Jan 242013
 January 24, 2013

The Russ Belville Show #127

“Radical” Russ tries to civilly explain to his nemesis, Kevin Sabet, why he’s so passionate about not being labeled a criminal or mentally ill and in need of rehab for merely smoking a joint; A brief look at SAMHDA’s NSDUH Drug Use database; Dr. Mitch answers live cannabis Q&A on high blood pressure and tachycardia; music by Prezident Brown.

About Russ Belville

I am the executive director of 420RADIO.org and host / producer of The Russ Belville Show - The Independent Voice of the Marijuana Nation at http://radicalruss.com - live from Portland, Oregon. I was the winner of The Search for the Next Great Progressive Talk Radio Star and a former host on XM Satellite Radio and Portland's AM 620 KPOJ. I was the Outreach Coordinator for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws from 2008-2012, which included lecturing all across America on marijuana legalization, writing political analysis for HIGH TIMES Magazine, and producing over 1,000 hours of video content for The NORML Network.
  • Johnny Bloomington

    Good Radical Rant