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How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test For Marijuana


Studies show that Hair drug tests are the fasted growing method of drug testing used by employers and marijuana is still number one on the list of drugs tested for, it also stays in your system the longest.

Top Questions and Answers:

How long does marijuana stay in your hair?

It takes approximately 5 days for marijuana to show up in your hair it can continue to be detectable through a hair drug test for several months. The presence of Marijuana and other drugs in your hair can be understood by this basic principle. Marijuana is ingested in your body and circulates through the blood stream into your blood, urine, saliva, and into the hair follicles via the bloodstream. The drug metabolites that are deposited into your hair follicle are entrapped in the hair shaft as it grows out from your hair follicle. The average growth rate for hair is approximately .5 inches per month. Drug testing labs test for toxin metabolites trapped in the shaft core. Historical drug use can be measured based on the length of your hair sample from your scalp line but a specific timeline of usage is not possible. They cannot tell the difference between THC metabolites introduced two weeks ago from metabolites introduced two days ago.


A 1.5″ length sample of hair is measured from the scalp line for most major hair drug tests. Based on the average head hair growth rate of .5″ inches per month, it can be determined that a positive test result would suggest that marijuana was consumed sometime within the past 3 months.


Can Toxins like Marijuana simply be washed out of your hair?

Drug metabolites stored in your hair are chemical and structurally stable in your hair shaft core, they can’t simply be washed, scrubbed or bleached out with conventional shampoos or cleaners. Only medical grade hair detoxification shampoos can remove the traces of drugs and the metabolites they produce from your hair.

How does Hair Detoxification Shampoo work?

Hair detoxification shampoo was originally designed as a medical contaminant removal product to eliminate toxins and toxin metabolites from prescription medications and medications administered during surgeries. It has an acidic base that destroys toxin metabolites but does not damage your hair. It is not toxin specific meaning that it eliminates metabolites from all toxin sources including marijuana.

How do you cleanse marijuana out of your hair and body?

Here are some options:

1. Naturally Detox your Blood, Urine and Hair in 90 Days

The body can be cleansed naturally of toxins like marijuana in roughly 30 days. Once your blood and urine is clean your hair shaft core will become clean of marijuana as well and after roughly 3 months of hair growth or 1.5 inches your new collectible hair samples will be clean. To learn how to cleanse your body of marijuana read our in depth article here.

2. Permanently Cleanse your Blood, Urine and Hair in 3-6 Days

A complete body cleanse will clean your blood urine and hair in about a week. In order to permanently cleanse your hair of toxins like marijuana you must first have no marijuana in your bloodstream. Remember, your bloodstream contains toxins that will continue to re-deposit drug metabolites into your hair that are detectable in hair drug tests so cleansing your body is the first step.

Step 1: Cleanse Blood, and Urine with permanent cleanse

This works by flushing out your system with a daily regiment of herbal supplements combined with a healthy detox dietary menu that permanently cleanses your blood and urine of any traces of toxins in your blood and urine in roughly 3-6 days depending on your toxin levels.

Step 2: Cleanse Hair Permanently with a drug detoxification hair shampoo

Once you complete the permanent cleanse you finish the complete body cleansing process by cleaning your hair with the hair detoxification shampoo and permanently removing traces of toxins like marijuana.

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3. Cleanse your hair for 24-48 Hours with a Temporary Flush

If you don’t have time to cleanse your blood and urine before your test then a less desirable but effective option is a temporary removal of toxins in your hair through the use of Hair Detoxification shampoo only.

As we have explained cleansing only your hair core shaft when your system is not clean will only create temporary removal of toxins like marijuana and allows your hair to remain clean for approx. 24-48 hours before the toxins in your system are re-introduced into the hair shaft core causing the hair follicle to become dirty again.

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Can they test body hair? What if I have short hair or am bald?

Hair test samples can be collected from several head location and combined to get the required amount of hair sample for testing. The preferred location is to take it from the crown of the skull however if your head hair is too short, body hair can be tested instead. If body hair is used the time frame represented by the test is approximately one year due to the different growth pattern in hair below the neck. While body hair is generally acknowledged as representing a more distant time frame than head hair, the specific time period of drug usage cannot be identified due to the high variability of growth rates.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any further questions please call our Sponsor Pass Your Test at 1-877-247-1354 or visit our website.


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  • Head Grasshopper

    I searched and searched and searched the internet for ways to pass my hair follicle test. I just passed so I figured I’d give some insight.

    First of all. I smoke socially, usually 1-2 times per week sometimes more, sometimes less. The week before my hair test I went on a cross country road trip. When we stopped in Colorado my friends and I were so excited to legally buy weed that we bought enough to smoke multiple times per day, the entire 12 day trip.

    So I had my interview when I got back from 2 weeks of marijuana heaven and was told I needed to take a hair follicle test, not the fairly easy to pass piss test. Fuck. Shit.

    I got home and searched for hours, do I pay an arm and a leg for products that many say are total bull? No. I had no money so I decided to go the home remedy route. I chose bleach because it seemed more hardcore and figured it would work better than the face wash and vinegar method.

    2 days before the test I went to my girlfriend’s friends house, she was a former hairstylist and knew how to not fuck up someone’s hair. She did the opposite. We used bleach from a package and strong toner(?) So to really seap into my hair. We bleached my hair once, it burned my scalp and hurt pretty bad. Then we washed it out and repeated the process. The second time was almost unbearable, I am a grown man and almost in tears. After washing it out again she dyed my hair to look more like my natural color. It ended up like black so I had to shave my beard.

    After this I did nothing. I didn’t buy and other product. I didn’t wash my hair with vinegar or face wash or anything else. I did try to wash it more often, maybe washed it 5 times in the last two days.

    I passed. I now have a sweet job that I’m starting next week and I can’t wait. Bleach your hair, it works. Don’t waste money on other shampoos and crap. You will pass. Good luck grasshoppers.

  • Anonymous

    I had to take a unrine test and and took a flush for 2 days and than I used this plill a day before I went iit is called niacin and I passed. I don’t know if it works for hair test . It’s actually B-12 pills.

  • Masterst2

    I passed a hair follicle test last week. Truth is idk if it’s anything I did or just luck. I smoked one with a friend 4 weeks before my test. Two days before my test I lightened my hair, no bleach, and the night before I used a detox shampoo. Company was psychemedics who I hear wash their samples of the shampoo/conditioner But I still passed, no in not a chronic smoker but my hair grows quickly (I can tell by the grey) and had grown enough to produce the sample from 4 weeks before. As an infrequent smoker, know that u can pass a hair follicle test.

  • Bridget Limalia

    Can drugs still be detected in the hair if you have did not
    have drugs for the pass two months

  • Mish

    Hi I’m going through the same issue with social services there giving me a hair drug test don’t no when there doing it I gave up drugs for year an half but May and June I had a slip taking about 3 gram of toot and a few joints never fort I would get my kids back so started to give up now I’m shitty myself totally gutted there going back six month Though But only worried about May and June thanks happy to share

  • al p

    all elese equal i like to watch if grow from my clear window


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