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How To Make A Marijuana Coffee Shake


marijuana coffee shake recipeCannabis Coffee Shake Recipe

There’s so many stoners that love to wake and bake. The only thing that can be added to an awesome morning smoke session to make it better is coffee. Stoners love their coffee. What happens if you’re rushing though and you have to make a choice? Not anymore. Following this short recipe will provide you with the most delicious medicated coffee drink for those busy days!


1 Cup Whole Milk
1 tbsp Instant Coffee
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream
2gs Cannabis


This recipe is best used if you can plan ahead, as the cannabis should sit in milk overnight. The fat in the milk draws out the THC so you get the best high possible. Grind the cannabis up in to a fine powder before adding it to the milk. In the morning, take the milk, ice cream, vanilla, and coffee in a blender. Blend the mixture until it’s creamy and smooth. It also happens that the instant coffee in this recipe can be replaced with hot chocolate mix. Use the same amount of chocolate as you would with coffee. You now have a chocolate medicated shake, with no coffee, if that’s what you prefer!

Source: THCFinder.Com


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  • Mozzy

    If you want to try something else, add your chop to the milk and heat it to around 50C on the stove for 30mins, then increase the temp to just under simmer point.
    Leave for a further 10mins then cool and refrigerate for the morning.

    I have also tried fresh brewed coffee putting my grinds in with the coffee grinds and I got only a slight buzz.

    I’ve made countless cookies boiling butter and chop together for hours and made some gut wrenching vomit inducing cookies, but, only for the weak!

    I’ve wrecked many a party person with just half of a cookie.

    Also managed a kick arse chocolate cookie all made from scratch.

  • Mozzy

    Same as eating cookies.

  • jennerz07

    For those who tried it….wat kind of high was it?

  • jennerz07

    For those who tried it….wat kind of high was it?

  • Marcus Lambert

    Do you get a ‘high’ from it? Sounds sweet af tho ;)

  • Les Dunlop

    Doesn’t the cannabis need to be heated to activate the thc?

  • espo

    fu@#ing bomb ass shake ty very much

  • stationone123

    Just stopping by to say what’s up cannabis friends. I hope Florida gets cannabis legalized this November.

  • Mike

    Does it work with soy milk too?

  • Utopia

    Or Chocolate Hemp Milk !!! ummmm Yummy !!!!!!!!!

  • Ishmael Isaac

    vegan version: with cocconut milk! :)

  • Starlady728

    Going to try this real soon! I e-mailed it to a friend too, I know he’ll try it.

  • Keifus

    Tried it and loved it…..

  • Nikki Pedretti

    This is the best idea!! Im so doing this very soon!