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 January 2, 2014

In case you have been living under a rock the last couple of days, marijuana sales are now legal in Colorado. I read about one store serving over 1,000 customers on opening day. As Russ Belville pointed out, “if each customer bought at least an 1/8th for $40 bucks, that’s $14,000 in tax revenue generated. Off of one store. In one day.” Now imagine when all of the retail outlets open up in Colorado, and Washington, and eventually beyond. That will be a pile of money that is so huge even Kevin Sabet will have to get on board.

Anyone that was following the marijuana sales in Colorado yesterday probably noticed that the reported prices for marijuana sales rose during the day. The first official purchase was by Iraq War veteran Sean Azzariti. His receipt can be seen below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado

That’s $59.74 for an eighth of Bubba Kush and a truffle, plus tax. As the day went on, I saw numbers go up over $60 for an eighth. People on the West Coast were blown away by that price. Living in Oregon, I used to be blown away by those prices, but now I talk to so many people via the blog in other states and realize that how you feel about the price in of marijuana in one area depends on where you live.

If you live on the West Coast, you can find cheap eighths all day of top shelf marijuana. $20-30 is normal in Oregon where I live, and can even get cheaper if you have the right friends. So looking at Colorado prices can seem crazy. However, go just one state over to Idaho where my cousins live, and their perspective is way different. A $60 eighth of Girl Scout Cookies sounds like an unrealistically great deal to them, and they are making plans to visit to Colorado ASAP.

How do you feel about a $60 eighth? Keep in mind, I’ve been to Colorado, and they have some of the best of the best. I know when I’m far from home, I don’t have a problem paying a premium price for premium marijuana. Or in very desperate times, even a premium price for medium marijuana. I remember one time when I was in Vegas and was on day four of no weed I bought half a gram for $20 of some solid Kush and was stoked to have it! It all just depends on the scenario I suppose.



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    I’m late to the party so this has probably been said, but I live in CO. Yes, it was the gov’t that wanted to tax pot like crazy but it was put to a vote. The high tax measures passed thanks to stinking, so-called conservatives and prohibitionists who lost the legalization fight and couldn’t help trying to stick it to the victors. It is unfair, but I think of it as a big F-U to them every time I spend my hard-earned money (farewell, unemployed slacker stereotype) on this newly legal option in spite of their objections and jackassery.


      The only reason we can go into a store and legally buy excellent reefer seven days a week is because the people of Colorado believed legalization would benefit the state more than it would harm it. For example, some of the tax revenue is going to build new schools, which I personally believe is a good thing. As a Colorado citizen, you can probably get a medical “red card” and buy almost tax-free if you really object to paying tax on it, but long lines at recreational cannabis stores suggest that there are plenty of people who are okay with the current system.


    60 for an eighth is standard in Baltimore, I’d pay more for peace of mind, but we know that there aren’t going to be lines wrapped around the block like day one in CO, demand will go down naturally especially since people can have a handful of their own plants


    dude, if i thought for a second i could get away with it i would but your just outta your mind unless your exclusively moving in co or wa. advertising like this gonna get you into some serious crap in a hurry and anyone who would be dumb enough to bite on this 1 to. their prob. watching you rt now for sure. unless of course your 1 of them.


    Being from North Carolina, $20 a gram ($70 per eighth) is very typical for prices but I have seen them at $40 a gram ($140 per eighth). With that being said, those prices in Colorado seem amazing to me! I am currently stuck buying some crappy bud for the price of good bud out west.


    Quality over Quantity! If it’s the beez kneez, then I’ll pay 120 a quad. Growing weed is like an art. Good artists get the most money for their paintings. Good growers get the top notch prices for their pounds. In the end it’s all about who you know. If you know a grower or a dealer then you’ll get those good prices. If you don’t, well, you should get different friends.


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    yeah, seems cheap to me. in philly it’s 60 an 8th for premium. it’s higher out of the city in places like state college it’s 70-80


      Yo dude, in canada its 10$ a gram, 30-35 for an 8th,
      And 200$ an ounce of the best kush known to mankind

      …i feel bad that it cost that much in the states


    Australian prices (Queensland)
    $25 – 1.5g
    $50 – 3g (3.5g if you know the right people)
    $90 1/4 (7g) *$100 if you don’t know the dealer
    $280-$300 oz


    For real and the fact you didn’t reply to what potadvocate just said makes me believe your a fucking cop its still federally illegal so sending it through mail is still a serious offence so if your not a cop you need to wise up and if you are FUCK YOU


    We usually pay $40 an eighth, however, when I lived in Montana it wa $50 or sometimes $60. If Colorado raises prices to more than $40 an eighth, $50 at most, I will continue to go black market. If the legal places are charging more than what you can get it on the street, what the hell is the point. I know for a fact you can grow and still sell for $40 an eighth. People need to stop being greedy. But there have been times that I have paid up the butt!



      My response… gain a green thumb.

      Colorado allows “you” 6 plants… another 6 for your sweetie… that should be plenty.


        Yes, I agree. I have done that as well and it only cost for the setup and maintenance. Had I continued doing it, it would have paid for itself. It would have been better in the long run, I just don’t have the patience. Keep on token!


          If you are not already growing, it is unlikely you would maintain such a practice after legalization. If a person can self supply for cheaper than retail, why arn’t they selling it? The only growing that will happen is either for recreation or profit. Money saving is unlikely since all saved money translates to profits at sale.


        Agreed. I’ll buy from stores a few times once it’s legal in my state, but only for the novelty of it.

        Why buy when you can grow?


      You guys are crazy im from Milwaukee Wisconsin and i can get a god dam quarter for 25$ now why would i pay double for half the amount


    Yea fukin right You don’t have no Fuking real deal loud or Kush for no 1800 a Pound You gotta be Lying bout all your prices


      Bright Anderson probably lives in Oregon though I wouldn’t think pounds should be going for $1800 (they actually do in some circles) because that leaves too much profit for the people who deserve the least amount. A grower should always charge 60% (this is what all growers of everything “should” be doing) of the expected average retail price. If a retailer wants more margins, let them become growers. If the grower wants more margins, let them become retailers. Otherwise, the money should go where the value is- the producer. The amount of people capable of doing retail (though not high quality retail as that would require the average IQ to be higher than it actually is) far exceeds the amount of decent growers out there. When the amount of quality growers equals that of the amount of retailers (skill wise not capital wise), then perhaps they “should” lower their margins.


    In indiana its $20 a gram….so yea i would love it in colorado right about now…and im going to take a special trip there just to purchase it legal one time…i bet they lovin it cause u dont have to wait on the weedman…u get it right when u want it


    well no shit it’s that much he got top shelf stuff, if you got skunk, or haze it’d be cheaper but no duh kush is going to be $40 that’s the best shit you can get it’s like complaining that you paid $25 dollars on alcohol but it was on moonshine and vodka


    Now it’s down to simple marketing. No more going to the dude down the street and taking whatever’s available. Now it’s supply and demand. Once the supply curve starts to match the demand curve prices will fall.


    The only thing higher than me are those prices… Save a buck and watch the new Bill & Chong’s *Adventure: Coloring Darkness for FREE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLAUaCJWOK4 Enjoy my fellow stoners


    Honestly living in Pittsburgh, I’d be okay with paying that price. Not saying that i wouldn’t be happier with cheaper but where I’m from, any premium quality eighth costs $60. So to get an eighth of premium quality bud and an extra little truffle on the side for $60 would be cool with me. Thats why i honestly believe that, like some other people said on here, its all about where you live because the prices differ and thats what you’ll be used to paying.


    Cheap! DC $60-75 for an 8th of good stuff. That price is awesome taking in consideration that you get to choose the type of bud, and not hide or run from the long and corrupt arm of the law. Besides, I think the price of weed SHOULD be somewhat “HIGH”.. Ha! Because at a higher price, the habit is more controlled and more special too. I’m poor, but happy to pay good money for weed that will get me going on one puff, because, if your weed can’t do that, you are not smoking good pot. And I’ve been smoking for years. Respect the plant, keep the standards high!! We don’t want to end up with McDollar quality weed being sold to the public, that”s why there’s so many people that are against it, because of those towels that smoke cheap crap and set the stereotype and give weed a bad reputation, like the kid melted in the couch with the talking dog campaign against weed. I’m from Chile, and that country is eons from coming to anything close to legalization. They also had a campaign against Ganja, they showed a kid basically acting retarded, and saying that that was going to happen to you if you smoked… sad. That’s why! Say No! To shitty Marihuana! Say Yes! To Stickiness and Bling Bling In Yo’ Weed!! Peace out niggas!


      The same old Wrong remark…… if you up the price ppl will just steal things to pay for it…… it never controls anything..


    Yes!!! These are outdated prices! We haven’t payed these prices for 10 years!!! When shop grade first came out!! Rediculousness!!


    Guys, shops have been around for years on the west coast California, Arizona, ect. shops and medical use shops are at least half those prices!


    The price of goods has more to do with what the customer will pay rather than what it costs to produce. I see no good reason for a dose of THC to be cheaper than a dose of Ethanol. This is especially true since you will feel more from a single dose of THC than a dose of Ethanol (proven in impairment studies). A person that does not smoke regularly could get really high 3-5 times from a half a gram of chronic. My OMMP friend who is an occasional smoker got too high from half of one hit just last week. The only people who should be concerned with Cannabis prices are legitimate medical users who suffer from debilitating illnesses of which they should be consuming mostly Cannabidiol rather then Tetrahydrocannibinol (ever wonder why most medical pot gets you blasted before much medical benefits are had- its because it is not really there for medical use since the vast majority of the medical benefits are had with little psychotropic effect).

    Oregon Cannabis is only cheap because the market is cornered by medical users who legally own all the product of the growers. They are more interested in getting favors from their “friends” rather than profits. I know this because every purveyor of medical Cannabis here in Oregon that I have ever seen was more interested in the social benefits vs the profits. In other words, they use Cannabis to make friends and expensive pot does not make friends amongst mostly poor people. Otherwise, why would I watch such wasteful consumption constantly happening around me (like the guy that shows up to the party with the medical chron only to put it into a blunt and pass it to otherwise uninterested folk)? I seriously doubt that the medical growers will continue this under legalization since its much harder to get people interested in something that can be purchased with little effort. There is other factors involved, but I think its all about gaining social favor here in Oregon.


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