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 September 7, 2012

Americans For Safe AccessJoin Johnny Green In Joining Americans For Safe Access

I did something today that was WAY overdue. I officially joined Americans for Safe Access. I have been a member of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program since 2006, and I have always supported Americans for Safe Access (ASA) via The Weed Blog, but it was beyond time to take the official leap and become an official member. How does someone join Americans for Safe Access? It’s very easy! Below is information from ASA’s website:

When you donate to ASA, you’re not only supporting the movement, you’re becoming a part of it. ASA brings patients’ voices to the table and focuses debates on what matters to patients: safe access and civil rights. We cannot create good policy without including the voices and experiences of patients and those who provide them with access to care. That is what ASA members have brought to this movement and that is what we can bring to this nation.

By participating in this movement, you are helping create the future of medical cannabis in your city, state, and country. By donating to ASA, you can help ensure that we will reach our goals!

Until there’s safe access, we are Americans for Safe Access.

I encourage all Weed Blog readers to click here to make a donation and join Americans for Safe Access Today!

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    Thank you!!


    awesome!! ASA is great… I just posted something the other day about us also needing Equality in Compassion! :)


    Bachelor Degree need better than that for me to follow should have stayed in school


    When I first got active in Wisconsin, I was an Ambassador for the ASA and joined every org I could.. Great org, but with no medical law in Wisconsin, the ASA focus kind of was too advanced for our state… now that I am on my way UP to Medical Marijuana in Michigan…perhaps it is time to re-think the ASA approach and re-join…thanks for the inspiration Johnny Green!


    Wisconsin just organized and started a chapter of ASA. You can find us on Wisconsin asa on facebook. If you are in Wisconsin, contact Bunny Balk at

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