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How To Pass A Drug Test When You Smoke Marijuana


How To Pass A UA When You Smoke Marijuana

As a person who has been using marijuana illegally for over half of his life, I have had to adopt tricks and techniques to get by in the “real world.” One of the most uncomfortable situations is passing a pre-employment drug screening.

Now, I’m not advocating dishonesty with your employer but a urinalysis unfairly punishes weed smokers while cokeheads and meth addicts get a free pass since those drugs only show up in a urinalysis within 72 hours of use while marijuana can stay in the system for 30 days or more. I don’t smoke before work (usually) and it never affects my ability to perform the functions of my job, but after a long day, nothing sounds better then a big, green bowl.

First off, if you can just stop smoking for thirty days then do it. It’s the simple solution to this situation. However, sometimes you don’t have that much time to prepare so you have to improvise. I have had to take ten to fifteen of these tests over the years with a 100% success rate.

I just got a new job last week and had to give a urine sample for testing. There are too important elements when it comes to effectively passing: obtaining a clean sample and keeping it within temperature. We all have friends that don’t smoke and they are the best sources of clean urine. I’ve heard of people using the fake stuff you can order over the internet or buy at your local head-shops and passing but why pay for the fake stuff when you can get the real thing for free? I just have my buddy fill up a balloon or an unlubricated condom and seal it up. I then drive strait to the facility with the “container” of urine on my dash with the defrost on to help keep the temperature high.

This is where it can get tricky. Since you are just taking a pre-employment screening, they cannot search you, so I “hide” the “container” in my underwear and bring a small pair of nail clippers and hide the clippers in a pocket or my shoe. I then carefully walk in to the facility and register. When they call me to take the test, they usually ask you to remove all items for your pockets but I am sure to keep the nail clippers in my pocket. Once they close the door, I use the clippers to clip a hole in the “container” and fill up the cup. I then empty the remaining “sample” into the toilet and hide the empty “container” in my shoe.

This is where it can get tricky. Since you are just taking a pre-employment screening, they cannot search you, so I “hide” the “container” in my underwear and bring a small pair of nail clippers and hide the clippers in a pocket or my shoe. I then carefully walk in to the facility and register. When they call me to take the test, they usually ask you to remove all items for your pockets but I am sure to keep the nail clippers in my pocket. Once they close the door, I use the clippers to clip a hole in the “container” and fill up the cup. I then empty the remaining “sample” into the toilet and hide the empty “container” in my shoe.

I don’t like to have to do this and if there was an easier way I would use it. However this is the world we live in and until there is real change, I am forced to play this stupid game.


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  • It’s sad that we have to do things to keep our jobs when we are all contributing members of society.

    • Jenny Penny

      there is a plant my friend told me about called Palo Azul, means blue stick, grows in the jungle.. if you drink it in a tea it will clean you out of THC and you will piss clean..you can get palo Azul at any Mexican spice market or go to Palo Azul Tea dot com.

  • Moma doc

    If you are appling for  job in the oil field, they WATCH you pee! If you want the job, you got to do it.
    Luckily I don’t work in the oil field!

  • a useful guide to beat an unnecessarily discriminatory test. 

    • Sandy

      i use to just use water and add a drop of yellow food coloring,it always worked, just make sure the temp.is between 90-100 f. put a temp strip on it and good to go.

  • James

    I’ve used Certo Sure-Jell  for the past 15 years and have passed every UA i’ve taken for employment,,  can be bought in any cookin section in any grocery,, and it works for me..Just make sure its the gel and not powder,,,

    • Jesswb3a

      Sounds efficient. How much do you use, when do you take it, etc.

    • shockwave

      How long do you take it before the test and how much? How much water do you drink with it and how long before the test etc? Please answer. Thanks!

    • shockwave

      How much and how long before the test etc? Do you drink a gallon of water with it etc??

    • chelsea

      How soon before the test do you use it?

    • JamesBond006

      Found out last week that my job wants a drug test, I researched every search engine and blog and drinking palo azul tea seems to be the safest way to pass the test… I was going to try drinking gelatin until I read that drinking gelatin will shut down your kidneys!! so I went to Palo Azul Tea dot com (since they have the best standing) and purchased 4 bags for like 5$ a piece ( how do they stay in biz only charging 5$??) anyhow I boiled the tea for 2 hours and drank it 2 days before my test…I was terrified when they read the results but I PASSED!! WOO WOO . I should also add that im 6ft1 250 lbs. This little 5$ bag of tea is saving peoples jobs and keeping them out of jail so I couldn’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t like it! Someone on here made like a 2 page “hate post” on Palo Azul Tea but it was so obviously an attempt by one of the major detox corporations to stop people from knowing about Palo Azul , because now the big dogs aren’t making so much money, now they cant rape us stoners by charging us $100 for detox.

  • Deadogrowling

    drinking a gallon of water 2 to 3 hours before you go take your test works too.  i call it studying

  • I bet more people would be employed in this county if these tests were not required.

  • Mel

    Here’s How To Pass Any Drug Test In Just 1 Hour, GUARANTEED!!

    • hargenmyer taintshires


  • smokerforyears!!alwayspass

    For years I have used vinegar to pass my drug tests. I hate using it I am able to pass the craziest of panels when it comes to ON THE SPOT results. The ingredients of this NASTY solution is simple. Peanut butter, vinegar and water. Eat straight peanut butter (PB) off a spoon or on one peice of bread (make sure u eat enough to coat ur stomach, or u will puke), then pour 1/2 cup of vinegar (4 oz or 3 normal sized shot glasses) and in between mouth fulls of vinegar eat more PB and chase with water (cold) and repeat until all vinegar is gone. keep drinking water until you urinate clear (about 30 min) then drink anything of your choice to get the color of your urine back. (normally I drink tea or my daughters juicy juice, after I urinate once) then go and take your drug test. GUARENTEED PASS!!!

    • Nimue

      12 years of my life is on da line dis week
      Guaranteed it works I know the vinegar work
      But pb
      But I’ll try it

      • trying to work

        did it work

    • shockwave

      Can you be a little more specific on when you should drink the vinegar? I mean how long before your test etc? Please answer. Thank you very much!

    • bob and weave

      Are you just clean after you piss the first time or clean for good

    • Joey Ramirez

      go to Palo Azul tea dot com and ge like 2 or 3 bags of palo… boil it into a tea and drink it a day before your test and you will pass for sure.. works for me and all my beaner friends

  • Milwtown

    what if they do a swap test

    • mike

      drank water move it in yur mouth like yu would mouth was make sure the water is really cold do it for 2 hours be for the test

      • anon

        and use the whitening mouthwash (with hydrogen peroxide) like every 10-15 minutes or so about an hour before your test and then right before you go in. and hold the swab between your teeth instead of cheek and gum. i passed and i smoked the night before. i also used the mouthwash immediately after smoking. brush the shit out of your teeth.

  • mmjmom

    That’s a big “if” “if you can just stop smoking for thirty days”

    • mike

      that is mainly for pills

  • Whitney Leachman

    Certo DOES NOT work if being sent to the LAB!

  • CleartestDOTcom

    I was applying for a job at bank of america and they were drug testing and I purchased the urinator and synthetic urine from cleartest dot com. The main reason I ordered from them is they talk to you if you call them and they have a great reputation.

  • bigwill9025

    I passed 2 at home drug tests last week. my test was on thursday and they sent it to a lab in kansas. when would the company call me if i did not pass the pre employment drug screen? or would i b good because i passed the at home tests?

  • thc free

    in texas, synthetic urine is illegal. try u-are-n.com. natural and legal.

  • Boots

    It is very unfortunate that things are like this for us smokers HOWEVER my husband went to take a UA for a job and he was taken to a bathroom with the person giving the UA—this person instructed my husband to remove everything from his pockets, remove all his clothes down to his undies and was his hand twice—so trying to find anything is not working anymore–he had quite smoking more than a week ago and bought a product from the head shop and drank nothing but water for 5 days before the UA—before he drank the product in the AM I gave him a UA at home and it was negative—-the UA that he took for this company came back undetermined—I personally have taken in the pee from someone else—just thought I would let ya’all know they are getting smarter—-Totally sucks that our society is the way it is but the only sure way to pass is to stop!!!! I hate the thought of having to stop I am 56 yrs. old and have smoked for many many years!!

    • Shayne

      They shouldn’t be allowed to do that to someone.

  • Meghan

    I have to take a test in 2 days time, and have smoked as recently as this morning, my main concern is as you mentioned above, keeping it at temperature…I have thought about a “hand warmer” packet, or do you think that would keep it too warm?

    • angel82484

      taking a test for females is alot easier than for a male. number 1… find a donor/friend that doesnt smoke and collect a sample of urine. number two… get a condom and make sure you wash it out really good so there is no lubricant/powder. number 3… put the urine inside the condom and then tie it. give it enough room to move around. number 4… insert the condom in your vigina. this is a little tricky. if you didnt allow enough room it could burst. take your time…it’ll go in. took me about 5 mins. this way it stays at the temp of your body. you have clean urine, and you don’t have to worry about them searching you. most clinics don’t supervise unless it’s like government. passed my drug test with flying colors…. 3 times and was still able to continue smoking… good luck!

    • Handwarmer is fine bro!! I’ve always used one.. you’re using synthetic urine right??

  • angel82484

    This worked for me!!
    taking a test for females is alot easier than for a male. number 1… find a donor/friend that doesnt smoke and collect a sample of urine. number two… get a condom and make sure you wash it out really good so there is no lubricant/powder. number 3… put the urine inside the condom and then tie it. give it enough room to move around. number 4… insert the condom in your vigina. this is a little tricky. if you didnt allow enough room it could burst. take your time…it’ll go in. took me about 5 mins. this way it stays at the temp of your body. you have clean urine, and you don’t have to worry about them searching you. most clinics don’t supervise unless it’s like government. passed my drug test with flying colors…. 3 times and was still able to continue smoking… good luck!

    • CB

      How did you get the urine out of the condom ?

      • From the article above:

        “bring a small pair of nail clippers and hide the clippers in a pocket or my(your) shoe”

      • puffpuff

        I stopped smoking weed about 2 weeks before I even got the interview. I kinda knew I would get the job offer, then she tells me i have to take a nicotine test monday and i smoke a pack a day.. This is for a high paying postion at a hospital who has a policy on not hiring smokers. Not sure if they will be testing for weed. I have selected your method to pass the test. Ill post my experience.

  • Anonymous

    Nice brother first very informative to help pass :) im in a situation now where im 48 hours from a test yikessss no warning ! lol but you were helpful. And props on that last line about helping others with meth and cocaine substance abuse way to look out for your fellow brother #youareamench

  • mike

    dranking a small cup of dental cleaner (efferent) for slim people will pass a drug test it stays in your system for 4 hours… i had done it plenty of times its nasty but it works

    • Shayne

      You could drink a gallon of gran berry juice and 2gallons of cold water

  • Harry

    All you gotta do is dip your finger in some bleach take it out let it dry and do It again like 5 times and than when you take your test put your finger in your pee while your taking the test an swish it around for as long a it take to fill up the cup your test will be clean it even works when someone’s watching you just don’t let them stare at your dick while you doing it

    • Mike

      I call BS. Not only did I fail, I RUINED my 2nd favorite pair of pants……Thanks a lot Harry!!!!

  • anonymous

    I am an every day high potency marijuana smoker. I drank a little over two cases of water in a week. (about seven to nine bottles a day for seven days) About fifteen minutes ago I passed my at home drug test!!! Screw what everyone says I am 5’7 and 170 lbs and all it took after smoking daily (the good stuff) for fifteen years was good old H2O!!! In the morning I will drink gatorade right before I go in and I’m very sure I will pass tomorrow. I did last time. :)

    • wondering

      Did you quit smoking for the 7 days?

  • scared2013

    help, I was informed u had a supervised drug test Friday, I took yesterday, two hours before I drank a gallon of water two hours before with two packets of certo in it and five minutes before that I drank dour shots of vinegar, well prior to that I took 3000 mg of niacin and cranberry pills.. Sunday late I also took four shots of vinegar.. My pee was clear when I went which is ok for me, than also Sunday evening I passed atones and the hospital had me on saline for three hours.. Will I pass the test?

  • scared1983

    I quit smoking for two days but a frequent niacin user and I took two days worth of seven day detox plus cranberry juice a half bottle of vinegar and than a gallon of water and two packets of certo, I pee clear will they detect my thx levels help

    • Jack S. Klotzner

      most of the time if you pee clear they will classify it as being diluted so you want to make sure you urin has color or they will most likely fail you for alleged dilution i could be wrong but every test i had to ever take they told me upfront if it is clear it will be an auto fail

  • dan

    if I smoked last night and drank a hole bunch of water during the day but didn’t drink none the day of the drug screen what are my chances of passing I weigh 133 and I am 5’9 WILL I PASS

  • Concerned

    As soon as the powers that be come up with a test that tells them if your hi on the job then I’ll concede them the right to piss test employees, till then right wrong or indifferent they have no right to even ask the question much less require the test. Thank you insurance companies for turning this into a police state. Fuckers!

  • beatboxbaker

    I know how to get clean in one day. It takes dedication but I have beaten every drug test this way. Drink two.gallons of pomegranate juice, 1200 mg of cranberry pills, 500 mg of niacin, one gallon of water, crank your heat to 90° and sleep wearing a sauna suit or trash bag. Wake up and run2-5 miles. You will be clean and most likely lose several pounds.

  • joseph

    i have a test on monday i need to pass its an at home test what should i do..i am not looking to buy anything either

  • Eva

    I am female, can I use clean male urine?

  • Justin glary

    One major problem that employee drug tests pose for marijuana smokers is that they can still detect the use of marijuana even six weeks after use.whether you had one joint or you smoke three times a day, the same positive result is going to be flagged!

    Urine Clear

    • LindsayAnne

      That’s a lie… I smoked habitually and stopped 3 days before an employee drug test, and passed. I exercised and drank a lot of water. THC in your fat cells is like hair dye molecules in your hair… the more you wash it, the more color flushes out. The more water you drink and pee, the more the present THC flushes out. Your metabolism is one of many variables when it comes to THC staying in your system. If they can detect the use six weeks prior, then they must have just had a crush on me. That was it? Wasn’t it? That’s the only explanation to me passing, if that’s the case.

      • al

        hi, ive stoped smoking weed for 30 days and was a heavy smoker before that. ive been drinking a lot of water. I have a urin test tomorroe at 10 am. you guys think I can pass or I need to do more. help please

  • how can I pass a urine test for marijuana for a probation officer in less than 24hrs

    • Anon321

      You can’t.

      • anonymoussavior

        Can to. Detoxify kits, water, water pills, water plus b 2 vitamins, cranberry pills n juice, and water n gatorade plus exercise all can. Just sayin.

  • darroll73@gmail.com

    Hey I have to do a re test and they make me drop my pants and boxers to my knees and lift my shirt to my chest I tried the drinks and they don’t work so what do I do I have 1 week to take another test

  • AJ

    I have a drug screen and physical coming up now I have made a phantom pocket on the inside of my pant leg and use a hand warmer to keep it warm and it works that way. But this time I will be having a physical and a drug screen want to know if the same process will work since they will have to check for a hernia. If I have to drop my pants they might see my hidden pocket.

    • aj

      Alright I have a full proof plan if you don’t want to stop to clean out. First I used Quick fix that can b sold at your local head shop I used the synthetic urine and I passed. I saved the bottle because its small and has a temp gauge on it. then got another call a couple days later didn’t have any money to go buy quick fix so I had someone clean pee in the same bottle I got when I bought the quick fix went out and bought some hand warmers and just like that passed 2 test in one week and I never quit smoking. If you have a pre employment physical you will have time to yourself for a few mins to get dressed in a gown so if you make a pocket on the inside of your jeans like i did they wont b able to see anything. I used duct tape and made the pocket a couple inches down on my thigh on the inside of my pant leg make the pocket so the bottle doesn’t get stuck on the tape

      • Buddy

        I’m going with your method. Ive done this many times in the past. I failed a test before when i strictly used the detox drink an hour before the test. I followed the directions to the letter and still failed. Anyway, the hidden bottle with clean piss is the best!!! I also have a physical when i have to take the test too and I’m worried that they’ll want me to drop my pants. I just don’t know how things will go down so i want to be prepared for anything. I tape two hand warmers (from Wal Mart) to a small 3 oz bottle of clean pee i received from someone to keep the temperature between 90 and 100 degrees because that’s the range that the cup reads. Right before I go in, I test the temperature with a thermometer that i bought from Wal Mart for $3 to ensure that its in the needed range then put the bottle in my crotch to adjust to my body temperature. If the pee is too hot, dont worry, just put it in your underwear and it will come down naturally, just dont wait too long to take the test. i also bought 10 THC tests (from the Dollar Tree for a $1 a piece), to test the urine just in case. i like your idea to make a pocket on the inside of my leg. I’ll have to work that out someway. Thanks again for your story and to anyone else needing help!!

      • anita

        Your plan sounds good. Im going to try it. How much is the synthetic urine?

  • Rockinreba

    I haven’t smoked anything in 2 weeks then I took 2 hits and I gotta take a drug test in 6 days what can I do to make sure I am clean?

  • shortstuff

    i had a pre-employment test this morning (monday) at 8am, freaked out something silly all weekend as i only found out about the urine test friday evening and had smoked 2 blunts on thursday night. After heaps of research i decided to drink as much water as possible and fatty foods, also i purchased magnum detox watermelon drink and drank it 3 hours before test. Passed with no worries! Do remember water+detox drink (you must gollow instructions for them do work their magic) and you’ll pass your test with flying colours NO DOUBT!!
    Thank me later :D

  • derek

    Instead of focusing on needing a clean sample that’s the right temperature, you can always just do a drug detox right beforehand. It only takes an hour to detox your system and it allows you to test clean with a 6 hour window. It’s a lot easier just to take a detox and know that you’re fine, than worry about a ton of other factors. This is the detox I recommend: http://passadrugtest.com/urine.html Try it out and let me know what you think.

  • shorty43

    How do I pass a piss test for a probation officer within a week?

  • kmc

    I have not been smoking for 6 weeks now and no one around me uses and I still failed a drug test how do I get clean i have been on daily detox goldenseal root drinking gallons of water and this process is just driving me up the wall. i have done two self drug test before i went in and both were negative. Do the detox really work in a six hour window or is that a myth? What do i do I’m completely stumped????

    • mubarakwasframed

      If you really haven’t been smoking for 6 weeks, the continued detox drink might be doing you more harm than good. Some labs test for masking chemicals or other irregularities, and will automatically flag your sample as positive if any of those show up. The THC should be out of your body on average after 30 days.

  • o

    i been smoking for more than 30 years but next week i have to take a piss test for the job of a life time. i have used my son pissed and always passed even when they tried a surprise piss test .but the last to weeks i havent smoked and iam dying for a blunt. does anybody have any idea if i would pass the test

  • wendo

    I’ve been smoking almost everyday for the past 5 yrs I used weed to replace my addiction to cigarettes. Well I’m trying to get a better job and I found out they just do a pee test I have about a month before I will have to take my test….I have quit but what else will help me???? Do I stand a chance.

  • Sandi

    I have to take a drug test on tuesday for home confinement, what can I do? I’m freaking out, pacing back and forth pulling my hair out. Help..

  • dantor
    • searchingforinfo

      Hi, i’ve read this information and wonder if you had smoked recently before taking and passing your test

      • barry

        Im a daily smoker of the best shit around and I recently had to take a drug test for probation and they send your sample to the lab. I’m 5″7 165 pounds. I quit smoking 72 hours before the test. The first two days I took flushing vitamins and drank water and on the day of the test I woke up at 6:00 am and took 4 aspirin and started drinking water constantly until I was urinating every 20 min. and the urine was totally clear, by then its about 9:30 so I take a multivitamine to put color in my urine after about 3 more pisses my urine has color, still you have to keep drinking water up until the test. By this time its 11:00am. I’m off to see the p.o. right off the bat she says I will put you on call-in (not to report) if you can pass a urine test so I went to the bathroom supervised by a man I pissed in the toilet a little bit before pissing in the cup (mid-stream).I was nervous for three weeks until the paperwork came in the mail saying all I have to do was call-in once a month. p.s I didn’t eat anything the day of the test. Oh by the way I think what I did on the day of the test is what made me pass not the two days prior but what the hell it worked.

  • mike

    my drug test is in alberta i live in ontario i have to fly there can i get my friend to pee in a balloon on the 28th then fly out west with it then do my piss test on the 29th will the urin still be good or not please email me

  • Drug Testing Consultant

    Never worry about passing any drug tests again. This information will defiantly help when it comes to random drug tests.

  • 420 All Day

    This information will definitely help you pass any drug test out there.

  • Sandy

    Any suggestions for passing a hair follicle test for pot? Haven’t smoked for 6 weeks, two UA’s came up diluted. Now I may have to do a hair test.

  • Jeffery

    This worked perfectly for me:


  • Dana

    Smoked two hits 7 days ago & I just took a urine drug test today for a job offer. I’m 5’w & 108 lbs will I pass? I took Gatorade 2 days before the test & a pill of l-carnitine the day before!

    • clearance

      I take tests on every job i do and have for over 20 years. Its best to be clean. Then no worry.:) But I won’t say what I think about that.

      The old saying is 30 days if you were serious about it. For some that might not work. For you I can’t say. Probably ok. Your allowed 50 parts per ml I guess.

      Get a test kit and test yourself before hand. Then you will probably know.

      If this was legal then nobody would haft to worry about it anymore. We are playing the game right now so the worry must be as it is. We are to beg. And we do beg. It turns my stomach. I don’t beg too well. Sorry.

  • Nana

    i smoked about 4 weeks ago, but i only took 2 hits of the bowl, will i be able to pass my urine test tomorrow?

  • Henry Lj

    I smoked before my drug test like 7 hours prior and passed you ask why because i have a fast metabolism. i can eat food step on scale gain wieght walk to mail box and lose wieght. i eat costantly and wiegh 160-165. i go to sleep and wake up lighter after??? but i found out there not testing for thc exactly there testing for metobolites or the chemical breakdown of thc which is why thc can be tested positive for if youve taken ibuprofen becuase the metobolites are so similiar. SO basically if you wanna pass dont be fat itll be harder sorry no munchies for you. thats due to a slow metobolism which is why your retaining fat due to inactivity in youth/life. Fact thc stores in fat cells that why we make weed brownies so well!!! the thc bonds with the butter/oil/fat. so work out and play hard and youll be clean becuase that activates your metobolism but dont eat and sit eat first than play.

    • james

      same : ) glad to hear im not the only one lol im 510 and 145lbs passed in less than 12 hrs

    • T 420

      I have a drug test tomorrow Around 2:30 I have been drinking water cranberry and I’m gonna throw a shot of vinegar in plus exercise I’m not fat and I want to know what else I can do

      • josh

        Did u pass?!!

  • Slick

    I have a test coming up in about a week or two and have stopped smoking. So i have around 10-15 days to prepare. Any key pointers to pass this?

    • james

      run, sweat you will pass no problem

  • Dillon

    Slick, there’s a few things you can do to pass if you have that much time, check out http://weedies.org/how-to-pass-a-drug-test/

    I would recommend fake pee though, it’s the least time consuming…

  • Stupid

    What if you don’t have any in your system and you hit it like 2 or 3 times a bowl…How long til its out? still 30 days?

  • smoking king

    B 12 helps a shot of vinegar a day and work so u sweat alot lots of exercise ittook. me 2 weeks and i passed

    • smokegirl

      hey can you continue smoking weed and if you take a shot of vinegar a day will it still work?

  • james

    i can pass a drug test in less than 12 hours and i smoke daily. I am 5 10 and 145lbs do not eat when you are high and keep in good physical condition it has never been a problem with me. just yesterday i smoked at 1 am didnt eat a thing, drank a decent amount of water before sleeping slept till 11 am took a test at 1pm and passed again. i dont know if it works this way for others but i have never failed a test and i smoke daily : )

  • Natalie

    I haven’t smoked in about 3 months other than this past saturday (4 days ago) and I only took 2-3 hits off of a joint. I have to take a urine test for a new job on Tuesday (10 days after smoking). Do you think I will pass? I plan on drinking lots of water until the day of the test, but is there anything else I should do? Please help!!! Thank you!!!

    • barry

      I didn’t smoke for a long time and for 3 days in a row I smoked some good stuff and went to the doctor for some tests and they asked me to pee in a cup they came back and said that I didn’t have any drugs in my urine. I don’t have a fast metabolism either. So in my opinion your fine.

  • Mary Jane

    Check out the marijuana report @ http://www.PassMarijuanaUA.com/

  • anita

    I failed a piss test on Monday, have to go back next week for another test, i hoped to pass otherwise I dont get the job.

  • Joe

    I’m about to apply for a job. I smoke heavy. But I don’t smoke everyday. I run/walk some everyday and drink plenty of water you think I will pass?

  • Smokey MCPot

    Check out the Marijuana Report @ http://PassMarijuanaUA.com

  • al

    ive been a heavy smoker for a long time. ive stoped smokoing weed for 30 days and have urin test tomorrow at 10 am. ive also been drinking a lot of water. do I need to do more?please help

  • mandy

    Ive been a smoker for around 5 yrs now …. i have anxiety issues, eating disorders, and arthritis in my knees and ankles(that are not on a medical record.) i use to be addicted to pills but when my pill addiction escalated to a point where i could no longer control it i stopped taking them and started smoking marijuana. still to this day refuse to take any pills other than an antibiotic or an allergy prescription. marijuana helps me everyday, i cant focus on anything without it and if i go a day or 2 without it all my symptoms start to arise for example… i get flustered and upset and break down crying about everything and anything(most of the time i cry about nothing) and i cant barely eat anything or when i do try to eat i cant keep any food down and the pain in my legs come back sometimes it get so bad it hurts to even stand up….my problem is i need a good/new job … i now am working at a burger king and i get so fed up that i cant get a good job just because im a marijuana enthusiast … and i cant get a medical marijuana card cause u have to have a disease that you’re dying from to be able to get one. all i want is to be able to have a good job and smoke marijuana…. Ive tried so many other things and marijuana is the only thing i have found that actually helps me get through my days. i really don’t want to have to cheat my way around drug tests…. its not like im going to be smoking on the job. i just would like for people to understand my situation. marijuana is my medicine, not my drug

    • info@quickfixlab.com

      Synthetic Urine @ Quickfixlab.com

  • Dr. Ray

    You should be careful with consuming copious amounts of water. Water can actually be poisonous is excessive amounts. If you don’t believe me just look it up, but you could actually kill yourself by chugging a gallon of water. Also, I can’t think of any reason why vinegar would be beneficial for passing a drug test. In fact, due to the fact that it is very acidic it seems like consuming a lot of it could be harmful as well, as it might throw your body’s pH off. You all need to be careful with some of the advice given here and know why you’re doing certain things before you actually do them. As far as I know, the best thing you can do is drink water (but not ridiculous amounts. You can’t go wrong with about 2 liters a day) and exercise a lot, both things you should be doing for your general well being anyway.

    • ChrisMay

      Dr Ray, my son researched the issue of getting clean until his fingers bled. His advice to me (his dad, and joint a night smoker for YEARS) is to abstain for between 30 and 45 days and drink 1 to 2 liters of water a day. This is based on my body fat content, height, weight etc.

      Now, I don’t like abstaining, but I applied for a dream job and absolutely do NOT want to screw it up.

      Short of someone else peeing in your cup, that is the only way to get clean. Right now I’m investigating a method used by taxi drivers in Tijuana to beat random drug tests, it has something to do with orange juice. I don’t have all the details, and I don’t know anything about it right now, but if you respond, I’ll memo you in response when I know.

      • Lisa

        I’d like to know more.

  • Straya Cunt

    My parents walked into my room just as i was ripping a cone! :( fuck me

  • ThuggazLadii

    I burnt one down before going to work today at 3. When I got to work I was told I had a test today. I managed to get out of it today but it is mandatory tomorrow. I burn it down daily. Any suggestions for a chronic smoker like myself.?????

    • nick

      how did it go? if you passed id really appreciate if you told me how

  • weedin

    I have to take a drug screen in 6 days I know I won’t pass I smoke weed heavily, my question is if I use some one else’s urine can I use my husbands he doesn’t smoke, but do they test to make sure it’s female urine?

  • youngoldhead55

    Haven’t smoked for about two weeks and drank plenty water and green tea. A couple of days (fri-sat) I decided to take a few hits…My urine test was on monday, on sunday I took a lasix and drank plenty of water. Does Lasix even work? I was about a 3 a week smoker before the two weeks do you think i’ll pass?

    • info@quickfixlab.com

      Go to quickfixlab.com

      • youngoldhead55

        I passed it :), thanks

  • omgeeee

    I never smoke and the one day I actually took a hit off a friends stuff I get called into a interview …. I really need this job how am I gonna pass this test today

    • info@quickfixlab.com


  • quick fix


  • Roki

    So i just moved to another city in Florida so I don’t have anyone who could pee for me and i’m looking for job and of course i smoke so I wanted to know if there is any other way to passing a drug test? I heard vinegar works and the certo trick, but i’m iffy on the both, do you have any suggestions?

    • C.

      Hey Roki! I believe they sell some fake urine you can use in drug tests, however lately, sometimes labs test these samples to know if they’re fake or not. If this doesn’t work out for you, just ask anybody and pay them for their urine, lol. Good luck!

    • cheech

      I first heard about vinegar from an army nurse. I had 5 days notice for the my test so I stopped smoking, drank lots of water, orange juice, and a large bottle of white vinegar(17oz…maybe). It worked!!

  • Smokey MCPot

    Check out the Marijuana Report @ http://PassMarijuanaUA.com

  • Arran

    I haven’t smoked in about a month and yesterday I was really stressed out so I smoked. I completely forgot that I have a job interview tonight. How can I pass? Besides fake pee and detox drinks?

    • Stoner

      32 ounce Gatorade any flavor, a box of sure jell ( used for making homemade jams and jellies), pour the Sure Jell into the Gatorade, shake it up really well. Try to drink it all in 20 minutes or less, the longer it sits around the thicker the consistency gets, doesn’t taste bad at all. Once done fill the Gatorade bottle back up with water & drink that down. urinate at least 3 to 4 times before the test, drink more water if you have to. drink the mixture about 2 hours before the test. I’ve been on probation for 2 years and never fail the test yet. google it and check out the results of other people, there’s a lot more positive things being said about it then negative. hope this helps you out.

  • carol

    does a yearn test show if you smoke weed 7 days before a dr wants a yearn test and how to get clean in 7 days and If your on pain meds can they stop giving you your percriptions

  • garbry

    Hey stoner, I have heard about this certo/canning jell and I am going to try it and hope it works have job interview tomorrow with urine test so I will let you know how it goes!!!! Thanks for the information.

    • TheRealCurdin

      How did it go?!

    • teri883

      the certo jell works !!! put in a half gallon of tea drink the night before and the other half gallon 2 hrs before test I passed!

  • Halpppp me

    I smoked last night (chornic user.) I have an interview in 2-3 days… I’ve been exercising all week.

    I don’t eat any GMOs/Junk/Fast food I’m thinking that might help with my metabolism…Organic green tea is also a regular part of my diet; the only thing I drink other than water… I’ll continue to drink tea/water excessively for the next two days, then I have a detox drink I am drinking 1 hour before the test. The detox drink has B-12 so it will recolor my urine, I’ll also be sure to eat red meat on the day of the test.

    I should be fine, shouldn’t I? Any additional tips??

  • Unknown

    Can my partner fail his drug test because I’m a weed smoker everyday? He doesn’t smoke at all and is never in the same room When I’m smoking it.. Could he fail thru sexual contact with me?

  • hippielove

    I love all of you guys responses to this thread however it really depends on your weight height n how much you smoke and how much you exercise. if you are like me (a lazy mofo) then drinking water and cranberry juice only will work for you. I’m 5’8 about 170lbs. Its been two weeks since I smoked something. I am itchin to do so lol but when you talk about urine test, and you smoked 4 weeks ago or more n haven’t smoked since then n u drink a lot of water chances are you will pass your urine test. the best thing you could always do before your test is to buy one at your local drug store. it does cost some $$$$ but the results are accurate like the same test they use at the clinic or place you go to take your test. I love that there are forums/threads about this stuff. good to educate oneself.

    • fred

      The dollar store sales them know.

  • Smokey MCPot

    Check out the Marijuana Report @ http://PassMarijuanaUA.com

  • Nomoresmoke

    I have a drug test (swab) at 9 am today. Blaze up 2 hours ago! What to do to pass the test?

  • lxzy104

    Hey man I’ve been where you’re at. It’s impossible to pass your Urineanaylsis when you have thc psychoactive when you go in (if you feel it or not). I’ve used urinators in high times, which failed and I’ve given someone else’s urine and passed. No flush will do it, DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I just hope your doing it for a Doctor or parents and not no perole officer. I don’t see how you can fake a saliva test with the lab tech present the whole time.

  • Timmaaaahhhhh

    OK, I have seen many questions without answers, and I have a lot of experience in this field. Drinking water for 2-3 hours before your test will lower the concentration. You just need to be below 25ug/ml (I think). Basic rule, urinate 7 times the day of your test, all clear urine coming out, you have a chance. If you urinate faster than your body can put metabolites in your urine, you have clean urine. I used to be really thin, could smoke till dawn and pass a UA in 7 days. Now I’m bigger….a lot bigger, takes me 20 days now, with drinkin water and all. Now, B-12 speeds up metabolism, not a great idea when you don’t want metabolites in your system. Niacin is what makes your urine yellow, don’t take too much! The preceding advice is for people in my position. I have to test + for 1 thing and – for everything else, so I can’t use “substitutes”. Otherwise, get some kind of substitute liquid.True Story: I smoked one morning, then passed a bag of fake urine passed a P.O. watching me, established a retina scan baseline, then passed every probation retina scan drug test for a year…as long as I smoked in the morning before seeing my P.O. If you have a saliva test, don’t smoke for 4 days before, if you have a blood test, don’t smoke for 4 days before, if you have a hair test, just go home. My experiences, my choices, my advice, take it for a grain of salt, because everyone is different.

  • THX 1138

    Never try to beat the test,,but you can confuse the hell out of it.

    Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS)

    Guys, I know this will sound crazy, but it works. Google it and research yourself.

    I got this from a lab tech (good friend) that worked for AmerTox and he and many others
    are moderate to heavy consumers (very hard job,,lol,, now works at a FL. Hosp .) While at AmerTox they do a great deal of Drug Testing for various agencies ( Law Enforcement, and public and private entities). The Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) checks for all types of Metabolites. So here you go; don’t try to beat the test, but this
    will make the GCMS see nothing but “Conjunctive Metabolites” creating a mix
    match of results and odd metabolites.
    1. if you know the test is coming,, Stop smoking “The Gift”.
    2. Crazy part;; try to consume a the least one half pint or more of Vodka a day,
    for as many days you know in advance. Why ??, I know it’s hard. But the eTs and
    the eTg (alcohol test) part of the test will be over power the rest of the test
    because of the amount ethanol. An acceptable substance (OTFRMAO).
    3. They can still pick out the THC, CBD’s etc. even with the ethanol. Soooo,,see # 4
    4. Crazy part again;; Drink as many of the “5 hour Energy Drinks” along with a few Red Bull’s,,as you can , for as long as you can (knowing the date of the test) without blowing yourself up. It will also help with your hangovers.
    5. Stop all of the above, 2 days prior to the test and drinks lots of water and toss in some Gatorade during this time.

    Explanation; All of the above will render the test legit yet useless to give a proper evaluation because of the various “Conjunctive Metabolites”.

    It makes the GCMS go nuts. The Whys ??. The ethanol part is self explanatory.
    ” 5-hour ENERGY Drink” / Red Bull has numerous Metabolites, such as,,

    Vitamins,,,,Vitamin B6,,Vitamin B12,,Niacin (Vitamin B3),,Folic Acid (Vitamin B9).

    Malic Acid,,Glucuronolactone, Caffeine.
    Safety,,,,Phenylketonurics,,Large amounts of
    vitamins,,.Niacin flush.

    Explanation; All of the above will create a mix mash of cross over metabolites. ie; where one substance is one thing and another is another thing,,, but when the two are combined it creates an entirely different thing.

    Vitamin B6
    Plays a key role in the production of
    amino acids, the building blocks of protein. It is used in the creation of
    DNA. It’s involved in over 100 crucial chemical reactions in our bodies. It
    helps form nearly all new cells in our bodies.
    Food sources of
    vitamin B6 include fortified cereals, beans, meat, poultry, fish, and some
    fruits and vegetables.

    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B12 is involved in a variety of important functions including the production of amino acids and the processing of carbohydrates into energy.

    Vitamin B3
    Niacin is important for energy production. It
    plays a key role in converting fats, proteins, carbohydrates and starches into
    usable energy*. Food sources of Niacin include: meat and dairy products, leafy
    vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, avocados, nuts and whole grains.

    Folic Acid
    (Vitamin B9) Folic acid, or folate, helps produce and
    maintain new cells in our bodies. Food sources of folate include leafy green
    vegetables, fruits, dried beans and peas.

    Energy Blend
    Citicoline, Citicoline is a water-soluble compound essential for the synthesis of
    phosphatidyl choline, a constituent of brain tissue.
    Citicoline plays a role in neurotransmission and can help support brain

    An amino acid that transmits nerve
    impulses to the brain. It is present in meat, dairy, fish and

    An essential amino acid that enhances
    alertness* It’s found in dairy products, avocados, legumes, nuts, leafy
    vegetables, whole grains, poultry and fish.

    A naturally occurring chemical substance present
    in meat, fish and dairy products. Adult humans have high
    concentrations of Taurine in white blood cells, skeletal muscles, the heart
    and central nervous system. It plays a role in digestion, and is used to
    process potassium, calcium and sodium in the body, as well as maintain the
    integrity of cell membranes.*

    Malic Acid
    The body synthesizes Malic Acid during the
    process of converting carbohydrates to energy. The main food source of Malic
    Acid are fruits, especially apples, which contain the highest concentrations.

    A natural metabolite found in the human body. It
    is produced by the metabolization of glucose in the liver. It has been shown to
    reduce sleepiness.

    Provides a boost of energy and feeling of
    heightened alertness.* Original 5-hour ENERGY® contains caffeine
    comparable to a cup of the leading premium coffee.

    Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY contains caffeine comparable to 12 ounces of the leading
    premium coffee. Decaf 5-hour ENERGY contains about as much caffeine
    as a half cup of decaffeinated coffee.

    Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine.
    NOTE: 5-hour ENERGY does not contain aspartame.
    This warning is for people with the genetic disorder, phenylketonuria

    Large amounts of vitaminsThe vitamin levels in 5-hour ENERGY
    are well within safe limits. The Recommended Daily Allowance is the
    minimum daily amount set by the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of

    Niacin flush
    A small percentage of people are
    sensitive to Niacin (Vitamin B3) and may experience a “Niacin Flush” (hot
    prickly feeling, skin redness) that lasts a few minutes. This is caused by
    Niacin increasing blood flow near the skin. This can be avoided by taking
    half a bottle or less at a time.

    Good Luck.,,
    Never try to beat the test, but you can confuse the hell out of it.

  • THX 1138

    Never try to beat the test, but you can confuse the hell out of it.
    Just to add to my previous post,, This one is “Brilliant”

    There was a chemist here in Florida, you may have read about him. He created a Positive pregnancy test using a small eye dropper of positive urine. Apparently there is a market for this. I can only assume it would be used to cause or rush a marriage. Only my assumption, a women would never do that.
    But he took it even further,,, He created a freeze dried urine, a extremely small tablet that dissolved instantly when hit with real urine. The Brilliant part, are you ready,,,,,,, It made you test positive to every known narcotic substance that’s out there. To the point that if a person used the amount of drugs that you would show positive for,
    “YOU WOULD BE DEAD” Like in real dead, not the walking dead type.

    So the GCMS would be totally incorrect and impossible for a human to have. It was made from real urine so the test would only show the drugs and no adulterations. They would need to call you back which would take about 20 + days or not a all because of the embarrassments on the testing company. This giving you more time to dilute yourself. He has since gone under-ground. This was in many papers Google it

    Brilliant,,,,Never try to beat the test, but you can confuse the hell out of it

  • SWIM

    A few months ago, I gave up smoking because I had a drug test scare. Recently, I decided to smoke a little on the weekend. Actually, I smoked one joint a day for 4 days. That was 10 days ago and I just got word that my company is giving a random drug test to everyone at my location next week. I believe I have 8 more days before the test. I’m overweight and don’t exercise. What can I do to ensure that I pass the test? I take a vitamin B12 complex everyday as well as other supplements and drink at least a gallon of alkaline water a day. Also, I’ve been taking fulvic ionic minerals for a few days which helps in the chelation of heavy metals and other toxins in one’s body. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • fred

      You should probley be looking for a clean kit, something you can carry, so when it comes you are ready, have your plan of action set.

    • myfunnyfarm

      I know this is

      bit late but I learned from an old hippe that if you drink a cap full of bleach that you will pass the test, put to the test my husband sliced his wrist with an box knife at work one day an he failed the drug test, the type of drug test they did was an instant one he got clean for a while but still kept testing positive an risked losing his job so he kept an visine bottle full of bleach in his pocket so if he got an surprise random test while he was on two years probation at work, he smoked a joint that night after work, an then the next day find out at break he had to go see the nurse for a test so he would do a shot of bleach an the instant test came back neg for anything. I know i may catch some heat by recommending drinking bleach to pass a test but it works an when your stuck in a moment like random testing you may only have time to take a shot of bleach rather then work out an drinking lots of water for six weeks that doesnt work for emergency piss test especially like my husbands situation who needed to pass in two hours warning time.

  • jeff

    my doctor thinks that if I am smoking weed then I am selling my pain medication. They want my urine to be free of pot, but positive for opiates. how does a smoker get by this?

    • rasta girl

      If u have a friend that doesnt smoke give them ur pain meds then have them piss an freeze piss to always have

    • fred

      Find a different doctor. Hundred thousand dollars was just given to educate dr on MMj, given by the attorney general. Times they are a changing.

    • Cali Norml

      CalNORML suggests you complain to the medical board about this practice, see: http://www.canorml.org/paincomplaints.html

  • QuickFix Lab

    Yo, Check out this website … I found it a few months back. They have next day and 2 day shipping. $21.95 the lowest i found on the internet. Received the product in the mail with desecret packaging in 2 days. I took my test and was nervous but it came through in the clutch. I pass with flying colors.. Check them out you can even purchase on Paypal.


    • kool6pk

      what site?

      • Ankh
      • dr green

        Dude ..Palo azul only costs 6.99$ a bag and I pass every time.

        • jasn g

          They have really good Palo azul at Palo Azul Tea dot com. I use it every month and I smoke dabs and all kind of shiznit and pass my probation test.

        • eazy e

          I just used the Palo Azul Tea and that shi# worked! I passed my pee test and just smoked some dabs a week before.

        • vicky

          What’s that

          • Dr. Greenthumb

            Palo azul is a tree that only grows in Texas and central America..if you boil it and make a tea and drink it the day before your drug test you will pass for sure.. you can Google it…it works..most people on this blog use it. Go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and they have what you need for only like 6$ and free shipping I believe.

          • Irish420

            You can find it cheaper, check out amazon

          • julie g

            The Palo Azul on amazon and ebay is nasty MExican stuff. Palo Azul Tea dot com has the exotic Costa Rican Palo..way more potent and effective. i also like the people at palo azul tea dot com because they ship for free ..even PRIORITY!! i heard about them on here two months ago and im glad i did cuz now i smoke every day and pass my urine test EVERY TIME :)

          • fishy

            How do you take it. I bought it and there was no directions… Need to know how to use it and other things I can do at same time to ensure a clean test. Thank you.

          • Gary

            palo azul tea dot com explains how to use it on the site!! just boil it in a gallon of water and drink it the day before your test and you will be golden!! i use it every month and pass every test.. for 6.99$ its a no brainer…

        • cp

          Palo azul does not work

          • brad

            PALO AZUL works like a charm bro! im on probation down here in texas and i drink one gallon the night before my test and ALWAYS PASS they sell it at the mexican grocery stores… you just have to use it right!! If you dont think palo azul tea works just google it!

  • Stoner

    I work at a Casino, they drug test pre-employment but no further unless you raise suspicion. This is what I used to get in, works %100 as long as you keep it warm. Don’t use the flip lid either, keep that shit sealed completely. I had it leak into my pants as it was duck taped to my inner thigh. Scared the shit out of me, had to do the drug test really quickly. http://www.quickfixurine.com/

  • weed machine

    a while ago i smoked the whole weekend,1 joint a day,the monday i underwent a drug test,and wasnt caught,i drank a shitload of water and took a piss every 5-10 min or so

  • Alex

    If you truly wanna pass a drug test from marijuana here’s how, drink an entire jug of cranberry juice if you wanna go for broke do it with vodka so you piss twice as much but if you don’t want to be drunk or hung over just the cranberry juice will do, the faster the better here’s why, THC is a base, when it’s in your bloodstream its great to try to get rid of it but cranberry juice is nearly pure acid, instead of trying to cover it up it simply negates it out, since there’s a lot of THC in your blood I personally like to drink cranberry juice or something high in acidity as part of my normal nutritional regiment, so far 8 drug tests completely clean.

  • blahblahblah

    I usually drink a gallon of cranberry juice. My personal experience I smoke few times daily and pause for about 4 days before a test. But I have friends I told about this method smoke a day before and they still pass. I wouldn’t recommend doing this last minute. Drink the gallon within a days worth and the the next 3 days just stay hydrated.

  • SamIam

    I have two experiences with this: the first time I had my brother piss for me but I didn’t know that they recorded the temperature of the sample. Luckily for me the nurse was cool and she told me about it and wrote it up as good anyways. The second time I used the condom method but I strapped it to my armpit to keep it warm and it almost fell out when they told me I had to remove my sweatshirt! That would have been a tragedy lol. I ended up getting the job but that was back in 1999-2000 era. I’m glad I run my own business now!

  • no

    Quick fix is the most reliable method. Anything else + detox drinks = waste of time.

    • BK420

      how long can clean urine be stored

      • BK420

        I would like someone to please help me out with this…..ive had it for several weeks and the color has became a little darker…HHHHEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPP

    • John

      Really though. I’ve used it twice, it even comes with a hand warmer to keep the right temperature. For a Pre-employment UA they are not legally allowed to pat you down or watch you. I’ve used ace bandage to attach it to my leg with the handwarmer after popping it in the microwave before I left and it’s worked for me twice. Aside from doing it the natural way, this is the only other sure fire way. All you have to keep track of is the temperature and they’ve included the solution.

  • Chris

    I smoked weed on Oct 23 & on Oct 30th , will i be clean for my drug test on Nov. 13th ? IMPORTANT

  • Chris

    I smoked weed on Oct 23 & on Oct 30th , will i be clean for my drug test on Nov. 13th ? IMPORTANT

    • Wendi

      Drink a lot of water.

    • refusetoputname

      drinking water will not help. there isn’t enough time to try and piss it out of your system. people are idiots now a days I swear.

      • fallenent

        take a damn niacin , it helps get teh piss out faster to dilute faster then take b12 vitamin , people have this shit wrong with niacin ! it dose help if you do it right!!

    • Jim M

      drink tons of water the day of your test until you are just pissing out water… when there are no bubbles in your piss in the bowl it is just water. thats your best bet

    • Jim M

      if you are not being watched get some clean piss from someone.

    • fred

      If you havnt smoked in at least a month and you only smoked one day it should be out of your system in 3 days. The build up has a lot to do with the level.You should be fine, flush your body as much as possible.

      • Timothy Frantz

        I quit for over 6 months due to being placed on probation due to an auto accident ( no drugs, weed, or alcohol involved ). After being clean for about 8 months I took 3 small tokes. I was tested by my pain management drs with a urine sample and a cotton swab lollypop-type test and came up hot. I’d been taking niacin every day the entire time too to no avail. I pretty much knew it would. Thc stays in your system 30-45 days depending on the potency of the weed and the frequency you smoked. Unless there’s a chemical or drink out there that really masks thc in the body be prepared to have “hot” results.

    • vince

      Honestly I have smoke two days before. chugged a gallon of water the day of and passed.

  • nordx69

    Quickfix V6.0 Dosen’t work for me last week… returned canceled by MRO… now i have to piss whit some one beside loking at me!!!

  • Wendi

    It takes longer than 30 days sometimes to get out of your system. I had THC stay in my system for 4 months after I quit.

    • Chris

      what if im 152 pounds & i work out ?

      • Wendi

        Working out will release any left over THC back into your system and it’s easier for them to pick it up with a test. That’s what happened to me. I thought I was doing a good thing, but I was way wrong.

  • ….

    Here’s an idea.. Stop smoking. Are you really that pathetic?

    • youdontneedtoknowmyname

      exactly!! this person gets its. its not hard to quit smoking for a while people.

      • Jim M

        it is when you are very ill and smoking helps with these horrible symptoms

    • Jim M

      Not sure if you know this but there are tons of people who smoke due to horrible sicknesses like lupus, fibro, MS, Cancer I could go on and on. Good one though

    • fallenent

      some people need the medicine legal or not, so if they get in trouble or have to take some kind of UA the best way to do it is this

      • ….

        No one NEEDS this stuff. That’s one of the funniest arguments I hear from you people. Oddly enough, the vast majority of people who use that excuse are the ones who have no actual ailments. They’re just potheads. I guess some people really are that pathetic. Sad.

        • Aimee

          I do need it. It’s smoke and be able to work or be on opiate pain killers and be a veg at home. My RA symptoms are very real and so is the pain. I like working and don’t want to go on disability, so I smoke and am able to be a productive member of society. If that makes me a pot head, fine….but don’t say I don’t need it.

    • michaeldare

      You are insanely ignorant. There are people who are being kept alive only through their use of medical marijuana. You want them dead?

    • MyOpinionWhat

      I am pretty sure if these people knew they were going for a drug test they would of probably stop. Being that may be the only thing that will work so you don’t test positive. The people here are asking what they can do because they got short notice for a drug test.

  • Bud Man

    It sucks that smokers have to pee in a cup when alcoholics come into work, still hung over, bragging about the drama from the night before.

  • youdontneedtoknowmyname!

    heres a forsure way to pass a drug test. JUST STOP SMOKING! its not that hard people come on now. its not like its addicting like hardcore drugs. I have been in some trouble with the law for a while now. and I have tried multiple ways of cleaning out my system. cranberry juice, niacin and vitamin b. but I always seem to fail them any way. so ive just stopped smoking until im off of probation. why waste money on something that isn’t forsure going to help you pass, when you can save your money and a lot extra because your not buying bud to smoke, quit smoking for a while and pass everytime.

    • I.C

      For some of us it means being ill or not. I have lupus/fibro/CPS among other autoimmune issues and symptoms. If I stop smoking I am unable to control the symptoms. They would have me on big pharma meds, and I did for many years, but they make me sick. I really wish I was healthy enough not to need any of it.

      • kool6pk

        Me too

    • wanda Norgaard

      Yea, it isn’t addictive, and quitting is possible, but shouldn’t have to!

  • PhantomOne

    I’m very glad I don’t *have* to pass a test. I’m a legal user due to my fucked up body. As long as I’m not intoxicated on the job, they can fuck off. I wish they would just legalize it and get it over with.

    • kool6pk

      I am legal but still have to test. I won’t use at work but have to have it. Help I want to work

      • wanda Norgaard

        Me too! I have a license for medical marijuana, but doesn’t matter to employers.

    • Cali Norml

      Actually in California the Supreme Court has ruled employers can fire you even with a medical note. We’ve passed a law to change that, but Schwarzenegger and Brown both vetoed it. In Colorado, where it’s fully legalized, a court has already ruled employers can fire marijuana smokers. We all must fight for our employment rights!

      • PhantomOne

        In Arizona, it’s illegal to discriminate against a legal Prop. 203 user as long as long as they are not intoxicated. But then it’s a right-to-work state, so they *could* fire you for *no* reason at all if they being assholes.

  • Mike

    With high grade these days stopping for 30 days doesn’t always do it. I was on house arrest and did not smoke for the 30 days while at home. I went in and took a urinalysis at the county courthouse and they almost failed me. There was still signs and he said I was almost positive. If he had called it a positive I would have had to do 30 days at their local bed and breakfast. If you do as said above you have to make sure the piss is pretty close to body temp. I’ve had them use a thermometer on my urine right after I went. Had I tried your trick it would not have worked.

    • Mike

      Best is too quit and drink TONS of water and take diaretics that make piss go through you quick. Basically diluting your piss has got me through tests but I wouldn’t count on it unless you quit for a long while.

      • fallenent

        Use niacin to help piss faster, then when your piss is clear takke a b12 to cover the color so its not clear and when you piss you should pass dont smoke that day and etc happy passing good luck every one

    • Mike

      Also take vitamin B tablets that make your urine yellow. If you flush too much and your urine is pretty clear they may call you on it. They almost called me on urine that was too clear once.

  • red

    that’s funny, as I used to use my friends kids pee since on pain management id sprinkle a little bit of pill in the pee. id use an m and m mini bottle flip the top a their I was, it took a little practice but women r lucky and with the pills in it they never suspected

    • Jim M

      They don’t test for the pill they test for the drug metabolites (what the pill metabolizes into after passing through your body). So sprinkling a pill into a urine sample will not make that drug show up in a urine test. Impossible

  • dboy

    the strip detox is 100 percent effective. i smoked the day before and still passed after drinking it.

    • kool6pk

      where can you get them? I am looking for work, but refuse to stop smoking! First time on site but need answer asap contact me

    • wanda Norgaard

      Where can you get the strip detox? I quit for 2 weeks, drank cleaner from head shop, and still didn’t pass!

  • mike

    I can not say 100 % that this worked but I am assuming it did I bought this small bottle of pills at the local shopping store in the camping section the pills can be put into water that might have impurities in it and the impurities will be removed and you can drink the water (water purification tablets) I dissolved one in a bottle of water drank it and than drank as much water as I could possibly stand on my way to the test facility (about a 30 min. drive) I did this several times as I had to test while on probation for a possession charge my probation officer never said I came back positive in fact after a few weeks he stopped my urine tests and he was a dick I am sure if I would have failed I would have went to jail I’d try it again if I had to.

  • Niki

    I don’t drink or do any drugs. I love my weed in the morning with coffee , after a hard days work and for my anxiety. It’s hard to look down on weed when I see how well potheads function compared to other addicts and sober people. We are equal in my eyes. Any ways some container tips is to buy the synthetic belt and then put real pee in it with a syringe. Also Elmer’s glue bottle work great. If u wear the belt it stays the right temp. To keep temp tape a hand warmer and a thermometer strip or have a thermometer in your sock. Temp should be body temp or preferable 1 degree higher . Take hand warmer off sooner if too hot. Temperature is crucial. Passing pee tests are pretty easy after u know the main things

  • Vapen8r

    YOu are all way off… Sorry, but thc is metabolized in the fat cells. Sooo, it really doesn’t matter what you vitamins you take what drink you drink. You are pretty much screwed! You should just get the clean pee and keep it warm in a condom. That’s pretty much a sure pass. Remember, Thc is metabolized in the fat cells NOT in the blood or urine. So if you try to pass with yer own pee, ur-ine trouble… keep toking, laws will change and then you can just throw it in their faces. I hope!!! It’s sooo lame that we even have to have this chat. I am sorry to all you, and totally understand. I deal with it also. I think we all do at one time or another… Good luck y’all… Good vibes sent yer way… Peace…

  • angelina

    I have to take a piss test int he next 2 weeks for a job but the sad part is I can not take another persons piss because there will be a female employee standing in front of me what do I do help!!!

    • angelina

      And also I smoke daily 3 to 4 blunts a day since the age of twelve and never had to have my piss clean for anything…

      • blueeyed2102

        Get some nicin pills, or go to the head shop and get some of the clean out.

        • wanda Norgaard

          I bought some clean from a head shop that was guaranteed to pass urine test. I didn’t pass, so didn’t get the job, but guess I could get the money back for the clean if I wanted to go through the hassle!

          • DeeDeeDee72

            Actually you cant, the fine print for the “refund” states that you have to “submit a copy of the failed test”. all the tests i’ve failed, i’ve never gotten written proof

    • Joshua Dempsey

      they CANNOT watch you pee UNLESS its criminal and you are on probation or parole, otherwise it is against your civil rights for someone to watch you use the toilet BOTTOM LINE!!!!

      • Cass

        Unless you’re in the Military…

  • Vince Burke

    Ok so I work with a couple friends who know about the body and a dude who knows about medicine. I was just their to listen and watch but something that works every time you do it is:
    Gallon of water
    Packet of Certo
    Gatorade or something like it
    b-12 as well

    The certo is what covers your kidneys and it keeps the thc (Mary Jane Juice) in your kidneys. so basically your just going to be pissing the gallon of water, which is where the b-12 comes in and makes your piss yellow. take a little of the Gatorade out and put the certo packet in the Gatorade obviously you cant have the Gatorade filled to the top. and yes it taste like shit but gets the job done. Make sure you do this the day off your drug test about 2 hours or an hour before your drug test. depending on your metabolism.

    Couple hints, THC sticks to fats so if you eat serious fattening food it will stick to that as well.
    If you have a while till your drug test. as in like two days out then the best bet is to drink things with acidity to get the layers of thc coating your stomach. anything like orange juice, lemonade, or pickle juice. obviously vinegar will do the trick real well.

  • Pete Reynolds

    I have been told by several people that work either at the labs for testing UAs or for companies manufacturing instant testing equipment, all have said the same thing, the first thing the tests check for are high levels of Vitamin B12, if the hier level is detected then the test automatically stops, (apparently drugs and alcohol lower the B12 level), I no longer require the testing but I have passed this information on to others that do and so far they have all had a 100% success rate by avoiding use for 24 hours and taking Vitamin B12 supplements 2 to 3 times a day for a day or 2 before testing, each time with a glass of water, but drink other liquids in between, they now reject samples high in H2O assuming you’re trying to mask something by flushing your system. The higher dosage B12 the fewer needed, they also ask if you’re takingaanything, just reply that you do take daily vitamins for health benefits and it goes right through. I also know people that have sucess with the pectin too.

  • Nakia Inmyownlane Wilson

    I right now have to turn myself into jail tomorrow am because I smoke weed!!! There are murderers, pedophiles, meth users, crack users, and drunk drivers!! I smoke a little weed I have to go to jail for inpatient treatment!! smh, just Legalize it already!!!

    • stonergirl420

      My fiance and I just had our kids taken away because we smoke weed. It’s bullshit.

      • Mark Dean

        im so sorry, that should never happen i mean losing ur kids because you smoke a herb which is no more harmful than fresh air and has never killed anyone. i hope you get them back i feel for you

      • Lillie420

        I currently have CPS involved in my life cause I was growing, they are requiring me to go to treatment for smoking weed. It’s crazy, I don’t belong there, adn NO I don’t have a problem, they need to change laws already!

        • Jenn

          I lost my children for 2 yrs because I smoked weed and went to treatment… I played the system and now have my children home with me

  • Jayce Pirtle

    It is now legal in Washington where I live I’ve been a smoker for 35yrs and have allways had to feel like I was hiding from mom and dad when smoking. Now its legal! and I feel like I have to be more careful then ever because like booze it only can be smoked in your hm or establishment. My opinion is we passed a law that allows the law to harass people who they already have profiled as someone other then who they are because of there past.The world I have always and always will live in is a world of my standards one being you keep all things that may offend others to your self legal or not. I just find it sad that actually we all do this and most people are this way even about their belief our lord. peace be with you always.

  • oddball

    google “sonnes 7 detox” most health food stores should have it. drink it for 3 to 4 days and get yourself a take home piss test from walmart and verify that you have clean urine :) worked every time for me .

    • band bbb

      Wats the Walmart test called??

  • Jerry

    my problem is randoms at work. They snatch you up off the shop floor and take you to medical. Its pretty impossible to carry clean piss every day just in case. It sucks its either stop or take your chances and 50 g a year job is hard to come by so i’m a frustrated mo fo.

  • Lisajean123

    I am not sure if this method has been mentioned but here goes. I too use the ‘bring your own’ method. Do not use any ingesting type method. They do not work (unless you area a very light smoker in which case your system was probably already clean to begin with) Item #1 a container which holds 30ml (1 oz). A clean hand sanitizer bottle works well. Item #2. Body temperature urine. Google Synthetic Urine. Or tell the kids the toilet is broken… Item #3 spandex shorts to hold the bottle along the crease of your upper inner thigh. Item #4 baggy jeans. Why jeans? Denim fabric is stiffer and will hold shape well. It won’t conform to the hand sanitizer sized bulge by your crotch like other fabrics. Store synthetic in your desk or toolbox you may have enough time to heat it up, on you, if you get dropped.

    • dc

      ive been smoking 12 years and the “flush” kits work great cost 140+ but theres difference between a mask and a flush mask is just a over load in certain vitamins to cover the thc where a flush or detox kit replaces all the thc forcing it out of your body often taking 4-7 days to clear your system a $40 little drink aint gonna make a good sample ive passed couple times with Flushes

      • wanda Norgaard

        I have smoked for years, quit for two weeks, then drank a giant bottle of guaranteed flush detox, came back positive for thc?

  • russ jas

    Can’t believe they give out this info, they r requiring blood test from welfare people and this is one way to beat the problem…… confusing!

    • Al

      what confusing is this retarded post.

    • Cray

      Try again bro. If you read correctly, you’d find most of the people on here are applying for jobs. Thanks to coke/meth/crack users, these types of drug tests punish the casual marijuana smoker who may be using due to chronic illnesses, pain, anxiety/depression or other maladies. Marijuana is safer and less harmful than prescribed drugs.

  • BK420

    How long can clean urine be used? ive had it 3 to 4 weeks its jus gotten a little bit darker? PLEASE HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPP

    • kate

      Should use it within 48 hours (if youre just keeping it refrigerated) any longer than that and you should keep it in the freezer.

  • BK420


  • michaeldare

    This is crazy. There’s a much easier way. Powdered bleach under your fingernails, Piss over your fingers. Done.

    • wanda Norgaard

      Really? I’ve never heard of this, does the powdered bleach clean the urine?

      • kate

        a lot of labs now test for bleach Also because of this idea. i wouldn’t advise it.

  • Beautiiful Iris

    can a female use a male’s piss or vice versa???

    • A_mack


      • Beautiiful Iris

        Thanks :)

        • Guest


        • A_mack

          NP. Just don’t be pregnant. Or on your cycle and he should be fine.

    • Canna Treat

      A male should NOT use a pregnant woman’s urine

      • Beautiiful Iris

        Alright thanks!!

    • theweedman

      no they can now test if its male or female urine

  • nygratefulfred

    I have been a smoker since High School-I would never pass a drug test because I smoke- this is why I always worked for myself.Did very well also.Could not have done as well if I settled into a job working for a boss.

  • ladysmoke

    as a female using someone else’s piss can be tricky. getting a condom up in you isnt really feasible. i have a female friend that used one of those plastic large Cigarello tubes (from blunts she already had laying around) with a lid. (obviously clean it first) they are still around you just have to find it. not to be graphic but its about the size of a tampon. you can insert that w clean urine from a clean friend. my friend did that for a job in a hospital and it worked. she did get the job. but she said it was tricky to do. and you have to be really comfortable with yourself and someone elses pee being inside of you haha.

    i personally have used the niacin pills. get the ones that won’t make you really hot. i had to take a test for Target at the same hospital my friend was tested at. they didnt pat me down or watch me in the bathroom but i did have to lift up my clothes and empty out my pockets. i was in the restroom alone. but it was def more scary being in a hospital!

    so anyways i took the pills less then a week before i had the test . a few a day. you can also eat a lot of red meat i read somewhere. that is supposed to help . then that morning i took double pills. and chugged a yellow gatorade on my way to the hospital. my piss was diluted bc of the pills but the gatorade helped w the color. and ive heard it helps with other part of the test too. i ended up getting the job. i also have heard that u can tell them you take vitamins to make sure they dont suspect weird levels of vitamins.

  • scathed

    Another way is to make the test come back “inconclusive” a few times until you hit that 21-30 day mark. Take your first pee of the day at home, and drink a massive amount of water. I think I drank a six-pack of water bottles last time I had to do it. I read somewhere half a gallon is what you’re aiming for. You’ll need to go again a few more times at home, but with that much water, you won’t have trouble filling the cup later on. Eventually your urine will be practically clear. Don’t overfill the cup. The point is to give them a tiny sample that’s mostly water and won’t tell them anything. I have chronic back pain, and doctors won’t prescribe anything but ibuprofen which tears up my stomach, because they’re too scared to prescribe anything more helpful. So, friends give me their left over pain meds, which I try to take sparingly. My friends see my pain, and see me avoid abusing the meds, which is why they’re so willing to help. If opiates come back on a urine test, they’ll ask you for a current prescription.

  • Cass

    I haven’t smoked in 2 years until just recently, I took 3 Hits out of a pipe on Thursday night and 5 hits on a Friday morning.
    My work does Drug tests every Thursday choosing personal at random.
    I have a Horrible metabolism but I have been drinking 4 bottles of water a day and work out twice a day.
    Should I be okay by tomorrow to take a test? its been 5 days :/

    • socialsmoker

      hey have u gotten ur results back??? I am so worried too.

  • socialsmoker

    Hey i need advice asap… I smoked weed. on these dates 9/19//21/22/23/24/ and 10/24/25/27/ small hits not a bong just a little pipe. may be two hits each time. help now I got an job offer today and suppose to take a test. what do I need to do?? not a regual;r smoker. I take lasix and other meds. I pee a lot. just lost 3 lbs of wt and fluids more than likely.

  • pabloSmoking

    if you need a legit plug email firecalibud@live.com he has dank bud’s I bought a zip for 200$

    • pabloSmoking

      some dank alien OG!

    • josh swader

      I just bought a zip off him hopefully goes smooth seems pretty legit.

  • Motel’em

    I haven’t smoked since 10/13/2013, since that time I have been hospitalized twice due to illness and lost roughly 20 LBS. I have an employment drug test coming up 11/22/2013, have I been clean long enough to piss clean?

  • Melinda Earth

    I have taken many drug test thru-out the years and I do smoke pot and never once has it shown up. Has anyone ever heard of this and why it happens? All tests where blood all test where negitive. And no I did not use anything to hide the drugs in my system.

    • killabaked420

      beacause u didnt smoke right before u took the test thc only stays in your blood for a few hours after use but is still present in other areas of the body for longer!!

    • reader

      Marijuana will only show up in your urine unless you eat some form of it… Marijuana stores in the fat cells not the blood stream, but this is of course when you smoke/ inhale it not ingest it.

  • Davida

    I am joining the Air Force. I just found out that next Thursday I will most likely be taking a drug test, which is giving me 8 days notice. I have read so many different ways to pass this test, everything from drinking tea and coffee alternating back & forth till u take the test to just drinking gallons of water til my pee is clear. I REALLY NEED HELP because not only do I want to be in the Air Force, I also have no where to live, Could someone PLEASE HELP??

    • IQ131

      I can only help you with the test. This is for a urine analysis only. Of course you MUST stop smoking right now and do not even be in a room (or car) where other people are smoking it. Definitely drink at least 8 or more glasses of water a day. It should be a minimum of 8oz in each glass. DON’T FORGET to do this EVERY day. The more you pee the more will be flushed out of your system. (water actually flushes all toxins from your body and gives you energy if you do this on a regular basis) You can do some of it in the form of drinking plain green tea – no sugar or honey in it. I don’t know if coffee will help but it will make you pee.
      About 3 days before start taking 4 plain aspirin a day (all at once). Don’t substitute this with Tylenol or generic acetaminophen or ibuprofen it must be plain aspirin like Bayer Aspirin. On the day of the test make sure you take the aspirin 4 hours before the test – it will be peaking in your system at that time. You can also add a few extra, taking 6 is ok. There is something in the aspirin that blocks the THC in marijuana.
      Also on the day of the test make sure you pee at least 2-3 times BEFORE the test. The more you pee on that day Before the test the better. If they ask you questions about taking any drugs tell them you’ve been taking Tylenol (yes say Tylenol) in the last week or so because you’ve had a sore throat or cold or something. Tell them you take vitamins too if they ask you.
      There are other things you can do over the next week. Eat Healthy – lots of green vegetables like asparagus, (makes you pee) spinach, broccoli, green beans and dark leafy greens as well – like romaine lettuce. Stay away from sugar and salt. Sugar stores in your fat cells which is where Marijuana stores too so it may somewhat hinder your attempts to flush it out.
      You can also do a body cleanse with herbal pills like Milk Thistle, Horse Chestnut, Uva Ursi. These herbs will make you pee. Uva Ursi is the best, you will find it in water pills which you can get from any drugstore or Walmart.
      Good Luck

    • concerned

      Did you pass

  • Janette Ochoa

    If you have a drug test wt way can you pass it when you smoked less then 2 weeks?

  • mike urb

    not a heavy pot smoker ,about a gram a day.im about 20lbs overweight if that matters .i quit to be able to get a job.on the day of the piss test it will have been 26 days without smoking . as long as I don’t give them the first piss of the day I should be good? ten days left till test

    • mike urb

      test got pushed another ten days . still clean so its all good.

  • Tia Knoll

    ok i smoked a blunt like 3 days ago and that was it i might have a drug test coming up there is no way its gunna stay in my system im not a regular smoker anymore how long you think it will be in my system not to long hopefully i cant afford not to pass the drug screen…… it could be a week or longer before i gotta take it

  • lisssaaa

    I haven’t smoked since November 30,2013,but I have been drinking plenty water. Will be my system be clean if do a drug test?

    • lisssaaa

      ** also I’m not a regular smoker I only smoked like 7 times in my life,and mainly it was in November.

    • mee

      read what i said above, i meant to reply to you.

  • mee

    lisa, if youve honestly only smoked seven times or so in your life you SHOULD be good. Id still drink lotsa water, esp right before your test. Id say for sure itd be outta your system within two weeks tops, if you rarely smoked.

  • zack

    i smoked weed Friday or Saturday and I am getting piss tested Monday. How do I pass it, or sneak pass it

  • Weed master

    I always use detox capsules and give myself 10 days to pass the test. I’ve recently been using ultra thc detox caps. No issues yet. http://www.magicdetox.com

  • jody

    Smoked 3-4 times a day for adout ten years quit about eight weeks ago found out I wasn’t getting tested, so started smoking again two weeks ago.now I’m getting tested on 12/11or12,found out Thursday afternoon smoke in the morning(12/5).12/8 I did the pectin/Gatorade and lots of water and took a home test positive! Anyone have any advise?I’m 5’3″ 162lbs

  • Meg

    I need advice ASAP I Smoke Everyday All The time myPO officer just informed me I will be drug tested a week from today
    12-10-13 I need to my drug test Any Advice

  • jim197

    Hey all! I’m posting some info about my smoking habit and I hope someone can help me on how to pass this urine drug screen i have to take. I’d been smoking almost everyday for the last 3 years, till may 2013. Then I cut it back to just a couple of times a month or so. I last smoked on 22nd november 2013. and before that on 15th october 2013. And the stuff wasn’t that good (didnt get real high or anything). I have to take the test sometime in the last week of december. Im skinny,BMI 22. Are the odds of me passing this test good ? And what can I do to improve them. Help, anyone please…

    • Danny Smith

      Like I posted earlier before, I smoke a lot and get tested every few months. I use detox capsules to pass my test and always give myself 7 days to get clean. I have been using Ultra THC Detox Capsules and have not had any issues. I would not use instant drinks and cove ups, visit the website for more info. Hope this helps. http://www.magicdtox.com

    • samsung23

      Read my post……samsung23

    • kmtjet

      High Times says if you are clean and smoke 1 joint you will be clean in 1-3 days if you smoke 1 every other day it will take 7-10 days if you smoke 1 joint a day it can take 30 days and if you smoke 2 or more it can take up to 60+ days to be clean. I smoked for 10+ years and 20 blunts a day it took me 2 1/2 months to pass a test

  • Lulu

    I took 2 hits off a small roach on Sunday hadn’t smoked in 4 months the Wednesday afternoon got tested do u think I passed

    • grumpy mccallister

      You’ll pass. If you’re clean and smoke a joint by yourself, five days dirty. Two hits off a roach while clean… 72 hours. If that long

  • jbird

    thanx jay smoker u were right on with ur advice. worked perfectly. keep on tokin brother.

    • undrgrnd

      I saw your post but can’t find what jay smoker’s advice was. Can you help
      me out and pass it on?

      • CC

        The article is by jaysmoker.

  • Rick

    Some really good info on drug testing for weed an be found here. Pretty nice collection of info. http://passdrugtestblog.wordpress.com

  • 60 Grand/60 Bandz

    i take a test once a month and i pass all the time by adding a few drops of visine to my urine sample..
    but if you want to get high to the max without worrying about a drug test, smoke spike ( synthetic weed ).. the voodoo brand will have u blasted.. ( by the way im a heavy weed smoker ) trust me visine works wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BabeyyDee

      hey i been smoking for like 6 years now and i got busted with it i have to go report to probation on the 20th this will be my first time meeting my p.o and im pretty sure i will gett tested… will the visine actually work for me?

      • The Typical Stoner xD

        Do some research as will I since I just got busted for it too I fucking hate this stupid world who can tell a person what they can and can’t put in their own body!? Good luck as I wish myself the same

    • The Typical Stoner xD

      The worst thing you could ever do to ur body is smoke synthetic weed fuck tht stuff it’s not worth it. But thankyou for the advice I’ll be sure to keep tht in mind

    • Brandi

      The fake weed is a supposed “incense” and does mess your body up, even tho a few hits gets you blasted. I wouldn’t risk the incense way. Real weed is much safer and natural, even tho a few hoops need to be jumped in order to maintain your life of being a smoker.

    • Scoobysnakz

      Tried the Visine trick with a home drug test today, FAIL!!

  • Willy

    So my school does random drug testings, and I have NEVER smoked weed before. I am going to a party Friday night 12/20/13. This is also the first day of winter break which goes until 1/6/14. How long will it take me to get clean? Will I be ok? I could be random drug tested at any time. First time smoking.

    • The Typical Stoner xD

      It usually stays in your system for around 30 day however since u are a first time smoker it will be less time … Just as a reminder not everyone gets high the first time they smoke… I didn’t so don’t sweat it if you don’t just try again and don’t get into trouble with any cops nd I’m sure you will be fine. As for your school If they don’t suspect you, you should be fine as well but on the very slight chance they will , ask a friend who is clean to help you out like in the artical above.
      Enjoy weed because it’s the best thing to ever happen to me. Explore it and it’ll explore you <3 be safe happy hollidays and blessed be :)

    • samsung23

      If its ur first time or have been smoking it still takes about 30 plus days to get out of ur system

      • Rob

        It’s about levels. Willy, someone who is a casual/occasional smoker, will not have enough THC in his/her system to be detected.

    • kmtjet

      If you are clean and then smoke a joint you will be clean again in 1-3 days

    • Ian

      damn that school sounds like its an invasion of privacy… lol

    • Pauly Watson

      schools have no legal right to do this it againt your rights

  • band bbb

    Ok I’m a first time smoker and I smoked 12/16 and found out the next day that my work is going to start drug testing after the first of the yr pretty much it scared me to death bc I need this job it was a small joint and I’ve heard that it don’t stay long in ur system for a first time smoker but I’m trying to speed the process up quicker some good system cleaner tips are go to the store and by a medium size bag of mints or a bottle of mints or just chew Nd eat fresh mint leaves I’ve done the research and the r great system cleaner s also drinking two gallons of 100% orange juice along with green tea and I mean a lot of it does the trick I’m doing all this and I hit the punching bag two hrs a day to hopefully sweat it off I figured I’d let u all know this but if someone could tell me how long its gonna stay in my system would help alot

    • Gabrielle Jasmine

      you should be okay.. the 30 day rule usually only applies to regular smokers

    • Rob

      For occasional users, there typically aren’t problems. The advice is more for people who smoke every day for medical or recreational purposes. “Chronic” smokers (daily) build up a lot of THC in their systems. And, THC stores itself in your fat cells. So, it can take up to 30 days for THC to completely get out of your system even though you have no ill effects from the medicine.

      If you “got high once” – and if it’s been about 48 hours since – you should be fine.

      • band bbb

        So I’m pretty much good its been a week and I got at the least one more before the test

        • band bbb

          right? I Mira read that rong haha

    • pot dot

      Water, water, water, pee, pee, peee

      • Seed

        You can fail for being too clean now. They call it dilution if you drink too much water before your test.

    • Mike L

      1. “First time” or “1 time in a long time” smokers almost never test dirty for the full 30 days.
      2. Water Water Water. Or green tea, or any other mostly clear liquid that makes you pee lots to help “flush” your system for a few days.
      3. You can by home testing kits at most Drug Stores. Get a few to be sure as the home testing kits are not 100% reliable, but they do allow you to test yourself before your work gets a chance.
      4. If the home test tests dirty and you’re out of time before the test use someone else’s pee as suggested above. But use something more sturdy then a condom to hold the pee in. You don’t want to be that guy who peed his pants before the pee test.

      Hope that helps.

  • michaeldare

    It’s WAY simpler than this. Put powdered bleach under your fingernails. Piss over your fingers. Done.

  • Brutus

    Simple solution: About 5 hours before going to piss test, take 500 mg of zinc Make sure it’s 500 mg. You will get “flushing” (hot sensations in the face and neck usually), but DO NOT use the non-flushing variety…it won’t work. Drink plenty of water, or even better, cranapple juice. The zinc TABLETS will clean and detoxify, killing the minimal THC. If you can avoid smoking 48 hours before, that would be even better.

  • samsung23

    I have a good idea too. Find some clean piss and put it in a prescription bottle, it wont still or leak. Put the bottel in the side of ur shoe and wear baggy pants bottoms. Once u get the container to pee in you then use ur own piss to raise the temp on the bottle, once the temp reaches its high poin you then spill out the pids and use the clean piss and put the bottle back in ur shoe and give that container to the person giving the drug test. It works!!!!!

  • Kellz

    Or just put some bleach in an eye drop bottle. Go in, put two drops of bleach in the cup, hide it in your bra or where ever, then pee in the cup and swirl it around a little, you’re good.I swear it works every time.

    • Gabrielle Jasmine

      thanks for the tip c:

      • samsung23

        Read my post…..samsung23

      • Billy Irvin

        i have to piss for the feds cause im on federal parole! i drink a glass of water with a efferdent tablet in it.The tablets that ppl use to clean false teeth…my sister is a RN and she was the 1 that told me about it.I pass my test every time. I take about 6 test a year and i have never failed a test…IT WORKS

        • Nicki

          How long before they test you did you drink the drink

    • mikey

      Or you can just dip your finger tip in some bleach let it dry, when you fill the sample cup dip your finger in for a few seconds then you have no extra in your pockets. I learned this when I was on probation and was subject to random drug testing. So they searched me before entering the room to Pee.

    • sola

      When you say bleach do you mean Chloride? or what specifically?

  • candyxogirl

    vinegar it works

    • thw4ck

      NOT TRUE! BOGUS! Didn’t work for me…

      • candyxogirl

        worked twice for me… you have to take a multi vitamin pack after the vinegar

      • candyxogirl

        worked twice for me… you have to take a multi vitamin pack after the vinegar

  • sasha


  • Brian

    If u have 5 days notice before ur test then go get a bottle of Golden Seal Root. Take 3 pills and a big glass of water 3x’s a day for 5 days and u’ll b clean. Used it for past 20 yrs. I’ve taken at least 5 test and have never failed one. Make sure the bottle says Golden Seal Root only. Don’t buy it if it is combined w/any other herb or vitamin. Good luck

    • tone-45

      Wana know whats even better??? Go purchase a bottle of AZO from cvs pharmacy. U can just get from the shelves which go for 25 bucks n comes with 100 softgels for further future reference. Two pills consists of 25000 mg of cranberry. This aids n further assists URINARY TRACT CLEANLINESS. Take 2pills as a serving and then 24hrs later u will have guarantee to pass.. 24hrs is all u need!!! Not satisfied…? Take another serving 24hrs later n go get tested 2days after first serving.. u will always pass. Always did for me for pre employment testing AND p.o testing. ….

      • samsung23

        Read my post, it full proof

  • Donny Killsyou Golden

    Hey. Just buy a whizzinator idiots. $130 and I’ve passed 20 DOT piss tests with no problems or having to worry about carrying a container. Pretty common sense stuff.

    • Scott Eaton

      $130.00 ? How stupid are you ?

    • thw4ck

      No one would believe my penis is that small…

    • rnsone


    • thischickisfunny

      yeah, that’s great, if you’re a dude who wants to spend $130.00 for clean piss and for people to think you’re hung like a squirrel, but what if you’re a chick?

  • Andrey Harenberg

    I do this same method as well with my sons pee

  • pot dot

    Just think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that go down the pee hole for paying for each of these tests when most people who smoke, and do excellent work, know how to beat the system but have to jump through hoops to get or keep their jobs. What a waste of time and money.

  • Hotmomma

    Niacin (B3 vit) and Lecithin and omega oils.
    If you actually educate yourself you would know THC is ONLY FAT SOLUBLE, which the liver processes including fatty acids.
    Niacin used in high doses is used to flush out the liver for alcohol toxins in alcohol testing and will have similar affects flushing out fats that contain THC. Be careful with Niacin- it leaves a burning sensation in the skin even ones labeled flush free and will leave red patch rash on the skin.
    Lecithin particularly emulsifies fat so that it is water soluble – meaning then you can flush it out of your system with lots of hydration/water.
    Omega oils attach them selves to regular fat that has THC and helps it process through the liver.
    Also, exercise is a great way to rid fat related THC storage content. The higher your metabolism is the faster it’s out of your system.

    Cranberry pills or AZO are for suckers. They don’t have any relation to the root cause of THC storage in the body. The only thing that works in that scenario is WATER- which usually will wash out a test. In most cases, a washed out test CAN and WILL be considered a FAIL. Be warned!

  • Matthew Hurt


  • James Franck

    Clean out a small Elmers glue bottle. The glue is water soluble, so it cleans out easily. The top secures well enough to not leek (secure top with plastic wrap if you are worried), and it makes for a well aimed stream!. I have found it to be safer and cheaper than condoms (about $1.06 plus tax for a small REUSABLE container :) ).

    • JJ

      a nasal spray bottle works well also, u an take the inside stem out if y
      you like.

  • #PotHead4Life

    Im 41 and have smoked daily for 29 years. I have taken 27 piss tests and passed them all. These were job tests. For me, I used to use the AZO tablets. They work if you take the two pills and drink water. Was able to pass a piss test within 4 hours. When i went on probation i needed a different alternative. I used my kids piss, put in a blloon or condom, put it up inside. Take a safetyvpin with me. I kept the pin between my fingers on the hand i DONT write with. Upon sitting, pierce the balloon and let it rip. The piss is clean and normal body temperature. GOOD LUCK TO ALL TESTERS!!!!

    • smoke4relief

      Are you saying you wait 4 hours after the azo pills and then you can pass or after you take the pills you have a 4hr window with which you can pass?

  • chase williams

    As dumb as it may sound, jello powder/gel is the perfect remedy for passing a drug test. Now, dont get me wrong, i dont honestly know about it cpvering anything else up, but i am a weed smoker, so i do know about weed. Drink a cup of water with the jello powder mixed in, wait an hour and a half, two hours max, urinate once or twice before the test, third time should be the charm. Just stay hydrated and drink water steadily. Its never done me wroching. Got plenty of jobs bypassing the system . Its easy and undetectable.

    • buddyboy

      I quit smoking 4 days ago and will be pissed some time after the new year, if i do this for like 10 days in a row do u think it will totally flush all the thc out

    • buddyboy

      I quit smoking 4 days ago and will be pissed some time after the new year, if i do this for like 10 days in a row do u think it will totally flush all the thc out

    • Girly

      Can u use the jello the night before the test and pass the next day?

  • The Canna Man

    No need for balloons, condoms or glue bottles. Put the clean pee in a 5 hour energy bottle (its the perfect amount to fill the cup) and wear boxer briefs to keep it nice and warm in your junk. Doesn’t leak no mess and works every time. I miss Mary but I’m on a 1 year hiatus to avoid a felony. Stopping smoking is not that hard but when faced with a time crunch…my method works.

  • buddyboy

    so i quit smoking 4 days ago because i got busted selling a bag of weed 1 and a half years ago in PA, i was set up by a kid who had me pinched, the police officer tried making me become a ci so i left the state, last week the police officer contacted my family coming after me, i lawyered up and the DA agreed to drop all charges if i can pass a clean piss text (wtf does being stoned even have to do with anything but) i will have to pee some time soon my lawyer is trying to push and help wait 30 days but i doubt that will happen, please give me some advice on passing this type of piss test that can honestly make or break my life, they are trying to hit me with a felony of stupid 20 bucks of weed

    • Paco

      It’s very simple.

      First, boil a cup of water. Add two envelopes
      of Knox and stir well. Add a cup of strawberry nectar–you get it in the
      Mexican food department of the supermarket–and a cut-up banana. Put it
      in the fridge for a few hours until it gels. You will be left with a
      really great tasting dessert that’s good for you too.

      After you eat the strawberry-banana jello, drink two quarts of water and start peeing. Pee lots.

      you’re thinking, why make the jello? Well…it’s because Knox itself
      doesn’t really flush you out any better than just drinking a lot of
      water, so you might as well put the gelatin to good use.

      • buddyboy

        do you think if i were to do this every day leading to the text i will be good or do i only have to do it one time, and will all the thc be flushed for good? up until 4 days ago i smoke like 4 times a day

      • babyBoY

        That doesn’t work for everybody. For the simple fact that everyones body is different. For example if you have heavy stomach acid the knoxs jello gets eaten away almost instantaneously, I’m one of those people. My advice is test every solution first be smart with the future!

    • jake

      Sure jell i use it once a month in tennessee for probation i smoke everyday mix the packet into 8 oz water or a 20 oz water bottle shake real good and chug it wait two hours down alot of water the second piss you take is clean tastes bad but id rather drink that shit then get locked back up

      • buddyboy

        where can i buy sure jell

        • LeftySteveWV

          You can buy it at Walmart on most any grocery store.

    • Jthugg

      Cranberry juice llike a mothafucka. You can also take detox pills/drinks.

    • zzirk

      donty know what part of pa u got tied up in but don’t get scared homie a 20 doller sell aint a felony im from pitt area it has to be at least a qp to be a felony sell

    • zzirk

      on another note nician works great for mostly anyone that aint really big get a bottle eat 3 four times a day and drink at least a gallon of green tea a day for 5 days(water works too but the anti oxidants in green tea help more …. u will be really hot from the nican its normal u may also lose a couple lbs

      • bluntbaby

        im 266 will nician work? and if so how many should i take

    • Chad Harris

      GET A KIT! and practice using it.. and keep one on hand at all times.. you might be required to piss.

      • mike420

        i smoked weed her last two weeks ago and i got a druge test her in a week i meen im drinking cranbary juice out the ass i think i should gest buy some fake piss

  • works like a charm, till a condom pops at the wrong time

  • Mike L

    Oh lordy there is some bad (maybe just odd) advice on here. I can’t just stand by and let some of this sillyness stand, so here is 20 years without a dirty test trimmed down to a short little list of tips and tricks.
    1. They sell home testing kits. You can test yourself before you go in to take a test that matters. Or to test an trick or product you are thinking about using.

    2. Drug Tests for Work and Drug tests for the Courts or a Prole/probation office are very different. You’re employer is not going to spend top dollar most of the time. More often then not it’s just a nurse using home testing kits at a crappy lab up the road. For the Courts the test is now looking for drugs, and common ways to mask those drugs in a urine test.

    3. It’s your life, you should sorta be able to plan for most drug screenings.

    4. If you have a full 30 days or more stop smoking cannabis, get a home test kit or 4 and relax. Test yourself at the end of each week. The upside to all this sobriety is knowing how long it takes your system to flush itself without supplements of lots of water.

    5. If you are short on time, or get a surprise test using a friends clean pee is your very best option. Employment tests don’t come with body searches (again unless it’s the FBI or NASA) so a little bottle of pee in your crotch, tapped to a leg, or what not works just fine. Just make sure to take 100% of the container out with out. You don’t want that 5 hour energy bottle clogging the toilet the next time it gets flushed and you know the trash gets checked.

    6. Before you use any over the counter product or a tip you heard/read about do some research on it. Half the tips on here are sure to get anyone trying them caught. Then test it with a home testing kit or 2 before you try it for real.

    7. A dirty test is FAR better then getting caught cheating a test.

    8. If all that sounds like to much effort you can always just Move to Colorado or Washington.

    • LeftySteveWV

      Unfortunately, the Courts have left it up to the employers to decide if they want to allow their employees to smoke weed on their own personal time. As the Courts have decided that it is ok for employers to discriminate and fire for marijuana use.

      • Mike L

        True, Colorado and Washington State have not passed any employment protections, but both states are creating tens of thousands of legal cannabis jobs. And they don’t drug test. For cannabis anyway.

      • Mike L

        True, Colorado and Washington State have not passed any employment protections, but both states are creating tens of thousands of legal cannabis jobs. And they don’t drug test. For cannabis anyway.

    • LeftySteveWV

      But thanks for clarifying some of the misleading posts on this thread.

  • Brad

    Dr. GreenX works great! Take an Oakley bag and put the container in it. Take the string for the Oakley bag an hook it to the button on your jeans and just let it hang in your pants. It has a temp strip on it and comes with a hand warmer that can be rubberbanded to the bottle. Go in for your UA unzip like normal, unscrew the lid and dump it in the container. Put the lid back on and put it back in your pants like normal. You are done . You need a breathable bag because the hand warmer is activated by oxygen. Of course being in colorado I’m not too worried anymore

  • Chad Harris

    There’s only one problem with your plan, while yes it works and works 100% of the time.. there may be some other things one hasn’t thought of. Like the fact that Insurance companies use the UA results to find out if your a cigarette smoker.. or if your Clean source has diabetes, your insurance company can use this information to raise your insurance premiums.. or Cancel you all together.. Personally what comes out of my body is the business of my doctor and myself…. So yes I spend the 20 bux.. and buy a kit.. not only to pass for Marijuana, but I don’t think an insurance company needs to know anything that may or may not be wrong with me medically. Just my two cents.

  • Halo138

    Those methods fail quite often.
    #7 & #9 when drunk with juice morning & evening, along with cessation of smoking, will allow you pass any urinalysis. No sense in in sneaking about with smuggled urine when you could be found out.
    You can drink this daily for your health, but make sure you take a good organic multi vitamin.
    I’ve personally used Sonne’s for years & highly recommend it.

  • Halo138

    Those methods fail quite often.
    #7 & #9 when drunk with juice morning & evening, along with cessation of smoking, will allow you pass any urinalysis. No sense in in sneaking about with smuggled urine when you could be found out.
    You can drink this daily for your health, but make sure you take a good organic multi vitamin.
    I’ve personally used Sonne’s for years & highly recommend it.

  • Greg

    The best way to detox and pass a drug test is to wait a week at least to take the test, if you have the time and eat healthy and exercise. Also taking a detox capsule program can speed up the process. I use ultra thc detox capsules. Works great for me. They are sold online and at some stores. Here is a link, http://www.magicdetox.com

    • Matt

      Great product. I have used to many times.

  • Tracy

    I googled “how to pass a drug test for weed” and found a great blog site that has a lot of info on drug testing for weed and marijuana. It includes info on types of tests, how they test, and how to pass the test. Here is the link: http://passdrugtestblog.wordpress.com

  • matt

    if you got pee from a friend and dont keep the pee at higher temp will it go bad? and how long will pee last before it goes bad for a standard drug test? i need to know by monday so if any body could share their experiences it would be greatly appreciated!

    • Ren

      Try to get the pee as fresh as possible before your drug test

      • Mike


    • Mike

      No! and keeping it in the fridge for a few days is ok also just put in microwave untill you feel it hot maybe a pill bottle size only 25 secs but dont over heat because they check the temp from 90-100 degrees and will fail you if not in between that

  • Tony Starks

    Every time I’ve ever had to take a marijuana drug test, I’ve gotten everything I need to pass my drug test right here:

    Their reasonable and they ship very fast!

  • Jay Sorensen

    I have to go to take a drug test after court I don’t have drug charges but I denied using or trying drugs and I smoked some a couple days ago can I still get in with urine to court or probation and I’m a minor

  • anonymous

    Guys listen up! I know where the BEST, hands down, products are for ways on how to pass a drug test. These guys have been around since 1993 and have a 200% money back guarantee. I’m a DOT driver and have been using their products for over 10 years now. TRUST ME they are on top of their game! http://www.passing-drug-test.com/

  • Frankie

    There is a ton of good products out there that work well. I aways give myself at least a week to pass my test because some tests can now detect traces of products that mask the THC in your system. I also take a detox supplement during the week before my test. I get tested every few months. A good detox product that i have used a few times is Ultra THC Detox. I also drink two 12oz bottles of cranberry juice a day the week before I go for the test. The detox capsules can be bought online or at a few health food stores. Heres a link:

    • Keith

      I used this product also or sometimes I use a similar 7 day detox product from GNC. But the one at GNC is more expensive and gives me the runs… Peace

  • Jo

    You can also activate about 3 hand warmers. Duct tape them together and carry your urine in a clean bottle in the pouch you’ve created. Once at the facility, put the bottle in your underwear and go to the counter and tell them you are ready to pee now for them. Has worked for me 3 times.

  • jayjay5

    i smoked about 4 times over break since like the summer . Do you think ill be fine . My drug test can be anyday but i think ill be next week. Last time i smoked was jan 4th . I began drinking cranberry juice today . I lift every day and drink water with my supplements. (Creatine) . Im 16, 6’3 , 165lbs. Anyone help haha i need this job badly !!
    And please dont be like “oh you shouldnt be smoking it ”

    • Kaye

      You can buy a test for like $5 to test yourself to take away the worry first. The cleaners never work for me, but my friend SWEARS by apple cider vinegar. She was on probation for a long time and never quit smoking and never failed a test. I had not smoked in over six months but was on antibiotics and it came back dirty for cocaine. I freaked cuz I knew I had done none, and when they retested, false positive. Everyone is different, but I’d definitely start with a home test just to ease your mind. Good luck!

      • Mellow oak

        I’m convinced that Probation don’t really look for weed or they don’t react if you fail. They know everyone will be locked up if they go after weed smokers. It is just for show until you do something crazy and they want to use drug test to do you in.

    • M

      a lot of smoke shops have a cleanse now that you can buy… try going into a smoke shop and asking about it… not sure if they’d ID you for purchasing a cleanse but you arent the typical 16 year old being 6’3 if they do just go to a different smoke shop with someone at least 18 or older…. but if i were you to be safe id buy the cleanse (drink) and then make my own at home and drink both everyday at least 3 times a day breakfast, lunch, dinner… heres the site that has “Home made recipe”


      hope this helps xoxo

    • Mike

      If you do not smoke everyday and maybe one joint a week then a piss test can be passed with only a little water according to your fat content in your body because thats where it sticks but if you are average and only smoke sometimes then just taking things like niacin and water will pass your test but always buy your own piss test kit at a drug store first and the cheap $15 will work and take it before you head to take the real one and if you dont pass dont freak out its your test kit and you still have time to pass so if i was you id buy a bottle of the detox stuff in the stores ( most indian shops have them) and there also cheap but im a smoker going on 20 years and have failed drug test in the past before but now i know that the detox/ niacin pills and take like 5 a day of the 1000mg ones and b-12 to keep the vitamins in your system in case they screen for that and its not too diluted and other multivitamins wont hurt either but this is what works ive done it like 10 times and this is cheap and you know your going to pass with your at home kit so how can you go wrong!! Thanks

      • karimariee

        I have a drug test in 10 days when should I start taking the niacin pills ? This drug test is for probation. I smoked a blunt last Tuesday & then then hit one 4 times last nite but other than that I haven’t smoked since October. I go for my drug test January 22nd. Please help me ; thank you.

  • lucinda

    even when I quit smoking for 3 months I couldn’t pass a p-test then they gave me antibiotics and passed it with no trouble

  • Okay, so I smoked roughly 3 bowls of weed around the 27th of December of this last year, and I’m constantly drinking at least 2 bottles of water every night if not more, and the last time I smoked weed was a couple months prior too this last smoking session, but I have a interview for a job on the 21st of this month, I was wondering if it’s most certain that If I should drink at least 2 gallons of cranberry juice just too be safe, or you think I should be good too go and I have still quite a way before my interview that is should be outta my system by the time I go in for my interview, thanks

  • Yammilet

    Okay, so I have a test this Monday at Labcorp, I haven’t smoked for almost 8 days now. I’ve been drinking so much water, cranberry juice, vitamin b & c pills, & the day I’m going to be tested . I’m going to drink a detox. This is all for employment. I’m super anxious & nervous because I don’t know if I ‘m going to pass , I’m thinking of doing what you did with the condom
    but the questions is, how do you keep it warm enough till I get too the lab? Please the help me!

  • Photo Girl

    Hi! It’s so nice to find this site! I may be faced with taking a drug test soon. I smoke just a few hits at a time on a near-daily basis probably amounting to a joint weekly and I’ve done this for a little more than a year. The last puff was a week ago – except I had 2 hits today – but I will now abstain.
    I think I can delay the test another week which would be 2 clean weeks, except 2 puffs, do you think with detox products, lots of water and exercise I can pass? Will pee often day of test and drink yellow Gatorade on the way. Walso thinking bleach on my fingers/pee over them or visine drops in sample. Or would you do more? I’ve taken lots of notes from all these comments. It’s difficult to decide which additional steps would be most useful (niacin, green tea, aspirin, goldenseal)
    Thanks for your advice!

    • Chase

      I would use a 7 or 10 day detox program if you have the time. It can’t hurt to be sure. Go with ultra thc detox. Its similar to the detox products they sell GNC and your local health food store but is cheaper and they offer a money back guarantee. Also drink crazy amounts of cranberry juice and use the last little bit of urine you expel for the test sample. Good Luck!! Link: http://www.magicdetox.com

      • PhotoGirl

        Thanx Chase! Seems a lot of people here recommend the Ultra thc detox program .. I’ll be heading first thing tomorrow to buy it! I really want this job so any extra insurance is good by me!

    • cb

      Research proves visine works be careful because they always check pockets though.

  • Photo Girl

    Hi! It’s so nice to find this site! I may be faced with taking a drug test soon. I smoke just a few hits at a time on a near-daily basis probably amounting to a joint weekly and I’ve done this for a little more than a year. The last puff was a week ago – except I had 2 hits today – but I will now abstain.
    I think I can delay the test another week which would be 2 clean weeks, except 2 puffs, do you think with detox products, lots of water and exercise I can pass? Will pee often day of test and drink yellow Gatorade on the way. Walso thinking bleach on my fingers/pee over them or visine drops in sample. Or would you do more? I’ve taken lots of notes from all these comments. It’s difficult to decide which additional steps would be most useful (niacin, green tea, aspirin, goldenseal)
    Thanks for your advice!

  • bluntbaby

    hello i have a job interview in two days i dont know if they drug test or not but im daily user…i couldnt tell yal how much i smoke but some days i dont smoke…been smoking for like 4 years now…how would i pass the test if everyone around me smokes? im drinking cranberry juice and taken niacin pilss but dont know how many to take HELP!

  • dude

    This information isn’t correct, you’re not given the bottle the bottle is handed to you at a facility, where you then have to pee.

    • jeff

      when he says “container” he’s talking about a balloon full of piss bro

  • john

    So i have a job offer for drilling rigs and i need to pass a drug test. its a piss test last time i smoked pot was a week ago..i had couple hits out of a new pipe and watched the hobbit 2. Im not a heavy user or anything but i smoke a couple joints on the weekends sometimes. i just really want this job im 17, im 170lb and dont have much body fat at all ive been drinking lots of water lately. is there any advise on how to pass this piss test? its next week.. so ill be clean for 2 weeks.

    • tinyy

      Take azo STANDARD & drink tonss of water youll pass forsure read my postt thoughh

  • Makaveli

    bro i have a urine test very soon, at my school, i get caught by the cop for smoking little bit weed. so i need realy little help, if my dad se that i smokes he would kill me. can drikking wather, drinking little zalo, and orange juice, help? please help my hahha,

    • Wendi

      As long as no one is following you into the stall and watches you pee, then get a condom and fill it with warm water + a little bit of yellow food coloring. Hide scissors on you somewhere, and when you go take the test, cut the top on the condom (where you tied it off) and pour it into the cup.
      That’s what I did when I was on probation and it worked.

      • kindlydoc

        Most screening tests now also test for whether or not the urine is the correct temperature (good luck on guessing that, seriously) but more importantly checks instantly for Specific Gravity? On the cups we use at my workplace there is a thermometer on the side of the cup and a pregnancy-like line test for Specific Gravity, ie, how “salty” the urine is. If it’s too dilute (like, if it’s water) then you will fail, the reason being that what is in the cup is not urine.

        • rio

          I use hand warms and a rubber band put the urine in a medicine bootle wrap the hand warms around it then wrap a rubber band to keep the hand warms in place..

    • shalom

      FUCK you make everyone who smokes look bad. Can you please learn grammar and spelling. I’m embarrassed for you, especially since every browser offers spell check. You deserve to get caught, you’re obviously incredibly stupid.

      • Tyler

        Dude shit the fuck up, he’s obviously looking for answers and it’s not like the fucking government gives a fuck about this site because it would already be takin down, and everyone on this site is a stone with questions… Soo get the fuck off this site if you looking to get any more arguments.

      • Raichu

        I like to comfort myself by thinking maybe english isn’t his first language.

    • Tyler

      Drink a shit ton of fluids, if this is for something serious like a physical or what not than take B2 and/or B12 to color your urine to where it looks normal, even though orange juice has an ingredient in it that people think works to flush the THC out of your system but there’s also ingredients in orange juice that counteract the effects so it’s no good. Cranberry juice works and right know it’s been a wile scene I researched this stuff and that’s why I couldn’t tell you the ingredients, but I’m pretty accurate.

  • Gotmulch

    Take a 5 hour energy bottle a clean sample a sunglasses bag with string put the bottle in bag tie the string to your belt buckle let it hang under your nuts put on 3 pairs of boxer briefs sum sweatpants and sum jeans this is what I’m going to try in a week. The only thing that can fail me is if they watch me pee it’s for a job does anyone no if they watch

    • cb

      No it is illegal for them to watch you for a pre employment drug screen.they can and will for a court ordered one though.

  • keno06

    hey all the weed heads out there.. my problem iv been smoking weed 4 6years im 6foot 80kilos and i have a drug test in 3weeks can i pass?? and what would be the best thing to get clean or pass the test.. mining drug test.. last smoke last night 17 january i use to smoke 20grams a day hardly no fat on my body. PLEASE SOME1 HELP ME..

  • Ryan

    You can also take A fat burning diet pill like Alli and take vitamins and in 7 days you’ll pee clean. I tried it after 5 days but failed after 7 I passed. Water does nothing because thc is stored in fat cells.

  • Chelsey

    does age matter when it comes to getting a friends piss? my friend 20 years older. I failed a mouth swab so today or tomorrow morning I have to do a urine please help

  • fernando

    So I smoked weed this passed 6 and 7th of jan but I dont smoke alot I just smoked like a bowl in those 2 days and since than I havent smoked and I have been drinking water and having a little bit of exercise, I have a drug test tomorrow its gonna be only 16 days since I smoked you think I can pass this test??

  • tinyy

    Azo standard not the cranberry ones . take for about a week and your forsure clean . but they should make you clean within a whole day, & by that I mean pop them as if they wear skittles & drink TONS of water !! ( I know by experience) hope this helpped !

    -deee ♡

  • Loliz

    Ok so I’m 20. 5’5 and I weigh 110lb roughly. I smoked weed 13 days ago, for the first time ever in my life time. I took 3 hits to it you could say, and I have a drug test tomorrow. What are my chances of passing a urine test?

    • Guest

      Pretty high, I’ve done so with less days and passed. I drink lots of water though.

  • Chris v

    So I have a drug test the 5th of February I wasent aware of this until January 15 and since that day I haven’t smoked do you think I will pass the piss test or should I bring someone else’s pee ? Help

  • Kurb

    Hey, I’m looking to get a job next week. Probably have to pee on tuesday or wednesday. I last got high thursday morning. Im an every day smoker, have since the first week of grade 9, and I haven’t stopped since. I weigh about 160. Im 6 ft 2. Would anything work for me?

    • michael

      Milk thissle cleans everything … Ouch it with another natural herb that make you pee alot that pushes everything out…. Along with cranberry juice and believe it or not a couple shots of viniger all that together and in about 5-7 days u’ll be clean but becarefull not to get dehydrated lots of water with the herbs that push the pee out… All together about $30 so its cheap and works

  • hemphelp

    Before I get to the point let me just say that I’ve been searching like crazy on the internet for something that would work to help me pass a urine test and I would have been grateful for any information that would have helped, that said…
    After failing 3 drug tests and trying may other things I was told by someone to…

    1. Mix 4 tablespoons of epsom salts with 3 cups of water (at 2 p.m. of the day I was going to do this)
    2. put mixture in the refrigerator
    3. at 6 p.m. drink 3/4 cups of the mixture (no eating once you start to drink the mixture, I know it tastes nasty but if it works why not?)
    4. at 8 p.m. drink another 3/4 cups of the mixture (stay close to a toilet because you will be running to it a lot)
    5. 9:45 p.m. mix 1/4 cup grapefruit juice with 1/4 cup olive oil
    6. 10 p.m. drink grapefruit juice and olive oil mixture standing up
    7. lay down on your back immediately after drinking the mixture for 20 minutes without moving
    8. 5:45 a.m. drink 3/4 cups of epsom salts mixture
    9. 6:45 drink last 3/4 cups of epsom salts mixture
    10. 8:00 a.m. drink a glass of apple juice
    11. 9:00 a.m. Eat any fruit of your choice (I had an apple)
    12. 12:00 p.m. Have a bowl of soup of your choice (I had home made chicken soup)

    After this you go back to your regular diet

    I know it’s kind of like a chore but if it works then why not do it?

    And I did not say in the beginning that I have smoked for years at least 3 joints a day sometimes more

    This honestly worked for me but as I said initially I tried other things but I kept getting positive results up to a week before I tried this so maybe it was not as major in my body as before but I swear that after I tried this I got a complete negative for my test and that was 2 days after I tried this (although I was told to do the test a day after I was skepical and decided to give it an extra day)

    I am just passing on this information because I know I would have liked someone to do the same for me.

    If you try it and it does work for you please confirm it and pass on the information to other smokers who may be in need of it.

    • Rum&Bud

      ha do you have to hold one arm over your head and jump up and down to mix it all up?

    • NAA

      For how long have you stopped before this test

    • Frank

      This has to be a joke right? OMG

    • MacAttack

      Haha. I used this same trick to get rid of my freckles in 5th grade!

    • Dean Forster

      thats an old joke grepefruit juice and olive oil come on lol

  • Hope this helps somehow with the ideas about how to pass a drug test http://xhealthreport.com/how-to-pass-a-drug-test/

  • David-420

    That site looks very sketchy. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • Tony Starks

      I’ve ordered from them several times and have never had any issues. They’re legit.

  • Sicmade_D

    I have passed 5 urine test using Strip NC…Cost about 30 bucks and all you need to do is drink 1 gallon of water then drink the Strip NC and drink another gallon of water…do this 2-4 hours prior to your drug test don’t eat anything before using the Strip NC….I have been smoking pot for 10 years and all you got to do is quit for 2 days for the Strip NC….I know this works cause I have done it for every job I have had…I just need to figure out how to pass a random with out having to wait a few hours Strip is best used for a set drug test

    • Charles Heriford

      What mean strip nc? How I get strip nc?

  • Raichu

    I’m a daily user, have been for probably a year now. I know I’ve got a medical coming up for a job interview but everyone I know would also fail the test if I borrowed some of their excretions. So anyone got any tips or know anything from the chemist that will guaranteed help me pass?
    I used yesterday and the medical will be between tomorrow and (maybe) next week. So really looking for quick fixes that’ll flush it out (even temporarily) for the next few days. Help?

  • dustin m.

    I have not smokedin about a week and a half im 5’10 and weight about 152. Im getting sent to the clinic. Is there any chance to pass a urin test for marijuana

  • Wade

    So i smoked about 2 weeks ago and i have a test tomorrow. I’ve drank a lot of water and other fluids the past 2 weeks. i’ve passed a test in 4 days before but im still a little nervous. What would be my best bet to truly flush my system.

  • T

    Hello! I have a job interview tomorrow and I know they will probably give me a drug test within a week. Last Friday and Sunday I smoked a few hits of some marijuana both days. I am 269 pounds and I normally would just get urine from one of my girlfriends that doesn’t smoke. They all work now and probably wouldn’t be able to meet me close to the location to make the urine exchange. Is there any natural way I could pass the test? I know thc sticks to fat cells and today is really my first day of drinking water. Please help!

    • Dude

      Something you don’t see much on here is about salt! Salt closes fat pours!!!! That is the key. If you have advance notice before you have to go drop…eat a couple of salt packets you get from Micky D’s and start slamming water. try to piss a couple of times before you drop after taking the salt. You also might take a vitamin supplement to put some color into your piss. Has not failed met yet! Good Luck Dude!!!

      • Walter White

        Never thought of that

      • T

        Thanks man!

    • Walter White

      Buy some u pass…works like a charm n its only twenty dollars…if money is tight sneak a lil bleach in there with you n drop it in the cup before you pee

      • T

        Where can I get u pass? I googled it and it didn’t come up! Thanks bro!

      • Leilani

        You can’t use bleach either. Your drug test will show that it has been “Tampered” with. That might have worked back in the day but those drug tests are outdated. Don’t know about upass… never heard of it. But look up, “How to pass a drug test with Certo” instead. ;) You’re welcome.

    • russ

      Drink as much water as you can till you about puke piss two or three times before it will be clean worked for me every time tee will give your piss color

  • Kendra

    I need to pass a urine test in order to keep my regular Dr. The “pisser” of this is that I have to have one prescribed narcotic IN my urine while hiding the weed. Can I crush up the narcotic into a friend’s clean urine?

    • Leilani

      Noooo. That will not work. Urine doesn’t mix with other things the same way as water would… and the test looks for the narcotic as it would appear AFTER it’s been digested. Maybe your friend is willing to take one for the team? (lol) Tell her it’s a freebie- unless it’s a child. I have to use my daughter’s pee is the only reason I threw that out there. People are crazy; you never know.

    • sdmc72

      have your friend take the prescribed narcotic…

  • lovinglife

    I live in Fl. and we’re trying to get this plant passed. I suffer from ANXIETY and have halved my dose of XANAX by taking a toke or 2 to relieve the thumping of my heart and I sleep well also! But have to drug test in 12 hours…I bought a product called QCARBO16. I drank it 1 1/2 days ago and just tested at home…..it’s a pretty close call. I guess if I do fail, this company says it’s 100%..we’ll see.I’ll let u know on the 2/6/2014! GOOD LUCK TO ME! P.S. this product doesn’t give any time restraints or limits and it cost 40.00. bucks plus the 20.00 bucks for the at home test kit! Jesus, just legalize it already! I’m just saying…enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MollyCyrus

    I’m a hippie but I’ve stopped smoking for 2 weeks because I have a drug test Tuesday. I’ve been drinking water heavily since then & I’ve drunk a gallon of cranberry juice Thursday. I still drink water heavily, so will I pass?

    • CelticKush

      No. The whole FLUSH thing is bullshit. Go online or to a head shop and look for Mr.Green Agent X synthetic Urine. it is premixed and ready to go and I KNOW for a FACT it works.

      • MollyCyrus

        The place I go they watch you, so you can’t use fake urine. The water method worked for me the other times, but I’ve done it constantly without stopping. This time I’ve cut back on drinking water.

  • 420_All_Day

    I found this site helpful in passing my drug test:

  • guest

    I used someone else pee but it wasn’t enough so I added a little of mine&I’m on my period do you think I will still pass

  • Ashley

    I smoked around 4 yesterday I am 115 pounds and 5’2″ would the weed be out of my system by now if not what can I drink or eat to get a negative result

  • pike

    Yes, there is a better way, it takes about three days. Drink lots of gatorade and cranberry juice for three days, also, take golden seal, niacin, and vitamin B12. Buy a test kit, they are only about 15 dollars at wall mart. You will notice that after three days you will be clean only when you bladder is full. Sneak in a vial of yellow food coloring, or put a little in your pee hole, it won’t hurt you. This gives the specimen the desired color, so it doesn’t look clear, a clear specimen can be rejected. When you take the test, make sure your bladder is full, and use the yellow food coloring. I passed a test that way once, and I used to smoke all the time. I finally gave it up, because the place I work for does random testing all the time. This method does work, though.

  • Josh

    I’m 20 years old about 150lbs and very active. I run every day and go to the gym 5 days a week. I take b complex and 500mg of niacin as daily supplements and have for months now and drink roughly a gallon of water a day. I haven’t smoked in about 2 weeks. How much longer should it be before I can piss clean?

    • sdmc1972

      your probly clean takes me 11 days and im old….buy a drug test from wal mart for 14 bucks…you can also get them at the dollar store but they arent that good i buy ten at a time and if i pass most of them than im good also drink a bunch of propel and pee alot before the test

    • drummonds300

      Now. U should be clean

      • Josh

        Thanks man. I’ll pick up a test this weekend just to be safe. Smoke one in my memory

        • Greg Vinson

          Good; be safe, which means you should take the strangers’ words on this site for what they are; anonymous advice from people with no skin in the game, whom you will never meet. Take it as seriously as you do the amateur legal advice you might seek from your internet buddies if you were too cheap to seek real legal counsel. I hope it works out; just don’t put a lot of stock in the “expert advice” we might give you.

  • Victoria

    Im having a drug test done tomorrow and i smoked weed yesterday. I need to pass this drug test , any tips?

    • sdmc72

      use someone elses pee

      • Greg Vinson

        I second the suggestion.

  • CelticKush

    Everyone should look for Dr.Greenes Agent X synthetic urine. It’s online or in any head shop almost. It WORKS. My wife works for a medical center that does all these piss screenings. I KNOW it works. PERIOD!

  • will

    GUYS PLZ GET TO ME SOON!! i get drug tested in 2 days and its been 2 weeks since i smoked. ive drank water like a average person but i do baseball every day so i sweat alot. i weigh 145lbs and am 6′ will i pass i reallly need to know im so nervous

    • alana

      fuck yeah youll pass

      • will

        alright thanks man i got a drug kit and it said i pass im leaving in a hour to get my real drug test feel so much better now.

        • Greg Vinson

          I’m sure you will be fine. You can always trust your friends you never met online to give you the straight scoop! Kidding…sort of. I hope you did fine, but seriously, this isn’t the best way to prepare, is it?

    • IheartWeed

      You probably passed. 10-14 days on that frame… weed is usually gone or low enough in your fat cells to not show up. I hope it worked out!

  • weeder

    hello , i just had my drug test result , it was horrible !! i am a daily smoker ( 10 gm / week ) , i got 900 NG/ML !!! is that normal ?! what can i do to passe a drug test that will be next week ?

  • Prettysmoker

    Hello all,

    I’m an every day smoker. I just landed a great job at a hospital and will be taking a drug test in 3 days. I haven’t smoked in 11 days. Im female 5,2 and 190. I was thinking about using a friends clean pee but I also have the synthetic just in case. My question is I’ve been told that since the test is at the hospital and not a clinic that they test the pee for you kidney function so I won’t pass if I use synthetic. What sould I do? This is a big hospital and I also have to do a physical they are going to draw blood and take some saliva along with a pee test for drugs and kidney function. Please help I’m a nervous reck.

    • IheartWeed

      you are too heavy for your frame. 5’2 190 tells me that you carry extra fat cells. This is not good. I know chronic daily smokers that are skin and bone that have passed drug tests within a week of quitting. I know rare smokers (once a week) who are heavy for their frame that needed a full 3 weeks to a month to get their urine clean. Personally I am 6’1 200 lbs (Male). I was a 5 times a week smoker for about 4 months. It took me 8 days to pass a home drug test after stopping the toking. Unfortunately it took fairly extreme dieting. I drank a lot of coffee, water, and nibbled on food. My poop was very runny during this time and my weight dropped drastically from 200 to about 192 the day of the clean test. If you smoked yesterday and are taking a drug test today… forget it… NO WAY you will pass. I dont care who you are. Everyone is different in terms of body fat, metabolism, etc. Bottom line is you do need to stop smoking for a certain amount of days. Good luck to all. I know it is a pain in the ass and I hope one day this world will realize that weed is not a problem but a wonderful solution to many things for adults.

  • silly gurl

    Well i smoked wensday morning i found out i had to test fri about 5:30 i took 5 niacin pills drunk plenty of water 2bottles of detox 1 gallon of cranberry juice and one redbull plus i was on my menstrual my urine was light red what do u think. terrified

  • KandiKid

    I’m under 18 and I was a heavy smoker.. long story short I have a U.A in 3 days. I weigh 105lbs and am 5″2 I haven’t smokes in 28 days will I pass a probation marijuana test?( I drank a gallon of water everyday for a week and work out in my gym class.. I sat in a suana with water for 30min in that week I drank a gallon of water)

    • Greg Vinson

      Sounds to me like you would be fine, but this is now past tense. Did you do okay?

  • Worried student

    Ok guys the last time I smoked was three days ago I smoke maybe once a week but I have to take a drug test at a health facility within 24 hours in order to be accepted into a CNA program I have been told to drink a lot of water and pickle juice and if need be I can use my sisters urine would this work if the people in the health facility watch me pee and I won’t be able to use my sisters? Need to know asap? Or any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

    • txgirl88

      Sorry if this is too late… I tested today at a health facility for a job in healthcare, and I could not take anything (purse/bag) into the restroom, could not flush the toilet, and there was no trashcan in the restroom. A similar situation might make using another person’s urine difficult. I recommend drinking excessive amounts of water, drink green tea with lemon, and take cranberry and niacin supplements (look for flush free so you don’t get hives from the niacin). Take those immediately and again an hour or so before…. Keep drinking lots of water. When urinating, catch the sample midstream. Good luck!

  • ineedthisjob

    Ive been smoking an ouce per week, for 6years stright and i have to take a drug test in 3days what can i do to pass this drug test so i can get this job?

    • KandiKid

      Not to smoke and get green tea dietary supplements take one every day till then.

      • KandiKid

        Or buy a stinger.. drink it the day you do your drug test fill up the bottle 4x with water afterwards.. pee before the drug test.. wala a pass buy a $15 one

  • ineedthisjob

    Btw im 5’10 and 190lb if thats any help.

  • reese

    I’m 5’4 and weigh about 165lbs, i have a 2nd interview for a great job Wednesday and will have to do a drug test that day or day after, i smoked a blunt friday night and hit a resin bowl lastnight, but just one hit, how can i really pass a test without buying all these fake drinks? no money hense the reason i really need this job, i am quitting altogether after 15yrs of smoking almost everyday, please someone help

  • Randy

    Don’t waste your time with the above link. It a link for an ebook. Total waste. SPAM SPAM SPAM !!!!

    • Greg Vinson

      It smelled like spam. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

  • Good luck ThomSand. Hope you pass the test. Try to stay calm. The test is strict now.

  • ManJenTo

    Don’t forget to drink lots of water. It may help you also.

  • Jess

    I have a probation drug test next week on the 27th and I need to know how to pass. It’s my first drug test and I thought you were aloud to fail your first one because they don’t expect you to be clean but I guess not. Someone please help me. I’m a bit of a bigger person to if that matters

    • Billy Bob Thorton

      I have been in and out of the “System” for many years. Been forced to attend AA meetings for a couple of DUIs. This is before the internet and all the stuff I have read here about ways to pass a test, and this has worked for me! Someone said to drink vinegar! Now it is the most disgusting thing I have ever drank, but I found that is I use apple vinegar, mixed with Apple cider, and a couple tablespoons of sugar and drank it while it was very cold, it was palatable. How much? I really couldn’t tell you but I would buy a gallon of each and start in the morning, then would have to report that afternoon and I passed every time. Just food for thought. Also, take a shit load of vitamins too, pollute your urine with as many other things as you can. Hope this helps anyone who is faced with this challenge.

  • Wayne

    I have a test tomorrow. I cant smuggle anything in. Im a heavy smoker and i got a last minute test tomorrow. Last time i smoked was monday. I need all the advice I can get. Im in great shape. 6′ 180. I havent eaten anything since I was told I had the test. I’ve taken 1500 mg of flush free niacin, Green tea, cranberry juice, water. My plan is to try the jello trick. Im screwed unless someone can help. I have also been sweating as much as I can.

    • Hey Lil Wayne lol I’ll do my best and hope this Works for you! Go to the nearest Dollar Store an Obtain A THC Kit for $1. Use it to gauge Cleanliness if its bright red then none of that Shit you used is Workin for you! Bt if its light red, Pinkish lookin then you really have Action! So hope for the light red/pink Color on your test and Continue takin the Cranberry, Niacin, etc. Good luck to you my friend hope it all works out for you! Also Continue the Same with another $1 test…and do So as Followed!

  • bigdog420

    i have a pre employment physical with a drug test in about 2 weeks what can i take to speed up the cleansing process to that time frame?

  • t

    im a daily smoker and the last time i smoked was at 9 this morning, my NCAA drug test is tomoro at 2pm does anyone know of any good drinks from experience that will help me pass??

  • Freaking out

    Daily smoker, single hit 3-4 times a day. Pre-employment drug test. Went Monday and was called back for another test today Wednesday. Already working at job. 1st test I had been 11 days no smoking, Today makes 13 days. Have drank plenty of water and cranberry juice….I am about 135 lbs. Boss was an ass today.. I believe he told some co workers? Your thoughts..

  • nlk

    lmao worst behavior

  • helpmeout

    Please Help… got a test in 3 days URINE>> apparently gotta go though a xray machine do u think that will detect a small plastic container of fake or clean urine??? Or do u know a way to get one in?? If it would detect any ideas on how to pass?? lately just been taking like 2 to 3 hits a day or every other day… haven’t smoked for 2 days so that will give me 5 days clean on the day of the test which is mon.. im 6′ 230 lbs… kinda athletic build but been in better shape;.. LOL please help

  • Jimmy

    just took 2 tokes from a small/average joint, earlier today friday 11:30pm.. might have to drop a UA on monday at 6pm, ive been damn near clean for 3-4 week and have only puffed on a bowl on Valentine feb 14. should i be worried about 2 tokes and 2 1/2 days to clear??

    thanks fellow potheads! :’)

    Cheech And Bong-

  • bill

    dose QCARBO32 from GNC work to pass a test

  • Michelle

    Offered job today. .have drug testing 2mrw. ..any tips on how to pass

  • YoungKen

    If you want to stop and quit smoking weed, you can check the successfull methods here: http://dailytipsandadvices.com/how-to-quit-smoking-weed/

  • annonymous

    i used QCarbo32 from GNC and it didnt work. Unfortunately i did not pass my drug test and luckily they are giving me another shot i havent smoked in 2 weeks but i havee been around my boyfriend who smokes weed on a regular basis. any tips on how to fully flush it out of my system

  • Goon

    Before I post this, this is horrible for your body. Don’t do this if you have tests regularly. The water diet. The human body can be sustained with just water for about 5 days. During that time your body feeds on fat cells, which weed sticks to, for energy. Drinking water will help with flushing out your system, and with the hunger pains… I usually work out in those days so I sweat and lose fat. Or you can cry it out if your faggot. When you get off the diet eat fucking healthy, don’t go straight to mc d’s.

    Again don’t do this often, depending on your size this can be life threatening and don’t do the diet for more then 3 days at a time. At max.

    • GhostSpectre

      “Or you can cry it out if your a faggot????” Wtf dude? It ain’t 2002 no more.

  • Shondria Renee

    Have anybody ever tried the sure gel

  • johnny

    Took about 3or4 hits of some today. Might have to drop tonight could I pass drinking water all day?

  • emintey

    I smoke 4 or 5 joints a day and dont want to stop but In a recent custody hearing because I tested positive I have only supervised visititation with my baby daughter. What’s a sure fire way for me to pass the next drug test?

    • painkills2

      Don’t you already know the answer to that question?

      • emintey

        It’s all because of that b*tch.

        • painkills2

          Having been divorced, I understand. Sorry.

          Maybe you could try to “educate” your daughter’s mother on cannabis? Well, maybe not you, per se, but someone else ya’ll know?

          • emintey

            On top of that I have to pay $300/mo child support now.

          • painkills2

            Most men think child support is a bad thing. I hope, in the future, more men will get custody of their children — not only will they learn the blessing that is child support for a single parent, they will also be able to collect child support from their ex-wives.

            This vision should make you feel a little bit better, no?

          • emintey

            All she wants is money. I should have custody or at lesat 50/50, she’s only 5 mos old.

            She’s afraid because I drive fast when I’m stoned, hell I drive better when I’m stoned. People are so ignorant about weed. I started a bail bonds business last year but havnt gotten any big customers, now I’m starting an insurance school with my buddy. I dont know what she’s complaining about, I bought a box of diapers and some formula last month.
            Marijuana cures cancer too, that’s been proven but the government is suppressing it if only I’d known about that 3 years ago when my dad died of cancer. it’s not a drug, it’s a plant.

          • painkills2

            If “all she wants is money,” what do you think she wants the money for? Sorry, dude, but diapers and formula just don’t cut it.

          • Ryan oelschlager

            Diapers. Formula. Baby food. Socks. Bibs. Pacifiers. Oral gel. Gas drops. Wet wipes. Cereal. Spoons. Bottles. Clothes (children grow FAST). Formula is expensive and you go through it fast. Smh. My husband only bought wet wipes ONCE for his son. He doesn’t give me child support period. “All she wants is the money”, damn right. Take some responsibility for your actions, children are expensive to raise.

          • emintey

            I got all of those upvotes so it seems that most weed smokers agree with me and not you. I’m going to get custody, if I have to pay this child support I cant afford my weed, or I’ll just stop paying.

          • Kate

            Oh lord, you’re something else man. Pretty sure you’re the reason us responsible weed smokers get a bad rap…pay for your kid and shut the hell up. if you can’t afford to pay for her why the hell are u blowing your money on weed. Kids before “drugs” ya fucking idiot. Your daughter should come before any of that. Kinda sounds like you deserve to be in the position your in.

          • painkills2

            Dude, you’re gonna decide your fate (and that of your daughter’s) by counting your up-votes in Disqus?

          • emintey

            No, by polling weed smokers. It seems they agree with me and not you, what does that tell you?.

          • painkills2

            It seems your interpretation of the “results” has told you just what you wanted to hear.

          • painkills2

            It’s only logical that when you split up a household, the total expenses will increase.

            And kids are the most expensive investment an adult can make. Men and women should remember that before they hop into bed.

          • Lame92

            You actually sound like a fucking irresponsible idiot. Ugh.

          • Jason Houghton

            I was thinking the same thing! What jackass goes and gets high and then gets their kid? And THEN tears ass around town with a 5 month old in the car. I don’t know if this person is intentionally trying to make potheads look bad but he’s doing it. FYI 300 a month is nothing for child support. Kids cost more than 600 a month!

          • ReadDeeply

            Smoke a bowl and pay your child support. You’ll feel better about yourself. It costs a boatload more than 3 bills a month to raise a kid. And too, there is nothing more repulsive to a female than a father who doesn’t care enough about his child to help put a meal on the table for them. ;)

          • painkills2

            Perhaps you meant to respond to emintey?

    • yungstar

      Staying clean for 30-45 days is the only way to be absolutely sure. Or get a hold of a friends urine and cheat the test.
      (If that works obviously depends if they search you or are in the same room and keep an eye on you durnig the test)
      Go with solution #1 is my advice since this is your daughter. Good luck

  • painkills2

    The Public Entertainment Channel — We Got Your Back

  • painkills2

  • beenthere

    I tried the sure gel trick with no success. I have no answers, but sure-gel DID NOT work for me. Try another method! Good luck

  • MichG

    People here passed the test successfully and easily by using the suggested methods here: http://xhealthreport.com/how-to-pass-a-drug-test/ I myself passed the test a few days ago. Good luck!

    • dr green

      go to Palo Azul Tea dot com .. They have what you need,, its like a tea,,,just get a couple bags and boil it and drink it the day before your test and you will pass your piss test.

  • thestruggle

    I used My friends piss but it wasnt enough to the line so a dribbled a little pf mine in (not much at all). Do you think ill pass the test still?

  • pass the test

    I smoked last night on thursday, got a call and have an interview tuesday. i’ll drink a shit ton of water though. i only smoked a bowl. think ill pass?

    • goodluck

      You need a few days to clean out your system if you are a non-daily smoker. It depends on how often you smoke. If a person who has never smoked tries it one time, it will be out of their system in a few days. A daily smoker however may take 3 weeks to clear out. You should drink a lot of water on the day of the test and pee a few times before the test. Your first pee of the day will be the most saturated with THC, and the ones afterwards will be mostly water. Take vitamin B12 pills found at any pharmacy to make your pee more yellow and therefore look like you drank less water. Good luck friend!

  • cab boy.

    I am going through some crap compliments of the v.a. first, they don’t fix the problems they just stuff pain meds down you until you’ve become physically dependent on them. Then comes the health issues that I have, one being weight loss. And a va doctor says use weed. The next doctor comes along and says no way piss in a cup, or we won’t give you the meds we got you dependent on. Gotta love the gov. It’s bad enough that I have to fight with them monthly just to get shit right, now they don’t have straight answers on what they want from me. I think I have given enough for the government that I should at least have the right to choose the way I live when no harm is done to a single person

  • Tokin24/7

    I’m a daily cannabis user and my current employer conducts random drug test at the drop of a dime. I found this website on this very blog about three months ago and have been ordering all my drug testing solutions from them ever since. Their products are effective and they ship really fast!!!

  • madtoker

    i have been clean for 6 weeks and failed my drug test… i am now 7 n half weeks clean and still worried about passing… any tips?

    • Montypp

      I have taken probably ten standard urine screens in the past ten years many with very little notice and have never had a problem despite smoking everyday. Now here’s how you do It first it helps to go at least 24 to 48 hours without smoking which helps a lot weed does get stored in your fat cells that is true but it’s only in your blood for about 24 hours. During that first 24 your urine will be it’s hottest.during this period get creatine supplements and start taking them your creatine levels will be tested and you need to raise them prior to be test So after that the day of the test wake up and start drinking water I know it’s a cliche but I works the goal is to have pissed a couple dozen times before the test and about 1 hour before test take a massive dose of creatine and a multivitamin he’ll take 3 it can’t hurt I usually take some aspirin since there was always the rumor it helped a little. Now you want to go take the test and your bladder should be full of fresh water mixed with creatine and vitamins and when you start to urinate, don’t collect the beginning or the end of your stream those are the richest parts. If you did it right and your not under the strictest test you’ll pass I’m not kidding I’ve passed many urine screens with this method some with only a days notice.

  • FinalFightHaggar

    Not a smoker at all, but I had a few big hits off of a joint last night with a friend. It’s the first time I’ve done it in many, many months and I’ve never been a regular smoker. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve smoked in the past few years.

    Basically I just got a call for a fantastic job opportunity and I’ve got to call back to set up an interview for next week. I’m stressing out and all my friends say that I should be fine (due to my high metabolism/skinny body and not being a regular smoker) and recommended that I drink lots of water, cranberry juice, teas to flush and try to get a bit active. I’m certain that a drug test will eventually happen should I land the job, but I’m not sure when. Should I continue to freak out or just do as my friends say?

  • xorto tou theou

    hi all i found this website by pure luck and i just have one question but first to my backround im from Hellas(Greece) but i work in germany(so plz sry for my not so good english) and i have aproblem.first off all i never drive or work high but i like to smoke weed after my days work is done.But in germany the police condact random drug screenings and last time it cost me my drivers licence for 1 jear plus 3.500 eur plus i had to go throught a psychic evaluetion so u see my problem here and all this cause i like to clear my head after 10-12 hours work eveday. so it seems my only solution so far i see it is to cheat so i ask if any knows that how long can i have clen uri in a container is there any experetion date or something days ,weeks(years) ty for this nice artikle and i hope the world remembers that it is not ever 100years ago where cannabis was inside every medicine book without sideeffects :D

  • Helpme

    Hey guys I have a drug test in 3 days. Last time I smoked was at camping 7 days ago. Before that I hadn’t smoked for 1 and a half year. I’m 5 11′ and weigh 160. I go to the gym 5-6 times a week and am very active and fit. My metabolism is also fast as well. I’m just super nervous because I really need this job. I’ve been loading up on creatine supplement and will take a vitamin b pill on the day of the test. Always drink a lot of water too so that shouldn’t be a problem. What else can I do, and if you guys honestly think I’m going to pass easy or not.

    • malachi1one

      Don’t risk it, just get clean urine, fill up a condom and tape it just above your dick. Then the contents will fall between your leg and balls, keeping the sample warm. On the thick elastic waist band of your boxers, put a safety pin for poking the hole. I did it a few days ago, and even though I was nervous as hell (shaking, and sweaty) I passed. Good Luck!

  • Erika Johnson

    I have a drug test in about a week I’ve quite smoking for about 2 weeks but I have a uti and I’m paraplegic will this make it harder to pass?

    • Hector Bobet

      take UTI pills it will help clean your system you”ll be fine

  • Tif Smith

    I am 5’5 190 pounds … I don’t smoke very often and the last time I smoked was 35 days ago out of a bong. I had a urine test this morning and I drank a lot of cranberry juice and water before it. Will I pass? Please let me know what you think!

  • mazen

    I have a drug test and blood after 2 months will I pass

    • Natalie Gilg

      Drugs stay in your urine longer than in your blood

  • OG

    im 6’4 and 164lbs…I was recently tested for body fat and sit at 4.7%. about 7.5lbs of fat. I recently was offered the job of a lifetime but they do drug testing. I have my test in 2 days and its been about 36 hrs since my last toke. since that time I have drank a retarded amount of water and already burn a lot of fat at work. do you think I have any chance of passing?

    • og

      ok so I just thought id let you all know,… 82 hrs after smoking I passed my test without using someone elses urine! just drink a lot of water and heavy exercise in the days leading up to your test… but not on the day of….eat lots of vitamins, take asprin and a pre workout supplement!

      • Jordan

        Ive got a piss test on monday
        morning (5 days) first thing for a new job am quite a heavy smoker but keep myself fit! Im 5ft 7 and around 150lbs! Have I got any chance of passing without using another persons urine!? And whats the best ways for me to go about it?

      • mojo

        How often did you smoke prior to the 36 hours you smoked before the test? I really need to know this stuff, well, we all do or we wouldn’t be here but I too had a fantastic job offer fall in my lap only to discover they do drug testing.

  • The Classy Stoner

    I don’t think this will work for tests within 7 days notice but if you have more than a week and are willing drink insane amounts of water to get clean this is 100% error proof but you have to intake a gallon of water a day and urinate frequently some say its bad for you but hey if your body feels weird then stop. I use palo azul otherwise known as Arizona Kidney Wood. You have to boil the pieces in water for about 45 minutes till the water literally turns blue. store the finished product in an open pitcher assuming you have to be clean ASAP it shouldnt last too long. For every 20 oz of palo azul i drink a gallon of water remember to make sure youve urinated at least 3 times an hour once you intake it youll see three times might be an understatement. Just repeat this at a steady rate. i do this for about 12 hours a day and then just drink water to give my body time to recover you dont wanna blow your bladder either. daily excercise with a trashbag around your stomach doesnt hurt either! itll help you sweat. this works for me but i cant guarantee it will work for you unless you do it as often as i did. if you drink a glass of it and a bottle of water when you feel like it then your better off buying clean urine. I do this cause when i wanna be clean i actually stay clean for a while. if you dont plan on stopping getting fake urine or a friends would be your best bet.

  • John

    took about 5 hits on saturday , not a lot and i have a drug test tomorrow (wednesday)… been sweating and drinking lots of water…. Think i’ll pass?

    • Annmarie

      I don’t think so it can stay up in your system for a month, if you’re a heavy smoker, get someone’s piss in a condom & get a hand warmer to keep it warm!

      • Lorien

        yes I think youll pass, cause I have a drug test tomorrow (Wednesday) I smoked Tuesday morning big deal, my piss is clear . a squeezed lemon with a cup of hot water is a really good addition to the detoxing. cranberry juice, water, yadda yadda. I smoke weed all the time

  • Angel

    I need to know how to get weed out of your system in two days and I need to know fast. Will somebody please tell me how I can do that?

    • justachick

      One thing you can do the day before youre being tested is to flush out your system. Youll need to sweat a lot, so do a loooot of exercise. And I mean you really need to sweat. Also you need to drink a lot of water. A gallon at least. Drinking and sweating will most likely flush out your system and youll be able to pass the urine test the next day, since the urine currently in your body will be clean from the water….I hope that makes sense lol

    • quis

      Water azo cranberry pills an sweat

    • Drug Test Consultant

      The 16 oz. Magnum Detox Instant Flush works instantly without having to pretox and lasts up to 6 hours. You can purchase it here: http://passdrugtestsfast.com/urine-drug-test-products.html

  • Leo

    I am a frequent smoker. I got arrested and am on two year probation. I plan on stopping during the duration of my probation but I have planned to go to bonarroo music festival and plan to smoke at the festival. Any ideas as to how to flush out my system so i can dont have to worry about my drug tests after the music festival.

  • Nervous

    It was my first time smoking. I never inhaled. I’m 5,9 weighing at 178. I’m very active.im being tested and Im in panic mod.Please help!

    • Thatguy

      If you didnt inhale then you probably didnt get high but when its your first time smoking it leaves your system in 3-5 days but for you 1-2 I think youll be fine


    I recently got arrested and got put on probation. I don’t want to stop smoking entirely, and have read about the Certo and B12 method does it work?

  • Josh

    I’m a medium smoker I have a frugal test in 10 days what’s the best way to get it out of my system in ten days

    • Ders

      Take vitamin pills like niosin 3times a day for at least 8 days

  • Maze

    one word Certol! it works.

    • Matthew J Cardace

      That’s a company…which product?

  • Ders

    I smoke weed almost every day other things that work are drinking cranberry juice (a lot) yogurt and vitamin pills

  • liza

    Ive smoke on january and had meth. And by tomorrow mom ask me for a blood test. What should i do? Im wishing for a negative result isnt it possible?

    • jerry

      you’re young enough to get drug tested by your mom yet you did meth… smh…

  • azheidi

    I have a tricky situation. I must pass a 9 panel drug test. They are specifically looking or THC. I read the posting and all the ideas I might try. My biggest issue is that 2 of the test must be positive since I take controlled substances. It’s one thing to ask a free to pee for me but I’d have to ask someone to take controlled substances, which I just can’t do. How do I get just the THC out? Any advice would be greatful.

  • Nick Bean

    I have a drug test coming up in 48hours I bought the stuff detox and I smoked today should I take the stuff tomorrow or the day of the test?

    • sean

      Hey did you pass your test Nick o just bought the same stuff I have a test tom

    • Alejandro

      Did you pass???

  • TheFrugalStoner

    HELP!! Im 60kg (132lbs), 18 years old, and have a pretty fast metabolic rate. Im active and do sport often. I smoked pretty much around 0.8g of dank weed at a daily basis for the last year. I’m taking a urine test in about 20 days. If i don’t smoke any more during this time, what can I do to be sure I’ll pass it? Ofc Without having to buy any detox products. PLEASE HELP I’m desperate!!

    • Stoneroni1

      Well my story is I smoked a whole year straight of dank at least and eighth threw out the day then I got busted next thing I know I’m about to go to court where they wanted to drug test me to I had stopped like completely stop for two weeks exactly and I was barley clean … I went to a walk in clinic and they said if they would have sent it of to a lab it would most Likly be dirty I mean I bearly saw the line but further down the line most recently actually I smoked at least an eight with my friends and a gram of hash and I took a dab now all of a sudden my po says its time for a random drug test on Friday and I smoked Sunday well I go to the same clinic on Tuesday hoping I would barly be clean Agian well I saw the line kinda but they didn’t I tested positive to them and I hope to god I am clean even by all bit by tomorrow…… Fuck

      • anon

        He probably failed…

  • ben jam in 1

    so i smoked onece 3 weeks ago once two weeks ago and wu tanged a blunt yesterday how long schould it take for me to get clean im 5 foot 9in 140lbs and am very active each time i smoked it was only about 3 hits 3 weeks ago was my first time ever smoking

  • Mike

    Couldnt you just use a ziplock bag instead of a balloon or condom? Im going to have to use this tactic soon, and it just seems a lot easier with a ziplock bag

  • Call me Boss

    Drink a lot of water, and go to your local drug store and buy Niacin pills with FLUSH! The pills help clean your system it has to be the pills that say flush! The pills clean you out so good your pee turns clear. Before your interview drink a soda to give your pee a lil color

  • rebecca

    I have a 10 panel urine drug test for an internship this week. I haven’t smoked in 10 days and usually smoke once a week. I am 5’2, 110 pounds and exercise weekly. Do you think I can pass the test?

  • GanjasBestfriend

    Might as well share my story too! I was a pretty heavy smoker. My last time was 5/18 shortly after that, I decided to join the military and the process went pretty fast! I have meps 6/10, in which I will be drug tested. So I’ll be clean a total of 22 days when I go. If I had known I was joining, I would’ve stopped sooner ya know? But I’ve been taking Niacin (time released), B complex vitamins, and cranberry pills. I also have only been drinking water, green tea, and cranberry juice. I’m 5’6, 138lbs. What are the chances that I’ll pass???! Help!!! Ps. I can’t cheat. They watch the piss hit the cup.

    • an American

      squeeze a whole lemon, add a cup or so of hot water and that helps a lot, but don’t freak out youre going to be A-OK, good luck serving and thank you!

    • Dayza

      Try Drinking Vinegar Mixed With Water

    • murad

      Hi dear, I smoked hashish one and half years ago for the very first time, and after that I smoked total of around 15 cigerettes with normal amount of hash, last week I was on with friends and smoked 12 cigeretes. now my test is on next tuesday, which means I have 8 days. I am drinking water, milk, vitamins… do you think I will clear the test.. ?

  • MsBoo25

    I’m not a smoker but about two weeks a friend gave me a shotgun. I have urine test on Friday, should I be worried?

    • GanjasBestfriend

      No way! If that was the only time, then it only takes 2-3 days to leave your system. But only if that was the only time.

  • Baller24<3

    I’m 5’2, 186 lb I am very active and drink lots of fluids and I got fired from my work. Last Tuesday 5/28 I smoked about to weeks ago and I have either a test tomorrow the 6/5 or the 6/6 I took a home test my friend gave me and everything was clear but weed I need help bad have to piss clean or I’m in the dog house

    • 420AllDay

      The 16 oz. Magnum Detox Instant Flush grape drink works great. It cleanses the urine, saliva, and blood and you don’t even have to pre-tox. You can get it here: http://passdrugtestsfast.com/urine-drug-test-products

      • joe

        this product has worked for you in the past? i need know asap

        • Guest

          Yes, I have

  • Xtylertakedownx

    I smoked every day for about a month but I also did lawn care all day so I’m hoping I swear most of that out but for a week straight I didn’t work and all I did was smoke I haven’t smoked since this Sunday and I need to pass a drug test for my new job it’s really important that I do I’m 6’3 270lbs what do I do!!!!!!

  • worldwide1488

    HELP!!!!! Iv smoked for about a week , and i only have 6 days to clean my system or mask it, i go to report- probation- and they only check m for pot, they use a stick, .. what do i do????? please help

    • 420dodrugskid

      clean piss in a condom (UNLUBED) tied and put in your briefs right by ur gooch and junk to stay BODY TEMP WARM they test for temp. sneak a razor blade in a pocket or somewhere hidden(not in ur sock or something they may be able to see your feet under a curtain)(be prepared to be patted down they look for whizinators that way ) . then when comes time, slice the tip open. tester may be very close by so you have to slice wide enough so the stream that comes out sounds real. then put that empty condom back in ur panties and go out hand them the pee sample and pray. it is a good idea to get pee shy (fake) at least twice then they might turn on a tinkle from the sink. also make sure the pee is yellow but not vitamin yellow and not clear they might make u pee again if it looks fishy. IT IS POSSIBLE GOOD LUCK IVE DONE THIS

    • Stacey

      Drink lots of water

    • BS

      Need help? 32yrs old male at 205Ibs and smoke a half gram a day. Not much but the drinks and lots of water doesnt help. I still fail.

  • Billy

    Help I smoked Tuesday and got a job interview Saturday and I only had 9 puffs of kush
    What should I do I’m 5/7 weigh 130lb

  • josephine56

    I smoke everyday, I have a drug test on Tuesday for a job interview, I stopped today (Friday) I have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. I got this cranberry stuff from Utopia that is supposed to help. What are my chances of my urine being clean. I am 5’6” 130 lbs

    • mary

      If you keep it up you may pass. Make sure to keep drinking until you get tested. Pee until it comes out clear then take a vitamin. Keep drinking water, go take the test. you might be ok. Thcclear.com sells drinks that work. no risks, best way to go.

      • Manuel Amador

        I am about 5’11 200 lbs. I stopped smoking Saturday night and have a drug test this coming Wednesday I drink allot of water and work out a bit. Will I pass my urin test? My urine is already clear but I don’t know if that means I’ll pass.

  • Jayhawk

    Does anyone know what methods of testing most state or federal agencies use? I know how to pass the urine test, as long as no one watches. Just curious have been applying for state jobs mainly, but considering federal jobs. Just got laid off last week from the health care industry

    • Most state agencies use urine testing however federal agencies tend to rely more on hair follicle testing due to the fact toxins remain in the hair for a much longer period of time than in the urine or saliva. Depending on the type of job, state agencies are less likely to conduct a hair analysis due to the much higher cost involved when compared to other testing methods.

  • Smack

    I am 5’7 115 I smoked about 17 days ago with my boyfriend I’m not a smoker I’ve drank 5-6 bottles of water a day my urines clear and I’ve been drinking cranberry juice and sweating… What are my passing chances???

  • SupBruhhhh

    I’m 4’11” 111lbs I only smoke on occasion and the last time I smoke was Tuesday, I have a drug test this coming up Monday for a job. I only took maybe 5 hits at most. What are my chances of passing? I’m trippin out.

  • Papaya

    well, i have a job interview on monday but my friend(works there) said they drug test you on the 2nd interview (if i get it) and i dont know when is my 2nd interview if i get it. and today is saturday i already smoked a dank joint. i have been smoking everyday for month now. (Like a g per day, weekends like 3gs group sesh) but i am a very active person i play soccer most of time and i been drinking a lot of water. If today is my last day smoking (until after drug test) & if i drink detox before do you think i will pass my test?

    • Papaya

      I am 18years old and weight about 150lbs. if that helps

      • papaya

        New update they do drug test 25 hours after the first interview

        • todumbtolive

          I am stupid and brain dead and smoke an ounce a day. Why can’t I pass a drug test? Can I drink the pee and spit it up??

  • BS

    I smoke a half a g a day sometimes a whole g. What should I do, I’m white male 2010lbs. They watch me pee and all the drinks I’ve tried all fail and I can tell its working. It used to work all the time at 150lbs but this aint even lab work, dipstick. And u aint sticking a condom while someone is within 5 feet looking. Trust me.

    • BS


  • BS

    I’m sorry u guys phone was program to say that.lol..please help got till the 12th.

  • triston whitt

    What is an easy way to pass your drug tests and be 100% that it will wiork

    • BigBudz

      If the test is unsupervised then a quality synthetic urine should be used but if the test is supervised then an effective detox drink such as the 16 oz. Magnum Instant Flush drink will do the trick. You can get either of these products here: http://passdrugtestsfast.com/urine-drug-test-products

  • Niche OP

    More like an easy way for a guy to make money off a website with doing nothing but stating the obvious, way to waste my time on something I already knew, good job on the niche by the way.

  • Keits

    I have a drug test tomorrow and I smoked on Sunday I have detox but still really nervous wat else should I do been drinking lots of water

  • stieK

    looks like your failing! hahaha

  • Michael Fichera

    I used Supreme Klean Ultra Klean Detox Drink and I followed the directions on bottle, it says don’t use any toxins for 48 to 72 hours and i was clean for 48 hours only and i smoked every day and i passed i definitely recommend this product if you are a heavy marijuana smoker go this site http://www.supremeklean.com they even sell it on amazon they even have a phone number to answer any questions….

  • tc

    OK I smoke about 5 or 6 puffs of a blunt on Saturday I have drug test tomorrow I’ve drank plenty of water do u think I will pass in the morning

    • If you’ve only used that one time within 30 days continue to drink plenty of water on the day of the test and urinate at least 3 times. Then take a vitamin B complex so your urine does not appear too clear and raise suspicion. I hope this helps.

  • CK

    Had a pinch in my cigarette on Friday and just had a pre-employment screen two days ago. I haven’t had pot in months, do you think I will pass? Ive had lots of water since I found out I had a test.

  • Jamie

    Ok I need HELP fast. Had a job interview today and “got the job”. I just have to pass the test on Monday. Just smoked a bowl and now I’m worried I won’t pass. This is a great job and I really need it to take care of my son. (who I never smoke around) What can I do? Please Help!

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    I found these guys right here on this blog and I can tell you, after ordering from them 3 times already, I have had no issues what so ever. They ship very fast and their products work great! Check um out: http://www.passdrugtestsfast.com

  • Bella

    I knew I wanted to get a job so I stopped smoking like a month ago I didn’t find a job so I ended up smoking this past Saturday just a gram with 3 other people I had a job interview yesterday and was told I got the job but have to take a drug test within 48 hrs do you think I will pass

  • micki

    I have to take a drug test on the 18th of June will I pass I hit a bowl 7 days ago only took three hits I’m 5’6 187lbs. I’m not a heavy smoker the last time I hit a bowl was two months ago only took one hit. Then I just hit the bowl 7 days ago took three hits so should I be good and be clean for my test on the 18th of June?

    • Hi micki, being that you haven’t smoked in two months and the only time you did use was 7 days ago, you should be okay however as an additional precaution drink plenty of water and take a vitamin B complex the night before the test. Repeat this on the day of the test making sure you urinate at least 3 times before supplying your sample and you should be good to go.

  • NuKKiN_FuTTz

    “Bleach Bombs” are effective, take 2 sheets of toilet paper with a cap of bleach, with each sheet of toilet paper, tear and roll the toilet paper into 2 seperate balls, than take the cap of bleach, and drop the 2 little tablets in the cap, covering it with bleach, remove them from the cap, get you a 20oz of “SPRITE”(pop or “SODA” pop which ever you prefer to call it) and bottoms up (ingest)! its a bit harsh and strong though, after drink at least 2 liters of WATER!!! (its very effective) reap the rewards, have fun, live life, make money, SMOKE GANJ

  • VarnTodd Smith

    Main I Gotta A drug Test For My PO Monday N I Smoke Weed Everyday Main Please Tell Me what I Can Do Im Bout 5″10 320lbs Tell me something

  • Lex

    I smoked 3 times this week , Thursday being the last day , I got caught up and now I’m getting drug texted Monday , what can I do to pass

    • Lex, I recommend the Magnum Detox Instant Flush if you can get a hold of it at a local smoke shop. It’s guaranteed to be 100% effective and starts to work instantly and lasts for up to 6 hours. I’m not sure what your weight is as you didn’t provide it but being that you used 3 times in one week, it’s almost certain that THC is present in your system.

  • nerd 420


  • Lupita

    I need to take a drug test on june 23, i Have No idea if ill pass, last time i smoked was for 2 days last week. Other Than That i Havent Smoked In Like 2 Months. i was thinking bout diluting the drug test but im not sure if itll work, some friends say if i take b vitamin pills, itll work. Or i Was Thinking Bout Using A Friends Clean Urine. But if i do, how long can i store the urine before actually taking test? Please Help, i Need To Pass This Test . Im 5’5 185lb

    • Lupita, if you take a vitamin B complex the night before the test and again the morning of the test and drink plenty of water you will be fine, just make sure you urinate several times prior to taking the test. You only used twice and at 185 lbs, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, just refrain from using until you pass the test on the 23rd. If you insist on using a urine substitute just get a quality synthetic urine unless you know your friend’s medical history. You don’t want to get a false/negative because of medication they may be on, and for the love of god do not try and use a female’s urine if your male because once the tests shows the presence of egg cells, your done for and the same goes if your a female.

      • Lupita

        can i Store The Clean Urine For A Couple Of Days Before i Actually Take The Test? Would It Still Work?

        • Yes, if you store it in the refrigerator until you use it but make sure it’s between 94 and 100 degrees when you submit the specimen sample. You can place the sample somewhere close to your body for a hour or so to bring it to body temperature. I hope this helps.

    • Joe blow

      Urine can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Best way to pass with your own is to drink lots of water the few hours before your test. Pee several times. Take a large dose of b12 complex for urine color. You can also take a high dose of aspirin an hour before. If u can get 80mg of lasix. Take it 2 hrs prior.

  • Moe

    HELO i smoked a week Ago and i smoked 1-3 pipe hits and i was clean before that. Im doing a test in 48 hours, How can i pass??

    • Moe

      I smoked 4 days in a row. And 1-3 hits everyday fast answer plss

    • Tamz

      Go to http://www.paloazultea.com. I smoke every day and pass my drug tests at work.. I went to the website http://www.paloazultea.com and got a big ass sack of palo for only 7.99 and the shipping was free. I drink it the day before the test and pass it every time.

  • Bri

    Up until early last week, I’d been smoking on and off for the past… decade? The past month has been a few hits at night at least 5 times a week. I will need to take a drug test within the next 2-3 weeks. I have stopped smoking, started drinking lots of water, and ordered a few Detoxify drinks as well as at home tests I found online. I’m 5’5″, 130lbs… is there anything else I can do to prep or suggested products I can try??

    • Tamz

      Go to http://www.paloazultea.com. I smoke every day and pass my drug tests at work. A guy told me about the palo azul tea. I got a big ass sack of palo for only 7.99 and the shipping was free. I drink it the day before the test and pass it every time.

  • Bob Marley

    Try these guys: http://www.passdrugetestsfast.com
    They ship worldwide and the products are 100% guaranteed.

  • Tamz

    Go to http://www.paloazultea.com. I smoke every day and pass my drug tests at work. A guy told me about the palo azul tea. I went to the website http://www.paloazultea.com and got a big ass sack of palo for only 7.99 and the shipping was free. I drink it the day before the test and pass it every time.

  • Name

    I’ve smoked about nine days in a row something like two weeks ago, but I was clean a couple of weeks before that. Going to take a test anytime soon, probably by the end of the week. I’m 190lbs, 5’7, drank a lot of fluids, got some physical activities. Any chances I’ll pass it with my own urine?

  • Blake

    I’ve smoked very frequently for the last year stopped 2 days ago and have a test in about a week I’m considering a detox drink just a little unsure I’m 5″11 165lbs

  • Earl

    I get tested every 3 months at work. I usually have a week to detox and get clean. I have been using a detox capsule program that takes 7 days and it has worked well. GNC sells some that run about $65.00 but recently i have been using THC Detox. The link is below. Just remember to drink lots of fluids, exercise and eat a low fat diet. I know most people can pass in a week but this product give me the extra added insurance I need. Hope the helps. Link:

    • Lorie

      I have used this also. It works great if you have 7 days before the test. If you dont have the time I would use fake urine if you can sneak it in.

      • Michael Fichera

        Yes but be carful with the synthetics a lot of them are getting detected now the quick fix has 6 recalls go check there site.. I have been using the Supreme Klean Ultra http://www.supremeklean.com/synthetic-urine.html and the claim 6 years and not 1 failure to date, they were right I passed so just be carful and do the research like I did… Good Luck

    • ballerben

      Pothead josh was right I went to http://www.paloazultea.com and that shit worked! Only 7 fucking.dollars! Thanks for the tip bro

      • Greg

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        • potheadjosh

          Palo azul tea works you fukn retarded hater

          • Greg

            Spam Spam Spam You Little Fuck Boy. You post on here everyday with your shitty website link. Your site looks like a 3rd grader built it.

  • The big kid down south

    Hey, I’ve smoked the last 2 nights but only about a g over the 2 days and about 3-4 days before that but consideribly more than a g. I’m 6foot 290lbs. I MIGHT have a drug test in a week and a half or two weeks. If I drink lots of water workout and sweat alot can it be out of my system by then?

  • potheadjosh


  • BigMexTex

    Ok so I stopped smoking the 9th of this month and have a new job I’m starting on July 1st. What can I do to pass the pre-employment drug test. Everyone I know smokes so using a friend is out the question.

    • pothead josh

      Bro go to http://www.paloazultea.com and get some Palo azul tea for only 7 bucks that cleans you out in 24 hours. Im on probation and I smoke weed every day and always pass my piss test. Dont get the bootleg Palo on eBay it doesn’t work. Go to http://www.paloazultea.com

      • Ralf

        SPAM SPAM – Don’t BUY!!!

        • potheadjosh

          Bro im not fukn spam you retard ..I really smoke like a chimney and pass my shit and.im tired of all these corporations charging 80$ for some bullshit detox when we have good Mexicans down here in Texas selling Palo azul for cheap. So excuse me for.helping my fellow brothers out

    • AllShadeEverything

      You have nothing to worry. Drink lots of cranberry juice, green tea & water. (Not cranberry juice cocktail) also if you work out & work up a sweat up until the end of this month you’ll be fine.

  • Stephanie

    hey so i am 5′ 4″, 115lbs.. i smoke, but only a hit at a time and only a couple/few times a week.. i have a drug test to pass by tomorrow morning. i havent smoked in a few days and the last thing i had was a part of an edible i think it was three days ago. I have lifted weights and worked out since then and have had lots of fluids like water and coffee. What else can i do to make sure i pass tomorrow?? do you think i will pass??

  • bill

    I just bought and used a first check home drug testing kit for weed, and I failed according to the instructions. I’m talking to a new employer tomorrow, already a done deal for the job. But I will need to get a drug screen with them. What are solid ways to show clean? I’m 49, 6’2″ tall, weigh around 225-230. Used for a few years, started slowing way down a month ago, had my last hits on the 14th of June. Don’t need no tea spam bullshit, need something effective.

  • mmm

    How long after should I wait for a drug test for a job if I stop smoking today and only drink lots of water and run outside?

  • buster brown

    If you wanna pass a drug test go to http://www.paloazultea.com and get that shit for cheap and it works every time..if.u don’t believe me YouTube that shit

  • wma

    i have a drug test tomorrow and smoke once last week and twice this week how do i pass in 24hrs

  • green thumb

    i smoked yesterday im 5’3 115 lbs and i smoked yesterday and have an orientation for a job today what is the fastest way for me to pass a piss test?

  • Peter Tosh

    For 100% guaranteed solutions for passing any urine, saliva, or blood administered drug test just visit: http://www.passdrugtestsfast.com
    Prices are reasonable and they offer discrete worldwide shipping.

    • Tony

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      • Peter Tosh

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        • Kit

          Wow, most persistent idiot salesman. Hats off to Tony for actually answering this guy and doing so respectfully cause I wouldn’t have.

      • Peter Tosh

        Of course this Clown would say something like that because he owns the site and wants you to purchase his herbal nonsense that doesn’t work. Anyone who knows about detox products knows Magnum Detox is an industry leader. I have never heard of his product and you probably haven’t either.

        • Tony

          This blog has hundreds of thousands of posts. If I was the owner I would not be posting on this one page about drug tests, I would simply delete your lame ass web links. This page is to help people with questions they have, not to give them a link to a shitty made website selling a garbage detox product. Your site does not even have a phone number bro. If your gonna do it at least do it right man.

          • Peter Tosh

            If you don’t own the site why do you keep deleting my comments then decide to put them back up you clown?

          • Tony

            I have no authority to delete comments, I don’t have a site nor do I know how to build a site. Just looking to pass my test next month and sick of seeing all these web links to shitty websites. I do wish I owned this site though.

          • Peter Tosh

            You do own the site you loser and if you don’t who made you the blog police anyway? And thanks for the publicity by responding you dumb ass.

          • Tony

            If I owned this site I would not allow web links in the comments like most blogs. Ive been scammed before by magnum detox from another vendor. Just trying to help my fellow smokers out. Im not trying to sell them anything like you are Peter Tosh.. Cool name by the way.. Not

          • Peter Tosh

            I’m done responding to you loser. The fact is I have bigger fish to fry. If you failed a drug test using Magnum Detox it’s probably because your dumb ass couldn’t follow the directions. Good look with your herbal bullshit.

          • Tony

            The test detected the cover up ingredients in Magnum Detox and I failed instantly. I don’t take any herbal bullshit, I drink lots of fluids and exercise for a week before. The only way to pass is time and fluids. THC stores itself in fat cells, nothing can get it out besides time and detoxing completely. New drug testing methods can detect when someone is trying to cover up weed. The only thing that can work is fake urine if you don’t have the time to detox fully. But it is very sketchy and illegal. Later loser. Good Talk. I hope you sell millions!!!

          • Peter Tosh

            You know I was going to call it quits but I can’t resist. Your a fucking liar. Magnum Detox products are 100% undetectable as all their detox products are formulated with natural ingredients normally found in the body. We sell 1000’s of Magnum Detox products worldwide including the synthetic urine I might add and may have 1 or 2 individuals every 3 months that claim their test claim they failed. Your just trying to promote your product by putting everyone Else’s down. We’re in the business of helping people who really need a last minute resolution and if claim to know so much about passing a drug test, which you obviously don’t, then why did you state earlier that you were on here trying to get information on how to pass your drug test next month? Hmmm, somebody just got called out on a lie it seems. Man, you are such a looooser!!

          • Tony

            I don’t have or sell any products bro. I work construction. Just sick of people who constantly post site links in blogs where they don’t belong. Maybe I will make a product that helps people pass. Thinking a water bottle with a detox label on it and charge $40. Do you think that will work? I always read these comments on this blog to get new information. I get tested every 3 months by our insurance company. Some people on here actually post helpful info and stories on what works and what does not. I take my job very seriously and always look for updated info. It was nice talking to you.

          • Peter Tosh

            And since your such a critic on everyone’s website and you claim not to be the owner of this one, where is your shitty website you piece of shit.

          • jazzman

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      • Peter Tosh

        Don’t pay attention to this guy. He owns the site and says everyone is SPAM because he wants you to buy his organic detox which no one has ever heard of. Magnum Detox is well know and works. Don’t trust this guy!

        • Tony

          You are a fool if you think I own this site. I would not waste my time dealing with a child like you.

  • Travis

    I have a test coming up for a government job in two weeks. I smoke about 3x a week and weigh 175 pounds. I don’t wanna take anything that will get detected and can’t use fake urine because I will be searched prior according to a friend. Any help will be much appreciated. Please don’t post me a link to a website. I just want some good info and products that work. Thank you…

    • Josh

      Yo, Same situation here kinda. I would just not smoke, exercise a lot, eat low fat diet, maybe some detox capsules, cranberry juice, and go to cvs and buy some test kits and keep testing yourself every few days to make sure you are clean. Also lots of water. Gallon a day at least. Don’t drink too much water on day of test. They can tell if your urines is ultra diluted. Last time it took me about 9 days to test clean. I am 180 pounds and smoke daily.

    • aaron

      I had stopped smoking for a month than outa the blue I had smoked 3 days in a row! Over all of 6 grams to myself! I than found out to get the job I wanted I had to take a drug test in 4 days, I drank 3 gallons of water a day and I’m athlete in college football so I have intense workouts at least twice a day and also a gallon of prune juice a day, and I was clean for the test! I have used this method 4 times when 11 days being the most notice, but REMEMBER you should pee like once an hour, and NOT ONCE should it have color to it!! At all!!

  • S.D. CA

    I’m just a guy who likes to smoke, I’m not going to argue with any dipshits trying to claim I’m pushing a certain product. BUT I used this stuff called HerbalClean from GNC and passed drug tests 3 separate times with it. I like the less expensive stuff that’s a liquid with 6 pills, you chug some water, drink the stuff and the pills, then chug more water. The stuff where you just drink the liquid with no water gave me the shits super bad at the testing place, won’t do that one again. You take it about 2 hours before your test and then you’re good for about 6-8 hours to take a test.

    • S.D.

      You can get it at Rite-aid too, but it’s like $50 instead of $35 at GNC

    • Big D. TN.

      Hey S.D. CA
      Thxs, bro I’ve tried the natural way by exercising& sweating . Eat’n rt. foods, & the cranberry(a gal.a day ) tons of water.( like every m.f. says to do) I have
      12hrs. till my supervised test. I’ve heard of these detox drinks w/the pills. Heck bro I’ll try anything @ this pt. I DO smoke regularly but here’s the kicker. I quit smok’n 14 dys ago,& thought I would be clean from a home test ( my bad 3tests) but go figure. I failed ea.time. So Bro if u have passed 3x on this stuff then I will try it. Thxs. Bro. Peace!!
      Big D. TN.

  • Vicki

    I need advice from real people about what works 100% to beat a urine test for pot. Please help ASAP.

  • sam

    Hi I’m 5’10 170 lbs I do around a gram a month what would be the best way to pass a drug screen within a week and have not used in a few days. I usually only do a hit or two a few times a week.

  • nick02895

    my new job does saliva tests is there anyway to cheat those? has anyone ever done anything to pass ive heard drink vinegar shortly before ive seen mouth washes at head shops i know its different and dont know if drinking lots of water and sweating would even help like it would a piss test… pls help

    • Just

      Hey I have done this they sell mouth washes a the smoke shops but this one is much better than piss test so it lucky I’m thinking it’s out of ur saliva in a week but the mouth wash stuff they sell fat the smoke shop def work

    • supercoop

      I work with heavy equipment in an industry that’s pretty, let’s say, regulated. Regular randoms, post accident, suspicion of use. They’re a regular thing at my work. I can, from first hand experience with randoms for over 3 years of them, tell you these things are a joke (good for us smokers). If you are a smoker of tobacco or chewer, you have to rinse your mouth out with water and wait 10 minutes from your last smoke or chew before the test can be administered. When you do that, leave a little bit of water in your mouth. That will be your “saliva”. There is a little sponge that needs to be soaked. When they hand it to you, depending on the person responsible for conducting the test, they might tell you to move the sponge around your mouth. Just grab the stick that the sponge is attached to and act like you are. Use your tongue to move your cheeks. You know, like the fake blowjob motion. I doubt any employer will be that nazi about it but just in case. Let that sponge soak up the water you left in your mouth, minimizing the contact and saturation of your actual saliva and cells on your cheeks and tongue. It works every time for me and all my smoking coworkers.

      • supercoop

        P.S. If you’re not a smoker or chewer, just say your mouth is dry (probably from smoking weed) and grab some water from the cooler..

    • Guest

      The best way to pas a saliva test is bytaking the listerine strips.Put about 3 in your mouth 5 min before and you will pass.I have done it numerois of times and it never fails.

    • eat like half a pack of those listerine breathe strips. it doesnt taste good, in assume, but it always works for my friend, who smokes frequently (i dont smoke, though)

  • Worried

    Hi, I recently got offered a very good job but I found out that they do a mandatory drug test before I’m able to work. I smoked a little bit of weed with some friends just a couple of days ago, and I have to have the drug test done in the next week. So obviously I’m trying to put it off as long as possible, but the latest I can put it off is 10 days. I didn’t smoke that much, just a couple of small hits and maybe 2 big ones, but as it was a small-ish amount shared between 4 people, I didn’t get that much. The only people that know I smoke it is the people I smoked with that night, so I can’t really get a friend to give me a urine sample. My one friend told me to just drink a lot of water, but I’m still not convinced that’ll get rid of the weed in my system. I’d just like a little assurance and maybe some extra tips on passing the test?

    • Worried

      Also, I’ve only ever smoked it about … 4 times in total? And over the course of two or three months. It’s not a regular thing for me and I don’t plan to make it such. So any tips? Anything would be so helpful!

      • notfair

        You should be fine, but i would eat lots of melon, watermelon, honey dew, etc. I smoked more often than that and passed test. it depends on quality of testing they do too. Go to a health food store.. mom and pop, no gnc and ask for something you could take also.plus as you know drink lots of water.

  • kcheyanne

    I just got a new job and then I found out they drug test, well I smoke quite a bit before bed to fall asleep. Any ideas of how to pass a urine test? I only weigh like 110 max.. please and thank you so much!

  • Marcus

    I have been smokeing for awhile now and have to take a drug test trmow a 10am how can I pass it and dont have the money to go out and buy any thing ?

  • Liz Resor

    Okay I just recently got offered a job and a new Taco Bell their building as we speak. So I’m afraid their gonna drug test me because it’s a new facility and all. I have another interview or orientation this Thursday and I cannot fail a drug test if it’s given. I’m 5’2. And 113lbs the last time I smoked was exactly 37 days ago and it was a bowlful of chronic. I’m terrified that it’s still I’m my system and I’m paranoid. I need answers and advice on what everybody thinks. Please and thanks everyone!

    • LonerStoner

      Its all good its been 37 days soo Im pretty sure it wouldn’t be in your system.

    • adair

      I used to work at taco bell they don’t test. I would get high on my 30 and my managers knew.they don’t care they only care about ur work

  • sasha
  • TheStandard

    need help. a small business is now testing after an accident that happened to another employee (not fair) and I have a week to get clean. I’m a heavy smoker (herb and tobacco) and I will quit right now for a sure thing. a hot work environment so I do sweat and drink a lot of Gatorade. I work out (no supplements) and I will do anything except website buys

    • weedmen

      Your really fucked

  • Ugh

    Okay, so. Stats on me. F, just under 5’5″, 130 lbs, decently fit and I
    exercise semi-regularly. I don’t smoke much at all, only about 4 times
    in total. Last time I smoked was 8 days ago, and it was only about 2 big
    hits. I have a drug test and physical tomorrow for a new job that I theoretically start on Monday. Other than 8 days ago, the last time I smoked was probably 3 or 4 weeks ago, again not much at all. And before that, even longer. I don’t have time or money to get a home-test from the drug store to test myself, I’ve been drinking a lot of fluids and exercising every day. I just need a little assurance that I’ll pass it cos I’m lowkey freaking out.

    • Jay man

      Your fucked

    • InTheCupPlease

      Don’t listen to the negativity. I worked out every day, took a metabolism booster, and drank a gallon of water a day and passed in 10 days.

  • lulu

    i smoked about 5 days ago, just took two hits because I don’t usually smoke. but I have a standard drug test coming up because I’m going to a nursing school. What can I do to pass this test?

    • lulu

      I’m 5’1 105lbs btw.

      • dee

        Lulu your okay cause your so small

        • Raymond M’f Nievez

          My friends were smoeking around me, I didn’t smoke any of it. But my dad found out and he’s gonna drug test me. Am I okay or what do I do. Am 5’9 130

          • mrblazerrr

            your fine

  • lindsey

    My mom is drug testing me in 2 days and I just smoked 2 days ago. How do I get it out of my system in 24 hours?

    • Javarrius

      Drink Hell Of Water

      • you can die from water intoxication

        • Sean Losso

          I drank a lot of water before my test and I tested positive to marihuana and opium … Don’t even know what the fuck opium is?..I feel so fucked up atm wish I saw all this before my test…

          • jeremy west the ganja man

            Opium is found in many things…. it can be made into heroin but it’s in foods and painkillers…. like popi seeds

  • king bear

    I smoke.a ill

  • MikeD

    Im a male, about 5’11 and 135. I drink a gallon of water a day, run over 50 miles a week, and love weed. How long would smoking once stay in my system?

  • i dont smoke, but i dont judge anyone for it and i don think its wrong! ill be happy to donate urine! (as long as you give me a method of giving it to you)

  • InTheCupPlease

    My story: 24 years old, male, 165lbs, 6’00”, active lifestyle, habitual smoker.
    Last day smoked: Tuesday
    Day of test: the following Friday
    Time to get clean: 10 days

    3 500mg no flush niacin and 1 milk thistle with every meal.
    At least 1 gallon of water daily up to day of test.
    1/2 gallon of cranberry juice every other day.
    12 mile bike ride after work (did 8 times in 10 days)
    3 mile run (did 2 times in 10 days)
    Urinate as much as possible.
    No fatty foods. Had a pretty lean and simple diet for the 10 days I detoxed.

    Day of test:
    Still did niacin and milk thistle. 4 bottles of water. About 5 trips to bathroom.
    Collected urine from the middle of my stream (not beginning or end because that’s where toxins are more likely) when urinating for test.

    Results: passed drug test and got my dream job.

    It is possible people!!

  • cordell

    I just smoked yesterday and I got a court ordered drug test on Thursday that’s four days what do I do to pass I have no money for a detox and I weigh 130 pounds how can I pass

    • maie

      Run and drink plenty of water. You can sweat it out.

  • maie

    I took four of a blunt on Friday and have to drop tomorrow morning for a piss test. Would I pass?

  • Beloved Leader

    I drank a lot of water before a UA, and they failed me, saying I didn’t have enough electrolites, so is drinking water illegal.

    • kingcowboy454

      no but judging by how clear your urine is when u do it is a clear indication to testers that you got something to hide been there befor

  • kortnie

    I have a drug test aug 4th smoked everyday for over a year and quit June 29th will I pass this drug test coming up?????

  • krh

    I smoke everyday and my mom drug tests me randomly, I think she’s gunna drug test soon and I just smoked today…how can I get THC out of my system by Friday or even sooner than that? I’m about 5’6 180 pounds. Please help.

    • krh

      Need help as soon as possible

  • Harvey

    I have a full panel test on the tenth I last smoked on this prior wednesday on and off most of this month I weigh about 145 and im 6ft I drink shit loads of water on a daily basis (I live in florida its muggy hot and gross so you can imagine I sweat decently
    Ill be taking creatine does it work for a full panel test? If not whats the best way to mask amd or flush my system in two days

  • _jagwansingh

    Today I have a urine test for a job I applied for, I work out everyday, drink my juices and water, I live in Florida with this wild heat and the last time I smoked was the Tuesday that passed. Do I have a fair chance on passing that test?

  • al

    I took 3 puffs almost a mong ago for first time ever. I have a drug test in 2 days . will I pass ??if not what should I do ? Can I buy anything for that ? And from where? I live in Atlanta,……

    • Joey

      Your absolutely fine dont worry

  • Brooklyn

    I havent smoked in 3 days am i able to pass my drug test

    • chris

      an hour before your test, drink Qcarbo16 and take 2 multivitamins. Follow the instructions on the bottle and make sure to drink alot of water. The drink can be bought at Vitamin Shoppe or some tobacco shops.

  • vhtis

    I PASSED MY DRUG TEST BY DRINKING QCARBO16 an hour before the test, drank lots of water, and took 2 multivitamin( also an hour before). I also smoked the night before the test (which is stupid and i probably got lucky) but anyway it works. This worked for me twice.

    • rawrtg

      what is that?

  • zen ali

    I have my drug test on Monday for immigration and I haven’t smoked for 20 day’s now.
    will I be able to pass the test?

    • Brent

      You most likely have a 50/50 chance. Even after 30 days, if used enough, there’s still traces of THC. Best to have a friend and do the balloon trick

  • Emily Emala

    If someone smoked wax, 2 hits, will they pass a drug screen 14 days later

  • King Nate

    I have a drug test tomorrow an haven’t smoked in 40 days. But I smoked about twice a day for about 3 months and on and off once every other day before that. Am I fine? Or no?

    P.S. I’m 17 years old and got a job that pays 28 dollars an hour. I’ve done right completely in my life and worked harder than anyone it know and it’s a shame that we can’t Burn some trees and enjoy life, even though we cause no harm or whatever.

  • karie

    my mom thinks she caught me smoking..i did earlier today and now she’s forcing me to take an at home drug test. hair or pee, it doesn’t matter. if anybody could help that’d be amazing

  • Fluffy

    My gf has a drug test tomorrow and I’m going to pee for her but I’m nervous that they might go into the room with her are there anyways to make it look like ur peeing with someone else’s pee?

    • midnight toker

      They won’t watch, I don’t think they’re allowed especially if you’re a chick (a plus). A way to make it look like normal is for you to pee into a condom and her put it up her hoo-ha (keeps it the right temp) and her keep a pin in her bra, then just prick/rip the condom and BOOM clean pee out the hoo-ha. Yes, I keep calling it a hoo-ha. And yes, I have heard of ladies passing tests this way. It’s my personal back-up plan if I fear I’m going to fail a possible upcoming test or if I’m ever surprised.

  • Wee wee one

    Been a nightly puffer for years (however I can make an 1/8th last me a month), 5ft 1inch tall, 115lbs. Drink at least a half gallon of water at work every day, pretty sedentary, last smoked the last day of June (besides once on July 3rd). MAY be tested at the earliest on July 14th, or sometime that week or the next.

    Should I be concerned? I do have a back-up plan (fiance is a square (affectionately called) and is willing to give his clean pee) so there’s that but I’d prefer to not have to. Any suggestions?

  • Joshua

    I just smoked weed for the first time today. How long before i can pass a urine sample drug test. I have it soon i think around 7-10 days. Should i excersise and drink lots of water or no? Please help!

    • Pipefitter

      You can pass tomorrow

  • Austen

    I smoked weed Thursday an I have a drug test Monday. I haven’t smoked in over a year except for that time. I’ve drunk plenty of water. Will I pass??

    • Pipefitter

      You’ll be fine don’t worry

  • jamaal

    I just smoked a couple dutches today n i smoke on a regular and my drug test is on Wednesday how do i get it out my system

  • Lexirae9297

    I smoked about a third of a small blunt on Wednesday,I don’t smoke often, 16, 150lbs, I have a drug test for a new job on monday, I’ve been drinking a ton of water and cranberry juice and peeing like crazy, will I pass?

    • Alex

      remember to take vitamins to balance out the nutrients you’ve been flushing out. you don’t want to have to retake the drug test due a lack of vitamins in your urine

  • Josh

    I smoked weed around june 25 and I have a drug test to get off probation July 14 im 6 foot 145 pounds and I didn’t smoke weed about 2 or 3 months prior to when I smoked will I pass or do I have to do something to pass?

  • nananan

    Okay look Im 5 11 205lbs I smoked wednesday july 9th I have a drug test on july 24th thats 15 days will I be good or should I push it back to the 31st thats 22days will I be good or what someone please help me asap..

    • Casper

      If you can I would push it to 22 days to be safe. Based on info presented on THC calculators you can find via google searches the average detox period is 28 days, obviously this is determinant on many factors such as age, height, weight, metabolism, and physical activity. Increase your intake of fluids up until the day of your test, if your pee is still clear take some creatine with water.

  • Angel

    Im 16 , ill say about 5-5 maybe 5-6 . I weigh between 150 -160 ill say a bit chubby. and I took a just one hit of my friends blunt around the 2nd or 3rd of this month. And now i have a mandatory drug test for kmart . I think ima go tomorrow but ive been drinking a bit of water staying yesterday. Will I pass? I didn’t even feel high that time I took a hit and before that I hadnt smoked for like a year. Please help.

    • Joe Pothead

      Bro youre good

  • karen

    I barely smoke weed but smoked two nights ago and just found out I have to take a drug test in the morning…WHAT DO I DO?!

    • franklin

      Drink Palo azul tea…its simple..natural…cheap …healthy..and beats the drug test every month for me (Google it..it works) just don’t get the cheap stuff..I would go to Palo Azul Tea dot com

  • FLP

    Hi all! :)

    My stats are:
    H: 4’10
    W: 88 lbs
    Age: 19
    I smoked blunt and bowl out of a bong between myself and one other person last week (Wednesday), then I smoked out of a bong again with one other person last week Saturday, then another blunt between three people that day. Then same day hit a couple bowls between five people and then again I hit the bong with a few people last Saturday/Sunday morning. I took a break for five days and did a two days of the Master cleanse during that break. I smoked a bowl again last night. I don’t plan on smoking anymore until I hear back from several jobs. Ideally how long will it take to clear my system if I up my water intake and continue with my regular workout routine (3-5 days) and add in a couple of sauna days?

    Thanks! :)

  • dumbass1244

    I smoke two nights ago and I have a drug test monday I have been drinking tons of grape and cranberry juice the past 2 days and I am going to take the best selling detox drink from gnc tomorrow then drink 2 gallons of water and pee 4-5 times before I take the test. Will I pass?

    • G

      I have the same problem. I smoked on Thursday (it’s Sunday) and my test is on Wednesday. I’ve drank two gallons of cranberry juice and a shit ton of water these last few days. I also bought the stuff at gnc that my friend said she used to detox. Is it enough time?

      Note: I’m a casual user. Smoke about once or twice a week.

      G: Female
      Weight: 180lbs
      Age: 22
      Height: 5’8″

    • Joe Pothead

      I pass with 3-4 days of just bottles of water, lots of pisses and a couple drops of visine. I think you will be okay.

    • christine

      Did you pass?

  • engineer21

    what if the tester is there watching you like in the military? i been smoking for 2 months every night, tonigh i will stop and drink and do all those tricks which i find online to rid of the thc in my system. i hope it works, if yall got some pointers please let me know.

  • Sara

    I’m a 23 year old 125lb female and I have been smoking three to four times a day for about five months now I have a drug test in four days need to pass but I haven’t smoked in two weeks any tips???

  • JoemamaTX

    Awesome sauce! I did a very similar thing when I had failed
    a couple U A and after each time i left i sample I would think “I could
    have cheated that…” As you said buddy we have those in our lives who
    don’t smoke; well I had asked my ex-partner(straight edge guy from
    Iceland…lol) to leave me a sample before he took off for work because he
    didn’t wake me to say he had I woke up feeling way uncertain. As I went for my
    first piss of the day I was relieved to see a zip lock bowl full with what can
    only be described as “liquid gold”. It was a pleasant surprise
    that made my ex seemed a lot less square than I had thought before. Now it was
    a matter of assuring the sample remained viable until I got to the testing
    facility. This is it what happened: First I transferred the sample into a
    heavy duty zip lock baggie. Not the gallon size or the sandwich bags but the
    mid-size ones with the sturdy zipper grip. Next, I ran a kitchen sink full of
    steaming hot water. I remember learning that steam equals boiling (100°F)
    and since that is only a degree and a half higher than our natural body temp I
    figured this would be best way to get up to temp for sure without risking scalding
    temperatures or a low temp sample. I didn’t/don’t have a car. I cycle/bus/train
    hop around town which was to my benefit because I live in Houston and it
    was the hot ass month of August. Cycling part way was not optional because
    of the turbulence. So after getting the sample up to temp I secured the zipper
    with duct tape which is VERY important because they have a tendency to slide
    back a tad at the corner and we couldn’t have that with the liquid so easy to
    leak. Keeping the zipper part upward is crucial to avoiding spillage too. The
    elastic waist bands are a good place to line the zipper up with. Against your
    tummy the elastic keeping the bag flush against my body. put on a nice
    snug pair of boxer briefs (spandex biking shorts would suffice as well). It was
    import for the length to be correct that way the bag wasn’t prone to sagging
    out of either side of traditionally cut briefs and also protected my crotch and
    legs from potential scolding. Then I put another pair on over those almost
    giving myself a butt wedge. This ensures
    the stability of the bag as I traversed from home to the bus stop and so on. It
    also would help insulate the bag maintaining the temperature. Finally, for good
    measure a pair of regular boxers. These would provide yet another layer of heat
    trapping and they helped conceal any bulge or frump and kept me looking
    proportionate. I got off at the train station and went into the Jack in the Box
    across the street and used the bathroom, making adjustments and double checking
    to make sure things felt nice and snug. From the transfer station I proceeded
    to the lab in the Medical Center. As I got off the train I was thinking “so
    far so good”. I arrived registered and was asked to take off my hat and empty
    my pockets before I proceeded into a private bathroom. This was not a
    problem considering the razor I brought was in my sock. After closing the door
    and securing the lock i made sue to pull my pants almost all the way down to
    the floor like when u first learn to pee. Then I reached and pulled the
    corner of the bag downward through the leg part from between the first and
    second pair of boxer briefs like it was my penis. This helps minimize crinkling
    noise that would be caused by fighting with the elastic in the waist band. I
    cut the corner of the bag but the first time it was too narrow and was getting
    noisy trying to squeeze with my balls and bat down there too. So I slashed it
    again and this time pee was going everywhere…Lol. I got steady and filled the
    cup and cleaned any excess of the floor and stuff. The lady joked about
    “starting to worry about me” and I almost started babbling and giving
    myself away but I just nodded and smiled. The first thing she did after I handed
    her the cup with sample is wrap a temperature strip around it-like the ones on
    the outside of the fish tank-then I saw here mark on the form the company sent
    me with that the sample did register between 90° and 100°. At that point
    I knew it was all good. May have had to initial and sign something but it was
    rather easy. I began work two days later.

  • JoemamaTX

    I also think it’s important to not that THC is stored in/with fat cells so exercising and eating substantial but less fattening meals as you try to detox is important to affecting the outcome.

  • ray

    I have smoked weed a shit ton the last 6 days. Like every night just getting baked and I have a drug test in 2 weeks. I’m athletic and sweat and drink tons of water. I also heard that taking benadryl will get rid of thc from ur system? Is this true? How do I pass?

  • Some Guy

    Is there such a thing as a total flush (detoxifier)? Or is there just masking agents? I want to flush and stay clean. Thnx

  • christine

    Smoked sat night/sunday morning…..only 2 pulls. .casual smoker only about twice a month. Preemployment drug test on Wednesday, how do I pass? ?

    • Cea

      I have the same exact problem right now! Smoked 1 hit on Saturday and I have a drug test tomorrow.. Not sure if it will come back positive what do you think?

  • killsauce

    all the above is OK…..except if the temp is too high or too low you fail and there no way of telling how long you may have too wait.. there is no good way I have found

  • Rutger

    Alright i’m a male 6’0 155 lbs. And i smoked on saturday and have a drug test coming up the following week, what do i do?????

    • harry

      A MEXICAN told me about Palo azul tea….I drink it the night before my pee test and I pass every time no bull. Go to Palo Azul Tea dot com. They have the best stuff

      • amelia love

        Hey I’ve used Palo Azul Tea and have passed every test since I started drinking it!!! Thanks

        • jeff

          It works!! Thanks bro I was worried it wouldn’t work but I passed!

          • Amy

            Jeff, how does the Palo Azul Tea work? I smoked last week and my test is next week. Will it work?

          • chiefn

            use ready clean its easy an it WORKS!!!

          • jeff

            Whats up Amy..Palo azul is a rare bush found in central America . Just get your bag of Palo and boil it in a.gallon of water. If you go to Palo azul tea dot com they explain it. They have the most reliable stuff I think.

        • Waukenia

          Where can I get it?

  • chiefn

    im a heavy smoker an have been for the last 5yrs I smoke every day!! im 33 an weigh 275! I haven’t smoked in 21 days I have to take a UA on Friday wich will be day 24 of no smoking i got some ready clean just to be safe an some detoxify vitamins will i pass???

  • Mackflavor

    Haven’t smoked weed in about 14 days and I go for a drug test at 1130am it’s 743am now if I drink 3 gallons of water will I pass ?

    • Mackflavor

      I passed the test :)

  • Rob

    I have to pass a test in like 3 hours what do I do

  • carrie

    If you need to pass a pee test in 24 hours I would drink that Palo azul tea stuff. My bf drinks it every month and passes every time.and he’s a huge smoker. Palo azul only grows in Texas but you can go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get some good stuff.

  • michelle

    I have a drug test next week and its been 3 weeks since I’ve stopped smoking. Im was a daily smoker but I didn’t smoke more then 4 blunts a day. Is there a chance I can pass the test?

    • Mary Jonesinton

      not without a detox, 3 weeks is not enough for a daily smoker, you need more like 3 months, Carbo32 and the detox from ThcClear are my suggestions, pee test are pretty easy to beat any way

      • sonny13

        I was a daily smoker for many years. When I stopped, it took 4 months and 11 days before I was clean.

        • chiefn

          NO WAY!! REALLY?????

    • kyle

      Drink Palo azul tea ..its natural and cheap ..works every time..problem is it only grows in Texas .. go to Palo azul tea dot com

  • Cody

    I straight up have no sober friends. If they don’t smoke bud their tweakers and whatnot. I heard green and black tea works. I gotta month but I can’t stop smoking no matter how many times I tell myself to. Anyone?

  • Jace

    Have a UA in 4 days, smoked last night. Heavy user for 20 years. What do I do

    • Sonny 13

      Jace: Ive been on a methadone clinic for over 20 years. . I have successfully beat a UA for years. Here is what you need: hey urine leg bag, some clean pee, a urine leg bag, (small), some stretchy material to hold the bag around the top off your leg or abdomen. The bag has a clip to keep the fluid inside until you need it. Warm the clean in the bag under some hot water. It keeps the urine at about the right temperature. Go inside, remove the clip and put the clean pee in the specimen bottle. If they do not do and observed, you are good to go.

      • sonny13

        Edit: it was supposed to say get some hand warmers and put one on the outside of the bag and the other side of the bag up against your skin.

  • 2kobserver

    I smoke about a bowl a night and if I know I have a UA coming up I’ll stop for a bit. I’ve passed every drug test over the years with just water. I drink enough to piss about 3 to 4 times right before taking the UA, passed each and every time. Even when I had a surprise UA. Worst case scenario, test comes back inconclusive but don’t smoke until the results return and continue to drink plenty of water.

    • jerome

      Drink Palo azul tea..its cheap and it works for me every time dude.. just don’t get the cheap stuff.. go to Palo azul tea dot com

  • Vannessa

    I have a test tomorrow @2pm. I usually smoke a bowl @ night to dull the pain of a messed up hip and sleep… I have not smoked in 2 weeks. I did a 7 day rapid cleanse system that ended this past wed. I have been drinking a lot of water and now drinking some cran juice just cuz I’m a but paranoid and really want this new job. Will I be able to pass do you think?

    • sal

      did you pass??

  • Mascy

    I have a test coming up, don’t smoke too much at all and have a total of 26 days from the time I stopped to my test… I’m very athletic (run track every other day) and sweat a lot with a very high metabolism, 6’3 and 176lbs. I’ve been drinking loads of water and a little cran juice. Will I be good when I get tested? Need help bad just let me know thanks.

    • jenn

      Drink Palo Azul tea… I pass my probation pee test every month. It works..Google it. … I would get it from Palo Azul Tea dot com….they have the exotic stuff

      • lily bcio

        I am a stoner… does this really work?

        • peep game

          I just ordered some last week and passed ;)

      • cole

        Is the website actually paloazultea.com ? Because when u type that in the url all that comes up is 1 product and it doesnt even look like a legit site…

  • Ori0n

    Can I ask what the up and dn arrow things mean? Some have numbers and others don’t. Today is my first day on this site and I’m clueless. Also having done the 7 day rapid cleanse… Does it make a difference on the test results say if u take the test the day after finishing the cleanse or 5 days later? (If my wording makes sense)

  • jeffsmoker

    So, it’s the 21st and I’m looking at a urine test for a job that I absolutely need in just over a week. I smoked last Wednesday (the 16th) a couple of bowls of Kush with a friend, but before that, I hadn’t smoked since the 4th. Full disclosure: prior to that, I was a heavy smoker (most of the day, everyday when not working).
    I’m 42, slightly overweight, and would guess my metabolism is lower than normal. What I’m seeing on all of these posts (and good luck to all of you!) is that most of you are trying to pass a test without really letting up on your intake. I have NO plans at all on smoking until after this test next week, but find myself completely freaked out that I’m going to fail. Will lots of water, a cleanser, and some sorely-needed working out do it? I’m seeing some instances of THC being detected well after 30 days, and it’s making me uneasy. This would be humiliating, as a friend has attempted to hook me up with this job.
    Advice??? Help??? Thank you all

    • dr greenthumb

      Drink Palo azul tea bro..everyone on here is or should be drinking Palo azul ..it cleans you out in 24 hours ..you can Google it. Just don’t get the crappy stuff..I would go to Palo Azul Tea dot com

    • Brandon

      Fast. Just drink water maybe some juice take a daily vitamin but don’t eat for 3-4 days prior. Go longer if you can. You need to rid the thc that has been absorbed into your fat.

  • jeffsmoker

    thanks, Doc. Can I find this tea in local headshops that sell cleansers or is through the website the only way to go???

    • dr greenthumb

      Palo azul only grows in Texas and is very rarely found. Palo azul tea dot com is your best option..I always pass..and its cheap as hell

      • Vicky

        What’s Palo azul

  • TopQuality

    Got some exclusive email me if your interested firecalibud@live .com

  • looking at new job testing

    okay so if I go buy some un-lubricated condoms, some small nail clippers and some of those disposable heating pad things do you think I will pass a drug test? I have smoked wayyyyy too much and wayyy too often to pass a drug test for a new job. I was thinking of putting the urine (from hubby who doesn’t smoke) into un-lubricated condom, and then using one of the disposable warming thingies and wrapping it up next to my inner thigh with a ace bandage then once I get into bathroom clipping condom and using urine. Just worried that the warming thingie will make it too hot? Suggestions??

    • Just helping out

      Drug Screens can tell the difference between male and female urine so if you’re a female you shouldn’t use your husbands urine.

  • looking at new job testing

    going to try to use thermacare heating thingies….

  • Hippielove91

    So I have a UA and blood screen for a job and I haven’t smoked in two days and have been taking 1000mg of niacin a day. Im a heavy smoker but have been off and on smoking for the last moth and if I do smoke I take one hit off a bowl and then don’t do it again for a few days.. I go get my drug screen next Tuesday at 830am. im 5’3 and only weigh about 105. just want to know if I will pass using niacin and working out for the next week or any other advice would be great! Also I drink nothing but water since I found out yesterday about the drug screen..

  • dr green

    They only sell one product because they specialize in only Palo azul .. I would trust them before anyone else.

  • Rachel

    I need some advice, I was a daily smoker for years, and not just once a day. I smoked, on average, an 8th every 5 days. Today is the 27th, the last time I smoked was on the 3rd. I have a UA coming up on the 4th of August and I am freaking out that I am not going to pass. I thought it was usually just 30 days to get out of your system and this today I started doing some reading and read that it could take up to 90 days to get out of my system?! I am 5’4″ and 115lbs, not overweight, but not in the best shape I could be either. Any advice? I really need this job!!

    • Yourboy1990

      You’ll be fine. Your a girl and your also short so that will fly through your system. Just drink water as often as you can

    • Alicia

      Drink some Palo azul tea girl that’s what everyone else is doing. Palo azul tea dot com has some tea you can make and pass your pee test every time..and it helps me lose weight.

  • niki

    I haven’t smoked in 2 years , I hit one twice on the 12th then 3 hits on or around the 20th so a total of 5 hits …I got a drug test coming up tomorrow and have heard as little as I smoked I should be fine … Is this true

    • cjwall2

      You should be fine. Alas, everyone is different, so I can’t say that for sure. In my experiences, I have been fine in your situation.

  • Kyle

    I smoked on Sunday a blunt with someone else it is now Tuesday and I’m getting randomly drug testes yesterday I sweat a lot I worked outside all day and drank lots of water and it is Tuesday morning and I’m about to take the test do u think I could possibly pass?

  • vicky jessel

    Is Palo azul very effective? I saw the website and its looks shady af…. I’m not a heavy potheadvladtbi smoked was on the twelveth and thirteenth and on the twentieth. I weigh 160lbs and I’m 5’2 20yrs old mostly all muscle. Any suggestions or Palo azul the best way to go?

    • Dr. Greenthumb

      The Palo azul website is verified and secured and has thousands of members… im surprised you’re just now catching on to Palo Azul.. its definitely what you need.

      • estalio1

        I only hear successful story for probation. Any story’s of this working for pre – employment drug testing!

  • Dogfish

    what can I use OTC/

  • Dogfish

    Does bleach work?

  • Jeremy

    I smoked yesterday around 10 pm I have a drug test tommarow at 2 pm I have a fast metabolism I weigh 143 I’m male now if I drink cranberry juice mixed with vinegar, water, certo and Gatorade take a niacin pill if I pull an all nighter tonight and piss and sweat it all out will I pass I bought some at home drug tests just to make sure

  • HiLilly

    I had to take the test recently and read through all these helpful tips. I didn’t cut back at all. The day of, I drank 4 pints of water, took 4 aspirin, 4 Trader Joe’s multivitamins, 2 milk thistle and 2 bioflavonoids. When I got there I had to pee desperately, and then I had to wait an HOUR! It was brutal! I had to wash my hands before and after, so the bleach-on-fingers wouldn’t have worked. The tech looked at my watered-down yet vitamin-enhanced sample and said, “Looks like you studied for the test.” Amazingly, I passed, yippie! Thanks, everyone!

  • Miss Curious

    I have puffed everyday for a few months now. I am very thin 5’7 and around 110 lbs and going through stressful stuff. MJ has helped me not only sleep at night, but also keeps me eating as I have no appetite. It has been around two weeks since my last puff. I may have to take a test for a personal matter and I’m worried about passing it. I drink plenty of water and decided to do a home test to see if I would pass or not; I failed. The test was positive for THC. I was wondering if this tea really works? I do not have a lot of money to spend. What if it is a random test and I do not know when I will have to take it? Could I drink the tea everyday until I know I will be clean for sure? Thanks for the help.

    • Dr greenthumb

      As far as I know it is a total detox if you drink it once.. I would get two or three bags to be safe but its still just like six bucks a bag. I’ve had several reports on here from people who pass their pee test every time with just one bag… you just cant get the cheap Mexican Palo.. Palo azul tea dot com has the exotic central American Palo …its more potent ..way better.

      • Miss Curious

        Thank you very much for the info and help!

    • Grandmaweed

      Hi miss curious, I am 57 and pass the test all the time. I also smoke all the time. This is my way of passing… I wear a long dress – an empire-waist maxi is perfect – and this style is currently stylish. I bought a kitchen-type syringe (no needle-type – a baster-type opening) with at least 20cc’s holding capacity. I get a friend’s urine who has kept it in a thermos (for temperature control) from that morning. Pick it up from her that morning. I then fill the syringe with the warm urine in the car just before going in to test, tape it to my lower stomach area with a piece of tape over the syringe opening. Then when testing, I carefully USE the dress as a cover (which covers up any Big Brother voyeurism tactics they are using, i.e. cameras) – just use the dress as cover. You should be able to feel your way to slowly push down on the kitchen syringe to deposit the urine into the container – remember to empty a slight amount into the toilet – as you would if really peeing before putting the cup in place. Fill the cup. Then empty your own bladder in the toilet which really makes things sound “real”. Then wipe, and walk out :) By the way, the syringe can be found at Walmart or any kitchen store.

  • unhipcarrot

    Okay, my turn.
    I just got a call with a job offer! This is an incredible chance for me, but of course, there is a drug test. I’m a stoner that smokes everyday, last night being the last time. The woman says my tentative start date is August 11th, so anytime between now and then I will be taking my drug test. Please help me, this is so important to me, how do I pass?!

    • shell

      Did you pass and how

  • largedong

    I have a drug test on Monday and it is currently Wednesday. 3 days ago on Sunday I took 2 hits from a 1 hitter and before that the only times I smoked was last week with a hit of synthetic, and 2 weeks ago I used a bong once a day for 3 days. If I just drink a lot of water and fast will I pass it? I’m 135 lbs id say at 5’9

    • largedong

      Are the arrows pointing up a good sign?

  • Rich

    how long will it take for the palo azul to arrive after shipping takes place. I need it soon

  • Jess

    Alright, I got a drug test next Tuesday. I stop smoking for about three days. I occasionally smoked weed before I found out about the drug test. Everyday actually. and well, I got no fucking idea what will save my life here. But I’m terrified and damn it. I need to pass this drug test. Someone please help!?

  • Ravyn

    I last smoked pot on wednesday night and it is now saturday and I got an excellent job offer with of course a drug test, I smoke almost every day. What can I do to secure my chances of passing? I have no money to buy any products. Im 5’1 and 115. Any suggestions???

  • allie noel

    will the palo azul tea work for people over 250? how much do you drink?

    • jenny

      Just go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get two bags ..boil it in a gallon and drink the day before and you’re golden.. they explain how to do it on the website.. works for me like a damn charm :)

  • Hobo

    at palo azul tea dot com it says to drink it 24-48 hours before your test, is this a certain time period that it works after drinking or any time after 48 hours you should pass the test? Basically does palo azul tea cover up the thc in your urine or does it actually rid your urine of it entirely within 24-48 hours? If it rids it then I could smoke and then drink it the next day and anytime after this I would be good as long as I don’t smoke again, right?

    • Carlo Gutierrez

      Hey dude please Email me back I need to know where you can buy that Palo Azul stuff I have a drug screen Tomorrow at 9am and my time is running out I’ve been trying to clean my body through this THC cleaner Crap but I just tested a sample of my Urine and it looks like it’s positive so please eather Email me or call me broh..please very Important job that I need..if I could only pass this test..I live in Louisiana..504 area..

  • Meow420

    I am a Very Heavy smoker… I weigh about 260 but am very active… I have a drug test sometime in September… How long do you think I can continue to smoke for if I wanted to stop and come clean naturally? … I hear a lot about this Palo Azul Tea dot com does it work ? and how gross is it lol ?

  • Gats

    I got a test tomorrow at 1pm, anywhere local to get it instead of online?

  • BIGGIE323


  • Corey

    What kind of container do you use?

  • Jessica Dressendorfer

    Are u fuckin serious? What a waste of time reading this shit. So ur saying to pass a dt all u have to do is stop smoking or use clean pee. Genius

    • Seth


  • Tony Freudig

    I don’t know about the urine test, but I haven’t smoked pot for over 4 month’s, and before that it was years that I smoked. and I just popped positive on a hair follicle test. What bullshit. I was (am) the PERFECT guy for the job. A government job.

    • kev

      it never leaves your hair

    • PiscesB

      That’s where you messed up! It stays in your hair. Not much can be done about that short of shaving it all off. Should of got you a hair cut bud, sorry you didn’t get it.

      • kayumochi

        Friend of mine who is bald got a hair sample taken from his arm pit …

  • Chris

    I need to pass a urine test by 9:30am I’m 5’7 & I weigh 110. For thc

    • DR Green

      Bro I smoke dabs and joints all day ans pass my probation pee test because I drink Palo Azul tea..Google it..the stuff works and its cheap as hell..just don’t get the cheap quality Palo..go to Palo Azul Tea dot com ..they have the primo stuff. You’re welcome!!

      • chey

        Can you buy it in store

  • Weed master

    I have another way of passing a drug with your own piss and without going and buying fake piss! Just use your everyday cleaning supply white distilled vinager. You have to get a two litter bottle cap and pour the vinager, in the bottle cap and take 2 or 3 shots depending on how much u smoke everyday smokers like me I would take 3 shots. Then after you get that down drink 2 bottles of water right away after you drink the shot(s) of vinager and you should drink two bottles of water gradualy on your way to the drug test office. I have passed 8 pre-employment test within 45 mins of each drug test!!!

  • me

    I just drank a crap ton of water about two hours before the piss test and pissed a little bit every time I had to real go and I passed my piss test shit works no joke

  • Pryde Publishing

    “How to Pass a Marijuana Drug Test: Proven Methods to Fool Your Boss and Beat the System” by Simon Stone is available on Amazon Kindle absolutely FREE for the next 5 days. Check it out! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MN0TOHA

  • Robbie York

    Does anyone know if they can tell difference if male or female on urine drug screen?

    • GuyGuy

      No, they can’t. They will not test for hormones, that would be the only way; I work in a laboratory.

      • Irish420

        Unless she is pregnant

  • Robert

    I got into a little accident today, but I was able to stop and get some clean urine from a family member before going back into the office. The problem is that they didn’t send me today, but I expect that they will send me tomorrow. My question is will the sample that I have today be good for tomorrow?

  • Bobby

    I’ve smoked everyday for quite some time. Like years. maybe a little over a G a day. I have stopped smoking for two weeks now and took a 7-day detox from GNC the first week i stopped smoking. I drank a lot of water the first week and ate healthy. Hit the sauna maybe 4 out of 7 days for 35 minutes. Today i took an at home drug test and failed it. i was wondering how much longer will i need in order to get the weed out of my system and be ready to take my urine test which gets sent in to the lab. What steps should i take in order to pass. The test may be as soon as Wednesday or Thursday.

    • larry

      Palo azul tea dot com seems to be working for everyone else on here. Im gonna try it ..hope it works for fat people.

  • Nick

    I took palo azul 5 times, for 5 days straight, and took 2 home drug test kits every day. And it has not worked for me so stopped taking it. If any could could tell me the process to making it correctly it would be greatly appreciated. By the way i got the palo azul from an herb shop.

    • Andrew

      Dude it works for me every month .. first off don’t get cheap Palo azul.. go to Palo azul tea dot com …they have excellent Palo azul. Boil it for an hour and then soak chips for four more hours … then spend next day drinking water to wash out the Palo ..then you are clean..not masked …totally cleansed. You’re welcme

  • Guest

    Hey, I am trying to find a job and am sure I will need to take a drug test because this country sucks, but I wanted to ask does your weight affect the amount of palo azul you need to use? Also the website suggests that you drink the tea 24-48 hours before you take the test but a lot of jobs only give you 24 hours to take it from the time they give you the paperwork for it, what is the shortest span of time anyone has drank the tea and than passed their drug test? Thanks guys soooooo much :)

  • Irish420

    Hey, I am looking for a job and am sure I will need to take a drug
    test because this country sucks, but I wanted to ask does your weight
    affect the amount of palo azul you need to use? Also the website
    suggests that you drink the tea 24-48 hours before you take the test but
    a lot of jobs only give you 24 hours to take it from the time they give
    you the paperwork for it, what is the shortest span of time anyone has
    drank the tea and than passed their drug test? Thanks guys soooooo much

    • irish420


    • ed rose

      i drank palo azul 3 hours before my drug test and passed! it blew my mind ! i wish i had a ton of that stuff

  • steve cox

    where do you find that stuff in manitoba or saskatchewan canada

  • trina

    Hey i smoke a few days ago an hit one a few times before then but before all of that I was clean for 90 days I have a drug test soon an they stands in the bathroom wit me..so wat can I do to past?

  • jolly ranchee

    I had 1 ounce of clean urine found out it wasnt enough so i put 1 once of quick fix plus in with the clean piss will the combination work to pass a piss test for pre employment? Thanks guys and gals.

  • Forever 420

    I’ve been smoking for over two years on a daily basis and I was clean in 10 days. What I did was stop smoking and I drank at least a gallon of water every day. I also drank like a gallon of cranberry juice and apple juice. 3 days before my test,and the night before the test I took a shot of vinigar. I’m 5’10 and 167 pounds and it worked for me. I walked like 1 1/2 miles a day and swam in the ocean like everyday so I got a medium amount of exersize.

    • beastie boy

      That sounds like crap lol. I tried the Palo azul tea dot com stuff and it worked … needed some sugar!! But for 6 bucks it was well worth it..my test came back squeeky clean and I had smoked two days before.

      • Forever 420

        But if it really worked for its definitely worth the 6 bucks

  • Forever 420

    You sound like your trying to sell a product and make money. I’m trying to help stoners that don’t have any money to spend and need to be clean

  • Monica Brooks

    Do antibiotics work?

    • kayumochi

      do you have an infection? if so, the answer is yes.

      • the highpriestez

        hilarious . lol

  • Kesha

    Hello I smoked 5 weeks ago took a drug test yesterday and it came back clean

  • 1amStimULater1

    I use to have to take a DOT physical every other year & used vinegar to screw the UA. I understand that doesn’t work anymore. What does work is 4 gallons of water.With the last drink take a vitamin B-12 for color & creatine. 1 each

  • Lisa

    I’m a heavy smoker, but I exercise and drink plenty of water. I stopped smoking 3 days ago bc I found out I have a drug test if I get this job. I just did a green clean detox cleanse. Will it work?

  • unknown

    so two weeks ago i smoked some weed ,but i only took like three pulls ..drug test tomorrow wil it show?

  • sandi49er

    I have been an avid pothead for more than 20 years and have had to dread the horrid blind worlds concept of marijuana on too many occasions. I have failed a few tests and passed them as well. I have learned that I personally don’t have the guts it takes to bring another persons pee to the test. I have paid money for clear test products that have failed me. I have also quit for a month, but the way that I like best is to only smoke a couple days for two weeks while downing some water not too much mind you I still drink other stuff too. The whole key is just having to pee a lot and not over eating. What they look for is stored in your fat cells. Cleans those and in two weeks viola I am all good!

  • Countrygal2685

    I’ve smoked once (yesterday) in over a year. I’m fixing to go to the er for my back. Will it show up?

  • Jakethegiitarman@gmail.com

    1000mg B12 and cranberry pills highest mg a lot of water the day before and morning of use the time release. I past for 3 years of weekly probation.

    • Michael4193

      Whats “the time release”

  • john

    I think it’s bull i don’t smoke at work so it’s none of your bissness what I do after work I got hurt at work and had to take pee test did’nt pass and got Fired and then got F—ed workman’s comp did’nt pay hospital bill then I got F—ed again unemployment deined my claim andhe bad part is still hurt and with no job or insurance I can’t get it fixed to me it’s no worse than haveing a beer after work to unwind after work but as usual government stiking their nose in my bussiness but like I said I don’t smoke at work but if I did that would be reason enough to be let go but not because I got hurt at work I wasn’t playing around and got hurt at work I stepped of platform and sheared pin in my leg but so what your a doper and the F—ed up thing is I did’nt miss a day and walked 10mi to and from for five months in the winter if that is’nt deduction what the F is thanks and sorry but needed to vent


      drugs are bad mmmkay

  • tatum

    Help please I have a drug test in 3 days and crandberry azos doesn’t seem to work (took a drug test for Wal-Mart came back positive for weed) but now I have a job interview n 3 days I’m trying to get clean fast what can I do Pleasseee help

    • shane

      Do this every day. Its gonna suck, but put on a ton of clothes. im talkin 3 pairs of sweatpants, some sweatshirts, jacket, few pairs of underwear. Then go run for fucking ever. until you are a walking shower head. Drink tons of water. repeat. after a few hours of doing that, you should be clean, but since you have a few days i would do it every day, for like 2-4 hours. Oh and the day of your test drink lots of water but MAKE SURE TO EAT so that your urine isnt super clear, or they might reject your drug test. You could always get a non-toker friend to give you some piss the day of or day before your test, throw it in a condom, keep it in your underwear (since they legally cant search you or watch you take a piss) and bring something like a nail, or nail clippers, to put a hole in the thing when you put some in your cup. make sure its heated up properly, use the defroster in your car, microwave it,, do something to get it hot like real piss.

  • miguelcarbajal

    How do u get palo azul today

  • amber

    so I smoke about a half or more a week would this tea thing work if so should i use more of it and how long should i stop smoking before hand? thanks im trying to get a job and i smoke cause i have a lot of chronic pain so stopping completely isnt an option

  • Coujoe

    Hey all, I smoked for the first time ever September 4 and took 3 or 4 hits from a vaporizer. I’m 5’10, 170 pounds with an athletic build. I may have to take a drug test within the upcoming week or two. How long would the THC still be in my system and show up on a drug test?

    • deflinux

      If the test is in a week or two, and you have only smoked that one time, you should be fine.

      • hylife83

        You can buy a home test at cvs or walgreens before taking ur test

  • Fishman

    Whats up fellow 420 enthusiasts?! Hey man, I just got Palo Azul from paloazul…. How do you use this stuff? There was no drections. Can you help a 420 boy out? How do you make the tea and how do you drink it… Over how much time. and is there any other things you want to do beside drinking tea.. Thanks People!

    • Nathan

      did you bother to read the directions on palo azul tea dot com?? it tells you straight up how to use it.. just get a couple bags and boil the palo azul in a gallon of water for an hour… drink the whole gallon a day before your test and you will pass for sure !! i speak from experience

  • Meezy

    i have smoked for years i lost my job due to stupid circumstances. I went in for an interview and they watched me i had one of those Wiz things but was unable to use it with them watching so i refused I have a job interview tomarrow and a drug test soon thereafter if they decide to hire me any suggestions for passing a test why they watch??

    • Rickyweed

      By law only if ordered by court they can’t watch while you urinating. If someone is trying to watch you can just close the door on their face, they can’t do nothing about it and you can use your dad’s urine (If he is not a who knows what)

  • ladybusta

    I always used certo, mix it wit two qts of water. Drink it up, pee a couple of times. Before your drug test. And bam you pass the test. Works every time for me (:

    • 1st timeer

      ladybusta, where can I find the certo product that you’ve used? And does it matter if I’ve smoked a day or two b4 I smoked?

      • 1st timeer

        I meant to say b4 Im tested!

      • jenny

        certo jell can CLOG UP YOUR KIDNEYS !! DO NOT DRINK GELATIN lol stick with a natural detox like that palo azul stuff or something thats natural and healthy

      • cricket_whisperer

        certo bran fruit pectin is ised in preserving fruits and crap! it
        does work but what it does is masks everything in ur system, u have a 4
        hr window tho! u drink it and nothing but water if anything shouldnt eat
        cuz keeps u from peeing as much but pee as many times as u can before u
        go in to take the test! then when u pee dont immediately pee straight
        into cup or end peeing in the cup catch it in mid stream and pull out
        before u finish going> thats the dirtiest part of the urine right
        before and as u squeeze or let last bit out!
        id like to hear how ur test did go? what did u use? and did u pass it?

        • cricket_whisperer

          u can get it in any grocery store! U ask what isle are the canning preservatives if u need help finding it! certo brand fruit pectin is the name! its nasty as hell but hey u need to pass too! choke it down but not so fast u get sick and throw it up! leizurely pace lol

    • jackie

      how soon before test did u drink the certo .go for interveiw by send me for dt right away

  • funky cold medina

    What if the condom is lubricated, will rinsing it with water work? I can’t get enough to fit in a balloon. Also have antibiotics and Knox gelatin.

  • Sleepy

    Haven’t smoked in 2 weeks. Sunday I took home DT without doing anything and failed. Had already bought palo azul from paloazul.com. Drank gallon Monday afternoon. Waited till wednsday morning and took another home DT and failed again. Didn’t really drink a lot of water though. Not sure if this is going to work by next week.

  • Ramon Te Awa

    I’m 39 – 114kg’s and use to have four sittings a day in “spots” if anyone’s familiar .. that’s roughly 3/4 of a $50 bag daily until the weekend came then it increased heavily to around $80 daily. Realizing I had a test coming for a elevated position at work – It took 2 months and 3 weeks to “pass” a clean result, as I was constantly buying my own tests for confirmation and ended excepting the role once I cleared. My advice to other users .. If your a light smoker ( 1 joint a week and under 100kg’s ) no problems, give it 5 – 7 ” working days ” your fine – If your a regular ” 1 bowl a day ” user and am under 100kg’s I would suggest around 2 1/2 – 3 weeks .. it’s only when your using exceeds 3 plus bowls a day and your 100kg’s and over that I would suggest extreme measures such as.. 1) exercise or sauna’s 2) drink drinks such as Cranberry juice for the antioxidants contained within it 3) there are ” THC blockers ” that are able to be brought over the counter of which I’ve used myself in the past however they may test for these now.. 4) IF IN DOUGHT – drink a ton of water and Cranberry juice to pass a clear/watered down inconclusive result to buy yourself some more time! ( remember that marijuana hides in fat cells hence suggestion #1 ) hope this helps and happy high everyone ..

  • Jessica

    Is this real…cause I looking for a job and most require a DT and I have been smoking for several months now not heavy but I do smoke

    • god hazus

      Ivt used dabs they woork passed test next morning

  • Matt

    Ok, I was a fairly heavy smoker up until about 4 weeks ago when I was laid off. Got an interview, got a job and was originally told no DT, so I smoked one bowl, maybe 3 hits, and now they say, oh sorry, we were wrong, we do need a DT. So, I will be testing about 40 hours after a bowl, but was clean for 4 weeks, will one of those drinks help me or should I just borrow some pee from my “guy”?

    • Get a drink, borrowing some one else’s pee is to complicated.

    • Tom Peregoy

      borrow some pee

  • cp

    I am or was a daily smoker about 7 grams a week. I have been clean for 20 days.. I have drank the palo azul tea. I have drank vinager, i have also done a 7 day complete detox(strip) and been drinking 7 20oz bottles of water a day.. i took at home test today and failed… I have been to the suana and stayed in there for over an hour…Still dirty… I know have a max strength stip detox and 4 pill step I just took… and i have also bought a Strip drink that is supposed to give me a window.. I have also done the certo drink…what else could i possibly do??

    • Jay


  • cp

    I only have 72 houra left till my test

  • Buddah

    Whether it’s a urine or saliva drug test I simply visit passdrugtestsfast dot com. They ship very fast and their products work. I personally suggest the 16 oz. Instant Flush and the 2 oz. Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash.

  • K

    You guys r sick

  • CSR420

    I have to piss tomorrow the 30th ive drank 2gallons of water by far it 1:00pm i was gonna drink 2-4 more before tomorrow morning ans take some complex b tomorrow too think i should be good?

  • amp123

    i have a job interview tomorrow at noon i haven’t smoked in 2 wks not sure if they are going to make me take drug test not sure what to do i don’t have enough money to buy any detox from smoke shop what can i take to pass test what can i take

  • Bob Johnson

    Can a woman’s pee act as a man’s pee?
    I weigh 214 lbs.

    • katelynn

      You can’t use the opposite sex’s pee You’ll fail!

      • john

        I beg to differ. I know someone who did. He passed but said he’d never do it again.

  • jah

    coconut or lamaw.

  • kris

    Alright so ive smoke a lot the last three years and ive recently stopped and have been clean for about a week or so and im just wondering if I have to take a pee test for job at walmart. Im wondering Iif drinking lota of ctanberry juice and water would help? Another thing ive been told to drink monster or vinegar would the acid in these liquids help me pass?

  • El GREENgo

    I got offered a job higher in the ranks then I thought so didnt prepare for a drug test. Drinking a shit ton of water as we speak. Luckily I have smoked for a few days cause I broke my dab rig. Should I risk with just water or get synthetic piss?

    • Guest

      so sorry but water will not cleans you from Marijuana

    • Lisa

      drinking WATER will not help

    • DoubleDsNuts

      Dude… if u can stomach it, ive always done the same routine. Im a daily smoker… prob about an 1/8 – 1/4 a day depending on who comes by. But ive always done this 6 hours before a test and its never failed. Ive drank a big bottle of cranberry juice & then fill it back up with water. Get a jumbo jar of pickles from Costco or Sams club and drain it by pouring the pickle juice into a different bottle. You have to drink all that pickle juice. The vinegar in it does a quick cleanse on the pee they keep to test for about 3 pisses worth. I alternate the water and pickle juice just so its not as bad since u need the water too anyways. Better to waterlog anything in your system rather than have ur piss bright yellow and be super concentrated & potent with evidence of being a pot head. Lol. If ur questioning this, go to walgreens and buy a drug test kit from the pharmacy. Try it exactly how I explained and see what those results are. Id recommend that for any of these “remedies” too. Good luck!

  • Trippen

    I’ve been smoking pot for 2 or 3 weeks. Not every day and only 1 hit or 2 when I smoked. None since Saturday. I will be testing for probation on Thursday at noon. I am drinking, water, cranberry juice and vitamins B12, B1, B6 and B1. I take those every day anyhow. I’m drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and will start taking Niacin tomorrow, (Tuesday) I weigh just, 113 pounds. I will go to jail if I test dirty. Stupid, I am. going to order, the drink from, Detox for Less. Can tthat be detected and any suggestions? Thank you

  • Trippen

    Can the drink from, Detox for less be detected in the urine test for weed?

  • Cory

    I haven’t smoked in 3 days but I know I have a drug test soon.. I smoked for about a year and everyday. I have drank small amounts of bleach and drank a ton of water is there anything else i can do to pass my test? I’m freaking….

    • KhaoticKay

      Uhm, don’t ever drink bleach. Ever. I don’t care who tells you to. It’s going to kill you. Even if it’s just a teaspoon.

    • tinyburns

      i just passed a urine test and ill tell u in steps now some say step 1 is unecesary but it cant hurt
      step 1: 2 days prior to test drink shit loads of water make sure u piss alot i woke up in the middle of the night pissing. also drink coffee and cranberry juice and gatorade.. get b complex vitamins for the niacin or take pure niacin if u wanna itch….step 2::THE DAY OF: drunk very little water maybe 1.5 ounces go get a 2 liter diet mt dew (mind u this is what i did to pass) drink that then i drunk a small thing of diet pepsi. Now your piss at this moment will be very clear i pissed about 5 times, still very clear so what i did i had a little tube went to dollar store bought some warm apple juice filled up the little tube, went to gas station put it in microwave got it nice and hot then i put it under my armpit real tight, so went in registered by this time you will have to pee bad so you go into the bathroom they close the door now you know your piss is very clear and it will cause a red flag so 1st real quick take out the tube with the apple juice pour it in just a little really just to give it that color then when u piss dont give them the piss that 1st come out give the piss thats in the middle. now you pissed in the cup very clear piss and the apple juice gave it the color i got my results back the next day i passed also if u like coffee good that helps.. do what i said your chances of passing is great nothing is 100% but what i did worked like a charm…

    • hayley

      you fuckin drank bleach????

      • Anj555

        OMG what is wrong with people? Bleach? Who (with any brain matter left in the skull) does that? Holy shit. If they didn’t die, I hope it helped them pass that urine test.

  • Jojodoll21

    So u can use palo azul and smoke and come back clean or do u use it and then u cant smoke to stay clean?

    • cruz

      Palo Azul isolates all the THC in your body , basically making the THC permanently invisible until the THC leaves your body…. just dont get the cheap stuff.. go to palo azul tea . com , they seem to have the best standing

  • Jojodoll21

    I need answers quick someone help plz.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SEEDS4Bitcoins


  • Adam

    I smoked about a week ago and I have a drug test tomorrow I’ve been drinking lots of water . Are there any tips for passing please help !!!!!!!!

    • Amelia Moore

      Drink vinegar and water mix together at least more than sixty four ounces the night before the taste is horrible but it works!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike G.

    i got drug test tomorrow at noon, i forgot to not smoke but i did, which’s last night and it was only two hit. a friend suggest me to drink 1 gal of cranberry and 1 gal of water and no food a day before test in next day. then few hour before drug test, i should be able eat only alittle then drink more cranberry and water. will i pass the test??

  • cmarie

    Ok so i stoped smoking ten days ago and got. A home drug test n was still positive….i smoked for three weeks strait……i have a drug sc e een for felony papers in morning… Any advice

  • antioxidant cleanse

    I’ve had friends pass by eating a whole jar of beets drink the juice and a gallon of water. Give at least 12-16 hrs to work. The crackovia polish beets are the best.

  • Michaelhead

    I have smoked a gram at the most in the past week 2 hits out the bowl shared a joint with 4 people and I hit the bowl once 2 days ago I been drinking atleast 5 bottles of water a day and my ua is on nov 3 that leaves me like 20 days of clean time I used to smoke a lot but I been clean for like 4 monthes due to probation I just had an itch this month i weigh about 185 what do you guys think pass or fail?

  • Juan

    Where can I buy it at

  • Juan

    Where can I get this at

    • brian

      Palo Azul Tea dot com seems to be where everyone at my work goes ..cheap and effective…i looked it up on google and its legit..works every time

  • Johnboy

    I may or may not have an upcoming test, im pretty sure they come in the room with you but your back is to them so they cant see anything. Do you think its possible to use my friends urine strapped to my junk? If she cant see what I am doing?

  • 420AllDay

    The Magnum Detox brand has always worked for me. If you have 2 to 3 days to stop using and pre-flush their 1 hour system cleansers work great but if your needing to drop clean right away and don’t have time for a pre-flush, then you can’t go wrong with the 1 hour instant flush. You can get both of these products at a real reasonable price at passdrugtestsfast dot com. Good luck!!

    • james

      Bro , Palo Azul Tea dot com has what you need for only 7 bucks! and it works every time !! everyone on here is paying wayy too much for those chemical detox cocktails… palo azul is natural and CHEAP!!

  • Jesse

    I have a test on the 27 I smoked on the 19th will I pass? This is only the second time I’ve ever smoked and the first was 3 weeks prior help me!

    • J

      depends on your body fat content, how much water you drink and how much you sweat. Chances are extremely good that it was out of your system within 48-72 hours but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that you could fail. Drink plenty of water, get some exercise, take a multi-vitamin with high niacin content and there’s a 100% chance you’ll pass.

      • wendy

        the palo azul tea worked for me and it was very inexpensive , like 6 or 7 dollars!!!

  • jode

    I will just stay safe and pay for it. You cant always trust your best buddy in the whole world because nothing guarantees they took something that they didnt think would be a big deal. $30 is a small price to pay for a good job.

  • Rodriguez11

    I have a drug test on the 30th in 7 days and I smoked yesterday how do I get it out my system by then.? I have to get searched before I do it so what do I do.???

  • Sandra

    I smoke everyday , and useally smoke a lot i have a drug test in 10 Days for P.O i ain’t smoked todayi weigh bout 120 pounds if i drank a shit ton of water, you think ill pass?

    • Jason

      The Only True Way To Pass A Drug Test: Hey, honestly I don’t mean to freak you out but you’re not going to pass the regular way. I was on probation for a year and passed 95% of my drug tests even though I smoked and was tested monthly. (I failed one because I smoked everyday heavily until two days before the test thinking i could pass. I didn’t and ended up in jail for a weekend. The ONLY way you can pass a drug test after smoking marijuana is to wait at least 10 days (well that’s what I found for me at least. If you want to know how to pass a drug test, this is the only real way using your own urine. I am a 6 ft, 170 lb male and the day of the test (only the day of matters) drink a gallon – a gallon and a half of water and pee as many times as you can before the test, the more the better up until a certain point. The way it works is water dilutes the urine and decrease the concentration of the THC metabolites under the cut off level where it won’t show up as positive on the test. An hour and a half before the test, take a Vitamin B Complex pill. It will turn your urine yellow so it won’t give away that you drank excessive water and won’t be crystal clear. THC is release through your urine and your stool after it has been fully processed by your body and stored in your fat cells. So, another thing that will help is working out as much as you can but don’t workout or do anything really stressful the day before the test. THC is released faster as the fatty cells are broken down faster but you don’t want a lot of THC to be released when it comes time to test. And as far as these DETOX drinks that say take an hour before the test and you’ll pass, there are some truth to it. One thing it will NOT do is lower the THC metabolites in your pee. What it will do and what it tells you to do is dilute your urine and the things in the drink has Vitamin B which makes your pee yellow and Creatine as well as that is what they measure in the lab to detect dilution. So those drinks will only mask the urine from dilution, not lower the THC levels, sorry all you detox companies! Oh and for all the other ways, I have tried and failed such as, Asprin, SureJel (Don’t ever do this if you’re sample is going to a lab. They stick the sample in the fridge and your pee will turn to jello. That would be awkward), Midol (Don’t ask read somewhere) Potable Aqua (I did have a good experience with this as it is a diuretic and makes you urinate more), I’m sure there’s more I’ve tried but to no avail. So there you have it, many, many, many hours of research compiled into this paragraph. I hope this helps someone as it has helped me. Good luck and try not to stress!!

    • Jason

      Disregard the you’re not going to pass part (you have a real good chance of passing I was actually going to post this on the comment of the “I smoked everyday up until the test” above.)

    • cj

      Drink a ton of cranberry juice

      • Dr Green

        cranberry juice does not work for weed!! cranberry juice is only good for meth and coke (drugs that hide in the blood) THC is stored in your fat .. I would definitely suggest Palo Azul Tea.. Palo Azul Bark contains fat isolators that bonds on to all fat cells and coats them (including THC) never giving them a chance to stick to your body , and you will pass your drug test every time…Everyone in my network uses Palo Azul… i would do what mark said and go to Palo Azul Tea dot com , they seem to have the highest quality palo azul and they have like 2,000 subscribers so im pretty sure it works!

        • eric

          The Palo Azul Tea worked DOC !! you literally saved my life dude lol

          • I hate spam

            Fucking spammers

          • eric

            bro im no spammer,,, that tea worked.. google it if you don’t believe me.. I was gonna go to jail if I failed my test …thanks to this blog I learned about palo Azul …it works for real…believe it or not

  • Val

    How can you pass a drug test when you don’t know the date of the drug test ?

  • Hayley

    Is there any way to pass a urine test, if I smoked a bowl the day before my test, and I’m a heavy smoker, I literally stay stoned all day everyday. so two days before my test each day I smoked one bowl, and then the rest of my life is like everyday all day. HELP!!!

    • mark

      That palo azul stuff works !!! thanks for the help guys! and it was only 6.99!!! ive been paying 80$ for chemical detox when this whole time i could have gone to palo azul tea dot com and spent SIX BUCKS!! works like a charm! now i can have more money to spend on weed ;)

  • Cassandra Grace Rash

    I quit for about a week, I smoked one bowl, but i drink a lot of water and sweat a lot at work. I had a drug test the morning after i smokes the bowl, I am unsure if i pased or not, but would like advise on this topic. I hope that i did not mess up.

  • LegalizeItNow

    Try the Magnum Detox 1 hour system cleanser if you have 2 days to stop using but if not, the Instant Flush drink works without having to quit 2 days prior to taking the test. I get both products from passdrugtestsfast dot com.

  • john

    I smoked last two weeks ago and i have a drug test tomorrow, is it most likely I will pass it? Im 5’5 and im 126lbs

    • sharron

      i pass my drug test every month because a mexican told me about Palo Azul Tea.. Palo azul is a natural plant only found in Mexico and central america..just boil it in some water and drink the gallon the night before your test and you will pass EVERY TIME… if you dont believe me …google it! The problem is Palo Azul is very hard to find…just dont get the cheap stuff because it wont be any good I get mine from Palo Azul Tea dot com (they have the exotic central american Palo Azul) and i find it to be a miracle! and they only charge like six bucks..

      • jason

        I just ordered the palo azul tea from palo azul tea dot com I have been clean for 14 mo and 4 days ago took about 7 hits I have a test for probation on the 25th do you think I will be clean by then or should I just plan on using the tea?

        • kevin

          hell yes that palo Azul works for me every time dude, I get two bags of the stuff for one gallon though, even though you just need one..

  • schoolgirlv

    im an 18 year old girl whose mom wants to drug test her. i started smoking senior year, she caught me the first week of summer, threatened me with a drug test so i stopped smoking all 3 months of my senior summer -.- that b*tch didnt test me all summer >:( so once i went off to college, first day i was already smoking. since then its been everyday at least 3 times a day. between breakfast lunch and dinner haha midnight too cx but anyways… i havent been going home as much as im supposed to. im supposed to go back down every other week so she can see how im doing because she doesnt trust me obviously but i keep not showing up. she got suspicious so she called me yesterday telling me to bring my medical insurance card because she is going to drug test me this weekend. I think shes going to take me to the hospital across the street from my doctor to have me get a urine drug test. I dont know specifically what day she is going to test me. not saturday because ill be at six flags and sunday we have church so maybe friday she is going to test me? i cant deny taking the test thats for sure. i mean i can because im 18 but it will look shady if i do. she said if i get caught smoking again and that test comes out positive, she will take my ass out of school, bring me back home (she doesnt care if i have classes) she’ll legit drop me out of school, and take away my phone so its not like i can call a friend and ask to stay with them -.- anybody have advice on what i can do for the drug test and my situation with my mom?

    • curvygirl420

      My mom tried to do the same thing to me. Odds are, you’re age of majority so technically she can’t do anything if you don’t show. But most of the time you can get by with school with just FAFSA and Student Loans and your parents don’t need to be involved. Worst she can do is call the cops on you, but then you have to get caught with it on you or while you’re high. I say, get a job, get your own phone and screw your mother. You’re an adult and what you do in your recreational time isn’t any of her business. And most medical insurance won’t cover a UA unless it’s court ordered and even then it’s unlikely. She’s probably just trying to scare you.

    • Janet

      You are 18! She has noooooo legal right to test you for anything. Next time she says she wants to, ask her to get a Lawyer to tell you to do it! A mother like this needs to be put in her place and, she needs to grow up!

      • Syd

        if you live at mom’s house, it’s mom’s rules. that’s why it’s best to get your own place.

      • lala

        If u live in her house she has the legal right to say or do what she likes. If u don’t like the rules move! Anybody telling u different have issues in their life and that’s why their on this drug site. U CAN do what u like but under your own roof!!!

    • Tiffany

      I know you’re frustrated but try not to get too mad at your mom and don’t call her a b.

      Legally, she can’t make you do anything. Her nagging is most likely coming from a place of love and concern. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and the perception of illicit drugs are constantly bombarded to not just young kiddos but parents.

      I think if you can talk to her and reassure her that you’re doing fine in school (provide evidence) and don’t be defensive, she will chill out. If not, that’s going to be her choice but you be the better person and calmly leave.

      No relationship is worth losing over weed. Seriously.

  • Tianna solano

    I smoked weed just yesterfay and I’m getting a drug test today I need help!!!

    • tc

      I smoke daily 3 joints a day for years.i stop smoking for a week before test,i found a home reamdy knight before I drink a bootle of cranberry juice add a pack of certo from staters bros and goldenroot pills,drink it ,next morning before I go to testing I do it again then drink water before teat never failed yet

  • dot commercial driver

    i have to take a dot test with 9 days to clean up. i took one the other day and subbed it with a friends pee using hand warmers and such. the temp was fine but the amount was off, so as a result i failed automaticly. this is on my record for 3 years and to get returned back to duty i have to take a supervised test next friday. i need serious help for real. im so screwed. this is a dot lab test. help

    • rissii

      Water is your bestfriend, do noootttt smoke!

    • Resposible Burner

      Hey TRUCKER GUY, im taking a little time out of my night in hopes that this may help some fellow responsible tokers.. I recently have been employed with a new company, however being a regular smoker( 2 or 3 times a day) for the last 3 years I new I was in bad shape. I tried to detox my system as soon as I had confirmation, this turned out to be a huge stressor for the upcoming week. I drank 2 liters of pure crandberry juice, while mixing substantial amounts of water, (no more then 2 gallons a day). I even POM detoxed 3 times which makes you shit a lot, since THC is stored mostly in fat about 70 percent leaves through your system in your bowels ( the more you poop the better your chance of decreasing the levels) after 9 days I took a simple drug analysis from King soopers ( 15-20 bucks) and failed it immediately. I continued detoxing my body and even upped my typical exercise ( sonna, and steam room exercise of short reps) 3 days after I went out and purchased 2 more, both were immediately positive for mah reefer. With the deadline date on my epassport looming, I was becoming desperate, i have read that it is possible to dilute your urine with too much water, meaning if you chug a gallon till you literally cant swallow any more, and wait until you urinate the first time, and repeat this process until your UA you will be in the diluted range (unfortunate experience with probation as a youth). Creatine is a very standard give away for dilutes, there will be very little if you have done the previous, theoretically one could take enough of creatine (walgreens/King Soopers) to level out this reading: However the amount that you will need to take is completely unknown varying greatly on body size metabolism etc.. Vitamin b-12 is also rumored to provide color for your urine when takin in conjunction with the creatine, it is a definite possiblilty of passing. POSSIBILITY* Ill cut to the chase and say that if you smoke once a day any sort of detox drink (neometrx etc) will not clean your system it is essential a big fuck you. Having to take the test the next day i checked the interwebs for synthetic urines and some sort of mechanism to help me out in this DOT FMSCA screening. I had a box of ULTRA KLEAN ULTRA PURE synthetic urine overnighted to my house( the shipping was more then the product about 45$) i was very skeptical, however the product seemed to be legit, the temperature strip was extremely sensitive and provided an accurate reading, i microwaved the product for 15 seconds and the reading was over the meter, i slowly watched it come back down to the 10 degree range, activated the simple hand warmer and tied the rubberband ( all included) heated up the car and was on my way. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO NOT KEEP THE URINE IN YOUR POCKET AS THEY WILL SEARCH YOU, i was subject to a full pat down and barely got away with the small 2 oz bottle in my front right pocket. i suggest taping a sockaround your leg with the product under the sock, so you don’t fuck your leg up and what not. please consider that it is smarter to keep the urine warmer around 100 degrees as it will lose a degree or two in the shitty waiting room. any ways i was subject to an extended waiting period for my results due to the holiday, after 6 days i received a call saying the the urine was clean ULTRA KLEAN ULTRA PURE is a product that i will seriously always keep around, i purchased a 4 oz just incase for 40 dollars to keep around since it has a 3 year shelf life and requires no refidereation, better safe then sorry . YOU GUYS PLEASE LIKE AND REPOST THIS COMMENT OVER AND OVER AGAIN RESPOSIBLE BURNERS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD :))

  • Billy J

    i am 17. im 6’3 285 with 25% body fat. (i know this because i am a wrestler) I got caught up a couple weeks ago and know that the court will put me on tasc. But my mom is getting some UA kits. i smoked 2 jays two days ago and she will be giving it to me in two days. i dont have acces to the tea or any thing else. Cranberry juice? Or only water and harder work out to pass this?
    i really need to know what to do ASAP

    • marcus

      I agree with ricky , palo Azul tea works every time and its only like 7 dollars..i googled it , everyone swears by it… just don’t get the cheap stuff .. palo Azul tea dot com seems to be where its at.. I checked them out , they got 2,000 members and the website is verified and secured …only 7 $ and free shipping , that’s a no brainer

    • Vanislguy

      I use coconut oil!!! It’s a good fat and strips your body of bad fats! Lots of water and cranberry juice

  • tinykim

    I have a dt in 2 days. Im a heavy smoker. Im 113-115 lbs. I haven’t smoked since yesterday. I’ve been drinking water & read that I should take Midol. I even brought Niacin but am afraid to use it due to the side effects. Will I pass? What do my 420’s suggest? Thanks

  • jonathan

    I have a dot dt in 12 day I was a heavy smoker. What can I do to pass it

  • Desiree

    Hello! Thought I could help out the ladies in this forum.

    I’m 5’2, 120 pounds and do not have the speedy metabolism that so many people on this forum seem to have. I’m in my mid twenties as well.

    I work out 3 times a week, but I also consume a burger and fries about once a week as well.

    Anyways, my smoking habits have a trend. I’ll go weeks without smoking but then once week every 2 months, I’ll smoke everyday, all day. (3 bowls or so a day).

    I smoked an entire week then applied for a job. This job required a urine test. Ive never had to test for drugs before so I figured that since it had been a week since I smoked, I’d be fine.

    I had no frickin idea about weed staying in your system for so long, the fat soluble THCOOH or whatever it was called, and so when I looked at the forums, I freaked out!

    They all said 30 days or more, half life is never certain, fast metabolism, etc. They all said if you’ve smoked consecutive days you’re a heavy user despite only smoking a few times a year.

    I really wanted this job and my test was in 5 days. I didn’t detox. I honestly just resigned myself to failing the test or hoping to God, I’d pass.

    The day before, I drank water. I peed the morning of then drank orange juice on my way there.

    When I took the test, I let the first stream into the toilet, peed into cup, then let the rest go into the toilet. I had chugged a lot of OJ so I REALLY needed to pee.

    I passed.

    Recap: smoked everyday for a week, stopped for 16 days and passed with minimal effort. My test was for the 50ml.

  • Bruce B.

    Try the Magnum Detox 1 Hour System Cleanser if you have 2 days to stop smoking. If not, the Magnum Detox Instant Flush is your best bet. You can get them both at passdrugtestsfast dot com

    • ricky

      bro , palo Azul tea is only like 6 bucks and its a natural tea.. works every time , just drink the tea the day before your test and youre golden.. my girl uses it to pass her probation pee test and she passes every month! problem is , they only sell the palo Azul tree bark in texas… my girl goes to palo Azul tea dot com ..actually a lot of people are talking about palo Azul tea dot com they have the best reputation it seems…google it. its cheap and natural , better than paying 80 bucks at a head shop !!

  • trixytripop

    I have smoked for about twenty of my thirty four years. I have the best cheapmethod to beat this invasion of privacy by giving YOUR own urine. Simply do not eat anything for twelve hours prior(if possible). Drink LOTS of water during the first nine hours(I also suggest taking cranberry pills at the beginning of this time)(also if you care to, occasionally drink a glass if pickle juice during this time) appx three hours before test, switch to powerade.Yes….this is the secret…as long as you pass urine at least three or four times during the powerade consumption process, you should be good to go!!! Also for added chance of success, I let a good amount of urine go into the toilet before I fill the sample cup. I have used this method 25 plus times and it has worked every time for me. Granted, I do have a high metabolism, however have had fat boy friends that have also passed using my method…..WITH FLYING COLORS.!! I hope I’ve helped to beat the man at this horrible invasion of our privacy….it’s UNAMERICAN! GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK I hope it works as well for you as it has for me(stupid random work tests…..also a friend was DOT he used same method but had to pee in their sink a few times to buy enough flush time lol. Also the flush products are all loaded with b6 and b12…….so is powerade!!! One love!

    • rad_gangagirl

      so if i do this tomorrow i will for sure be clean?

  • Vanislguy

    I stop smoking, drink lots of water, lots of cranberry juice and coconut oil by the spoon. The weed uses up your B vitamins. So make sure you get your B’s up. They test for low B’s. And your test can come back

  • oldledhead

    i recently found out i will need to take a drug test because the company i work for got bought by a large corporate entity. i did a bunch of research on line and found palo azul. i bought some and made the tea as instructed. you should know I’m 6’2″ – 215 lbs and have been smoking daily for more than 30 years. currently using 15-20 one hitters daily. there is NO WAY i should pass ANY kind of drug test. i stopped smoking on Mon. and drank the tea tue night after work. i waited the allotted 24 hours and took a home test wed night. I was VERY excited when my test came up NEGATIVE! I’m saying this works and am going to share with my co-workers that need to pass.

    • Dr. Green

      i use palo Azul tea to pass my pee test every month as well! but not all palo Azul works ..the people selling it on ebay are selling some bunk palo and i failed… but then i came here and saw people on here talking about palo Azul tea dot com and found out they have the best strain of palo…and now i pass every month… you live and learn.

  • smokeem

    For all you spouting that Palo Azul tea is going help you pass a urine test, your putting people into a false belief. I am a heavy smoker, smoke all day everyday. Thought I would put the tea to the test, bogus! It does not work! I am 5’8″ and weigh a 150 pounds with 16% body fat. Slim and trim. I used almost three ounces of the bark in 1 gallon, drank it all and tested at 24 hours and 36 hours and still tested positive for thc. I drank this crap after almost 7 days of not smoking and still tested positive. The big lie! If you want a clean test don’t smoke! Unfortunately the world we live in is ass backwards and we have no right to personal privacy, and the world still thinks smoking pot is like doing lsd. We smokers need to fight for our rights, otherwise, we have to put up with this nonsense even to get a crappy job. Unreal! So you people blowing smoke up peoples butt need to get a grip. There is just no easy way around the piss test. Good luck…….

    • Green Master

      you must have done it wrong bro , I been using palo Azul for like 2 years now .. I pass EVERY time.. you gotta read the directions right …First off you cant get your palo from ebay or some bogus website .. they sell trash .. Ive been getting mine from Palo Azul Tea dot com, They have like 2,000 members and I doubt they would have 2,000 repeat customers if it didn’t work.. they are also verified and secured.. the Home Page of Palo Azul Tea dot com explains how to do it right .. if you scroll down on this page there are like 100 people saying it works.. google if palo Azul tea works and you will see it works… and its only 7 bucks. You either ween’t smart enough to follow the directions or you work for one of those corporations that sell chemical detox for 80$ lol and now you just found out that we found a cheap NATURAL way to pass a pee test and now you’re scrounging around in panic mode because nobody is buying your crap anymore.

    • broncos fan

      palo Azul works for me , did you make it right?

  • jeremy

    If I have a test tomorrow how can I pass it

    • Danny

      dude, there are so many products you can use to pass, just make some research

    • Resposible Burner

      Hey Jeremy, im taking a little time out of my night in hopes that this may help some fellow responsible tokers.. I recently have been employed with a new company, however being a regular smoker( 2 or 3 times a day) for the last 3 years I new I was in bad shape. I tried to detox my system as soon as I had confirmation, this turned out to be a huge stressor for the upcoming week. I drank 2 liters of pure crandberry juice, while mixing substantial amounts of water, (no more then 2 gallons a day). I even POM detoxed 3 times which makes you shit a lot, since THC is stored mostly in fat about 70 percent leaves through your system in your bowels ( the more you poop the better your chance of decreasing the levels) after 9 days I took a simple drug analysis from King soopers ( 15-20 bucks) and failed it immediately. I continued detoxing my body and even upped my typical exercise ( sonna, and steam room exercise of short reps) 3 days after I went out and purchased 2 more, both were immediately positive for mah reefer. With the deadline date on my epassport looming, I was becoming desperate, i have read that it is possible to dilute your urine with too much water, meaning if you chug a gallon till you literally cant swallow any more, and wait until you urinate the first time, and repeat this process until your UA you will be in the diluted range (unfortunate experience with probation as a youth). Creatine is a very standard give away for dilutes, there will be very little if you have done the previous, theoretically one could take enough of creatine (walgreens/King Soopers) to level out this reading: However the amount that you will need to take is completely unknown varying greatly on body size metabolism etc.. Vitamin b-12 is also rumored to provide color for your urine when takin in conjunction with the creatine, it is a definite possiblilty of passing. POSSIBILITY* Ill cut to the chase and say that if you smoke once a day any sort of detox drink (neometrx etc) will not clean your system it is essential a big fuck you. Having to take the test the next day i checked the interwebs for synthetic urines and some sort of mechanism to help me out in this DOT FMSCA screening. I had a box of ULTRA KLEAN ULTRA PURE synthetic urine overnighted to my house( the shipping was more then the product about 45$) i was very skeptical, however the product seemed to be legit, the temperature strip was extremely sensitive and provided an accurate reading, i microwaved the product for 15 seconds and the reading was over the meter, i slowly watched it come back down to the 10 degree range, activated the simple hand warmer and tied the rubberband ( all included) heated up the car and was on my way. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO NOT KEEP THE URINE IN YOUR POCKET AS THEY WILL SEARCH YOU, i was subject to a full pat down and barely got away with the small 2 oz bottle in my front right pocket. i suggest taping a sockaround your leg with the product under the sock, so you don’t fuck your leg up and what not. please consider that it is smarter to keep the urine warmer around 100 degrees as it will lose a degree or two in the shitty waiting room. any ways i was subject to an extended waiting period for my results due to the holiday, after 6 days i received a call saying the the urine was clean ULTRA KLEAN ULTRA PURE is a product that i will seriously always keep around, i purchased a 4 oz just incase for 40 dollars to keep around since it has a 3 year shelf life and requires no refidereation, better safe then sorry . YOU GUYS PLEASE LIKE AND REPOST THIS COMMENT OVER AND OVER AGAIN RESPOSIBLE BURNERS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD :))

  • smokeem

    Thank you all for the feedback on my comments on the Palo Azul tea. As I wrote I used almost 3 ounces of the product. The directions are obviously not complicated. Did just such with the make. I will say I bought the bark off of amazon to get it quickly without paying the big buck on shipping and to get it quicker. I just ordered two packages ( 1 oz ) from the Palo site directly. I will give you all the benefit of doubt and retry after I take this pre- employment wiz test. I will use the 1/2 oz package only after I smoke my brains out for a week and get my body filled back up with thc. Look for my comments at the end of the month. And NO, I don’t work for a detox product manufacturer, I was figuring you all got paid from Azul to say it works….not trying to be a jerk, didn’t want anybody to get themselves into an ugly situation….I promise I will revise my comments if the product works directly from Palo….Happy Holidays to you all, and smokem if you can…I am so pissed at the world for the ridiculous outlook on Marijuana, and holding us all hostage by what we do or not do on our personal time. I wrote in anger because I love weed, and when it didn’t work, I was pissed. I will follow through, because if it works, I will be happy to tell all. Thank you all…….

    • pimp c

      Yeah dude your mistake was buying it off of amazon , Palo Azul Tea dot com has the exotic POTENT palo Azul and it works for me 2 times a month!! (yeah I know I hate texas probation ).. try to quit smoking as soon as possible before your test and don’t exercise or do anything that will release more fat based toxins back into your urine. Follow the directions on the website and it will blow your mind dude.. for 7 bucks !!!! makes me walk out of the probation with a big ol GRIN !! :)

  • Jessica Toker

    Dr Green…you are the man. I have been smoking some fat dabs and was surprised to hear that I would have to piss in the cup at the end of last month. Googled the tea and it save my life. Many thanks from one toker to another

  • dazdikus

    I live in the u.k and have just found out iv got a piss test next tuesday. Last smoked weed yesterday and have`nt got access to this palo azul shit. So i`ve got no choice but to bight the bullet, do my best to drink as much water as i can n keep dropping the vits from now till then. wish me luck and il let you know how i get on.

  • RandomStonerrrrr

    Thanks man I have a job interview nextt week that I really need so I went clean for 2 weeks but my friend and I have not seen eachother in a long time and we wanted to enjoy a nice couple of bowls so this method is perfect for me :) again thanks man you just made my weekend.

    • bonkers

      Palo Azul Tea Dot Com is definitely where its at.. I have to take a piss test every two weeks for probation and cant afford to buy two $60 dollar detox drinks from the head shop every month …the palo website was like 7 bucks ..now I can pay for more weed!!

  • kryssiecat

    The brutal part is when you have stopped for a long time and you’re still not clean. I smoked 56 days ago, my husband smoked 82 days ago and both of us are still not “clean” enough to pass a 20 ng/ml test. Both of us have pre-employment tests this month.

    • Johny boy

      yeah bro smokeem is definitely working for “Urine luck” lol why would palo Azul tea dot com have like 3,000 members if it didn’t work?? Scroll down dude.. theres like 100 people on here that swear it works!! you think they are all being paid to say that ??? google if palo Azul tea works and I bet you’ll see it does.. just don’t buy the dirty crappy palo off ebay and you’ll be good .. my girl uses palo Azul every month and passes and she smokes more weed than Tommy fukn Chong.. im thinking that youre not Working for “urine luck” because youre not even smart enough to follow directions on how to brew tea… (smh) or maybe you just have bad body chemistry … either way , I don’t see how your long rant against paloazultea.com holds any weight against a thousand other people who say it works… google it !! I know it works

    • Johny boy

      yeah bro smokeem is definitely working for “Urine luck” lol why would palo Azul tea dot com have like 3,000 members if it didn’t work?? Scroll down dude.. theres like 100 people on here that swear it works!! you think they are all being paid to say that ??? google if palo Azul tea works and I bet you’ll see it does.. just don’t buy the dirty crappy palo off ebay and you’ll be good .. my girl uses palo Azul every month and passes and she smokes more weed than Tommy fukn Chong.. im thinking that youre not Working for “urine luck” because youre not even smart enough to follow directions on how to brew tea… (smh) or maybe you just have bad body chemistry … either way , I don’t see how your long rant against paloazultea.com holds any weight against a thousand other people who say it works… google it !! I know it works

  • Coffeelover

    Can someone please tell me exactly how they used the Palo Azul Tea. I bought it from the Palo Azul Tea .com website, and then took an at home test and failed. So i believe i did something wrong. Here is what i did I made the tea on Sunday got done drinking it at about 5:30 or 6:00 pm,with it being so late and thinking that i needed it in my system for 24 hours . I took a home test Tuesday morning at about 10:30 am,and Failed it. Did i wait to long or what do you all think.I believe that it should work with all positive feedback that was said about it. I have more on the way ,Any help please

    • Dr Green

      If you visit the Palo Azul Tea . com website it says you need to drink it exactly 24 hours before your test dude… FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!! also , don’t smoke before your test. I use the tea because its cheap and I have to piss for probation every 2 weeks!! just follow the directions

      • smokeem

        Ok. Lets get a grip. I’m going to say it again, you are all spouting garbage, especially you Dr Green. I bought the tea direct from PaloAzultea.com. Used 1-1/2 gallons of water, added 1/2oz of the bark (1 package) once water was boiling, boiled the bark for 1-1/2 hours which did net 1 gallon to drink. I will say the color was different and you got that pretty blue haze from the PaloAzultea.com product versus buying it from Amazon. Drank the whole gallon and was finished at 9:00 PM est. Tested myself at 9:00 pm the next day and failed. Exactly 24 hours. Exactly per the directions. Figured I would test myself the next morning, at 8:00 AM and still failed. I suppose you want to tell me now I didn’t do it correctly again. I again will tell you I am 150 lbs with 16% body fat and a fast metabolism. I have not smoked anything for almost 17 days and still failed after using the tea directly from the PaloAzultea.com. I gave you all the benefit of the doubt, but the bark does NOT work. Stop misleading the public!!! I suppose you are now going to tell me that it doesn’t work for all individuals, it must be just me. BOGUS! In fact I have used other detox products and have passed, they just cost more and are tricky to sneak through the process. I used urine luck years ago and passed. Don’t waste your time or money Coffeelover. And no, I do not work for a detox product manufacturer. Just somebody who loves to smoke and looking for a way to smoke and pass a employment piss test. Good luck to all….my comments are sincere and honest….

        • justin

          I use 3 packs for a gallon , your biggest mistake was being so cheap and only buying one pack dude. im just sayin.

          • bluntman

            yeah smokeem is a fed I bet lol I just drink the tea cause it helps me lose weight but I have friends who use palo Azul tea to pass their drug tests and they swear by it

    • SNoop

      Palo Azul Tea works for me even a WEEK after I drink it … I get popped with DT’s periodically so I just drink a couple gallons a week and It never fails me! :) Just don’t exercise or do anything that’s going to burn more fat and release more toxins

    • vlady

      I get two or three bags of the tea and make the tea 6 hours before my pee test and drink the whole gallon in like an hour ..and then I 5 hours later im pissing like a Russian race horse but I pass my test !

    • chuck

      smokeem is trippin, I wish I did work for palo Azul tea lol I cant even hold down a job cuz I smoke too much weed. u just need a couple bags per gallon ..boil for 90 minutes (that’s what is says on the paloazultea.com website) and drink the day before..i drink mine 48 hours before… everyone down here in texas uses palo azul because it only grows down here but everyone does it different. A friend of mine got ten bags of Palo from the Mexican grocery store once and made a gallon with ten bags and he was trippin balls from the ten bags lol now he just uses palo to get high AND pass his test lol

    • ericb

      make sure youre using good test strips dude, don’t get your strips at the dollar store.

  • smokeem

    Ok dudes….I’ll keep it short. You’re all contradicting yourselves. I thought you need to follow the directions? No, don’t follow the directions, use three packs cause you’re too cheap? In fact I wasted over thirty bucks buying 4 1/2 oz packages hoping that it would work as you all claim, directly from the palo site. Followed the directions to the T. Now I work for urine luck? You’re all getting something for your posts. ( or you work for paloazultea.com ) You’re all the reason people who smoke weed get a bad rap, that’s why they call it dope, DOPES! And yes, I read all your posts, that’s why I tried it. You’re all going to get somebody in a bad position. That’s on you, I don’t care. I’ll continue my search for a product that actually works…….ps. I’ll pay a lot more for something that really works….

  • michaeljoethomas

    I was once told that consuming a bottle of Goldenseal, and handful of Niacin (vitamin B3), and about 1/4 cup of Creatine — followed by a gallon of water will assure a negative drug test. I’ve never used illegal drug — thus, I’ve never tried this. But I asked my son. He said he had tried it and it worked. I also asked a drug-lab tech and she said it would work.

    • channing

      Goldenseal is just too old school , that may have worked back in 1993 while you were jamming to Nine inch nails…lol but they test for goldenseal now.. and a handful of niacin will do nothing but give you cardiac arrest.. THC stores in fat ..and it takes more than a flush to get that out .. the 80$ detox at the head shop or the Palo Azul Tea are the only two things that I know for sure that work.

      • micheal

        where can I get the tea ?

        • ultraviolet

          do NOT get the Palo Azul Tea from AMAZON or EBAY cause that stuff is bunk. I would go to Palo Azul Tea Dot com… get a couple packs , boil it in a gallon of water and drink it the day before your test and you’ll pass for sure . I pass every month.

          • julia

            I had a Mexican tell me about using palo Azul to make a tea to pass a DT once but I didn’t know where to find it. Everyone on yahoo and high times keeps talking about Palo Azul Tea dot com so I guess I will try there.

          • winston

            smokeem, a bag of palo Azul tea is like 7 bucks bro and its NATURAL…. why would you pay 80$ for some chemical detox at a head shop?

          • Handy man

            OK, I went to my FREAKING DOCTOR and paid him 85$ just to ask him this Question ..HOW DOES PALO AZUL HELP ME PASS MY DRUG TEST..? AND this is what my DOCTOR SAID!!..This is why Palo Azul Tea works you guys.. Palo Azul Tea contains negatively charged alkaloids (just like how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to zap the toxins out of the air) A negative charge PULLS… The negatively charged alkaloids draw out the positively charged THC byproducts (that they test for) and the alkaloids bond on to the thc byproduct making it a DIFFERENT compound…giving it a different genetic signature making it something different , making it undetectable by a drug test … It doesn’t mask THC , It straight up changes its makeup! AWESOME!

  • Take_Me_Higher

    When I googled Palo Azul Tea, there were many boasts from all search engines that indicate this products works. I tried it for myself as I am tested monthly. This is the first time I have passed. I have tried all of the expensive products from the head shops and failed many times. I say get your tea and smoke on dudes.

  • LegalizeItNow

    I’ve been smoking for over 20 years now and I’m a medical marijuana user however because my state’s drug testing policies are based on federal regulations and not state I’m often forced to seek out viable ways to pass my scheduled administered drug tests. Although there are numerous ways of passing these tests, the Magnum Detox 1 Hour System Cleanser has always worked for me being that my employer gives me a 3 to 4 day heads up. I purchase the drink at http://www.passdrugtestsfast dot com. If you situation is one where you are randomly drug tested then go for the Magnum Detox Instant Flush grape drink. You don’t need 2 days of pre-toxing with that drink. I hope this helps.

  • courtney

    can someone tell me where I can find the Palo Azul Tea chips ?? my friend just passed his UA with flying colors and he keeps talking about Palo Azul .. people keep telling me not to get the palo off of ebay because its all moldy and none of it works… can someone please suggest a good store in Southern Cali or a good website that specializes in Palo Azul ?

    • perty

      Everyone on here seems to be going to Palo Azul Tea dot com.. they have like 3,000 members .. and its only 7 BUCKS!!

  • John

    Guys I only smoke weed 3 times in my life one was 9 days ago can I pass a drug test if I drink water or what kind of test should I take plzz help

    • elroy

      go to palo Azul tea dot com and get like 2 or 3 bags and boil in a gallon and drink the day before your test and youll be golden dude..

    • Jay

      You are almost definitely fine after 9 days.. Go to walgreens and buy a test kit .

  • Missey

    I’m on probation, and just got called in for a drug test. How do I pass this by tomorrow morning?

    • Jay

      Need more details Missy.
      Just pot or other.. What kind of test.. When is the last time you used ?

      • Missey

        Pot, and it’s a urine test, and it’s been about 2 weeks since.

    • Jay

      With standard urine test a light to medium smoker with good metabolism usually needs approx. 3 days to clear all thc metabolites . If you can get 7 days odds are even better. The only sure way to beat a urine test is with time or some clean urine you sneak in with you, and it must be at the right temperature when handed in .

  • Jay

    Hair testing for THC. .. Approx. 90 day window BUT there is good news.. Hair tests are very poor at detecting THC. most research says that it is unlikely to detect a casual user ( couple times a week) . They are very good at detecting other drugs.

  • Jay

    Disclaimer.. I am not the Jay who runs the board
    Just an fyi

  • allycat

    I smoked once on Saturday (literally one hit) and I have to take a pre-employment test sometime next week. I rarely smoke (maybe twice this month). What do I need to do to pass this?

  • john

    11 days ago I ordered palo Azul tea – still not arrived

    • curly

      Who is this guy? He is starting to sound like a coke head on an endless rant. smoke some weed and chill the eff out. Your a bitter person who slings hate like a dog shaking off water. Dry up your bull shit and fly strait

  • nick

    I just ordered some Palo Azul from Palo Azul tea dot com, it got to me in like 3 days, not bad. My question is , how do you make it exactly?

    • johny boy

      Palo Azul is a natural plant that grows only in tropical places…I just boil the palo Azul wood chips for an hour the day before my pee test … you’ll be nervous the first time you go pee , and when you pass it you will be in disbelief !lol it works though and im FAT and smoke a lot!

  • truman

    I just went to the Palo Azul Tea website ..it only costs 7 BUCKS?!! why didn’t I catch on to this a year ago?!?! ive been paying like hundreds a month on detox from the head shop that makes me crap my pants. I don’t even care if the Palo tastes good, for only 7 bucks SIGN ME UP! ive been researching it on various search engines and all say that Palo Azul Tea is the most natural and effective way to detox.
    I even heard you can trip balls if you boil like 10 packs lol !! sign me up

  • john

    12 days still not received – where is it coming from – North Korea????

  • john kangelosi

    I’m a pot smoker and haven’t done it in about 3 years, last week I smoked weed everyday then stopped Thursday and then smoked again Monday night, I wont have a drug test til about January 20, today is December 23, I did smoke alot in that week, but will not smoke until then, would I be ok? Should I worry? It’s a military drug test

  • john

    I’m a little skeptical – everyone here (who says the tea works) has the same leaf icon next to their name – am I (& others) being conned? Also, when I hover my mouse over their names I get no further info on that person (unlike people without the leaf icons) wtf is goin on????

    • buddy

      I don’t have an icon bro… the leaf is the icon administered to us all when we log onto here as a guest… why are you trying to get people names?? I think JOHN is a FED lol.. everyone on here uses the tea and other numerous things to pass a dt… but for some reason all you do is knock the natural 7$ tea ??…. I bet you work for magnum ($150 a bottle DETOX) you corporate devil! since youre so concerned with peoples icon image why did you choose such a ridiculous one??lol

    • Intergalactic Pimp

      The leaf is the default avatar if you havent set a custom one.

      As for detoxes and stuff, as far as I know none of that crap works, and they never have. Back in the day “golden seal” was the defacto urine cleaner….it’s BS.

      What Jay suggested is about the only for sure way to pass along with not smoking. I know some people swear by the synthetic urine too. Never tried it myself, though.

      Another myth is drinking tons of water before a test to dilute your urine. While it does “work”, testing facilities will generally make you retest of your urine is too diluted.

  • john

    Hey buddy, it sounds like you work for them. When it doesn’t work I’ll let everyone on my YouTube channel know. How do you like them apples, ‘bro’? lol

    • john

      Hey buddy, your comments have pissed me off. Now, if the shit don’t work I’m gonna create a video on YouTube specifically about how people shouldn’t waste their money on it & it’s a scam. Maybe you should play nice when you try to make people think you don’t work for PA tea, bro.

      • Steven Robinson

        Quit hatin bro nobody gives two fuck about u or ur channel gtfo of here

    • buddy

      john ,As far as im concerned you can cram both “your tube” and the Magnum Detox up your ass..and how bout some Monistat cream for that sand in your vagina?? you give weed a bad name… you give yourself a bad name..do you have nothing better to do than spew hate ? although I do not WORK for them , i am 1 of 3,000 subscribers/members to Palo Azul Tea.. lots of people on this blog are.. Its a 7$ DETOX DUDE!! AND IT WORKS!! WHY WOULDNT I BE A MEMBER??This blog is for mature bud smokers who want to share insight and tips with each other..In todays economy, people don’t have $100.00 to spend on a single bottle of detox, so naturally people are going to share the info when they discover a natural detox that is effective and only costs 6 or 7 dollars…. there are over 100 different people on this blog who subscribe to Palo Azul Tea … and I doubt they would have 3,000 members if it didn’t work!! im just sayin… ive been on this blog only a few times in the last 3 days , I appreciate the tips everyone..but theres too much chaos in here for me thanks to little kids like john.

      • bret

        what can i take to pass a ua i dont have a credit card to order stuff online and dont have alot of money is there anything i can buy at walmart or walgreens ?

  • john

    Hey kitkat, if the shit don’t work I’m gonna create a video on YouTube specifically about how people shouldn’t waste their money on it & it’s a scam. Maybe you should play nice when you try to make people think you don’t work for PA tea, bro.

    • kitkat420

      im a woman , you little boy…. and I don’t have time to work for anyone because I have 3 lil kids

  • KitKat420

    I have used this tea for months now. I heard about it here on the blog. I have to piss once a month for probation. I have bought other pricy brand name products (such as the one you seem to be peddling) and failed. Since I started drinking the Palo Azul Tea not only do I pass no questions asked, but I feel better, healthier too and have lost weight, I no longer get regular kidney infections. It has way more benefits than I realized. And for only 7 bucks who can bitch about that. Oh BTW anyone who chooses to log in as a guest gets the leaf icon it is the blogs trademark DUH!!!! We sign in as guests to protect our personal information from Spies, Haters and or FEDS such as yourself!!! Everyone cannot be wrong. All the major search engines cannot be wrong. All the YouTube videos cannot be wrong. You are defaming very good people that help a lot of us. Please go peddle your banter somewhere else and leave us Happy Clean and Detoxed Stoners alone. Thank you!!!

  • Kat

    I smoked one blunt and two hits out of a water bottle now I just found out I have a drug test in three days.
    I am 5’2
    100 lbs
    Fast metabolism
    Only smoke twice a month.
    Will I be clean by then?

  • Kat

    I smoked one blunt and two hits out of a water bottle now I just found out I have a drug test in three days.
    I am 5’2
    100 lbs
    Fast metabolism
    Only smoke twice a month.
    Will I be clean by then?

    • Intergalactic Pimp

      There is a good chance you will be good to go, Kat. Typically THC doesn’t stay in your system long if you only smoke from time to time. Of course that will be different for everyone.

      FWIW, years ago I was in a 30 day rehab for weed. At the time I was about 150lb with a super fast metabolism. As soon as I got out I smoked a couple times and got tested a few days later. My sample was clean.

      Check this link for more info.


    • ricky

      just depends on how much money you have to spend man… you can buy strong chemical detox from the head shop for $80 or you can get some Palo Azul tea for 7$ ( Palo Azul tea dot com ) both will make you pee like a racehorse! but they all work!

    • Intergalactic Pimp

      I posted a response that wasn’t allowed to be posted earlier. Probably because I included a link on how long it takes THC to get out of your system vs. how often and how much you smoke.

      Anyway, it depends. There is a decent chance you’ll be fine as you don’t smoke often, but there are no guarantees.

      You’re gonna have to do some research. Google is your friend, my friend.

      If I were you I’d try to postpone the test for a few days just to make sure.

      FWIW, years ago I was in a 30 day rehab. The day I got out I smoked a few times then had a UA a few days later. Urine was clean.

      Good luck.

      • erica

        a rehab reject giving Health / Detox advice?? lol

        • Intergalactic Pimp

          Hey, look at you. You’re a funny one. Congrats!

    • Joe

      Nine hours prior to test overload your body with water, you will pee every ten minutes or so but it does flush the system enuf for urinalysis testing

  • Don’t wanna be unemployed

    I am a chronic, habitual smoker and have been for about 5 years. I’m facing termination if I do not pass a UA in a week. I am 5’9″, 140Lbs, female. I exercise daily and eat a very healthy, lean diet. I’m flushing, supplementing, and sweating. Is there anything else I can do? I am waiting on some Palo Azul to arrive in the mail. Is this product a myth? Do I have a CHANCE at passing?

    • suzie q

      The palo Azul works for a lot of people , youre in good hands if you got it directly from Palo Azul Tea Dot com…they have a support team available..and it tastes like tangerine… I Pass EVERY TIME with the tea… Merry Xmas my fellow stoners@!

    • LearntheHardWay

      hey idiots how about you just don’t smoke wee that’s a n idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karla

    Soo, I smoke once a week or once every two weeks, I started smoking around 5 or 4 months ago, however, I stopped for about 35 days, I had a drug test today.. And I’m shitting bricks. I am 5’5 female about 125 lbs. Medium to fast metabolism if that helps.. What are the odds it will come out positive? D:

    • redrocker

      Yer good. If you quit 35 days ago. No worries………

  • freddy

    Karla , go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get 2 bags for like 14 bucks and drink the gallon the day before and you will pass no problem, youre welcome

    • jenny

      what exactly is Palo Azul ?

      • Chardonay

        Its a plant that only grows in south America and Mexico. Palo Azul contains negatively charged alkaloids (just like how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to zap the toxins out of the air) A negative charge PULLS… The negatively charged alkaloids draw out the positively charged THC byproducts (that they test for) and the alkaloids bond on to the thc byproduct making it a DIFFERENT compound…giving it a different genetic signature making it something different , making it undetectable by a drug test … It doesn’t mask THC , It straight up changes its makeup! AWESOME! Just don’t get the Palo Azul off of amazon or ebay because its not the correct strain. Palo Azul Tea dot com is the only website that specializes in Palo Azul and they have like 3,000 members, I would get it through them. its only like 7 bucks a pack!

  • kel

    If I get my friend to give me a charge. Will be in my system. She inhales it and blows it into my mouth.

  • mike jones

    I have two weeks before I take a urin test, I am a heavy smoker,what do you recommend

    • drake

      I would go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get 2 – 3 bags for like 14 $ …drink the gallon of tea the day before your test and you will be GOLDEN! I know from experience, hell, everyone on here uses it. GOOGLE IT!

  • nervous

    I take a strong lasic(water pill) every day.Will this help me or hurt me on my urine test

    • Derek Ulrich

      would definitely help flushing your system .. but drink a bunch of water too

  • jay

    Need some advice please….. I smoked just about every day for a few years and got a new job and quit for about 5 weeks roughly 37 days. I was at a party and took one good hit off a joint and now found out I have to take a drug test in about a week or so. Do you think I will be good to go?

    • Derek Ulrich

      just drink a bunch of water, one hit shouldnt show up after a week normally..unless it was a really good one :P

  • unstable

    I was with a few of my buddy’s and I’m getting tested the first of January. All I did was clear a small bong a few times. And I only weigh 120. Should I be ok?

    • Derek Ulrich

      i would recommend flushing your system as much as you can until then, day of especially..and make sure to pee before you pee in the cup..first piss of the day is the worst, and after drinking a shit load of water that first piss will be dirty as well, pop a vitamin to avoid them saying it was diluted

  • Dominique

    I use Palo Azul tea to pass my pee test every month !! but not all palo Azul works ..the people selling it on ebay are selling some bunk palo and i failed… but then i came here and saw people on here talking about palo Azul tea dot com and found out they have the best strain of palo…and now i pass every month… you live and learn.

  • Mark Kelly

    I have heard alot about Palo Azul tea and was wondering if it is like regular tea as far as caffeine content. I take medicine for elevated blood pressure and heart palpitations and HIV meds. Will drinking this much tea cause me to have problems?

  • RoughMix

    I had applied for a full time well paid job. i was txt the details and it said that I would have to do a drug and alcohol test at the interview. I came on this site to find out my options. I originally had 5 days and managed to put that to 10 days before test. Unfortunately in the UK Palo Azul tea is banned so I drank water all day, had a glass of Aloe Vera each morning, I was advised by people in the know to make sage/dandelion tea a few times a day as tea, also drunk senna pods tea on the day before. The test came after the interview and it turned out to be a salvia swab. I must admit I was a worried cause expecting urine test. So I sucked the swab and waited. The office I was in had a glass wall so I could see some of the staff looking at me, expecting the Dreadlocks to fail. The result was negative. It seems to me that swab test are the one we gonna have to plan to get round, Peace all

    • Geoffrey

      Actually Palo Azul Tea (from Palo Azul Tea dot com) ships to the UK now! I know because I live here in the UK and just got mine a few days ago!! SMOKE UP!!

  • scared

    The last time I smoked was the 20th of December and I’m supposed to be getting drug tested the 16th of this month. I don’t have a fast metabolism. Am I more than likely going to fail?

    • Genesis

      I would suggest either the $80 chemical detox from the head shop or the $7 Palo Azul Tea …they both work every time. (I personally would go with the tea since its natural and only seven bucks, but that’s just me) either way don’t sweat it, you’ll be fine.

      • itsjustme

        What’s the best way to pass if you dont have the few days to wait for the tea to arrive?

    • you’re welcome

      if you drink lots of liquids you wil be fine. a lot of sports drinks like Gatorade help and a lot of cranberry juice

      • mbailey

        is that all you have to do is drink these drinks

        • jack temp

          yes and make sure you dont pee straight into the container…pee some and then pee into the cup mid stream or at the end of the stream. goodluck!

  • Need help!

    I have an interview on Monday and I’m not sure if I will have to take a drug test for the job if I get it. They never specified but I have smoked everyday for the last couple years, and I want to smoke today but I am afraid I won’t pass the a test (if I have to take one.) what should I do?



    • coco

      No unless it blood in the urine

    • kryssiecat

      If the female is pregnant they can tell with a simple test that it’s a female

  • failed the test

    don’t waste your money. I bought some palo azul tea for just in case i haven’t used grass in 3 weeks than i had a interview & they tested me so I followed instructions for the tea and I failed the test

  • kryssiecat

    82 days not smoking and I still can’t pass a 20ng/ml UTest. SO FRUSTRATING!
    (Used to smoke every day for 11 months, female 5’3″ I’m kinda fat at 170lbs)

  • Glamgirl

    Wondering if the palo azul tea blocks only thc or will it block my medications too? Cuz I need those to show up which is why I don’t know how to pass this test. I know how to give a clean test all around, but not how to block only the THC. I won’t have anyone watching me, but not sure if it’s being sent out to a lab. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • arkanjel11

      I am in the same boat. I’m on suboxone and klonopin which I need to show up on my test but I need to hide the thc. I dont know how to make this happen.

  • Glamgirl

    I ordered the palo azul tea, but not sure if it will be here in time. I have Niacin, cranberry pills, B vitamins, aspirin, soluble fiber, Gatorade, Epsom salts and am thinking about getting zinc sulfate. If you can’t tell I’m grasping for straws here. Thinking of trying to eat high fat foods up until I test, which should be Tuesday afternoon on January 6th.

  • Dr Green

    Palo Azul works for me and every one of my co workers! we just started using it last month . every search engine has people saying it works. Palo Azul contains negatively charged alkaloids (just like how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to zap the toxins out of the air) A negative charge PULLS… The negatively charged alkaloids draw out the positively charged THC byproducts (that they test for) and the alkaloids bond on to the thc byproduct making it a DIFFERENT compound…giving it a different genetic signature making it something different , making it undetectable by a drug test … It doesn’t mask THC , It straight up changes its makeup! AWESOME! Just don’t get the Palo Azul off of amazon or ebay because its not the correct strain. Palo Azul Tea dot com is the only website that specializes in Palo Azul and they have like 3,000 members, I would get it through them. its only like 7 bucks a pack!

  • Glamgirl

    Will the tea block my prescribed meds also or just the thc? I appreciate the responses so much and ordered from the site you recommended last week. Hoping it gets here on time.

  • Brian Ofwgkta Yelm

    I smoked the 23rd of December and I have a test on the 5th I don’t smoke every day just weekly for about 15 weeks will I be ok?

    • jack temp

      yea but make sure you drink a tonne of water the night before and that morning. and don’t pee straight into the cup, pee a little and then pee in the cup mid stream or near the end of the piss. goodluck. i smoked 8 days before my test, and i did this and passed :D

  • Veteran_Smoker54

    I have been smoking for over 30 years and have tried numerous products to pass my drug tests and the truth is some products work better than others. I must say that of all the drug testing solutions I’ve used over the years Magnum Detox has worked the best. The 1 hour system cleanser and the Instant Flush are the two products I mainly use. I still use these products til this day and I get them online from http://www.passdrugtestsfast dot com. These guys ship very fast and the customer support is awesome. They answer all e-mails and offer product support before and after the sale.

  • pothead

    I am a smoker i smoke every day.well i have to go to jail on the 19.for work release.they have to test me i know its a urine test. but it county a bottle wont work i will get patted dwn. help i need to ggarentee a negtive or ill lose my job. and wrk release.

  • freedom

    I would suggest either the $80 chemical detox from the head shop or the $7 Palo Azul Tea …they both work every time. (I personally would go with the tea since its natural and only seven bucks, and help you lose weight, the Palo Azul Tea homepage explains the science of how it works ) either way don’t sweat it, you’ll be fine

  • Devinthedude

    I just passed a 10 panel screening using Quick Fix it was the new stuff with premium mixed uric acid or so the box says. Just heated it up slapped the heating pad on and stuffed it. Purchased it online http://www.quickfixsynthetic.com direct from the source.

    • JuicyJina

      I used Quick Fix last month and it showed up as a masking agent…If I fail the next test I will lose my job. DO NOT RECCOMED this product if your job is on the line :/

      • blunts n bongs

        Use fruit pectin

        • Nay

          Ive passed every drug test by using Fruit Pectin. As soon as I know Ill be tested I stop smoking weed then, the morning of my test I drink a 44oz glass of kool-aid(gatorade is gross) mixed with the pectin. Give your second or third pee and your good. I dont increase my fluid intake since it dilutes your pee. I have a test later this week for a new job and will use this method. Im not a heavy smoker, maybe 2x’s a week, and could usually care less about smoking a bowl. Since I know I cant smoke until after this test…..IM DYING TO SMOKE A BOWL!!! :)

  • brandon

    bro, im not going to pay $80 for some quick fix CHEMICAL CRAP when I can pay $6 for a bag of Palo Azul Tea…at least the tea is natural . and according to the Palo Azul Tea website it has a 5,000 year old history , 10 different benefits ..pretty interesting!!

    • nick

      Im on your side Brandon.. I hate it when those corporate MFers get on here and at like its cool to spend a hundred bucks on some detox.

    • Juicy Jina

      Hey I checked out this Palo Azul website. This sounds like it could be the answer to my prayers!!! I cannot afford to fail again. I just bought 5 bags on their special. Thanks for the info…wish me luck. I’m up in smoke :D

  • blunts n bongs

    Use sure jell. Look it up it works its 3 dollars. Be sure to use the jell and not the powder when you buy.

    • chris

      Sure jell will clog up your kidneys!! do not drink jellatin!! that’s about as smart as drinking bleach!

    • Nay

      This is the method I use and have never failed……and neither have my kidneys.

  • smokey

    I smoked for 20 years the last 3 just hydro every day been clean for 34 days. Just drank some water pills pissing clear what are the chances of passing ua? Thanks in advance

    • smokey

      I’m 5’10 235 lbs

    • NiñaLinda4


  • drakeW

    I would go to Palo Azul Tea dot com and get 2 – 3 bags for like 14 $ …drink the gallon of tea the day before your test and you will be GOLDEN! I know from experience, hell, everyone on here uses it. GOOGLE IT!

  • Delano Blunt

    i have ua in 3 and a half hrs. i have clean pee but its from a female and the test is at a medical clinic.can they tell the difference between sexes?

    • quekay

      Im a female and have used male pee twice and passed.

  • willpuffs83

    Just got two 7 dollar packs of Palo azul in the mail. How much is needed to make a gallon? There just chunks of bark..do I break them down? Put them in tea bags?

  • Chuck

    If you go to the Palo Azul Tea dot com website they have the instructions on the homepage ..Its easy ! Just plop the chunks in the boiling water…drink the gallon the day before your test and you’ll pass dude.. im on probation and Ive been using different methods but the Palo Azul tea is the best .. its cheap and good for you too..

  • Liz101580

    I haven’t smoked since Sept but I smoked some on Dec 23rd, Jan 1st, Jan 6th & Jan 8th now my job told me I have to go to get a physical & drug screen on 15th.. What can I do to make sure I pass?? I can’t afford to lose this job..

    • lola

      Buy Stat royal flush detox drink I’ve used it and it works just follow the instructions

    • lola

      Its only $15 on amazon fyi

    • heather

      Palo Azul is only 6 bucks

  • HotRod

    How long can you store someone else’s urine ?

    • NiñaLinda4

      Depends were your storing it.

  • George cokehead Bush

    Palo Azul Tea doesn’t work. Don’t be fooled by people trying to make a buck off you. Don’t believe me then go out buy a cheap urine drug test from your local drug store, then take your Palo Azul tea & drink yourself silly & then take the urine test.

    • Helping hand

      Yes it does dumb ass and how is anyone making any money from any of these people?

  • johnboy420

    i would suggest either the $80 chemical detox from the head shop or the $7 Palo Azul Tea …they both work every time. (I personally would go with the tea since its natural and only seven bucks, and help you lose weight, the Palo Azul Tea homepage explains the science of how it works ) either way don’t sweat it, you’ll be fine

    • travino

      trust me im a Mexican . The Palo Azul works.. im Mexican I approve this message .. google it if you don’t belive it! anyone on here that hates on drinking some Palo Azul Tea that costs like 5 bucks is working for one of those $75 detox companies… WHACK

      • ludim

        How long do you have to drink Some Palo Azul Tea?

  • Taylor M.

    Hi, I have a question. I have a pee test coming up.. I actually don’t know when because I haven’t had the interview yet but the job is a guarantee. Anyways, I hit the blunt once on new years and maybe a week or so before then I smoked a fair amount of weed. I’m an occasional smoker but those were the last two times I smoked since the end of November. I am 5’6, 100lbs. I’m a female if that matters any, I have a fast metabolism but I’m not that active AT ALL..and I don’t drink that much fluids, I hate water..do you think I have a good chance of passing? If not any advice? Please help!

    • NiñaLinda4

      Ok so I’m an occasional smoker as well I smoke onces every two months I smoked sunday and I just took a test today Saturday but because I was panicking I took a home test (first check) and It was negative but mind you this is what I did throughtout the whole week I was often drinking water 3 bottles of 23oz a day I went to the gym everyday cranberry juice and tea everyday I would alternate this helped my body get rid of the THC I am 6’1 280 pounds which I would’ve guessed My body ( if you want to get technical fat tissues) WOULDVE stored the THC because I’m thick but I guess that wasn’t the case. Don’t waste your money ordering/buying pricey detox that are not guarrented to work.

      • Taylor M.

        Where can I get a home test?

        • moonpie

          They sell home drug tests at the pharmacy. I see them at Walgreens all the time.

    • nate

      Ul b good in like two weeks drink water . Vinagure fluid ..eww. or chips lol .and a niocin a day to flush toxins helps speed metab too I’m 5, 8 130 man n iv been clean in a week . No fat super skinny -snoogins

    • Helping hand

      Your TOTALLY fine

  • 60s chick

    I’ve smoked about 5 times in the last 2 weeks and hadn’t smoked in months prior to that. I’m not very active with it being cold unless I’m stoned. Do you think I can pass a premployment drug test within the next week?

    • Helping hand

      No you can’t. But what I do suggest is going somewhere where you can get palo azul tea. It is VERY effective and works amazingly. You can smoke one day and then drink the tea, wait 5 hours and you’ll piss clean

  • mike

    i have a drug test on tuesday and smoke yesterday. any help ??

    • Helping hand

      I can’t help you in this situation what I can say is drink so much water that the test comes out inconclusive so the test will be resqedualed and try and get your hands on some palo azul tea. It works very well

      • Kay

        Does this tea do it for goodif u don’t plan on smoking anymore anytime soon or a quick fix?

        • eric b

          I drink a half gallon of the tea a day and smoke every day and I have been home testing myself every day and FINALLY I have found a perfect balance of weed vs palo tea to where I pass the tests each time. im 6ft 185 lbs .. The palo Azul tea website tells you how to make it but what they don’t tell you is that you can re-use the tea! I mean its only a few dollars a bag but still..

    • Juicy Jina

      The Tea everyone on here is Raving about gave me a 5 hour window. Drank the whole gallon as instructed on the Palo Azul site, Drank water but not too much. Pee was clean 5 hours before I hate to take that God Awful Piss. I was Green and I was Clean!!! To all the Haters…Good Moring with your Dirty as Pee, as for me, Imma smoke all day, smoke all night. Imma go to sleep High…Imma wake up High!!! Aint NO coming Down!!!!

      • Big Chop

        it gave me a 4 day window!

  • Johnny

    I have to also take a pee test ,i am some what a regular smoker but i take several prescribed meds ,i need them to show up in my test and not be masked in any way ,this of course is because of the new Government /DEA rules for me to keep my prescriptions coming ,i can not use someones pee ,what do you suggest ?

    • Blake Beliew

      You could give the pills to them one time? Just to have them in the piss?

    • ixnax

      This is my problem too. It is a new problem as I have
      not toked in a long time. I am considering just being honest rather than risk being caught. I have no idea what to do…

  • scott

    I need to know how to pass a suprise drug test

  • jason

    bro, im not going to pay $80 for some quick fix CHEMICAL CRAP when I can pay $6 for a bag of Palo Azul Tea…at least the tea is natural . and according to the Palo Azul Tea website it has a 5,000 year old history , 10 different benefits ..way more bang for my buck !

    • Helping hand


  • ellie

    I’ve smoked a lot of weed today and my parents want to buy me a drug test and do it today what should I do?????

  • drug man

    That tea does not work people.

  • drug man

    Look if you are going to a clinic where they send it off you will fail every time i know i am the guy who receives and does the test. We have people who come on here just to see what we need to look for look tbere is only 2 ways water!!!!!!!!! And. Clean pee

    • Henry K.

      ok I got tired of all this confusion about Palo Azul Tea so I went to my FREAKIN DOCTOR and asked him (while getting my Xanax filled ) How is it that Tea made from the Bark of the Palo Azul plant could make people not show up positive for T.H.C? He said he had never heard of Palo Azul and then he researched on his laptop for a second and this is what he said..” Palo Azul contains negative charged alkaloids that draws out toxins with a positive charge such as THC , ( a negative charge pulls) .Similar to how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to pull the toxins out of the air.. Once the negative alkaloid enters the urinary tract system it bonds on to the toxins and changes their genetic signature ..making the toxins a different compound altogether now ,making them undetectable! , google it.. the fact that some cheap little natural plant from the rain forest can do all that blows my mind! I will post this again up top just so this “drug man” AKA (Magnum Detox Rep) doesn’t try to erase this post and trick you guys into spending a ton of cash on some chemical crap.

    • drreed

      do you mean drink lots of water and also if the urine is a send to lab it will be ok?

  • drug man

    Love you guys with this tea what a joke they are making a profit off your life

    • keep it real

      a profit by charging SIX BUCKS?? lol I would be bashing the $60+ stuff ,

  • Drug Boy

    I have a drug test in 2 weeks. I have been a heavy smoker since about 8th grade. I am now 22 years old, 6’2” and 280 lbs. This is my first time having to take a drug test. What is the best way to get it out of my system? I think I need atleast 30 days to get it out of my system because Im such a big guy but I need a quick fix. I have taken niacin but it did not do anything to me. Any advice?

    • Too_Cute90210

      Unfortunately there is now quick fix trust I know my boyfriend and I have done endless of research took all kind of detox pills drinks pretty much everything you can think including niacin he’s 270 I’m 250 And we both going on 56 days and just starting to test negative for thc.. The best thing to do is run excersie sweat and drink water to boost your matabolism … Take diet pills just to increase your matabolism..

  • lovesgreen

    I’ve been a heavy smoker for about 8 years, today is day 3 of no smoking bc I have a urine test for a job I just interviewed for today…my test will be within a week I’m guessing..I am a 5’0, 110lb 26 year old female…HELP!!

    • Chase Keene

      I’ve used Potable Aqua to flush my system since 1999. Very simplistic and the cheapest on the market ($2.97) WALMART
      What I’ve done in the past when I was in your exact position:
      Fill a gallon jug of water (milk jug) and keep it full. Drink consistently starting today. *Easier to keep down if you drink with small cups.
      Once all the color is gone from your urine (then) drop two pills in a 20Oz bottle Leave 1/3 air to shake and dissolve tablets then drink it.
      Once you drink the purified water your first piss will be dirty because the purification will push the toxins out. Your second piss will be clean.
      I’ve always pissed once before going to the drug test and the second was in the cup.

      Good luck Shorty

  • Berkeley Edu.

    I have used this tea for a month now. I heard about it here on the blog. I have to piss once a month for my job. I have bought other pricy brand name products (such as the one you seem to be peddling) and failed. Since I started drinking the Palo Azul Tea not only do I pass no questions asked, but I feel better, healthier too and have lost weight, I no longer get regular kidney infections. It has way more benefits than I realized.Oh BTW anyone who chooses to bash a 6$ natural detox product that comes from the amazon rain forests is definitely working for one of those overpriced $80 detox CORPORATIONS!!! I can tell you firsthand the Tea saved my job. Everyone cannot be wrong. All the major search engines cannot be wrong. All the YouTube videos cannot be wrong. You are defaming very good people that help a lot of us. Please go peddle your banter somewhere else and leave us Happy Clean Stoners alone. Thank you!!!

  • Crabtree

    ok I got tired of all this confusion about Palo Azul Tea so I went to my FREAKIN DOCTOR and asked him (while getting my Xanax filled ) How is it that Tea made from the Bark of the Palo Azul plant could make people not show up positive for T.H.C? He said he had never heard of Palo Azul and then he researched on his laptop for a second and this is what he said..” Palo Azul contains negative charged alkaloids that draw out toxins with a positive charge such as THC , ( a negative charge pulls) .Similar to how an air ionizer uses a negative charge to pull the toxins out of the air.. Once the negative alkaloids enter the urinary tract system it bonds on to the toxins and changes their genetic signature ..making the toxins a different compound altogether now ,making them undetectable! , google it.. the fact that some cheap little natural plant from the rain forest can do all that blows my mind! I will post this again up top just so this “drug man” AKA (Magnum Detox Rep) doesn’t try to erase this post and trick you guys into spending a ton of cash on some chemical crap!

  • Thatdude420

    I’ve been smoking weed since I was 16. I’m 25 now. I shit you not. I had to take this drug test for this job I got and they told us it would be random. So, one lazy afternoon, bong rips, blunts, and cereals. The boom….boss called…buzzkill, I know. “Oh hey man, just letting you know drug test is tomorrow.” You see, weed stays in your fat. If you have a fast metabolism like me, you can do it too. I put on layers on clothing, and just sweat it all out. I put on a thrashbag first, it helps you sweat faster, and then I wore sweat shirt over it. Work out the whole night. Lots of water. That’s the key. Lots of water. I mean really, lots of water. I was chugging water the whole night, and then sweat it all out, and pee. You’ll notice it too coz your urine is gonna be clear, not yellow. Or you can just go to a sauna, if you don’t wanna work out and be beast like me. Rawr!!!!

  • Eddie

    I’m a male, 5′ 10″ and weigh 144Ibs. I last smoked 13 days ago and still have at least 2 more weeks until my test. I do light exercise daily and eat very healthy. Since my last time smoking I’ve chugged at least a little over a gallon of water daily. Oh, and I bought a at home drug test and passed with a faint (but present) line. It was negative. I’m still freaking out and continue to drink lots of water until I have to take my test. Anyone know if I’ll be okay if I stay on this track of clean eating, water and exercising. I’m going to incorporate running this week.

    HELP! Thanks.

    • Nicc

      Ya you’ll be fine drink orange juice and work up a sweat

  • Miranda

    My name is miranda. I’m 19 years old and I just started smoking frequently about 3-4 months ago. Not daily, but a few times a week. I’m going for my LPN (please don’t judge that I smoke while trying to become a nurse) I have never seen a problem with anyone who smokes but for some reason people frown upon doctors and nurses that do. Anywho, ALL nursing departments drug screen (piss test). Last night, I smoked for my “last” time for two whole years, seeing as how the LPN program is 2 years long and they have a drug screen every semester RANDOMLY. I guess my question is, is there a way around this to where I can still smoke occasionally AND pass all my drug tests?? I really don’t want to stop smoking for an entire two years…

  • Mike D

    I recently had a drug test for an upcoming job position and I had 3 days to stop smoking prior to taking the test. I bought the Magnum Detox 1 hour system cleanser from passdrugtestsfast dot com and it worked. Just make sure you get the right size for your weight because they come in 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes.

    • Miranda

      Is this in reply to my post?? I’m about 110 pounds. Very slim

      • Mike D

        Yes. The 16 oz. 1 hour system cleanser would work for your weight size. I’m 235 so I have to use the 32 oz. size. Just remember to stop smoking for two days prior to using the cleanser

  • Kyle

    My name is kyle, I live in Canada. I have a job which makes me over 80k a year and my employer has a strict drug policy and they drug test regular. I am I’m for lack of a better word, chronic. Lately I’ve been smoking 2 grams or more a day and I pass every test. I’m 26 years, 6.1 and 205-210lbs. I’ve passed a drug test smoking everyday on two weeks notice, I passed a drug test on 24 hours notice while smoking everyday(was smoking when I got the call)

    • Vanessa

      Can you tell us your secret ways?

  • tx1020

    so can anyone help me as well? I have been a heavy user (daily, around a blunt or two) for around 6 months now. I got 3 days to clean my self and I highly doubt i can hide 6 months of heavy smoking in such a short period of time. I’m 6’0, weight 133 pounds and am in desperate need of a solution (preferably homemade), since where I live it’s hard to get any of those anti doping products. So far i’ve been chugging water along with diuretics like crazy, have been drinking vinegar too and unsweetened coffee. Please help anyone?

    • Rainbow420

      I have passed every month for the past 6 months using the Tea people talk about on here. Google the tea “Palo Azul” the site has a specialty type :D Hope this helps you

      • eli

        How many days before ur test did u stop smokin???

    • sean

      youre pretty much screwed man, you need to get on your hands and knees and pray to the weed king for a minor miracle.. im an 18 y.o. in australia and i plan to join the army which they do through analysis. i stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and the urine tests are in 2 weeks. ive been smoking for years but i will be clean.. im not sure if the tactics youre using will do much but i also recommend one other tactic, daiy exercise while consuming the good stuff, it really does help. so incase you arent educated, let me give you a quick run down, so youre 6’0” and 133lbs? im about 5’8” and 133lbs aswell, this probably means you have a low body fat percentage which is good as when you smoke, the thc, once absorbed, sticks to the at cells in your body. when you exrsice, assuming you have a relatively healthy diet, you will burn those cells and it will release the thc metabolites into your liver and through your urine system (this is what drug tests detect). so start exersizing daily as you smoke daily (even if its just a 30 minute run), get a clean diet and about 2 days before your urine test, eat steak 3 times a day.. this will sortve mask small amounts of metabolites. good luck with your upcoming test, ill pray for you.

      ps. dont drink too much water on the day, if your urine is too diluted, theyll detect it and you will fail. if you eat the steak tho, you should be able to get away with a few flushes on the day.. id say 2. just make sure your urine isnt clear. my honest recommendation is to either do what this guy does and get your mates urine (although its hard to keep temperature) or do your research and try a ’24 hour window’ product.. its really your only hope, theres no other way to do it

    • DashaStarr

      Your best bet would be to use someone else’s urine. Offer someone $20 to pee in a sandwich bag.

  • FMI

    The Tea I heard everyone on here is Raving about gave me a 24 hour clear window. Drank
    the whole gallon as instructed on the Palo Azul site, Drank water but
    not too much. Time to test… I was Green and I was Clean!!! Smoke all day, Smoke all night!!!!

    • Daidai

      How much water did you drink.?

  • Kay

    I have a urinalysis on feb 10th. Last time I smoked was a few hits off a bowl on Jan 22. The week prior to that, I joined in on 2 blunts and a bowl with a two friends. I’m a very small girl.. 5’2 about 95lbs.. with a ridiculously fast metabolism. By the time of the drug test I will have had at minimum 3 weeks and a day clean. I was a daily smoker for past 5 months leading up to when I quit. Smoking a few times a day. Any suggestions or thoughts on whether I should worry. I’m kinda freaking out. I have a great career ahead of me. I was a chronic smoker for 6 years then quit in April 2014 for over 3 1/2 months but started again for stupid reasons.

  • That cool Kid

    Hey I’m 6’2 145 I’ve stopped smoking weed since 2013 but i took 7 hits Saturday and have a drug test today I’ve drank half a case of water. Is there a chance it will pop up on a urine test?

  • Joe

    I’m 6 foot 140 pound I have a urine test in two weeks. I haven’t smoked in a month and let my friend use my pee and he passed. But last night I had two blunts what can I do to help me pass my test?

  • joe

    I’ve been smoking pot for about 7 months, probably 4-5 times a week, but no more then a gram a week just little hits, I applied for a job that drug tests and I have now been clean for 7 days, my test will be approximately in another 7 days so that gives me 14 clean days. I’ve been drinking water all day and pretty intense workouts. I plan on using the product Certo the day of my test. Can I get some intelligent, honest feedback on this? Will I be okay? And is there more stuff I can do to help? Thanks!!

  • Sarah

    The last time I smoked was January 17th and I believe the test will be this week sometime. I don’t smoke often and if I do it was about once a week, for a couple weeks. I just took a ProScreen test today and the line faintly showed up for THC so it’s definitely a fail… what can I do to pass this test later this week?

  • Eric

    I have not smoked in at least a year. Saturday night I took about two good hits off a bowl and just my luck….I got popped for a test by my employer this morning, Monday about 36 hours later. They did a rapid test which turned up negative, but still sent out for the regular test. What are my chances those results will be different?

  • sin_casa

    Hey everyone,

    So here’s my situation. I’m 24 years old, 5’11” and 260lbs. Now that I got that all out of the way, about a year ago I threw my back out at film school. I had never smoked weed before then, but after I threw my back out I started up. At first it was once in awhile, but back in October I got a job that doesn’t drug test and started smoking more. I have smoked almost every day for the past 4 months or so.

    Well, I’m possibly looking for a new job and my buddy can get me into a place that has much better pay, but they drug test.

    Suggestions on what I should do? The easy solution is that I could just quit, but 1) I don’t want to, 2) it helps my back.

    If necessary, I will quit but how long do you think it’d take for me to get this out of my system?

    • ashley

      Sure jell from Wal-Mart. I smoked Friday and had a suprise drug test today. Get a 32 oz Gatorade bottle and mix it and chug it. Then drink two monsters because that will restore the color of your urine and drink tons of water. I did it approximately 4 hours before and passed :) shit is nasty but it works!

      • sarahgreenlips

        How much do you weigh?

  • JG

    Question: I haven’t smoked in over 2 weeks because I’m trying to apply for a job that is know for drug testing. I am pretty sure my system is clean about now but I don’t know the date of my test. Is it a good idea to pee in a container and save it until I have to take my test?

    • Doug

      Why would you save your sample when you can just wait a bit more and pee normally without having to worry

  • Krip Stone

    I smoked weed like 2 or 1 week ago and my drug test is at 10:30 how can i pass it?

    • zach

      one time?

    • james

      Cranberry juice the best ever tooknpiss test for courts and passed smoked for a week got a letter in mail the other party failed theirs drug test next day as I smoke a fatty got a gallon of cranberry juice drank it passed the next day not saying it will clean you out in 1 day but 3 days of no smoking and lots of cranberry juice and I have no problems passing any doctor will tell you best way to clean out your system is cranberry.

  • sickboy

    I am a medical user and have been smoking about a gram a day for about ten years. I have a very high metabolism due to my medical condition. I recently moved and my wife and I are now paying for 2 homes and I need to go back to work. I stopped smoking a week ago. I’m 6’0 150lbs and 12-14% body fat. Ive been flushing my system with water and B vitamins. I have 2 jobs that want a DT. Theres no exemption for medical patients. I will only have been not smoking for about 10 days when I take the test. I cant get the Tea, I dont know anyone with clean pee… My only hope is water water water…Think I’ll pass?

  • The Dude

    I have been smoking roughly 0.5-1g a day for 5 months, but haven’t for 3 days now, and need to pass a drug test in the near future to get my ADHD medication. I’m 18y/o, 5’11”, and 150lbs. Does anyone know if the healthcare clinic tests are stronger or weaker than pre-employment screenings at facilities? And what is a secure and cheap website to order the Tea everyone talks about?

    • Melissa Wilson

      There’s a drink called The Stuff that you can purchase for about 20 bucks at what I would think any nutrition store or health store.. you drink it a couple hours before you go take the test.. You should drink it about 2 hours before also drink plenty of water.. After about 3 4 times passing it should come out clear and you should be good. It only last a few hours so I wouldn’t drink it like 4 hours before or even wait too long after.. If you can go to the dollar store and purchase the dollar pee tests for weed and just to make sure test yourself at home before going to take the actual drug test.. Also, try to slow down your smoking or stop like the day before.. hopefully this works for you..

  • Jessica

    I am going for an employment drug test and will be using someone else’s urine. This is a retest for my current employer. I also faked it to get the job in the first place. I am wondering if I need to use the same person’s urine again or if I can use some one else who is clean. I am going to the same facility, will they cross reference it with my previous test? Help! My test is tomorrow morning.

    • Jane doe

      I wouldn’t use the same persons sample obviously their is something in their system they are suspicious about. I would use a woman’s urine though.

  • Ish

    I smoke half a blunt at least every night or every other night for the past 2 months and I may or may not have a surprise drug test at my job tomorrow evening.. Is there any fucking way I can pass!? Lol I’m stressing.

    • ant

      Drink vinegar,Gatorade,water,cranberry juice…….. And don’t eat anything all day make sure u during a lot doen

      • Kevin kush

        Ggust go out and buy the synthetic urine at a headshop it cost 20 bucks and it works I use it every month…it comes with a hand warmer and the temperature gauge on the containers all I do was rubber band The Hand Warmer to it and I make sure I wear long socks that day and that just tuck it in my sock….I probably smoke as much as Snoop Dogg does so I can’t take a chance.

  • Graciela

    I stop smoking for almost a month but i smoked last week Thursday and I need to do a drug test for a job what can I do to pass it help me .i am 5″4 and weight 227 .

  • Ashley

    So I’ve never really smoked much until this pass month or more. But I’ve been smoking everyday, multiple times a day, after work. I’m trying to get a new job but a drug test is required. I have exactly a week. I don’t wanna stop smoking, but I really want that job. What would you recommend? I like your method by the way.. Just dunno if I could pull it off.

    • San Martin

      get some pee from a young boy and tape sample to your body and just use it

  • Brian

    The last I smoked was Jan 17 (2 weeks ago) I might have a drug test come Monday, I don’t do it on a regular, I just smoked a little bit of the small joint, now I just started drinking water to day, a lot of it out of a big bottle, should I be OK?

  • thejoker27

    All you have to do is stop smoking for a week and a half at the minimum, and drink a lot of water during that time.. maybe try to sweat as well, I’ve passed a lot of piss test like that and I smoke a lot

    • Brian

      Was that in response to me?

      • thejoker27

        No just for everyone, ppl claim it takes a month to be clean and it’s not true.. I mean for a hair test then yes it takes longer but a piss test is easy to past to follow my experience

    • Mr Yuck

      exactly, just stop, flush and sweat… takes a week tops to purge. Any sooner to test it’s always 50/50.

      • thejoker27

        Yea it’s not hard to pass a piss test.. I’ve done it that way for years and never failed a test, knock on wood

  • kenn

    Ok so i had a weed brownie for the first time Wednesday and i found i got job interview like 5pm i need help

    • Mr Yuck

      you’re screwed

  • richard

    Ok… I’m 6 foot tall 230 lbs… I have a drug test Friday Feb 6….I smoked about 3 grams over 4 days.. Jan 2-5 and I haven’t smoked in 6 months prior to that… that will give me 32 clean days.. should I worry… and if so should I work out all week and try the niacin pills and sure gel..or any other ideas…please let me know….

    • jeena

      go to palo azul tea dot com and get two bags of the natural bark for like 14 bucks and drink a gallon the day before and youll be golden

    • Myksta

      No U should be fine I smoked at least 2g a day for about 8 years and quit for a urinalysis at my new job didn’t smoke for 27 days and I passed no exercise no excessive water intake after 30 days of non smoking I think you would have had to smoke as much as snoop dog for it to still show in your system hope this helps 30 days and your all good ;)

  • done wit it

    Hello I just quit smoking about 45-50 days ago ,been smoking good stuff for 15 years prior,almost every day,I’m 6’3 200 lbs ,will I be clean for urine at probation and in their labs ,thank you

    • Mr Yuck

      lots of water and sweat/exercise. I’m 6’4″ and 250lbs, immobile and use a wheel chair. I smoked high grade stuff for years. Took me 5 months to test clean.

      • done wit it

        I have drank 8-10 bottles of water every day and I work construction,and started working out every other night ,will that make a big difference?

    • Scott Eaton


      • done wit it

        Thank you Scott

  • Mr Yuck

    just drink lots of water and sweat it out. All this tree bark shit, pickle juice, gelatin, etc is all bullshit. Just drink lots of water and sweat it out, avoid fatty food and burn fat by exercising etc.

  • Scott Eaton

    You want to pass a piss test ? Here’s how you do it…….Put bleach on your finger and put it in the sample…….They want you to wash your hands ? Then put a very small amount on bottom of your shirt and put that in the sample……..I was told that by a DOT Doctor

  • Danielle

    I got random drug screens an one comin any day now and I smoked this pass weekend a lot and I haven’t smoked in about 2 week’s. prior to that I smoke every chance I got don’t really like water but will drink but want to know if water pills will help

  • ivtt

    Ok im 195 lbs n 4’11 , been smoking on and off for the past month, before that i did it basically every day, got an urine test on march 5 th, should i worry? I think i dont have enough time to get clean

    • mongo

      I am in the same boat, but i will have 38 day clean on the day of my test on the 16th of February, but as of today i am still positive. If u find away please post

    • Danielle

      Yes you should be clean if you don’t smoke any more just urinate a lot and drink plenty water

    • missyd

      Yes you should be worried because I stopped 34 days ago today..took a home test and failed. I’m 5’9 155 lbs female. I don’t exercise …but I have been taking niacin for many years because it’s in my daily vitamins. About 3 weeks ago I cut down on saturated fats and started a detox tea. I also started eating raw greens increased my vitamins C. Fyi I smoked purple kush blunts for many years/1@day and I don’t drink. I am convinced none of this bull works. Thankfully I have another 30 days. Will follow up.

      • missyd

        Let me also add I’ve been drinking lots of water, water with lemon, cranberry juice and vinegar.

        • missyd

          Finally tested negative! Total days naturally 45. Lots of green tea and water also drank a bottle of magnesium citrate(really gross) but thc flushes out through feces. …..can’t wait to smoke a blunt from all this dam stress…

  • mongo

    okay so I have a urinalysis test on the 16th of February I stop smoking on the 10th of January I took a urinalysis today and I am still positive I am a big guy so any suggestions besides exercise

  • Rae

    I just need my levels to be low low
    Someone told me to drink a cap a vinegar and drink a gallon of water the day before and keep peeing that that should help
    Are they right?

    • mongo

      Look up (certo ) i think it might work, a lot of people say yes very few say it dont,,,, check it out and get back to me

      • ak

        I have used certo before, put one package of certo in to Turkey hill diet ice tea, half gallon and drink the whole thing. Pee at least 4 times before your test. Worked for me, and I have a test tomorrow , hoping it works again. If you don’t have a turkey hill I’m sure any ice tea will work. I’ve just always used their brand.

  • Monteray

    vinegar is too radical. Your best bet is to drink some Palo Azul .. its cheap and has a chemistry type thing causes it to work. the palo Azul tea website says it all

  • Pablo

    So I smoked a blunt last Sunday and have a drug test tommorw ! I’ve been drinking a gallon a day and hitting the gym atleast 6 days a week . Any suggestions ?? Should I be worried ?

    • Angelo

      how did it go?

  • willy

    U wana stop wrking out two day befor ur test when u wrk out it burns fat and thc is stored in fat so it can make Ur levels higher. Go get a home drug test And test urself tonight so u know if ir clean of not

  • weedgirl

    I stopped smoking Saturday and have a test Thursday! What can I do!!

    • prpat420

      Water lots of water…

  • prpat420

    normally marijuana collects to the fat glands in your stomach if have a fast metabolism you can usually get it out within a week by drinking a shit load of water. If your like me and can’t gain weight because of your metabolism then you should have no problem. Now if you retain weight then give yourself some time but still drink pleanty of water. See THC is water solvent and can be flushed out of your system before the 30 days, it’s all about the water game. When I was in prison and we would be pulled out of our bunks at 3am water us your best friend… .

    • Sean Collard

      THC is not water solvent, not even a little, not a bit. THC dissolves in oil, that’s why they make cannabutter, cannabis coconut oil, etc.

    • Guest

      Actually THC is not water solvent. that’s the reason why a “weed tea” doesn’t stone you while weed butter does.

    • Bill Nye

      But THC is only fat soluble, that’s why you cook with weed butter rather than tossing that shit around like oregano.

  • Angel

    I smoked on jan 18 n I have a test on feb 5th I tested today positive on a home test what should I do

  • Celus

    I weigh like 135 pounds and I smoked last Friday and 2 weeks ago and I have my drug test tomorrow what should I do

    • Angelo

      How did that go?

  • mario

    If you have a vitamin shopee in your are get sonnies#7. Don’t smoke for about 3 day while taking 3 tablespoons with a bottle of water 2-5 times per day. Drink lots if water during the day and pee alot to flush out the toxins. It contains bentonite which will absorb the toxins and flush the rest. Use this for court and this will 100% clean you out and not mask the test or have to use other ppl piss. I smoke and have for over half my life and all my friends to so finding clean piss is kinda hard. A bottle is 20 bucks and good for 20-30 drops.

  • Heidi Joy Hameed

    It’s much more difficult if you’re female because they’re more likely to go into the stall with you (I’ve been there, believe me).

  • mrs. Boston George

    EVERYBODY STOP IT I SAY. I HAVE BEEN SMOKING 20+ YRS. 1st you guys don’t have a homegirl or homeboy that don’t smoke? Betta get you one!!! 2ndly question call taking test for jobs or probate, etc. If for jobs. Go to a GMC and grab a bottle of nician 100 mg. Take 1 hr before test. (Do not take a shower are you take them take on before bc you will itch a little pssss that mean its working! Go to the bathroom at least 3x before you go take test). But i just been using my moms piss all these yrs. Lol. And everytime i need some she swear its here last time. Ha its been a long time coming. But hey ladies trick of the trade get you one of your friends non-smoker piss get a small bottle like the size of a prescription bottle help i used one just wash thoroughly before. To keep it warm put in microwave wrap in something. For 12 seconds wrapin a napkin and put it in your panties. Hope this has been a little help you guys.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Greg Williams

    Hey, everyone. Since July, I use to be a daily smoker, but I stopped. I would smoke a blunt occasionally. Only did it twice in October. Once in November. Again on Christmas. I already took my drug test which was on 1/29/15. The last time I smoked was new years eve (1/31/14) and it wasn’t even a whole blunt, just a piece. During that timeframe, I drinker plently of water and pissed frequently. Should j still be worried?

  • Needthisjob

    Is “secondhand smoke” less likely to give you a positive result? And by secondhand I mean having someone take a hit, actually inhale it, and exhale the smoke to someone else to breathe in. Not technically a shotgun, since the smoke is being inhaled first, I think. 3-5 “hits” every night. It’ll be about 10 days since the last time by the time I go for the job interview, and assuming the test will be a few days after that. Any help is appreciated, I can’t seem to find anything about this particular method of smoking.

    • Scott Eaton

      Are you getting high from it ? If so ……Well I think you know the rest

  • amberrose

    Hey does anyone know how to make the Palo Azul tea?

    • ericaGreen

      I have made Palo a few times , each with different results..The palo Azul on ebay dint work. The palo on amazon didn’t work. Palo Azul Tea dot com is the best in my opinion. They have the Exotic palo and I pass my Probation pee test every month.. what they don’t tell you is that you can reuse the Palo Azul too! ive used the same batch three times and passed every time! I mean its only 7 bucks a bag but still.

      • amberrose

        Oh yes…palo Azul tea website is where I got mine. Good to hear from someone that has used it!! Thanks for the info. Any tips on brewing it?

        • ericaGreen

          I boil two bags for 90 minutes and then let the chips keep soaking for 2 or 3 more hours..

          • spynug22

            That same exact method works 3 times-ish in a row?

  • Ryan

    Yeah great advice except here in Australia they do not close the door an d they have a camera pointed at your cock ,,,in short it don’t work

  • liz

    Ok so ive been
    Smoking dro daily even every 12 hours or more fir about 3 months straight I stoped today because I have a promising job coming up but I need to pass the drug test not sure what to do ive beeb drinking milk and water and taking zinc and cranberry pills frm gmc I might get the test tomorrow or thursday ive been thinking I might not pass so im thinking of getting clean pee and storing in a warm place so when I get there it will be warm will this help????

  • midnite toker

    I personally goto walmart and get four items…two empty travel size shampoo bottles…a digital thermometer…and hand warmer packets from the camping section…wrap warmer packet around one bottle and tuck in sock…tuck unwarmed bottle in other sock along with thermometer…once you pour warmed sample into specimen cup test its temp…if it isnt between 90-100 degrees youll have togive a second sample and theyre onto you by now so theyre gona watch this time..if it is too warm add more from unwarmed bottle to bring temp down…used this method multiple time