Jun 272012
 June 27, 2012

cannabis seeds for saleYou Can Now Order From Over 100 Seed Banks On One Website

It may seem hard to believe, but buying cannabis seeds online with free shipping, and free seeds thrown in has become commonplace with the emergence of marijuana seed superstore websites like Cannabis Seeds For Sale. They are basically hubs where the world’s top seed banks offer seeds side-by-side with their competitors. For growers, it finally means you can see how different seed banks measure up on price, and selection. What’s even better, is that it’s now simple to find just about any strains such as Chemdog, BC Blueberry, and Master Haze, all in one place!

All the top seed banks now offer free seeds as a way of building goodwill with growers, and showcasing new strains, so you shouldn’t order seeds from a website that doesn’t offer you free seeds. If you are looking for free seeds, a comprehensive selection of strains, and a company with over 35 years experience as a trusted source of the worlds best seeds, check out Cannabis Seeds For Sale. They are based out of the UK, and offer seeds from over 100 seed banks. They provide free seeds with every order, and free shipping if you spend over $75!

Each month, they offer 25% off all seeds from a selected seed bank. This month it’s Vulkania Seeds,–artisans of cannabis from the Canary Islands. Their feminized cannabis seedbank produces organic marijuana seeds through a traditional and ecological production process.

And hey, I’m not gonna hide it: Cannabis Seeds For Sale is our latest sponsor, so when you buy seeds from them, you are helping keep TWB going strong. We strive to provide quality content without selling out, so you can trust that we don’t give out our endorsement lightly.

If you want to see what Cannabis Seeds For Sale has to offer, or you are looking for a hard to find strain, or you simply want to find out about getting some free seeds, visit their site by clicking the link below:


Happy growing!

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  • johnny15150

    buying seeds is a vulnerable situation,when state laws have limits every penny counts .
    and bad genetics= crop loss
    if you are truly “non-profit” that is disaster
    trust the sources , Ca, clones are easily obtained , but seeds are the way to go for states with no MJand seeds are reliable genetics

  • aka Floridabadger

    Is it possibe/advisable to order seeds to FL! I don’t Need or want any reasons for having the law thinkin they now have probable cause! Ya Know!!!

    • johnny15150

      just writing on a blog is probable cause .. popo cam smell a seed in your pocket! some kind of jedi mindfuk , In court they say ” i smelled it”
      cants disprove something that didnt happen
      by that time its too late , handcuffs usually follow
      Im sure you can order the seed online from canada and most european co
      watch where you shop , LEO monitors blogs like this and purchases from hydroponic suppliers and garden centers and almost everything you do cell phone , facebook all that shit

      dont order seeds for florida get the weed decriminalized! get active

    • http://twitter.com/A1cannabisseeds cannabisseeds

      We ship worldwide and if you spend over £50 ($80ish) shipping is free!

  • city boy

    WOW Have ordered several times …. Never any prob….. Its a great way to go with out haveing to bring unwanted s@@# in your garden…. FREED Da WEED…..

    • johnny15150

      I ORDERED SEEDS FROM canada 25 years ago! northern lights and skunk # 5
      no problems other than having to hide it all!Clones in Los Angeles are sketchy at best. We had a steady supply from Oakland university a few years ago and that got uninterrupted.we have a store called “cloneville” all different strains all different suppliershit and miss , spider mites , fungus , thrips , gnats, rootaphids the list goes oneverything you bring into your garden is effected by this ie: crop loss
      the only tough parrt about seeds is the males , I still have a hard time plucking them

    • http://twitter.com/A1cannabisseeds cannabisseeds

      Thanks for the recommendation Cityboy – contact us next time you order for extra freebies

  • GalleryBuds

    I spent a little over $100. for 10 nseeds and free seeds from a UK add “Carmelishish”None would germinate! and the free seeds, well who would take a chance on seeds that you dont even know there names, Buy direct from someone you know, is my advise.

    • Skoby

      just to say I went onto a site from the dam, its seeds4free you get 5 seeds free just pay post, I bought 5 Amnesia Haze and 5 Budda Sister they were regular`s but all germinated fine and out of the 10 only 3 were males costing just over £15, only did it as was my 1st grow and did not want to spend a lot on seeds just in case, but what I found funny was when I bought seeds from Barney`s Farm 3 x White Widow (F), 3 x Great White Shark (F), not 1 germinated so just shows its a chance u take better of getting a good female keeping here In your veg room and keep her as a mother and take clones least they cost nothing apart from the food & time, and you are always going to get the same plant every time just something for you to think of
      Hope this helps

  • Hannah

    I have brought seeds from cannabis seeds for sale after a bad experience with Attitude and they delivered more than expected – I got Free delivery and 10 free seeds, worked out cheaper than attitude and all was received in 5 days > posted from the UK > NY.
    I would reccommend cannabis seeds for sale to anyone who is new and expert to growing #stayhigh!

    • http://twitter.com/A1cannabisseeds cannabisseeds

      Thanks for the recommendation Hannah – contact us next time you order for extra freebies

  • roganscotts

    man got some stuffs(meds). contact roganscotts@gmail.com

  • john muir

    bought some doctor off attitude forgot my grinder and land yard its only the grinder iwant htheres a1st for everythin as attitude are the no1 seedbank uk they r the bacerlona of seedbanks not 1 company can challenge them

  • john muir

    iam new to the internet as i know not much my email address will hav 2 get changed thanks 2 bro who cant spell 1 thing though besides a canadian website who i dont know much about 40dollars for 10regular thats wat the beans start at i stick 2 1 company thats attitude if attitude were not in existence then who else can u get beans off other seedbanks dont interest me i know at the end of the day attitude deliver period iam no arselicker but what other company in europe is bigger than attitude thanks attitude if it was not through u guys then where can u go

  • Chadzo

    I never smoke pot but want to grow my own but can’t get seed I want just 3 seed if u can

    • http://twitter.com/A1cannabisseeds cannabisseeds

      take a look at seeds suggested for beginners > http://www.cannabisseedsforsale.com/Seeds%20for%20Beginners

    • Skoby

      If you are only wanting to grow 3 plants I would buy maybe 5 seeds as not all seeds germinate so the extra 2 will cover u, just that I have had a lot that don`t germinate so think about that before you order,
      Hope that helps

  • Ying

    Is’nt Marijuanna seed illegal though?

    • http://twitter.com/A1cannabisseeds cannabisseeds

      Not illegal in UK – germination of the seeds is illegal so sold as souveniours or for strain preservation until laws change.

  • weedeater


  • disqus_H5TXl0ghgq

    Hi I just got my medical card and am licensed to grow. I suffer from chronic back pain and I am planning to grow outdoors in the heat. I’m on an a extremely tight budget but looking for a strong strain that can help with my pain. Any advice would greatly be appreciated !!!


    Donovan Smithson

    370 n. williams st.

    Chandler, az 85225

  • biguy

    can we get seeds in atlanta georgia?

  • tommy

    i am looking for some one help with getting seeds i am on fixed in come and no money most of the time can some send me some free seeds thank

  • tommy

    i have back pain and neck pain i need help two get seeds so i can grow some plants

  • JOE

    I was hoping someone may help me ,I can t get seeds I need something for pain managment for a cancer patient 2 seed banks screwed me .I live in Mass and the stuff up here sucks so if there s anyone who coud donate some it would be so appreciated and I d send some cash…

    • CannaBloke

      Try us, we Guarentee delivery if you select Airsure or International Tracked Mail
      http://www.cannabisseedsforsale.com – Contact Gemma for a chat/email if you need help selecting the perfect strain!

  • Robert Homan

    Last time I bought seeds from England they never ever sprouted , I live where medical is allowed !

    • CannaBloke

      Contact the seed-bank direct – for exaple if you purchased Barneys Farm seeds form an online company – contact Barneys Farm as its their reputation they usually offer a discount or replacement seeds. Also can i ask were the seeds in original breeder packaging? and do you have much experience in germinating?

      • Robert Homan

        I have little experience germinating and even built a greenhouse , I think trying to germinate 5 different ways with 50 seeds I should have had at least a couple take

        • CannaBloke

          Even with little or no experience germinating the seeds is the simple part – and as you say using 5 differnt ways on 50 seeds you should have had some sucess – where did you buy? what did you buy?

          • Robert Homan

            A place in Manchester England , Organic Blends , after thinking back on this I tried a total of 7 different ways to germinate , even read every hing I could online about it and tried them all , I wrote the company but NEVER received a return reply from them

    • big neil

      try this place all my seeds come up and cheap http://www.herbiesheadshop.com

  • Evan

    I order from rastaseedbank.com all the time i always get my seeds they send me a tracking number and everything i always get my order in about 4 days and they always give me freebies

  • frans

    I order for over 10 years at http://www.buydutchseeds.com and they have never disappointed me!

  • drgreentongue

    Attitude all the way peep

  • corners

    try Sannies seeds. Hes a direct breeder of some killler sativas. Prices are lower, no middle man.

    Guaranteed delivery and freebies and loyalty program. http://www.sanniesshop.com/regular-cannabis-seeds-en/

  • Jacob Maclen

    Many seeds banks are available online that offer a great collection of cannabis and marijuana seeds. I always go with sensi seeds bank where can find the best collection of cannabis seeds to buy.