• Pan Piper

    comparing Kevin Sabet’s “SAM” organization with NORML…

    Facebook page:
    learnaboutSAM – 860 likes
    NORML – 682,000 likes

    Web Page:
    learnaboutSAM.org – monthly traffic – 700 hits
    NORML.org – monthly traffic – 187,000 hits

    conclusion… Sabet’s “SAM” is a bad joke…
    it is comprised mainly of corporations who will stand to lose
    if marijuana is legalized.

  • skoallio

    i hope this wont be a game changer in the election

    • not a concern troll

      The “game changer” will be people getting out and voting, and helping with the campaign by either volunteering or donating. What have you done to help the measure? If you live in Oregon and really want to see the measure pass, have you volunteered to help register voters? Talked to people you know? Written letters to the editor? Made a donation to the campaign? Or do you just come on to the weed blog and made pessimistic comments, which doesn’t help and only discourages people?

      • Pan Piper

        even if you don’t live in Oregon, please donate!

      • skoallio

        No, I dont live in Oregon. Even if I did theres not much I could do when outnumbered by tyrants.

  • Marco Jrntilla

    Legalized it.It is natural Medicine.Which god given for human for divine purposes.

  • Valient

    It must have been painful to have to sit through that “education.” The Yes side should try to make a summary of his points with the factual information and comparisons. They also need to be pointing out that he’s not a medical doctor and has no actual qualifications to be talking about drugs at all. Considering he’s a Dr. of social policy, he should realize the fact that criminalizing and waging a war against your own citizens when they aren’t harming anyone other than potentially themselves is bad social policy.

  • 7k per day for the Kevin Sabet “Reeducation Camp”? Sounds like torture to me.