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 June 28, 2013

cops law enforcment la los angeles marijuana raidBy Phillip Smith

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed an armed 80-year-old man as they served a search warrant on a marijuana grow operation in a remote part of the county early Thursday morning. The as yet unnamed man becomes the 19th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year, and the fourth in the past week.

According to NBC Los Angeles, deputies were serving a “narcotics” search warrant at the multi-unit rural property in the desert community of Littlerock at 7:30 a.m. Lt. Dave Dolson told the TV station deputies entered the home through an unlocked front door, and one deputy fired when they encountered a man armed with a handgun. The man, who may have been the property owner, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Later Thursday afternoon, the Sheriff’s Department released a statement on the killing.

“When deputies approached a rear bedroom at the location, they encountered an 80-year-old male who was armed with a semi-automatic handgun. The suspect pointed the handgun at the deputies and a deputy-involved shooting occurred,” the statement read.

Deputies recovered the gun, marijuana, and growing equipment at the home where the man was shot. Residents who lived in other units on the property were detained, but later released.

The shooting will be investigated separately by several agencies, including the offices of the Los Angeles County District Attorney and Coroner, and the Sheriff’s Homicide and Internal Affairs bureaus.

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  111 Responses to “LA Deputies Kill 80 Year Old Man In Marijuana Raid”


    This is not the first old guy shot during a raid. Anybody think that a 80 yo guy maybe was hard of hearing and all he knew was the commotion of being raided ¿ I’ve been raided. Its a hectic scary ordeal.. I can not imagine being 80 and having the para military jack booted thugs blast into my privacy. May these cops rot in hell.


    Law enforcement officers who agree to go on these raids and/or enforce these unconstitutional regulations onto the bodies of free citizens will get whats coming to them.



    Rights do not flow from government, they exist in spite of governance and are not
    predicated on citizenship within any governmental jurisdiction.


    Unalienable is that which cannot be GIVEN away, a right is that which cannot be TAKEN away.
    Past generations of citizens and their elected officials have no authority to deprive current or future
    generations of rights current or not yet enumerated!


    The “War on Drugs” is beyond undue imposition to the point of a crime against humanity.
    Will the war on people who choose by free will to alter their body chemistry with natural substances
    be over when there are 4, 6 or 12 million Americans in prison, dying of AIDS, TB, violence or old age?

    The Nazi’s used the war on Jews as an excuse to build a police state.
    The federal, state, county and city governments are using the war on drugs as an excuse to build a police state.


    The Ninth Amendment clearly states…

    The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights,
    shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.


    It is the Right of the People to control the chemistry, mind altering or not, of one’s own body.
    The right to posses, share, cultivate, distribute & engage in commerce of any and all natural substances.
    As-well as the right to free, impartial information on all substances this right may refer.
    This right shall exist without the undue imposition of law or administrative order.


    Abolition KILLS. Pot has never killed anybody.


    This really makes my blood boil.


    Since only drooling mentally damaged psycho’s could destroy someones life over a plant, just shows what level of scum are employed by the government.

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