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Legislation To Protect Marijuana In The Next Presidential Term

white house marijuanaWith the presidential election season in full power, it seems there is one thing on every marijuana enthusiast’s mind in legal states: who is going to protect my rights? Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington D.C. all have legal recreational marijuana, this is a big question in the upcoming election. Who is going to honor these states’ decision and who is going to shut it down when their term begin? Especially with the recent Republican debates, it seems some Republican candidates will have absolutely no problem showing up to Colorado’s door with federal agents.

However, this question may soon be over with. Diana Degette, a Democratic representative from the state of Colorado, has introduced the “Respect States’ and Citizens Rights Act,” which would disallow federal intervention of this kind. Whoever the president may be, they would not be allowed to interfere with states’ decision on the legality of marijuana for recreational or medical purposes.

Furthermore, another similar bill has been presented in the House of Representatives by the Republican representative from the State of California, Dana Rohrabacher, called the “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015.” The goal of this bill is more focused on the immunity of marijuana businesses that are within their state’s laws from federal consequences, but it would also put some restrictions on the federal government’s ability to influence state law on marijuana.

But isn’t this all a bit ridiculous? Why is any of this necessary? Most states have democratically voted to legalize marijuana medically or recreationally on the ballot, and it wasn’t even a decision of state officials. Should the voice of the federal government really be more prevalent in state policy than the citizens that live in the state? Plus, why bother even have a 10th amendment if this would have to be decided upon by congress anyways?

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  • NT in PA

    Totally agree with everything in this article! I think it is a good idea to create an Act for the states decisions and needed to protect their decisions. Great idea Dana Rohrabacher (California R)!

  • civilizedneil

    Good to hear – this is important legislation.

  • JimT

    Well it’s the opponents of gay marriage who are claiming the 10th amendment gives them the right to define marriage, so I’m not sure this is the wisest argument to use. The best bet is to elect a presidential candidate who is willing to change the FDA.

    • The Truth

      yes we need to pay attention to the promised policies and vote accordingly… and hope the promises are kept.

  • Mufasas_Ghost

    They need to reschedule it so medical research can be conducted, or legalize it. I know there’s politics and a lot of misinformation, but things really have to change.

    • Perry

      The need to de-schedule it! What schedule is alcohol and tobacco on?

  • Norbert Neel

    I’m so happy Oregon is now fully legal. I can not afford a medical marijuana card on my retirement income. A slap of $200 a year puts me several months into the hole. It is too expensive.
    The Feds need to make it completely legal!

  • Whyiowa4medical

    I agree fully!!! Why have we fought through days where most small town cops would have you simply discard your “stash” to the same Law Enforcement treating someone with an ounce like a drug “Kingpin.” Why lose all the ground gained if those states that are not yet legal get good and drunk and flip the Donald Trump switch, or they do the same as in the election of Bush and steal the election by the vote switch method. You remember, a vote for Gore was programmed to switch the vote to Bush!!! We need the protection to forge on, or at least hold all ground until sanity rules once again!!! Get over it medical and legal states, if this happens many will move to your areas!!! I once heard from a history professor who said, “More wars have been fought over drug and drink, than over God or country.” I agree and this could lead to a huge domestic war!!! Let’s legislate against allowing such a thing to happen!!!

  • Leonard Hester

    Enough legal wrangling and propaganda. End prohibition on a federal level. End the lies, discrimination and voter suppression..

  • Sanderdun

    Rand Paul has specifically stated he will respect state sovereignty in reguard to cannabis. Therr is no question that for a fact he will end the federal prohibition of cannabis he has made consistant public statements to that effect before, in, and since the CNN debate.


    #Standwithrand  http://www.randpaul2016.com/
     https://m.facebook.com/RandPaul  http://www.twitter.com/SenRandPaul 


  • Gary Williams

    Still waiting on someone to prove ANY negative affect it has on ANYONE.