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selling marijuanaI have been smoking marijuana for the better part of two decades. Ninjasmoker and Miggy420 have also been consuming marijuana for a long, long time. Naturally, we have come across several types of marijuana dealers; some good, and some bad. This article is intended for entertainment purposes and who knows, maybe people will learn some tricks and tips that might educate them a bit.

This article (the first of a three part series) is about selling marijuana the old fashioned way. If you live in a state that has dispensaries or collectives, then you might not relate to this article anymore, but it is still worth reading to reminisce about the good old days. For the vast majority of Americans, who live in non-medical marijuana dispensary states, buying/selling marijuana on the down low is the only option. I know dozens of active sellers in my part of America, and talk to hundreds of others online, and I have compiled a guide to help others in the industry. Load up your bong and let’s get to it.

A major item that any marijuana dealer needs is a scale. I remember in the early 90′s when a ‘digi’ would cost over $100. In 2010, they are all over the State of Oregon for $40 these days, and if you go online, they are even cheaper. My personal favorite brand is Ohaus, which is a higher end model. But the main thing to get is one with a 0.0 reading, brand can be secondary. You will be weighing out 3.5 gram increments, so the scale obviously has to be able to display a reading that includes tenths. Make sure to check that it works before you buy it (which is impossible online) if you can. Use nickels, which weight 5 grams, or if you’re lucky, your scale comes with a calibration weight. Make sure to be comfortable with your purchase because your scale will be a significant part of your life for the years to come.

Another thing that you will need is a cell phone. We no longer live in the era of pagers and answering machines. If lag too long, your customer will go elsewhere. You will be looking at your phone screen more than your own face from now on, so you might as well get something that suits yourself. There used to be a day when people thought cell phones and pagers were for drug dealers and doctors only. Now, I even see bums with cell phones.

An obvious item that you will need are start up funds. The most common entry level into the marijuana industry is the half ounce. It breaks into 4 eighths, or 8 dubs depending on where you’re at, and so flipping the first 3/4ths of it usually results in a free eighth as the seller. One lesson that every successful dealer learns early is that ‘the larger the bank roll, the better it is for business.’ The more you can buy, the cheaper it is, the longer you can sit on it, the longer you can float it out, and therefore, the easier it is to do business. One of my dealers would always refer to his enterprise as a machine, and that money was lube for that machine. Makes sense.

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • tokingchills

    You talked about the harassing customer, which I agree is annoying to an unbelievable extent. Equally annoying, though apparently overlooked on occasion, is professionalism in your deals. You may be breaking the law, but you are still providing a service to the community, and you should be punctual and professional in your deals. One guy I tried to deal with made no effort to make the deal. The first time, I waited at the meet spot for 2o minutes, texted him twice (Yo, where are you?) and caled him, only to find out his phone was off. The next day, I drove out to meet him, only to be told he was 15 minutes away, then to sit in a parking lot for an hour waiting, sketchy as fuck. He told me he was there, which he wasn’t, and told me I didn’t call him the day before, which I did.

    TL;DR Don’t get ridiculous with people’s demands, but don’t stand them up either. You’re not moving any product if you miss meets and people leave.

  • http://generalen-utan-arme.tld General Knark

    Well this was all very basic, I’m looking forward to the next two parts.

    I would like to add the postal service, I love the postal service!

    Being tech savvy and using the postal service is to your advantage. Go on secure IRC networks that use SSL. Find customers the usual social way, interaction, becoming e-buddies and such. There’s a clear advantage if you’ve been on IRC since the olden days.

    Then invite them into private chats and recommend/show them how to use secure IRC with SSL encryption. When in a private chat the channel between the two of you is secure.

    In there you can conduct all kinds of business. And the postal service in Europe, where my experience comes from, is very reliable and has never had any kind of sniffing dogs or equipment to find drugs.

    Of course you keep it national and western union offices exist everywhere.

    That is the best tip I can give for the general population.

    Other than that, I consider growers to be a gold mine as long as they’re personal friends and you’re their only dealer. Low prices, awesome shit, you can even influence what you get by coming up with suggestions for the next strain.

    Oh and one small addendum, for the postal service, get smelly proof baggies. They’re not sealed with heat and aluminum like some real smuggler bags are but they are enough for sending over night in the mail. You can get them in the UK from

    When dealing online and through the postal service, keep your mouth shut and your circle of friends small. I really love growers who are kind eremites and love being alone. They don’t let people into their grow spaces and they are very reliable.

    One dealer friend once gave me an advice, people will always want more, give them a discount and they’ll want a rebate. Everyone is just out to get the most for their buck from you, so don’t have a bleeding heart but at the same time you must be diplomatic.

  • Garrett Smith

    Hey, I live in oregon also and gotta say love the cannabis. I’ve been selling for a while now, and have found that all it takes is solid fat sacks to everyone. Nothing under 1.9 for a dub and 3.8 for an 8th. Then the price reduction on larger quantities always helps move more product at once. Like say 35$ an 8th and 70$ a quarter. After that just be chill with everyone and never let the word “skimp” enter your vocabulary

    • Skier4life6

      You still selling?

  • miggy420

    Love the article and the comments, all good info

  • PokeAlotaSmot420
  • gcr

    i read this the day it came out. im eagerly waiting for the next part. checking every day!
    very good article.

  • Ejaz

    Hi Everybody,
    Here in Pakistan we have very large quantity of Hemp seeds and their products are available, and I want to export it in your countries but don’t know how to do that. Please anyone guide me how to do that I can arrange samples for you.
    Best Regards,

    • chill

      email me with what you got. maybe we can fiure something out

    • Flyhigh

      Eyyy email with your product bro. Maybe we can make arrangements.

  • becka

    How to contact you? Real offer… send email

  • kushnstuff

    How do you find a grower willing to do business with you for the very first time?

    • yummybear

      make relationships jump the hoops and go out on a limb

    • smoke

      you kick it with dealers and stoners a lot . sooner or later u will be invited to kick it with a grower and there u go(dont ask first time they wont trust u ask after u get to know the grower) btw i wouldnt do this if your 18 just make “tobacco pipes” and “water pipes” or just get a real job.

  • kushpals

    SB-SD hit me up on email. can ship.
    very cheap. hmu

  • Steven Mckinney

    Ok, im 16 years old and dont have a car yet. I havent started dealing yet but im planing to start. I need to know any one who would sell to me in bulk. I only have 20 bucks so far but im getting a 100 dollar check soon in the mail for a late b-day present. I live in texas.around dallas. Im not giving exact info for sake of my safety but if you know any one who will drive close to me (claoser to arlington) – email me at And i need to know where to get alot of small gram baggies from. Kids in high school (my future costomers) only buy abouy 1-3 grams at a time.

    • Anonymous

      To: “Steven Mckinney”
      I am absolutely amazed, c’mon man, you just put your name in the comment… Look, ether this is ‘entrapment’ and in that case I wonder if I can find a police station as your IP’s adresses location. Or, you really don’t know that this is against the law and will cause your life quality to deminish by having to spend quite some time in a juvenile detention facility… In either case I reccomend that you drop this idea, you don’t sound like a drug dealer with connections but rather a kid that does not seem to enjoy a decent amount of poket money from your parents. Don’t get yourself into this, and please, please, please don’t even think of replying to any emails regarding sale offers, if you are a kid (and not an officer) then the person contacting you IS!

  • kushsmoker

    this fits me 100% i been dealing since 2006 and i ran into everything u talked about in this article!!

    窶郎ou can sheer a sheep many times, but you can only skin them once.’

    thats too real!!

  • bossman

    im trying to find a grower that can send bud in bulk.. holla at me so we can do business

    • komakech

      contact me

      • IgnorantShit

        can you send to canada
        i got cash
        need a solid hookup

        contact me please

        • Yourdealer

          Where in Canada?text 5145625474

          • langoise

            contact me, lots f bud at great discount prices and even fronts for very nice peeps!!!!! Volume discounts!!!!!
            Mail order/COD cross canada……

          • madhater

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    • yummybear

      I can … in So Cal

      • DEE

        im in ohio, i need a new hook up email me Desalegn22@GMAIL.COM

        • madman

          Any dealers in Florida

          • johnnychen

            where you live at?

          • alex

            i need a grower in florida, i stay in broward

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          • theJman

            I Stay in Broward, Florida aswell! i need a bulk seller –

          • Kyle O’Bryant

            Emailed you my number..

          • Dgd2903

            I’m in broward too

          • droblower420

            what part?

          • miami boyz

            I wanna start dealing i’m in miami fl halla at me

      • Buyer

        You willing to ship La

      • Azbuddah

        U down to send to Tucson AZ?

  • Rick Minor

    I live in California as a medical mj recipient. I grow the legal limit for the 3 people in my house. Its fun. I plan on selling excess medication to a medical marijuana bud tender delivery driver. They’ve already offered me about 55% retail for product I haven’t grown yet. I will say after harvesting my first crop–and realizing the cash value vs input–it really can be like money growing on trees across the board. (Even if you never sell it).

    I think this advice is solid even in this community. Loose ships sink ships. I’ve hinted to a few family members and friends that I”m pretty involved in the MJ community. These people are like leeches. I keep to myself now. I don’t offer any free bees. Growing MJ is a lot of work and even legally grown there is a risk of crop failure and the loss of time, money, and resources…not to mention the Feds.

  • Bob

    A few things you totally forgot to even come close to touching base on.

    1. Exchanging product for stolen items.
    In my opinion, this is very important and many amateurs fall in for this. Someone will come to your house, offer you something very expensive (iPad, Flat Screen, Etc..) and ask for a small amount of your product. Sounds like a great deal, you get the item at a great price and your paying at a discounted amount. WRONG this is a horrible idea. Having stolen property allows police to search your home. If the person who sold you the item gets caught, they will be offered a lighter sentence for reviling who they stole it from. That will easily get the police searching your home.

    2. Selling to young kids.
    Some times, someones little brother wants to buy from you and they happen to bring a younger friend to the meet or your home, say 12-13 and he too wants to buy some? I personally avoid selling to anyone under age. Most of the time police will even know that you sell, but if its a small amount and to adults, they will just wait for you to slip up to bust you. However, if they have a screaming parent calling the police and demanding they make an arrest, well you might as well have shot the kid cause your moving up the ‘todo list’ quickly.

    3. Offering other types of drugs.
    Another important thing, many times your supplier may have other products your buyers might be interested in. My advice is this, if you live in Canada stick with Pot or Hash, both are only minor offences and having under 6.5 pounds in your possession is 2-5 years, while having more then 6.5 or cocaine can run you 20 years to life.

  • Livingsteelfitness

    Hello, I would like to work in the M.J. industry. I don’t know if I want to work at a co-op, but I don’t have the money to buy an oz or anything. I am really into full legalization, but since I just graduated college and can’t find work, I want to work for M.J. Does anybody have any ideas?

    • bob


      • William Reilly

        GROW AMERICA, USA #1

  • Xtroublemakerx92

    anyone in nj near rahway willing to sell me an ounce so i can start selling, real offer. send me contact info.

  • whiteguy4467

    ok i want to start dealing but i have no idea where to get a scale and i dont know what to do about prices.. can you help me out

    • Bhalmai75

      To get a scale all you have to do is go on eBay and the price it depends where you live

    • Bhalmai75

      To get a scale all you have to do is go on eBay and the price it depends where you live

  • buddy roe

    dang this ws a real good article..I was reading the gun section and the part that said ” if you need to carry a gun around then you are dealing to the wrong people…and i respect that comment because i just want to have a nice small chunk in my pocket to enjoy not trying to be rich of this im in college lol….but i am looking to just sell to close friends and the party scene. I just need prices and weight so i can get started…some one send me an email…

  • 88luisc

    Anyone in Vegas 702

    • DankAF

      I’m in Vegas are you looking to buy or are you a dealer?

  • weedeater

    any1 live in dallas texas? im intrested in starting.. can someone help me out?

    • Zach420

      I live in grapevine. Im trying to get started to.

    • HighLifeXc

      Dude hit me up im starting to. I live in mesquite though.

      • PO fella

        Need a hook up

  • Jesse Todd

    Does anybody live in Winnipeg Manitoba?
    Been selling for a while, need a new customerbase.
    The whole gun things a bitch

    This is a real offer, got the cash sitting in my safe in my closet.

  • IgnorantShit

    Does anybody live in Winnipeg Manitoba
    Im looking to expand my business

    • barbie

      how bout u expand to dc

  • Boco
    • Boco

      a town near ny, ny

  • Johnpaulhardman

    helena montana anybody. looking for a dealer.

  • Lulzanderson

    Anyone dealers or wanna be dealers in Charlotte nc? 704 baby

    • red_eyes

      what part of charlotte u in hommie

      • mrtibbs

        Hey if you drive I’m looking for an ounce of somr specific types of weed like a quarter of strawberry kush and another one of pineapple express I’m in SC though

    • merchant

      i wanna be a dealer in western nc. Maybe we could work something out

    • Lil hommie

      wat part of charlotte u stay?

    • Paul MO

      Lookin to get an ounce to start my own “business” hmu

  • CodyyW

    Any dealers in Hampton VA?

  • John Casey

    Looking for Wholesale dealers in Chicago Area.テつ Need Mid and High End.テつ Need Volume.

  • Ganjaman420

    I need a trustworthy dealer. Contact me. 8178452598. Or

  • Cdement30

    Anyone around Ohio Chillicothe area that has good green for the low??? I’m interested

    • Stiltsdabomb

      If you have a ride to groveport i can deal. 614-359-6854 if you in ohio in the columbus area hmu i got the trees.

  • Bermuda

    Looking for cheap and good weed? Send me a mail. Everything will be delivered by mail. ( (1GR = 10 Euro.)

  • Jamesearlnewsom

    i admire the help bro thank you, coming from seattle wa

  • Ajday98

    Any one in Idaho? Looking for a grower to get started hit me up at my email.

  • Loudpaperboy

    Anyone live in South Florida? Looking for a grower and on the come up. Hit me up,, business for sure!

  • Xxredgravexx

    Yo sup, anyone in the 203 or 860 I got some bomb high grade exotic, hit me on my email if you are and need those trees.

  • Hsha1212

    Anyone in chicago selling loud? Growers preferred but notテつnecessaryテつas long as your price is right.I’m not willing to drop more than 2 bills on an O. Email me at if you can help me out :)テつ

  • here now gone

    Il area cheep prices hmu robspanks@Gmail dot com

  • Nick LaPlante

    Anyone selling in Gilbert, Az I’ll buy


  • Bfmv1212

    North DALLAS area I’m looking for hookups to start selling Hmu bfmv1212@gmail dot com

  • Rindtp75

    anybody know where the trees are in South Jersey? I’m new to the area and in desperate need of a good hookup…if your around the glassboro area hit me up at

    • Jay

      by point pleasent/ seaside area?

  • Bellapie320

    Looking for hookup to start dealing in the 661 or 818.

  • Danky Kushwreck

    anyone in the cleveland area?

    • CannabisKing

      I’ll have some in about 2 months. I’m a new grower and this is my second grow.

      • organic513

        I live in cincy what’s up I need a hookup preferably a front but I know how people are about that

    • fitzdman
  • Merchant

    Needing a Bulk dealer in NC

  • mrtibbs

    Hey i stay in SC and thinking of dealing my self but for right now i just need a dealer that stay with exotic and knows his stuff any one out there that is willing to mail an O or stays near florence SC?

  • yummybear

    I can ship on the 25th to Canada from So Cal I have only Grand Daddy Purple left
    and 4 pounds what you pay for an ounce and shipping?

  • yummybear

    shipping at the end of june from so cal. non rec state dealers need to email to get a relationship started with me this Top Shelf Hydro Grown indica

  • disqus_SOGCJdMuP8

    Need hook ups tryin to grow in sell someone in west texas or some place get at me at

    • smoke

      dude r u a fucking dumbass or a cop? u don’t ask for weed online

  • Purplehazer12

    If you’re looking good West Coast product: Kona Gold, Maui Wowie, Grand Daddy purps. Drop me a line

    • barbie

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      • Purplehazer12

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  • thc

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