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 March 11, 2012

Click HereHow To Pass A UA When You Smoke Marijuana

As a person who has been using marijuana illegally for over half of his life, I have had to adopt tricks and techniques to get by in the “real world.” One of the most uncomfortable situations is passing a pre-employment drug screening.

Now, I’m not advocating dishonesty with your employer but a urinalysis unfairly punishes weed smokers while cokeheads and meth addicts get a free pass since those drugs only show up in a urinalysis within 72 hours of use while marijuana can stay in the system for 30 days or more. I don’t smoke before work (usually) and it never affects my ability to perform the functions of my job, but after a long day, nothing sounds better then a big, green bowl.

First off, if you can just stop smoking for thirty days then do it. It’s the simple solution to this situation. However, sometimes you don’t have that much time to prepare so you have to improvise. I have had to take ten to fifteen of these tests over the years with a 100% success rate.

I just got a new job last week and had to give a urine sample for testing. There are too important elements when it comes to effectively passing: obtaining a clean sample and keeping it within temperature. We all have friends that don’t smoke and they are the best sources of clean urine. I’ve heard of people using the fake stuff you can order over the internet or buy at your local head-shops and passing but why pay for the fake stuff when you can get the real thing for free? I just have my buddy fill up a balloon or an unlubricated condom and seal it up. I then drive strait to the facility with the “container” of urine on my dash with the defrost on to help keep the temperature high.


This is where it can get tricky. Since you are just taking a pre-employment screening, they cannot search you, so I “hide” the “container” in my underwear and bring a small pair of nail clippers and hide the clippers in a pocket or my shoe. I then carefully walk in to the facility and register. When they call me to take the test, they usually ask you to remove all items for your pockets but I am sure to keep the nail clippers in my pocket. Once they close the door, I use the clippers to clip a hole in the “container” and fill up the cup. I then empty the remaining “sample” into the toilet and hide the empty “container” in my shoe.

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I don’t like to have to do this and if there was an easier way I would use it. However this is the world we live in and until there is real change, I am forced to play this stupid game.

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  • Nathan

    Hi my name is Nathan I smoked one tiny dab two days ago and have to take a drug test tomorrow! I’m worried that since it was a dab it will take longer then normal weed! Because it’s so concentrated, I have passed before in three days but I’m freaking out right now!

    • DrugTestDave

      Did you pass? Please let the group know your results.

  • Bobby brown

    Does this Super Clean P really work…? it’s pretty expensive I don’t just want to waste my money. anyone that has used it please let me know, I’m getting tested in 6 days

    • DrugTestDave

      The product definitely works and comes with a full guarantee. If you any have questions about the product itself, success rate or the phone support that comes their products just give a call 1-877-247-1354

    • DrugTestDave

      The product definitely works and is guaranteed. To learn more about why it works check out or give a call 1-877-247-1354

  • Cesar Arrascue

    i havent smoked in one year i want to know if i smoke just little bit how long will it last in my system or is there anyway to pass a drug test

    • DrugTestDave

      Great question! If you have low body fat and a fast metabolism you should be clean within 10-14 days. You can check out options to cleanse your body faster here:

    • alex

      It won’t last long.I know…if u smoked half a joint…maybe a week

  • brightone

    Hi I have a question I drink to a lot of water and I walk a lot but I have given up smoking about 1month ago but have only had that one casual puff would I fail a drug test?? And how long dose it take to completely leave your system until your clean?

  • mike zayas

    Hello I smoked a joint about 3 days ago and totally forgot about my drug test which is tomorrow. Is there any way I could still pass?

    • ThisGuy101

      Not sure. Drink WATER and Cranberry Juice!

  • brian

    I’ve smoke every two days and I have a drug test in 7 days. What are so products I can buy in order to get clean as fast as possible!

  • ThisGuy101

    Apparently you can’t have opinions on fake products. Your comments will get deleted

  • ryan

    Hello friends.
    I am a light recreational smoker,

    I might have a screening at work next week on either mon/tue/wed .

    this December15/ January16 timeframe I smoked marijuana after a break for about 5 months. I usually buy 1 gram of weed on friday, and smoke it over the weekend and stop on sunday night. I smoked about 5 grams over 6 weeks with a break for few days in between.
    My last gram was last weekend, but i smoked a pinch over tuesday evening.

    I took two home test two days ago and most likely failed (although one had a very thin line).

    I looked up online resources and I have been doing the following:
    since last two days ago I drank as much as water I could, no food, and some creatine to flush out kidney.

    I workout regularly for an hour, (5.10 192lbs), since last two days I have been working out twice for 1.5 hrs session each (20 min of cardio, with 10 mins in the sauna, 3 sessions). I am drinking diet cranberry (ocean spray), and have been drinking a lot of water with soluble fiber. Detox green tea (yogi and green jasmin), and taking green tea extract pills. For food I am only eating lightly cooked broccoli and spinach to get more fiber in the system and taking two multi vitamins every night.

    Monday morning I intend to take another home test, get overnight urine out of my system and then drink water cranberry juice, creatine suppliment and two pills of multi vitamin, and go to work anticipating a test, if not selected, i will workout at night again, and then do the same in the morning.

    Any suggestions, advice, or recommendations to try and pass the test would be very helpful. thanks in advance


  • steve

    I smoke about half a joint sometimes a whole joint(.3grams aprox for a joint) I smoked my last joint on Friday night and have a drug test Tuesday at 2pm. I am 43 male 6ft1 and aprox 235 lbs. I have been drinking water like crazy and going pee aprox every hour. Should I be safe for pre employment drug screening??? I have purchased Strip Natural Cleanser but have not used yet as I am getting very mixed messages about its reliability. Please help me

  • Sara

    Hi I need to pass a urine drug test in 2 weeks, I am 5’4 140lbs and smoke everyday I thought I had more time and the surprised me with it being sooner, is there any cleanse or detox that can clean my system out quickly? Thank you!

    • _XxShaa.reese’xX♥

      Drink 10 fish oil pills. And drink ALOT of water and coconut water ( if accessible) and night before drink black coffee and morning of test pee first and drink more coffee. Lol i know it sounds weird but us here in the Caribbean have to often improvise!

  • Nicole green

    I’m 5’3 and 105 pounds , I’ve been smoking everyday for the last 5 years and need a drug test this week! Will detox drinks work?

    • Nikolai Kalinovski

      I think the best way to think of it is that you don’t want to depend on them. I’m subject to random tests, so I don’t smoke nearly as often as I used to, so they’ll work for me. For you they won’t since you smoke so often.

    • alex

      How many days without smoking?

  • Riley Parslow

    Hi I am a heavy smoker I guess…I smoke daily but only a bowl or two at night to help me sleep. I have a drug test coming up on the 16th of February and I am about 5′ and 180. I know in high school it was out of my system when I was a regular user in about 1 week, but I was also skinnier and it was before having kids. Any advice on how to pass? It is for the courts. Thanks

    • alex

      If u dont use any detox stuff it will stay 30 days at least ….once I stopped for a month and half…still was positive in urine in lab testing

  • Unseemlysiren

    I have a drug test monday. I stopped smoking on jan 12 and i took two in home tests today, the first one i took right when i woke up, i failed. I took the second one about an hr ago and there may have been a faint line. I decided that was a fail. In the past hour i drank 3 bottles of water and i will be drinking water every day until monday when i have coffee and water and red bull. Do you guys think i have a good chance of passing? Its for a job. I’m a vet with ptsd and use it for my nightmares. It sucks that i am having anxiety about whether or not ill pass.

    • cpfenn

      How did it end up? I am in a similar situation. Applied for a job that had nothing on the posting about a drug test then its on the application. I am torn on what to do.
      I am not sure if it’s just a pre-employment screening or on going. Nor do I know the type of test. I have the second interview in 2 days. I am tempted to talk about it with the manager since I live in a legal state.

      • Unseemlysiren

        I will let you know as soon as i find out which should be today or tomorrow. From Saturday to Monday i drank about 15 booties of water, 4 cups of coffee and 2 20 oz red bulls so I’m hoping it flushed my system enough. Just because it’s a legal state doesn’t mean the employer has to hire a pot smoker which is stupid. I’d hire a pothead in a heartbeat.

        • cpfenn

          I called the guy interviewing me a few minutes ago. He was cool about the situation and thanked me for my honesty. I told him that I don’t do anything illegal in my state, or in the states I would be working in if I got the job (OR & WA). I also told him I could refrain and pass an initial test but I need a month to study. He said he didn’t have an issue with it but it is the companies decision. He still wants to continue to process tomorrow with the interview and test (skills test).

          • Unseemlysiren

            Yea mine isnt as easy. Also i havent heard back yet. Today should be the decision day. Im a bit nervous

    • cpfenn

      did you pass?

  • cummins121338

    I have a hair follicle drug test coming up for a new job and I don’t smoke weed at all but about a month ago (could kick myself in the ass now) I tried a couple of edibles (cookies) got a body buzz and haven’t done it since.
    I see a lot about urine tests but very little about hair testing. Has anyone gone through the HireRight hair drug testing process and if so what did you do to make sure you passed? Thanks in advance!