jillybean marijuana strain
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Jillybean Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

jillybean marijuana strain

Jillybean Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

The Jillybean strain was created by the legendary Subcool of TGA Genetics. Make sure to check out Subcool’s site; there’s some amazing info over there:

“Jill was lucky enough to be gifted this amazing Orange Skunk and they day we smoked the finished bud we knew we had to outcross it with our Space Queen male. You don’t really have to be a master breeder to figure out Orange and Pineapple Mango will be a good combination. The resulting outcross is remarkably stable and is close to a 50/50 representation of the parents. Topped only once in grows into a nice short bush with lots of side branching and multi heads. Flavors range from Orange, Tang, Candy, Mango, and Apple.”

Like the name implies, this is a sweet, fruit flavored bud that tastes like a mix of jellybeans and pineapple. Jillybean has a dark forest green color with some red hairs and lots of sticky resin. The high from this strain is mellow, giddy, and friendly. It’s good for daytime use and can be used to treat depression and chronic pain.

“JillyBean is one of my all time favorite strains. It is always covered in red and orange hairs, making it look more orange than green haha. The smell is Similar to that of candy very sweet and fruity one of the more unique and distinct aromas I have ever happened upon. Jillybean nugs upon being cracked will “snow” kief and crystals all over your table, i had a jar with just 3.5g of jilly in it and there was enough kief in the jar for a whole bowl!” – Dabbindabshirt

Check out the Jillybean marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Jillybean, and how Jillybean affects various ailments.

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jillybean marijuana strain


jillybean marijuana strain


jillybean marijuana strain

  • Jetdoc

    I myself wasn’t really IMPRESSED with this strain. Very ROUGH smoke that WILL leave you coughing your head off. The high itself is sufficient but getting TO that point wore my lungs out. So I tried Vaporizing it to NO AVAIL. But that’s just MY opinion!

    • Patrick

      The Jillybean cut I had was silky smooth, and tasted EXACTLY like orange Lifesavers. The high was fantastically happy and social. Very uplifting and happy, leaving everyone sitting back with ear-to-ear grins. Sounds you encountered a bad pheno, or more likely a grower who failed at their job.

    • Cherokee

      Sounds like it was not flushed properly before harvest, too quick a cure will also result in rough harsh smoke no matter what it is. Almost anyone can grow, but to grow really good shit takes knowledge, passion and real talent.

  • bob

    Is it easy to grow?

  • Shaggy

    I’ve grown this strain (Live in washington) and it’s one of my all time favorites! Super smooth, sweet scent and uplifting high! I’d suggest it for depression, anger or anxiety. This is a “Great Strain”. Its as hard to find as good ole “Pine” though;(….

    P.s. guy number one I’m sorry you got some bad stuff bro;(…

  • Anonymous

    I live next to spokan wa and this bud is ausom!