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 August 21, 2014

jaycee chan marijuanaNo one should be fined for marijuana. No one should be arrested for marijuana, and under no circumstances should anyone ever, ever be executed for marijuana. Sentencing someone to death for marijuana is wrong on so many levels that I can’t fit them all into one article. However, that may happen in China, where Jackie Chan’s son is looking at marijuana possession charges, the penalty of which could be death. Per Kotaku:

Chinese actor and singer Jaycee Chan was arrested for marijuana consumption and possession in Beijing Monday. The son of Jackie Chan, he could face up to three years in prison or, at worst, even execution if convicted.

Last night, China Central Television (CCTV) reported that Beijing police had arrested 32-year-old Jaycee Chan, real name Fang Zuming, and Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung. Both tested positive for marijuana consumption. The younger Chan was also caught with over 100 grams of marijuana in his Beijing home. Jaycee Chan, best known in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for film roles in Mulan and 2 Young, joined the Chinese entertainment industry in the 2000’s. His arrest is the highest profile drug bust in recent history.

Many other people have been sentenced to death around the world for marijuana. However, none of them were as high profile as Jaycee Chan. It’s my hope that this will bring so much attention to the fact that marijuana laws in some countries are way too harsh, and that reform will result. What I’m fearful of though is that since Jaycee Chan is famous, and his dad is even more famous, that he will get a slap on the wrist and no reform will occur. I’d be glad to see that Jaycee Chan was not put to death, but it will be a missed opportunity to reform laws for the rest of society that doesn’t have a famous father.



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    You do what you have to do in order to save your son.

    It is what it is.


    Totally agree with Rick below you do what you have to do. Also if he gets off fly him to the US somewhere in the Colorado Area and he should be fine there.


    In this case screw the reform laws, China will be one of the last to reform… Save Chan’s life … anything less than wanting the best for him is wrong on too many levels.


    China doesn’t like pot because it helps people to focus and think and they can’t have their citizens doing that.


      Well, the cruel fact is, in China most of the people think drugs ruin people’s life because European drugs ruined China some times ago. Even many smokers I know think that pot is a dangerous thing to do.


        This stuff has a long history and has no overdose limit and is non toxic and test show that it’s killing cancer. Most people are ignorant of the facts on cannabis but are starting to come around here in the USA I always thought that there are some really smart chinese and I am surprised china’s refusal to be knowledgeable about this. Different countries around the world are trying to legalise it.


          Well we must understand the Chinese government right? They just have so MUCH things to do~Fix the retarded education system, hold the ridiculous population, arrest all those corrupt party officials, get rod of the killing smogs and pollution, preparing for war against Japan, preparing for war against Philippine, preparing for war against the ISIS, preparing for war against Taiwan, preparing for war against the US, preparing for war against the goddamn transformers… things like public welfare is just all the way back on the to-do list.


        Yup, Britain wanted more tea and trade in general with China who had pretty restricted policies. So the Brits used their colonial might in India and the middle east to make them grow poppies for opium. They then worked to get the Chinese addicted to opium in order to force trade. I can see how they’d harbor a grudge against Europeans and drugs.


    I live in Asia so I got more details on the local news. Jackie asked the PM to help his son. You probably know how rampant corruption is around here in general, he is basically asking for a special treatment because he is rich and famous and I can’t support him on this one. I have been a Jackie Chan fan since I was very young, and I still love his movies, but what’s he is asking is out the question. Being so famous he should try to push for reform.

    I currently don’t smoke often because of the harsh penalties around here (and you can be tested on the street without reason at all), but I used to smoke 10-15 joints daily for over 15 years before moving here, so I am a huge supporter of ganja. It is just unfair for him to ask about special treatment for his son when there are tens of thousands of Chinese doing time or executed for weed or others, millions on Asia. Use your influence to push for change, man!




      Yes I totally agree! We should destroy the US immediately! ‘_>` lol


        u r so fucked up for even saying that the u.s.a. is the best country u could live in or b apart of i might not agree with some of her laws but to say such a thing no u dont need weed u need a more help than that well change our laws i might not c it in my life time but maybe in my grandchildrens life or there childrens until then i will fight a great cause for a great country .and where do u think is so awsome to a countrymen at ,realy


    “He could face up to three years in prison or, at worst, even execution if convicted.” There’s a huge disparity between execution and a few years in prison. It sounds like there’s already a lot of wiggle room for giving each person a different punishment based on who they are. It seems very unlikely that Jaycee Chan will face execution. However, I hope that this issue helps bring national attention to the ridiculous cannabis laws in China.


      If anyone says that laws in China is “ridiculous”, he/she has obviously never read the Chinese law in his/her entire life. Because if you do you would find that the laws in China is one of the most perfect and civilized in the world (how it is executed is another story).


      The truth is he’s facing 3 years in prison. Check some of the other news sources on this.


    Who ever wrote this obviously do not have even the slightest knowledge of Chinese Criminal Law or the exact details of this incident. First of all, Jaycee Chan was arrested not because of marijuana usage but in fact “housing others (Ko Chen-tung) for drug usage” under Article 354 of the Chinese Criminal Law, and if he is proved guilty, the maximum punishment is a 3-year sentence in jail, detention centre or correction facility. He would NEVER FACE EXECUTION so please STOP EXAGGERATING EVERYTHING! Now back to Ko Chen-tung who was actually arrested because of marijuana, in China marijuana possession is considered a crime only if the amount exceeds 1000g–who would have 1000g of marijuana with him unless a trafficker? And Ko Chen-tung obviously did not have that much with him so he is not guilty for any crime. The maximum punishment he would face is a 15-day civil detention, which is obviously NOT A HARSH TREATMENT at all! So please I beg whoever wrote this thing, please read some information and do some background checks before writing anything STUPID on the internet thank you very much.


    Personally I don’t give a damn about marijuana. And I am totally fine with legalizing marijuana as long as you have a properly working system to supervise it and make sure it does not spin out of control. But what I do not want to see is people distorting and exaggerating facts and spreading false information under the name of “marijuana activist” to get people on their side! This is not what a true activist would do, because if you think you are fighting for something that is righteous, you don’t need to lie.


    Yes Chinese are the most fucked up and ignorant. Currently being at the top of the economic food chain. They categorize weed no different than our federal government. You should not be ashamed either. China is rich with heritage and culture. Stop being ignorant yourself spewin hatred. I am not even Chinese ;-p


    you must be really high if you think they would really put him to death


      Ya he’s not going to executed, you can only get that for selling it. And given that he’s rather well off and have no reason to sell it for profit. He won’t be convicted as a drug dealer.


      Well you clearly don’t understand how things work in other countries you rinkedy dink pot head.


    Newt Gingrich lobbied to have the death penalty for those bringing two ounces of weed into the United States, Luckily it didn’t pass, but yes if a bill of that sort can even be proposed in the United states then I’m sure it’s the same for other countries with way stricter policies.

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