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LED Cannabis Grow Light Review


There are several LED companies selling various LED grow lights. Although there are similarities between the various brands of LED grow lights, there are notable differences in their design, function and price. In this review we will cover three reputable companies to help LED newbies and seasoned LED growers compare various lights and choose what works best for their given setup and budget. We compare Advanced LED, Dorm Grow LED and Hydrogrow LED. We grade each of these companies based on the following three variables: | Design | Price | Customer Service

400 Watt Diamond Series by Advanced LED

400 Watt Diamond Series by Advanced LED

Advanced LED – Diamond Series (3W)

| Design : B + | Price : B | Customer Service: A

Advanced LED is one of the best known and most advertised LED companies. They market very heavily on the Google Ad network. Their line of Diamond Series grow lights have plastic covers called optical lenses on each diode which focus the light to have a narrower range for added penetration. These lights come with a switch which turns some diodes on and off for growth/flower. Although it is a nice feature to have the growth/flower switch, the big downside is that half of the diodes are always off while operating the light so less intensity to the grow area. The DS 400 has 200x3Watt diodes and a hefty price tag of $995. They have great customer service and someone will either answer your call or return a message fairly quickly.

G8 600 LED Grow Light by Dorm Grow

G8 600 LED Grow Light by Dorm Grow

Dorm Grow LED – G8LED (3W)

| Design : A | Price : A + | Customer Service: A

Dorm Grow LED is known for their partnership with G8LED and their line of well priced grow lights with the Optimal 8-band color ratio. G8LED is one of the few designs that have both ultraviolet and infrared diodes added in their color ratio. These added wavelengths give growers the edge to grow their best crop. Their LED grow lights have solid construction and are built to last. Dorm Grow LED has very competitive pricing compared to the rest of the market. The G8-600 has 200x3Watt diodes and a discounted price of $899. Their website offers further discounts when you purchase in quantity. They have great customer service and will answer all customer questions.

Penetrator 189X LED Grow Light by Hydrogrow

Penetrator 189X LED Grow Light by Hydrogrow

Hydrogrow LED – Penetrator X-Pro Series (3W)

|Design : A | Price : B – | Customer Service: B +

The Penetrator X Series by Hydrogrow LED is one of the original mass market LED grow lights that has built a strong brand name through time. Hydrogrow is continuously developing and improving the design of their line of LED grow lights. They also have good video tutorials on the internet which showcase their light and give general information about growing with LEDs. The design has circle clusters, each with 21 diodes in them. The Pentrator 189X-Pro has 189x3Watt diodes and the highest price tag of $1299. They have good customer service although sometimes it takes a bit of time to get a response back.


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  1. And how much was the ballast? That and the electricity costs from that is where the real difference is, while you’re burning 850w worth of electricity from your light the LED’s are putting out the same amount of energy for 300w, that really adds up.

  2. Neil Carpenter on

    I picked up a 600w. HPS on Craigslist for 85 bucks, and got some freebies with it. Another 65 for a bulb, and….um, I’m not buying a thousand dollar light. Another 50 for the cool tube, and heat was no longer a concern.

  3. That’s incorrect . Electricity is billed by wattage.
    1000 watt bulb uses 1000 watts no matter what voltage you run it at. Amperage has nothing to do with your electric consumption. Wats is watts no matter what voltage . I’m a seasoned electrical technician for 20 yrs.

  4. if you ran the 1000 watt hid at 220 it draws the same as a regular 600 watt ballast which is what that LED is rated at so in the end they use the same amount of power if wired right..less amp draw with 220 as 110 and it makes HID light more efficient but most people run them at 110 on 30 amp breaker..

  5. There is bad hype on LED Grow Lights because when they came out with 1watt or less LED diodes which was not enough light intensity. But now that is 3watt, 5watt and higher integrated leds. But the cost can be outrageous. The same is true for hydroponic systems (outrageous prices). So I am starting a business that offers LED Grow Lights that I’ve used personally at a much more affordable price. I’m telling you these lights really work. I save about 50% on my power bill! I’m going to add all indoor grow equipment at more affordable prices. Check out the website, which is currently under construction. DIYINDOORGROW.com

  6. I am so glad I found this site. Thanks Jay and all involved in vetting out what LEDs are worth having. Besides the confusion about LEDs with all the marketing (light bands chipsets ect) one significant aspect I missed initially was relationship of wattage to yield ratio. I got lucky and went with Dorm Grow G8, problem is I started with a 120 UFO bumped up to a 240 Full Spectrum. I was starting to wonder if LED would give me what I wanted. Now I know I just need to step up to more wattage to which is still relatively half of what a 1k HID and yet produce as well. If anyone wants to see what the DormGrow G8 has done for me so far see my grow journal at RIU dot org under DankSwag

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