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King Skull – Metal Marijuana Grinder


Skull Marijuana Grinder

Even if you already have a grinder or hardly ever use one, this tough metal King Skull grinder is impossible to resist! A heavy, hefty skull measuring over 3 inches tall feels solid in your hand and really does the job with its sharp shark-teeth points. The detailed crown lid is magnetized to keep it in place, and features one of various skull images. The middle piece of the grinder has a pollen screen attached, and easily unscrews to allow access to all the kief and bits that fall through.

The coolest and toughest 3-part metal grinder around!

  • Skull shape with magnetized crown lid
  • Sharp, shark teeth points
  • Pollen screen
  • Keif collection compartment

Size: 3-part, 8cm / 3.15 inches tall

Diameter: 45mm / 1.8 inches

king skull marijuana grinder

king skull marijuana grinder

king skull marijuana grinder

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