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 June 27, 2016

croquetFor those in the area. Find out more on Facebook:

The Inaugural SuperChronic Cafe Lawn Party and Croquet Tournament, a community fundraiser for Epilepsy.

DATE: 07/14/2016
TIME: 4:00pm-6:00pm
LOCATION: Green Lake

Please DONATE here: https://www.projectcbd.org/coleman-whiting-memorial-fund

What a difference you can make in your community when you gather your friends together and take up croquet!

Croquet Rules:
*Each croquet team of 6 will play all of the 10 courses
*Each course will have different challenges and demands to test even the stickiest of wickets
*Each ball begins the game between the starting point and wicket #1.
*The object is simply to get through wickets in order – in the shortest time possible.
*Each team will share 1 mallet and 1 ball
*All players must begin and continue play in turn
*If a player plays out of turn, return the ball to former position and continue
*Player may hit ball once per turn
*If a ball is hit out of bounds, it is replaced where it left the field and the player who hit the ball ends their turn
*You may not pass through a wicket backwards
*The top 10 teams completing every course (10) in the shortest amount of time will go to the championship round.
*The top 10 teams will each play 5 courses in a row on their side of the field
*Championship Round: The top two teams play – the team with the shortest compiled time will WIN!

Characters Wanted!
Croquet Whites or Costumes Encouraged
Costume Contest for the best dressed team!

Extra Details:
*Paying gives you a 1-Day SuperChronic Membership, gaining you access to this event to hang out and play Croquet.

Thanks For Supporting The Home Grown Team!!!

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