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Las Vegas Review-Journal Endorses Cannabis Legalization

Nevada medical Marijuana dispensariesA campaign to legalize cannabis in Nevada was recently launched. It’s not the first campaign to have the goal of legalizing cannabis in Nevada, but the landscape in which it’s operating is much different than it was for other campaigns. This is the first Nevada cannabis legalization campaign after Colorado and Washington State legalized cannabis in 2012. There was talk of a 2014 effort in Nevada, but campaign organizers felt the Presidential Election year of 2016 would be a better strategy. As we covered earlier, cannabis has a great opportunity to become Nevada’s top cash crop.

The campaign has received a major media endorsement already. The Las Vegas Review-Journal recently published an editorial titled, ‘Legalizing recreational pot is good policy.’ Below is an excerpt from the editorial.

It’s an important step forward in fixing a failed policy. Taxpayers finally seem to understand that spending vast sums of money at the local, state and federal levels on police, prosecutors, public defenders, judges and jails to lock up nonviolent offenders and enable the enrichment of gangs and thugs has done nothing to diminish demand for marijuana. The banned substance remains everywhere — at schools and streetcorners, in public housing and affluent suburbs.

Bringing all this commerce into the sunshine, and turning all the people who grow, process and sell marijuana into taxpayers, is a far more practical course. Colorado and Washington state voters were the first to legalize the sale and use of marijuana for recreational purposes, and Colorado governments already are collecting more than $1 million per week in tax revenues from all marijuana sales.

It wasn’t that long ago that major media outlets opposed cannabis reform at all costs. Prohibition benefited greatly from the support it received from mainstream media. While there are still media outlets that cling to the failed policies of the past, more and more major media outlets are getting on the right side of history. I’m confident that the Nevada campaign will be successful, and that Nevada will join numerous other states in 2016 by legalizing the cannabis industry. If you live in Nevada, make sure to sign the initiative, and to help the campaign if you can. The campaign website can be found at this link here.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference

  • maxwood

    To the hemp and marijuana issues should be added the possibility of adding an important manufacturing industry: vaporizers and especially cheaply hand-made Flexible Extended Drawtube One-Hitters (see free website article,
    The campaign to legalize herb has unfortunately brought about a wave of pictures of “joints” which is good news for the tobacco addiction oligopoly because especially to children whose parents have followed advice to keep them ignorant about cannabis, every joint and every picture of a joint is a $IGARETTE ADVERTISEMENT. Besides, every joint is a DRUG COCKTAIL of heat shock, carbon monoxide and 4221 combustion toxins, causing physical and mental harms widely blamed on the cannabis while the faulty delivery format gets off without criticism.
    Not to mention that until recently the $igarette industry has been giving twice as much campaign money to elect Republicans as Democrats and Republican voters are twenty points more opposed to cannabis legalization. Hmmm!
    As awareness of this issue increases perhaps Nevada, and Las Vegas, can harvest some good publicity and public health benefit from promoting “VAPE” instead of “smoke”. The 2014 Surgeon General Report says “$moking-related disease” costs the US economy $289 billion a year– do the math and figure out what that means to your state or city.