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 March 25, 2014


Many people want to start growing marijuana but don’t have a lot of money to buy all the equipment. Here’s a list of the most important items and what I would recommend. It is possible to set up a cheap indoor marijuana grow room. Marijuana plants need light, water and co2. Also, the temperature should not be too low or too high and a little fertilizer is needed.

Light - The most important and also most expensive item to buy is the light. You should buy a 600-watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light. It will cost you around $30,- but it will pay for itself after one harvest. Experienced marijuana grower yield up to21 oz of marijuana  with one HPS 600-watt light. Of course all the other circumstances should  also be perfect but still, an inexperienced grower with a cheap set up can yield 4 to 8 oz with one HPS 600 in 3 months. You can use fluorescent lights but the yield will be less.

You can get an LED grow light, which obviously costs more money up front, but saves you a lot of money in the long run with savings from lower electricity bills. Plus there is the frugal bonus of having a cooler room, which saves money on fans and AC. Check out the company below if you want to find out more about LED grow lights:


budget marijuana garden

Water - Just use regular tap water. If you can drink it so can your marijuana plants. Professional growers use corrected water with pH between 5.5 and 6.5 and EC between 1.8 and 2.2. There are 3 common methods for testing these values, but it will also work fine with regular tap water. Use some nitrogen (N) during the growth phase and some N-P-K during flowering. You can find this at your local garden center or get them from www.MarijuanaBooster.Com

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Co2 - All green plants, marijuana included, use light energy, water and carbon dioxide (Co2) to produce energy in the form of sugar for its growth (photosynthesis). You can use a Co2 tank with a regulator but you can also install a simple ventilation system to refresh the air in your grow room. Place a fan in front of the air-inlet and create an opening (as high as possible, hot air rises) where the warm air can escape. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more marijuana growing tips.

budget marijuana garden 3Climate
 - The temperature should not drop below 64 and not get higher than 86. Around 77 is perfect! The HPS light will produce a lot of heat so if you install it in a 1x1x2m closet without ventilation temperatures will rise up to 125. Use a little more space and temperatures will be fine. All plants should move a little by the air flow in your grow room, just like the wind normally makes plants move.

Tips - Use aluminum foil instead of mylar or other reflective foil. Buy used equipment and be creative. See how you can set up a simple homemade hydroponics  system. You don’t need a water pump, a bucket or watering can will also do. Also, you’ll need to read a lot about growing marijuana,

Seeds - Of course you need some high quality marijuana seeds! Order some high quality marijuana seeds at this link here. We ship to the United States, Canada, and numerous other countries. All customers get 24/7 grow support. And don’t forget to download my free grow bible…

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    whats a good way to go if I want to start off with just growing a couple plants in the closet? do I need need all the fancy stuff?


      Read what I wrote above, sadly it’s not fancy but it is a requirement.


      Ms. Rabbit, How much would you pay for an oz. of the kind if you could even find it and how organic would it be? IMHO the first step is to buy a book by Ed Rosenthal. He has written at least 20 books on the subject starting way back in the 70’s? His books cover everything and each edition is even more detailed but don’t worry if the only edition you can get is 20 years old, you’ll still learn everything you need to know. You will be able to compare everything people tell you with what Ed writes and determine for yourself what’s up. A cheap yet invaluable investment. It also covers disease and pest which can be a deal breaker indoors.
      Soil. Add green sand, blood meal and bone meal to your soil in the proper ratio. I mixed mine in the bathtub and , yes it was messy. OK, Miracle grow potting soil is cheap and will save a lot of effort.
      Water. Fill a clear plastic container and set it in direct sunlight for several hours. The sunlight will disperse the chlorine molecules. All you house plants should drink water this good.
      Light. For a 12 square foot closet I used a 400W MH light, on a quality timer, that I could raise and lower, keeping it at least 1 foot from the girls. The light will generate heat and hydrogen gas. These are bad for the girls and need to be removed from the growing environment. I generated co2 in plastic milk jugs with sugar, yeast, and water. My fan was on a timer and vented to the attic through the crawl space opening. I wrapped the walls with Mylar. The expense was warranted by the boost in light intensity. Second best is baby butt smooth walls painted flat white. Again, Mylar is cheaper and easier.
      Don’t show or tell anyone else unless absolutely necessary.
      Enjoy. I find growing is almost as therapeutic as taking my meds.


    Whoever wrote this is grossly misinformed, Lets take it from the top and see just how incredibly uninformed this person is shall we? #1 light, sure 600w HPS light sounds nice but considering you have to have a cooltube that ranges between $60-100 depend on the one you get or your “grow room” will go from 70 degrees to 90 in hours, despite what this writer is assuming even if you have the space which most people don’t you still need more then average ventilation for an HPS light or your plants will burn up. And that’s only the start of your costs, because besides for a nice ventilation system which can run you another $100, you need a ballast to run an HPS 600w light, which runs between $60-$120 and that’s NONE negotiable. So right there you’re already in the $300+ range and that was only the lighting.

    #2 water, despite what this guy likes to tell you tap water is not ok, it’s filled with fluoride and that’s if you’re lucky, while that might not adversely effect you as human(and it’s been proven that it does) in a plant it can have many changes on the PH balancing and nutrient lockout, so if you’re using tap stop now and use filtered water. A decent filtration system is around $100 but well worth it considering you know what you’re paying for. Lets skip that for now though, that’s a he said she said assumed cost so I’ll even give him that for the time being.

    #3 Seeds, a decent set will run you between $40+ that cost is legit.

    #4 What he completely neglected is the cost of fertilizer, while plants are outside they can grow in soil with no additives at all because they all come from the environment and the ground but that doesn’t happen inside a controlled space unless you have specific nutrient rich soil which doesn’t come free, for some reason he completely neglected that cost, it’s a vital one, and if you’re going hydroponic that cost more then doubles.

    #5 Oh and remember that ventilation cost, yea this is where it comes to pass, see outside not only do you get free ventilation for your plant to avoid the heat but there’s also the air for your plant roots that is very easy to come by but in a small space like a closet or a basement the air is stagnant and that will make your plant grow terribly small and weak, you need an infusion of good air, aka fans,air conditioners, or climate controls. None of this is relatively cheap, on the cheaper side you can probably get away with like $50 worth of fans but if your house/apartment heats up in the summer which most do then you’re going to need an AC/climate control system, that doesn’t come under $100.

    Bottom line, you want an effective system that’s cheap here’s how you do it. Forget the HPS light it’s a waste of time money and energy, get a 150w LED light the upfront cost will be around $120 but luckily you don’t need stuff like ventilation, cool tubes, ballasts or anything else for heat reduction, why? because LED lights produce no heat, but more importantly they take 75% less energy to run, I would recommend the higher LEDs like 250w-400w but they get more expensive as they go and we’re trying to keep this on the lower end. As far as the other costs go, those are unavoidable if you’re serious about growing, anyone who tells you different is speculating.


      Alex, you bet me to the punch. The article seems more concerned with promoting the author’s book than offering good advice on growing on a budget. Where would one get HPS set up for $30? Goodwill? LED’s are a great alternative to HPS. CFL’s aren’t perfect but are good lighting for under $100. Forget about CO2, just keep the air refreshed and moving, the girls (plants) will get plenty of CO2. Hydro is an alternative to soil if one is a bit crafty with buckets and tubing from Lowes. I put together a very good DWC with two 5 gal buckets and about $20 in black tubing with connectors. Found a water pump for $5 online. Invest in a good digital timer ($15) and keep track of dates planted, cloned, flipped to flower, etc. Found $18 fans on Amazon that really push a lot of air.

      And I concur, foil is for the kitchen not the grow closet. Crinkles in
      the foil will reflect hot spots onto your plants. Use flat white
      titanium paint instead. My whole setup cost $200 (after getting a 3x3x7 grow tent online) As for seeds, get a batch of good feminized seeds of an easy strain like Northern Lights or White Widow. Regular seeds are cheaper but take longer due to sexing. I ordered 10 seeds from a reliable co. for $20 w/shipping and now have a strong mother plant, and a full flowering tent.

      A wise man once said: “Free advice is only worth what you paid for it.”


        I’m gonna have to get the site address for those seeds from you because northern lights and white widow seeds are like $80 minimum everywhere I looked. Sounds good though.


          I miswrote that. I recommend White Widow or Northern Lights for beginners but haven’t priced them. Seems the easy grows have gotten expensive now. I didn’t grow either one, I went in on a seed order with a friend, got AK-48 regular for $20 (my share) during a promotion. Got a single Critical + as a freebie which was excellent.


        $30 HPS lights? Yeah, at a police auction! You might want to send your grandmother to go purchase it though.


    The most comprehensive yet simple marijuana grow information I know of, is this wikipedia article.

    A personal favorite grow video on YouTube is; Mr. Green – I grow chronic


    CFL’s will do fine in a small space. 1x1x2. A 600-watt halide creates too much heat and causes more problems than you may wish to deal with. All that foil is a waste-white walls actually reflect more light. Tap water is fine if you let it sit out long enough for the chlorine etc. to evaporate. Buy seeds for strains that are compatable for the amount of grow space you have…and the time you have to invest in your hobby. Long-time hazes will quickly be replaced by indicas and hybrids that will complete their cycle in half the time as most sativas. Time will teach you what works best. If everyone were to grow in this ‘hobby’ style grow set-up, we could all smoke great ‘organic” and chemical-free herb without regard to costs and loss. Keep it tight.


      I’m just tryin to grow 1 single plant inside nothing elaborate just one medium sized plant. lights walmart?


        The thing is it doesn’t matter if its 1 plant or 1000 the setup is going to require the same basic things, sure they might be smaller scale but I guarantee you 1 thing you get what you pay for, if you buy a cheapo light from Walmart you’d be lucky to get any yield at all but if you do get it it’ll probably be on the lower side. I don’t recommend CFL’s, will you get some yield out of them, sure, but they are literally the worst type of light since they give off such low wavelengths that plants need to grow it would be like growing under the sun while there was a dark net over your plant, for lights there are only 2 really decent viable options, a HPS/MH or an LED grow light, both has their own set of challenges but bottom line they are the only ones I trust to produce good yields.


    Think you missed a zero on the price of that HPS, Unless you were just citing the price of the bulb, not mentioning the ballast or hood.


    $30 for a 600w HPS? I’ll take all you have for my eBay site, I’ll be making min of $50 per sale!


    M8 how about the essential ingredient also the reason a lot of grows fail to crank.
    more is better than not enough. This adds a noise factor yet doesn’t cost a lot electrically.
    One for all and all for one! Hey mr Bergman


    $80 bucks for seeds. if your buying a hole pack then yeah i can see that. bros i know of, (sorry i wont give them out) 2 sites that you can get seed packs ranging from 30 bucks and up. there are sites that will sell u one seed (pick an choose different strains. get a variety) ends out cheaper PLUS U CAN GET FREE SEEDS. AGAIN SORRY IM NOT POSTING THE SITES BUT REMEMBER…….I DONT KNOW YOU! Dont trust you. good day. puff puff pass


    Are there companies in Colorado that will install an indoor growing tent and apparatus. For medical purposes I will like to be up and running very quickly with a small setup.

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