Oct 282015
 October 28, 2015

law enforcement against prohibition leap Shelly Fox-LokenToday, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), a group of police, prosecutors, judges, and other law enforcement professionals working to end marijuana prohibition, declared their support for Ohio’s Issue 3, the proposed constitutional amendment to tax and regulate marijuana in the state. The law would legalize the production, sale, and adult consumption of marijuana products in the state and permit licenses for specific distribution companies. If passed, the law would permit home cultivation of up to four flowering plants and possession and sharing of up to eight ounces by adults 21 and older with a valid state license. The new law also protects patients of any age with a doctor-certified debilitating condition by allowing safe access to regulated marijuana products.

“Legalization will take money away from the cartels, provide funding for public safety and health services, and reduce the violence associated with the illegal drug market. Passage of  Issue Three puts us in charge, not the dealers,” said Cincinnati Police Captain Howard Rahtz (Ret.).

Ohio arrested nearly 12,000 adults for marijuana possession and distribution in 2012. Almost all of those arrests were for possession alone. While most individuals don’t serve jail time for possession alone, an arrest is a costly, damaging, and time-consuming ordeal. Marijuana arrests can cost steep fines, require defendants take time off work for court appearances, limit job and educational opportunities, and even take away rights from stable and nurturing parents. The process of an arrest is even more damaging to those in impoverished communities who often have less freedom with taking time off work, less cash for unplanned expenses, and fewer opportunities for economic mobility.

“Regulating marijuana is the only way we can be sure to keep it out of the hands of criminals, and ultimately, keep our kids and streets safer,” said Maj. Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director for LEAP. “Controlling the drug has always been the goal – we’ve just been going about it the wrong way for a very long time.”

LEAP joins Issue 3 supporters that include former Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio, and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Ohio voters will make a decision on November 3rd, 2015.

This release can be found online at: http://bit.ly/1KFlDt1

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  • skoallio

    BREAKING::: The NAACP has come out AGAINST Issue 3. Thats so messed up because in every previous marijuana legalization campaign the NAACP supported it.

    Did anyone hear about this? What could be done?


    • Sean

      Oh really? Well if that’s the NAACP’s position, then I never want hear anything about police harassment, BLM and racial profiling ever again from this “organization”.

      • Sean

        For clarity, I meant the Ohio NAACP. I realize that some other NAACP chapters across the country have given their support to legalization and I am grateful for that.

      • Mr Mostly-Mittens

        Perfectly okay to say one chapter of an organization is bad– Norml had to pull out of Connecticut for a number of years because some idiots in Danbury were, well… being idiots. The new guys there are much better, but it took a few years between the two groups I believe.

    • http://www.lemonparty.org/ IJR

      So you should support it then right? You are a dumb racist pos so that would make sense.

  • Closet Warrior

    A religious group in Pennsylvania against marijuana prohibition, A presidential candidate(Sanders) and now support from a law enforcement group that have seen the atrocities of the WOD!!! Man we surely live in an interesting age. Good on ya Ohio.

  • familyguy

    I rather buy cannabis legally than buy my weed in the black market any day legalize now yes on 3 No on two.

  • vickia52

    please vote! this is the only way, things WILL get better!

  • The Falcone

    No on 2
    Yes on 3

    Yes we Cannabis!

  • familyguy

    one thing is clear a choice between buying legal cannbis and buying weed from the black market. legaliation is clearly yhe better choice. YES ON 3, no on two.

    for folks claiming that the ten companies are cartels at leasest these are cartels that pay taxes and not part of a criminal empire like illegal weed supports.

  • James

    I guarantee it will pass on Wednesday.

    Has anyone seen the issue 2 smear commercials? They mention say no to “marijuana candy.” Mentioning “marijuana candy” makes you even more want to vote Yes.

  • Mr Mostly-Mittens

    Most of LEAP is retired. They’re fighting a good cause, but the truth is that it’s like saying “well, I made a career and got my pension on the back of marijuana prohibition, now that I’m done- it’s time to end it.” They’re on the right side, let’s just not forget they came to the party late.

    • William Aiken

      What gives LEAP tremendous creditably is the fact that they have been prosecuting the drug war and have come to realize how prohibition is a stupid policy that will never work in a free society. Many in law enforcement are true believers in the drug war and will never see the error of their ways. LEAP provides an important vehicle for law enforcement to jump ship.

      • Mr Mostly-Mittens

        Yes, and as a consequence- made their careers on the backs of those people they now “realize” are victims. Like I said- they are on the right side, they are not “saints” though I know everyone in America has a stupidity trigger in their brain that makes them think uniforms inherently equal heroics (that is a false equivalency, but yeah-crucify me for speaking the truth).

        It is GOOD they came around, but it does not ERASE what they did prior. I’m one of the few people who does believe in the concept of a legitimate “second chance” and those in LEAP **ARE** embracing a second chance/mending fences philosophy– that’s good.

        It doesn’t erase the morally indefensible convictions they’ve fought to attain in that typical law enforcement “anything for a conviction who gives a crap if it’s RIGHT,” mentality.

        It doesn’t somehow undestroy the lives they have helped ruin– and to THOSE individuals (of whom I am admittedly not one), it must seem like the height of hypocrisy to look on some article and see the guy who busted you suddenly talking about how prohibition is wrong. How many of these people are still in prison because of testimony given by one of these officers?

        They offer up a shameless “sowwy” and put up their hands at these people.

        Realizing that you are wrong is a great step- now they need to stop reaping the spoils of war.