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How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds (Video)

Germinating marijuana seeds is not hard, if you know how to do it. If you don’t know how to do it, and try to wing it, there is a good chance that your seeds won’t sprout. I tried to germinate marijuana seeds when I was younger, and the results were very undesirable. Growing marijuana from seed is a long process, so you want to do it right and not waste valuable time. Below is a video describing how to germinate marijuana seeds:



    Thinking about planting some seeds this summer. Just place them in a few forest areas with rivers. Should I use the dirt there own make a hole with high grade soil and then plant the seed?

    • Robbie Pappy Pierce

      grade soil but you should put seedlings there…..not seeds

      • ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ

        K thanks. Doing this for my sick mother and refuse to wait on NC to pass a bill to save her life.

    • Ron

      IMO germinate the seeds elsewhere and transplant when they are maybe 3-4 inches high. Babies are delicate and can be easily harmed in the wild. Also, the forested area should allow plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

    • Idaho Hippy Coalition

      You should join… lots of info on outdoor grows, techniques and security.. Like watching out for trail cameras and other helpful advice. stay safe and good luck :-)

      • ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ

        Thanks. I will look into that site later today.

    • Sarijuana

      Be careful not to plant in an area that may be soggy or become soggy with summer rain. Not too close to a creek or river that can raise the water table as the season progresses. I realize your state is experiencing drought, but be careful. The roots need oxygen too.

  • Silly Rabbit

    Lots of different options …… Some simply toss out and they grow ….. 2015 will see more outdoor grows than ever!

    • tyepoe

      That is exactly why Washington state has an over abundance of B quality weed… most licensed growers were older folks who already had land and figured growing is easy enough to through seeds in the dirt and got a 30k sq ft canopy license and grow outdoors and produce huge quantities. However most the guys don’t know what they are doing, all use the same soil and produce B quality cannibus because they don’t actually have the knowledge or experience of growing to take their product to the next level. Most recreational shops I’ve talked to say they try to steer clear of Tier 3 growers because of this. I’m sure they’ll learn though

  • Robbie Pappy Pierce

    I do my own thing…..but wish this video showed the hydro side of it

    • The Grow Daddy

      What is it you would like to know?

  • 2buds4me

    Thanks Johnny – Good to start the whole growing cycle series for those 25,000 seeds just given away in DC. All those people just starting out need some good guidance!

  • Ralph Wolf

    I like the paper towel method it is fail proof

    • caring momma

      always used , now using water (floating) and seems to work A LOT better&fastr!