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Is Texas Looking To Legalize Marijuana?

Will Texas Join Other States That Are Trying To Introduce Marijuana Legalization Legislation?

It seems like almost every time we post something about legalization on Facebook, people from Texas say that they wish it was happening in their state. I can’t blame you guys, Texas marijuana laws are harsh! To make matters worse, Texas is not an initiative state, which makes marijuana reform even harder to do. The only route is through the legislature, which is very conservative and has killed previous attempts at marijuana reform. But I watched an encouraging news segment that suggests the Marijuana Policy Project is active in the state, and reform might be coming sooner than later…


    Texas will never legalize. Legalization cannot happen in states where corporate interest’s rule, its big pharma,con agro, Monsanto,the f.d.a., the spirits lobby, rj Reynolds and the tobacco lobby that keep it illegal and these powers are in control of texas. Texas and Oklahoma take in more revenues than any other state from the criminalization of pot. Tx. has the highest % in the u.s. in its privatized prisons of those for growing or simple poscession and not distribution, they have the highest fines and fees In the u.s. and have turned pot into the gateway to criminalhood by keeping fines more than the public can reasonably afford,causing the probation vio’s and lengthy stays in prisons. Pot bust’ fund many small muni’s, they buy jails,new cars, pay judges and d.a.’s , build courts, etc, all primarily from the funds of pot prohibition and the lobby dollars they receive keeping it so. The tobacco industry stands to lose billions over night, the f.d.a. has stated with the legalization of pot they see more than a 3rd of their business disappearing. Pain remedy, appetite therapy, adhd, anxietals, depression remedy’s, hospice and aids treatments for pain, animal pain ,fiber myalga and bone /joint meds, sleep aids, drug therapy meds that pot eliminates,etc etc etc, the fda and big pharma are scrambling as well as small muni’s where pot is legal to make up these huge losses in revenues in these area’s and in the future u.s.

    • Terry Wilson

      you say tobacco keep it from being legal think about that Marijuana will be there next cash crop I mean they have the land the harvesting equipment etc.. why in the world would the oppose it

      • knotweed

        Tobacco companies are buying up land in California and other places as we speak for the growing of Mary J. They hedge their dollars and will take any side if the money is there.

    • Karen Roberts

      oh mark, you are the man on the right track.. that s why I am going to Washington state and look for a home,, for my HEALTH

      • alaskan peasant

        Karen, i am an alaskan that moved to washington this spring. But now I hear my state is going to vote to re-legalize the stuff. Yeah alaska use to have it legal, but supposedly the same jerk that got rid squatters rights also got rid of the legalization back in 1990 (i think). So yeah, I would say stay in your state cause it might be legal soon, but you live in texas huh. Texan refugees are everywhere. But if you come to the northwest, we only ask that you are not racist, you learn how to recycle, and please if you are baptist, do not insist on converting the first nations (“indians”). Come to think of it, we already have too many fanatics here. But if you aren’t a fanatical christian and you believe in “live and let live”, Washington is a beautiful place with peace lovin people. Good luck on the move.

        • Karen Roberts

          yeah I am in texas, lived in seatlle for many years as well as bothell, Everett, Redmond, Kirkland, Edmonds, Union, and Belfair, so I know what I am getting into… the only reason I left was because of a freebase addict husband. I had to leave the state cause that dude would have killed me . I am going to look at homes in ocean shores and will be there for 10 days.. get into SeaTac on the 8th, staying at the ramada inn SeaTac and then on to ocean shores the following day…. I hope to hell they do not re legalize it.. cause I don’t want to live in new mexico ,arizona or Oregon (too expensive there) I love Washington and would never have left.. however Colorado might be an option… I have an aunt there and I do not believe in god, I believe in the universe.. and love my pot for all the reasons you obviously know about

          • Karen Roberts

            where do you live in Washington?

  • Mark Weaver

    It seems like the GOP and their teavaginalist handlers would be for legalization for two reasons. It would raise revenues in tax dollars for a product they would never use (yea, right) and it would be consistent with their rejection of the nanny state.

    But somehow, their hypocrisy will win out and they will oppose it.

    • alaskan peasant

      you hit the weed on the bong. bing bango. thats how backward texas politicians and supporters think. Give this person a free gun!

  • Karen Roberts

    texas will always remain behind the curve because of their Christian beliefs that EVERYTHING from abortions, gun laws, high speed freeways and toll roads, no law against texting, talking on a cell phone, thank you rick perry, how in the world do you think something like legalizing a drug like pot which causes less violence, a mellow high and a relaxing and medicinal value, do you really think the imbeciles in the govt, here would open their brains to see how profitable growing and manufacturing hemp could help alleviate debt statewide, if not nation wide… our dear govt. officials are so wrapped up in their judeo Christian background, their eyes will remain shut.I live in Texas and have seizure disorder and pot helps me manage my seizures. it is too bad that I have to obtain it illegally. Therefore , I am a criminal in the eyes of Tx.

    • Terry Wilson

      you would be so surprised how many Christians are in favor of legalizing marijuana in my church alone in Texas we have a letter writing campaign to our reps in Austin to reform Texas Marijuana laws so don’t blame it on Christians for stopping the laws from being passed. I know of Two more that are doing the same.

      • alaskan peasant

        Terry is right. Fanatical Christians of America are some good allies for freedom in America. They believe in a man in the clouds before government. They also believe in guns. Did I already mention they are fanatics…which are typically crazier than sane logical people. I once lived in a small town in alaska where the local baptist minister handed out death threats to everyone saying that his god orders him to kill all pagans and non-believers during Judgement day. One of the reasons why I moved out. Now adays, judgement day is everyday. When his thirteen kids grow up to think for themselves, they are really gonna mess the minister’s world up. But yeah, christians/fanatics believe their patriarchal slave driving god created weed; therefore its good.

    • alaskan peasant

      folks, I want to remind you that alcohol prohibition still exists in some towns and possibly counties in Texas. I agree the narrow minded still-racist south will be the last place in the country to legalize weed. they will probably decide to capitalize off of tourists paying to watch innocent prisoners die before they resort to weed tourism.

    • knotweed

      It has noting to do with Christianity other than using it as a shield Congress uses to justify their actions. If NORML and The MMP would simply pay the reelection funds $1,000,000 to each member of the Republican Party, we would be done with this issue. Currently, they get donations from the Mary J organizations to legalize it and donations from the Pharmacy and Liquor lobbyists (who have the most to lose). The middle is a good place to be.

  • worried

    Recently got popped with some weed in Texas. Facing felony possession charge. Scared to death.

    • staypostive

      three little birds my friend.

    • no worries

      Dont worry, Im facing the same problem. Theres alot of people in Texas Getting busted now a days for this beautiful plant. If its not that big of a situation you were in, worst outcome is getting issued a p.o.

      • alaskan peasant

        I once had to squeeze a half ounce of weed between my but cheeks one night on a texas beach, because pigs smelled my weed down the coast. after a thourough pat down but no cavity search, they let me be. Escorted me back to the mainland; and soon I was home toking up and laughing.

        • Karen Roberts

          you are too funny.. pretty damn scary aren’t they.. I hope it wasn’t a trooper or god forbid a texas ranger.. they are some mean son’s of beeches no pun intended

    • Karen Roberts

      dude, I hope is this is your first offense… hang in there buddy

    • knotweed

      Budgets have been reduced for cop cars, vests ammo so they are making it up on busting people for the simplest things. Get Perry out of office and we will see a change. He went into office as a regular guy but will end up a millionaire due to special interests (big pharma hates self medicators). He tried to make papillovirus vaccines mandatory for girls after he received a $5000 donation from Pharma. Best of luck on your bust, attorneys here are good at getting the charge reduced or dropped.

  • Robin Spake

    Recreational marijuana can be abused. It depends on how and when it is taken. Remember beer and picnics? If you have a few beers at a picnic, it is part of a social event. If you go off alone and drink, you have a substance problem. If you smoke some weed with friends at a party, it is a social event, if you smoke alone, it is a substance problem.

    • hypoluxa

      Right, because anyone who has ever had a beer by themselves or smoked a joint by themselves is an addict and has a disease. So as long as you collectively ‘abuse’ a substance, it’s ok? Go back to your AA meeting with your non-scientific drivel. There is no such thing as marijuana abuse. It is simply use. If you want to discuss abuse, let’s talk about the abuse of the criminal justice system to prosecute marijuana users for the profit of corporate prisons or for political ends. Prohibition has ruined more lives and cuased more problems for society than marijuana ever has.

      • Robin Spake

        You can abuse any substance. They have addiction counseling for marijuana too. Some people have addictive personalities. Marijuana is not perfect. I had used marijuana as a medication, and it had saved my life. People can be addicted to anything, including sex. I had a neighbor, a girl (a child) who was a sex addict, many years ago, living up the street. She died of AIDS. If you use marijuana to avoid people, it is harmful to you. Marijuana is an excellent social drug. It is the person, and not the drug, which is the addiction problem. If weed is your addiction, then it is the marijuana which your problem. No one dies of marijuana, but it can be your addictive problem.
        Some people are addicted to food. The food is their ‘substance’, they can die of obesity.
        I had used a lot of marijuana, perhaps more than you.
        I had smoked it every waking moment. I was always wasted. That was too much THC for me. I had lived as happy, goody blob, unable to function. Someone had to take me to the bathroom, because I was so wasted that couldn’t figure out how to negotiate to get upstairs. If it were not for marijuana, I would have been dead. I have epilepsy, with seizures so often that it stopped my breathing. The doctors had no medications to treat me. I turned to medical marijuana. I worked. Perfectly. I had no seizures, none. No headaches, no pain, nothing. And no depression. I could think clearly, and I had a memory. It was a miracle. Too much THC will cause seizures. THC causes euphoria. To treat epilepsy, you should use only a small dose, just enough to relax the brain. High is inviting, so inviting. I smoked a lot, because I so loved the high. I smoked every moment, every waking second. I had smoked so much that the THC was causing more seizures. I had used more marijuana to try control the additional seizures. I could afford as much as marijuana as I wanted, my source transported weed, and we were friends. For me marijuana was free He paid for his wife’s marijuana, she was also a medical patient, to her treat pain from a pinched nerve in her spine.
        I had to stop using marijuana because I was using so much that I couldn’t operate my vape, or hold a joint. After the level of THC had dropped, I felt human again, (I was able to function and think). I started using marijuana once again, but I used it differently. Instead of trying to prevent seizures, I used it to stop them once they began. Just enough to relax the brain. One joint (or a small amount in my vape) stopped them for a few hours. I had total control, no problems, and I had a clear mind (not a living blob). I had spoken to other medical marijuana patients (with other medical conditions). We all share the same problem. Too much marijuana makes you too fckted up to allow you to function. Some people, such as pain patients (and cancer patients), require a lot of THC to treat them. Many patients today need the CBD, and little or no THC. My doctor would love to be able to write for CBD oil for his patients. I wish that I had marijuana for my late mother, because she had died of cancer, and would have been helped by marijuana. Mom would never want to live stoned, nor high. They have low THC and high CBD strains for some people available, but they are illegal in the United States. (These strains are still grown here, and fortunate patients have access to them). Medical marijuana is not great marijuana that gives you a better high. Medical marijuana is intended to be therapeutic and has both a high level CBD (and for some ultra high levels of THC). CBD is a therapeutic metabolite (so too is THC – except for some special strains grown for patients who can not have any THC). CBD does NOT get you high (CBD brings you down). Medical marijuana is also not full of junk (chemicals). CBN is a metabolite in marijuana that makes you high, but alters how you metabolize THC. It is unwanted in medical marijuana.
        The largest cohort of people whom are new to marijuana who using marijuana for medical use are people age 40 – up. People have discovered medical marijuana (according to the Association for Retired Persons (AARP), an organization representing some 5 million people of retirement age).
        Marijuana is a folk drug, and not just a social drug. Despite the feds efforts, it isn’t going to disappear. The Federal government is not going to send a wave of soldiers to ‘infiltrate and destroy’ mom and pop, granny, and gramps. A low THC, and high CBD marijuana has a Hugh demand. Grandma and Grand-dad don’t want to party. These strains are available as an Rx medication in some countries. I had used marijuana as a medication a long time ago. Today they have Rx drugs that help me. They have awful side effects, but I can not be arrested. My source is no longer available, he had to run to avoid being arrested. That was a long time ago, he never stayed in one place for very long.

        I don’t think that marijuana should be legal for children. Marijuana causes memory burn, and kids need an unimpaired mind. I also believe that you do not have a right to use recreational marijuana (smoke it that is), if you are in public. Marijuana smells (if smoked). You should not have to be subject to that smell just because you are in public. If you are in the privacy of your own home, that is a different matter. What you do, unless you are violating some (other) law, harming someone, or planning to harm others is your business.

      • alaskan peasant

        yeah and while we are at it…perhaps legal weed can reduce the amount of folks addicted to christianity and other religions. Come on people, wake up! Hit the spliff, smell the roses, and wake up! No Gods, No Masters.

  • joselamb

    Get rid of Perry and there will be a big change of mind, and stop voting for the same bendejos, that have been there to long.

    • alaskan peasant

      True dat! Since we are on a roll with legalization, lets start respecting the constitution and get rid of aristocratic monarchical rule over america. I am talking about making it illegal for sons and descendants of presidents, senators, congressmen, etc to inherit the throne. Why are all the politicians from the same royal family, wtf? I thought america was against that nonsense. But yeah, legalize it and legalize responsible freedom.

    • WAM

      yep your right on…perry got to go…yes pendejo and perry is one BIG one ………………..

  • Clancy Young

    I am conservative by nature and believe this subject is one that would be a bipartisan thumbs up if put to the vote.

  • Anthony

    Its time for a ‘CHANGE” legalize it and put an end to arrest and let the people decide.

  • Robin Spake

    The problem is that most of the people who work for the government is on a drug, Sheep Dip. They have been sucking down the Sheep Dip for years.
    If you can’t beat them, join them. Start selling sheep dip. Used or new, Sheep Dip sells. It comes in many flavors, Republican or Dem, it is insidious, it invades every crack and pore. It oozes from every cavity, it slicks every strand of hair, and shines the heads of the bald. It is bold, it is new, it is old, it is in dust, it is in rain. It is loud, it is silent. It can not be seen, it is always there. It climbs in to bed, it will always be there. It is alive, it can not die. It is Sheep Dip. Beware of it my children, it is every where. It runs down the paint on walls. It is Sheep Dip. Sheep Dip. It is in the minds of men, and in the grizzle of bad dreams. Politicians live in it, love it, and become it. It will slowly creep in to your world, strangle liberty, and smite freedom. It is evil. Be Ware.

  • Robin Spake

    I used to live in a small drug laden town in IA. All of the hard and harmful drugs were everywhere. Marijuana too. Parents wanted their children to smoke their marijuana at home, because if their children smoked it outside of home they would be smoking it with weed that had been laced and would also be taking everything else, every harmful and addictive drug that exists. The local police knew that and were reluctant to arrest kids for smoking weed at home.

  • HoustonGuy

    I live in Texas, and am a Christian Conservative and I can see both sides of the legalization/ decriminalization debate. In my opinion, legalization and regulation of pot would be very beneficial to getting rid of the cartels along the border. It’s simple, if there is no demand of foreign pot, then there would be no need for the cartels to supply their product. Crack down on drugs like meth, cocaine, and heroine, those are real narcotics and cause real problems. Legalize pot and close off the Mexican border. Build a nice tall brick wall to help keep the cartels out, make it bullet and bomb resistant and have watchtowers all along the wall. Doing so would definitely reduce crime by keeping the Mexican cartels and street gangs out of our country. Let Mexico deal with them!

    Legalizing pot would also create jobs. there would be those who produce the plant, government officials to inspect the product, and people will be needed to work in dispensaries. Yes, Texas IS an agricultural state… Pot is an agricultural product… It only makes sense!

    • Alaskan Peasant

      Marijuana use to be legal in Texas and all of North America, back then before the European Christians illegally crossed the atlantic border.

      • Clancy Young

        Although I agree with your statements about pot being legal in the US what is the point of bashing Christians while making a perfectly sound analogy.I’m a Christian and believe legalizing pot would be beneficial to our country on many levels.When you throw in hatred towards a religion or any other specific organization or group you only alienate those that may be your ally….. The enemy of my enemy is my friend:) think b4 you speak….

    • kavon

      That makes logical Sense.i totally agree with your comment.

  • Tammy

    yes it should be legal for texans.. no one person is better than another. If it is good for one , it is good for all…. should be a choice….

  • caliWeed

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    • Truth

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      • calidank

        Dude just because someone else scammed you doesn’t mean you fuck with someone else I dont fucking scam I run my own business!

        • Truth


      • sourdieselTx


  • Tx Smoker

    Onr can only hope.. the sooner the better.

  • chris turner

    legalize pot ,then i wont have so much trouble finding pot or having to deal with with a skitzo dealer!!! chrystal meth too! I am an ex-con i can and will vote yes on this.

    • diprvan68

      Uh….no you won’t. As an ex con you lost that right. I’m guessing you are a troll trying to make a point about what type of people marijuana will attract. Do us a favor and go away!

      • Wes

        Hey dumb a$$. Study ur laws before u talk ex cons can vote I did last presidential run idiot.

      • hashvoteinTX0420

        This guy^can suck my balls

  • es632

    if you think that a person who smokes alittle weed cant be a true believer in God and know that Jesus Christ is lord than you are an idiot who knows nothing and has not the love of the truth.You are lost just like the puppets who criminalize a plant.legalize it already and you Christian bashers get over yourself.

    • Russ

      And How do you think put that plant here. Now how is an IDIOT!

  • Andrey Martynyuk

    Texas will be one of the last if not the last state to legalize it medically.

  • Michael Basinger

    Having lived in Dallas, Texas I can tell you that the strip joints & liquor stores were out of the county and on the way home to those that would vote down any form of pot. I bet if Adam & Eve wore a Marijuana leaf instead of a fig leaf, they’d view it as God’s plant.

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  • johnathon

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