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How To Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds

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Quality marijuana seeds

Although it might be hard to believe, you can actually judge the quality of marijuana seeds before it even sprouts. Being able to distinguish between a dud and a potential winner can make growing marijuana that much easier. It’s also important to be able to judge seed quality because you can end up with an entire batch of unusable seeds.

There are many potential reasons for this, but, in large part, it stems from marijuana’s illegality and the difficulty getting the seeds shipped to the U.S. Many of the seeds you’ll get your hands on have been processed and packaged hastily and then probably mishandled during shipment.

If you want to be sure to get high quality seeds you should get them from an online seedbank. ships high quality feminized seeds to the US and CA and germination is guaranteed. If you use the instructions that comes with every order and some seeds don’t germinate you get new ones for free. Orders always arrive due to ingenius stealth packaging. Want to know more about growing marijuana? Get a free guide about growing marijuana at this link here.

Getting your seeds from black market dealers is potentially hazardous. The dealers might not have any idea where the seeds actually came from, or they might know they came from shady backgrounds. For the most part, when large commercial growers are harvesting, they don’t really care whether or not the seeds have been allowed to stay inside the female plant and mature fully. Their main goal is to get the weed pulled, dried, and out to the customer as quickly as possible. In fact, it’s not in their best interest to be selling seeds to prospective growers because then it reduces the amount of money you’ll spend with them.

Unfortunately, this is true whether you bought the marijuana seeds from the dealer down the street or the overseas company online. But, knowing which seeds will actually sprout and which ones will just lie permanently dormant can help you increase the rate at which you see sprouts. It is, in fact, rare for more than one third of the seeds to produce a sprout. This is an astronomically low number, but if you can throw out duds from the get-go, you can certainly improve those odds.

For the most part, you’re going to want to use mature seeds. These seeds are usually easy to spot because they will be dark brown with a swirl of different, slightly lighter stripes. Seeds that are white or light green are not ready to be planted and will never be. These seeds indicate plants that were harvested far too early. There’s no harm in trying to get them to sprout, but the likelihood is almost nil. For the mature seeds, you’re going to want to pay special attention to the rounder, fatter ones of the group. Those will have the greatest chance of sprouting and giving you a good yield at harvest time.

If you want start growing please download my free grow guide and order some high quality marijuana seeds at this link here. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. All customers get 24/7 grow support.

Source: ILoveGrowingMarijuana.Com


  • Sarijuana

    Yes, Robert…more description visuals and less selling here.

  • acidsex

    Really? My comment was deleted for sharing my opinion on the lack of substance of this article? Are you kidding me?

    • Humboldt billy

      Yes this article lacks pictures and is a little vague, I guess your choice of words offended someone. I would really like to see all the spammers trying to sell weed on here deleted quicker, I know its a full time job, I hope employees of the weed blog are paid a reasonable wage. :) :) :)

      • Sarijuana

        Acid…sometimes they get deleted by mistake. I’m sure you weren’t offensive.

        • Humboldt Billy

          I read it before it was deleted, It was offensive, I do not agree with everything that Robert Bergman shares with weedblog, but a lot of it is good information for newbies just getting into growing. He is offering 2 complete grow guides in PDF form free of charge, no one else is doing that anywhere that I know of. Like Shakespeare said ” To err is human, to forgive devine”. :)

          • Sarijuana

            Divine! :o) My stupid head read yours as devein! Maybe because we had shrimp tonight?

      • Thanks for understanding. At this point, it’s just Johnny and we do this as a hobby out of pure love for all things cannabis:) We make enough to cover operating expenses and not much more. Someday we will figure out the business side of things but for now we are an admitted failure in that department…

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          • That’s very generous of you. At this point we don’t have anything like that set up but may in the future. I would love to find a couple people to help me “mod” the comments:)

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            I love Robert’s posts, and have read the free books too. Kudo’s for that, Robert. I’ve felt more comfortable writing to him by email when I need to ask a question. He is an awesomely gracious man, with patience, talent and much needed information, however…be careful and tread lightly in this area on the Weed Blog. Selling stuff in the posts can loose you readers, especially the hard sell.

            Also be careful with the “duplicate content” issue. I know people will argue this point as much are they argue anything else in this blog, but I still feel duplicate content can cause you issues with Google page ranking, and these posts are often duplicate content of Roberts own blog posts.

            There’s my two cents. I’ve only been blogging 2009, so I’m no expert.
            I’ve said it before, and here it is again…thank you to all of you who make this forum happen. It’s my favorite, and the diversity of all the posters has a lot to do with that too. Keep it up, everyone!

            Lurkers! Join in on the conversation!

          • Hiemie

            My 2 cents about the duplicate content. This is a widely misunderstood fact. Duplicate content can be awesome. The biggest sites in the world are aggregators. Do you see Bloomberg writing a lot of articles themselves?

            To quote Ryan Deiss: “In fact, the largest, most successful authority sites on the web rarely feature content written by the person who has their name on it.

            Think about it: The Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, Bloomberg, Forbes, Breitbart… these sites aren’t famous for the owner’s writing style. They’re famous for the content they present.”

            TheWeeblog is doing a great job collecting the best there is out there!

            Keep it up Johnny & Jay!

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            I knew I’d get feedback on this one! They are doing an awesome job. Google is a fickle mistress, and authorship recognized by them is not penalized, but others can be. The dance goes on. I don’t think these guys are worried about authorship, ranking, guest blogging issues, or anything else than getting a conversation going and keeping it going. And that is very cool, indeed.

          • Exactly, a lot goes into SEO and in a perfect world we would love to write more. And yes, we just really want to see the end of cannabis prohibition. Back in the day, Johnny would write 5 or more articles damn near everyday. Now we have day jobs and Johnny recently got married and is a new daddy so I’m amazed he can do what he does:) Thanks for all the support btw!

        • Sarijuana

          Never say never. I see a “merchant services” company, (aka accepting visa, MC etc), in your future.

    • Yes I deleted it because it was overly negative, saying his article is as bad as the spammers trying to rip people off. The author has been kind enough to contribute many articles to this site for free. I think it’s rude to hammer someone for trying to spread a little knowledge. I’m sorry if the article is not up to your standard but there are people out there who do get something out of it so let’s keep it civil please. If you don’t like it, we have almost 7,000 other articles you are welcome to read and comment on. I think that’s fair.

      • acidsex

        But that is just it. How much knowledge was actually offered? Other than a blurb that vaguely described what is a good seed without pictures, it was basically an article that linked to his ebook and a link to buy seeds.

        I don’t mind his articles but they are starting to get a feel of being a vague summary with links to his ebook. Maybe I do have high standards especially when it comes to being educated but isn’t this what the site is about? You should be happy your readers are requesting higher quality readings. Not of all us cannabis users are stupid. Some of us have several Master degrees and higher.

        • I see your point and do appreciate your feedback. I didn’t ban you and I don’t have a problem with people being critical of the articles we post, I only ask your be civil. The Weed Blog is in that weird spot between hobby and legit business so we are kinda overloaded and we count on our guest authors to help out. I promise we are working on some good stuff:)

          • acidsex

            No worries. My apologies if I was offensive. I assure you it was not my intention. :)

          • Apparition

            For detailed information on the cannabis plant Robert Connell Clarke’s book, Marijuana Botany is a good place to begin.

          • Humboldt Billy

            It takes a real man or women to admit fault, intentional or not. ;)

          • Thank you for taking the “high” road. I figured it wasn’t your intention:)

        • Jamie Guest

          me too

      • paul80033

        Weedblog articals always suck.

        • Thanks for commenting!

          • Me

            They don’t always suck. Some could use a little more detail, and some seem to be about something other than the title but suck? No
            These guys are trying to inform people about cannabis and that is a good thing. Keep it up and keep improving as you go

        • Sarijuana

          Now, be nice Paul. Not true. The Weed Blog is one of the easiest forums to find when searching for info on Marijuana laws, uses, activism, and just about anything else on the subject. With the tide turning as it should I’m sure there are record numbers of people searching for this info and what Robert and bring to this conversation is very important for many of these searchers. That doesn’t suck.

        • xxsuperduperdavexx

          Yet, here you are reading the ARTICLES<<<.
          Nothing nice to say, don't say anthing. Pretty elementary, this is usuall covered I by age 4. If you don't like the free info you are getting ,don't read the ARTICLES <<<.

  • Thanks for this articles however the thing you said that “ingenius stealth packaging” i don’t think that any level of packaging can save you from being caught.

    • Sean Nyhc

      Actually you’d be surprised the only thing that sucks is you have to purchase whatever it is its being packaged in I.E. tee shirt , coffee mug.etc…

  • Ron

    This is bit off focus, but I just received some seed I’d ordered and the shipment contained 5 “free” seed packaged separately. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, but the freebies were unmarked, so I have no idea what they are. Would it be too much to ask seed companies to let us know exactly what we’re getting?

    • Sarijuana

      Have to say it – maybe that’s why they’re free?

      • Ron

        You’re probably right. I noticed that the freebies were much smaller than the others; probably throwaways. I doubt that I’ll ever plant them, especially as I plan to grow my first female plant to produce seeds, from which I will know what I’m getting.

    • Hi Ron, just checking: Did you order those seeds from my shop?

      Because if you did, any free seeds we add always are the exact same as the ones you order. No duds or throwaways.

      Keep on growing ;)


  • I’m busy installing a new test lab and need some funding ;) More quality articles next time…


  • I’m busy installing a new test lab and need some funding ;) More quality articles next time…


    • acidsex

      My sincerest apologies to you, Robert. I realize how my comment came across earlier. I hope you can forgive me.

  • Sean Nyhc

    A good seed bank will let you choose your free stock just to test out the waters on diff strains…

  • gr8basin

    you do not need to search for these “Brand names” or flavors of the week to obtain great cannabis…there exists, a large number of growers, who have over the years produced their own strains and seed stocks. These private “un-named” strains can be very good, as they have been breed for the local climate and environment, the love of the weed, the high produced and not for the sale of seeds. (No offense intended). Find an old time grower, compliment their herb and ask for the seeds, if possible. Most people that I know, are proud of their genetics and love to pass them on. I have seeds that are black / tan brown with no spots / tan seeds with brown spots / brown seeds with strips / brown seeds with spots and plain brown…all viable..I know the strain by the size/color of the seed (just like difference). Just realize that you will be rejecting 40-60 % of your seedlings that will be males, if you want to raise all bud crops. As indicated, immature seeds are whitish green or dirty white and may have dimpled ends and can be soft as opposed to a hard shell on a mature seed. These are good to feed to the birds. share the bounty…

    Thanks Robert for the share…I too, am opening a lab in E. Oregon…good luck…..

    • Raz Lemons

      I am one of those of which he speaks, I’ve been growing the same strain of Indica for the past 15 years, Mine only grow to about 4′ which makes them perfect for yard growing I average about 3/4 of a lb per of finished product, I can only remember one time in those 15 years that somebody came to me and said do you know what that is growing over there lol , I would like to find other private growers to do a seed share club or some such, It would be fun and a way to socialize & network ourselves : )

  • Sko Hayes

    Really enjoying your articles, Robert! Thanks.

  • reefer

    look, dickhead, anyone reading the grow articles is most likely SICK of buying from ppl who dont even know what REAL quality is.