How To Make Marijuana Popcorn

 Posted by at 9:15 AM on October 20, 2013  Marijuana Recipes
Oct 202013
 October 20, 2013

marijuana popcornCannabis Popcorn Recipe

I am far from being a chef, and I really like easy marijuana recipes that pack a punch. Below is one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever came across – marijuana popcorn. It was sent to me by my friends at Bald Brothers Cannabis Distillery in Portland, Oregon:


2 oz of hot-sauce
½ cup of cannabutter
1 big bowl of unseasoned popcorn


Melt the cannabutter and combine with hot-sauce. Pour over popcorn.

About Bald Brothers Cannabis Distillery - We are a family owned business based in Portland Oregon. We infuse high quality butters and oils with THC for the OMMP community. Our products are currently available in several Portland area dispensaries.We are also happy to deliver to OMMP patients throughout Northwest Oregon. Contact us for donation-reimbursement rates. Bald Brothers Cannabis Distillery website and Facebook page.

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  • Closet Smoker

    I like hot stuff and have made superhot popcorn with pear wood smoked habanero powder. I might have to add cannabutter next time to relieve the pain, lol

  • Jeremy Vasquez

    hot sance??

  • painkills2

    If I can somehow block out the “opc” from the word Popcorn in the headline for this article, I might be able to have some fun here… It’d be like internet graffiti art.

    • Sarijuana

      My, oh my your mind can wander! LOL!

      • painkills2

        For a pain patient, the effort to let your mind wander is hard indeed. Your brain and body say, ouch, stop thinking, that hurts! But my medicine changes that message to, man, everything’s cool, I wish I could be a graffiti artist or an astronaut… and I hope I will have sex again before I die. You know, images and thoughts like that. :-)
        Just having a little fun with the DEA and NSA agents listening in, trying to make things interesting for THEM. Maybe they’ve never tried cannabis and wonder what it’s like, ya know? I mean, as cannabis lovers, we have an obligation to… I know, I’m full of sh*t. Gotta get your fun where you can find it, eh?

  • keighty costa

    WTF… hotsauce…liess…

  • Ed

    Pot Corn!

  • Sarijuana

    We’re coming up on winter here, and this post made me wonder what a hot buttered rum recipe would be like with cannabutter. I’m thinking…pretty darn good.

    • painkills2

      Man, I just learned how to boil eggs…

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