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 September 15, 2013

Kings Kush Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

Green House Seed Company since 1985 has bloomed into one of the most successful seed companies to date. They have also become probably one of the most (of not the most) recognizable Dutch Seed Companies and Coffee Shops around. This is in part because of their top notch genetics. King’s Kush is one of their gems, and is famous for its productivity and powerful, fiery smell. It is a hybrid of a clone of the strain that put Southern California on the map OG Kush and a Grape Ape original clone. This strain seems to take on more of the Kush traits, which is fantastic for the person who can get their hands on some of these seeds. The OG Kush has become part of pot legend and lore, and has developed into a preferred strain of breeders globally.

“Kings Kush is super potent with a lot of trichomes all over the nugs, super sticky and smokes really good when not too dry. Has a nice heavy exhale and fresh taste.” – HouseblendOG420

Check out the Kings Kush marijuana strain on THCFinder.Com, and see what people had to say about Kings Kush, and how Kings Kush affects various ailments.

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kings kush marijuana strain


kings kush marijuana strain



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    I def need to get my hands on this…..


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    Startin 5 of these tommarow. They will get a month to veg. Hope they as good as advertised

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