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digital scaleHow much does weed cost?

I don’t have a medical card nor do I grow illegally so I have to go out and find marijuana on the “black market.” One question that comes up often when talking to weed smokers all over is “how much should weed cost?” It’s an interesting question that depends on a lot of different factors. Here are a few things that go into determining the price of the weed you put into your bong bowl:

  1. 1.How good is the weed? Obviously, the dankest of the dank will run you more than a bag of swag. How to tell if your weed is good is a whole separate topic, but if you have been smoking for a while, you will know what you like.
  2. What part of the world do you live in? I have lived in many different parts of the U.S. And prices very wildly. I have paid as much as $70 for an eighth of an ounce and less then half of that in other parts.
  3. How good is your “connection?” This is a big factor. If you are buying weed from a cool person who you are friends with, you are less likely to get shorted or taxed (for those of you who don’t know, this is the extra $5 to $10 someone could charge on top of the actual cost). That’s the risk you run when you buy from strangers.
  4. Is it harvest time locally? This is only important if you live in a place that marijuana grows well outdoors. When harvest time comes around, everyone is working to get rid of their crop at the same time, which brings the prices way down. Yes, the concept of supply and demand even applies to the weed market.

All these factors combine to create a fair market price for your area. In Oregon, I consider $25-$40 for an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) or $150 – $250 for an ounce (28 grams) to be an average price for some good weed (no seeds, no unnecessary stems, well manicured, good smell, ect). But that’s Oregon where some of the best marijuana is grown (and a lot of it too!) so maybe I’m spoiled.

I invite you to post what the average price for weed in your area is. If you have a medical exception and your state has marijuana dispensaries, your input is also welcome. I don’t want this to become a “meet-a-dealer” advertising board but I think this is constructive debate that would be helpful for folks who want to know if they are getting ripped off or not.

P.S. No names or anything incriminating please! “Big brother” could be watching!

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About Jay Smoker

I have been smoking marijuana for almost twenty years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My life was turned upside down in 2009 after getting arrested and tossed in jail for being in the wrong state with legal medical marijuana. I got fed up, and I now devote all my time to ending this insanity.I am responsible for the technical side of this project, but try to chip in when I can, either with syndicated articles or original content.Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Digg and feel free to email. any questions or concerns. Peace!
  • melissa

    I live in Australia where pot is illegal,no medical dispensarys here, anyway for 2.5grams expect to pay $50.It grows excellent over here as it is a very hot climate. Probably about $300-$400 an ounce for hydros but cheaper for home grown usually-I like home grown better so suits me fine.

    • canada eh

      i live in new brunswick canada pay 10$ a gram 25$ for 3 G’s 225 an ounce

      • smoke

        ya man same as in alberta seems like we got some cheap shit

        • pufer

          same in colorado weed here gos for $1 a point theirs 10 points in a gram so 10$ a gram and that of grade A medical weed 30 an 8th and so on the more you bye the better price you get and also depends on who you get it from and what kind of weed it is the most i would ever pay is 40 and 8th and that top stuff that just blows your mined it all depends on were your at the quality of the weed and who you get it from

          • bigjim

            Here in Ft. Myers, Florida, an OZ of the good stuff runs 150 to 175.

      • Bob

        I pay $10 for 1.0 $30 for 3.5, half quarter is what its called in Ontario. You can find it for 180-220 an ounce.

    • Miranda

      I live in ID and i usually pay $20-$25 for a dub.
      and anywhere from $40-$50 for an eighth.
      I dont usually buy larger quantities then that so I can’t remember exactly how much
      bigger amounts are/

      • nun ya :)

        I live in pittsburgh.. Cheaa get on my level :)

        It all depends on what you want..

        Mids- i cant get less for 10 a g

        Bomb mids- 10-15 $ a g

        Fire- 20-25$ a

        BOMB ASS DANK HEADIES- 30 a g

        The dank that ive been picking up gets you high just taking a wiff of it :). Straight annihilated. Got to love steel city <33

        • CityofTrees

          I live in Sacramento,CA city of trees :)
          I be gettin it from the cannabis club and the streets
          Be payin 18$ for like 1.6 of some top shelf club tree or on streets 1s a point . Get a half for 50$ sips for 100$ of dank.
          Grapes , OG’s , hazes eerrthing

          • PiffTheGod

            im moving to sac town this week…get @ me via email… PLEASEEE :-D

          • http://www.facebook.com/1adub Aaron

            get at me, i will be moving soon too adotdub@gmail.com

          • Ronald

            hit me up too, I’m in Fair Oaks

        • Dizzle99

          wow, pittsburgh fucked 10 bucks for a g of mids. you sir is getting played.

          • burgh_boi

            yes you are only 5 a g for mids and 20 for the good strains maybe 25 if its killer

        • http://kynd-fynderz.yolasite.com mike

          wow ,im from florida where there is no medical marijuana. this is also where i can pick up a Qper thats quarter pound for 350.00$ of fire illegaly of course … now i want to know where the mmj industry gets off charging 35 for a 3,5 gram bag of this genetically watered down no potency crap
          it has always been 5 a g 35 a quarter 25 if hes your buddy and fifty for the ripoff clone’s suck when its all the same plant rolling around i want to get high with medical properties too so leave the plant alone seed grow and clone only the top notch leafs you greedy f…ks

          • http://kynd-fynderz.yolasite.com mike


      • blaze

        im dying here in WY…..just started smokin….and its either dry as hell or im looking in the wrong places…..help!!…..im in western wyoming

        • jon

          grow ur own shit

          • RiPto-c


      • sickle shit

        dude your paying 50 for an eighth im from MT and and Eighth is at least 30 and its 10$ per gram

        • Cwill

          Dude weed prices are up in MT right now i also am from here and I been paying 50

      • Erin

        I live in Idaho too and I pay the same, good to know! I was afraid I was getting ripped off for paying 45 for an eighth, I heard someone saying they could get it for 35 so I wasnt sure.

    • swagg

      canada gets the cheapest bud..medicinal lemon kush from ottawa right now about 240 an ounce..and all you people paying 60$ for an 1/8 lol thats funny..quarters of medicinal for that

      • Pointlessuser

        I had lemon kush once. shits hits smooth and tastes great like its name

      • luda

        Your medical math is a malpractice…..live sw side Chi town.Cicero…..michigan medical kush 350 a zipper…mids danks..roll it…nothin but that stick medi…just want a eat the shit…you wanna save the economy fukin Legalize this shit America..taxes on cigarettes, alcohol..poison… weed is fuckin wrong? Wake the fuk up..wont hear about legalizin it till after 2012 elections…guarantee

        • Jr

          if they fully legalize it they will take a hit on revenue because many will grow it at home & should a company start producing marijuana cigarettes… u think they plan on leaving out the same chemicals they taint tobacco with? if they ever let us grow pot in our own back yards it will be because we all came to an understanding that the money raised from pot fines&penalties will have to be replaced with some sort of broad tax over the population i think itll take more the 50% of us saying we are ok with socially smoking pot

          • dan

            it sounds like our society is control by other members of our society. wow humans just cant get it right :(

          • PPaul

            Not sending users to prison should save the gov. some money hmmm.

    • http://www.myspace.com/fel1000g Fel

      Come to SF, CA Home of the love….

    • http://cannabis-country.blogspot.com Cannabis Country

      Melissa, Thought you should know hydro is home grown. In fact, most top of the line cannabis is grown indoors in someone’s home. And yes, usually the best bud comes from a home grower.

      Swag is usually grown outdoors in huge quantities so the males are not pulled and its not dried and cured properly. This is why you get seeds in your swag. They never pulled the males so the female budding plant was pollinated. And usually swag doesn’t have the best smell, taste and crackles when you smoke it is because it was not dried and cured properly.

      Its funny when people say homegrown sucks but I really like hydro. Well they are contradicting themselves because there is a 99.9% change that hydro was home grown.

      These are not my opinions but are facts. Just thought I let you know. : )

    • http://reeferskatetrip.blogspot.com/ New Moses

      I lived in every region in Florida. Miami,Orlando,Jacksonville, and its always been like 300 for the oz.

  • Mike

    I live in central NJ. I remember a few years ago an 1/8th would run about $50 for nice nugs. and around $300 for an ounce. Today for really good weed, all $20 bags are .8 of a gram and an 1/8th of an ounce i beleive is 60-65. An ounce is 400 – 475. It is just absoluetely rediculous.

    • Jon

      wordd mike u aint lyinn jerseys prices are crazy…but yet this morning we had a 10million bud bust wtf yeahh man nj.com front page but yeahh i live n central jerz near edison and itscrazyyy 65 a eighth 140 a quarter 240 a half n 450 a ounce whatt im praying these prices come down

      • Theresa

        The same here in jax, fla.
        100$ for mids an oz. Hydro 100$ per qtr.

    • Richard

      well Iam from 813 FLA tampa. right now the water(hydro) goes,the white people sell it @ 120-140 a half o. but the mids is dry. then 4 the regs they want 40 7gs. now thats Bs.

      • Quinn

        I live in Lakeland Florida, ill be getting half’s for 50$ pretty nice mids

    • Joey

      damn dude u guys are gettin killed…i live in south jersey in burlington county i pay like 50 an 8th 90 a 1/4 175 for a 1/2 and 340 an o…u guys should come down here and find me haha

    • kevin

      new to jersey, call me 4845299213

  • http://www.biogamers.co.uk dr1v3r1965

    I live in the England, I have 2 main sources for weed… one is a good friend who is as reliable as a chocolate tea pot, the quality varies dependant on the wind direction and many other factors. Most of the weed is supplied without a name and is priced £20 for 3.5g pretty much all the way up the line.. better bud such as Cheese is likely to run in the region of £10/gram having said that I got 6grams for £40!!! confused?!?!!!! (tell me about it).

    I have another source I met via Facebook who has several “grow-ops” he charges about £140 per ounce he’s exremely reliable but only visits when mutually beneficial to both parties due to distance and my lack of transport. the weed is top quality!!!

    Nearly all the weed in the UK is grown locally now, we do get dribs and drabs from NL/DK etc but you will pay a premium for it as expected. We also get LOTS of hash here in the UK but again prices just depend on quality/quantity/availability.

    I have considered on many occasion growing for my own use but I live in council (government) accomodation and my brother will not risk us being possibly evicted for cultivation (although thats unlikely and rather extreme)

    Well thats my bit… spliff time!!!


    • BlackPhoenix

      I also live in England on the south coast, I’m rather lucky in that I know about 4/5 dealers that are local to me. The sizes are usually spot on with £5 for 0.7g £10 for 1.4g and 1.8g for £12.50. These are the most common price/weight ratios you will find in Hampshire.

  • Judith

    Here in New Mexico I have been paying between 15 and 14 dollars a gram for my medical plus 10.00 delivery and state tax.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1142023047 Brian

    I pay $40 for an 8th in Washington state.

    • http://www.myspace.com/newsoulenterprises Dougee

      OK, I am a state of Washington resident. Home of the most powerful herb on the planet. I have not seen a seed since 1975. So, decent herb costs about $40/8th. But there is the really good stuff (trust me, I’m sure this stuff cannot be beat anywhere) costs $50/8th. You can tell the difference…

      The afore mentioned $50/8th stuff can get for say… $350/oz. If you are smoking more than an ounce a month of the stuff, you are smoking way too much pot…

      • Sharleen

        Well my recommendation is for 2 ounces a week – unfortunately I cannot afford that and I have no place to grow it or I would; as I have a lot of experience in Horticulture. I was doing meds for 2 others in a co-op and the last batch I grew the other 2 actually said “it was TOO Strong! LOL” That they could only do one toke.

      • http://facebook.com/jimiznhb.v3 jimiznhb

        “If you are smoking more than an ounce a month of the stuff, you are smoking way too much pot.”
        Yea, Right!!! I can smoke and 1/4th myself easily in a day, sio UR “ounce a month” is WEAK!!!

        @hHarleen: Never met “Mr. TOO Strong”… Only “Sir Load it Again”

        • dan

          your smoke to much. i love weed so much and use it everyday. 1/4 last me a good 3 weeks. for u to use that in a day is so wasteful. anyone could do that but its just being wasteful and its just so unnecessary lol lol lol

  • kevin

    I live in Canada and an oz is between 160-
    200 but is good stuff now however I am in oklahoma
    where it is 60 an oz but it is brick weed all the time
    sometimes is ok other times is all seed for good stuff
    you looking at 30$ a gram

    • luda

      No brick weed here brother…..where you are ..travel south east..farther the bether..or south west…outrun the brick.old.bananna peal..nasty shit. Fluffy crystals look for the exit signs

  • Mary Brower

    I live in Alaska bush… an 1/8th goes for $150 in the villages. Its very scarse & hard to come by
    …unless you in town where the ave is $300-400.00 an oz & $40 an 1/8th

    • Sharleen

      I lived in Anchorage and when I first moved there it was LEGAL to possess as long as it was at home and for personal use for about 1/4; but was not legal to grow. Then in 1991 they took a BIG STEP Backwards and recriminalized it. But if you bought 1/8 from abt. 83-90 it was $25 NO Matter if it was Super Good, Not so good, wet, dry, it all was the same Price! (Except in the Bush! :( ). It finally went up some over the years and now it is $40 for what they are calling 1/8 (which is actually 3.2 grams) the sellers decided to do it like that instead of raising the price to $45 for a 3.5 eighth. :) Making one more bag out of an Ounce that way. So it was still raised.

      • luda

        You can thank the LA street gangs for the my friend

  • http://sabobone.devote.se savanah

    Im from sweden and here its expensive, for 5 grams we pay 500kr thats about $70. and its not that good either.

  • Annie

    I live in Oklahoma and I pay $35 to $40 for a quarter and $125 to $135 for an ounce. What hacks me is I can remember getting it for $10 an ounce back in the 60s and 70s. I use this for medical purposes. I have rheumatoid arthritis and at times can’t even walk. I have so much pain that I can’t sleep, and this helps me to sleep. Unfortunately it is not legal in my state so I have to resort to finding someone on the black market, myself. I think this is unfortunate when a 60 year old women, who takes massive pain medications and still in the winter has pain, which MJ relieves, and further helps me sleep, has to resort to finding a runner who can get it.This needs to be legalized on a federal level. I believe that only then will most states in the south east and mid-south legalize it. As for the states where it is now legal, the people getting it have to worry about the feds filing charges. Though I guess they mostly go after the distributors and growers. What a damn shame. MJ is safer than liquor.

    • Naked pot farmer

      Sweetie, your paying less than half the national average…and your complaining?…kinda wondering how good that medicine is tho…

      • http://TheWeedBlog Clfford the BigRedBong

        Shes in Oklahoma… been there. Shes getting swag/brick and paying runners fee on top of it. If it was anything good trust me she wouldnt be posting price like that. I am in Az now and am lucky to find swag ( what I am used to ) As I smoke an Oz a week which runs around 100 and when you talk quality start around 20 a g and go up from there… couldnt afford the good stuff like this

        • Quinn

          Here in Lakeland Florida i get super sour diesel for 16$ a gram

          • Spicoli

            Love the diesel Bro!! That taste is unreal. I live in Tampa and if interested we should go in on a oz or more depending on your finances. Email me bro!!

    • Renee

      I know exactly what you mean. I have degenerative disc disease along with sciatica and bulging discs at L4 and L5. I am also pron to migraines which I get after 3 weeks of not smoking. (I am a daily heavy smoker). I live in Missouri and also pay similar to what you pay, also black market. Smoking keeps my pain within tolerable ranges meaning it never goes away but mostly I can function and forget it’s there, until I overdo. I cannot believe how stupid our government is. We are hurting financially and if they would legalize and regulate pot just think of all the money they would make on that and its byproduct, hemp for rope, paper and material. Our trees could grow safely without the worry of clear cutting. Just imagine how many pot plants could grow on 1 acre of land and how many trees. To harvest trees for paper they need to be at a minimum of 20 years old. The amount of hemp grown on that same acre can be harvested over and over in that 20 years making way more than that 1 acre of 20 year old trees, not to mention that it’ll take another 20 years for another harvest. How stupid is our government?

      • anonymous

        Hey I have the same injury as you but I have an additional few other discs bulging on a few other levels. I also have congenitive spinal stenosis. The orginal disc issues happened after a football accident. I had surgery and my sciatic pain is gone but I still get some low back pain and because of the nature of my condition the sciatic nerve pain may return at some point later on in life. I smoke occasionally and it helps me a ton with my pain. I was wondering how it has been working for you? Thanks!

  • Annie

    BTW, mostly that weed is adequate, sometimes it is good. I haven’t seen any really good weed around her in years. I wish I could get some hashish, because it is much more effective that the buds. A quarter can last me six weeks. I don’t smoke it often, only when I need to.

  • http://www.theweedblog.com Ninja Smoker

    Wow! Great responses! Price and quality varies so much. However, its unfortunate when people have to pay too much for sub-par smoke and it would be great if they had dispensaries in every state, if not totally legal!

    I always wondered how the weed was in other countries too. I’m stoked it’s accepted and embraced worldwide.

  • Devon Blain

    In canada an eigth of an ounce bag is 25$ and a quarter is 60$

    • featchcity

      DUDE IF U PAYIN 60 U GETTIN RIPPED…where u live?

    • jewels

      why would an eighth be $25 and a quart be $60 – dude, buy 2 eighths for $50, word?

      • joe

        is it just me or does that happen alot more than it should? some pot dealers in ont are retarted…

        round here, you can get a half-quarter for 20-40$, and a quarter for 40-70$ or more… all depends on quality, quantity, and how nice of a dealer you have

  • featchcity

    i live in canada and all weed no matter if its indoor or out…its 50 a QUARTER, 100 HALF O,180 AN OUNCE…THE MORE U BUY THE CHEAPER IT GETS…ITS THE RULES….fyi canada grows the best reefer in the world…GO CANADA GO!!!

    • ismokew33d

      dude thats freakin cheap!! man i wish i lived in canada

  • chenzo

    in australia…. im in the N.T, and we can pay up to 450$ an ounce, it is crazy, im thinking of just growing my own…. i realy cant aford to smoke, i pay 30$ a gram, if i even get a gram WTF, i wanna move to canada

    • 420saleonnow420

      that sucks man i live in W.A i pay $300 to no more than $350. i would refuse. for a stick wich is $25 some people sell for $30, a stick can range from a gram to 2 grams depends who u go through stay away from open houses they ripp you off

  • Chelsea

    I live in Ontario and here we would never pay more than $30 for 3.5 grams and no more than 60 for 7grams and I would never pay more than $180-$190 for an ounze. Ok maybe if it was crazy, pure crystally, dry as hell then I might pay $220, maximum and that is rare!!! Its because the weed is decriminalized so its probably less of a risk to sell it! here!

  • Aaron

    i live in alberta canada i work with really good friends who used to live in british columbia ( not finding any better pot in canada if its not from b.c) and an 1/8 runs $40 and an ounce would cost $240. it is the best weed ive had and its the cheapest price around. only few people know about them so not many people experience it. all other dealers sell for rediculous amounts of money and its the most disgusting swag, full of stems musty and way to dry. SMOKE ON!!!!

    • Bderrera

      I live in G-town Colorado and I get a half eighth for 15 and a ounce for 110 nd it is some of the dankest shit ever shit fucks me up and all m homies

      • Pointlessuser

        you smoke dirt

      • Cal

        Come to WA/OR sometime bro, you don’t know what dank is.

  • James

    I can get quality weed all day long with seeds, no extra stems, for about $125 an ounce. I am personal friends with the grower’s sister.

    • http://the420hour.mypodcast.com Rev Mike

      James, where you from?

  • Wolf

    I grow for myself and close clientele here and I supply it at a rate of 100/oz due to my low overhead. This is really premium green too as I have see nothing better anywhere. Which suits me just fine. No seeds, small stems, large frosty nugs, well manicured, and the smell makes us all drool everytime i break it out. I think all growers should adopt this practice for those he/she cares about. It makes for some great tributes.

    • Nick

      Wolf, where do you live?

  • http://the420hour.mypodcast.com Rev Mike

    In WV you can get an ounce of high end commercial for 200. The good nugs are usually exported for better return on the investment, so getting good nugs around here relies on who you know. If you know a grower, the good nugs from last years crop start coming out around march so you can get with your connection and spend 300 an ounce for the real good shit.

  • chenzo

    man im jelous of all you….. i wish i paid less than 200 an ounce…. it would work out abit more cause of the currency but still

  • haha

    In missour I can get crap oz. for $90 up to $150 for really great buds.

    • haha

      missouri I mean

  • jette

    I live In Cape Cod Massahusetts.and best prices i can get is 5$ a G for headies. at most ill pay 20$ a gram. but that is usually unlikely, unless its Blue Moon or AK-47. 140$ an oz 30$ an eigth 50$ a quater is average price for mids..

    • sami

      Jette- I’m in cape cod and need some buds…(:

      • Eizneckam

        i live on cape cod too. i buy an eighth for about 60 bucks usually of headies. but recently everyone i know stopped selling. shit sux man….

    • Don pelrine


      I live on the Cape and looking to buy. Can you help me, please.


  • theGlass

    I live in the midwest and I mostly run across 1/8 for $60 for really good nug/dro. Swag goes for more like $40. I recently Ran across a couple 1/8ths from a friend for $50. An oz is anywhere from $375 to $400, once again for good nugg/dro. I think its scary that mj is valued more than gold by the gram here!

    • Jake

      I live in minnesota and thats about the same prices im getting

  • stormerstoned

    im in england and over here no matter the quality of the weed i pay either £20/3.0gs or £25/3.5gs, ounces vary from £120-£160 depending on quality and hash would set me back between £10/3.5gs up to £30/3.5gs depending on weather its bog standard hash or pollen

  • Janette

    I live in South beach, Miami Beach, Florida ans an 8th here is 50 and 3.5 if its a friend or 60 and 3.0 if not. Quality varies, had great regs of course way cheaper.

    • Mikey

      Oh man, I live in South Beach and my guy hasn’t picked up his phone in a couple of days. I’m looking for a hookup though and am mad desperate! Let me know if you can hook it up and ill give you my contact info!

    • raphael

      hey im in southbeach right now for vacation if you could hook me up it would be nice

  • johnny1

    you guys are gonna hate me for this

    I live in cali , i can grow 6 and 6 .

    sometimes i have extras , small amounts a few z’s here and there.
    the best price for good indoor bud 200
    we do it collectively so in the summer its half that price
    medical grade only accounts for a percentage of a strain.
    the remainding class is B-grade much cheaper

    cheaper than that mexi cartel/seeded crap!
    I look at theses dispensaries and they sell from 200 to 400
    but the prices are coming down because supply/demand

    So if its in a state with MMJ cultivation , find a grower and coop!

    some new states NJ have “no private cultivation”
    thats basically sucks
    look what they did with the budgets

    throw 20 seeds outdoors just random streams . people will find and hopefully harvest free the weed!

    • Sue

      Hi – I live Sacto. I am looking to get some pot for my mother.
      She is very sick, but is to embarrassed to ask a doctor for a scrpt. I am going to have to buy it “under the table”. Would you be willing to sell some to me?

    • Naked pot farmer

      Yeah, you’ll grow some dank just throwing seeds in a stream…lol

  • DEA..hah

    in NE ohio i dropped 20 for a either (gator as my dude calls it) and 100 for an O, mighta been shwag. but it was cheap shwag

  • jewels

    if you have a caring caregiver in west michigan you can be one of 5 patients on his/her card and extremely high quality medical grade mj goes for $200 per ounce (which covers time, materials and taxes). god bless our voters here.

    say johnny, can you tell us some more about Cali? have relatives in N and interested in moving to Butte County someday,especially if this ‘totally legal’ thing gets passed this year – have you heard any news?

    jewels in w mi usa

  • http://myspace.com/davidandahl david is awesome

    dood, here in spokane its like this

    20 a good dub that weighs 1.6+
    25 for a dub of hella chron that weighs 1.7
    25 for 2.0
    40 for just good weed, weighs 3.2+
    45 or 50 for amazing weed, usually better than the best dub you can get, peaple here like to sell the best shit in larger quanities, dont ask, i dont fucking know why but its a pain in the ass, now, just add 5 bucks more for more weed, or better weed every 20 bucks and thats an average price
    homies are plentifull in spokane, everyone smokes and our bud is way better than californias, you live around here, hangout at the valley mall and ull meet some kool peaple, we stop by to meat peaple alot, but our weed is primo, and homie hookups are a regular thing, hit me up on myspace

    i do not and will not possess mary jane at any time. jk

  • Reese

    I live in southwest ga, Its exspensive as he’ll. You get an eigth 3.5, of some 25 $ a gram good weed for 75. Purp kush etc. 150 a quarter.

  • madmart

    i live in the uk in the south west midlands and have to pay £25 an 1/8 no matter what it is standard orange bud type stuff to prime grade cheese!!! In birmingham where my mate lives people charge £20 for 2 grams for cheese !!! wtf?

  • Doc

    Sup, I’m from the lower half of Ohio (yea it makes a pretty big difference). Around here your looking at :

    >A dollar per .1g – up to 2g (better known as a “20 sack”)
    >For 3.5g ( an 1/8) anywhere from $25-$50, I pay $30
    >1/4 is $45-$60 (this is the price range I have paid)
    > Oz is anywhere from $100-$180 (I’ve paid $120-$150)

    ………….That is from my area, hope it helps>>>> Peace !!!

  • Moth

    HOLY SHIT!! These prices are like being french kissed by a Cobra! Clearly it is costly to grow your own but if you are in pain and are determined to reduce persistent suffering, how can a person (given the prices on the street) fail to confront reality: GROW YOU OWN MEDS!

    Do not sell any; do not tell anyone. READ A LOT AND LEARN. All you really need is an electrician for a brother in law, good southern exposure, patience in obtaining some high class seed, a studious attitude and a commitment to excellence.

    You will learn as you go/grow. Mistakes? Sure … especially with nutrients and pests but it is a LOT easier than learning to play the piano. Plus you will achieve a whole new perspective on Nature and all living things … which includes you! Put your $$$ into your own garden … you can do it!!! Be well.

    • http://anonymous Chev

      Where I am, we go to prison for life for cultivation. I envy your positon… ;-)

  • http://??????????? HappyPappy

    OK,New Jersey,,right along the river (Delaware).I usually plan on paying $45-$60 for 1/4 oz.Past few times I copped it was ragweed for $60.I’m an old schooler (remember $15-$20 oz’s Mex) who was out of practice for awhile and most of my peoples are either dead or in jail.As a result,I have to get my weed through a friend of one of my kids (kids are 32 and 30 yrs old).So,another result is take what I can get and pay ‘unfortunate’ tax.Me being the unfortunate.Best price I’ve found is through a relative and is $180 oz,tax free.I haven’t seen it yet,but this relative pretty much knows what’s goin’ on.Oh,a couple days ago,I got some nice budz from the friend for $60.Nice clean trimmed greeen with flecks of red,gold and brown,smells 1derful,taste is a little peppery and a definate head buzz.Don’t really seem like too much body buzz,but I’m ready to sleep after a couple hours if I’m not active.

  • http://www.groundflower.com blazeitup

    I agree with the dispensaries getting carried away. I have even heard a dispensary owner claim that he spends $3500 on CO2 for one harvest! unless he is growing in the astrodome this is rediculous! (btw I know he has a fairly small grow comparatively speaking) Any how this is one way they try to justify the outragous prices. I have wrote a blog on this but thats for another day. The reason I am commenting here is to let the patients know we can fight back….http://www.groundflower.com was created for patients by patients to drive competion and lower prices. With out patients the dispensaries have no business – I say we should all have a say in this industry!

  • Mike

    I am a Caregiver/Patient “grower” of Medicinal Cannabis and I have several clients that I only charge $50 a oz for their meds. I tend to help low income SSI, SSD receipients. But I also know that quality medicinal grade cannabis goes for $300-500 a oz here in Michigan. I will never charge more than $250 personally and many of the Caregivers I accociate with feel the same way.

  • Bill

    I’m in Southern California and grow my own indoor. with the cost of electricity, water, chemicals and other needed supplies my cost per gram is running about $5 per gram (last harvest made it $4.83). I have 6 strains (Purple Kush, Master Kush, Platinum OG, White Widow, Casey Jones, and Lambs Bread) and rotate a modified sea of green to harvest 4 plants every 2 weeks. my average for the last 6 months is 39.0 grams per plant and it still costs $5 per gram. I do not sell my medication but I do sell my extra close at a local Wellness Center. The costs at the wellness center is $15-$25 a gram and under $400 an oz. If I had extra to sell I would let it go for $45-$50 an eighth. and it would sell out

  • http://www.theweedblog.com Ninja Smoker

    I used to live in Nevada and the same stuff I buy here in Oregon for $200ish I was paying 250 + in Nevada. The biggest difference between the places is in the high end danky stuff. It could be found in Nevada but it was more expensive and a pain in the ass to get. You can find it all over up here since so many people are growing their own.

  • raideo

    I live in beaumont texas (150,000 pop, about an hour outside houston)
    swag runs about 45-50/ oz., and good dank runs form 65-75 an eighth, 350-430 for a zip.

    • southernsmoke

      i live in texas in the dallas area and pay $60 an oz for reggie.

      • RiPto

        I’m from dallas to and pay $50 an oz of corn.. whoop whoop

  • BigMarley

    Like the article said in oregon we get bomb dank sticky smelly 3.5-4.0G 8ths for 40$ always like alwaysssssssssss.

    I recall eastern Washington area charging 50-60$!!! an eighth!! for shitty dry buds.

    Thank god for oregon hippies! lower my prices heighten my life!

    • Lil’maryjane

      Big Marley, My friend… You were obviously hangin with the wrong folks while in Eastern Washington. Don’t write us all off! ;0)

  • Kurly

    south west colorado get 50-60 an eighth and a $100 bill ferra quarter ounce
    reefer head of course!

  • http://generalen-utan-arme.tld General Knark

    In Denmark some bomb hydro as you Americans say will run you 120 DKK/gram. Which is 73 USD for 3.5 grams, or an eight.

    Hash goes for cheaper actually since it is usually smuggled in by the ton and easy to pack. So when you get some hash that costs 120 DKK, it will knock you off your ass. There is fabled hash for 200 DKK a gram, it is as close to THC-overdose as you’ll get without eating it.

    In Sweden one gram of hydro goes for anything from 120 SEK to 150 SEK. In fact, prices are up in the last years. When I grew up the most you’d pay for weed was 120 SEK and usually it was just an even 100. But these days people are selling 0.8 grams of hash for 100 SEK and 1 gram of weed for 150 SEK.


    So in Sweeden ;) that’s pretty much the same price, 73 USD for 3.5 grams of good weed.

  • ksizzlle

    i get your “regular” greens for like 130 for an ounce.. yes 28 grams for 130$ USD. and ive also came across some chronic for a staggering $600 USD an ounce. talk about crystals. looked like laced shit but it wasnt.

  • ksizzlle

    i get your “regular” greens for like 130 for an ounce.. yes 28 grams for 130$ USD. and ive also came across some chronic for a staggering $600 USD an ounce. talk about crystals. looked like laced shit but it wasnt. and this is northeast ohio.

  • http://mikebyrne83@hotmail.co.uk mickey blue

    im from liverpool england (sadly) th prices we pay are as followed between £180 and £260 for the oz dependant on quality and potency However we keep getting imported shite from holland that is covered in spray either glass dust or fiber glass powder (pure bad 4 your health and i mean pure bad also it adds major weight to the kilogrammes hence more profit for the dutch dealer hence why we end up with it in liverpool we just call it spray or shite (the ash goes rock hard) the deals are basically as followed £10 per gram irrispective of quality. i wana seceret garden!!! .
    Liverpool used to be the place 4 drugs in the uk but 5 years ago green became mainstream and the dealers stopped bringing resin in from morroco and stopped bringing as much over from amsterdam
    Fuck i used to get a bar of pure nice yella rocki for 190 5 years ago none of that formula shite. i wana move to the pacific west coast either oaksterdam or vansterdam

  • eve adamms


  • ROC

    I live in flint, mi reggies go for 15-20 1/8th, 50-55 1/2, 90-100 ounce
    for good dro nuggets 30-50 1/8th, 90-100 1/2, 180-220 ounce and this shit is the flames high time shit

  • flood

    from new bedford MA. first if u ask for an eighth people will look at u funny and then either rip u off or sell u coke. $10 for 2 grams of midis, $10 for like 1-1.5g for dro, haze, piff, and such. I’ve seen exotic quarters around here for like $140, but usually a quarter of decent weed is like $30-40. I got an ounce of this like crazy super dank weed for $120 once, like $60-80 quarters at least from a lower level dealer, but i know a guy ;) but it was brown so no one believed that it was any good until they smoked a blunt of it and bugged out for like 3 hours

    And only slightly off topic, this is the ill place to get bud. If your connects are out just roll up through any neighborhood, “whose got bags?” or walk up to anyone in pants 12 sizes too big and ask if they got bud. if you’re cool in that neighborhood, know the right people and really know your bud then you wont get ripped off.

    Also no one smokes mersh unless they grow it themselves, and homegrown mersh can get pretty dank compared to like imported mersh

  • nik

    i live in ohio. n id have to say i think its some good ass shyt for cheap! me n my girl sell for my dude. 1.0g is $5. 2.0g is $10. an eighth is 3.5g and is $20. a quarter ranges 25-40. n a half is 70 n oz is 140. some dank shyt too. its in a bag wrapped up in the glove box of the car n it still smells the car up.

  • audrey

    I live in florida and there’s plenty of different kinds of weed. For some dank weed it can run you about 15-20 for a g, depending how good. An eigth of the good stuff could be anywhere from 50-60 a half goes for about 170, and an ounce of the goooood shit could run you 360. But for mids, which is still good, just not great is a lot better pricing. A dime is 10 bucks for 1.8, a dub is 20 for about 3.7, quarter could be anwhere from 25-35 and an ounce should run you about 100-110. You still get high, don’t let anyone fool you with that “it gives me a headache” bullshit cause it’s all thc, just different amounts in each kinda bud.

    • http://www.hipforums.com/newforums/forumdisplay.php?f=303 jimmyD

      I live in also FL and have been here almost all of my life.

      I get super phat Z’s of name brand stuff from each of 3 people that I know here.

      1 guy is better than the rest and is usually priciest for White Widow, Silver Haze and OG Kush.

      Z’s are 400 and 1/2 for 220; most often. Breaks on QP’s & more but I rarely get that much unless I’m going in with a friend. Late!

      • byranB

        @jimmyD You think you could help me find trees im in south florida, new to the area