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jack the ripper strainJack The Ripper Marijuana Strain Review

I was sent this guest post by one of my personal heroes, Subcool. If you haven’t visited his site yet, TGAgenetics.com, then you are really missing out. The guy is a genius, and there are so many strains out there that own their very existence to this legend, including my FAVORITE strain, Jack the Ripper:


The Ripper Effect



Some really interesting information has come to my attention and I am very excited to tell everyone in the Cannabis Community about it. As “The Dude” would say “New shit has come to light man!” Recent test of our hybrid Jack the Ripper came in with a total THC profile of 26.6%. Even more exciting is the fact that the strain tested at 5.5% for THCV. THCV is very rare among all the samples tested and we are very happy that one of our hybrids has tested high for something so elusive in nature.

Before we get into THCV let me tell you a little about the Hybrid Jack the Ripper and how it was created.


Jacks Cleaner is the mother collected from an old friend named Skoosh and out crossed to Jack Herer. The origins of The Cleaner are:

1985 SSSC (Nevil’s)

NL#5 X Pluton

Back crossed into the original NL#5 mom.

NL#5/Pluton X Purple Haze

Backed into the NL#5 mom


Skoosh gave me 100 or so seeds and from that entire lot found one incredible girl that I named The Cleaner because it smelled like a product called Mr. Clean. I was growing Jack Herer at the time and after sexing the females I placed the male plants into my garage to cut down and clean up later. I got busy in the garden and it was days before I went back into the dark garage. One the Jack Herer males was bigger than ever and I decided to use the pollen on The Cleaner. About 30 seeds were produced and from one of these seeds I grew out Jacks Cleaner. Over the years I created several hybrids from JC including Jacks Cleaner Blueberry used in Bogs now famous Life Saver cross. I also created a few other hybrids but none really impressed me like JC BX.


When I moved out west and I got my legal status and started working to create better medical strains.One of the strains we started was Space Queen by BCGA. We found both great males and females and created some f2 crosses to give away as freebies to TGA fans. MzJIll also used this Space Queen male we now call Space Dude to cross her Orange Velvet to and created Jillybean. Knowing Space Dude is a “Good Boy” as Jill likes to say and reviewing the less than stellar results of JC BX I decided to completely start over with the cubing of JC using Space Dude to outcross her to. What we didn’t expect was the perfect combo of JC x SQ being better than the mother! Yes I said it and many others that have smoked the two side by side have confirmed it. Here are the things that are better about JTR.


Smoother taste on inhale and exhale with almost a Lemon Candy like after taste.

Faster finishing usually done at 8 weeks.

Shorter node spacing and less stretch when entering flower.

Combined terpines create smells of Lemon and Mango and Resin so dense the leaves Curl up with Trichomes even the fan leaves have Resin on them!



The most dominant female is a short sticky female we call Lemon and can be identified by the Resin Taco look of her resinous inward curling leaves. The other main Pheno is a more Space Queen dominant than can easily be spotted by her tall stretch and long internodal spacing. This Phenotype actually developed slower than the other type and I culled her even though others that tried her loved her. There is slight variation but every female reeks of lemons, haze, incense, and over powering sour fruit. The big surprise however is not the great taste but the extreme buzz that seems to cut through any type weed. Even after smoking Apollo or even bubble hash all day when I have a few bowls of JTR it’s just makes my heart race and my ears ring. I find myself talking faster laughing and telling stories more than usual while high on JTR. It doesn’t seem to have a ceiling and the more I smoke the higher I get to the point my vision will actually blur from multiple bong hits. Jack the Ripper has earned a spot in gardens around the world and so many people come up and thank me in person for creating their favorite plant!


THCV, aka Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabivarin


I had never heard of THCV before I stumbled on the test results at Full Spectrum Labs but when I saw the results for JTR coming in with Total Active Cannabinoids of 26.06% I studied the test results more carefully and saw the listing for THCV at 5.05%. After spending a few hours using the searchable database at FSL I discovered only a small number of samples testing for THCV and none as high as JTR. What the hell is it and what does it do? My research has uncovered the following information. Unlike your body’s own cannabinoid anandamine or plant based THC, THCV does not activate CB1 receptors. THCV instead binds and activates with the CB2 receptors as well as blocking the activation of the CB1 receptors serving as an antagonist. CB2 receptors found more in the immune system are thought to be responsible for cannabis’s beneficial effects on autoimmune disorders. THCV is a powerful antioxidant that actually attracts free radicals. According to Spanish and British researchers the effects of THVC show promising results in the field of Parkinson’s research and the treatment of ameliorating Parkinson symptoms.

It would be nice if we had US testing data but in the US science seems to be determined by politicians not real data.

What I can tell you is THCV is now available in a natural medicine one that big pharma is not making a profit on. It can be found in the TGA strain Jack The Ripper and while some don’t like the name I choose its medicinal effects can not be denied any longer.


Here are the results of two different test of completely different flower samples submitted to Full Spectrum Labs. Notice that while the total potency varies between the samples both test very high for THCV.

You can learn more about or work at:






Jack The Ripper

Primary Cannabinoid: THCV

Ratio Rarity: 42%

Form: Raw Plant Material

Moisture: 6.98%


Calculated Active Cannabinoids











Total Active Cannabinoids: 26.06%


Jack The Ripper

Primary Cannabinoid: THCV

Ratio Rarity: 64%

Form: Raw Plant Material

Moisture: 10.07%


Calculated Active Cannabinoids











Total Active Cannabinoids: 20.84%


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  • Anddes420

    subcool you are a hero to me .. i was wondering about the THCV and its affects on auto immune disorders such as psoriasis has anyone tried it?  and if there was some kind of way to make it absorbe into the skin to relief the inflammation?

    • Professer Puff

      Not sure about THCV in particular and Psoriasis but combined cannabinoids have shown to improve symptoms. Most notably is the topical application of concentrated cannabis (hash oil) directly (on the aliment itself) and bandage. Give about a month of continuous use and results should be evident. There are many videos on youtube about this process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtcY90UoPAo