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LA Deputies Kill 80 Year Old Man In Marijuana Raid


cops law enforcment la los angeles marijuana raidBy Phillip Smith

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed an armed 80-year-old man as they served a search warrant on a marijuana grow operation in a remote part of the county early Thursday morning. The as yet unnamed man becomes the 19th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year, and the fourth in the past week.

According to NBC Los Angeles, deputies were serving a “narcotics” search warrant at the multi-unit rural property in the desert community of Littlerock at 7:30 a.m. Lt. Dave Dolson told the TV station deputies entered the home through an unlocked front door, and one deputy fired when they encountered a man armed with a handgun. The man, who may have been the property owner, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later Thursday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department released a statement on the killing.

“When deputies approached a rear bedroom at the location, they encountered an 80-year-old male who was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. The suspect pointed the handgun at the deputies and a deputy-involved shooting occurred,” the statement read.

Deputies recovered the gun, marijuana, and growing equipment at the home where the man was shot. Residents who lived in other units on the property were detained, but later released.

The shooting will be investigated separately by several agencies, including the offices of the Los Angeles County District Attorney and Coroner, and the Sheriff’s Homicide and Internal Affairs bureaus.

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  1. Our votes meant something in Colorado, and Washington too. And they’ll probably mean something (finally) to the Feds when a few more states, hopefully including California, do the same.

  2. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Bottom line is some drooling government psychopath decided to commit treason and wage war on fellow citizens, the pity is the citizen wasn’t quicker on the draw to give the traitor exactly what he deserved…. a bullet between the eyes.

  3. RealityAlwaysBites on

    I always have wondered if every time the gestapo psychopaths knocked on a door if they had been met with a couple of shotgun blasts through the door. Would have they run out of thugs to knock on doors.

  4. RealityAlwaysBites on

    One less parasitic psychopath is always good for mankind. Only a psycho or a traitor wages war on fellow citizens.

  5. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Since only a true drooling psychopath would choose to murder over a plant. Yeah fuck the psycho’s! Too bad the ole guy hesitated, a couple fewer psychopaths on earth is always good for mankind.

  6. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Just don’t make the terminal mistake of not shooting everyone of the traitorous psychopaths.

  7. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Greatest Job???? the murdering psychopaths wage war on fellow citizens….. they need a quick trial and a firing squad on national TV.

  8. RealityAlwaysBites on

    With the 100,000 laws on the book the psychopathic parasites can choose to enforce another couple laws until the clowns in DC wake up to the 20th century.

    Only a true drooling psychopath could murder someone over a plant. Sorry but no way out of the facts.

  9. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Also another reason its bad to give psychopaths a badge to hide behind. Only a psychopath can murder someone over a plant.

  10. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Psychopaths need their thrill kills, they get all weird and jittery otherwise.

  11. RealityAlwaysBites on

    I hope he gets a truly nasty disease and wastes away over a couple of decades of agony.

    Since only a true psychopath could destroy lives and murder over a plant he deserves every possible evil.

  12. RealityAlwaysBites on

    If he had pulled the trigger enough times he would be alive and there would be a bunch of vacancies at the psychopath employment agency.

  13. RealityAlwaysBites on

    You mean the imaginary cowardly scumbag that watches evil triumph 100% of the time?

  14. RealityAlwaysBites on

    If he was a good shot there would have been a few less psychopaths waging war on fellow citizens.

  15. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Yeah and if a cops mouth is moving he is lying so who really gives a damn what they said they said.

  16. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Sadly psychopathic parasites like 99% of LE is don’t play fair, they lie, they murder and they always shoot in the back.

    Large armed groups of cowards are very difficult to fight on your own.

  17. RealityAlwaysBites on

    Hopefully the grower has friends and family that can return payment with interest to the psychopathic murdering traitor that decided to destroy someones life over a plant.

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