Dec 072012

Will Texas Join Other States That Are Trying To Introduce Marijuana Legalization Legislation?

It seems like almost every time we post something about legalization on Facebook, people from Texas say that they wish it was happening in their state. I can’t blame you guys, Texas marijuana laws are harsh! To make matters worse, Texas is not an initiative state, which makes marijuana reform even harder to do. The only route is through the legislature, which is very conservative and has killed previous attempts at marijuana reform. But I watched an encouraging news segment that suggests the Marijuana Policy Project is active in the state, and reform might be coming sooner than later…

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • kristen

    that’s awsome

  • smoke king

    Legalize in Iowa!!!!

  • Johnny Bloomington

    Legalize in Missouri!!!!

    • Steven Murphy

      legalize in kentucky!

  • Sean

    While it would be nice for Texas to legalize. I wonder if they should do it piecemeal. Like legalizing it in Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and other large urban areas, first. My state of Lousiana would probably be one of the last to legalize, but I wonder if New Orleans which marches to the beat of a different drummer could possibly do it much sooner. Mayor Landrieu did make marijuana no longer to be a mandatory arrestable offense in 2011. A baby step, but a step nonetheless. I think that the “blue” enclaves in the south should try legalization first, until the rest of the “red” south has the maturity to catch up. That would be my southern strategy.

    • Apparition

      Simple possession of cannabis in Austin is given a low priority by APD. But outside of Travis County even that is still a big deal for LEO’s. We have NORML chapters throughout the state as well as the Texas Hemp Campaign (THC), and they’re doing what they can. But by and large, Texans statewide are some of the most retarded people I’ve ever met. Retarded by the climate, by their religious upbringing, by the poor education systems …. Changing minds here is a daunting task. Since much of the population has a law & order mentality, efforts by LEAP could go a long way in that regard.

      • Bob

        I want it legal in Texas I’m republican but I don’t believe in making pot illegal

      • knotweed

        Retarded people are the ones that call people retarded.

      • THANKFUL

        You darn right Texas has a law & order mentality! And some of those people are God Fearing, family loving folks. I stand for GOD and His laws. Our Justice system is based on Biblical Law. And yes I am a Christian and believe in God and you should too for your Souls sake. If you have never known God on a personal level then give it a try. You won’t go back unless you keep Satan and his minions by your side every hour of the day. Any one can say they believe in God, but walking with God and being in His favor is better than anything I can imagine.


      You mentioned that the Red States South need to mature to catch up with the Blue States as far as legalization is concerned. Have you ever seriously thought that you and others like you are the ones who are “immature”??? If you have a brain cell working then FIRST think of the consequences of legalization for minute. Legalization has just as much Negative consequences as Positive ones. I think we should be responsible when we are talking about a plant that can impair someone which will eventually kill someone or a family (God Forbid), while driving a vehicle or using equipment & machinery that most certainly will kill innocents. I can’t imagine our civilization living out it’s lives “stoned” every day. I wonder how God feels about human souls wasting away into oblivion. There is a lot more about living than that should be learned instead of getting high without a care in this deviant world about anything else. Thank God for FREE SPEECH!!!!!

      • Aloanstar

        I would much rather be on the I 35 knowing people are stoned rather than people are drunk. We certainly wouldn’t need to keep raising the speed limit, we would need to lower it. I can’t believe anyone would think “god” would be opposed to pot, it is natural and has no negative consequences other than by getting busted while it is kept illegal. You shouldn’t take “Reefer Madness” to heart…it was fiction to scare people like you. I smoked when I was younger, but haven’t in years….I am all for legalizing it….it should never have been illegal in the first place. What great “biblical” passage covers pot? I wish you religious zealots would just worry about your own lives instead of constantly butting into everyone else’s business. Worry about your soul and let others worry about theirs. Good grief, give it a rest!!

      • Teri Mills

        The prohibition of alcohol led to the largest spike in violent crime in US history until the criminalization of marijuana. Your assumption that anyone who uses cannabis would abuse it is equivalent to assuming that anyone who drinks is an alcoholic. Use does not mean abuse. Your God-in-a-Box may not actually want people to waste away from a variety of illnesses and symptoms that could easily be alleviated by this plant that He created. When you bring God in to support your own opinions you risk alienation of the very souls that you seem so concerned about. Think millstone…..

  • smokywhitegirl

    cmon georgia

  • Salvador Salgado

    West Texas Movement for Marijuana Law Reform. we’re on facebook.

  • james

    Legalize it in texas

  • will horton

    I need it here in Texas for my Ptsd. Texas claims it will do anything for its vets. So prove it

    • James Donalson

      James Donalson
      Saturday at 7:11pm near Brushy Creek, TX ·
      “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.”
      - Albert Einstein

      “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”
      - Carl Sagan

      “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”
      - Henry Ford

      “If the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.”
      - Terence McKenna

      “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
      - Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President

      “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”
      - George Washington, U.S. President



  • nicholas

    Meh, all this false hope. I’ll believe it when and hopefully if I see it. until then I remain sceptic because I’ve heard this story too many times before.

    • openup

      Really because the “story” is changing quickly may not be this year but it will happen.

  • LarryB

    Legalize in Texas…might be hard, since this is a redneck, Republican state…but the youngsters are becoming more and more democratic…so theres a chance…too late for me, I’m in my 60s but I smoked some (well, more than some) 40 years ago while in college and would love some for my aches and pains but no idea where to get any.

    • IhateIdiots

      Texas is not a fucking redneck state.. your a fucking idiot.

      • Sean

        You could have fooled me.

      • Sean

        Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re shouldn’t be calling people “fucking idiots”.

      • Howard

        No dumbass. Texas is a DUMB redneck state. I have to deal with dumb tea-baggers at work. Lucklily, they are not smart, so the more they tried to screw me, the more I used that against them to fuck them over.

        • A smart guy from Texas

          Just because you were given the so called “tea-baggers” to deal with doesn’t give you grounds to insult everyone else, regardless of where they live. I guarantee there are smarter people than you living in Texas, as well as in other states. By the way, don’t take this personally, I am sure you are smart too. Oh by the way you spelled luckily wrong, just thought i would throw that out there.

        • PROVERBS

          No respect for anyone or anything. Grow up and smell the coffee young man. Your life will be miserable if you desire to have it that way. Think! Think! Think! It’s your life.

      • Jeremy Grun

        Being from Tx i agree, but they always put the person from Texas on Tv with a thick accent so it just makes it look like we all talk that way.

    • James

      I consider myself more of a Republican than a Democrat, but I am behind legalizing weed 100%. Everything in politics is not Rep., or Dem, Our two party political system is a bowl of shit looking at its self in the mirror.

    • Cici

      Larry, you are in Texas. I think everyone has bud in Texas. Just walk around Houston LOL

    • 2buds

      I feel your pain – I’m in my 50′s and vape for pain – and to feel good. I didn’t start up again (from my teen use) till 2 yrs ago – terrible time finding a supply. I looked for the biker type – covered in jailhouse tats and kept asking for weed. Finally found one willing to sell to a straight laced “stand up” white guy from the burbs. It was not steady supply though. I Finally had to buy seeds online and start my own clandestine grow – in an old locked frig in the garage with a filter on top. Took a long time to get a first crop but it was well worth it. With 3 little autos grown under 100 watts of LED’s I raised 88 grams (dry weight) which will last me almost 2 years of vaping. I also save the Vape waste – grind it up and slip a tablespoon in my hot tea – all day greatness!

    • fuckyouseanandfuckyoularry

      We are not a redneck state what the fuck man? and who cares about spelling on here sean it’s the internet because after all you missed a comma somewhere mr.perfect

      • Sean

        It’s not about comma and punctuation. It’s about irony, you dufus.

    • Humping
    • knotweed

      I am fixing to retire and would also like a source. Stay on your legislators. It’s just a matter of time. I’m sure most of our Congressmen have some.

  • billy

    They really need to legalize it people are going to jail losing jobs for blunt that’s dumb. Tax it and regulate it get those useless weed cases out.

  • Damagoman Mago

    Yes, for as long as I can remember :-)(BOSEG)(tm)

  • crazy_ass_bird

    legalize i pennsilvana!

  • rick eisenhart

    i say legalize everywhere for adults to grow their own getting old sucks loving good reefer is a real pisser if you go to jail its time to legalize the only reason they wont in texas is the police dont get enough sex if you go to jail in fort worth you would think the police were beaten by thier parents i sure hope they were god knows they deserve it the way they treat people

  • rick eisenhart

    fort worth police like all police are just pretty boys with shitty attitudes they act like their never gonna get old i hope god gives them what they deserves and i hope they all rot in hell like they want people to for marijuana lets get rid of rick perry and legalize weed

  • Steff Marley

    I’all die waiting for Texas to legalize marijuana…. I WILL be moving to Colorado. Gonna start practicing saying you all instead of y’all now. (;

  • Its Makes Sense

    Legalizing in Texas would bring so much relief to our over crowded prison system and we sure could use the tax monies to improve our schools which are horrible in educating our students….we need better teachers…better equipment to teach with….

    • yourstruly

      i so agree because so many people are in there due to the drug!!set them free

    • Dolphin

      I agree about legalization, but the schools, at least in N. Texas, are pretty good, but the state could definitely use the tax money.

      • knotweed

        The tax money is the problem. Going after it is Big Pharma, Budweiser and the for profit prison lobbyists.
        Our Congressmen/women all work for these pimps.

  • T.

    No One has ever killed any one on Pot, also it does not anger people like alcohol.

  • Simple man Waco tx

    Legalize it and regulate it… It jus decriminalize it…. Make the laws similar to alcohol… Ppl say that if we legalize weed a worker will go outside smoke a joint And come back n work high…. No u dumb shit that don’t mean anything like that but ppl are gon do what they want, and not jus with weed alcohol pills meth n everything else, but also jus changing laws on it were its legal to possess and grow under circumstances and guidelines would be alright or go to the city and get licenses to grow whatever amounts by paying a fee jus so the state gets there “wanted cut out of it” n we all can be good…. Something like that lol

    • Stoned Antichrist

      If people are saying a worker will go outside, smoke a joint, come back in high if it’s decriminalized then they are retarded because people already do that lol. They don’t have much of an argument considering people will do it regardless of whether not it’s decriminalized. The people that don’t do it, well let’s face it I’m pretty sure they value their job more than smoking 1 joint to be high at work because no job = no money to buy your bud. Hahaha.

  • S Wesley Moore

    I have lived i Texas m whole life. I sufferfrom MANY MAJOR medica illnesse some sh as Crohn’s, Severe Intractable Migraines, I have had 5 MAJOR operation on my lungs and rach has casued MAJOR nerve damage. I have to hav aother surgery this year to repair a leak in my left lung. That surgery will be 1+ hours long. I have ben tking STRONG opiod pain meds for the pain and nausea or years. Ihave NO appetite. I have only smoked once in my life and it was one time about 4 years ago, but wassome RALLY bad cheap stff, got NOTHING from it. Would like t try to REAL stuff to see if I could drop a lot of this otherbad stuff going into me. Damned government always holding something that could potentially help SO many people. My dad has cancer and is undergoing chemo, he cany eat, nauseated ALL day, think it would really benft him as well. Help gain some weght back on him.. Just pisses me off…

    • hippie

      kush,sour diesel,corn…that will make you eat and help you and yo dad out a lot

  • MaeMarie

    Texas needs to legalize cannabis already. It’s healthier than tobacco and quite frankly its extremely helpful in cases of depression and anger issues. it has always helped me and is unfair.

    • stone420Odessa

      Not to mention hunger disorders

      • cat

        i agree….my friend got trampled by a horse…tore his stomach…after repairs.he didnt want to eat…went down to like 98 lbs…looked like skeletor….dr prescribed it and it saved his life…we all thought he was gonna die. now he is healthy and happy.

  • Issac Yesuf

    Texas farmers, ranchers and gardeners could capitalize on this plant. It is so versatile. From a therapeutic medicine, holy sacrament to industrial plastic composite materials and biofuel. Why all the denial and rejection of such an amazing renewable resource. Touted as a Billion dollar crop in the ’30s by Popular Mechanics Magazine! The deal is it is such a formidable competitor to big corporations. The time has come for this weed to be freed into our free market instead of exiled to the “black” market systems. It is safer than a six pack of beer and a carton of cigarettes. If we can drink responsibly and read a government warning label than we should partake of marijuana if we want to. Zero deaths from its use and the side affects are happy, hungry and sleepy! Texas has to join CO, WA ! It just makes so much cents to capitalize on such a valuable commodity instead of ignoring it and treating it like a worthless weed when in scientific terms its the tree of life and the healing of nations that can help shelter, clothe and feed us!

  • Drew

    Is there ANY legitimate information about… Why Not????

  • stone432OdessaTx

    Rep. dem. or redneck we should all smoke a bowl and legalize it and let all the laws blow away with the smoke!!!!!

  • Sane210

    Weed I’m still gonna smoke it even if its illegal…. Don’t really matter

  • Colt

    Shit I’m 16 I love weed its no harm if anything drinking should be legalized ppl die for that shit almost everyday;O … But not weed<3

    • Texassquare

      Grow up first! You don’t know what you don’t know which is a lot at your young age.

      • xgdfg

        what he does know though which alot of people know is it’s harmless so go do some e-parenting elsewhere

    • Clean Brain

      See now that is what I would expect from a 16 year old – but what is wrong with the rest of you?

  • Colt

    I mean illegal sorry I’m stoned((:

    • Clean Brain

      Just stupid stoned.

  • James Felle

    Legalize Today! We need to follow in Colorado’s footsteps and watch all of these DWI incident fall to the wayside. Legalize now Texas is ready!

    • Clean Brain

      Yes Colorado is a fine example of what we want to be. Watch the news….

  • Just your Daily Smoker

    There are more harsh chemicals in the things we.use in our daily lives that are allowed , yet a simple plant, a herb is a threat to our state? Doesn’t make sense, correct? I’d rather illegalize alcohol and consider marijuana as a alternative. people , alcoholics turn to beer and such to.ease they’re pain, yet causing their liver and.ect. yet marijuana a natural plant… is more dangerous? Ithink our states govt needs to just chill out and smoke a blunt.. and realize they needa pass this shit right on over to us! Haha

    • Clean Brain

      How about just dealing with life as an adult and not self medicating at all?

  • Cici

    Bud is legal in my household. I’m good. :)

  • Sakura420

    1st of all where I live in Texas pretty much everyone smokes weed lawyers, rednecks, doctors, nurses, dem., rep. it does not matter. Being right by the border it can be easy to get. So why not just legalize it ,let it be imported and tax it to get the state out of debt as well as the country. The USA it based on credit but it does not lead by example. So why not start! Plus the cost to house people in jail for marijuana charges only pits this state and country in more debt. Lay off the pot heads and go after the people involved in coke, meth, rock, you would have more money to do it. So come on Texas and the US get smart you can do it!

    • Clean Brain

      I live in Texas also near the boarder. The people that I know that smoke pot are mostly lazy ass losers even if they are lawyers, rednecks, doctors or nurses. And I sure as hell wouldn’t want a pot head “taking care” of me.

  • A Fellow Texan

    Im from Texas, and no we are not a redneck state, we just have strong Southern Hospitality roots and a strong Southern Mind, but I strongly believe if Texas was to legalize marijuana it will really help get our police force focus off of trying to I.D cars suspect of marijuana possession and get them to go after meth labs, cocaine, crack and heroin dealers and more importantly the sex offenders and child rapest, they are the ones that deserve to be behind bars not a teen thats has possession of 2 to 5 grams of marijuana, it brands a young man or woman for the rest of their lives, and legalization would benefit our states economy, which has been at the top of the nations overall stability, Texas has the potential to thrive even more just like that of California, Washington, and Colorado, and California has been in trouble, economic wise, for quite some time and now I read their economy is at a steady climb, Im glad to see that, if California can get out of an economic hole its been in for many years, then I know Texas will be able to expand its already stable economy even further, Hopefully it is legalized…..

  • Texassquare

    Sorry folks, marijuana still won’t be allowed by many employers. I would assume drug testing will still go on. Many owners and bosses don’t want dumb asses working for their businesses. For example, I for one don’t want a stoned Air Traffic Contoller directing my flight or an H.E.B. truck driver in traffic along side of me.

    In addition, many in the general public will treat pot smokers who do it in public like piriha. It’s bad enough for a regular old smoker these days. LOL They can legalize it but they can’t make people be respectful of users. Better not do it around the children either.

    Since when are Rednecks the only ones against the legalization of pot? A whole lot of smart Texans are against it. :) We aren’t the Rocky Mountian high state of Colorado and Austin and Houston are not representative of our Conservative state which is Texas. Try opening your minds a little and removing yourselves from your glass house that some of you are in. :) Not everyone likes the idea.

    • cat

      stupid…i passed every exam with “A”‘s when on it back in the day when younger. It kept me seriously focused… without it i hoped to get a “C”.

      • Texassquare

        I’m glad for your success but IMO you are not representative of the majority. It’s hard to believe you were smoking it daily and it made you smarter. LOL Over my 50 years I know successfull people too but I’ve known way more people just drifting through the day in a haze and totally unmotivated who aren’t living out their potential.

        That’s their right to pursue happiness with some risk but I don’t want the Country to encourage anymore folks (children) to use it than already do. For me it’s mostly about the young people. I’m really glad I had a drugfree base to go back to when I decided it was time make a change in my life. If I didn’t remember that being straight felt pretty good I might not of gotten back there. Quiting cold turkey 20 years ago was still the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

        Many people like me eventually get burned out after a number of years and or use the pot high as a stepping stone to experiment with other highs and screw up their lives. I don’t think it helps to make better life decisions. At 50 I wish I had a few of my brain cells back. LOL And no, I don’t think pot is as bad as alcohol. So what!

        By the 1920′s america was were well past being able to illegalizing alcohol. I say, what happens if in 25 years we as a society decide legalizing pot wasn’t a good idea because of consequences we didn’t foresee. Like alcohol we can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Let’s ease the punishment a little on the quanities held but don’t legalize across the board. Many Police look the other way now and it’s only a misdemeanor now for a joint.

        Lastly I would of never been able to write down my thoughts in an articulate fashion when I was a stoner. I notice there are a lot of short responses on this site. LOL Just kidding!!

        • Texassquare’smother

          your just spewing bullshit man and lets remmeber you’re not the majority so quit chiming in on what others say like a bitch and saying “YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY BLAH BLAH BLAH” because we already fucking know the majority supports it it’s just going to take some time as with anything else trying to be legalised..

          and i did great in school because of pot so this brain cell shit you keep saying is rubbish because i’ve allways been able to write down my thoughts in an articulate fashin stoned or not.but just remember your the 37% against it so quit saying “pot isnt as bad as alcohol” when you turn around and talk shit about it.. anyways let people write their shit without your ass getting pissy and saying YOU ARENT THE MAJORITY because that doens’t really matter…

          • fuckyou

            well im glad people like texassquare are diminishing..” It’s hard to believe you were smoking it daily and it made you smarter” who are you to say it didn’t ? fuck off

          • Texassquare

            Hey dummy, I’m not chiming in. I wrote all of my on material about my opinion which you can’t handle without losing what’s left of your shriveled up mind, So sad Charlie !! :)

            I did respond to the kid because it’s sad. I feel damn sorry for his parents. And I would never e-parent him because he’s so hooked he doesn’t care about anything else. Pot is God!!

            Doesn’t care just like you or wouldn’t write with such hate. in your heart. You sure sound like Liberal Democrat the way you demonize the opposite opinion. Thanks for proving all of my points correct with all of your dain bramaged comments. LOL Your response lackd comprehension but I won’t waste time correcting you.

            You’re so typical in that you’ll make every lame excuse why you’re addiction is good for everyone and it should be made easier for you to get high.

            Well I guess you can stand for one thing in your waste of a life. Put that in you pipe and smoke it. Ha,ha I know you will..

            This is kind of fun pissing you guys off. It’s so easy! I knew it would be.when I came on here :) LOL

    • dafuqwhyyoustupid?

      why not make it legal it was fine for hundreds of years before they illegalised it to whats the big fucking deal why not legalise it or do you not have any better reason other than, “oh well it’s illegal so it must be bad.” so maybe tkae your own advice please and remove yourself from the… glass house? you seem to be trapped in.and i dn’t do it around children either but i see people accepting alchohol around their children so thats just stupid and being in texas you probably wouldnt know the status of what employers would allow.

      • dafuqwhyyoustupid?

        …would allow if it were to be legal*

    • spamizbad

      I was sitting here, clinging to my bible and guns ..drinking a beer and listening to Rush Limbaughs call to behead all non white people, filling out insurance coverage for my precious tea bags if god forbid the worst happens, and behold, you make me spit my beer out all over my computer, that i bought from taking advantage of some poor person while I got rich on Oil contacts in Iraq.

  • Brandon

    Marijuana is gonna be legal within a decade trust me.

    • Clean Brain

      Trust me, in Texas, it is not.

  • Thick Jim bob

    This is what I’m a say. “Hey do you smoke pot?” And ima say. “Hell no I don’t smoke that shit! I eat it!!” ;)

    • Clean Brain

      This is why you are Thick, Jim Bob.l

  • disqus_3npvxWhb7l

    I am a 50 year old from Texas with chronic pancreatitis and would love for marijuana to be legal to take for pain. People who have never had chronic pain just dont have any idea what people like me are.going through . I would vote yes for it and would.smoke it if it were legal. Ive taken all other pain meds and every one of them , why not try it.

    • Clean Brain

      My sister lives in Texas, has lung cancer and gets her medical marijuana filled at Walgreens. Ask your doctor.

      • Teri Mills

        She does not. Marijuana is not legal in Texas even for medical purposes. I live in TX and have chronic pain. You cannot get a prescription for it and you cannot have it filled at your local pharmacy. Either you are lying or you are sadly misinformed.

  • holy smoke

    we should legalize the marijuana for recreational use

  • raymon

    it dont matter if they legalize it or not people are still gonna smoke it no matter what the law says i say fuck the law all their doing is locking up harmless people in prision for marijuana i mean come on do your fucking job and arrest murders and theives not harmless potheads

  • sadly realistic

    As with so many things these days if we the people were actually allowed to vote .. we would learn what the country thought and wanted.. But as with so many other things that it seems we re not SMART enought to decide about on our own.. we have other people that are allowed to make those decisions for us…

    Not how I understood our country was supose to have been founded.. but money has changed and curropted soooo many things for us over the last decade it imbarrassaing…

  • rabbit

    They dont want it legal but I cant guarantee 70 percent of Texas population smomes

    • Clean Brain

      People always think that what they do is right and that other people agree with them. It’s called justification.

  • rabbit


  • Warhal Ramazan

    legalize in Texas! it same thing like as alcohol!! you understand to who is the opposite of marijuana are dumbass!!!!!!! Marijuana helps everything relief! I know im not stupid Police do drugs, iswear to god same thing what they do steriod and hid of families members who do drugs everything what they dont care!! Texas are champ state most of the Idiot country ever I live!!

    • Mr. smith

      if lawmakers allow men who fuck each other in the ass get married, legalizing weed should make it through congress with a breeze lol.

      • Pot Head In Texas

        Do you think TEXAS will let men marry men Bahahahahahaha

  • Waro

    IDC JUST SMOKE IT! Marijuana never get harm! Texas law are stupid! The prohbition isn’t work! Never fixed! I know government or officers just hid from us they can do anything what they want! They only want to arrest they never arrest their family member! I don’t trust officers at all! Their stupid! Same as alcohol.. If I arrest I could explain and take them to court every time when I caught! I’m over 21 should be allow for recreational! Stop being stupid arrest for no reason not fair for alcohol!

    • Clean Brain

      Waro – the brain damage has already started.

      • laughing hyena

        LOL, good one!

  • M

    I would definitely vote a yes for this. When marijuana was criminalized it was done so by people with inaccurate tests and a poor understanding of the drug. Pharmaceutical companies farm out some of the worst possible “medications” to the public with side effect lists as long as my arm. Many of these drugs have side effects that include suicide and violent behavior. Marijuana has side effects as well but very few experience negative side effects. Most just get hungry.

  • Kyle

    My uncle smoked marijuana…. He killed his wife and his kids.

    • spamizbad

      Your uncle was crazy and a murderer. Marijuana didn’t do it.

    • Teri Mills

      There is no cause and effect in your statement.

  • Jorge TygerBlood Sheen

    save the controversy, prohibition creates black markets

  • Jorge TygerBlood Sheen

    no victim no crime

    • laughing hyena

      I don’t see that as a good reason to legalize. It is not a reason at all. Try harder.

      • Morpheous

        i have a better idea, instead of ME proving why it should be legalized.. YOU justify putting me in a cage and potentially ruining my life and putting me thru a broken system

  • GhettO1stamendment

    It would be the next Black Gold, Texas Tea, Y’all know- shooting at the ground might dry up? And get the neighbors “Mexico” to back the truck up .

  • Holly

    Guys worried about Rep versus Dem, the stereotypical attacks
    on Texans, and grammar: chill out, smoke a bowl, and realize that arguing about this pointless shit will not get marijuana legalized. Jesus.