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 February 11, 2010

digital scaleHow much does weed cost?

I don’t have a medical card nor do I grow illegally so I have to go out and find marijuana on the “black market.” One question that comes up often when talking to weed smokers all over is “how much should weed cost?” It’s an interesting question that depends on a lot of different factors. Here are a few things that go into determining the price of the weed you put into your bong bowl:

  1. 1.How good is the weed? Obviously, the dankest of the dank will run you more than a bag of swag. How to tell if your weed is good is a whole separate topic, but if you have been smoking for a while, you will know what you like.
  2. What part of the world do you live in? I have lived in many different parts of the U.S. And prices very wildly. I have paid as much as $70 for an eighth of an ounce and less then half of that in other parts.
  3. How good is your “connection?” This is a big factor. If you are buying weed from a cool person who you are friends with, you are less likely to get shorted or taxed (for those of you who don’t know, this is the extra $5 to $10 someone could charge on top of the actual cost). That’s the risk you run when you buy from strangers.
  4. Is it harvest time locally? This is only important if you live in a place that marijuana grows well outdoors. When harvest time comes around, everyone is working to get rid of their crop at the same time, which brings the prices way down. Yes, the concept of supply and demand even applies to the weed market.

All these factors combine to create a fair market price for your area. In Oregon, I consider $25-$40 for an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) or $150 – $250 for an ounce (28 grams) to be an average price for some good weed (no seeds, no unnecessary stems, well manicured, good smell, ect). But that’s Oregon where some of the best marijuana is grown (and a lot of it too!) so maybe I’m spoiled.

I invite you to post what the average price for weed in your area is. If you have a medical exception and your state has marijuana dispensaries, your input is also welcome. I don’t want this to become a “meet-a-dealer” advertising board but I think this is constructive debate that would be helpful for folks who want to know if they are getting ripped off or not.

P.S. No names or anything incriminating please! “Big brother” could be watching!

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I have been smoking marijuana for almost twenty years and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. My life was turned upside down in 2009 after getting arrested and tossed in jail for being in the wrong state with legal medical marijuana. I got fed up, and I now devote all my time to ending this insanity.I am responsible for the technical side of this project, but try to chip in when I can, either with syndicated articles or original content.Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.Feel free to email. any questions or concerns. Peace!
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  • Weed

    Smoke weed everyday


    $30 for an 1/8 here in Portland, OR. $100 for Half O. Typically always Hi-grade. If u can’t find reasonably priced packs out here on the west coast, you need to network more

    • gerf

      Live in ny so jealous of u west coast guys nothing but garbage out here and when weed comes legal out here it will b non smokeable😞

      • sara

        ur getting from the wrong people in NY , hmu 3476772269 I’ll hook u up say ur from NY from the weed blog

      • Mandi

        You just don’t have good connections, because there is definitely very good bud in NY. I’ve been to Cali, Colorado, and live in NY and have definitely gotten comparably good bud.

  • http://ozzmotik.com oz

    i personally live out in central tx (woo austin)

    prices here basically depend on if you’re buying the two types of weed that exist: dro (comparable to say headies), or reggie/schwag (which in my experience is usually sub-mid to high mids depending on dealer and season)

    the high quality shit will typically sell from anywhere between 10-20 a g, 45-60 an 8th. those are the only quantities I typically buy; I’ve gotten a half ounce 90 before, and sometimes I can get an eighth for 25. more often than not though, you’ll see prices between 15-20 a g, things tend to go on the high end

    as far as reggie goes, it’s typically a flat price of 2-3 a g, more often sold as dimes (usually about 4 or 5g for 10), dubs (10g for 20), half o for 25-30, and ounces for 50-60 (my preferred amount) though any dealer worth their salt will sell you however much you want (I would typically just request a 30 sack from my dealer for instance and trust that the laws of supply and demand wouldn’t fuck me over too much)

    prices in Austin where I live basically get better as you go further south. south Austin is pretty much stoner paradise here, even though Austin is in general a safe haven for stoners within the Bible belt

  • Avi Kampler

    275 haze baltimore md

  • Naomi Elizabeth Reese

    My partner has a MI med marijuana card and we have a smallish indoor grow. We had two crop failures and had to purchase it from a friend’s friend. It’s $80 a quarter and $140 a half. There aren’t normal dispensaries in MI and the cost has been prohibitive for me to join in.

    • katie

      I live in Michigan and pay 10$ a g, 25$ an eighth, 100$ a half o., and 200$ for an o.

      Never bought a quarter so I wouldn’t know. But all my shit is medical as well….

  • Yade

    I live in mn, and my “black market” usually are about $7-$10 per gram. Just bought a half o for 130. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

    • Yade

      Not to mention that it’s all medical/high grade.

    • HereToCorrectU

      Man sucks for you I just got a whole O for $160of OG

  • Braeden

    Hailing from BC Canada, 60/half 120/oz premium quality bc bud. All hail the holy leaf from the maple leaf!

  • clara anderson


    • Thomas Williams

      girl you be trippin I’m telling you right now there’s no way I get give half a gram $5 for no Reggie

      • HereToCorrectU

        Read what you just said bro. Wtf?

  • Connor Farnam

    I’m from “the hamptons” so they drive the prices up the wall. Pretty standard pricing of $20 g, $50-60 eighth, $90-$100 quarter, $150 half o, unless you know the dealer personally. It may be expensive but the weed isn’t that bad. Sometimes they even import the medical shit from Connecticut.

    • MrFeelAlright

      Even if it’s good product, those prices sound way over-the-top. I can get a q of good shit for way less – last night I bought a q of Washington state medical for $50 in a conservative Christian town.

      • Mandi

        I live in Upstate New York and our prices are exactly this. Weed prices differ by state and in NY these prices are pretty standard for good bud.

  • Quan Riley

    Half ounce of loud

    1/2 $80
    Ounce $165

  • Jimmy Jackson

    Where I live (The Isle of Man), it can cost up to $30 for a fiftieth of an ounce, since it’s a small island with strict drug laws (Unless you’re under 16, then it’s just a verbal warning )

    • Renaud Haynes

      In Atlanta
      .5= 10
      Prices vary on your plug

  • Derek

    Cincinnati Ohio good bud will go 80-100 for a quarter

  • Justin Bieber

    Northen California, OG for 1,800 p. Hit me up!

    • Cool runnings

      If for 1800?

    • Cool runnings


    • Felicia Sy

      Aye how much

  • dankkk $hit

    denver prices can be the shit depending who you buy from.
    .5 – 5$ (nobody really fucks with selling half g’s)
    1 – 10$
    1.5 – 15$ & so on ..
    a lot of co dealers hook it up whether you’re a stranger or not cause everyone’s high as fuck in colorado & nobody gives a shit lol.
    an eighth is usually around 20$, a quarter is around 40$ & half oz (depending on the dealer) is around 50- 70$ & an oz can be anywhere from 90-160, & if your dealer charges more than 160 for an oz, your dealer is probably a former crackhead who is an asshole. people don’t care whether it’s top shelf or regular dank shit , a g should be 10$ here, even with the greedy ass dealers.

  • Noname

    150$ how much grams half ounce about 100/120$

    • Noname

      100 none kush 120kush I’m getting kush ovs 150 mush u think?

  • Asher Corter

    Damn I must get roped in Oklahoma they ask $25 a g

    • Michaela

      Uhh… ya, im from oklahoma and ive paid no more than $20 for years. Might find a new plug buddy

    • Kyle

      Texas i get $10 for a g

  • Keith black

    I’m just trying to find a dependable person or order it off line something I’m tired of the bs

  • Keith black

    I’m in the centex area

  • Dan Nelson

    I know this is an older thread but have any of you guys checked out http://www.wikileaf.com before? You can compare prices of weed from licensed dispensaries and deliveries in 10 states. Denver and Portland look like the best places to get top shelf buds at affordable prices. I know PDX has a new tax rate that is about to kick in for their recreational scene so their prices might not stay so low. I was down there two weekends ago though for a Portland Trailblazers game and picked up some top shelf Trainwreck with a THC count of 25% for just $150/ounce. Hard to beat that!

    • Michael Buchner

      Hey pal, I’m going to Portland this Friday, 04/28/16 for my sons gradiation from college.. Can you guide me there to the heavenly dank which you speak of…please????
      Thanks pal,

  • larrywhite12

    South Florida for me…

    really good (medical quality) 160 – 170 for half oz
    regular high grade – 120 -150 for half an oz

  • Joshua Andrew

    Des Moines, Iowa
    half g- $10
    G- $20
    Half bag- $30
    Bag- $60
    Quarter- $140
    Etc. Etc.
    I always feel I’m being fucked but I might be wrong

    • Notgonnaputaname

      You are being fucked. im in iowa like 2 hours away and i pay 80 for a quarter 250 for an ounce

      • Jay

        Your getting fucked in texas i get an quarter for 50 an ounce for 100

        • Kyle

          Shits so cheap down here but i dont know that many people with good quality product

    • Kyle

      $20 for a G! nigga dealers love you! ahahahha

      • dmadd12

        You are not getting fucked, you are just running into some bomb ass loud or exotic weed, the rest of you that think that he is, must be stuck in the 80’s still on the reggie or mid level dirt cabbage.

      • Jack

        swim only pays like 5 bucks lol if you are paying anymore than 5 bucks per gram you are getting ripped off swim can get an ounce for like 50 bucks and it is the good shit too OG kush, Gorilla glue, diesel, you name it. I live in the bay area.

        • Semaj

          I need one of those ounces

        • Justin

          50 bucks an ounce for those in the bay???? Where the heck are you getting this lmao

  • Rufai K

    I have been to so many States in USA before, its very difficult to find any weed around with good qualities and at an affordable price.
    I was lucky enough to get a good hook up, discreet and then he gave me top quality..
    The laws are strict but i had fun with some good weed cos i had a reliable and discreet connect.
    You can reach him at ( primemedicoltd *at* gmail *dot* com ), he will help you with some good green.

  • Cayden Sauls

    I live in Humboldt County and you can get some hella dank shit for 5-10 dollars a gram or you can get some shitty weed for like 10 dollars an eighth

  • denzel kushington

    You are an idoit if you pay more than 10G. My guy gets his ounces for as low as 150-180 and its some good ass stuff. AZ has some good prices.

  • https://Google.com Nina C

    I do not recommend anyone to do drugs. Weed is a drug. One leads to another. Next it will be cocaine and so on.

    • Ryan

      You’re a fucking idiot

    • Antonio

      I am 53 Ms Nina. I smoked my first joint at 13yo. That has NEVER happened to me or many many other people so take your Gateway theory and direct your misguided opinions someplace else. I suggest christian-hypocrites. There is a taboo subculture that needs to be called out for what they are.

  • David

    Currently paying around 170 for an ounce of good mids here in Chicago.

  • Ryyking21

    I live in pa and the best i can get is 15 to 20 a g
    not many very good connectioins at my age