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Jared Fogle Will Serve Less Time In Prison For Molesting Children Than Some Do For Marijuana

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If you watch the news on television, follow the news online or on social media, or generally don’t live under a rock, chances are you are familiar with the case of Jared Fogle, the disgraced former face of Subway restaurants. Recently Jared Fogle became the focus of a federal child pornography investigation. During the course of the investigation it was determined that not only did Jared Fogle possess and distribute child pornography, but that he had actually molested at least 14 children. Per the Associated Press:

A prosecutor says the $1.4 million in restitution that former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle will pay as part of his plea deal is “groundbreaking” because it will help each of his victims.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven DeBrota told reporters after Fogle appeared in court on child sex and child porn charges Wednesday that each of the 14 victims will receive $100,000. He says among them are four who are “now adults in desperate straits.”

DeBrota says the money will help victims recover from what they have been through by paying for medical treatment, counseling and education.

Fogle is expected to plead guilty on a later date to charges of having had sex with minors and having traded in child porn. He was jeered as he left court.

The article went on to say that the plea bargain would involve prosecutors calling for a prison sentence of between 5-12.5 years. That’s right, this disgusting chimo could be out on the streets again as quickly as five years. I’m glad that he is going to prison, and hopefully he never gets out if prison justice does what the criminal justice system couldn’t/wouldn’t do. I’m all for second chances for most people in society, but someone who molests 14 innocent children shouldn’t get a second chance as far as I’m concerned.

As I read reports about the proposed sentence for Jared Fogle, I couldn’t help but think about how there are people currently sitting in prison serving life sentences for marijuana, yet this child predator could be free in just half a decade. Jeff Mizanskey has served over two decades in state prison in Missouri for marijuana-only offenses. Robert Platshorn served almost three decades in federal prison for marijuana. How is it that someone who molests 14 children and deals in child pornography can be potentially freed in five years, but someone who commits non-violent marijuana-only offenses can get a life sentence? Two of my business partners for this blog were busted for marijuana and both of them were looking at more prison time than Jared Fogle. What the hell is wrong with America!?


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  • Concerned One

    If you pay close attention to the girls/young women he had sex with, they were all age 16 or older. In most states, as it is in Michigan, the age of consent is 16. Therefore, Jared really didn’t molest anyone, all of the women probably had sex willingly with him for money. As for the child pornography, now that is another issue. The court system refers to anyone under the age of 18 a child and that can be misleading. There are plenty of men that have to register as sex offenders because they had sex with a 16 year old and many times these same girls./women, willingly had sex with these men. The details are cloudy and we only get to hear what the media wants us to hear. I am sure there is more to this story than we have been told through the media. I am sure i will get a lot of backlash about my comments, but if you have ever served on a jury, you would understand, we as media listeners, only get a small fraction of the facts, just like juries do in the court room.

  • Gabriel DiFelice

    Because drug dealers get their possessions through drug dealing and his pay is legit. So your comment makes no sense. Not to mention he has a family n wife who is therefore entitled to at least half of his possessions.

  • Gabriel DiFelice

    Have a problem with it? Move to Colorado or a legal state like the rest of us.

  • Steve Milton

    Money is all it’s about. When jaw flapping doobieists figure it out…….

    Some forum dude mentioned two of his buddies being imprisoned for blah blah, way longer terms than Fogel. It’s about money. Even his celebrity isn’t worth more than two minutes of air time, because it doesn’t generate money. Popping dumbfuqs that are trying to skirt income taxes with some 2-bit weed distribution gig….now that’s profitable. Again, the point must be transparent when viewing from dialated/glazed eyes.

    Join a lobbying group & pay some sorry people to act like they care about your cause (while the entire medical/pharma industry is lobbying against your broke-ass group). There are way bigger matters to address….and they all pay those who address them way more than weed legalization. Propose a ricockulous tax system they can swim in and you’ll get it passed. Until then, you’ll just be arguing in little threads & crying when you get fined for doing stuff you know is against the law. Show them massive revenue with a simple plan to institute and your weed will be legal, so you can move on to some other way to tease the bull.

    Good luck with it, though.

  • Karen Ferguson

    >>>>Everybody else who makes bad decisions gets the horns.<<<<
    Is this your personal philosophy? Isn't it rather depressing?

  • Robert Howze

    If you truly believe that you have to look at Michael Vick and scratch your head or maybe wink your eye….#just curious

  • Steve Milton

    All societies abide by laws that maintain their governance. That is by taxation. Killing jews & keeping blacks from white water fountains has nothing to do with avoiding taxes. Since drawing legitimate parallels isn’t your strength, let’s go with the obvious. Laws are written by those we vote in. If you think taking the front seat in a bus when the rule is “sit in the back” is the same as distributing large quantities of a banned substance to get to the goal of societal/law change, have at it. Why is it that 90something% of potheads can’t figure out how simple it is to make laws change. They make shitty arguments & excuses for the blatantly retarded actions of other idealogues. Organize, execute, legalize & be happy. Otherwise keep breaking the law to push an agenda, see how that pans out.

  • dos good shit

    He won’t survive long inside if he does sure as hell not gonna survive outside

  • Dewb

    So by your logic, when segregation was legal and a black man drank from a whites only fountain he deserves the full weight of the law?
    Or in Germany when being a Jewish person was illegal they had to deserve the holocaust because they broke the law?
    If you use the government and the laws created by scumbag politicians as your moral compass you will be lost.
    Not to mention that if no one ever challenged unjust laws things would never change.

  • Dewb

    No it’s about civil forfeiture.
    Jared was fined but none of his possessions were seized by the state. Besides computers.
    But when someone is busted with an amount of marijuana the first thing they do is seize the house, car, bank accounts etc.

  • mick jagger

    Probably because he knows other elite peds he could out. Jerry Sandusky was part of a ring. Jared probably hobknobbed with some high ranking republicans and has a few secrets. I think the other explanation they gave was that his victims were 17 year old prostitutes. People need to read The Franklin Cover-Up by Sen John DeCamp with forward by exCIA Director William Colby written in 1995. Colby, an ex Olympic swimmer, was found drowned months later. It basically implicated Cheney and Bush Sr in a political blackmail pedophile ring in which they too were willing participants. It was ritualistic and occult driven according to Colby and run like a club as an initiation to keep everyone quiet with dirt on them all…even the top leaders. Child advocate, Nick Bryant, wrote a follow up a few years ago called The Franklin Scandal.

  • Booker Stanfield

    I fully agree Edmund.

  • cappyq

    Nobody in this discussion said that someone who breaks the law should get a pass. The whole discussion relates to the relative severity of sentencing for minor drug offenses vs. violent or sexual offenses. The only one pulling anything out of their ass here is you. Actually, a lot of your problem seems to lie with comprehension. Has that always been a problem for you?

    I like how you reference maturity while you call someone a nutsack. That’s really adult. ROTFLMAOAY (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off at YOU).

    Why are you reading a weed related blog if you haven’t ever smoked weed and think that those who do belong in jail? You should exercise some of that maturity and use a little self control. Oh, that’s right, you only talk about it, you really don’t have any maturity.

  • cappyq

    Stealing a candy bar is illegal. Should it have a greater penalty than molesting children?

    You are arguing some point in your head, apparently mostly because it gives you the opportunity to use all your clever insults that you appear to have picked up from time spent trolling either online forums or usenet, but your point has nothing to do with what anyone here has said or expressed. Try reading the original post slowly and out loud and you may get the gist which is simple:
    *People are in jail for life for possession of pot.
    *People (like Jared in this instance) will walk with relatively short sentences for destroying children’s lives.
    *This is not justice.
    Your attempts to distract from that point and reduce this discussion to your insults only makes your true motivation more than a little suspect, it doesn’t add anything to and certainly won’t change anyone’s way of thinking, nor will it change the way anyone is acting.

  • Noneya Biznass

    What I see is an issue with education! I love how you proudly typed “Looser,” and used a mark of exclamation and shit, too! Lol. Dumb ass…

  • Edmond Poirier

    Buying out his victims. …….. it was a regular joe blow he would have the book thrown at him…… but since he is a celebrity he can get off on next to nothing……. i hope he gets what he deserves when he gets inside….just sayen……. just because you have money….. you disgust me……..

  • Steve Milton

    Keep smoking pot. They really could give a shit less if you consume it. But, be the one investing in the infrastructure or distribution and you are doing just that, messing with the bull. The same bull you just looked at and taunted with the joint in your face a second ago. When it horns the shit out of you, I laugh. It’s like watching the running of the bulls. It’s not the legalization that investors are really seeking. It’s the “pioneer” status. Being a pioneer in any other field has its dangers, most unknown to the participants. But investing in weed-based business at this point takes a special kind of retard. It is based in the mindset of the need for bucking a system. Everybody else who makes bad decisions gets the horns.