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How To Choose The Best Dab Nail

There are many ways to consume dabs. My favorite way is with a vape pen due to how convenient it is. But sometimes I still like to break out my rig and torch, and I know I’m not alone. While vape pens are convenient, they still don’t get me as high as a rig and nail. I can only get a certain size of hit from a vape pen, but with a rig I can take as large of a hit as I want. I remember when I got my first rig from a friend. It didn’t come with a nail, and I had to visit a couple of headshops before I found one with a solid selection of nails, and even then I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know which nail was the best. If you are like how I was, you were looking for advice. Below is a great video breaking down the different kind of dab nails, courtesy of High Times:

  • James

    Favorite nail is definitely quartz. Glass breaks too easily. The flavor of titanium can’t compare to quartz. Ceramic is nice for full melt bubble hash as well. Also, there is no comparison with taste and effects to taking low temperature dabs off a screen or an enail.

  • Cyndysub

    Burning propane releases greenhouse gases that can contribute to climate change.

    • DabOnMyDabs

      That’s why I use butane fuel. So should I not drive my car anymore?