalization will definitely drive down the price.

  • Alex G

    we get 2.3 gs at the most, we call it a henry or an eighth, back from the days when ppl wernt so greedy.

  • Alex G

    oh yeah but thats 20 pounds, unsur wt tht is in dollars

  • Mr. Muffin

    about 1.8-2.5 but always top self kill/fuego/bomb/loud whatever you call it its the shyt and the best i can find

  • Eva

    In my area we get 1.0 grams for $20

  • Sarijuana

    NM – BM prices vary. You can still get MX schwag for $20-40 qoz. Very high grade indoor grown is $80-120. qoz. What I find both curious and amusing is that some BM growers are suddenly concerned with CBD content. Currently, High CBD products tend to be less popular and therefore less expensive in the dispensaries, despite the fact that some people really depend of the non-pscho version of bud. I see this changing as more MC people come on board with the program.

    Dispensaries for MC – on average $20 will get you 1.5 to 2gm decent stuff and lots of variety. The higher the THC the more pricey up to $16gm. Unfortunately there is currently a shortage due to the fact that growers are limited on the number of mature plants they can have at a given time. Some dispensaries have no buds to sell, while others have enforced purchase limits.

  • CaliPlugger

    if you need some dank bud from California email me at ill send you my menu.Got really good price’s

    • bobcat4evah

      This is most likely a rip off. Speaking from sad experience born of desperation.

  • Sindor

    the thing i have noticed here is that pricing here in ,ontario canada is way better then everyone els lol. for $20 you can get anywhere between 1.8 – 2.5g. and the quality varys. general rule here is mid grade is $10 a gram and high grade is $15 a gram, but it so easy to get high grade at 10 a g. also the more you buy the better the deal.

  • joe voll

    1 gram

  • phemming

    Man! I live in texas and live vicariously through your posts. my sister is in colorado and friends in cali. y’all are so lucky. i’ve been a law abiding, smoke free citizen for way too long. when will texas catch on?

  • moostafa

    In michigan If its commercial or mids its 120 an oz or 10 for 1.5grams and for cronic its about 200 an oz or 10 a gram.

  • Johnny Bloomington

    Live in MO and it’s crap MX swag brick weed. Oh and the seeds and stems come free!

  • BigBilly

    I live in North Carolina and it is $20 for 1 gram of top shelf weed! Mid grade weed here is $5 for 1 gram. We call it Dank/Fire/Sticky Icky.

  • Seraph

    Alabama here, top shelf weed is $20/g and mid is $5/g.

  • L Woody

    In Ohio, in the “hood”, you can get five grams of low grade
    Mexican (nickel bag) for $20.00.

    • us

      I can pull 2gms for twenty of some nice funk, not in the hood btw. It all depends on who you know…..

  • Silverado

    Here in western Washington state within an hour of Seattle that $20 bill will get you a nice weighted eighth of primo bud UNLESS you go into a dispensary where you’ll get 2 grams.

    When I was at Bitburg Airbase in Germany during the mid 1970′s $20 american would buy you a chunk of Moroccan hashish the size of a Chunky Bar candy bar (remember those?).

    Who says $20 today doesn’t go as far as it used to???

  • kborodinski

    Ottawa, Canada. You get 18oz for 25-30 bucks for top shelf!

  • cricket spokesperson

    The cricket outside my window is able to get 2 grams for $20, of good quality chronic, in Oregon…. It wishes it could find your hookups, man.

  • bert

    This was a very interesting discussion. It confirmed my suspicions that I have a very bad market in NY, it’s so expensive. So unfair.

  • Brea Davis

    haha,..not in Louisiana :(

    • Mark Gilbert

      not in Oklahoma either,,, they will be the last ones of USA states to accept med marijuana,,, they think its the DEVIL lol yet its one of the biggest meth places i have ever been around,,crazy as it seems… 45-60 an 8th is what i have heard unless ur sleeping with the dealer

  • MrPC

    Very good legal medical marijuana $25 for 1/8 (3.5 grams) in Colorado.

  • Immortal Illumined

    depends on what you buy and from who..

    straight from the growers you can get killer 8ths for $25 that should run 50-60

    but you can buy outdoor 8ths from the dispensarys for $25 normally..

    everything varies….but i live in norcal, homebase of the movement

  • Dankies

    im from California have the dankest bud around my area email me if you need anything specific or menu,

  • Linda Lainhart

    i was amazed to hear you get 3.5 grams for 20$.I live in kentucky and i only get 1 gram for 20$.we call them deuces.the quality of the weed is pretty good for the most part.for mids we pay 15$.i have been a marijuana smoker for 23yrs.and i would love to see us get more for our money.

    • Bo66095

      Hey lol just saw ur post , just wanted to let u know i sell 4.5 grams for $20 to my regular customer and sell 3.5 grams to my first time customers at $19 good weed . i suppler all over the US got a range of weed in stock for sale at affodable price . get back to me via 970 279 1721 if u are interested .

  • Jason

    1.0 grams for $20 if not less here in VA

  • Stefan Doran Hagianis

    twenty for a gram has been the street price quoted most often around the Joplin/ Four state area. If you are getting eighths for that price then i’m living in the wrong state. also considering the legislation and anti four twenty friendliness, I concur that I must venture westward for less expensive legal cannabis

    • jomo

      25 a quarter for mexi-brick in Joplin, too.

  • mrweedman

    In Lancaster CA u can get 1.2 for 20$ of some og

  • ydroman

    (GR) 8g (not so good)-20 euro – 3g (ydro)-20 euro.

  • moldy

    I haven’t bought weed for years so I don’t know what the prices are in N. NV. I can grow it for about 35.99 an oz. but wouldn’t even know who to sell it to. Anyway my weed sucks so nobody would buy it nor would they take it even if it was free. Once you get past the mold it ain’t bad though.

    • ChiCity White Guy


    • kycountry

      you lost me….

  • Johnathan Melton

    I have seen the $10 a gram standard showing up around here in spots. You know it depends on the time of season.. a little while after I first got up here, around November, I would ask for a $20 and it was as big of a handful as I could grab.. sometimes two. Right now it is $20 an eighth though ha ha

  • TheMick

    In western KY, $20 will get 1 gram of ‘top shelf’ or 3.5 grams of standard, run-of-the-mill quality. What you refer to as ‘mid’ or ‘beasters’ goes for $10 a gram. KY really sucks.