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International Cannabis Business Conference Tickets Go Up At Midnight

international cannabis business conference san franciscoEveryone that helped organize the first International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) in Portland, Oregon, last September was so proud to have been named the Marijuana Event of 2014 by The Weed Blog. While the award was a nice feather in our cap, it also put a lot of pressure on us to back up that first conference with a great second conference. We feel that our next conference, this weekend in San Francisco lives up to the high standard expected of us.

The ICBC brings in some of the top marijuana law reform advocates and cannabis industry entrepreneurs because we understand that activists, politicians and business people need to work together to achieve our ultimate goal: ending cannabis prohibition for all adults. Common sense regulations, innovative political strategies and good neighbor polices help us all implement reforms that will create jobs, generate revenue and end the barbaric practice of putting people in cages for cannabis.

The San Francisco ICBC is bringing in travel guru Rick Steves, addiction researcher Dr. Carl Hart, international drug reformer Ethan Nadelmann, U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and business man Steve DeAngelo, among others, to help advocates and entrepreneurs network and learn from each other. With a musical performance from hip-hop legend Del the Funky Homosapien, this ICBC will be entertaining, informative and engaging.

Tickets go up at midnight this Thursday. Get your tickets now before prices go up and join us at an early contender for Marijuana Event of 2015, an event that will hopefully help set the stage for advocates and entrepreneurs uniting around a legalization measure that will bring more freedom and prosperity to the Golden State.


    Here’s what I hope someone asks conference organizer Alex Rogers- “How can you claim pot is legal in Oregon when you still have to HIDE in your house to smoke it ? If we are going to make cannabis ‘Just like alcohol’, shouldn’t we be able to consume it anywhere alcohol is legal ? Like night clubs, concerts, sporting events, most parks and beaches, etc etc etc… ?”. If you’re going to legalize it… LEGALIZE it !