How To Make Marijuana Flour

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 February 1, 2014

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When cooking with cannabis, there’s quite a few ways to get your medication in to your food. There’s the lazy way of cooking with weed and you just kind of throw your buds in to a pot and hope that your edibles come out the way you want them to. The butter method also works and is pretty easy but not always great for the stoners who are trying to be healthy. Olive oil is also used in cooking with cannabis but what do you do if you’re trying to make some sort of bread with cannabis? Thankfully, there is such a thing as cannabis flour and it’s far easier to make than you would think.

Making cannabis flour is more so time consuming rather than difficult. The buds that you use must be extremely dry, as any moisture could cause mold to grow within the flour once you’ve stored it. The time consuming part comes from having to pick out all of the seeds and stems from your cannabis. Be sure that you get all of them, as they could make the flour bitter. So once your buds have dried well, pick out all of the stems and seeds and then proceed to grind up your cannabis in to a fine powder. You can use a coffee grinder or a mortar for this. Coffee grinder is convenient but you can grind up more at a time if you do it by hand.

Once the cannabis has been ground up, store it in a jar or a container of some sort and store in a cool, dark place. Like I said, it’s definitely easier to make cannabis flour then a lot of people think. This stuff is great for use in bread and other baked goods. Just, as always, remember that you can adjust the amount of marijuana you use in every recipe to your tolerance. There is no recipe for cannabis flour because it’s basically just crushed up cannabis. You can add flour to your recipes still if you’d wish but it’s suggested that you use half flour and half of the crushed up cannabis. Hopefully, you’ll be able to replace regular flour with this cannabis flour and enjoy it!

Source: THCFinder.Com

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    • painkills2

      Is this the new strategy for illegal advertising??

      • Neil Carpenter

        What’s illegal about it? Marijuana is legal to those who wish to become licensed in over half the country already.

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        • painkills2

          Each state follows its own laws, especially for the MMJ industry, which selling on the internet to strangers doesn’t really take into account now, does it? In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to sell all products classified as drugs on the internet, illegal or otherwise.

          But hey, go for it, just be sure to put some clothes on so you’ll be dressed when the DEA busts in your door (these guys have no manners).

      • Gerard Horne Sr.

        Fuck you! Snitch Bitch!

        • painkills2

          Whatsamatta? Have you decided, on your own, which laws you can follow? I mean, if I have to spend this much money to be a medical cannabis patient (because I follow the laws and all), why shouldn’t everyone else have to jump through the same hoops?

          What, you think you’re special or something? Or do you just enjoy roaming around the internet, using the N and B words, thinking this makes you some kind of stud?

          Wait — perhaps I am prejudging you. Did you have a rational argument to present on this issue or not? I’m thinking… not.

          Anyway, are you lost? I think you’re looking for the Breitbart website.

  • Andrew Zebrun III

    Why not mix it with almond flour? Sounds good!

  • Shelbi

    I’ve done this before. It worked pretty damn well. Lol

  • Deborah Plumeria Brown Bohne

    So, You just use the ground up, powdery cannabis instead of flour for cooking, like bread or cake or gravy???

    • painkills2

      That’s what it says. But, to control the dosage, you may want to add in some regular flour when making bread or cake — the article suggests half and half. (By the way, love the Plumeria scent… I’m burning some in my oil burner right now!)

      • Deborah Plumeria Brown Bohne

        I’ve loved Plumeria since I lived in Hawaii, adapted name for Hippie Peace Chicks! :-) Thank you for the info! :-)

  • painkills2

    Ignore the scammers posting fake pictures of bud…

  • Lisalisa47901

    can someone tell me how to make cookies made from cannabis wax? I don’t no how much wax I use in them

    • janice

      I have been unable to use marijuana in the pill or smoking it. They said that was impossible. My doctor said to try cooking with it. i’m not sure this will work. I am in terrible pain and I have a degistive disorder. Do you think this will work?