Oct 112011

dub sackOne of our most popular articles was one that Ninjasmoker wrote titled ‘How Much Should I Be Paying For My Weed?’ Ninjasmoker and I were worried that it would turn into a ‘meet a dealer article’ when he first posted it, but our attitudes have changed over time. Now, we just don’t give an f. So keeping with the spirit of Ninja’s article, I am posting this article. Think of it as more of an interactive article where you, the reader, can post below how much a dub sack weighs in your area.

Here in Oregon along the I-5 corridor, if you are getting less than 1.5 grams for your 20 bucks, you are getting ripped off. Keep in mind, we are talking about high grade, chronic, ‘kill bud,’ or whatever people call it where you’re from. If you are smoking stuff with seeds that is not green, then you seriously need to consider moving. Of course, if you are an experienced consumer, or even just average, you can get a 2.0-2.5 gram sack for twenty bucks in Oregon. I personally refuse to pay more than 25 dollars for an eighth, and it better be superb. Let’s face it, supply and demand is in the favor of the buyer these days on the West Coast. So what’s up readers, how much are you paying? I look forward to seeing the comments posted below.

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • H2player116

    75$ for some garbage outdoor ounce
    220$ for premium indoor kush / sour diesel
    120$/ Half O of silver haze
    120$/O of M39 (not good though)
    250$/O of medical purple kush (retails 385 O_O)
    75$/8g of lemon kush
    Montreal, Quebec :)

  • Hank

    In Mn is common to spend 20 bucks on 1 gram. thats pretty much the breakdown. and thats for mediocre shit.

    • Monica

      It’s pretty much the same here in ND. I miss living down in NM. It was soooo much cheaper

    • MN

      I don’t know who your buying from! 2.2 for $20.

  • Kenny Brown

    Personally here in the Upstate NY, north of the Pennsylvania border, we pay as follows:

    [Medical Grade}
    …Experienced Consumers…
    1-1.3g -$20.00
    3.5g – $50.00 to $55.00
    7g – $90.00 to $100.00
    14g – $175.00 to 185.00
    28g – $280.00 to $310.00

    …Novice Consumer…
    .8g – $20.00
    3.5g – $60.00 to $70.00
    7g – $110.00 to $120.00
    14g – $200.00 to $230.00
    28g – $400.00 to $430.00

    • D.

      We must be close and gettin the same stuff, that’s right on the money.
      its not fair, but it’s accurate. I was born and raised in the Mississippi delta. NY rates were a culture shock.

  • Lildewb

    Down here its
    $20 a gram
    $50-60 1/8
    $100-120 1/4
    $200 1/2
    $350 – 420 an ounce.

    And this is for very mediocre smoke. I have rarely found anything impressive in my location. Therefore I became self sufficient and never looked back.


    here in billings montana here prices for medical grade amd its dank ass fuck
    140-half zip
    280-tha whole O

  • Killer Hippe

    Here in Idaho it varies all over the state. A dub to me has always been a gram, chronic and delicious. 1.3 for family. 1.7 for 25, and 3.5 for 50.
    Reasoning for the high price is the high price you pay if you find yourself with criminal charges. No medical cannabis in Idaho quite yet, so most of the medical grade flowers that come through here are from out of state.

  • Eric B

    Street prices for kine bud from a small time salesman in the Fort Lauderdale area would cost you $25 for 1.7g

  • Mike S

    Down here in texas its:


    5g for 10$
    10g for 20$
    Half O for 25$
    Ounce for 50$


    1g for 25$ :(
    Eight for 60$
    Quad for 120$

    • Dlex

      damn Im in central tx , originaly from Dallas.. sounds like I need to move to where you are lol seems like they want to charge you more for that back yard boogie bullsht than the good stuff, over this way. its a mess I dont make alot of money and I need that medicine for spinal diease pain and im only 35

    • Aspen Griffin

      were in texas r ugetting that deal !?!

    • Dirty Hippie Freak

      >Eight for 60$

      …better be one-hit-quit-couchlock weed for that much…

  • B.Cash

    Well down here in the South its on a ” I got that fire” basis and from what I can tell either dealers dont know what they selling or they too high to remember.Get this, a dub of that good is 9.8 grams where I stay..i know what you thinking its reggie huh..fck no! No seeds just moderate to light green buds..NO BULLSHIT
    Houston/Baytown/Beaumont TX reppin

  • Rapture

    $20 for 8grams of decent smoke
    30-50 For 2-4 grams of killer smoke

  • Mike

    In the north coast it floats .anywhere from 25 eights to 10 a gram .to 750 a gram for outdoors but some putdoors came off pretty good .

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  • BillyBong

    $500 a qp of bomb banana kush

    • Starla

      where are you from????? that price is too good to be true!!!!

      • Dirty Hippie Freak

        No, California’s “Central Valley” is still severely depressed.

        Get high-q homegrown (all buds, sinsemilla) for $75 an eighth.

        Then again, last time I was in Golden Gate Park, prices were pretty damned good, considering San Fran is booming…sorry if you aren’t near California…

      • 2Ga2ge

        Its just shwag though shwag aint shit I can get a zip for 35 bucks of shwag here in denver oh and a zip is an ounce.

    • Hatchet

      dang that’s a good deal out here in California I get mine for 200.00 a little bit better sence my family trims.

  • kellybean

    Metro Mass has various prices related to location and quality. connections come and go for some reason. I guess going through a friend is costly becasue I buy the beer and I wouldn’t necessarily bring them home. I sure wish I had a tree!!

  • justice

    damn i get reg for 1.7g and 20 for 3.3 i live in ohio

    • Freeman3650

      You should be gettin 4 grams for twenty in Ohio that’s where I live and sell it as well with reg of course

  • matt g.


    HELP Pass the petition!

    Legalizing weed will; create jobs, lower taxes stimulate economy.

  • Connor

    Shit! I live on the central coast of California and i get atleast 2 gs for dank thats like minimum i feel bad for those 20 a g’rs that straight blows

  • http://twitter.com/DJMarcusXL Marcus Weber

    A little secret to the noob on the “street” (ie private dealers as opposed to clinics): prices are negotiable. If you ask for a specific deal & it’s fair for both of you, you’ll probably get it; remember, the faster your dealer sells his product, the better for him. Haggling would be in bad taste, but don’t be shy to make an offer.
    The question of quality should be based on one thing; honesty. Did you source tell you it was the Bomb, then you got home to a bag of someone’s crappy, seedy homegrown? If so, drop them. If they lie to you once, they’ll do it again. On the other hand, if they give you the truth straight-up, they’re one of the few honest ones. Quality always varies (nature of the industry), even with the best of sources, but honesty is permanent.West Coast people should expect an eighth (3.5 grams) to be $30 (+/- $5 for quality etc), and a $20 should get you 2g plus a bit.

  • Tom McM

    Here in NJ, you will NOT get a G of exotics for less than $20. Period. I know 8 people who sell and not one sells for under $20. Because they can’t. Cannabis comes down from canada through Oregon, which is why it is the least expensive on the west coast. As it moves east, it gets more and more expensive. By the time it reaches here, its $20/g at the best prices. HOWEVER, gas prices start out low on the east and get higher as they go west. Right now, (March 22nd) going into summer (the highest gas prices) the highest station is charging $3.50/gal. During the fall and winter, the price drops to $2.80ish/gal.

    • shay

      A quarter is jerzee is like 65 smh and that’s for kush piff sour etc. 20 dollars is for eerie

      • guest

        I’m in jersey and a quarter Ounce at the least is 75-80
        At the most it’s 110

    • chris

      Hahaha West Coast bud prices has nothing to do with Canada. Canadian bud goes to the East Coast. I’ve NEVER seen Canadian bud on the West Coast we grew our own out there I spent most of my life in California and a lot of time in Oregon & Washington.

  • Theanchovibus

    Ive only done it a few times but 20 gets me about enough to cover up two quarters maybe a bit less and thats in a smaill town in mid michigan

  • ThyPenguin

    In Missouri, a dub weighs 3.5g @ $60.
    $20 is a gram here & that’s for dank.

  • Ariakas77708

    Used to weigh 5.  4.5 + .5 for the baggie but you skeets made 3.5 standard.  So a bag SHOULD weigh 4.5 :)

  • Carac00l

    in spain (andalucia) 20 euros= 25$ i get over 5, 6 in summer becose there are less in winter i can to get over 8 ,10, with the bag 11 :)

  • vargas

    My best weed experience is humbolt fucking county best weed ever around 5 grams of og kush for a 20 but funny part of humbolt county that you don’t really but weed because every body grows it

  • TripB

    So local Oregonian here! Got some fine ass white widow passing through the borro at the time being and i’m getting it weighed out to about 2.3 for my 20 dollars worth

  • chitownblaze

    do you guys smoke regs? wth i get Grand Daddy Purp 350 a zip 1.1-1.3 for my 20 bucks

  • alex42

    i got a qp yesterday for $420 bomb..

  • TheToker350

    $18 for some Bomb ass sour diesel
    $20 H.Q. white rino
    $24 for the northern lights[BOMB ASS SHIT]
    ^^^each^^^ an 8th in portland.[burnside]

    • Joe

      agree. but my NL is 30 an 8th. perk to spend 10 extra :)

  • KaliKid

    Out here where I live I get all my shit for free basically. If I do ever have to pay for it like yesterday I got a little over an eighth for 20$ and it’s all dank ass weed. I get 3-4 blunts at a time for free and It has some kush nor-cal or some pretty lady in it. Or at least recently it has. I get Pineapple Express or some chronic fire by the oz. for 25$. I gave my homie 10$ and he gave me about half an oz. of some crazy ads dank shit. I don’t remember what it was called but it was some fire. That’s for Damn sure. You fools need to get out here to Cali.

    • KKK

      youre a lying douch bag!

    • guest

      You’re a fucking liar you probly sucked your dealer off for those prices

  • FyerD420

    Indiana Good shit gets $25, 50, O 120-150

  • fuckhead

    germany 3-3,5 g 30 €

  • CaliReefer

    Man I get 1.8-2.2 for a dub, and 2.7 for $25. And it’s grown by my guy to his preference (think the pungent aromatics, frosty, sticky, little to no stems, beautiful dense nugs). Not to mention if he has shake that he doesn’t want, we just end up rolling a reefer so I think I’m getting a real good deal at the end of the day. Also, he really hooks it up when I pick up in bulk or let a few of my buddies pick up from him as well.

  • tlw0395

    In oklahoma I’m getting 20 a g for good. 5 a g for reg.

  • J08234

    I get a eighth of some sour diesel for $45

  • Bakedaf420

    Im getting 2.4 grams for $20 my dealer just gives me to dimes i mean close enought and thats CT so it has a far ways to travel from the west cost or canada or mexico

  • peterlocke

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  • valleykush

    canada bc, 20 dolla eighths, 100$ ounces

    • jjj

      dutty weed

  • Twizz Nizzle

    Dayton ohio 20 a gram..50 a 8th 100 a quarter

    • Guest

      Dank bud is 20$ a gram. 50-60$ an 8th. An ounce will run you 300-400$. Now if you’re smoking “mids” (that’s what we call the seedy shit here) 5$/g, 10$/2g’s, 20$/4g’s, 30$/7g’s, 50-60$ for a half ounce, 90-100$ for an ounce. I live in Columbus, Ohio. It sucks. Because being a heavy smoker I’m left with one question. Quanity? (Mids), or quality(Dank). I’m not made of money. So I have to think “Hmm I can spend 20$ on a blunt, or I can spend 20$ and get 4 blunts. (Given each blunt is a gram). It’s quite shitty really. I’d love to smoke chronic all of the time but I’m not made of money.

      • Twizz Nizzle

        Me either I get really good mids no seeds same prices butviys just not that dank dro loud ect…

    • CameronCataclysm

      Yup. thats how it is here in Columbus. Sometimes 110$.

      • Iknowthecureforcancer

        Licking county here. A tad cheaper. $40 for 3.5 grams

      • Ballnb420

        Would you be willing to drive to Michigan 10 a g all day… Blueberry kush, casey Jones, head band, green cack. You name it gotta love Medical Michigan lol

  • grumpy weed

    Refuse to pay more than 25 for a little one!? Basically the cheapest good bud around central Pennsylvania is 55/60 for an 8th…. seedy mids you’ll be lucky to find an 8th under 40!

  • Jordan

    Depending the dispensary that you go to, you get the right. Ive never been underweighed. its always been either on point or over. In mine, Seattle, WA, I pay anywhere from 7-9 dollars a gram, 23-35 for an eighth, more than 65 for a quarter and 90 for the half. under 200 for the ounce. I love Washington.

    • sheepjones420

      i live here too lol

  • Kristeen

    Where I live medical weed our what we call “loud” is twenty a gram. Regular we’d is twenty dollars for 3.5 grams. Demand is allot higher then supply, around here anyway.

  • Smokey McHillbilly

    $40 an 1/8th where I am in Wisconsin. Same price for Dank and Reg. Prices suck when you don’t know many people

  • noneyobis

    I live in eugene I can get 1/8ths of superb bud for 20

  • OneLoveTC

    In nc it’s $60 for 3.5g (eighth) and that’s for high grade “loud” bud. I’m jealous everyone is cheaper :(

  • Skyliines

    In western Iowa for $20 you’ll get a single gram, unless you get that bro hook up and maybe 1.2 or 1.3. After reading this article, I’m seriously considering moving to a different state.

    • Waldo

      lets go on an adventure, because i feel the exact same.


    Texas, ATX to be exact 8ths of some A-1 around 40-45 and zones around 260 to 3… But it’s usually really good and those are decent prices around here unless you are buying to sell and you could get qp’s anywhere between 8-1000 depending on who you know… As soon as it is legal prices will drop like the west coast and Colorado prices..

  • CameronCataclysm

    Dank bud is 20$ a gram. 50-60$ an 8th. An ounce will run you 300-400$. Now if you’re smoking “mids” (that’s what we call the seedy shit here) 5$/g, 10$/2g’s, 20$/4g’s, 30$/7g’s, 50-60$ for a half ounce, 90-100$ for an ounce. I live in Columbus, Ohio. It sucks. Because being a heavy smoker I’m left with one question. Quanity? (Mids), or quality(Dank). I’m not made of money. So I have to think “Hmm I can spend 20$ on a blunt, or I can spend 20$ and get 4 blunts. (Given each blunt is a gram). It’s quite shitty really. I’d love to smoke chronic all of the time but I’m not made of money!

    • SPLURG

      Dude, I’m up in Lorain ohio, I get stuck with some deals sometimes. Usually 5 a g for mids, amd 15 a g for loud and such. I can get an eighth for 35 and a cutie for 85 :P

  • Epilepticsmoker.

    Up here in northern MI even during the winter season if you’re paying more than $10 a gram for stuff like Bluedream, B.C Black, or Deathstar then you need to just let your friends by for you.

  • The Todd

    On the average we spend 50 for 3 grams..

  • stacie

    When I was young I was told that 1.7 was the going rate, but I expect to get 2.0 now. Also it’s $10 a gram at the dispensaries. I live in Puget Sound, WA.

    • sheepjones420

      i live in arlington wa its 10 a gram, but i get hooked up 25 a half ounce of 28% thc white nightmare every day