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Legal Marijuana Sales Officially Begin In Colorado


One small step for marijuana, one giant leap for marijuana consumers. Legal recreational marijuana sales are officially occurring in Colorado today. From the looks of my twitter feed, just about every mainstream media outlet is in Colorado to witness legal marijuana transactions. Most of my friends in the marijuana media world are there too, which is good, because I prefer their coverage to a member of the mainstream media who has likely never seen someone buy marijuana before.

Iraq war veteran Sean Azzariti was the first person to buy legal recreational marijuana in Colorado. What strain did he buy you ask? Bubba Kush, as seen below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado


In addition to purchasing the 1/8th of Bubba Kush, Mr. Azzariti also purchased a truffle, for a grand total (after tax) of $59.74, as seen in the picture below:

first ever legal marijuana sale in Colorado


Are you planning on traveling to Colorado to purchase legal marijuana? If so, how far away are you traveling? Do you currently live in Colorado? If so, what’s it like on the ground? Are you prepared for an influx of tourists coming to Colorado to buy legal marijuana? Do you live in Washington, and if so, how do you feel about Colorado selling legal marijuana while you still have to wait for full implementation? Regardless of how you feel, I think we can all agree that this is a very historic day for marijuana!


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  1. I see your point there. You are absolutely right, I just came back from Denver and wow to those prices. This is why though. The dispensaries have to pay their employees and make sure the gov’t is happy as well with their lofty standards and more than unreasonable cost of business. First they say its so dangerous, and funnel billions and make almost the same in seizures with the ‘war on drugs’ then when they realize that they could make the money back based on the desperation really of the people/ businesses that want to go legal. $25,000 for a license? it would take a while to make that kind of capital back, because that’s only for the piece of paper to sell it. Then there’s the growing side, where there’s requirements too. Lab tested quality testing, pre-approved growing equipment including land/space which has been marked up because of the growing potential, raised rent for the space you use to sell because of the increased traffic and safety requirements. Then there’s the state tax on the product, which is REALLY high when you add up everything together. These dispensaries spend so much money just to put the product on the shelf to make what turns out to be pennies on the dollar compared to what the state makes total. Basically the federal Gov’t has successfully kept the war on drugs alive. I can only guess how much of that state money gets paid up to the fed level to help fund the DEA, who are kicking down doors to dispensaries. There needs to be some kind of compromise with these prices so the public has more confidence in the sincerity of our lawmakers to right the wrongs done by prohibition of Marijuana. Its not done by making as much money on it as possible. the money is good but come on. You were arresting dealers and distributors for doing the EXACT same thing. Just my thoughts.

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  3. Dustin Neumann on

    Or you know nothing and just like an ipad/mac user think price = quality. This is what i charge 25$ an 8th for . Sucker

  4. Dustin Neumann on

    No i grow shit better then hightimes posts in their shit rag.
    Here is some headband i have been running . Good luck with those stupid prices suckers.
    BTW check my FB for more pics. ~DR00L~

  5. Dustin Neumann on

    No i AM a grower and would pay the tax out of pocket. By dropping my prices to adjust.
    Not raping my customer base. I give the market 8 months tops before it all comes down. Sure there will still be crap at retail markets . But those of us with a shred of decency are going to drive prices so damn low no one will make a damn dime!

  6. 1. Much of Colorado’s tax revenue is going to fund school construction – it’s written into the law. 2. Serious dealers and growers can get themselves a license to grow or sell, just like serious brewers can be licensed to start a brewery. It’s also legal to grow your own and to give some of it away. 3. A lot of people prefer to buy their weed legally, even though it might cost more. Did you see the lines in front of the stores last week? Unlike Uruguay, visitors can legally buy cannabis in Colorado, and we are expecting a lot of tourism as a result.

  7. I have lupus. Debilitating pain and feel like I am getting the flu everyday. This is huge. There is no reason why I should not have access to something that makes me feel better. Now to try to get it….

  8. Also, if you think the cops are just going to give up on persecuting potheads, think again. They are no doubt in discussion right now to determine how they can twist the law to circumvent it or make it irrelevant. Bullies don’t like to be told to stand down, and 99% of LEO’s are bullies.

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