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 August 8, 2010

selling marijuanaI have been smoking marijuana for the better part of two decades. Ninjasmoker and Miggy420 have also been consuming marijuana for a long, long time. Naturally, we have come across several types of marijuana dealers; some good, and some bad. This article is intended for entertainment purposes and who knows, maybe people will learn some tricks and tips that might educate them a bit.

This article (the first of a three part series) is about selling marijuana the old fashioned way. If you live in a state that has dispensaries or collectives, then you might not relate to this article anymore, but it is still worth reading to reminisce about the good old days. For the vast majority of Americans, who live in non-medical marijuana dispensary states, buying/selling marijuana on the down low is the only option. I know dozens of active sellers in my part of America, and talk to hundreds of others online, and I have compiled a guide to help others in the industry. Load up your bong and let’s get to it.

A major item that any marijuana dealer needs is a scale. I remember in the early 90’s when a ‘digi’ would cost over $100. In 2010, they are all over the State of Oregon for $40 these days, and if you go online, they are even cheaper. My personal favorite brand is Ohaus, which is a higher end model. But the main thing to get is one with a 0.0 reading, brand can be secondary. You will be weighing out 3.5 gram increments, so the scale obviously has to be able to display a reading that includes tenths. Make sure to check that it works before you buy it (which is impossible online) if you can. Use nickels, which weight 5 grams, or if you’re lucky, your scale comes with a calibration weight. Make sure to be comfortable with your purchase because your scale will be a significant part of your life for the years to come.

Another thing that you will need is a cell phone. We no longer live in the era of pagers and answering machines. If lag too long, your customer will go elsewhere. You will be looking at your phone screen more than your own face from now on, so you might as well get something that suits yourself. There used to be a day when people thought cell phones and pagers were for drug dealers and doctors only. Now, I even see bums with cell phones.

An obvious item that you will need are start up funds. The most common entry level into the marijuana industry is the half ounce. It breaks into 4 eighths, or 8 dubs depending on where you’re at, and so flipping the first 3/4ths of it usually results in a free eighth as the seller. One lesson that every successful dealer learns early is that ‘the larger the bank roll, the better it is for business.’ The more you can buy, the cheaper it is, the longer you can sit on it, the longer you can float it out, and therefore, the easier it is to do business. One of my dealers would always refer to his enterprise as a machine, and that money was lube for that machine. Makes sense.



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    anyone from new york city??


    If you stay in Ohio let’s do business


    Anybody from Edmonton, Alberta?


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    These tips are excellent!I want to be a marijuana saleswoman where I want to sell medicinal marijuana to help people who have cancer,rhumetoid athritis and many other illnesses,to help get them off meds and get them to feel better and these tips will help out a lot! :D


    man this is exactly what i need right here thank you creator a lot of this shit is what i was assuming especially about customers and shit, if you keep your circle of suppliers/consumers tight you don’t have to really worry about getting popped, my sister be selling all types of shit. jugging and finessing and she always got money and never get in trouble if i can do just a little of what she does ill be good i ain’t trying get in too deep like her though. she on some next level shit xD cant wait till i get into college.


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    Dumbass a half = 14 dubs. You just divided the number of eighths in half. I’m broke as fuck, though. I sold 1.5 yesterday, and I’m selling grams for $15 to get my cliental up, so I only made $25 and I have 2 grams left out of the eighth. I’m only making like $4 a deal, but right now it’s not about making money it’s about increasing my cliental. Once I get more customers the price is going back up to $20 a gram unless it’s a everyday toker than I’ll sell for $15 a few times until he starts buying more frequently.


    careful if you meet some one with name Hope Estrada….she sets people up online and off!!! letting the world know about this evil conniving snitch ..b*&^*^…. Let it be known you hear this name u need to stop business activities immediately!!!


    Beware of ppl offering to ship you ganja. Had my share of scammers. Learned my lesson. Only deal with local people unless you go meet these people face to face wherever they say they are located. They will send you pics and have a great story to go along with all of your questions. But you’ll send money and never receive anything. Ask for a sample, if it comes through gradually increase the shipment but don’t send 1000 and except to receive something lol. A lot of shitty ppl out there f**k it up for the honest folks just trying to get by.

    If something sounds shady and feels shady; it’s mostly because it is.

    Great read by the way ?✌


    I’m kind of like the guy with the everything in the article, but no quality customers…been playin with it for many years, but cant get a decent clientele…tried selling lil amounts, big amounts, even tried supplying the suppliers…I handle better quality at lower prices and always have access, while still doing honest weight and business. I have learned it is a lot more to do with an individuals social life and contacts than anything else.
    There is many days, I sit here with a bunch of smoke thinking “damn, did I over do it, this time? I will never move this”..BUT USUALLY DO…just not as smooth as I would like. (Mostly, through friends)
    Some of you guys are brave (or stupid). You wouldn’t believe how many times I thought about announcing online sales/ shipping (even looked at selling on the Silk Road) but know an LEO, would probably be my first customer- I guess, probably best to stick to the same ol’ “rocky road”.
    But- oh boy, you wouldn’t believe how I would love to hook each and everyone of you guys up -(the ones in the comments asking for a hook up, but do wonder…what percentage are cops?) I love taking care of those that really appreciate it, unlike most of the jokers that I currently deal with…but can’t see increasing the risk on an already risky business.


      Hey that’s a good point you make about the percentage of possible cops however my thing is finding someone with consistent quality. I had been going thru the same hookup for many many years and he was consistent in the quality but that’s recently become a thing of the past as he is no longer hooking folks up (a real bummer) as he always had some of the best stuff around anyway my new hook has been pretty reliable as far as quality and price but it’s a crap shoot on if he has any or not so I suppose I’d have to say the days of just having one hookup are long gone which i find odd the more accessible medical herb is becoming the harder it seems to find strange right… Anyhow stay safe & appreciate a good solid hook if you have one


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    Anyone in NYC? I am a college students with many friends and acquaintances, which many consume marijuana. I am considering joining the business mainly to pay off my student loan, and have some left to cover expenses. Currently looking for a business partner, suppier, dealer, mentor that is willing to expand across the boroughs. I am very vision and business minded, as well as creative. Please contact me through my email


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