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 October 11, 2011

dub sackOne of our most popular articles was one that Ninjasmoker wrote titled ‘How Much Should I Be Paying For My Weed?’ Ninjasmoker and I were worried that it would turn into a ‘meet a dealer article’ when he first posted it, but our attitudes have changed over time. Now, we just don’t give an f. So keeping with the spirit of Ninja’s article, I am posting this article. Think of it as more of an interactive article where you, the reader, can post below how much a dub sack weighs in your area.

Here in Oregon along the I-5 corridor, if you are getting less than 1.5 grams for your 20 bucks, you are getting ripped off. Keep in mind, we are talking about high grade, chronic, ‘kill bud,’ or whatever people call it where you’re from. If you are smoking stuff with seeds that is not green, then you seriously need to consider moving. Of course, if you are an experienced consumer, or even just average, you can get a 2.0-2.5 gram sack for twenty bucks in Oregon. I personally refuse to pay more than 25 dollars for an eighth, and it better be superb. Let’s face it, supply and demand is in the favor of the buyer these days on the West Coast. So what’s up readers, how much are you paying? I look forward to seeing the comments posted below.



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  351 Responses to “How Much Should a Twenty Sack or ‘Dub’ Weigh?”


    NW Georgia
    15 or 20 bucks a gram for good shit. Usually 55 to 65 for an eighth.


    In Nashville, TN, it’s $15-20 a gram for the good stuff, $50-60 an eighth.


      I here that…pretty much the same here in Dallas Txunless you gotta hook up who’s getting it in the mail. But in my 8 yrs of living here that never lasts long..


    2100 fer pound in Alberta, 2100 divided by 16 ozs equals 131 bucks for an oz of kush, that breaks down to less than 5 bucks a gram hahahaha get fcked idiots lol


    2 for 30$ US American dollars, sometimes I can get a quarter for 60$ US American dollars, but my guy now charges 255$ US American dollars for an ounce, zip, O or whatever you want to call it.


    i live in souther illinois im getting 3.2 gs of death star for 25


    The medical price at my favorite dispensary in Boulder, Co. — with a member discount: $24 per 8th for best quality — with some excellent hydro’s at $16 an 8th — stuff that kicks the crap out of everything else available commercially.


      are you serious?


        I’ve been to at least a dozen dispensaries in Colorado. I have a favorite that gives me fantastic deals — as low as $3 a gram for the end of a batch from a premium jar — and in fact, everything they sell is great, and a couple of strains are outrageous…and I won’t say who they are, so don’t ask.


          So, is it a privacy issue, or do you just wanna keep all the good bud to yourself?


            I don’t have permission to give out their contact info.


            Okay, fair enough. But, what makes their set-up so different than all the others? I mean, is it because you know these people? Or, are they this nice to everyone?


            They are generally nice to everyone; but the quality of the product is such that if they weren’t nice, you would still feel their deals were fair. If you look up and visit Boulder dispensaries, you might find them, but I think there are two or three that have similar deals for members.


            Sorry, didn’t want you to think I was lucky enough to live in Colorado. I was just wondering about different kinds of memberships — you know, the kind that means I pay less, but still get quality. My medicine here in New Mexico is breaking my bank. Anyway, I’ll check out the deals ya’ll can get in Boulder (but I won’t know which ones have good bud, right?). Not that those types of memberships are available here, but one can always dream. Peace out.


            weedmaps and other sites have user interface …rating dispensaries…


            Yeah, I know, just not much information for New Mexico. Actually, I just left new reviews over at weedmaps earlier this morning. Unfortunately, they were not all good ones, sad to say.


      How does the membership work? Is it like a collective or co-op?


    Here in Maryland ….a dub is 3.5-3.7 anything less is a rip off …….and that’s of reggie ….now a gram of some “dank” is about 20 …..


    Damn, so gonna save up and move out west. Mississippi is ridiculous, it varys but all high. The “kill bud” goes from 30 to sometimes 75 for an eight. It just depends on who ya know. I know of some friends here that pay 75 for a half of reg here. This is in the Jackson area. Where I grew up and was buying before I turned 23 was in the Delta area. Humphreys County. I was buying half of reg for 50, wholes for 100. Could get KB for 45 an eight. But that was 7 years ago.


    In Rapid City Sd… people are payin $350 an ounce. I find it to be raping the household budget. People can’t afford to smoke and raise their families.


    north dakota $20 a gram wisconsin $50-$60 a 3.0-3.5


    Here in pa.. 0’s be rocking 4-500..


    Sacramento Area I am getting an oz for $50 private sale.


    I live in central WI… 1.0 for $20


    Massachusetts….paying 20 bucks for a gram usually good nug though


      Dang, you’re paying too much, no matter how good it is.

      Here, try hypnotizing yourself with this picture, and maybe you can get the same effect as taking a hit…
      (Anyway, it’s free!)


    in sweden u pay about 70 bucks for 4-5 g.


    These bluebonnets are real… scammers are not.


    In Rhodes Island you basically get 1 gram or a 1.5 for $20


    Anyone in/near Monticello, KY want to help me out? I just moved here and I have no connections. Shoot me an email. forewarnedxisxforearmed@hotmail.com


    ^^You can’t see me… I’m a scammer^^

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