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Latest Poll Shows Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative Losing


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationOne week from today it will be Election Day in Ohio. Ohio voters will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on various issues, the most high profile of which will be marijuana legalization. Issue 3 would legalize marijuana possession, cultivation, and for some, cultivation for profit. If Issue 2 passed as well, it would nullify at least some of the provisions of the marijuana legalization initiative, and according to some in Ohio’s Legislature, would nullify the entire legalization initiative, even if both pass. We can wait for the results to be finalized and cross that bridge when we get there.

There has been a flurry of polls dealing with Issue 3 released lately. It was a just a couple of weeks ago that a poll was released which showed that Issue 3 would win by a fairly large margin. However, two polls were released last week which showed that things were too close to call, with a large chunk of poll respondents saying that they were undecided. A poll released yesterday found that the initiative would fail according to the poll’s results. Per Cleveland.Com:

A new public opinion poll reports nearly half of your Northeast Ohio neighbors have tried marijuana and most support some form of legalization, but they aren’t sold on Issue 3.

Consistent with other recent statewide polls, Northeast Ohioans overwhelmingly support medical marijuana (about 83 percent), according to the Baldwin Wallace University Community Research Institute poll released Monday. A smaller majority — 55 percent — favor legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana for “personal use.”

But only 43 percent of survey respondents said they were likely or very likely to vote for Issue 3, the marijuana legalization amendment on the Nov. 3 ballot. About 38 percent said they would likely not vote for Issue 3 and nearly 20 percent said they were undecided.

I’ve had a more and more conversations with Ohio residents as the vote approaches. I would say that the support I’ve seen via e-mails and messages is about 50/50. How the vote will end up is anyone’s guess right now but one thing is for sure, and it’s something that I tell everyone from Ohio that will listen – if the initiative fails, EVERYONE better step up and if they have deep pockets, they better put their money where their mouths are the next election cycle. And if they don’t have money, they better be first in line to volunteer. We will find out if Ohio becomes the 5th state to legalize marijuana one week from today.


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  • Nick

    Ha, uh… Ahem, (chuckle)… Did y’all say you were close to passing this bill? Did you see your loss margin. ;)

    The bill failed. You were over reaching in this bill. Start small, then build from there. Responsibly.

    I am for legalizing marijuana. It should be legal. But not the way this bill arranged things.

    Make it legal for medical first.

    Then make it legal to grow without restrictions. This bill wanted you to be licensed to grow four plants. You shouldn’t have to be licensed at all, and the limit of four plants is another arbitrary unenforceable limit. Like people making beer in their garages, pot should be free of all restrictions in ownership and use.

    What SHOULD be licensed and monitored is the sale of pot. Everyone should be free to apply for this license as a publicly traded commodity. Just like beer microbrews, any number of businesses (not a glorified ten) should be allowed to start and sell, provided they go through the same licensure as other such businesses.

    As for candy? Hell no. Just leave that out. Really. Bake it in your brownies. But no candy sales. This alone will cause the failure of anything linked with it, and is why so many health and education orgs fought it.

  • OddlyEven

    Not looking good. It’s losing by a wide margin. The early polls didn’t show that so I’m really confused. Oh well, keep trying.

  • Christina ~ cincinnati

    I’m all for issue 3, I don’t like the idea of it being one company so I understand issue 2 trying to push the no monopoly vote, but I think I’d a believed issue 2 was more in our best interest if they didn’t sneak it in last minute. :-/ I think when people sneak things in on ballots last minute, it shows they didn’t want you having time to fully understand it. Also because issue 2 was proposed only by our Ohio government and not the civilians that says a lot too, Issue 3 was put into voting by we the people, that’s why I’m more comfortable voting yes on 3. No on 2.

  • timm

    Watch out for the black helicopters!

  • timm

    Well said. Old but not clueless. Voting FOR 3 and AGAINST 2!

  • timm

    Get out and vote yet today! Vote for 3 and AGAINST 2. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s a good start.

  • Timothy Mcclanahan

    there has to be a draw the line somewhere for pot growers!! So what let them grow it like it says they put the time and effort to where it is today with Ohio!!! If it was free for anyone to do this Ohio would have nothing but pot growing farms we certainly do not need this in our state… With that be said MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!! Would help sick dying people with cancer it helps shrink tumors and even go into remission!! Thank of the help it does for VETS!! YOU KNOW THE ONES THAT KEEPS US SAFE AND FREE… YOU KNOW THE BRAVE!! Now i tell you if this is a drug that is safe never has there been one report of a death from THC!! It is by far the best pain reliever in the world and it is natural for earth made by “GOD” YOU KNOW YOU KNOW THE FATHER OF JESUS!! okay enough bottom line is Marijuana is not a gate way drug it does not take control of me it is not addicting at all…I myself know why I can tell you this is. It is illegal in the state i am in. Does not matter to me I still can and do get it!! it has replace

    4 pills that have worse drug in it then weed..I myself feel much better today by just smoking Marijuana everyday It eliminates my sever chronic Neuropathy feet pain, Sleep without tossing and turning and when most pain is. Anxiety which if you know about the human body this kind of disease Neuropathy effects the nervous system which makes the brain send wrong messages to the nerves a misfire this causing the nerve to twitch or feel like it itches this is very uncomfortable feeling. there for smoking Marijuana calms them down and i am able to sleep most of the night and feel like i slept.. So i myself know of several others that use it for more reasons then just me. I told you about my life i am disabled because of this and acute depression .. This is a sickness just like so many others that you do not know about or I.. Please Ohioans make this legal for so many reasons i can not list them all.. For the sick the VETS!! the government and states to keep this from being illegal help the ill free the leaf free the weed!! Thanks for reading..If be as so kind to like and share !!
    Thank you for your time and consideration.”


  • False74

    74 – the soft “vague” language is a FALSE interpretation of how the proposal on 2 reads. The court will have to decide on two affirmed by election issues and how they will have to play together based on years of precedent. “Vague” language doesn’t hold up in a court of law. Once gain, the fear tactic of saying never again in Ohio is totally FALSE as well – Obama will delist MJ as a schedule 1 prior to his term ending – this is well known inside the Dept. of Justice & NIH.

    If the 10 investors were not money mongering fools and did issue 3 right – by not trying to get overly GREEDY by saying “ballot risk” and “deserving of handsome return on investment” and having plain good ole boy oligarchical mindsets — these conversation points would all be for not and their paid TROLLS wouldn’t be on here spreading FALSE information!

  • Nick

    Then you have to buy a 50 dollar permit AND allow the newly instated marijuana police, “marijuana control commission”. To enter your home and check up on your operation. Sorry but I’ll keep the government out of my home. I’m pro marijuana, but voting no on 3.

  • Nick

    That is untrue, it would only stop issue 3 in this election. It would not stop later issues that would allow an open market for ANY Ohioans to profit from.

  • Truth74

    If you vote yes on issue 2 it could nullify issue 3 or any other issue that might try to pass that legalizes weed. The language that is used is very vague and states that Issue 2 will: “Prohibit any petitioner from using the Ohio Constitution to grant a commercial interest, right, or
    license that is not available to similarly situated persons or nonpublic entities.” Colorado amended their constitution to make MJ legal. Issue 2 would prevent that from happening in Ohio.

  • Truth74

    Not exactly true. Issue 2 will: “Prohibit from taking effect any proposed constitutional amendment appearing on the November 3,
    2015 General Election ballot that creates a monopoly, oligopoly, or cartel for the sale, distribution,
    or other use of any federal Schedule I controlled substance.” This language vaguely states that Issue 2 can completely nullify issue 3.

  • DavePrice

    DavePrice recently went to Bulacan, Philippines to stay with an online hooker lets vote Yes so DavePrice can spend more money on overseas and hotel hookers

  • DavePrice

    DavePrice is BrainDead and HasBeen for years upon years and DavePrice likes little girls what a pervert

  • OH Equality

    As a reply to Scottay – first and foremost, YES for issue 3 has to be voted for!
    Now for issue 2, a YES for it (and assuming 3 also passes) simply means the OH Supreme Court would be considering how the legalization moves forward. It would not be in their power or best interest even, to scrap issue 3 as a whole – an issue that the OH general public voted for in an open election. They would have the authority to only marry 2 & 3 together.
    MEANING: Sense OH has had monopoly laws in effect since 1912, for issue 3 – the court would be positioned to rule that the 10 organizations represent a monopolistic market place for the production of MJ. They would be inclined, based on precedent, to void just THAT PART of issue 3 and OPEN it up for other allowable organizations to compete on the production side. The legalization would move forward and based on the regulatory piece being put in place – it would NOT delay the process (9mos to a year anyways) for orgs to be awarded licensure for both production and retail.

    Now, this page is filled with those close to the ELITE 10 rich investors and they are spreading fear into the Issue 2 side of things because they stand to become richer millionaires – like an Oscar Robertson slam dunk investment!
    “Already Legal” has provided some very solid discussion points based on what seems to be his/her experience in WA. That system there sounds like a much more open way of doing things, regardless of where the ballot issue money came from.

    It’s important for 2 to pas along with 3!!

  • Already Legal

    It’s very important to understand the grand scope of things – rather than just pass them off as annoyances. In fact, I’m going to get a bit technical on you in point #3, so try and stay with me.

    So the facts are, Oligarchy’s have historically proven
    1) To induce anti-competitiveness which includes price collusion practices (which here with cannabis goes directly against the black market pricing devaluation concept).
    2) Against innovation including new novel cannabis-baed infused products offered to the MANY – options for all … not just a FEW options for the many.
    3) Against product quality improvements over time.

    Here we go stay with me, in WA, what we’ve seen in-house with a few of our own high quality cannabis strains is — after upon cloning the specific strain 3 to 4 generations deep … there has been somewhat of a degenerative affect on the next generations thereafter and upon harvesting said plants, the 3rd party testing labs for THC and CBD content level (as part of the I-502 regulatory piece) have consistently come back at lower and lower levels. Now imagine this phenomena existing with 10 grow sites and a limited number of strains statewide because there is not enough grow to support the system!?! Talking about a pissed off public because their weed has worsening quality – but also pissed off because they don’t have enough CHOICE. This is reality from experience – not hypothetical jargon!

    4) Sets up class warfare between the ultra-rich and the poor.

    YES on 2 – YES on 3

  • OH Equality

    DPrice – I reference my reply to you under “Already Legal’s” commentary … Many of your remarks are confusing and need a bit of deciphering. Thanks for adding your input.