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How To Get Free Marijuana And Marijuana Products


Marijuana MoneyFree Medical Marijuana And Products

It’s no secret that times are tough financially. So who doesn’t want to save money and get free stuff right? If you are a marijuana consumer, then there is nothing better than getting free marijuana and free products. Unfortunately, these coupons and contests are not open to very many areas right now. However, if you live in an area that’s not approved, at least you can dream of a day where you can move!

The first site that gives away free stuff is CouponsForWeed.com. The site describes itself as “the best place for finding coupons for weed. Our Medical Marijuana coupons are from the best collectives and dispensaries in the 17 states that have Medical Marijuana laws.” There are pages for ten categories that include: free edibles, free joints, free weed, and free glass. The site seems to be fairly young. I just read about it on the good old FB.

Another site that gives away free marijuana stuff is our 420 network friends at WeedFreebies.Com. It’s only for California residents, but I still look at the site to see what hot item they are giving away today. It’s the weed nerd in me what can I say. Here is how WeedFreebies works:

Each day at 11:20 am and 4:20 pm PDT a new Freebie is posted to the site with a giant green arcade button.

Each registered user on the site gets to click on that button at most 5 times.

The button has a built-in click display that shows the status of your clicks.

means your click went through and didn’t win

means your click won

means your click didn’t go through.

The person who clicks on the button on exactly the 420th time for AM contests or 420th for PM contests, wins!

You are only allowed to win once per household every four weeks.

This contest is limited to California medical marijuana patients only!

What are you doing reading this? Go play!


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  2. Can you help me out I have alot of health problems I love my fellow stoners so if you can help donate some medicinal pot to me or some seeds I will be very appreciated please help me I just want to feel normal you guys should know how im feeling ty and may everyone have a blessed day

  3. Can someone help me i Cant afford to pay for it because I can’t work im on food stamps barely have a roof over my head and I have alot of heath issues not asking for money just for someone who can donate to get me feeling normal or some seeds to grow my own love my fellow stoners please help me

  4. Trying to get it for free so I can be able to sleep at night and not have the cold sweats and be able to walk more cuz of my knees after playing rugby for 6 years is hard on your knees and stuff.i would love to get some free stuff so that I can save money also in a way.

  5. I have been in n out of the hospital now for the past three years. As a result of my condition, I now cannot eat without throwing up. Doctors have prescribed every “pharmaceutical” medicine they have to offer. None of these medicines have any effect. So I got my cannabis recommendation. And instantly get relief. My problem now is I’ve been out of work for so long there’s no money to purchase this medicine. I’m gonna die if I don’t receive any help. If there is any way to receive this medicine for free, I would be forever greatful. Please, please help me. I don’t know what to do!!

  6. I smoke at least 15 blunts a day is there a way to get it free to cut costs because I use every extra money I have to buy bud

  7. i hope mailing my stuff is okay i don’t for sure cause i never done it.so i am hoping it will be safe cause i have Rheumatoid arthritis it’s very painful i am on pain killer’s its not helping at all i am so glad we can buy online its awesome. thank you jane

  8. Robert F. Miller on

    Obviously, no one here gives a rats ass about any “laws” about hemp-it’s been here for thousands of years, and has helped countless people…those who don’t know that yet are ignorant, you really must feel sorry for their lack of intellectual awareness….but there are many of them, and u must watch them, as stated before, they know no better….they are fools….we shall prevail of course….it’s all about time….

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