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Latest Poll Shows Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative Losing

united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaFlorida is the only state in the 2014 Election that is voting on medical marijuana. The campaign there has done a fantastic job of getting donations, getting the word out, and dealing with attempts by the opposition to spread anti-medical marijuana propaganda. Dealing with the opposition has not been easy, as they are very well funded thanks to a hefty donation from conservative funder Sheldon Adelson. Florida’s election requirements are different than most other states, in that the Florida medical marijuana initiative (Amendment 2) has to get 60%+ of the vote on Election Day – not the usual 50%+ as in most other states. Months ago a poll was released that showed 88% support for the initiative. But the latest poll shows the support at a much lower level. Per Fire Dog Lake:

Efforts to make Florida the first southern state to adopt medical marijuana are in danger of possibly coming up short this November. A new SurveyUSA/WFLA poll found only 56 percent of voters at this moment plan to support Amendment 2, Florida’s Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative while 31 percent plan to vote against it. The remaining 13 percent are still undecided.

If the undecided voters break evenly the measure would end up with roughly 62 percent of the vote, just barely clearing the threshold, but when it comes to ballot measures people are who undecided at the end tend to break towards the “No” camp. People often vote to maintain the status quo if they are unsure.

Rather than look at these poll results as ‘doom and gloom,’ people in Florida should look at it as an opportunity to step up their efforts. Make a donation to the Amendment 2 campaign to help them battle the opposition’s well funded propaganda. Volunteer for the campaign to help get the word out. Help in voter registration efforts. Do everything you can to help ensure victory on Election Day and help bring safe access to Florida patients who desperately need it.

  • Cristina4Jesus

    No on Amendment 2, a reckless, permanent change to our state constitution that only potheads like. Here is an animation that shows why:

    • Jen Price

      I don’t see any links to the “information” shown in the video. What are the sources for the claims? And the term ‘potheads’ is outdated and misused… Some of the most intelligent people, and our founding fathers, have been and still are cannabis consumers.

    • Jen Price

      Oh, and this animation is utterly ridiculous! You need a new hobby…

    • Chromium Blue

      You are at best ill-informed and at worst a lackey of big pharma, private prison corporations and the fake rehab businesses. A typical “good christian” who would impose your narrow-minded views on others to the detriment of those in real need.

    • Jason Young

      Reefer Madness! I say! Reefer Madness!

    • Jason Young
    • Bruce

      Obliviously you are misinformed and uneducated…Sorry for your disability. You must be one of those people who places your nose in others business, try minding your own and see how that works! Try speaking to Dr’s and how they truly feel about having an alternative to Hardcore pain killers…

  • Michael Paul Yacovone

    We need everyone to vote yes on Amendment 2. this is a chance to help so many that suffer on a daily base’s and have no quality of life, those with cancer ALS MS Parkinson’s Chronic pain plus many other diseases to help treat and cure. Please do not buy in to the lies and propaganda. People dying need your help, so have some compassion for your fellow Floridian’s. Medical Cannabis can help stimulate a dying economy. Look at other state that have medical cannabis look at all the good it is doing to help so many sick and dying. Also there economies are in much better shape then states that do not have medical cannabis. Please do the research on medical cannabis see for yourself all the good cannabis has done medically and for the economy as well. Thank you for making a difference.

  • Mike Merkle

    This measure is nothing more than a scheme to get liberal minded voters on election day in order to help charlie crist win back the governor seat. you people are tools

    • pam

      you are so correct. Vote Wylie! :)

  • Nathan Rogers

    Leave the propaganda to rest, vote YES on Amendment 2.
    Stage 4 Cancer; Multiple Schlerosis; Parkinsons;
    Schizophrenia. — yes CBD is a powerful anti-psychotic rivaling a-typical pharmaceuticals, in combination I’m certain these people could be (norml)ized.

    Only summarizing a few

    Just because there are a lot of conditions that may respond positively to Medical Marijuana, DOES NOT EQUATE these people as recreational abusers.

    The current infrastructure for the usage and consumption of medical marijuana treating debilitating diseases is a sketchy one at best, 1) having a ‘medical necessity’ to grow, supply, and consume it medically to treat a life-threatening disease, is only for the defense during a court trial, and even then the judge would have to agree individually case-by-case, that means people who did have a medical necessity defense and used it during trial could still be sent to jail, and this also doesn’t protect a necessity patient from being arrested or having all their medicine and equipment confiscated.

    2) This Amendment protects sick patients whom suffer everyday already with a debilitating disease and seek an alternative medicine that won’t cause severe side effects and is completely safe and effective, that Medical Marijuana can be, has been shown to be, and with restricted anecdotal research has proven why it is to be.

    Vote Yes on Amendment 2; prove to yourself and others that you’re believer of compassion, even when the world has forgotten what it means to care.

  • Christian 4 good

    Israel — the current world leader in
    medical marijuana research at the Center for the Biology of Addictive Diseases
    at Tel Aviv University. The Center has made advances in studying how marijuana and its associated
    chemicals can potentially mitigate brain injuries and reduce the symptoms of
    degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

    Oh the are considered Christians!

  • pam

    polls? what polls? no one asked me. the polls are propaganda trying to sway the voting!

    So, when i was around 18 yrs young, the minimum drinking age in the state of MA changed to 18. It didn’t remain that way for very long. I understood the change. To me it made perfect sense. If people under 21 yrs could be indoctrinated into the US Armed Forces, live and die for their country, why shouldn’t they be of age to be responsible drinkers? I also can remember my mother sending me with 29 cents to the local corner store to fetch her a pack of cigarettes – Virginia Slims. I was only around 10 at the time. Boy, times have changed, haven’t they.

    This November 2014, people in the state of Florida will be voting whether or not to approve Medical Marijuana. For me, my hopes are high. I need something, besides the hazards of opiates, to control my chronic pain. I overdosed on prescription pain killer. Not because I misused them but because my immune system caused the opiate to pool up in my liver. My husband had to call EMS because he couldn’t wake me. I was hospitalized, experienced seizures and suffered immediate withdrawal from morphine. Now I’m asking/begging all Florida voters to vote YES to Amendment 2 this November. The quality of my life, among others, depends upon it.

  • Jimi

    With one gubernatorial candidate (Crist) in favor of it and the incumbent governor (Scott) opposed to it, and with that race too close to call, the medical marijuana vote may be even closer than expected. I hope Charlie Crist gets out the vote as I believe his supporters are more likely to vote yes.

  • William Sanders

    The argument against legal pot is based on, no FDA oversight. But, if you must have a federal agency like the FDA administering the program, it would be in violation of Federal Law, so it could not approve it. The Federal Government needs to legalize, and create a reasonable FDA oversight by requiring inspections for pesticides and other problems. The California growers already have testing labs. There is such a happy medium for everyone with a federal change in laws, with reasonable testing, and taxing. The main thing is enforcement of laws for people who supply to minors, they should get an automatic 20 years hard labor. The ineffective laws we have now are allowing underage drinking and drug use, and it is wide spread. Anyone caught selling to minors gets 20 years! Let Adults decide for themselves how they want to imbibe. Let the tobacco farmers grow something they can make money on instead of a deadly product. COMMON SENSE PLEASE!!!