May 162012
 May 16, 2012

Jack The Ripper Strain

The Jack the Ripper marijuana strain is tied with train wreck for my all time favorite. They grow A LOT of it in Southern Oregon. Trust me :) I would like to dedicate today’s strain pictures to Dwight Holton, who lost the attorney general race yesterday in Oregon’s primary. Mr. Holton thought he would dismantle Oregon’s medical marijuana program once he was elected…Goodbye and good riddance! Time to smoke some Jack the Ripper in honor of the death of Dwight Holton’s political career!

High Standards Collective

jack the ripper marijuana strain

jack the ripper marijuana strain

420 Caregivers

jack the ripper marijuana strain

jack the ripper marijuana strain



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  2 Responses to “Jack The Ripper Strain Pictures”


      I wonder how many years is the Judge in DC going to take to make a ruling on the case that was tried on March 26th 2012.

    I also wonder when the feds are going to attempt to link tomatoes to
    causing cancer and make them a schedule one plant and there for ban us
    from growing it.

    I have a message to the feds YOU HAVE LOST THE WAR NOW LEAVE OUR COUNTRY, WE THE PEOPLE BAN YOU!!!!!   


    Thank You Subcool and TGA for giving us this awesome flower 

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