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In case you have been living under a rock the last couple of days, marijuana sales are now legal in Colorado. I read about one store serving over 1,000 customers on opening day. As Russ Belville pointed out, “if each customer bought at least an 1/8th for $40 bucks, that’s $14,000 in tax revenue generated. Off of one store. In one day.” Now imagine when all of the retail outlets open up in Colorado, and Washington, and eventually beyond. That will be a pile of money that is so huge even Kevin Sabet will have to get on board.

Anyone that was following the marijuana sales in Colorado yesterday probably noticed that the reported prices for marijuana sales rose during the day. The first official purchase was by Iraq War veteran Sean Azzariti. His receipt can be seen below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado

That’s $59.74 for an eighth of Bubba Kush and a truffle, plus tax. As the day went on, I saw numbers go up over $60 for an eighth. People on the West Coast were blown away by that price. Living in Oregon, I used to be blown away by those prices, but now I talk to so many people via the blog in other states and realize that how you feel about the price in of marijuana in one area depends on where you live.

If you live on the West Coast, you can find cheap eighths all day of top shelf marijuana. $20-30 is normal in Oregon where I live, and can even get cheaper if you have the right friends. So looking at Colorado prices can seem crazy. However, go just one state over to Idaho where my cousins live, and their perspective is way different. A $60 eighth of Girl Scout Cookies sounds like an unrealistically great deal to them, and they are making plans to visit to Colorado ASAP.

How do you feel about a $60 eighth? Keep in mind, I’ve been to Colorado, and they have some of the best of the best. I know when I’m far from home, I don’t have a problem paying a premium price for premium marijuana. Or in very desperate times, even a premium price for medium marijuana. I remember one time when I was in Vegas and was on day four of no weed I bought half a gram for $20 of some solid Kush and was stoked to have it! It all just depends on the scenario I suppose.

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About Johnny Green

Johnny Green is a marijuana activist from Oregon. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy. Follow Johnny Green on Facebook and Twitter. Also, feel free to email any concerns.
  • Respecttheherb

    NO! its perfect done even start with the BS.

    • tioane99

      I know!!

  • Shane Fraser

    Just like everything else,

    Its all about supply and demand.

  • respecttheherb


  • Damo Lee

    In Australia, the average price is $50 for 3 grams. And there is no guarantee of quality either. I’ve had some absolute crap, and some mind melting gear, same dealer, just different times of the month/year

  • Krizeck Spliffz

    Actually it was $49.28 plus tax.

  • Tioane99

    That’s regular prices for weed where the hell do you people live lol

    • Mactd1

      Just what generation are you from?

  • Cameron

    in Ontario canada mississauge 1 gram of high grade marijuana is $10

  • guest

    $60 for an eighth of quality stuff in San Antonio/Texas is pretty standard.

  • Jason Bishop

    I read just about 2 hours ago that Prices are $400 an Oz WITHOUT Tax

  • Ole Bill

    In norway the normal price for 1 gram is about $25. And theres no guarantee for any quality

  • Dennis Patrick Ellis


  • Michael Glassner Jokinen

    I feel the same, in the most North-Western part of America(Maine), it’s literally $50 per 8th. I suppose it makes a little sense, but what the Government doesn’t seem to get is that it’ll make some money at being such a high price, or people will still go to other competitors in the neighborhood… Match their price, and call the tax included to match in kind.

    • Metal_Mike

      Wow, just wow. Maine is in the North EAST my friend. But yes, $50 an 1/8 sounds about right for over here. You can still get mids and shwag for $30 if you don’t care about quality.

  • Mactd1

    Keep in mind tha it takes about a pound of marijuana to make a three month supply of medicine… 4 x 60 x 16 = 3840 / 3 = So that equal about 1280 a month to cure yourself with something that god made.

  • RayKay

    Here in Ireland we get ripped on a daily basis, people pay 50 euro for 2 grams of shit!! if you know a good supplier you’l get 2g of great stuff or possibly 2.5 – 3 of average stuff if your very lucky for 50.. buying in bulk is the only answer and its still total robbery, the US and other countries that have woken up and finally legalised it should count there blessings!

    • Michael Glassner Jokinen

      Amen fellow Cannibus Enthusiast.

      • RayKay

        In herb we trust <3

    • Tahlya Chazak

      Only parts of the US…. so far Colorado and Washington are the only states that legalized it for both recreational and medical usage. I know it sure isn’t legal here in Pennsylvania

  • Nichelle Hawk

    Here in Montana a eighth is $60 and a quarter is $120 so I’m use to it being so high

  • Fern”hood”Girl

    Vancouver Island, CANADA – $25 for an eighth – 3.5 grams – BC bud, great shit :) I was shocked when I saw that receipt, holy crap, HIGH prices!


      I’ll wait to buy my green when the prices come down a bit.

    • jeremy

      bc is the bud capital of canada haha cant wait to move there

  • Patman

    the higher it is the better it must be?… right?

    • Michael Glassner Jokinen

      Not necessarily, but for the most part it’s relevant.

    • Deborah Ulloa

      I know that the convo my friends and I would have is about how if it were legal then there would be unlimited lengths to which they could create the ultimate strand…. like in How High haha, but anyway with that said … You would hope so anyway! lol

  • ara

    shouldn’t be for sale at all. its a mind altering drug. don’t want to be on the road with these people. are you going to let them drive our children to school?

    • Adam Hildenbrand

      Your argument has no validity in so many levels and you should be ashamed of your self for being so ignorant.

    • Mactd1

      They aren’t now???

    • Les

      You’re an uninformed reactionary simpleton.

    • timmy

      Very ignorant statement. Time to throw away your reefer madness VHS tape. Educate yourself! alcohol is a mind altering drug and it’s the gateway drug! You have a lot to learn.

    • Guess Hadesty

      I don’t want to be on the road with you people, nor any other person who would use children as their political shield. Who ever said someone under the influence of cannabis was going to drive any children to school?

    • Deborah Ulloa

      How embarrassed you should be to have even left such a comment…. and really…. are you on something?? I feel as though you must be due to the off the wall psychotic comment you decided to post publicly?? lol “Drive our children to school?”…. yeah wow, I am pretty sure you would have to be the ONLY person in the WORLD to have even thought about someone getting high and then running a mass car pool for the schools?? Too much! … ugh how embarrassing for you geeze I cant get over it!

    • jeremy

      have you ever even smoked pot clearly not i have been smoking and driving for years and im a more causious driver after smoking and more reckless when sober so gtfo of here with your uneducated comment

    • Troll Police

      They see me trollin’, they hatin’!

    • Jamie Guest

      Why are you on a site called the WEED BLOG? My kid’s bus driver was pulled over with kids on bus because he was DRUNK so what exactly is your argument here?

  • Jay

    Having lived all over the US, 60 an 1/8 is about average. Seen anywhere from 30 – 100 (in desperate times), if I’m visiting any state and 60 is the norm, I’m happy.

  • Big d and the fuckin kids

    $10 a gram is what you can get from a friend that’s how it should be at the stores it’s to abundant not to be

  • Guess Hadesty

    Considering the fact that we are dealing with a plant, which grows from the ground naturally, nobody should ever have to pay more than $25-$30 an eighth for high quality cannabis. When one considers the black market and penalties that come along with sales of cannabis, it would seem reasonable for a high cost to be attached. There is, however, no excuse when it becomes legal. What needs to happen is a free market for cannabis; then we would see truly fair prices.

    • well,

      There is. Craiglist is flooded with competing growers, they deliver and the whole nine yards.

      • Guess Hadesty

        I have a feeling unlicensed public salespeople will unfortunately be the target of law enforcement once they realize they can not legally go after cannabis related businesses anymore. They love to rape dead horses until well after the maggots have died off.

  • Deborah Ulloa

    I was trying to find a link for the video shown on CBS this morning but was not able to find one that was working :/ ,,, But what the video shows is the man whom made this purchase coming out of the store along with his items. I think the chocolate was actually a box of chocolates not just one btw, I could be wrong but that’s what I remembered. Also they went into detail in this video of how the cost went all the way up to $500. for one ounce due to demand and lack of ready supply. But when they went into what the cost would be from now on it was the same as “street cost” of a high quality KB. I was able to find a link that had numbers similar to what they were saying this morning. … http://www.priceofweed.com/prices/United-States/Colorado.html ….. which if you notice the cost of 1oz high quality, its actually pretty well priced…. I am not a smoker but I do see this as a plus! Of course someone somewhere is going to blame some crazy crime on a smoker and try to kill this but then just turn around and up the tax on alchohol again right lol wow but anyway yay Colorado!!

  • McNallypants

    Its $50 an eighth in wisconsin and that is illegal.. if its legal, it should be no more than $30 an eighth, the way it WAS in colorado and is in Cali

    • Mactd1

      In the sixties you could get a QP for $20. It still grows the same and costs nearly nothing.

  • skindust

    10£ a gram in belfast 25£ for 2.5 grams

  • Old lady

    Wow I remember when it was $25 a quarter. Ahh the good ole days. (1980s) lol

    • CaptCosmo

      In Phoenix, Az during the mid & late 60′s, I bought a Kilo (2.2 pounds) for $75.00 and sold it to a Narc for $125.00. That arrest was after 3 Federal busts by the Office of Navel Intelligence. Did 6 mos in the Brig & made it thru 5 years probation in Az. Now 67 (I’ve smoked pot just about daily since 1965) I can honestly say my four busts never, not even once, caused me any difficulty in the job market. This is America! I used my skills, my trade & my knowledge to go into business for myself and eventually did quite well…. It’s about time it was legalized!

  • Soper Michael

    So cheap I lmao

  • Daniel

    I see no reason why it has to be that high…More growers, more jobs, cheaper costs!!!!! Leave it to the Government and it’ll be like all meds and too high for your average person to afford!

  • Melanie Ann

    $60/8th all day long in Chicago

    • Deven

      u gettin robbed nigga

  • chris lockhart

    good price if i say,lol

  • KushKween420

    I pay 50$ for an 8th maybe 45 ..

  • brian

    funny pot becomes legal as your gun rights are being stripped. nice trade.. so when the stoned burglar breaks into your house in the middle of the night and robs you to buy more dope and you being a marijuana user cant legally own a gun cant use your weapon your in jail with the armed burglar. but you can buy high quality pot @ 60$ an eighth. id rather stay in the south

    • Deborah Ulloa

      lol… you have never met someone who actually smokes have you?

      • Deborah Ulloa

        I am actually trying to picture someone high doing all of those things in this odd mental story there…. some people are just ridiculous with the direction their negative comments are going in…

    • Guess Hadesty

      I hope you are referring to heroin when you say “dope”, because cannabis users are not likely to rob others to buy a bag of weed.

    • Mick Swaga

      brian- your trippin if u think a weed head is gonna committ a burglary to get weed… u prolly dnt kno anybody that ever smokes weed, u jus anotha read and follow wut they say good ol’ american boy. u prolly still believe that weed is not “ok” cuz its an “illegal” drug but alchol and tobacco or ‘scripts are ok jus cuz they’re “legal” drugs or that reefer is a “gateway” drug-ha! silly guy

      • brian

        well I used to smoke weed. not saying its a gateway drug but it does make a user bored with it and try other drugs. don’t tell me you’ve only smoked weed because that’s a damn lie.

    • MaryJane

      you have never heard of anyone robbing somebody while they are “stoned” smoke a fat one and you’ll see why

  • Amber

    It’s 60 an eigth in SC, so no. I would say 40 is GREAT lol

  • jeremy

    30$ an 8th here in ontario canada probably just as good of stuff too lol but hey to make it legal ill pay an extra 10

  • Deven

    thats a tad overpriced lol, where i live 25 for an 1/8 of that sweet kush :). 50 for quarters, pretty decent id say, yall r gettin robbed haha

    • Deven

      south fl, btw lol

  • Donnie Rains

    10 a gram for high grade in indiana !!

    • Deven

      thats about right, dimes are usually a gram, more or less

  • fabs574

    $20.00 a gram all the way out to $140.00 for a quarter here in Indiana

    • Deven

      holy fuck, u are gettin robbed nigga, 140 a quarter!!!???!! thats insane, 50-70 is what they should be dawg.. sorry to say, yo dealer is a fuckin thief lol

      • Nicki W baby

        15-20 gram in Baltimore.

        • Deven

          that aint too bad for a gram,, but a gram is usually a dime, which = $10

      • Juice Santiago

        no thats just the east coast dude. in GA i get a quater for 140$ and alot of people say thats a deal because one can run you up to 170-180 down here..

        • Mcnuggett

          you are getting burned, 100 a quarter, 375 to 400 an oz from cali

          • MaryJane

            I’m from Ga and I’ve never paid no hunned fo a quarter, the most is 90 and thats for dat loud, bout 350 for a oz of dat good shit

        • Deven

          thats crazy bro, i aint never heard of that dawg

  • Mick Swaga

    $50/60 an 8th is resonable for some loud… i live i mass so that $20/30 an 8th is unheard of

  • onebrownmouse

    that pot was grown for patients and was selling for $150 ounce on Dec 30th….

  • skyler crook

    they makin more than dealers, damn goverment taking over the game

  • Christopher Steele

    it’s a little unrealistic to call the price anything on the first day… In fact it’s not going to be right until this is the system on a federal level. Once it’s had time to be fully legal, the major producers time to stabilize, and the supply and demand flow time to stabilize, prices will also stabilize. I have no idea what they’ll be, but I fear unless prices are regulated to a level where black-market trade is obsolete, we won’t see the end of the black market, which is a major blow to the movement if that doesn’t happen fast.

  • Kye

    After reading some comments, I feel super lucky. I live in northern California. From what I’ve experienced, an 8th costs $40, which gets me high for a week and a half.

  • Febe Walker English

    the price will come down over time, look at tv’s and smartphones. those prices came down.

    • Marko D

      Don’t know why you categorized weed with electronics. I would put it under the tobacco and alcohol category which are all rising in price.

  • boogie

    i pay 60 a quarter an i get trainwreck lol

  • boogie

    an im in nevada

  • jade

    send me some wow

  • katiiiebby3

    It’s $55-60 for an eighth of good shit in VA. $15/20 a gram depending on who you know. I definitely feel ripped off now lol west coast here I come.

  • jade

    we got no good shit in n.y.

    • Yohhgfui Gerazcara

      I do all the time when Im in Ny.. Maybe you should get out n meet a few people…
      Ny has some of the best.. Much better than Florida

  • Mark Jenkins

    I’m in the uk & don’t have the privilege of buyin legal@any price & face jail time for an ounce-u guys dnt knw hw fkin lucky u are!! :-(

    • Deven

      its only in colorado, its not exactly “legal” really anywhere else, cant wait till it is in Florida tho

    • Af

      You don’t holiday in the Netherlands? Your close enough to go for the week end!

  • Rachel

    15-20 gram in Tx… Blue Dreams :-D

    • Talib7

      I need to find some gud smoke here in Indianapolis? I may drive to Denver and spend that money for good quality smoke none in Indianapolis

  • Canvas

    It’s funny how people want to say something costs too much. I have spent years cultivating different strains and growing quality cannabis. Wanna come pay my power bills? No? Can’t grow it yourself? (No. It’s not THAT easy, at least if its quality which half the dispensaries don’t even produce.) Then be ready to pay a DECENT price, especially if you want quality, Eagle 20/Avid/Forbid/Zenith75/Bayer free non-chemmed-the-fuck-out quality bud.