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How To Make Homemade Marijuana Elixir


marijuana elixirBefore even starting off with the recipe for the elixir, your cannabis needs to be in tincture form. If you’re unfamiliar with making tincture, it’s really easy. You can use either alcohol above 40% or vegetable glycerin (I personally prefer the glycerin… It isn’t as harsh on the stomach and tastes far better). You can make the tincture by placing previously frozen/extremely dry cannabis in a crockpot along with the glycerin and letting it cook for 24 hours on the “simmer” setting. Stir this mixture occasionally. You can use the alcohol method if you want by getting Everclear and putting it in a jar along with your cannabis trim. Once the trim is saturate in alcohol, shake the jar for about 15 minutes and then proceed to strain the substance through cheesecloth. Yes this method is faster but if you’re unfamiliar with Everclear, I don’t recommend it.

After you’ve created the tincture, you’re ready to continue to making the delicious medicated elixir. Take the tincture and place pour it in to a Mason jar double boiler. If you are using Everclear, you need to BE CAREFUL. That alcohol is extremely flammable and should not be heated in closed conditions. Turn the heat to a point where the liquid at the edge of the Mason jar bubbles but do not let the substance boil. Boiling will release too much of the THC, giving you less of a psychoactive effect. Once the tincture has boiled down to about half of it’s original amount, you can add in the honey. Continue to cook until the new mixture has boiled down to about half again.

This will give you an extremely concentrated, very powerful elixir. It can be mixed in with tea or coffee or perhaps just taken straight, as the honey will give it a very pleasant taste. You can even add it on to other medicated treats, such as toast or cinnamon buns. Basically anything you want! Just always remember to dose in small amounts so you know how the ingesting of marijuana effects you! Everyone is different so your dose won’t be the same as your friends! Enjoy responsibly!

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  • Mary Leochner

    When I made the glycerin tincture I soaked the dried leaves, flowers for a period of time in big mason jars. 1 month or so. Shook them multiple times daily. When I heated the mixture I didn’t have to heat it for such a long period of time – .2 hours. Strained and put in dropper bottle. Testing showed that things were absorbed well. The glycerin tincture is much tastier to me than the alcohol.

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