Apr 152012
 April 15, 2012

Larry OG Haze Marijuana Strain

OK, who’s Larry? And why does he want to get us so medicated? From Evergreen Compassionate Health Center in Los Angeles, Larry OG Haze is the fun-loving hybrid of celebrity parents Silver Super Haze and G-13. Such a family tree gives Larry a decidedly sativa-dominant personality; boisterous, dramatic and prone to great feats of stony mischief. From the moment you gaze upon Larry’s sticky nugs, all packed together into a cone-shaped bud of frosted sea-green goodness, you’ll know this strain will get you to the Promised Land.

An incredibly dense variety, these buds have an alarmingly piney aroma that clings to the skin after touching them. The taste is uncannily like that of menthol. The smoke is cool and almost soothing to the throat, while the flavor is pure earthy spiciness. When the stone hits its peak about five minutes after smoking, you’ll be amazed at the general expansion of your consciousness and of the charge you’ll feel coursing through your nerve centers. We may never know who Larry is, but we know that the strain’s 23.6-percent THC/1.30-percent CBD counts put it in the top tier of cannabis varieties. We can’t recommend it enough for migraine sufferers or patients experiencing low energy or nausea from cancer therapies.

The strain review is courtesy of Culture Magazine, and the pictures below are from WeedPhotos.Com:

larry og marijuana strain

larry og marijuana strain

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