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Is My Medical Marijuana Card Valid In Other States?


medical marijuana card out of stateWhich States Recognize Out Of State Medical Marijuana Patients?

A question that I have been getting more and more lately is ‘If I’m a medical marijuana patient in my home state, are there other states that I can travel to that recognize my medical marijuana card?’ This was a question I wondered when I was a medical marijuana patient in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) and I was looking into taking a vacation.

The quick answer is yes, there are other states that consider you a medical marijuana patient. It’s a term called ‘reciprocity.’ States have ‘reciprocal agreements’ with other states in certain areas. The most common example is reciprocal agreements to recognize out of state driver licenses. When you travel to another state, you are a valid driver so long as you are a valid driver in your home state. But unlike driver licenses, not all states recognize medical marijuana cards. Obviously in states that have no medical marijuana program, your card is invalid. Of the twenty states that have medical marijuana laws, only a handful recognize out of state patients.

Radical Russ has one of the best summaries of this area of public policy, via his tweet today:

When you are in another state that recognizes your card, remember that you are now under the jurisdiction of the state you are in. i.e. your possession limits are not what they were back home, they are whatever the state’s laws are that you are in. If you want to know more about flying with medical marijuana, you might find this article useful – click here.


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  1. was wondering, since I too have a Medmj card from Oregon, if I travel to washington state, will I have problems? a good portion of my family still lives in the state. And what about purchasing there? What would I need?

  2. So I’m from Wa and have my WA issued green card. I’m in Tucson for a vacation and was told I was able to go to a dispensary and use my card for a limited time. But when I went to a dispensary they said I was no way allowed to use their services. Help me! I’m going on day three without smoking and the withdrawals are awful. Please help me!

  3. what strain do you need and what quantity ? also where are you located ? you can reply me here or call or text text (605) 854-5666..and i’ll get back to u

  4. I just moved to silver city. This place is a gem that would totally be able to grow with mmj tourism. I would love to back something myself.

  5. I finally found a great med company in Colorado that takes different comounds and puts them in patch form. Although the basic THC version wont be available to you, the thc-a, CBD, and CBN will be available throughout the Usa late December the company says. Marysmedicinals.com will provide you more info. Hope this helpful to you:-) Should at least help educate on the benfits of non psychoactive compounds in Cannabis.

  6. I was more looking for the corporate dollars behind this patent and product (as described in the great Seattle Times article).

  7. Pretty sure its on there page, you can also contact them for more in depth info. I think maybe the Arthritis Foundation, National Lupus Association, and the Fibromyalgia Association of America , but I’m not a 100% sure.

  8. Not at my house, lol. You can still be fined for possession. NM doesn’t recognize other state MC cards, presently.

  9. I agree, legit science, some huge sponsers in the medical community, and testimonials from severely ill patients is mind blowing. Not sure how much longer schedule 1 status will hold up.

  10. Transdermal patches? Patent pending? Man, thanks for the info! I am going to check this out further. I’ve tried transdermal patches with that really potent pain medication and didn’t like it AT ALL. But a cannabis transdermal patch? My goodness gracious, this is good news.

  11. That’s what I did. This time. I went for the kush aroma. And you’re right, great-smelling bud makes a difference. Heck, I practice a form of aromatherapy, so I know all about the importance of smell. I would prefer that the good smell came with the strength so I wouldn’t have to smoke as much, that’s all. Burning some blueberry muffin scent right now, and it smells better than the real thing!

    And try yet ANOTHER producer/dispensary? Looks like I’m going to have to try them all, unfortunately. Yeah, I got a stash of 100 dollar bills under my mattress and a money tree planted in my closet so that I can do just that. :)

  12. No i live in Northern Colorado, but I love to spend time in so Co and New Mexico. As a Colorado card holder is there any legal issue when I goto NM with meds from CO? Other than federal of course.

  13. Found a place in Denver finally that test actually. Have a ton of different thc/cbd strains from high thc mid cbd, otherway around, and several different 1:1 ratio that go from 8%-16%. So far only shop in world untill late December to marysmedicinals.com transdermal patches which come in THC, THC-A, CBN, CBD, as well as THC/CBD 1:1 patch. The amount of time and money spent to finally find legit medicine was alot! Finally though! Very happy and well finally.

  14. We have a few great private labs in CO that seem to give true numbers, for sure a few that inflate numbers and seem to be in the pockets of several multistate companies that have production facility’s in the state. Just odd I have to find a lab and pay to find out what’s in my meds.

  15. I agree completely. This is really medicine for me, but certain compounds really help me aside from THC , so to have numbers would be very helpful. As well as elimnating shops who dont flush, add heavy metal bud builder, often pesticide in flower, all things that make a beneficial plant very toxic. Things are moving slow, but I hope the MMJ industry as a whole starts producing “medicine” , not just boost thc levels to win awards. I’d love see major pharmacies compete in RX cups, lol. As a genuine patient, cups and awards do not help to legitimize MMJ and really have no place in medicine.

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