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How to Be a Marijuana Dealer – Starting Up


selling marijuana

I have been smoking marijuana for the better part of two decades. Ninjasmoker and Travis have also been consuming marijuana for a long, long time. Naturally, we have come across several types of marijuana dealers; some good, and some bad. This article is intended for entertainment purposes and who knows, maybe people will learn some tricks and tips that might educate them a bit.

This article (the first of a three part series) is about selling marijuana the old fashioned way. If you live in a state that has dispensaries or collectives, then you might not relate to this article anymore, but it is still worth reading to reminisce about the good old days. For the vast majority of Americans, who live in non-medical marijuana dispensary states, buying/selling marijuana on the down low is the only option. I know dozens of active sellers in my part of America, and talk to hundreds of others online, and I have compiled a guide to help others in the industry. Load up your bong and let’s get to it.


A major item that any marijuana dealer needs is a scale. I remember in the early 90’s when a ‘digi’ would cost over $100. In 2010, they are all over the State of Oregon for $40 these days, and if you go online, they are even cheaper. My personal favorite brand is Ohaus, which is a higher end model. But the main thing to get is one with a 0.0 reading, brand can be secondary. You will be weighing out 3.5 gram increments, so the scale obviously has to be able to display a reading that includes tenths. Make sure to check that it works before you buy it (which is impossible online) if you can. Use nickels, which weight 5 grams, or if you’re lucky, your scale comes with a calibration weight. Make sure to be comfortable with your purchase because your scale will be a significant part of your life for the years to come.

Another thing that you will need is a cell phone. We no longer live in the era of pagers and answering machines. If lag too long, your customer will go elsewhere. You will be looking at your phone screen more than your own face from now on, so you might as well get something that suits yourself. There used to be a day when people thought cell phones and pagers were for drug dealers and doctors only. Now, I even see bums with cell phones.

An obvious item that you will need are start up funds. The most common entry level into the marijuana industry is the half ounce. It breaks into 4 eighths, or 8 dubs depending on where you’re at, and so flipping the first 3/4ths of it usually results in a free eighth as the seller. One lesson that every successful dealer learns early is that ‘the larger the bank roll, the better it is for business.’ The more you can buy, the cheaper it is, the longer you can sit on it, the longer you can float it out, and therefore, the easier it is to do business. One of my dealers would always refer to his enterprise as a machine, and that money was lube for that machine. Makes sense.

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  • tokingchills

    You talked about the harassing customer, which I agree is annoying to an unbelievable extent. Equally annoying, though apparently overlooked on occasion, is professionalism in your deals. You may be breaking the law, but you are still providing a service to the community, and you should be punctual and professional in your deals. One guy I tried to deal with made no effort to make the deal. The first time, I waited at the meet spot for 2o minutes, texted him twice (Yo, where are you?) and caled him, only to find out his phone was off. The next day, I drove out to meet him, only to be told he was 15 minutes away, then to sit in a parking lot for an hour waiting, sketchy as fuck. He told me he was there, which he wasn’t, and told me I didn’t call him the day before, which I did.

    TL;DR Don’t get ridiculous with people’s demands, but don’t stand them up either. You’re not moving any product if you miss meets and people leave.

  • Well this was all very basic, I’m looking forward to the next two parts.

    I would like to add the postal service, I love the postal service!

    Being tech savvy and using the postal service is to your advantage. Go on secure IRC networks that use SSL. Find customers the usual social way, interaction, becoming e-buddies and such. There’s a clear advantage if you’ve been on IRC since the olden days.

    Then invite them into private chats and recommend/show them how to use secure IRC with SSL encryption. When in a private chat the channel between the two of you is secure.

    In there you can conduct all kinds of business. And the postal service in Europe, where my experience comes from, is very reliable and has never had any kind of sniffing dogs or equipment to find drugs.

    Of course you keep it national and western union offices exist everywhere.

    That is the best tip I can give for the general population.

    Other than that, I consider growers to be a gold mine as long as they’re personal friends and you’re their only dealer. Low prices, awesome shit, you can even influence what you get by coming up with suggestions for the next strain.

    Oh and one small addendum, for the postal service, get smelly proof baggies. They’re not sealed with heat and aluminum like some real smuggler bags are but they are enough for sending over night in the mail. You can get them in the UK from everyonedoesit.co.uk.

    When dealing online and through the postal service, keep your mouth shut and your circle of friends small. I really love growers who are kind eremites and love being alone. They don’t let people into their grow spaces and they are very reliable.

    One dealer friend once gave me an advice, people will always want more, give them a discount and they’ll want a rebate. Everyone is just out to get the most for their buck from you, so don’t have a bleeding heart but at the same time you must be diplomatic.

  • Garrett Smith

    Hey, I live in oregon also and gotta say love the cannabis. I’ve been selling for a while now, and have found that all it takes is solid fat sacks to everyone. Nothing under 1.9 for a dub and 3.8 for an 8th. Then the price reduction on larger quantities always helps move more product at once. Like say 35$ an 8th and 70$ a quarter. After that just be chill with everyone and never let the word “skimp” enter your vocabulary

    • Skier4life6

      You still selling?

  • miggy420

    Love the article and the comments, all good info

  • gcr

    i read this the day it came out. im eagerly waiting for the next part. checking every day!
    very good article.

  • Ejaz

    Hi Everybody,
    Here in Pakistan we have very large quantity of Hemp seeds and their products are available, and I want to export it in your countries but don’t know how to do that. Please anyone guide me how to do that I can arrange samples for you.
    Best Regards,

    • chill

      email me with what you got. maybe we can fiure something out moreandy@aol.com

    • Flyhigh

      Eyyy email with your product bro. Maybe we can make arrangements. pbnj0311@gmail.com

  • becka

    How to contact you? Real offer… send email

  • kushnstuff

    How do you find a grower willing to do business with you for the very first time?

    • yummybear

      make relationships jump the hoops and go out on a limb

    • smoke

      you kick it with dealers and stoners a lot . sooner or later u will be invited to kick it with a grower and there u go(dont ask first time they wont trust u ask after u get to know the grower) btw i wouldnt do this if your 18 just make “tobacco pipes” and “water pipes” or just get a real job.

  • kushpals

    SB-SD hit me up on email. can ship. ltp14k@aol.com
    very cheap. hmu

  • Steven Mckinney

    Ok, im 16 years old and dont have a car yet. I havent started dealing yet but im planing to start. I need to know any one who would sell to me in bulk. I only have 20 bucks so far but im getting a 100 dollar check soon in the mail for a late b-day present. I live in texas.around dallas. Im not giving exact info for sake of my safety but if you know any one who will drive close to me (claoser to arlington) – email me at steven.mckinney@gmx.com. And i need to know where to get alot of small gram baggies from. Kids in high school (my future costomers) only buy abouy 1-3 grams at a time.

    • Anonymous

      To: “Steven Mckinney”
      I am absolutely amazed, c’mon man, you just put your name in the comment… Look, ether this is ‘entrapment’ and in that case I wonder if I can find a police station as your IP’s adresses location. Or, you really don’t know that this is against the law and will cause your life quality to deminish by having to spend quite some time in a juvenile detention facility… In either case I reccomend that you drop this idea, you don’t sound like a drug dealer with connections but rather a kid that does not seem to enjoy a decent amount of poket money from your parents. Don’t get yourself into this, and please, please, please don’t even think of replying to any emails regarding sale offers, if you are a kid (and not an officer) then the person contacting you IS!

  • kushsmoker

    this fits me 100% i been dealing since 2006 and i ran into everything u talked about in this article!!

    ‘You can sheer a sheep many times, but you can only skin them once.’

    thats too real!!

  • bossman

    im trying to find a grower that can send bud in bulk.. holla at me so we can do business

    • komakech

      contact me

      • IgnorantShit

        can you send to canada
        i got cash
        need a solid hookup

        contact me please

        • Yourdealer

          Where in Canada?text 5145625474

          • langoise

            contact me, lots f bud at great discount prices and even fronts for very nice peeps!!!!! Volume discounts!!!!!
            Mail order/COD cross canada……

          • madhater

            Please get with me @Darren12252001@gmail.com

    • yummybear

      I can … in So Cal

      • DEE

        im in ohio, i need a new hook up email me Desalegn22@GMAIL.COM

        • madman

          Any dealers in Florida

          • johnnychen

            where you live at?

          • alex

            i need a grower in florida, i stay in broward

          • theJman


          • schaef


          • theJman

            I Stay in Broward, Florida aswell! i need a bulk seller – xParAdIcex@gmail.com

          • Kyle O’Bryant

            Emailed you my number..

          • Dgd2903

            I’m in broward too

          • droblower420

            what part?

          • miami boyz

            I wanna start dealing i’m in miami fl halla at me

      • Buyer

        You willing to ship La

      • Azbuddah

        U down to send to Tucson AZ?

  • Rick Minor

    I live in California as a medical mj recipient. I grow the legal limit for the 3 people in my house. Its fun. I plan on selling excess medication to a medical marijuana bud tender delivery driver. They’ve already offered me about 55% retail for product I haven’t grown yet. I will say after harvesting my first crop–and realizing the cash value vs input–it really can be like money growing on trees across the board. (Even if you never sell it).

    I think this advice is solid even in this community. Loose ships sink ships. I’ve hinted to a few family members and friends that I”m pretty involved in the MJ community. These people are like leeches. I keep to myself now. I don’t offer any free bees. Growing MJ is a lot of work and even legally grown there is a risk of crop failure and the loss of time, money, and resources…not to mention the Feds.

  • Bob

    A few things you totally forgot to even come close to touching base on.

    1. Exchanging product for stolen items.
    In my opinion, this is very important and many amateurs fall in for this. Someone will come to your house, offer you something very expensive (iPad, Flat Screen, Etc..) and ask for a small amount of your product. Sounds like a great deal, you get the item at a great price and your paying at a discounted amount. WRONG this is a horrible idea. Having stolen property allows police to search your home. If the person who sold you the item gets caught, they will be offered a lighter sentence for reviling who they stole it from. That will easily get the police searching your home.

    2. Selling to young kids.
    Some times, someones little brother wants to buy from you and they happen to bring a younger friend to the meet or your home, say 12-13 and he too wants to buy some? I personally avoid selling to anyone under age. Most of the time police will even know that you sell, but if its a small amount and to adults, they will just wait for you to slip up to bust you. However, if they have a screaming parent calling the police and demanding they make an arrest, well you might as well have shot the kid cause your moving up the ‘todo list’ quickly.

    3. Offering other types of drugs.
    Another important thing, many times your supplier may have other products your buyers might be interested in. My advice is this, if you live in Canada stick with Pot or Hash, both are only minor offences and having under 6.5 pounds in your possession is 2-5 years, while having more then 6.5 or cocaine can run you 20 years to life.

  • Livingsteelfitness

    Hello, I would like to work in the M.J. industry. I don’t know if I want to work at a co-op, but I don’t have the money to buy an oz or anything. I am really into full legalization, but since I just graduated college and can’t find work, I want to work for M.J. Does anybody have any ideas?

  • Xtroublemakerx92

    anyone in nj near rahway willing to sell me an ounce so i can start selling, real offer. send me contact info.

    • spiffycliffy

       im in carteret, looking to possibly unload

      • Bret

        contact me.  brethall45@yahoo.com

    • Bret

      contact me.  brethall45@yahoo.com

  • whiteguy4467

    ok i want to start dealing but i have no idea where to get a scale and i dont know what to do about prices.. can you help me out

    • Bhalmai75

      To get a scale all you have to do is go on eBay and the price it depends where you live

    • Bhalmai75

      To get a scale all you have to do is go on eBay and the price it depends where you live

  • buddy roe

    dang this ws a real good article..I was reading the gun section and the part that said ” if you need to carry a gun around then you are dealing to the wrong people…and i respect that comment because i just want to have a nice small chunk in my pocket to enjoy whenever..im not trying to be rich of this im in college lol….but i am looking to just sell to close friends and the party scene. I just need prices and weight so i can get started…some one send me an email…CharlieT305@yahoo.com

  • 88luisc

    Anyone in Vegas 702

    • DankAF

      I’m in Vegas are you looking to buy or are you a dealer?

  • weedeater

    any1 live in dallas texas? im intrested in starting.. can someone help me out?

    • Zach420

      I live in grapevine. Im trying to get started to.

    • HighLifeXc

      Dude hit me up im starting to. I live in mesquite though.

      • PO fella

        Need a hook up

  • Jesse Todd

    Does anybody live in Winnipeg Manitoba?
    Been selling for a while, need a new customerbase.
    The whole gun things a bitch

    This is a real offer, got the cash sitting in my safe in my closet.

  • IgnorantShit

    Does anybody live in Winnipeg Manitoba
    Im looking to expand my business

    • barbie

      how bout u expand to dc

  • Boco
    • Boco

      a town near ny, ny

  • Johnpaulhardman

    helena montana anybody. looking for a dealer. johnpaulhardman@live.com

  • Lulzanderson

    Anyone dealers or wanna be dealers in Charlotte nc? 704 baby

    • red_eyes

      what part of charlotte u in hommie

      • mrtibbs

        Hey if you drive I’m looking for an ounce of somr specific types of weed like a quarter of strawberry kush and another one of pineapple express I’m in SC though

    • merchant

      i wanna be a dealer in western nc. Maybe we could work something out

    • Lil hommie

      wat part of charlotte u stay?

    • Paul MO

      Lookin to get an ounce to start my own “business” hmu

  • CodyyW

    Any dealers in Hampton VA?

  • John Casey

    Looking for Wholesale dealers in Chicago Area.  Need Mid and High End.  Need Volume.

  • Ganjaman420

    I need a trustworthy dealer. Contact me. 8178452598. Or zacharydean09@gmail.com

  • Cdement30

    Anyone around Ohio Chillicothe area that has good green for the low??? I’m interested

    • Stiltsdabomb

      If you have a ride to groveport i can deal. 614-359-6854 if you in ohio in the columbus area hmu i got the trees.

  • Bermuda

    Looking for cheap and good weed? Send me a mail. Everything will be delivered by mail. (whatsuphomiez@gmail.com) (1GR = 10 Euro.)

  • Jamesearlnewsom

    i admire the help bro thank you, coming from seattle wa

  • Ajday98

    Any one in Idaho? Looking for a grower to get started hit me up at my email. ajday98@yahoo.com

  • Loudpaperboy

    Anyone live in South Florida? Looking for a grower and on the come up. Hit me up, loudpaperboy@live.com, business for sure!

  • Xxredgravexx

    Yo sup, anyone in the 203 or 860 I got some bomb high grade exotic, hit me on my email if you are and need those trees. xxredgravexx@yahoo.com

  • Hsha1212

    Anyone in chicago selling loud? Growers preferred but not necessary as long as your price is right.I’m not willing to drop more than 2 bills on an O. Email me at hsha1212@yahoo.com if you can help me out :) 

  • here now gone

    Il area cheep prices hmu robspanks@Gmail dot com

  • Nick LaPlante

    Anyone selling in Gilbert, Az I’ll buy

    Contact nlaplantebuy@gmail.com

  • Bfmv1212

    North DALLAS area I’m looking for hookups to start selling Hmu bfmv1212@gmail dot com

  • Rindtp75

    anybody know where the trees are in South Jersey? I’m new to the area and in desperate need of a good hookup…if your around the glassboro area hit me up at Rindtp75@gmail.com

    • Jay

      by point pleasent/ seaside area?

  • Bellapie320

    Looking for hookup to start dealing in the 661 or 818.

  • Danky Kushwreck

    anyone in the cleveland area?

    • CannabisKing

      I’ll have some in about 2 months. I’m a new grower and this is my second grow.

      • organic513

        I live in cincy what’s up I need a hookup preferably a front but I know how people are about that

    • fitzdman
  • Merchant

    Needing a Bulk dealer in NC

  • mrtibbs

    Hey i stay in SC and thinking of dealing my self but for right now i just need a dealer that stay with exotic and knows his stuff any one out there that is willing to mail an O or stays near florence SC?

  • yummybear

    I can ship on the 25th to Canada from So Cal I have only Grand Daddy Purple left
    and 4 pounds what you pay for an ounce and shipping?

  • yummybear

    shipping at the end of june from so cal. non rec state dealers need to email privatefunding@consultant.com to get a relationship started with me this Top Shelf Hydro Grown indica

  • disqus_SOGCJdMuP8

    Need hook ups tryin to grow in sell someone in west texas or some place get at me at JayyHdez@hotmail.com

    • smoke

      dude r u a fucking dumbass or a cop? u don’t ask for weed online

  • Purplehazer12

    If you’re looking good West Coast product: Kona Gold, Maui Wowie, Grand Daddy purps. Drop me a line jdrop3251@gmail.com

    • barbie

      im tryn be a dealer and im a pretty female;)

      • Purplehazer12

        if your really serious. we can help you. we offer starter kits.

        • aimer_solyrical

          Im interested and VERY serious ! im going to email or you can email me at faylenj@yahoo.com

      • dont do it purplehazer12

        narc narc narc narc narc narc

    • madhater

      Looking for just that hit me u Darren12252001@gmail.com

  • jimmie kush

    all the people commenting make me sad

  • thc

    Who is in alabama? Need oz hookups for now

  • Barbie

    Hey Im a ligh skin girl looking to deal any offers .I stay in dc and tryin make more money anmakethe supplier more money.contact me smilecrazy01@yahoo.com

  • smoked0ut

    yo anyone in the chicago/wheaton area wanna start dealin with me? hmu

  • smoked0ut

    yo anyone in the chicago/naperville area or close wanna start dealin with me? hmu

  • alan on dat kush

    anyone need pot im sellin 7 grams 4 80$ of some hi-dro and 20$ a nick of mango kush

    • yadira

      I Do But I Live In Dallas Tx

      • HustlinTech210

        Ay I’m in San Antonio! If you move a lot would you wanna start me up? Comment back if you’re interested.

  • klizix

    Any dealers in west washington?

    • Fire

      I can help u out. I stay in the auburn area

  • Marijuana man

    Anyone Who can sell in Montana email me at builderman98@yahoo.com

  • looking for a hookup in portland oregon hit me up l3ol3@me.com

  • john

    Look, need a for real hook up, by mail, unless you are in indiana. I also have a great hook for shrooms. Willing to trade, or am charging 150 oz. I need a concious, smart dealer willing to do work by mail. Email me asap at mycologistin420@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you real soon

  • Jayydoe

    I wanna start to sell, hit me up to do some business. live in miami lakes.

  • 420

    High grade indoor/outdoor for decent prices
    Only trying to deal with customers who are looking for weight, minimum 2oz or more
    I’m currently in Colorado growing for medical dispensaries and looking for serious customers.
    If you want great medical grade bud and business email me at: vansoffthewall1225@gmail.com

    I pick and choose who I want to deal with at the end of the day, so if you seem sketchy, I will discontinue any communication

  • weed

    Haye man I’m lookin for a plug if ur intrested but jst email at kellomdericco@gmail.com

  • OA Naija

    I live in the elkridge/Columbia/Baltimore area of Maryland. And I’d like to start any takers. Chiefnaija@aol.com

  • jp

    anyone know a grower in the DC area? my hookup is loin at time

  • ayothatkidd

    Any sellers in Long Beach ? Need a good start off supply and price

  • watchpower

    I live in NJ need a bulk hook up

  • thedealer

    Live in Baltimore, Maryland, looking for more customers.

    • Newbee

      Do you have seeds available? What kind? I am in Philly. I can drive. hit4me100@yahoo.com

  • W C

    who can hook it up with a o in eastbay norcal?

  • Kstyle1

    Livin in Phx, need a supply!

  • kimkronic

    im tryna get started in new mexico can someone help me out? or maybe lookin for a dealer i can deal with/for.

  • You should have been around in the 1970s. Cell phone? We had two tin cans with a string. LOL Things have changed tremendously since the $100.00 qlb and the 3 finger O…

  • kimkronic

    anyone in the 505?

  • Tunes

    Stl area! Grower/hookup needed!

  • Alexia

    An y Dealers In Hammond Indiana

  • husstleman

    Anyone anywhere if you can send me some good bud I will pay top dollar

  • husstleman

    Anyone anywhere if you can send me some bud I will pay top dollar. 12487932323

  • Kelly

    If you have a quarter of weed how much can you sell out of it?

  • Richie

    i need a hookup in new york city richieseeley123@aol.com

  • sli33

    anyy one in newyork hmu cmfnaf@yahoo.com

  • YungAstro

    tryin to find a grower around montreal or somebody that can ship with good prices

  • Connectsman

    need buyers in OR for hydro inidca

    eight minimums up to full lbs.

  • GreenBusiness

    Looking for a grower preferably in Colorado (since it’s the closest weed legal state to Missouri) with medical grade cannabis looking to sell some bulk. I will drive to Colorado or halfway if you’d be a kind soul to make the deal. Don’t respond if you’re a mail order retard, that selling is not legitimate. Thanks for your time and reply =D

    • bsd

      @greenbusiness:disqus hey i can sell to u in bulk

      • GreenBusiness

        hit me up, GreenBusiness66@gmail.com. Tell me its you ofc and give me some info on your weed, background (like dispensary, self grower, whatever is up haha)

      • greenusa

        shoot me an email : vtube911@yahoo.com

  • cashflowstoner

    Im not a grower just a big player I took some hits now need to get on my feet im in south Florida I can drive anywhere 95 goes thru. Hmu nikesb1949@aol.com

  • disqus_MaC3mfZ8P5

    Trying to sell in Abq can anyone help me out.

  • Jems

    I can use some help in Houston need a dealer deathkiller2007 at yahoo hit me up if your down

  • smokenuggets420atgmail

    Anyone looking for “legal” ;)herb email me at smokenuggets420atgmail no law breakers; ) and no non;)medical patients. Must show valid; ) docs. GOGOGO PHX 2 mia

  • madhater

    Real dude trying to make it somebody any body holla at me please Darren12252001@gmail.com please need bulk theyvpaying top dollar here in Indy

  • marc ray

    looking for dealers in oklahoma area. got plenty of product but no demand.. need sum help pushing product hit me up at darcmarc59@gmail.com

  • mile high grower

    High grade indoor/outdoor for decent prices
    Only trying to deal with customers who are looking for weight, minimum 2oz or more
    I’m currently in Colorado growing for medical dispensaries and looking for serious customers.
    If you want great medical grade bud and business email me at: vansoffthewall1225@gmail.com

  • So Cal Buyer

    Looking for a grower in the So Cal area . La area

    • Caligrower

      right here

  • 28thpenguin

    hey im looking for a good dealer in california who’s able to get me good weed, im looking to buy an ounze or so maybe more not sure yet depends on the bud

  • GreenBusiness

    IF ANY of you are trying to buy marijuana, in bulk or in small quantities. I do not advise you to respond to any of these mail order dealers on here. If you trust the mail order method (I personally do not) I would advise using Silk Road, an online underground drug marketplace similar to ebay, to purchase your drugs. There you can find multiple vendors, with vendor ratings to ensure you’re making a purchase from a reliable source, as well as multiple strains of marijuana, as well as other drugs if so you choose. SO to repeat, people get scammed off random encounters like what you will find on here, whereas if you want to find a hook-up by mail, Silk Road is the only legitimate way to go. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • Anonymous

      You know, if an officer of the law were to be posting things here he, may in fact be convincing some users by emitting a fake motive, great distraction really and surely he’s hooked a few. But I would suggest he do his research and think outside of his handy bait box. Catching fish sure is tiring and you can’t catch big ones without the right equipment, a gameplan that is. Go shopping, buy bigger bait. I hear the best way to lure a fish is, with another fish.

  • Jmurda

    Need to buy in bulks from dealer/grower every week! Minneapolis area hit me up Jmancisme23@MSN.com

  • noregrets93

    anyone in the Chicago area I’m looking to start hit me up

  • noregrets93

    any one in the Chicago area I want to start selling

  • 1234

    Anyone in Oregon area selling?

  • bud

    Looking to push in boone nc. Need dealer

  • JJDirty

    Looking for seller in MN, let me know if you are available.

  • greenery

    anyone supply quarter pounds in the greater toronto area? text me 9052445869

  • ckone

    Just graduated college and looking for a hook up in College Station, Tx. I want to sell and also buy for myself. Email me bballrebel1@hotmail.com

  • lookingforhookup

    From Dallas lookin for a hook up

  • lookingforahookup

    Looking for a hookup in Dallas

  • Cj

    I need a hookup around Greenbay or near…few oz’s

    email : welljt2008@gmail.com

  • ClapClapClap

    im in memphis & anybody lookin for a pusher to sell for dem i can do it. real shit email me bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com

  • PapaJohn

    growers needed! if you are a grower email me at bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com tryna do business wit an out of state plug.

  • 5$ag

    Looking for a front up dealer withen the georgia area,will tae seriously

  • Popo

    Green business is right. More than half the people on here who say they’ll ship product to you are scam artist. Especially if they tell you to use some scam card like green dot moneypak. Don’t lose your money. Only buy from stores or people you know. Don’t be naive and think these people are just here to help you. Especially if their email starts with “vansoffthewall” that’s just right to trust people you’ve never met

  • Popo

    Green business is right. More than half the people on here who say they’ll ship product to you are scam artist. Especially if they tell you to use some scam card like green dot moneypak. Don’t lose your money. Only buy from stores or people you know. Don’t be naive and think these people are just here to help you. Especially if their email starts with “vansoffthewall” that’s just right to trust people you’ve never met

  • Josh abut

    Anyone in Grand Forks, ND area willing to sell?

    • makarov

      7016309916 Fargo/Moorhead up to half oz.

  • samantha

    looking for another grower in maryland the old guy i had passed away you can contact me at samantha_ferrell89@yahoo.com

  • JustChill

    Need a serious connect down in the GTA or willing to ship…hit me up justchill416@hotmail.com

  • Nightmare

    Looking for dealer in redwood city 650 239-7434 California not interested in mailing I don’t want to damn scams its a textin number might become regular dealer since I don’t have any dealer in area I know if ou text say its response to this comment so I’ll jog my memory if I forget

    • Nightmare

      I moved here with my mom to live with my step dad and I don’t have high school anymore

  • A.D.I.D.A.S

    anyone need an out of state connect? hmu i got nothing but hydro grown indica top shelf. im willing to ship. if you interested hmu bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com serious customers only!

  • dabs

    need to find a grower in seattle. hit me up. ws206cs@gmail.com

  • Mj

    I wnna enjoy with u guys this business cuz I wnna make money but I’m in ny

  • allidoissmokegood

    who in texas. im in jarrell

  • speeqs

    Silk road is alright. You really don’t have to be very tech savvy to use it but it is a bit of trouble having to pay in bitcoins and the prices are ridiculous. Unless you are mining mad bitcoins it really isnt worth it.

  • CollegeKid

    Im looking for a connect in OKC area. Any Help me Out?

  • Need to find a dealer in pineville louisiana

  • Jason

    I live in Federal Way, WA and am trying to start selling. Hit me up seattlesmoke206@gmail.com

  • man-MY

    I want to be a dealer too.. plz ail me zer0_an2@yahoo.com

  • my

    Got dealer from malaysia??

  • rob

    I’m looking for sour d in bulk, I’m from Jersey contact me at robertwhite917@yahoo.com

  • sour d don

    Need a connect in ny email me Sourdieseldon@gmail.com

  • Jc

    Im In Cali . I deliver around the states. Hit me up on an email. Juanmr@sbcglobal.net. Real deal no fakes

  • PapaJohn

    hmu on my email if you looking for good indica & sativas bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com. first customers get good deals so i can get repeat customers bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com. minimum is 1 oz. if you looking for a front dont email me ! if you dont have any money dont email me only serious customers !

    • greenusa

      I emailed you

      • PapaJohn

        you gotta do business my way tho .

  • Anon

    Looking to start smaller but become steady business once things start rolling. 814 area (PA) email me at HiiiPower420@yahoo.com. No bullshit.

  • ToLiveAndDieInMyJs

    any plugs in illinois?

  • PapaJohn

    if you want good indica & sativas hmu on my email bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com. no fronts & if you dont have money dont email me. minimum is 1 oz. i need more loyal repeating customers. i do ALL business through mail so if you dont like it fuck off. its MY way or NO way. im not looking for friends just customers. ima good connect so if you ever got ripped off dont talk to me about that cause i dont rip people off. & you gotta keep replying quick cause its going quick. just hmu bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com anybody !

  • maine

    Any dealers in the Jackson Ms area maine20010@Yahoo.com

  • Kingmoney

    I live in fort worth texas lookin to start sellin someone hit me up help me get my game up! Kejr2306@yahoo.com

  • BigJ

    If anyone from Florida or Georgia wanna start working, send me an email, my prices are cheap as fuck and I can even front some people.. shoot me an email : BigJ@tormail.org

    • Kyle O’Bryant


  • Joker

    Looking for someone which I can sell their weed for them and I keep some profit! Located in Springfield Massachusetts! Name : Joker.
    Hangouts : racing mart

  • tshering ugual

    i hve nice quality of marijuwana if ny body wnt marijyuwana cl me in this number 00797886470

  • San_antonio_dealer

    I live in San Antonio willing to travel for large amount if u need a dealer hit me up at kirbojack@gmail.com

  • matt throttle

    I have been buyin from a guy on here and he has been loyal since I been buyin from him. Amazing bud at good prices too! contact him at bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com. tell him matt sent you.

  • DerlyJordan

    Contact me at derly_ramos@hotmail.com looking for a wholesaler or grower near san antonio corpuschristi area

  • pickingnuggs

    Anybody dealers in Indiana Indianappolis?

  • Jon

    I need weed now

  • Jon

    Can someone give me free weed

  • PapaJohnHasTheDank

    I dont do indirect swaps for the first couple times. I do all business thru mail
    via usps overnight until I get comfortable with you for my safety. Got a good deal going for blue dream, trainwreck, sour d, og kush & purple haze. 1 oz $300, 2 oz $525, 3 oz $715, qp $830, hp $1100 & a whole one for $2200. hmu at bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com no bullshit & no cops im way ahead of ya!

  • Kevin Spacey

    nobody from the northeast, huh? Guess us Boston kids are outta luck.

    Hit me up if I’m wrong! nuckingfuts314@yahoo.com

  • the green guy

    I live in kansas tryin to get started got 230$ nd if ur wntin to deal wit me email me dmercer95@hotmail.com

  • Danny

    Need weed now in Roanoke,VA….

  • PapaJohnHasTheDank

    last post email bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com for good bud & prices. no bullshit serious customers..

  • Niceguysfinishlast

    Winston Salem nc halls for $200

  • Niceguysfinishlast


  • K-doggy

    I live in MWcity Oklahoma need a hook up Contact me


  • eternal light

    A+ quality, indoor-organically-grown marijuana; only the best genetics will do.

    For the discerning connoisseur only – NOT cheap commercial grade.

    Serious collectors please contact me for safe & secure mail order in USA.

    eternalite at safe-mail dot net

  • droblower420

    anyone in the daytona beach florida wanna front? im starting and need something to get me started

  • Ukranianconnection

    Need dealers and enforcers and new customers in lincoln nebraska… I sell an ounce of bluberry kush for 250.. 23% THC… If interested add me on FB can also teach a newby how to deal! Hitnme up Rafael Serdadu Salazar

  • Forsaken Eyes

    Hey in my town we got runners, the guys under dealers basicly. Well im new to it and my job is to sell between 20 – 60$ bags and i get a small cut for selling. well i ran into an issue im a young guy under 18 and well im have issues finding people to sell to or people to buy of me. Is there anyway that can help me branch out abit, start selling more :/.

  • denea

    I live in Houston Texas looking to be a dealer but I need a supplier hit me up deneagotswagg@gmail.com

  • miami boyz

    In miami halla at me i need hook up just started

  • the high church

    any bulkers in MA?

    • the high church

      email if you know a good source

    • lowell

      Hit me up, im in mass also. I got some dank.


  • laven D

    Anyone 21 in Saint Louis?

  • ThcMan

    email bigfanofmyself for a good connect & good prices

  • mrcaliman

    Looking to get started? I got rock bottom prices anyone can make money off. Email mrcaliman530@gmail.com
    Guranteed 100 percent safe!

  • Rodman

    Just Got My 3rd pack from my boy nick. Hit him up at jfanatic23@yahoo.com got good prices & amazing bud. Tell him rod sent you so it wont be any problems.

  • massachusetts

    I got grade A bud out of Lowell, Ma hit up my email if u want to do business.

  • LilMan

    Good deal going on with sour d, super lemon haze, blue dream, trainwreck, green crack and more selections! I havegood prices but prices depends on the strain but they are good for anyone who is trying to get started in any area.. and I also have edibles. no fronts and quick business ONLY text (619)752-4439 no bullshit and no damn narcs!

  • King

    Camden, NJ. Willing to buy a Decent quantity ( Quarter or Ounce ) hmu.

  • Dgd2903

    In south Florida need a grower from Cali or Colorado . Tired of do small , just want to deal with honest people that not greedy . That want to build some . If your in south depend on where get it and how much you got access too… Dgd2903@yahoo.com

  • Dgd2903

    Where is The equilibrium ? When you some one west Cali example or any other major state , be willin to take the risk on there they want every to believe. And trust they will send shit. They got honest people on the demand side too that can’t come up with capital in time .


    HELLO MY NAME CEDRIC WHO CAN SELL ME HASH OIL CONTACT ME cedric.himalaya.gange@gmail.com

  • Chris

    Hit up jfanatic23@yahoo.com for a real connect with no scams.. he’s legit.

  • 415Jag

    Syracuse area? holla eshuuba@gmail.com.

  • JAYalltheway

    I got 2grand. I need a local KansasMissouri hook up or someone who can deliver. Im working on making a steady buisness. I need “salespeople” as well. If interested in making cold hard cash. Give me a call at 913-856-8688.

    • aus10

      St. Louis?

  • ma8k

    looking for a dealer in dallas tx

  • highallday420

    Email bigfanofmyself@yahoo.com for medical weed at low prices.. nothing but indicas & sativas.

  • Garett

    Need a new dealer in san antonio txs?

  • kur8y

    looking 4 a dealer or grower in south georgia

  • Minnesota man

    I’ve been in the buisness for a while but im looking to get some amazing shit instead of just pretty good shit, Anyone in Southwest Mn or the cities got some danks for 250 an O?? Erwin961@gmail.com

  • Lacy Laplante

    Just moved up to NW FL, don’t have any hook ups here, need to make some. Looking to make friends with a grower. =)

  • dr p

    We offer top quality marijuana high medicinal kush of all strains and buds((914) 573-7384)

    We offer top quality marijuana high medicinal kush of all strains and buds, we supply to dispensaries and other individual patients who are 18 years and above we are discreet and delivery is in no time. The meds we supply will help you solve all your pains problems. OG Kush bubba kush master kush purple kush ultra kush white widow skunk marijuna .Red magic, Kush herbal incense, Mr.nice guy. Cloud 10, Space herbal incense, Black mamba, Spike max, Funky skunk, **** pot, Bayou blaster, Califo ia orange buds, Haiwan buds, Crunky monkey, 8-ball, Spice, Skunk1, Hindu kush, K2, Algerian herbal blend, White window, White rhino, Snow white, Pep spice 3, Jamaican gold budd, klimax, dr. Klimax, space cadet, scubby snax, king kong, kush *Green Crack::::::::::::: Grade: AA *sour Diesel :::::::::::::::Grade: A+ Top Shelf *Grand Daddy Purple ::::Grade: A *Sensi Star x ak47 :::::::Grade: AAA *Afghan Kush :::::::::::::Grade: A *Northern Lights #5 ::::::Grade: A+ *Lemon drop:::::::::::::::Grade: A+ *Purple Kush:::::::::::::::Grade:A+ Top Shelf *OG Kush ::::::::::::::::::Grade:A++ Top Shelf *purple-urkle::::::::::::::Grade: A- Contact is interested ,for us to know if Our price is perfectly Okay for you sir/madam,for us to know,if you want us to proceed On your Proforma Invoice Asap,before we can prepare your invoice we must have your delivery address detail which is attach Bellow and our terms of payment is 100% before delivery .Contact ( jennifermoore662@yahoo.com) for more info

    • jdub2333

      I’m need you for real chitown

  • i need one bx

  • heatnation

    if you need a legit connect reply to this comment with your email and I iwill email you. no narcs and no fronts

  • MassMan

    I’m in mass. Want to make some cash…I can be the driver.
    I am trust worthy, loyal.
    Get at me kkb_products@ymail.com

  • Dan

    OMG I can’t believe what I am reading. Minors as street dealers. Good god you guys are stupid you are gonna get sooooo busted from undercovers.

  • Chi-town

    In the chi. Purp and goodies. weedstream@gmail.com

    • jdub2333

      I’m in blue island I can help

      • Muffy

        Lookn for a hook up n u r close how cam
        N u be contacted?

  • jadealexandria19

    Anybody in San Diego?

  • Draya

    Anybody need help selling in the cali area hit me up at chocolatencookies77@yahoo.com or 8182698681

  • Jenkins

    Anyone in CT? Looking for good or decent bud hit me up at hornets016@Gmail.com

  • Bruster

    looking for good shit in Cincinnati. bdpsbuyers@gmail.com

  • Vixxis

    Allentown Pa. – Patient looking win4win84@gmail.com

  • pass

    Ephedrine Powder
    We are sell hard drugs to any part of the world with good pricess, we specialise in oxycodone, oxycotin, xanax,,lidocaine, cocaine, Hydromorphone, amphetamine, morphine, marijuana, heroin, , mdam, mdma, lsd, ketamine and many more, so if you are intersted kindly contact us for more details.

    • jdub2333

      That dude 7733694394

  • mike

    BUD in Miami gardens and ft. Lauderdale. olyeller@mail.com

    • mrperfect

      got bud

    • mrperfect

      hit me up

  • Dee Sok

    I need a good plug get at me khmer379@gmail.com

  • McShane

    I came to this website to see if I could find some info on how to by stock in the cannabis industry. Still no idea. Anybody have any thoughts?

    • Cannabis Research & Applied Or

      Yes, Medbox MDBX is very interesting. It is a company that makes cannabis vending machines.
      I am in the Seattle area. I need someone that is reliable, honest and wants to make money while learning all aspects of the Medical Cannabis Industry. You must be a Washington State Patient & RCW 69.51(a) compliant.
      washingtoncannabisresearch@gmail.com (gmail is so very, very unsafe Sites like this are worse). See legal guide I just ran across at a Seattle Activist group cdc.coop It is good.
      Too bad all of you that are in need don’t move. It will be 10 years before you see anything happen back East-or I should say South.
      What a cool road trip, and you head home with what I call the West Coast’s “under the shelf.”
      OG, Master, PU, PE, WS, DP, AW, PY, BB…and they keep on comin’…
      What is hmu?

  • Shane

    Need a good plug in the Nashville area HMU shelljp1929@hotmail.com

  • 23isback

    hit me up jfanatic23@yahoo.com I havent done business with anyone on here so im new here but I have cali bud grown right out of a dispensary nice prices also hit me up

    • BigBoy

      appreciate dat bro niceee legit guy

  • matt

    Anyone in michigan looking for a legit deal with delivery on some good mary let me know i do great business all across michigan, comment with your email. Thanks

  • Brian

    Need a dealer in McMinnville tn who can help Email me at money18maker@gmail.com

  • Will Pepper

    Starting a business! Need people who would be interested in Massachusetts. Email me at am.products12@gmail.com.

  • Anon


    I live in Malawi, and I can supply you probably the best weed in the world. It’s called Malawi Gold, and you can even google it about how high the THC levels are. The bad thing is that the farmers who grow it get paid so little. So I’m cutting out the middle man. Google Malawi Gold. If ever you want Malawi gold just email me kondwani.chilamba@gmail.com.

  • Jesus

    hmu at azpsnidk@gmail.com if you need that dodi up in az mostly in the West phx area high grade shit at good prices no funny shit though cuz i dont hesitate

  • Jesus

    $10 Gs of some top shelf meds i get from my bro in cali, alien og, and gods gift on deck right now hurry up supplies go fast

  • Chris

    I stay in Mississippi the need is real down here and there is alot of money to be made Hmu if willing to ship here no return address has to be included hit me up: baby2644@gmail.com

  • Big

    you need low weed I got it hmu jonesjohnnie36@yahoo.com

  • JC

    i Need a Connect In The BX

  • Eternity

    In need of a Cali grower? Email me : soulutions321@gmail.com

  • APH

    Looking for bud in the Mooresville, NC area. Get at me aphutchinson96@yahoo.com

  • ssf

    Looking for loud in Raleigh Nc Hit me up @ francis43093@gmail.com

  • KaptKush

    Looking for bud in New York hmu for more details if your interested.

  • tad

    hit me up tadbutler98@yahoo.com for meds no cops

  • leahh

    who lives in Virginia and can supply me with some pack

  • Jovis

    I Need A Connect Here In Raleigh NC Or Wake County Hmu At Jovansantos3@Hotmail.Com

  • booboo

    comment email if you looking for a connect no cops and serious customers

  • weedlovesme

    hit my boy paradiseboy212@yahoo.com up he has the fire

  • Cody

    Is there any need in Palm Springs, CA? I’m thinking about using a grower connection I have to start dealing. Gotta do something good for people that still makes money in this shit economy, right? The best part is I’ve got the perfect combo – top shelf Mary at the LOWEST prices I’ve ever found, anywhere in the world. $200 ounces, $100 halves, etc! I’ll be checking back on the comments, let me know!


  • Fresh

    tadbutler98@yahoo.com is the official plug hit em up

  • Keek

    I need a connect email kmmb031310@yahoo.com *California*

  • MM

    Anyone need any bud in Bedstuy ? Leave a comment with your email , social media etc .

  • KYsmoker

    I live in KY and need a legit medical connect. Preferably a Cali connect: austinbsh@aol.com

  • KYsmoker

    I live in KY and need a legit reliable connect. Preferably a Cali connect: austinbsh@aol.com

  • David Luis

    I need a connect in NY. My email is vimport420@gmail.com

  • Ram Kumar

    To know much about the marijuana please visit these link

  • Drew Darby

    DFW, TX, need a reliable plug or a good seller with good fire!
    Email me if so: Gogetomonsta@yahoo.com

  • Rich Homie

    looking for a plug in AL … hmu dukes1106@gmail.com

  • Eddie

    I live in NEWYORK i need a connect that sells cheap Oz my emial is Elilkid123@aol.com

  • kushfan

    email paradiseboy212@yahoo.com for a real plug

  • buddy fill

    I live in south FLA, i need to get some fast cash real fast. zip code (33161). buddyf360 at google mail .com is my email. please contact me is anyone is interested in hiring.

  • Kush doc

    If u need that cali kush hmu (401) 542-8505 medical med reasons!!

  • Becoming SelfEmployed

    I need a connect in east nc hit me up keithdavis15@gmail.com put connect in subject line.

  • paradiseboy212@yahoo.com

    email me at paradiseboy212@yahoo.com if u need a connect…. no cops and no bullshit

  • Jack

    I need a supplier in Akron, Ohio, or an area near there.

  • John

    Need a supplier in western wisconsin email me at neonxprodigyzz@live.com or post your email!

  • Charlie Boy

    I’m from the Midland/Odessa, Texas area looking for buyers. I’ll travel as far as Lubbock for a deal. Leave your E-mail if you’re interested. No bullshit, no flakes. If you’re a consistent buyer, I can hook you up with $10 a G for some fire shit. First time buyers get a free (but shitty) pipe.

  • 901finest

    i Need a plug in memphis on the loud and i dont wanna pay outrageous ass prices. Reply your email if you in memphis and can give me good deals

  • yankee101

    need a good hook up live in holly springs NC which is 5 min away from Cary (yankeerock101@hotmail.com)

  • mb

    anyone here a supplier in Atlanta? looking for some fire shit

  • Fire

    Anyone looking for fire in Louisiana ?

  • Tyler

    Anyone sellin in bowling green ky? Email @blcosby@hotmail.com

  • Dnice

    I need a connect in Cleveland Ohio danad1987@gmail.com

  • showme

    live n ky looking for a legit connect without outrageous prices email tcoop_4@yahoo.com

  • moejoe

    Cleveland oh, need a legit connect on the loud. Serious business too. Musasalahe@yahoo.com

  • kyborn

    my boy has the shit! email em paradiseboy212@yahoo.com

  • lil_gangsta

    i got some gas

  • lil_gangsta

    an im in sc

  • NeedaConne t

    I need a connection in cape giradeau who know anybody no b/s hmu ywnproduction@yahoo.com

  • Bh

    Your dreams have come true. Looking for a reliable, trustworthy connection? Leave your email to hop on the Cali Express.

  • twbfanatic

    trustworthy guy with the loud hit him up paradiseboy212@yahoo.com

    • Ty Hatcher


  • familyguy

    reply with your email if you need a trustworthy & legit connect with stupid dank & i will email you.

  • dd

    need a reliable hookup in central nj for good quality… skybu83470@hotmail.com

  • weedman120

    need a connect in indiana

  • MigoHector

    looking for a connect in sc or nc

  • Panda

    need a connect in san marcos ca

  • Geez

    Need a connect in delaware philly or Maryland if you can hook me up email me at baddedtcrew18@yahoo.com

  • dj

    looking for a connect in tx hit me up kik: dj_khalifa

  • Connect Seeker

    Need some connect up here in jersey kik: iftruthbetold

  • Medocinosown

    Leave your email if you want a real plug I’m that guy.

  • mosticks

    need a connect in mid mo

  • need a distributor in USA

    • Medocinosown

      whats your email

        • smokinFatStacks

          you supply in utah?

          • bo66095

            hey bro yea i can suppler to utah through an overnight delivery by EMS and provide u tracking number for ur package so u will know when the package will arrive . et back to me via text at 970 279 1721

  • Sourdank

    Looking for a connect in Athens GA

  • Sourdank

    Looking for a connect in Athens GA

  • WhiteLily

    Need some connections in Bellingham, Wa.

    • driveallnight

      Any CA patient WITH VALID DOCTOR RECOMMENDATION is welcome to join my legal, CA incorporated non-profit collective.

    • driveallnight

      Any CA patient WITH VALID DOCTOR RECOMMENDATION is welcome to join my legal, CA incorporated non-profit collective.

    • Dr. B

      I’m in Sequim if your interested, not super close but legal!

      • Mary Jane

        I need some hookups in Stanwood, WA
        getting interested in dealing so i need some supplying

        • Dr. B

          Sorry not a wholesaler. I work with patients only.

    • Dr. B

      I’m in Sequim if your interested, not super close but legal!

  • WhiteLily

    Need some connections in Bellingham, Wa.

  • GreenDank

    i live in Southern Cali if you need DANK “Jack Herer, Northern Lights,Blue Venom, Alien OG If you need anything please email me at killaboo13@live.com so we can continue our relationship.

    • The scam buster

      The above preson has already be outed!!! Do not contact them. Its the same scammer just a different email.


      • a month ago

      Im in San Diego,ive got the dankest shit “Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG etc.. i would post up pics but i feel like thats to hot if u know what i mean.. if you neexed anything email me Nfvv@ymail.com and maybe ill give you my number

    • The scam buster

      The above preson has already be outed!!! Do not contact them. Its the same scammer just a different email.


      • a month ago

      Im in San Diego,ive got the dankest shit “Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, OG etc.. i would post up pics but i feel like thats to hot if u know what i mean.. if you neexed anything email me Nfvv@ymail.com and maybe ill give you my number

  • GreenDank

    i live in Southern Cali if you need DANK “Jack Herer, Northern Lights,Blue Venom, Alien OG If you need anything please email me at killaboo13@live.com so we can continue our relationship.

  • AnnaofLion

    Las Vegas, NV – need a hook up send me an email.


  • Blazen247

    Lookin for reliable hook up in NY. Feels shady posting on here but desperate times call for desperate measures. Blazen247brink@yahoo.com

  • Jonathon Robinson

    looking for a hook up in Williams Lake B.C in Canada

  • Jeff

    Anyone supply good quantities in henderson nevada

  • Jeff

    Anyone supply good quantities in henderson nevada

  • josh

    yo I got weed if u live in Chicopee I got icky sticky piff az kush all that good shit justy hmu 4136546869 my name is joshjust text me ur name nd where u live nd u will be my connect forever

  • josh

    yo I got weed if u live in Chicopee I got icky sticky piff az kush all that good shit justy hmu 4136546869 my name is joshjust text me ur name nd where u live nd u will be my connect forever

  • paradiseboy

    hit me up paradiseboy212@yahoo.com if you need the dank at good prices!

  • paradiseboy

    hit me up paradiseboy212@yahoo.com if you need the dank at good prices!

  • Adam

    need a hook up in northeastern mass, hit me up lowtemp21@gmail.com

  • Adam

    need a hook up in northeastern mass, hit me up lowtemp21@gmail.com

  • mary green

    whos in las vegas needing a hook up

  • DailyHourlyToker

    In need of a great connect in Philadelphia, PA.
    Contact me if you’re that man.
    I’m a very frequent and consistent buyer

  • Westside

    I live in San Diego if you looking for High-Grade bud email me. Ive got “Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Blue Dream, And Blue Venom” ill send you pictures and everything.. Killaboo13@live.com

  • smithy123456

    hey if you need a connect in NC hit me up at 970-279-1721 and if you need large quantity then we can deliver out of state

    • G

      Dont trust North Carolina Weed i Ship all the time to NC. If you need DANK shit from California Hmu Nfvv@ymail.com 100%Gurantee

      • smithy123456

        we get are product from Cali bro
        don’t assume it makes an ass out of u and me lol

      • Francisco

        I need some

        • TheNamesM

          What if I want to get that but I’m in NYC. How does that work?

    • G

      Dont trust North Carolina Weed i Ship all the time to NC. If you need DANK shit from California Hmu Nfvv@ymail.com 100%Gurantee

  • smithy123456

    hey if you need a connect in NC hit me up at 970-279-1721 and if you need large quantity then we can deliver out of state

  • trippystoner

    college student in NY looking for a connect. email me scottmasonc@student.mville.edu

    • smithy123456

      i got u contact me at 970-279-1721 call or text

  • ja46286

    need a connect in westchester ny

  • kat

    anyone needin a legit connect email my boy paradiseboy212@yahoo.com

  • Tdog Ak

    Need a connect In Juneau A.K

  • weedfanatic

    dont trust.the guy with jack herer blue dream and northern lights because he is a huge scam with different emails. hit up my connect paradiseboy212@yahoo.com

    • Bob

      Paradieboy has dookie weed

  • guywithbrain

    Wow.. People read this, and then post their phone nr, email and IP adresses. murica Ftw.

  • Mykah

    I’m looking for some good greens here in New Mexico, around Farmington area. Hmu xxlillep31xx@gmail.com

  • randomguy1

    need a connection in anchorage, ak. leave # or email

  • zillaaaa

    i really need a connect in wisconsin

  • CA

    I live in Southern California if your looking for Medical Marijuana email me ChulaVistaCA2013@yahoo.com

  • StoneMcGee

    Can i get a solid connect with top grade near Lubbock,TX. Middle of nowhere, people would kill for it. email themr.kaizersoze@gmail.com

  • smokinFatOnes

    im looking for someone to hook me up in Utah email me lancerevogts18@gmail.com

  • Dtown

    Hmu near Dallas tx need connect on high grade medical bud types grams to pounds email me oakcliffridaz214@yahoo.com

  • HerbIsLife

    Looking for quality kief in Philly/215 to produce medibles for cancer stricken family member. No BS please. Thirdeyevision2k@gmail.com .

  • flipdank

    hey if you need a legit connect contact ne at califirebud@live.com

    • Truth

      This is treywestside and kingmeboyz scam

  • Lovelylaina

    Need a connect in Atlanta. Anyone ship to atl??

  • 2shells

    dmv looking for a good line get with me.

  • Njbud

    Lookin for a new connect in NJ with good deals. Roughly half lb a week. Not interested in internet buying/selling. hit me up

    • johnyi

      HMU. I’m local. johnyi77 at yahoo

  • welgrow420

    Looking for trim/shake in the Atlanta area.

  • tctoke

    need a connect in the minneapolis/st. paul area. Hmu – abtranq@gmail.com

    • JJ

      I got you, what do you need and how do I know you’re real.

      • Jfish

        Need a connect near Minneapolis/st paul from Mankato.. JJ email me at elrind20@gmail.com

  • Trey

    If your looking for Medical Marijuana I grow DANK w my cousin up in Northern SF… about 22 plants, Platinum OG, Jack Herer, Cherry Pie, Northern Lights, Alien OG, Blue Venom…etc email me Treywestside@yahoo.com

    • Truth

      Scam this is kingmeboyz fuckin bitch….

  • Frenchie


  • brian

    hit me up at bjohnson603@yahoo.com if you need a legit connect… no cops and serious customers only

  • master kush

    we supply medical marijuana Strains like … OG Kush, white widow, blueberry,northern lights,hash plant,ak47,Purple Kush,Granddaddy Purple,Master Kush,Bluedream,..Haiwan Buds.Hindu Kush .Bubble Gum Kush.Sour Diesel and (magic mushrooms) etc .if u got interest let know.hit me on my email califirebud@live.com or text 619-371-4654 .

  • Pinkribbonscarz

    hit me up pinkribbonscarz@gmail.com for good weed no cops

    • onja


      • Pinkribbonscarz

        California but i ship worldwide.

        • tokemon

          Worldwide is small time. I shop anywhere in the universe. Even I. Pluto now.

        • Preston Shoemake

          Yo you real or just talking big I need a somebody to hook me up real fast

          • disqus_wLDTWW7io0

            Ins or outs?

        • Big B

          For you can put us in jail

        • Gabriel
  • Los

    Need a connect in the chi hit me up ctorre34@yahoo.com

  • kyle

    bjohnson603@yahoo.com gots the shit hit him up for the dank. theres no reason to be scammed now

  • ed

    Looking for a hook up in bossier city,LA


  • og man

    Who sells pounds around Denver

  • mookie

    I need a connect in STL wasp ?

    • Nomano

      To buy from or to sell to?

  • onja

    I need a connect in Ft lauderdale.Hit me up at tickle.me30@yahoo

    • Gold

      Email @rayray_12@yahoo

  • Danial

    Gold Coast. Australia. legit, do not email if you are not serious.

  • Temple Hill

    Looking for a connect in Washington State. smokefromtemple@gmail.com

  • gomez

    ive got WHITE WIDOW, PURPLE HAZE, SOUR DIESEL AND MORE STR please if interested just text me directly via my cell on 605) 836-7821

  • ehfehf

    need a connect around atl / dekalb county area email me swagology@live.com

  • kcummins

    Need a hook up near ann arbor, Mi
    text me 2487958847

  • migo

    connect in dallas, TX?

    • emily

      How do i know this shit is legit and ant no trap

  • Sam Adams

    ur local connect in DMV area… email at caliplugmmj@gmail.com top shelf, A+++,

    • painkills2

      Sam Adams? Really? Are you selling beer or are you a time traveler?

  • jivehoney

    Need cash protection services? jivehoney@outlook.com

  • Am89

    If someone needs a good, honest, and professional connection from cali shoot me an email. Looking to establish good relationships in other states! Great outdoor all organic. Email: caligrown89@hushmail.com

    • Nox

      TODAY IS TEUSDAY OCTOBER 23,2013….looking to get my feet back wet call me tomorrow at 11:30@m….if you are serious….no games or My name is Nox…

  • Adamb1918

    Lolling for cheap dank nuggets near rochester ny. Email adamb1918@gmail.com with serious replies

    • Adamb1918


  • Raskinj

    We supply within the USA ,Canada,Europe and worldwide.Overnight shipping and very discrete. All Contact should come via >> We have high quality medicinal marijuana and other best strains of kush and kush oil.for sale at moderate prices.

    Master Kush
    Master Kush X Northern Light
    OG Kush
    Purple Kush
    Big King Bud
    AK 47
    White Widow
    White Widow Feminized
    Big Bud
    Big Black Indica
    Big Bud X White Widow Weeds
    Hindu Kush
    Super Skunk
    Super Silver Haze
    White Rhino
    Hash Oil,
    Honey Comb Wax Oil
    Wax Oil
    Cannabis Oil
    -Hemp Oil Essential Fatty Acid
    -Kosher Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil 8 OZ
    -honey oil
    -Black oil
    -Indian oil

    You can always contact us for more details..
    Email address : (pasheric@yahoo.com)
    textnow……(323) 544-3947

  • Jons55

    medical marijuana both indica or sativa strains OG Kush,white widow
    blueberry,northern lights,t,ak47,Purple Kush,Granddaddy Purple,Master
    Kush,blue Dream,Afghan Kush,Sour Diesel,Hawaiian stunk and pain killers oxy,percocets,mephordrone,xanax­ ,roxies,mushrooms, molly,addies ,opana and sex pills (VIAGRA,CIALIS,KAMAGRA,LEVITRA­­)
    hit Us via (323) 739-7126 or email antoniojose98@yahoo.com Fast
    Delivery in and out of USA Discreet packaging and overnight delivery….

  • jaydoe

    hit up bjohnson603@yahoo.com for a legit connect

  • raerae

    Hey I live in fairbanks alaska and im in need of a good hookup. Hmu @ annoyingblondenumber2@gmail.com

  • HappyMaaahn

    Live in Fort Wayne IN. Looking for a reliable , intelligent hook up. Will drive up to 4 hours.
    I need Medical grade. Text line 260—415—-2112.

  • Stoney

    anybody willing to ship to Memphis dwms23@gmail.com

  • Guest

    looking for a good and reliable connect in NY

    • Beefy

      Where in NY?

  • Guest

    txt at 914-325-1476

  • Speedy

    I’m selling weed from California delivered straight to your mailbox I got Trainweck, Purple urkle, White Russian, White Widow, Super skunk, Master kush. Email speedseedz@gmail.com or text 302-664-5435.

  • freshme101

    Lookin for a reliable supplier!(in ga)
    contact me on kik freshme101.

  • carlito

    Where could I find a connect

  • Devin Fairfield

    I Sell Bud . Hmu On Facebook http://www.facebook.com/devin.fairfield (:

  • BossCaliBud

    With experience in shipping all over the US, straight from California. BossCaliBud. Find me on sheepmarket and blackmarket reloaded.

    I ship to all 50 states. No smell and you’ll receive your pack in less than 5 days. 100% success rate.

    Check out my Chronic. 2600 a lb to any state.



    The boss is waiting.

  • Jason

    Medical Marijuana for sale.
    We are large scale producers of marijuana, and we sell in bulk and in retail quantity. Contact us for more details on price and availability. Imported straight from California. Hydroponically grown, top shelf buds. Tons of crystals, great prices. Delivery is 2-3 days depending on the day of the week and when payment is received. thanks for viewing.
    Please contact by email at jason.lench@yahoo.com or text (646) 583-4483. Thanks!

  • mattJ

    kik me Whiteboy_Nigga if u need a connect on kush

  • grindhard

    leave your email if you need a loyal connect on kush & I will email ya

  • brian

    bulk seller got 2 loud zips going for 400.. minimum 2 oz but 200 a zip.. hmu if you need weight bjohnson603@yahoo.com



  • Quanhustle

    lookin for a connectt in Dallas tx…kik me quanhustle

    • Emily

      I really need a hook up! How do i know u legit?

    • honestjoe420

      whats this kik me?

  • Puda N. Smith

    need ah connect on loud kik me _ImBigHomie

  • Puda N. Smith

    need ah connect near ypsi

  • joey

    Email me for connect in East coast…. jojaba10ten@outlook.com


      HELL NO

  • Jason

    Legit connect in NC, willing to ship. Email jason.lench@yahoo.com or text (646) 583-4483

  • dontrip

    my boy is bjohnson603@yahoo is legit!! minimum he ship is two o’ but its 400 for 2! hit him up yall




      Bjohnson603 this is your FINAL WARNING. i will turn you IP ADDRESS in to the DEA, if you keep scamming. Fraud is a Federal Crime.

  • JRamirez


  • yousirareadumbass

    if u get scammed thats ur own fault its not like u can call the police nd say I got scammed tryin to buy weed dumb asses.. I got scammed for 2k sucked it up and found a legit connect that sends samples!! lionsdendispensary@yahoo.com is my guy!!

  • C

    Well, all y’all fakes in my mind .. My connect just came over from Jamaica family grows and he supplies. Very negotiable prices to. Just send him an email. Tell him C sent you.

  • jackboygreg

    who is in millwakee and has bud


    So medical marijuana was legalized in Ma. yet after a year of having the approval no dispensaries have been opened yet….WTF

    • painkills2

      Wasn’t New Jersey the same way?

    • badweatherrr

      medical marijuana laws are being used by draconian lawmakers across the country to delay the release of drug war prisoners, most of which are incarcerated on marijuana charges.

      DC’s medical marijuana law took nearly fifteen years before the delay tactics ultimately couldn’t work anymore and the dispensaries started working.

      Pure prohibitionist bullshit.

      Medical weed doesn’t stop legalization, but from what I’m seeing here in Illinois, it’s certainly delaying it.


  • PacificBeachCA

    Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback.
    Im a grower out of California, and I’m looking for someone who can move serious weight, if you interested email me and I’ll give you my personnel number to talk business, I’ll even send a sample.. Maybe
    Lionsdendispensary@yahoo .com

  • Aj

    new here and I need some new customers. I have low prices but wont ship less then two onions (oz) email me at ajthejumpan23@yahoo.com and yeah I forgot the m in my email so ajthejumpan23@yahoo.com!! no cops either way ahead of ya



  • drawtings

    Need a half o or a oz in london startin up shottin again get at me

  • Green Giver

    Email dylanlamott@gmail.com if you are looking for a connect in North Carolina around Winston Salem

  • heatnation

    ajthejumpan23@yahoo.com is legit!! that is all

  • West coast

    If your looking for a real connect from California
    email me @ Lionsdendispensary@yahoo.com
    I might send a sample if we both feel its necessary,
    I will not front u if your just starting off.
    I’m looking for people who have a good customer base
    And who can move serious weight.
    if you have a big demand in your area I’m interested hmu.

    • FinneyDaKid

      i got big demand plenty of people i lost my connect he got popped so i got no1 hme id love to chat

    • Jujuju

      What’s the score in the uk?? There’s thousands to be made but dealers are greedy! I need some advise to take over and make shit loadsa cash , any advice where I can buy in bulk?

      • pooter

        buy in bulk from a dealer in your area or a town outside of your area, and strike the best deal possible. i don’t know what prices in the uk are like but here in canada we get qps for 5-700$ give or take and most dealers in here it’s more or less everyone for themselves, start off small get a few potheads to chill and hang with, go out whatever get them smoking your shit as a sample test whatever.

        jus let em know you have so if anyone wants let you know, always know your marijuanna possesion laws, carry the max allowed and always be willing to go re-up, never re-up with someone always by yourself go back and do whatever deal your doing and leave or chill smoke a spliff, if the customer has a problem with that way of business then they are not the one’s for you and should probably not deal with that person.

        start out with a qp or oz or 1/2 oz which ever you have the funds for and keep your inner circle of friends and runners to 6-7 ppl preferably your friends who are willing to take the same risk with you. and have enough sense to not put you in the hot seat cause that means they are in it to.

  • Chief Black

    caligrowndelivery@gmail.com I have several shelves, good prices. hit me

    • Weedblog


  • Aj

    email me ajthejumpan23@yahoo.com I got great deals going untilthe day after christmas hmu !!

    • Weedblog


  • Jerm

    The Only Legit person ive ever found off this Website is LionsdenDispensary@yahoo.com!

  • Aj

    hps going for cheap 950$ hmu ajthejumpan23@yahoo.com

  • kushkrazy

    comment email if you are looking for a connect for weight and I will email you asap


    lions den dispensary scammed me, sent me a sample but never heard from him again dont let that sample shit fool u!



  • TWB

    If your looking for a legit connect from California email @ GreenCrossStaff@hotmail.com
    (I send samples to people who need a main supply.)
    (Different Strains to choose from)

  • Beefy
  • Jujuju

    It’s really dry in Yorkshire ppl charging £10 for a gram!!! Anybody fancy taking over with me and make shit loads of cash, ill do the work just need the tackle to buy!!

  • shawn

    Looking for a connection I’m out in Tennessee! ! Dry out where I’m at. Would grow my own shit but don’t have the time. But got the seeds. Email me at rashawn_Shelby@yahoo.com

  • pooter

    i find when i sold weed, be it to a friend or to a friend for a friend….like any dealer with common sense should know you only have your friend show up and make the other friend stay a bit of distance away, if it was a problem it was no sale period….i am always in a circle of friends who use to be dealers and have bought of eachother, and when we would sell to anyone it would always be the other persons weed just so if we ever got stopped by a veteran cop that was having a bad day it wouldn’t be a huge deal. the point is, when ever trying to sell marijuana know who is around you and what resources you have available incase anything happens, and always remember business is business and pleasure is pleasure period…..always make it a ground rule while meeting new people and that will decrease your risks of getting caught in the future

  • Jason

    Legit connect, no bullshit. No samples but we can work something out. Contact by email at jason.lench@yahoo.com or text (646) 583-4483

    • Jason

      Im goood scammer

  • badweatherrr

    Nobody better than a good weed dealer to teach security culture

  • dingywingy

    4 eigths or 8dubs???

  • Westcoast

    If your looking for a connect from California
    email me @ Lionsdendispensary@yahoo.com
    Ill send a sample. (looking for business partner)

    • Nolions


      • Nolions

        Nevermind hes actually a cool guy with some really good stuff

        • Nolions

          Lol… Classic. The first nolions was me. The second was the scammer. You scammers really work hard.

          • Nolions

            After talking it over with Lionsdendispensary i learned that what i was asking for was unreasonable and im sorry for the bad reviews.

          • Nolions

            So to the scam nolions… I must be crazy to ke going back and forth with myself. I told you. Just create a new account.

            I reply to myself again, after you post as me. I keep changing my mind I guess.

    • bill benald

      hit me up at 240-348-3653 let proceed asap

      • Tashtash

        Text me 828 371 5275

    • Jay

      313 740 5574 jay from Detroit mi. Hit me back ASAP

  • Staff

    GreenCrossStaff@yahoo.com based in Pacific Beach CA


    hello.looking for real weeds,get to me at kenedyjunior@outlook.com

  • james

    weeds weeds weeds weeds

    for sale at jamespoker78@outlook.com

  • james

    really fell bad to hear you are dry.when you can have what you ned in your city,get to us at heracklesfarms@yahoo.com for weeds.globally

  • Samuel Kush



  • California

    GreenCrossStaff@hotmail.com Based in California looking for Real Pushers who can move weight

  • Ria

    Anyone in Louisiana ?

    • bill benald

      i have good strain that you gonna like hit me up let proceed asap
      with a call or text 240-348-3653

  • GreenCrossStaffCA

    GreenCrossStaff@yahoo.com I have all the best Strains in California, Everything is my own, i can take custom pictures, or even send a Sample.

  • Wesford117

    I’m looking for something in Texas. Text me (830)7030362

    • bill benald

      hit me up 240-348-3653

      • bill benald

        good strain

  • Ellifants

    Anyone in Maryland want to help me out? :-) Christmas deals?

  • Staff

    GreenCrossStaff@yahoo.com I have all the best Strains in California,
    & im 1 of the only people that will send samples.

  • Weedblog


    • Yeahrightscammer

      Samples only make way for bigger scams. Also, let’s be serious genuius. You think weedblog is going to offer advice? Did you really think by naming yourself weedblog that by some chance it would show some legitimacy?

      • Jane

        Yes for anyone who dosent want to get scammed Samples are the way to goo :-))))

        • uguessedit

          What is the point of a sample. where is there confusion with the product. ..The plant does not lack it’s quality to the point of saying ..hey mate I just had that entire stick and it did nothing…it’s not basil and it doesn’t need samples for the buyer to get bombed especially on their poor week…meaning they only go elsewhere seeking credit to fully achieve their half ass hit and run taste. come pay day they pay there debts and want tiny size or another sample for someone else etc…human behavior with this type of high changes any normal business techniques…sample people wisely ..not ur stock. …it is what it is. ..The safe clients don’t muck around contemplating…they come they go..generally safe clients are the dependents of this herb…I cannot understand why anyone would give out samples to people in that kind of world. …it doesn’t work…and have you even attempted this yourself

        • uguessedit

          What is the point of a sample. where is there confusion with the product. ..The plant does not lack it’s quality to the point of saying ..hey mate I just had that entire stick and it did nothing…it’s not basil and it doesn’t need samples for the buyer to get bombed especially on their poor week…meaning they only go elsewhere seeking credit to fully achieve their half ass hit and run taste. come pay day they pay there debts and want tiny size or another sample for someone else etc…human behavior with this type of high changes any normal business techniques…sample people wisely ..not ur stock. …it is what it is. ..The safe clients don’t muck around contemplating…they come they go..generally safe clients are the dependents of this herb…I cannot understand why anyone would give out samples to people in that kind of world. …it doesn’t work…and have you even attempted this yourself

  • JeremyJ

    The only legit connection ive found on this website it TheNorcalConnection@yahoo.com

  • California

    Im a grower with my brother in PB California, if you need LOUD email me at CaliforniaLoud@yahoo.com

    • Jay

      Yo hit me up 313 740 5574 jay from Detroit

  • Charlie

    Anyone in London willing to get me off the ground give me a shout. Looking to get started up asap.


  • Green

    Im a grower in California, looking for business partners who can move weight, Email me at GreenCrossstaff@yahoo.com

    • Hampshire

      I just emailed you bro

    • Marweed

      Live in san diego, let’s talk business.

      • Jay

        313 740 5574 jay from Detroit

    • Jay

      313 740 5574 jay from Detroit lets talk biz

  • BossSmOkErrrr

    Anyone in Mississippi? Katlyn.myrick97@yahoo.com

  • Eli

    Im HTOWN. Hit me up i need bud. wowfml@Live.com

  • Vicious

    Anyone in Illinois?

  • Al

    Best green ever in Calgary Alberta everyinside123@gmail.com

  • Jony

    hi everyone i want to start a business(selling weed),new to this tho who can give me any advice or help…please send me a email to privado0625723@hotmail.com

  • Xen

    What’s up ma bro’s The Realest Cali Connect you can get right here<- Hit me if you're looking for some Grade A, Starting at 16AP, Xensii@outlook.com let's make some moves no BS, No fuckshit, Don't evn hit me if you ain't bout buisiness or want to play the sample game lmao. Hit me! Xensii@outlook.com

    • jsmack

      Socal dealers any1?my dealers a ripHmu jadonmaldonado@ymail

      • Xen

        Haha Whatchu got

        • whacko

          Whatch your price on half0 and 0?

  • whacko

    Live in socal tryna pick up an half 0 or an 0 for my party next weekend depending on your price hmu

  • greenbuyinfool

    Anyone in springfield ohio, trying for some tree. Hmu mack.dewey465@gmail.com

  • LadyKeef

    Me and my Man are gonna start Selling, Any tips Tokers?

    • jamie

      Start off with little amounts, let’s say 1 gram at a time. and get higher and higher every time you ressuply. Next thing you know, you’ll be makes bills.

    • ThatOneWeedDealer

      I have been selling for many years and i have earned thousands and thousands of dollars and there is one thing that will always stick into my memory. watch who you sell to its not worth sitting in jail to sell to the wrong person and if you have that gut feeling that the guy you are selling to will fuck you over then smoke a blunt and have no worries over the money you’ll lose it isn’t worth the consequences

      • skittles_a_baddie

        where u at and how much? most importantly can I work for u?

  • 12bhappy

    looking for some in Washington battle ground area around an eighth email me at 12cuhappy8@gmail.com

  • Smokinbudz

    this is a good guide or shall I say rules to stick to. First time reading this and this is exactly how I roll. Im not a drug dealer im a professional business man. I make my customers happy and help them get medicated. Not even in it for the money. Im high end not a middle man or street level dealer though. I supply the dealers lol.

  • Alex Balajadia

    Well I started selling yesterday and I need some help getting customers but I know A LOT of fellow stoners.

    • tarus52

      Never deal to anyone you don’t know,if you want to stay out of jail!!

  • Buds

    any suppliers? Highland

    • 420408th

      Highland where Cali off the ten .

  • matt

    need budz in south jersey asap email me at stupid_fook@yahoo.com

  • Nicki

    NJ/NYC…SK….hit me up…..the best around :-)

  • Omarweed

    I’m a Caribbean dealer that can supply large volumes of weed constantly, looking for buyers in the US and Canada, I can supply even 100lb that’s how massive this business. link me if you wanna do business omarking101@outlook.com

    • Jeffery

      What type of weed can you supply, and prices

    • glen

      msg me on face book

    • namor

      Yo im from the caribbean. where u from dude? i might need that good good u got for my country. What goods u got? Email @ namor3000@live.nl

  • nick666

    Good bud, good prices in New Orleans.
    Hit me up skytoddler@gmail.com

  • ganjagirl

    I wanna start dealing in sonoma county ca, can anyone help me?

  • Jeffery

    Are these dealers real who are trying to sell I need a good pluge?

  • Joe A

    Anyone in SAN ANTONIO ?.. lookin forsum good.

  • Gonzo541

    Great strains in Oregon… I can get my product anywhere

    • bud head

      What u need

    • rose noyes

      Anywhere Vermont count

    • Pebbles

      Can you get to va tn?

  • skittles_a_baddie

    any dealers in ATL tho hmu haywardsavion@gmail.com

  • weedman

    need buy in ohio allen county areas email me at kennyscott449@gmail.com

  • Dr greenthumb

    Any weed seller in sweden? or nearby. send me email on babbe2@live.se i so want white widow or purple haze

  • swizzy309

    i use for meds email me if you shi[p swizzy309@gmail

  • Smitty

    Any one with a legit connect in Boston hmu, Bruce.james.smith@gmail.com

  • Big50

    Anyone in Northern Ireland on the North Coast?

  • Xx4playjorgexX

    Cant believe you ppl feel safe enough to ship medicene and make sales to ppl off the web that u dnt know. How do you know that tvey arent the popo

  • drummy1991

    Over heer in scotland I am the man

  • deliah castle

    I’m n Columbus,,Ohio hmu on FB Deliah castle I an looking for a new job

  • Deehok420

    Keep an eye on your customers business in newspapers and locked up papers.

    You see one of your regulars get arrested for possession or selling then you don’t sell to him anymore.. Possible that he is trying to work a deal and get you busted for a plea deal.

  • WOW


  • Stoner

    Growers in belgium?

    • cannabis.supplier

      I am. Are you still in Belgium?

  • painkills2

    Apply this meme to every stranger on the internet…

    • Johnny

      Lol, so my comments were deleted on what basis? What did I say or do that was against this site? That’s classic.

      • I restored your comments. For the last month or so, I delete 50-100 comments and ban 20-30 people a day for trying to sell weed in our comments section. Sometimes I make mistakes and it’s a spammer-ish tactic to ask people to email you. Let’s all try and play nice and I will try to be more careful in the future.

  • painkills2

    Happy Saturday!

  • painkills2

    It’s the weekend, so…

  • painkills2

    This is what ya’ll got in New York? Jeez…

  • pebisaripper

    Lol, this is classic…. The photo is tagged and its not even a good one.

  • painkills2

    Would you trust a scammer with an avatar name like Yalloop? Nah…

    • Robbie Acosta

      First off you Period what you doing on internet where you be in watch down whaaaaaaaa haha yea tho Texas weak west coast roll fat

      • painkills2

        It’s been over a week since you left this comment, and I was just wondering if it makes any more sense to you today than it did when you first typed it? No matter, I’m sure you’re long gone, Mr. One Comment. But just in case, I thought I would offer you some hypnotizing GIF therapy:

  • Ant

    anyone from new york city??

  • OhioCountryCarlito

    If you stay in Ohio let’s do business

    • swaggy

      Yeah… I stay in Youngstown

      • SwagGirl

        I’m in cleveland how do I get started

    • Bigbro2784

      You still trynna help me get started.
      I’m bout to go off to college and need to make some money.

  • ManUTD

    Anybody from Edmonton, Alberta?

    • justin

      Cold lake

  • painkills2

    Don’t look at the scammers… Look at this!
    A Public Service Announcement, brought to you by lovers of beauty (and cannabis) EVERYWHERE.

  • Reggie

    Hi I’m Reggie. I’m 42 yr old family . I live and work in Wilton, Maine .. I can get best of best when It comes to quality AAA indoor or greenhouse.. U wanna get more info to place a order e mail me .. halfmanhalfawesome456@aol.com text me serious inquiries please. 802 729 2520

    • T.

      an unfortunate name for a weed dealer.

    • Rodion D

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