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How to Get Marijuana Legalization on the Oregon Ballot


On March 25, 2010 the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act won a huge victory when the Oregon Supreme Court shot down Bradley Benoit’s challenge to their initiative. Now that the challenge has been cleared, the backers of the initiative can start gathering signatures in order to get it on the November ballot. Unlike a similar initiative in California, which has already been approved for the November election, the Oregon initiative still needs a tremendous amount of signatures. In Oregon, the amount of signatures needed is determined by the total votes cast in the previous Governor election. Because this is a ‘statutory initiative,’ it is going to require 82,769 valid signatures by July 2, 2010.

As previously stated, due to the challenge by Beaverton area resident Bradley Benoit, the signature gathering campaign has been delayed. This is a common tactic used in Oregon initiative politics. Here’s how it works; someone has the idea for a possible initiative, and gets the original 1,000 signatures needed to the Secretary of State Elections Division to be approved for further signature gathering. The State Elections Division validates the signatures, and then asks for an official ballot title and summary of the bill. If there is no challenge, such as in the case of Oregon Initiative 28 (medical marijuana dispensary bill), signatures can be gathered.

However, if someone challenges it, as was the case with the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, no one can gather signatures until the challenge is decided. One can assume that Bradley Benoit knew he would lose his challenge, but at least he could delay the process (insert curse words here!). So now the initiative is behind schedule, but don’t fear; there is a newly adopted rule that can result in TONS of signatures being easily gathered. Curious how you can give your signature EASILY, get the initiative on the ballot, and be a part of 82,769 signatures that will change Oregon for the better??

Due to new election laws in Oregon, you can give your signature much easier than in the past. Previously, you had to find someone that was collecting signatures (often difficult), write your signature in front of them along with other information, and only after you have been standing outside the mall for quite some time holding a clipboard was your signature ‘gathered.’ That all has been changed with new electronic signature gathering rules in Oregon.

Now you can simply go to The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act page, give them your e-mail address, and they can e-mail you a form to sign. Just print out the form, sign it, and mail it to the campaign headquarters at your earliest convenience. ISN’T THAT SO EASY! WAIT, IT GETS BETTER! You can forward the form to all your friends, and instruct them to do the same. The only requirements are one signature per form, and that the signature is of a valid, registered Oregon voter. IT’S TIME TO ROCK THE VOTE FOLKS! Send in your signature, and tell everyone you know, and link this article to everything you see relating to Oregon or legalization! We must unite in order to win the fight! The more that people know about this, the more likely it is to happen (duh), so spread the word!


Go to NotDwightHolton.Com to find out why you should not vote for Dwight Holton for Oregon Attorney General, and ‘like’ the Not Dwight Holton Facebook Page!


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  • From what I was told, due to the frivilous challenge by Mr. Bradley Benoit, they are just now in the process of getting the ‘form’ from the secretary of state’s office in order to start e-mailing it out. If you signed up to receive the form, rest assured that you will receive the e-mail anyday this week! If you don’t, feel free to e-mail me and I will make sure it happpens, we need every signature we can get! Good job and keep up the suppport!

  • I signed the pledge to receive this form several weeks ago but haven’t seen it in my email yet. Any idea when they’re going to start sending these out?