How To Make Marijuana Coffee

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Jan 272014
 January 27, 2014

marijuana coffee recipeCannabis Coffee Recipe

I was sent this amazing recipe for cannabis infused coffee and had to share. Over the summer, I shared a recipe for a cannabis infused coffee shake but this is just the real deal. Caffeine and cannabis, in the same cup. So for those of you on the go, you’ll be able to stay medicated and caffeinated while at work on those long days (not to mention extremely sneaky!). So here’s the recipe on how to make your own pot of pot coffee at home!


1 good pinch of pulverized hash
4 tsp finely-powdered straight Arabian mocha
2 pinches of ground nutmeg
2 pinches of ground cinnamon
1 pot of fresh brewed coffee
Sugar (to taste)
Creamer or milk (to taste)


Brew the coffee as you would normally, whether you prefer to make it in a regular coffee pot or one of the new fancy coffee machines that they’re coming out with now. Put all of the ingredients that you have (keep in mind that you can adjust the amount of hash that you put in to the mix to your preference if you’d like the coffee to be stronger or weaker). Put the mixture in to a Turkish coffee pot and put over a low flame until it starts to bubble. As soon as the coffee starts to bubble, remove it rom the heat. Add in your creamer and sugar as you like and enjoy your cup of medicated coffee!

Source: THCFinder.Com

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  • doug stewart

    You say hash,would that be keef?? For the coffee

    • John Frusciante

      Keif and hash are completely different things…… Keif is fallen-off trichomes mixed with plant matter. Assuming the hash isn’t shitty, it’s all trichomes/thc/cbd/other cannabinoids, no plant matter.

      • bigun

        if you screen the kief it makes great hash. agree the other extracts are needed for the premie stuff.

        • spankme

          I use pot butter to help with my back pain, I don’t need any extra weight on my bones so i just take a teaspoon of frozen butter or a small chunk and swallow with my coffee in the morning. Cuts the sugar s and starches altogether!

  • Lola

    Wow! That really would be perfect

    • Michael J. Kaer

      You have to have some form of oil in the coffee (or alcohol ) for the cannabinoids to connect with. I have made Glycerin Tincture and alcohol tincture. They can be added easily. I make a form of medicated tea but I add milk to mix.

  • howard o

    Can I use a bud instead of hash? I don’t have access to hash.

    • karen

      Sure u could :)

    • Christopher Steele

      actually i don’t think it would work at all. the idea is that although the hash, a lipid soluable entity, would not immerse into the water or the coffee, because of it’s nature it can form a mixture, allowing you to drink the hash proportionally with the coffee. You could get the same effect by drinking the cup of coffee and eating the hash before/afterwards. if you do this with bud, you will have bud floating in your coffee.

      • c

        Hence the creamer, a fatty liquid that the THC binds to.

      • Chuck Catchings

        Obviously you don’t have a coffee maker??? Why would you have bud floating in your coffee? Do you have coffee grinds floating in your cup of coffee. Again, try it before you comment, it works.

    • bigun

      use a grinder with a screen. the hash material will gather in the bottom of your grinder. it is called kief.

  • Pops

    Just put cannabuttrr in your coffee. Wayyyy better

  • Xen

    Why would I put butter in my coffee :/ And this is bomb as fuck I been smoking this P i just got from the hommie; And tried some of the flaky nugs using the directions above; bomb as fuck. Whole family loves it !

    • c

      I don’t know… why would you put butter in your coffee?

      No one said anything about butter.

  • painkills2

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  • painkills2

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